Antarctica wasn’t quite as cold during the last ice age as previously thought

An international team of scientists, led by Oregon State University’s Christo Buizert, has found that while parts of Antarctica were as cold as 10 degrees below current temperatures, temperatures over…

Hawaii Five-Oy!

It’s not a matter of “if,” however. The reality is there’s not enough wind, solar, or battery storage to replace the AES plant. Hawaiian Electric has made this quite clear…

Thank You North Face

HT/Doug B

UN Climate Message: “We are rapidly reaching the point of no return”

According to United Nations General Secretary António Guterres, “these next 10 years are our final chance to avert a climate catastrophe”.

Heat related deaths since 1991 propaganda study just alarmist climate science incompetence

Guest essay by Larry Hamlin The climate alarmist cabal is all atwitter about a fabricated “study” that makes propaganda claims that “climate change” is responsible for 37% of global heat deaths since 1991 as…

Claim: ‘Green steel’ is hailed as the next big thing in Australian industry. Here’s what the hype is all about

Revolutionising Australia’s steel industry is a daunting task. But if we play our cards right, Australia can be a major player in the green manufacturing revolution.