UK Government Explicitly Exempts Rich People and Other Elites from Covid Lockdown Rules

Following the very recent embarrassment of the minister for lockdowns Matt Hancock breaching his own lockdown rules, while having a fling with a staffer, the British Government has decided to…

Climate Change, Extreme Weather, and Electric System Reliability

In assessing the risk from extreme weather events, I advise clients to develop an understanding of the entire historical record of events impacting the locale, as well as any relevant…

Climate Litigation Supporters Admit That Attribution Science Is Failing In Court

What is surprising about that latest development, however, is that the wealthy financiers of climate lawsuits would bankroll a report that confirms this paid-for science has serious limitations.

SMH: Aussie Government Economic Forecasts Ignoring Net Zero Impacts

It is almost as if the Aussie Government thinks commitments to shut down coal plants and eliminate the use of steel and alumina in industry will not happen.

Green New Deal Insurrectionists Blockade the White House, Demand Money

Or is it only an “insurrection” when the protestors support President Trump?

Energy Transition: Blue Oil Edition

Guest “Responding to a reader request” by David Middleton Hat tip to Mike Higton for requesting a deeper dive into “Blue Oil” Mike was referring to this post of mine…