London Mayor Sadiq Khan Demands Covid-19 Vaccine Apartheid

London Mayor Sadiq Khan
London Mayor Sadiq Khan. By US Embassy London

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has demanded white people go to the back of the queue when a Covid-19 vaccine becomes available.

Sadiq Khan Demands Minorities Get Preferential Access to Coronavirus Vaccines


London Mayor Sadiq Khan has demanded that black people and other ethnic minorities receive priority access to the Chinese coronavirus vaccine.

The leftist Mayor claimed that so-called BAME (Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic) groups are disproportionally affected by the virus, and therefore should be placed at the top of the list when the vaccine is distributed.

Speaking to BBC Radio on Monday evening, Mr Khan said: “The NHS and Public Health England are working up criteria for who gets the vaccine first. Basically speaking, it’s done by age.

“But I have asked for additional things to be factored in, and that includes concerns I have got around black, Asian, ethnic minority Londoners who disproportionately suffered during the main deaths we saw in March, April, May and June.”

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Imagine the public outcry if someone had called for black or Asian people to be the targets of such discrimination?

Back in April the UK NHS issued an advisory for health managers consider withdrawing non white people from frontline treatment of Covid, because of concerns about a high number of deaths amongst non-white health workers, but plenty of white people also died.

Despite this, I have not seen any convincing evidence this apparent disparity in death rates is because white people are inherantly more resistant to Covid-19.

A more likely explanation for any difference in susceptibility is dark skinned people who live at high latitudes are more likely to suffer vitamin-D deficiency. Vitamin-D is well known for boosting resistance to respiratory infections. Adequate levels of vitamin-D might boost resistance to Covid-19.

203 thoughts on “London Mayor Sadiq Khan Demands Covid-19 Vaccine Apartheid

  1. Bald men are also at higher risk so I should be first !!!
    Anyway, all new vaccines carry some risk so maybe those who are offered it first will complain about that.
    One cannot win. The world is full of whingers.

        • …and wiggy people; don’t forget people with wigs who are also discriminated against. Wiggism is a serious issue and needs to go to the front of the queue.

          ( for the record, no)

          • Being at the back of the queue is probably the safest option with these rush to market half tested mRNA vaccines. That is why Bill Gates wants to give priority to Africa. The population is expendable and not likely to sue him.

            Using human beings a lab rats, all the while dressing it up as philanthropy.

            Don’t be surprised if Gates’ “vaccine” ends up making a lot of brown people sterile. That is what happened with his polio shots in India , before the govt. finally threw him out.

          • I would suggest that should be english English. The latter is a proper noun, the former is an adjective.

            This was how it was taught when I was at school , though british English has now become so polluted by american English that the accepted norm now seems to be to capitalise everything.

        • A fellow I used to buy parts had a button that said “God only made a few perfect heads, the rest he covered with hair!”

          • A tee-shirt that I have seen:
            We all have the same amount of testosterone, some people just waste theirs growing hair.

          • One of my sisters gave me a fridge magnet with this on
            “God is good God is fair to some he gave brains to others hair”
            A work mate told me the one I like most
            “It’s a solar panel for a sex machine”

            James Bull

      • A) Vitamin D is not absorbed, it is manufactured by the body, triggered by sunlight.
        B) White Lives Don’t Matter.

        • Vitamin D is found in a healthy diet as vitamin D1 which is converted by the kidneys to D2 which is converted by the action of sunlight in the skin to D3. vegetarians and vegans can obtain D3 from non animal sources by the action of UV light on mushrooms.

        • Reminds me of the line from The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy about the marketing division of the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation (why do they make me think of certain online enterties?)
          “They will be/were the first against the wall when the revolution comes/came”
          Just a thought.

          James Bull

    • Now if there ever was a RACIST comment this has to be it!

      “London Mayor Sadiq Khan has demanded white people go to the back of the queue when a Covid-19 vaccine becomes available.”

  2. It does present on big advantage for White people. If there is something wonky and awful only widespread vaccination of the general public is going to reveal, it won’t be White people suffering.

    • What did they say about pioneers. They are the ones with the arrows in their backs. Yes I agree, this vaccine is being rushed to marketplace. Some side effects have already been demonstrated but who knows? Didn’t someone say we need multiple thousands to die before we finally have a vaccine that works.

      • They’ve had trials. The first two vaccines in the US will have 70 million doses by the end of the year. There is no turning back now. I

  3. Sure. Let’s have the minorities take this hastily approved, poorly tested overtly politicized vaccine first Kind of like the Kings tasters.

    • and that may well become an issue
      trials tend to remove many of the symptoms “normal” recipients tend to have
      ie obesity/high BP / diabetes/ liver/kidney/pregnancy and combined other medicines
      and until recent years always all male and doses worked to avg male weight n metabolism
      so females basically got over dosed and hormonal effects didnt get considered either

      Im more than happy to see all the minoroties and sheeples take it first
      Id be waiting a year or so and even then…nah
      and whats going to happen when people get mixed jabs of other versions of the vax I wonder?
      iee one nation uses the mRna one uses another type, travellers end up getting two or more versions..
      no one would have any idea how the immune systems will respond

  4. Khan was my MP.

    Taqiyya is his middle name. It’s also his modus operandi.

    As a New Labour government whip he forced MPs to vote for Post Office closures, and then raced back to his constituency to protest against… Post Office closures.

    His record on race is appalling, particularly where the Ahmadiyya are concerned.

    He only just won that election three or four hundred votes before jumping ship to become Mayor.

    English people are now an ethnic minority in London. And as that link shows, the faithful vote the way they are told to.

    Identity politics will be the death of us all in the end.

  5. You can not end racial discrimination by using racial discrimination. This is pure pandering not unbiased decision making. As far as I know viruses don’t chose victims based on race. Therefore Caucasians are not directly causing other races and minorities to have higher infection rates which means racial bias by Caucasians can not be held as the proximate cause. My guess is that age first, then income (poverty) are the big controlling factors.

    • Agreed. Specifically I would guess living in crowded areas would be a major indicator.
      Putting a heavier emphasis on the elderly, those with other illnesses, and congested communities would be a rational approach.

