End of Snow? Finland Thinks Their Winter Snow Might Not Melt This Summer

Finland thinks that piles of snow accumulated from road clearing this year are so large, some of the snow will still be frozen when winter returns.

Sea Level and the Jersey Shore

The Jersey Shore does not need to look to the future to see pending disaster – these communities are already at existential risk from the sea levels of today.

Former Obama-Biden federal scientist Dr. Steve Koonin declares his climate dissent

Excellent interview given by Larry Kudlow.

DOE Clean Hydrogen Plan: Breathing New Life into Brown Coal Plants

The farce of government agencies and climate warriors celebrating new CO2 belching coal plants which produce “clean hydrogen” is gathering momentum.

Fake Hurricane News Exposed: Average Day Of First Hurricane Formation “Contrary To Media Reports”

Overall Maue called the “fixation on ‘named storms’ and lengthening the season” a “waste of time.” He notes that the data for the first hurricane is “highly variable data” and…

BP to develop UK’s largest hydrogen factory in Teesside

In short, BP will be paid a guaranteed price for all the hydrogen it produces, which will probably be triple the price of natural gas. The cost of this will…