The Conversation: “Right now, there is no federal agency tasked with developing a systemic understanding of climate change…”

According to Clark University Professor Edward Carr, Biden will struggle to truly transform society, though restoring California’s control of automobile environmental standards and re-imposing Obama era methane rules will help.

Modern Climate Change Science

The first modern theoretical estimates of ECS, the equilibrium climate sensitivity to carbon dioxide, were reported in 1979 in the so-called “Charney Report” (Charney, et al., 1979). They reported, on…

“Eventually Tibet Will Become like Afghanistan”: Dalai Lama Calls for Urgent Climate Action

“Buddha Would be Green”: The Dalai Lama claims urgent action is required to prevent climate change from impacting Tibet and the rest of the world.

The Coming Energy Shocks under a Biden Administration

There is a view that suggests that now that Joe Biden has (most likely) won the US presidential election, a modicum of pragmatism will prevail as the Democrats’ excessive campaign…

Claim: Climate change causes landfalling hurricanes to stay stronger for longer

Climate change is causing hurricanes that make landfall to take more time to weaken, reports a study published 11th November 2020 in leading journal, Nature.

Joe Biden Advisor Recommends 4-6 Week National Covid-19 Lockdown

Biden advisor Dr. Michael Osterholm wants a US nationwide lockdown of 4-6 weeks, to achieve the same level of control over Covid-19 as Australia and New Zealand achieved. But this…