      • That probably means minorities would get preference…but a more appropriate way to select would be on address. They can easily identify economically disadvantaged areas. Colour is not a good indicator.

    • My guess is that while age is important vitamin d levels are more important. We have known since April that people with deficient levels of vitamin d are at least 4 times more likely to die all other factors being equal. dark skin plus no vitamin d equals higher death rates.

  6. Khan has a good point here, because his supporters aren’t the kind with the tendency to follow a reasonable protocol. There was another major report yesterday about how masks only help contain the virus in a person and does not block the virus once it is airborne. So I say go ahead and shoot the Khan supporters, er, that is inject the vaccine in them first.

    • I guess they have queues in England, so he can put whomever he wishes at the head of the queue for the British-developed vaccine.

      I plan to be at the head of the line for the Trump-developed vaccine. 😉

  7. UK research has determined black and Chinese people are more likely to die/have severe effects from the virus.

    so all he is asking is for them to be given appropriate priority.

    (Is this a climate issue? no. So why does it even feature on this site? Isn’t this a bit racist? shame on you Eric: this is well below what’s acceptable)

    • From the ‘About’ page…

      “About Watts Up With That? News and commentary on puzzling things in life, nature, science, weather, climate change, technology, and recent news by Anthony Watts”

      Leftists like you, Griff, are completely blind to your bigotry. It’s one of the reasons why so many of you are such flaming hypocrites.

      • +100

        There are none so blind as those who will not see.

        Why has there not been a study on the lifestyles of the various races and ethnicities. Here in the states it is not unusual for blacks and Hispanics to have several generations of expanded families living in close quarters. That simply isn’t true for the white population. This lifestyle difference *has* to have a significant impact on transmission and infection.

        Why does no one ever mention this? Perhaps it’s time for the elites to start recommending different lifestyles for all! Recommend getting out of the urban lifestyle into the rural lifestyle where people have more separation – and therefore less transmission.

        • Don’t mind the “various races and ethnicities” at all. We just don’t want the Leftists moving out here. They have the (very bad) habit of eventually changing where they move into what they left and they’re too blind to see it.

          • thats what were getting in rural aus now
            all the cityfolks doing s runner for cheaper homes and land
            theyll be demanding all the facilities they left
            and bumping rates etc through the roof
            as well as disrupting our lowkey peaceful lifestyles

    • UK research has determined black and Chinese people are more likely to die/have severe effects from the virus.

      So are you saying being black and Chinese are the ONLY reason you are more likely to die from CV? How about the Caucasian persons over 80 with diabetes? Or even the 50 yr old with Type 1 and a BMI of 32? What you said is a bit racist.

      I agree there should be some priority based on risk (and only on risk). Any front line health care worker would be a good start. Then go back into the statistics on who makes into ICU or worse and put them next. Next up would be anybody likely to have a bad case but maybe not enough to get into a hospital. Then move down age list with the exception of liberals, who should be absolutely fine because they all wear masks.

    • Once again, the troll demands that anything it can’t refute be buried.
      Anything regarding COVID19 has been a major topic here since the virus broke out.

      Lets see how a racist progressive’s (I know, that’s redundant) mind works.
      There is a slight increase in risk for one group, therefore all other groups must be excluded from a treatment.

      griff, everything you have ever written has been “well below what’s acceptable”, yet nobody is demanding that you stop.

      • “griff, everything you have ever written has been “well below what’s acceptable”, yet nobody is demanding that you stop.”

        No …but it’s very tempting;
        good job we encourage free speech & thought, unlike some I could mention.

    • Is this a climate issue? no. So why does it even feature on this site?

      read the about page, griff: About Watts Up With That? News and commentary on puzzling things in life, nature, science, weather, climate change, technology, and recent news by Anthony Watts

      Isn’t this a bit racist?

      Yes saying one race should have priority over another, as Khan and you do, is racist. Glad we agree on that point. And yes, your (and Khan’s) racism is “well below what’s acceptable”. But being below what is acceptable has never stopped you before so I doubt it will this time either.

    • Isn’t this a bit racist?

      Khan is a racist, but then everybody knows that. Even you, griff

      He is supposed to represent all Londoners.

    • “London Mayor Sadiq Khan Demands Covid-19 Vaccine Apartheid”

      This is not what Kahn said. He has basically said that those with the most likely chance of dying should be treated first!
      It just so happens BAME old humans are more likely than same aged Caucasians to die first. To follow common sense Old BAME should be treated before old white.

      This web site is definitely going downhill!

      • “This web site is definitely going downhill!”

        I agree, and every time you and griff show up, it goes down a little further.

        Only a total moron, or a progressive, would say that a small increase in death rates for a particular group is proof that everyone in that group is entitled to go to the head of the line.

        • You may not believe UK figures for death rates but it is factual that BAME humans are more likely to die. Kahn has not said that Caucasians must be at the bottom of the queue just that BAME should be taken in to account:

          This is a more factual Kahn statement:

          He told BBC London radio last night: “The NHS and Public Health England are working up criteria for who gets the vaccine first. Basically speaking, it’s done by age.

          “But I have asked for additional things to be factored in, and that includes concerns I have got around black, Asian, ethnic minority Londoners who disproportionately suffered during the deaths we saw in March, April, May and June.”

          According to PHE data, black women were more than twice as likely as white women to contract covid – with black men almost three times as likely as white men.

          Death rates from covid were higher for Black and Asian ethnic groups when compared to white ethnic groups.

          Mr Khan is also concerned that traditionally poor take-up of routine vaccinations in London could hinder efforts to vaccinate residents against covid.

          “My concern is that in London there is a greater hesitancy to taking vaccines than in other parts of the country – the take-up of polio, MMR, HPV, it’s less in London than in other parts of the country,” he said.

          “So one of the things we have got to do is give Londoners the confidence it’s worth getting this vaccine, and also make sure that the most vulnerable – the most likely to catch the virus and, God forbid, die – get the vaccine first.”

          • That’s a lot of rationalization there half-wit., all to support blatant racism.

            I’m sure if any ethnic group other than whites were delivered this edict the outraged squawks from you and your ilk would shame a stuck pig.

    • Yes, Chinese people are very susceptible. Check the China data and get back to us, griff.

