Pielke Jr. on the US National Climate Assessment

NYT article on US Nat’l Climate Assessment/Trump is right & wrong

Michael Mann gives himself a tongue bath

If anyone out there has recently ingested poison, here’s just what you need to induce vomitting.

UAH Global Temperature Update for December 2020: +0.27 deg. C

From Dr. Roy Spencer’s Blog January 2nd, 2021 by Roy W. Spencer, Ph. D. The Version 6.0 global average lower tropospheric temperature (LT) anomaly for December, 2020 was +0.27 deg.…

Inconvenient Truth: Climate-related death risk down 99.6% over 100 years

New data shows the global climate-related death risk has dropped by over 99% since 1920. Despite the near constant caterwauling from climate alarmists that we are in a “climate emergency”,…

Mechanical Tree Researcher Seeks Taxpayer Climate Funding

Why bother with natural trees when you can build mechanical trees to remove CO2 from the air?

10 Failed Predictions: Video

Many climate alarmist’s failed predictions were centered around 2020. This video examines just ten, and argues that they were produced not by science, but by ideology.

Nobody’s Fuel – an engineer’s guide to saving the planet

Nobody’s Fuel – an engineer’s guide to saving the planet On a road trip to the heart of an ailing planet [sic] with a message of hope. This documentary about…