Plant Growth Takes A Steep Toll On The Soil – Supposedly

Wow! Who would have thought that? When a plant grows, it extracts nutrients and carbon from the soil and converts that into its roots and stem and flowers and seeds.…

Claim: We Need Bangladeshi Floating Gardens to Survive Global Warming

For centuries Bangladeshis have been planting vegetables on floating beds of hyacinths, to secure food supplies against flooding. According to a new study we could all learn from their experience.

The Red-eyes are Coming!

“:Brood X, made up of billions of individuals, is expected to appear in 18 states in the next few weeks . . . . “

AAS Climate Warning: “Delay is as Dangerous as Denial”

According to the Australian Academy of Science, soon every year will be a fire season like 2020. My question:- if the forests all burn down, surely we would run out…

Goal of Carbon Neutrality by 2050?

Has anybody heard of an announcement that the United States has a goal of carbon neutrality by 2050?

In the deep sea, the last ice age is not yet over

Cruise leader Gerhard Bohrmann summarizes: “At the end of the SUGAR-3 programme, the drilling campaign with MeBo200 in the Black Sea showed us once again very clearly how quickly the…