      If Trump proposed this, he’d be accused of using POC as guinea pigs.

    • It’s a science issue. And yes, anti-white discrimination IS racist. And I’d say, you should be ashamed of yourself, but as a lowlife, you have none, so I’ll just state my pure disgust for you, and every progressive who rationalizes this sort of unabashed bigotry.

    • What annoys me is that in among all the months of hand-wringing and support for draconian authoritarianism by the mainstream media I never heard a single suggestion that it was worth taking HCQ and/or vitamin D and/or anything else that might or might not help. On the contrary, the moment Donald Trump said he was taking HCQ there was a vicious campaign against it. It’s not that these things are proven to work – they aren’t because there’s no money in it – but that we were in a high-risk situation full of unknowns and there were a number of things, like HCQ and vit D, that had potential upside and virtually no downside. It would have been so easy and so helpful for a medical spokesperson to say you could try taking this stuff, don’t go beyond x amount a day, and we’re not saying it will work, but give us feedback, we’ll keep you updated, and we’ll get proper studies done asap.

      PS. Maybe the talking heads did say these things. Part of the reason I didn’t hear them could be that I couldn’t listen for long without wanting to throw something at them.

      • Cognitive dissonance is what it is. They truly don’t understand how their identity politics is inherently racist. That is why I say they are blind to their bigotry.

          • If we could bring back MLK, he would be so disappointed in his successors that they would kill him again to shut him up.

            If I were living in England I would tell the government that I identify as black.

        • I would call it willful blindness at best.

          And certainly, they’ve stirred up more hate than I’ve seen in this country in my lifetime – AND calling the people they hate the haters.

      • And rationalize it into a virtue signal – hell, they’ve turned violence and rioting into virtue signaling.

        Can’t get much more self-serving than that.

  8. From a financial viewpoint, assuming there is manufacturing competition, it needs to go to those people who can pay the most for it initially, so that suppliers can afford to expand their production facilities at the fastest possible rate. However, this will be seen as capitalist greed, with the “obvious and necessary” imposition of government rules that will result in an initially lower cost, maybe even “free” to recipients, but longer delivery times. All spin doctored so that people vote for more government control in future…..

    • This reminds me of those people who demand that all drugs be sold at the cost of production.
      Paying for research and development is the companies problem, customers shouldn’t be forced to pay for it.

    • the govt handout TO the vax makers more than covered their costs
      the usual claims re time for trials and followups are negated here
      as is the lack of need to promote advertise bribe the medicos to push it as they do with other vax n pharma products
      adverts n payola is THE big outlay for most pharmas
      the labstaff et are set wages regardless of what they work on ditto labstaff n the medicos they use
      they set up their labs in the lowest wage nations and taxhavens they can find as well

      • Semite: member of a people speaking any of a group of related languages presumably derived from a common language. (source Britannica)

        Of, relating to, or constituting a branch of the Afro-Asiatic language family that includes Arabic, Hebrew, Amharic, and Aramaic (source freedictionary)

        There really isn’t a dimes worth of pigmentation difference between a semite (Jew or Arab) and any of a number of white people from southern Europe (Greek, Italian, Spainsh, etc). Indeed, I’ve seen some of the later who are darker skinned than some of the former. They’re pretty darn white looking for people that get labeled as “non-white”. If I showed you a picture of a bare Arab backside and a picture of a bare Greek backside and asked you to identify which was the white person and which wasn’t, you’d think I was trying to trick you with pictures of two white people.

        • I hope you don’t keep these photos on your laptop.
          Otherwise Mr Plod might be interested in you,
          for professional reasons, I hasten to add.

          • While I know you weren’t being serious….

            1) the photos are hypothetical, they don’t actually exist (and I was thinking of actual old-fashioned physical photographs, not digital files kept on a PC or laptop, when I came up with the hypothetical)

            2) P.C. Plod is a fictional character, he doesn’t actually exists either.

            3) Even it P.C. Plod did exist, as I don’t live anywhere near Toytown, nor in anywhere in the UK, I’m pretty sure I’m far outside his jurisdiction in any event 😉

          • Ice-brain, are your neurons frozen? The reference to white people has always until recently meant Caucasians, or didn’t you know that? But nowadays hard to know what exactly the cultural marxists mean — that can change at any time.

        • I mean, “technically”, if you want to operate from the premise that all are descended from Noah and he disembarked from the ark in the mountains of Armenia or Iran, then yeah Arabs are Caucasians, but so is everyone else.

          • icisil, Arabs are considered white by the United States Government.
            In 1914, Syrian George Dow was determined to be considered of the “Caucasian” race and thus eligible for citizenship. In Dow v. United States (1915), the United States Court of Appeals defined Syrians as white, and affirmed Dow’s right to naturalization. Some courts claimed that only Syrians (and not other Arab persons) were white. The situation was resolved in 1943, when all Arabs and North Africans were deemed white by the federal government. Ex Parte Mohriez (1944), and the 1977 OMB (Office of Management and Budget) Directive 15 include Middle Eastern and North African in the definition of white. When you filled out the US census (including the 2020 census) Arabs are grouped under white.

            granted, that US law. British law may be different. The point is, Arabs being considered “white” is a thing. deal with it.

          • Well if you are going back to Noah, racist theory has it the his three sons are the sources of the different races as they were all different skin pigmentation. Ham was supposedly dark skinned (thus the “father” of the dark skinned races). Japheth was fair skinned (thus the “father” of the light skinned races). And Shem is where the shemites (aka semites) come from. You don’t buy into racists theory do you?

  9. New Vaccine, six months to develop. Not tested on people with comorbidities. What could go wrong? Who wants to be a guinea pig?

  10. WTF is the matter with these people. State sanctioned racism is Okay?

    But wait. Here in the United States didn’t hundreds of thousands of white boys in blue fight and die to end state sponsored (Democrat Party) racism only to be let down by the reconstruction failures of a Southern Democrat by the name of Andrew Johnson, who took control after Honest Abe was assassinated by a Southern Democrat?

    I just want to make sure that the revisionist’s get their story straight. Apparently they want us all to know that the Racist White Democrats all traded party affiliation and ergo all the Republicans became racist by a simple typesetting action on the part of history book publishers.

