Covid-1984? British Anti-Lockdown Activist Arrested for Filming Empty Hospital Wards

As the British National Health Service screams about the intense stress of dealing with rising Covid-19 hospital admissions, a strange story has emerged of an anti-lockdown activist being arrested for…

AGW Skeptic Marc Morano Receives DEATH THREAT From Sorbonne University Professor’s Email Account

Climate researcher Prof. Jean-Luc Melice’s email account appears to be the source of a crude death threat aimed at prominent climate science skeptic, Marc Morano.

Global Hurricane Activity Below Average In 2020

As the year draws to a close, we can note that, despite a busy Atlantic hurricane season, global hurricane activity has actually been well below average:

To Promote Climate Alarm, Good News Is Regularly Portrayed as a Disaster

Guest essay by —     H. Sterling Burnett Dishonesty has seemingly become the hallmark of reporting on climate research. In 2020, the dishonesty reached new heights as multiple studies which actually presented…

MIT Technology Review: Pandemic Denial Shows Rising Climate Deaths Might Not Lead to Action

Climate alarmists arriving at the horrified realisation that not everyone sees risk they way they do.

Preventing Ecosystem Collapse 3: Seagrass

The good news is most of the human factors that have reduced seagrass meadows can be and are being remedied. Furthermore, rising levels of carbon dioxide will benefit their growth…

“USGS Gets Politics Out of Climate Forecasts”

Guest “another thing lost in the November coup” by David Middleton USGS Director Jim Reilly authored a recent opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal… USGS Gets Politics Out of…