Shivering Europeans Urged to Keep the Faith on Global Warming

As the global temperatures continue their obstinate refusal to conform with alarmist predictions, climate scientists are urging people experiencing last month’s bitterly cold European Spring weather to keep believing.

Climate Change Alarmism as a Class War

. Pseudoscientific episodes have all the characteristics of class war, as a conflict between those deluded by groupthink, dogma or ‘consensus’ and those who think for themselves. And wars are…

Ocean Surface Temperature Limit-Part 1

The response of the temperature limiting process over tropical warm pools can be observed in hourly intervals when the warm pools exist at the tropical moored buoys.

How robots could limit the environmental impact of offshore windfarms

As well as cutting the financial and carbon cost of turbine maintenance, robots can minimise the inherent risks to humans working in these unpredictable environments while also working more symbiotically…

CO2 Cyclone Doomsday Flat Out Refuted: 170 Years “Absolutely No Trend” In Hurricane Intensity/Frequency

Clearly arguing with alarmists on this subject is a waste of time. The data are in and the results are pretty clear: CO2 is not driving much of anything, let…

Convicted Climate Criminals Saddened They Are Not Above the Law

Arrogant climate vandals want the power to destroy or disrupt vital infrastructure without legal repercussions. Thankfully on this occasion at least, the judge said “no”.