    Then came the 1619 project. Another typesetting miracle of revisionism. All my liberal friends know this to be true because is sounds about right to them. But here is the best part. Now I had a liberal friend telling me that the NYTimes is reporting that, in the deep dark state of Texas, they are printing school books instructing that Black Africans immigrated to the southern states for job opportunities.

    I had never heard of such nonsense and never met a person who believes that, so I had to cry foul on that one. I told him he needed to source that and not take it as true just because the same NYTimes that gave us the 1619 project says it. They need to name the publisher and the schools using said books because this is just as unbelievable as the notion that everything past 1619 in the USA should have made by African Americans stamped on it.

    Something is seriously wrong with these people.

    • “State sanctioned racism is Okay?”

      Okay? It’s demanded in most situations. Affirmative action and other race based preferences anyone?

      • Affirmative discrimination in lieu of affirmative action. There is a not so nuanced distinction between discrimination and action. They really should lose their Pro-Choice quasi-religion and dispense with liberal license.

    • “Something is seriously wrong with these people.”

      That’s the bottom line. Radical leftists are seriously delusional. They live in a completely different world than the one the sane people live in.

      Unfortunately, the Delusional don’t know they are delusional because they are delusional.

    • Andrew Johnson could not have done this alone. The main contributor was the SCOTUS which deleted the “Privileges and Immunities” clause of the 14th Amendment. “Deleted” is not an exaggeration. It originally protected rights to contract, to engage in any lawful occupation and to defend oneself against aggression. The SCOTUS reduced this to the right to travel between states and a few other relatively insignificant things. This ruling made Jim Crow possible.

  11. From the likes of Obamacare which is still giving some doctors fits, their “Complete Lives System” has added “Distributive justice.” Quite an epidemiology, century ago a corruption of genetics [Eugenics]! From the table–
    “Fairly distributing a COVID-19 vaccine among countries is a problem of distributive justice.”
    “Specifying how vaccines should be allocated will require integration of the model with data and empirical forecasts. For instance, in phase 1, minimizing SEYLL[Standard expected years of life lost] might mean immunizing those at high risk of death, those most likely to transmit infection, or those most at risk of initial infection…..Simple metrics like population size avoid approximations and trade-offs but fail to measure what morally matters…….Ultimately, the model offers governments, international organizations, and vaccine producers a practical way to fulfill their pledges to distribute vaccine fairly and equitably, and make their words a reality.”

    • Rabid diversitist. Diversity (i.e. color judgment) dogma denies individual dignity, individual conscience, intrinsic value, normalizes color blocs, color quotas, and affirmative discrimination. It is a tenet of the ostensibly “secular” Pro-Choice, selective, opportunistic, relativistic quasi-religion (e.g. “ethics”), adopted by the Progressive Church.

    • Very interesting…especially in light of our current weekend only afternoon lockdown! Apparently here in Portugal, Covid is only floating around in the air Saturday and Sunday afternoon. Almost business as usual during the week. The chief medical bureaucrat in Lisbon expressed great delight that there was no pushback against this latest foolishness last weekend. Can’t wait to see what happens this weekend with sun and warm temps….

  12. There were not all that many people involved in the trials of these vaccines; so we don’t have a good fix on the confidence interval estimates of adverse events. At the same time we really don’t have a solid estimate on the rate of severe consequences of COVID-19 because the “lab confirmed” case numbers are a total mess and are rarely confirmed as actual infections.

    I see very little reason to use these vaccines on people under 30 years of age, as it might present a greater probability of harm. Then who do we prioritize? 30-60 years of age to limit economic damage from people like Fauci who cannot comprehend what economic damage means; or 60+ years of age over risk…

    I would probably get the vaccine without a second thought.

  13. Every 20 years of extra age gives 10 times as much risk.
    Being male doubles your risk compared to female.
    Having underlying health conditions increases your risk a lot (Anyone got data for the total population size with relevant underlying health conditions broken down by age and sex?)
    Being Black/Asian increases your risk by something up to 2 times at most- equivalent to being a few years older or male.

    Andy H

    PS- This is the chance of a random person dying with the disease if they catch it based upon age and sex only and a 0.3% overall infection fatality rate (based on official death and population data up to August and some smart calculations in excel):

    Age Male Female
    15-19 0.0010% 0.0009%
    20-24 0.0028% 0.0019%
    25-29 0.0054% 0.0030%
    30-34 0.0082% 0.0059%
    35-39 0.0137% 0.0101%
    40-44 0.0310% 0.0184%
    45-49 0.0526% 0.0313%
    50-54 0.0947% 0.0519%
    55-59 0.1754% 0.0862%
    60-64 0.2875% 0.1468%
    65-69 0.4458% 0.2210%
    70-74 0.7372% 0.3889%
    75-79 1.4694% 0.8507%
    80-84 2.8803% 1.7187%
    85-89 5.0055% 3.1923%
    90+ 8.8660% 6.5044%

    This is quite a lot less than the normal chance of dying in a year. This can be scaled so double the chances for a 0.6% IFR.

    • Andy
      Are you sure you have enough digits in your percentages? Adding a few more digits might make the table look more convincing because that would imply that we really have a handle on what is going on! Don’t bother with uncertainty or statistical significance between the various groups — Oh I see you didn’t.

      • Perhaps better stated as ‘n’ in a million.

        Deaths per million (e.g. 1 is a 1 in a million chance)
        Age Male Female
        15-19 10 9
        20-24 28 19
        25-29 54 30
        30-34 82 59
        35-39 140 100
        40-44 300 180
        45-49 530 310
        50-54 950 520
        55-59 1,750 850
        60-64 2,900 1,500 eg 0.3% 0.1%
        65-69 4,500 2,200 eg 0.5% 0.2%
        70-74 7,400 3,900 eg 1.5% 0.4%
        75-79 15,000 8,500 eg 1.5% 0.9%
        80-84 29,000 17,000 eg 2.9% 1.7%
        85-89 50,000 32,000 eg 5.0% 3.2%
        90+ 89,000 65,000 eg 8.9% 6.5%

    • Places that seem to have preponderance of risk based on race, may in fact be due to other factors that race alone.
      For example, certain minorities tend to be concentrated in dense metropolitan areas.
      And population density is clearly a large risk factor.

