Climate Scientist: “Politics Is Now The Battleground For Climate Change”

David King, former long term UK government science advisor, is heading a new climate advisory body. But his track record of recommendations includes some worrying missteps.

The Idea of Academic Freedom, Explained by Stone and Forrest*

Reposted from Jennifer Marohasy’s Blog June 25, 2021 By admin Does the principle of academic freedom protect Australian academics who engage in pointed public criticism of their academic colleagues, and university governance?…

President Biden Bans Imports of Chinese Forced Labor Manufactured Solar Panels

The White House has banned products manufactured by Hoshine Silicon Industry Co., Ltd, due to to the alleged use of forced labor, widespread sexual abuse, genocide and detention.

The Real Cost of Wind and Solar

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach I keep reading how wind and solar are finally cheaper than fossil fuels … and every time I’ve read it, my urban legend detector rings…


It is apparent that those who believe in anthropogenic global warming do not understand the intractable fundamental problem with their climate model approach. They are digging themselves a deeper hole.…

Green Group Accuses Europe of Climate Change Colonialism

According to the Equinox Initiative For Racial Justice, the EU Green New Deal is driving exploitation in poor countries.