      It is easy for anyone to make some claim, and the tendency is for others to assume that this claim is valid, without ever checking the claim for veracity.
      “Facts” have a way of not being factual, and certain types of “knowledge” can take on a life of their own.

      • Bruce…don’t be silly !
        Most masks being used don’t even stop bacteria let alone virus.

        People are as much confused about Covid-19 as they are about the ever changing Government rules & most don’t know the difference between a bacteria & a virus.
        Looking at the latest copy of ‘Which ?’ I was dismayed to read they don’t know either !!!
        In a review of 15 ‘Covid-19 face-masks’ they test for “Bacterial filtration efficiency” with particles of 3 microns.
        Why bother ??? …the E. coli bacteria is ~ 2 microns.
        The average size of covid 19 Virus is about 0.125 microns. (125 nm)
        Moist droplets containing the virus are ~ 1 micron but when the water evaporates the smaller live pathogen can stay viable for hrs/days depending on surface conditions.

        Your best bet is to stay away from crowds of strangers, keep out of badly ventilated spaces &
        regularly exercise you’re lungs outdoors in fresh air.

    • all spots with high rheumatoid/autoimmune issues and therefore risk the cytokine effects
      also higher rates of MS and alzheimers I gather as well
      though some of the Dementias are probably Toxoplasmosis undisgnosed

  14. People need to understand and accept that the free world ( such as it remains) is having a war waged against it by the dictatorial left. Rational argument is worthless.

    • “Rational argument is worthless.”

      Yes, I keep hearing these conservative commentators appealing to the Left to be reasonable, as if a good “talking to” is going to cause them to change their lying ways. They are lying for a reason, Sean Hannity. Appealing to their better natures is a waste of time. They don’t have a better nature. They are deliberately lying for political purposes, and you are not going to talk them out of it, especially when they appear to be winning.

      Some of these conservative commentators seem to be living in a dreamworld where Leftists are reasonable people. The truth is radical Leftists, such as tv reporters, are delusional, dishonest people. Appealing to their better natures just shows how naive you are.

      Sean says journalism died in 2007. No, Sean, journalism died back in the 1960’s. That’s when (during the Vietnam war) reporters started advocating for certain political positions, and it has just gotten worse since then.

      Sean Hannity wants leftwing journalists to “do their job”. Sean, they *are* doing their job: Lying to the public and promoting socialism *is* their job.

    • +1

      Their identity BS doesn’t work in reality, because it’s BS.

      There are apparently differences in death rates between men and women, but that can’t be right because gender is fluid.

    • why not a huge swathe of Aussies manage to do that, and dare to question their claims is a way to get fired cancel cultured etc
      cos thatd be rayciss ya know.

  15. For your consideration. Charles Hugh Smith over at of two has this to say:

    Vaccines–Too Little, Too Late?

    November 18, 2020

    Trust in institutions, authorities and Big Pharma is scraping the bottom of the barrel, and rushing these vaccines into mass use with extremely high expectations of efficacy is setting up the potential for a devastating loss of trust in the vaccines should they fail to live up to the claims of 100% safety and 95% effectiveness.

  16. “Anti-GM Wheat Protest Halted by Police”

    In the UK it is too dangerous to eat a genetically modified tomato but, but the Woke left will be at the front of the queue to have a genetically modified virus injected into their bodies, and in the case of the pfizer vaccine messenger RNA which when injected modifies cells in the host body.

    • mwhite – excellent point and much like the idiocy on display in the U.K. left hysterical opposition to importing American chicken because someone has the intelligence to spray the inside of said poultry to minimise undesirable bacteria. But they never think that the tap water in Britain is (thank God) also chlorinated. While the dosage of chlorine in any glass of tap water is smaller, we drink chlorinated water in some form most days. On the other hand, no one tends to eat the inside gut linings of chicken very much, so consider where cumulatively Europeans are likely to absorb most chlorine from.
      I’ll be much more impressed if any of these green dolts agree to forgo tap water and drink from the local duck pond.

  17. How not to improve race relations – positive discrimination. I can see his logic but it is an ill-thought-out proposal and would do far more harm than good. One further word about BLM in this vein and half the UK population left, right-wing or centre would go off pop.

  18. I’d quite happily sit near the back of the queue, by the time it’s my turn, I will have a good idea as to whether it is actually safe.
    If it isn’t they’ll have withdrawn it before it’s my turn!

  19. If ethnic minorities are disproportionately affected by COVID, then why are there not many millions dropping dead in Africa and Asia?

  20. I have learned some things in my life. First, it is okay to racist, so long as you are not a white person. Second, it is okay to be sexist, so long as you are not a man. Third, it okay for a man to be a woman and a woman to be a man, but what is unacceptable is for a man to be a man and a woman to be a woman.

    • It must be very confusing for children growing up in this current world. They need good parents to help them try to sort out the wheat from the chaff. Unfortunately, not all kids have good parents.

      Children today are faced with Society’s “Voice of Authority” the Lying Leftwing News Media, who are creating a horribly scary false reality that can only be solved by turning to Socialism, they tell us.

      I guess the remedy for all this is to keep pointing out the truth. Leftwing lies can’t stand up to scrutiny. All the Leftists have in their favor is volume, not facts.

      Hang in there, kids! The Sane people of the world are still fighting for you.

  21. According to Wikipedia:
    “As of November 2020, Moderna was valued at $35 billion, and while none of its drugs had been approved, its COVID-19 vaccine candidate was close to obtaining emergency use authorization. ….”
    That one is not for me then.
    My ancestors spent centuries fighting the Turks and then two WW the Germens, so I’ll give pass the Pfizer’s vaccine too.
    Will wait for the toffs’ vaccine from Oxford if they’ll have me.

  22. UNBELIEVABLE!….The answer is simple…S-E-P-A-R-A-T-I-O-N. Sadiq belongs in Arabia….Lawrence of Arabia never belonged there except for some war effort….Middle East is for Middle Easterners….Asia….for Asians….Africa for Africans….etc. etc. etc. Diversity is not strength – it is disaster.

  23. Nothing to see here. If being in some demographic means you’re at higher risk, then you should be given a higher priority for vaccine.

      • “Framing”

        Yes. He could have said we need to vaccinate the most vulnerable in our society first, and left it at that. But, being a low-life, bomb-throwing leftist, he had to inject race into the mix.

  24. I’m no fan at all of Sadiq Khan, but seems to me that in this case he is right: it is entirely proper that those most likely to suffer severe disease and death should be high up in the priority list for vaccines as they become available. I’m surprised that anybody on the right should seriously question that.

    [What I suspect, however, is that Mr Khan promotes this course of action for the wrong reasons, which are definitely racist in themselves. If he was consistent in his opposition to racist action, he should railing against his own proposal. Most anti-racists are themselves the most racist folk around – but they think that their racism should not be called that, because it is racism directed against those that they feel are in a ‘privileged’ group. Labels, always labels!]

    That’s another matter. What amazes me is the assumption in the media – and widely elsewhere – that black susceptibility to the virus is entirely due to their relatively disadvantaged living and economic conditions. I would be very surprised if there wasn’t a significant genetic component to that susceptibility. It seems likely, especially since we note the huge excess mortality amongst males, relative to females, that genetics plays a large part. We should be trying very hard indeed to get to the bottom of any genetic component, outwardly tagged most usefully by gender and racial characteristics, because that knowledge is going to help us in so many ways, and not just in dealing with this particular virus. But it seems that, as with so much in this ‘woke’ age, genetic differences must be downplayed, or, preferably, never spoken about at all. That’s a tragedy.

    • Assigning the vaccine first to those most at risk is good policy. However using very broad categories such as “people of color” (POC) is not the way to do it. An older white person with several comorbidity factors obviously should get the vaccine before young healthy POCs.

      The logic is parallel to one argument against higher minimum wages to help the disadvantaged. A young person living at home gets an unnecessary benefit from the higher wages, relative to a single mother with several children and paying rent. Not to mention that the reduced demand for labor makes it more difficult for the young person to develop a work history that could lead to better paying jobs.

      • The best argument against the minimum wage is that it doesn’t work and it ends up hurting those you claim to want to help.

        The only people who have ever been helped by higher minimum wages has been the people who make products that replace human labor.

    • You think being white or not white is what makes a person “high risk”?
      I can tell you, this is clearly very wrong.
      There is a stronger correlation in most places with gender.
      Age is of course the larger risk factor, by far.
      And next comes any one or more of several specific health conditions.
      Occupation fits in there somewhere in a prominent spot.

      Pick a place at random, then go the health department page for that place.
      Then separately look up the demographic composition of that place.
      Everywhere I have looked, there is no particular trend in covid deaths that varies strongly from the demographics of the whole population.

      • From the ONO (Office for National Statistics) UK:

        Coronavirus (COVID-19) related deaths by ethnic group, England and Wales:

        1. This provisional analysis has shown that the risk of death involving the coronavirus (COVID-19) among some ethnic groups is significantly higher than that of those of White ethnicity.

        2 . When taking into account age in the analysis, Black males are 4.2 times more likely to die from a COVID-19-related death and Black females are 4.3 times more likely than White ethnicity males and females.

        3. People of Bangladeshi and Pakistani, Indian, and Mixed ethnicities also had statistically significant raised risk of death involving COVID-19 compared with those of White ethnicity.

        4. After taking account of age and other socio-demographic characteristics and measures of self-reported health and disability at the 2011 Census, the risk of a COVID-19-related death for males and females of Black ethnicity reduced to 1.9 times more likely than those of White ethnicity.

        5. Similarly, males in the Bangladeshi and Pakistani ethnic group were 1.8 times more likely to have a COVID-19-related death than White males when age and other socio-demographic characteristics and measures of self-reported health and disability were taken into account; for females, the figure was 1.6 times more likely.

        6. These results show that the difference between ethnic groups in COVID-19 mortality is partly a result of socio-economic disadvantage and other circumstances, but a remaining part of the difference has not yet been explained.

        • Simple. Its because a larger portion are in low wage public facing jobs or live in shared houses. Sometimes its a religious thing and attend more often and in larger numbers.
          You need to compare the death/ test positive ratio. Just as there is higher deaths in care homes because of age and prexisting conditions on top of the ‘shared living’ situation

        • I have not check in countries other than the US, so I should have qualified my comment as being specific to US states.
          I have gone to one state site after another, and checked the stats of percent of deaths that were people of various racial groups.
          Then looked at separate stats for the census reported racial demographics of that state.
          Time after time I see small differences, with the uncertainties far eclipsing any possible statistical significance of the racial breakdown.
          For example, the state of Oklahoma reports that 6% of the deaths in that state have been among African Americans.
          But there are something like 10% African Americans in Oklahoma.
          And then the number of deaths in which race was not listed, was large, close to 20% of the total.

          Last Spring there were some news stories to the effect that the deaths in Michigan were overwhelmingly African American, but without even looking up stats on the actual percentages and the actual demographics of the state, it became obvious that most of the deaths were in a couple of large cities…cities that have a large proportion of American Americans relative to the entire US.
          If it was true that being black made one more likely to die from the virus, it should not matter where one looked. It should not be location specific, but across the board, in all locations.
          And adjusting for age does not suffice to correct for confounders in any case.
          In some places, certain minority populations are far more likely to be morbidly obese, to have uncontrolled high blood pressure, and to be diabetic, just to name a few conditions known to be correlated with worse outcomes.
          I am not trying to make the case that the opposite of the assertion is true, that blacks are more likely to die.
          I am simply pointing out that there are a large number of places where it is specifically not true.
          I am not going to post links unless someone wants to see them.
          Anyone can look up statistics for themselves.
          One location and one report proves little of nothing.
          What is really does, IMO, is give a reason to look at the question more closely.

          One thing is for sure, when one wants to be convinced of something, it is easy to find something that will back up a particular narrative or point of view.

          • Mr McGinley: “One thing is for sure, when one wants to be convinced of something, it is easy to find something that will back up a particular narrative or point of view.”

            Well yes exactly, and so it has always been. I posted the UK stats just as a reference, not as an undeniable truth, nevertheless this is where people like Khan get their statistics they need to hang their divisive political ideas on.

            The BHF (British Heart Foundation) has this to say:
            “If you’re South Asian, African, or African Caribbean in the UK, your risk of developing some heart and circulatory diseases can be higher than white Europeans.”

            ….and this from Diabetes UK :
            “People of Black African origin are up to three times more likely to develop Type 2 diabetes than people of White European origin.”

    • No. The problem is that color is not a risk factor. There are risk factors which are higher among blacks and Asians. They are heart problems and diabetes. Control for these and they are no more at risk than whites. A black or Asian person is at exactly the same risk as a white person with the same heart and diabetes condition.

      If you simply vaccinate first those with heart problems and diabetes, and the oldest first, you will in fact vaccinate black and Asian people in larger numbers than whites, earlier.

      But this is not because you are giving priority to black and Asian people. Its because you are giving priority to those most at risk.

      The problem with identity politics of this sort is that they fail to address the real problem by assuming that this strange mythical concept called ‘race’ is the driving variable in all policy matters. Its a sort of obsession, and its completely factually mistaken.

      In fact, there is no reason to think that black and Asian people are more at risk because of their ethnicity than whites.

      People with co-morbidities are the ones at risk. Whether they are black, white, yellow, whatever.

    • “I’m no fan at all of Sadiq Khan, but seems to me that in this case he is right: it is entirely proper that those most likely to suffer severe disease and death should be high up in the priority list for vaccines as they become available. I’m surprised that anybody on the right should seriously question that.

      [What I suspect, however, is that Mr Khan promotes this course of action for the wrong reasons, which are definitely racist in themselves.”

      You just answered your own question.

      Those of us on the right are questioning Khan’s injection of race into the conversation when it was not called for. Those on the right would agree that the most vulnerable among us should get the vaccine first. We can use science to tell us who that would be. What we don’t need are Mr. Khan’s race-baiting remarks insinuating that People of Color are being discriminated against.

  25. It seeems to me that what is being said here is that there should be NO prioritisation of vaccines, Bame do not chose to be BAME at birth in the same way as type1 diabetics do not chose to be diabetics, or others with co-morbities chose to have co-morbidities (unless obese – inc me!). You seem to suggest that if BAME die more frequently they do not deserve priority access and consequently no one should have priority (except perhaps frontline workers?).

    This to me seems to be your stance. Am I wrong?

    • when are you ever right about anything? never. Go back to the top of the page and read, slowly, and for comprehension (I know, you always have problems with that last part) only once you’ve done that will you be able to comprehend how stupid your mischaracterization of what was said in this article and in the comments is. fail to do that (which you clearly have so far) and no one will every be able to explain it to what passes for a brain in that empty head of yours because clearly you only see and understand what you want to rather than what is.

      • The report says
        “London Mayor Sadiq Khan has demanded that black people and other ethnic minorities receive priority access to the Chinese coronavirus vaccine .

        The leftist Mayor claimed that so-called BAME (Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic) groups are disproportionally affected by the virus, and therefore should be placed at the top of the list when the vaccine is distributed.”

        These statements are just simply lies.
        Kahn said:
        “I have asked for additional things to be factored in, and that includes concerns I have got around black, Asian, ethnic minority”
        “According to PHE data, black women were more than twice as likely as white women to contract covid – with black men almost three times as likely as white men.”

        There is no demand just a suggestion that BAME humans need to be considered at more risk than Caucasian The second quote shows increased risk.

    • No. A black or Asian person with diabetes is at exactly the same risk as a white person with it. Or if they don’t have diabetes, they are at exactly the same risk as a white person who does not.

      The driving variable is not color. The driving variable is heart problems, diabetes, obesity, age. If you are black or white, makes no difference.

      There is zero point giving priority to young healthy black women. They are not at risk. Any more than young healthy white women are.

      The result of giving priority based on color will simply be that you immunize lots of people not at risk, and miss lots who are.

    • I have not head from anyone who thinks that there should be no prioritization of who gets vaccinated first.
      There seems to be a general view that those who are at the most risk should be vaccinated first.
      Although I have seen where at least one so-called expert has called for rejecting the notion of vaccinating people at high risk, first. That would be Zeke Emanuel.

      Although it may not matter much, at least here in the US.
      There are two vaccines that have very good efficacy rates, close to 95% or perhaps even a little better, for which a large number of doses have been being premanufactured.
      Between these two alone, I believe the number of doses that will be ready by the end of the year is 100 million plus 20 million.
      And since there seems to be a number of people hesitant to get vaccinated with something so new that was rushed through the process of inventing and testing and presumably approval as well, there may be plenty for everyone who clamors to be inoculated. Especially since there are three more in late stage testing that may also prove to be effective, and each of them will have a large number of doses available.
      And those 120 million will be quickly followed by many millions more being cranked out…for one of them, they are saying they can easily make a billion doses by the end of 2021.
      If we get lucky and have all five of the ones in late testing turn out to work just fine, there may be enough for everyone in the US to be dosed almost immediately. Everyone who is willing to take it anyway.
      Personally, I had signed up to be a volunteer for three different clinical trials, but never got a call back from any of them.
      I would have been willing to be the very first person dosed with the stuff.

  26. lets see.
    fibromyalgia. yup thats a known problem.
    restrictive lung disease (we believe still testing) for sure a known issues.
    heart beat issues (still testing for cause) for sure another known issue.
    nerve damage making it hard to do productive coughs and sneezes. yup thats an issue too.
    I got more known covid issues those are just the 4 big ones.
    white male 52 yrs old.
    prob not going to get it until I see some long term results.

  27. The vaccines have failed their trials! Simply measure the vaccine trials against results demanded of the Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis Hydroxychloroquine trials. The PrEP vaccines have failed to prevent infection, but have apparently reduced severity of disease. This is directly comparable to results of multiple trials of PrEP HCQ .
    Alternatively, the novel vaccines do have beneficial effect, but so does the low dose, very safe, well understood HCQ prophylaxis.

  28. Racism comes in all forms. It is so sad to see it supported by so many “people of color”. By the way…I guess “white” is not a color?

    How about we provide vaccine to those in healthcare most at risk, then use a risk based strategy for all people without regard to the color of their skin? Or is that too fair for this racist person?

    • Affirmative discrimination. Diversity (i.e. color judgment), not limited to racism. The featured symbol of discrimination and exclusion is the Rainbow, which features the exclusion of black, brown, and takes pride in the shredded remains of white. It’s a Pro-Choice, selective, opportunistic, relativistic quasi-religious (e.g. “ethical”) thing.

  29. I love the disproportionate affected aguments. Its plays to victimhood and never look at any aspects of personal or community behaviour. When over represented in prison its never a behaviour problem its always a policing problem, same with the virus. I wonder how in his addled mind he thinks poor white people have any less exposure? Victim card writ large and Khan showing his true racist colours.

  30. I’m an American so not that familiar with British or London politics.
    I’ll assume that non-whites have been more effected than whites.
    Has he ever explained why?
    He’s the Mayor. Did he load his staff with members of a certain American group famous for wearing white hoods?
    Did they exempt non-whites from following whatever Cocid-19 restrictions the UK and London put in place in hopes non-whites whould get it?
    If not, he is a racist. Period.

  31. Can a London business owner refuse entry to BAME customer on OH&S grounds because they are a higher safety risk to employees?
    Or even make them wear mask or sit in a special corner?

  32. UK expert: Racism not to blame for minorities’ COVID risk

    LONDON (AP) — A scientist newly appointed as an advisor to the British government has expressed skepticism about focusing on the role of structural racism in the disproportionate effect that the coronavirus has on ethnic minority groups.

    “Instead of focusing on ethnicity we need to look at the key underlying risk factors (which are mainly socioeconomic) that are causing their higher death rates — and that will therefore reduce the risk of death in all ethnic groups, including whites,” Dr. Raghib Ali, an epidemiologist at Cambridge University, wrote in the Times.

    . . .

    But Ali, who’s been appointed the government’s new advisor on COVID-19 and ethnicity, said evidence has since emerged showing that most of the increased risk can be accounted for by factors other than race. Black and Asian people are more likely to live in deprivation, in densely populated urban centers and in multi-generational homes, he said. They are also more likely to suffer from conditions such as obesity and diabetes.”

    read more:

  33. The more people you come in contact with, the greater your chance of catching the virus. Death is more certain for elderly and ill people. So it would make sense to prioritize the vaccine first to health care workers, second to the elderly and ill people, and third to those who must come in contact with many people because of their work or living conditions. I suspect that Black and Asian people contract the virus more because of Vit. D, but also because they are a greater percentage of the working class that come into contact frequently with the public. If you just focus on working people in contact with the public, you’ll probably automatically take care of the Black and Asian folks that are most vulnerable.

    • If you just focus on individuals at risk, those with obesity, heart disease, diabetes, older, in the health services, then you will end up vaccinating more minorities because they are more likely to be one or more of these.

      But you will avoid the total waste that targeting individuals by color of skin would lead to. That is a totally idiotic and unscientific idea, all it would do is prioritize lots of people not at risk while neglecting those that are.

      A black man with diabetes is at greater risk than any non-diabetic of any color, and is at the same risk as a similar white man with diabetes. Its the diabetics you want to focus on, never mind what color they are.

      This idiotic liberal desire to make skin color be the driving force of every policy is real old fashioned dyed in the wool racialism.

      • spot on michel. And it’s a racism that is abetted by a surface level look at the data. BAME individuals, statistically may appear to be more affected, but when you drill down into the data, it’s not their skin color that’s the predominate cause. The predominate cause tends to be socio-economic in nature.

        Whites tend to populate more rural areas (where everything is socially distanced by default) whereas minorities then to populate crowded urban areas (where there is little social distancing by default). Whites tend to have middle to upper class professions (and more likely to have jobs that lend themselves to working remotely and/or lack much contact with the general public on a daily basis) whereas minorities tend to have lower class professions (service sector and manual labor jobs that that can’t be done remotely and that put them in greater contact with the general public on a daily basis).

        The fact is a rural white person of the same socio-economic level as a rural BAME person are pretty much equal in risk level (IE within the margin of error). Same for an urban white of the same socio-economic level as an urban BAME person.

  34. It is time the little squirt was removed from office. The mayoral ellection is overdue due to CoVId 19. I suspect the little squirt would be on the unemployment queue outside the job center had the 2020 mayoral election
    taken place. I suggest be given the job of propping up Hammersmith Bridge that has been closed for 18 moths the mayor having failed to get it repaired.

    • The bridge is a grade 1 listed structure.
      It was built in 1887, so it is a bit old….it was also built before cars were a thing!
      It is highly unlikely to be re-opened to road transport and will probably be repaired and opened for pedestrians and cyclists.
      Given that the area is highly likely to be an ultra-low-emission zone soon, the car traffic will drop and the heavy goods traffic will be nil.
      A *NATIONAL GOVERNMENT* taskforce is in charge of deciding its fate, and the bridge is owned by Hammersmith and Fulham Council.
      Get your head out of your RRRRRRRRRRRRRRs

  35. “London Mayor Sadiq Khan has demanded white people go to the back of the queue when a Covid-19 vaccine becomes available”

    FOAD, “Mr.” Jackass Mayor.

    Best regards,

    Normal people everywhere

  36. Actually, it wasn’t the NHS, it was Public Health England.
    And hospitals are only NHS in logo, each hospital is a separate entity, and NHS England is not the same as NHS Scotland/Wales.
    There seems to be confusion here…..NHS is only a logo, since 2010 the health service in England isn’t “national”, it is local. There are a load of separate organisations that have input, but each health area is run by a local commissioning group, which buys health services from providers, many private, some USA health providers too.
    The differing treatment of white/BAME groups within each health service is a matter for the HR dept of each organisation, and is defined by their responsibility to the Health, Safety and Welfare of all staff (a legal requirement of the Health and Safety at Work law).
    And their higher likelihood of contracting CV19 is more to do with their prevalence of multi-generational households than lack of vitamin D (given that many foods are supplemented by vitamin D anyway).

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