Congress Investigates the Appointment of Legates to NOAA

Dr. Legates’ continued denial of human-driven climate change and its devastating impacts degrades the scientific integrity and derails the mission of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Tim Flannery: “If there was a moment of true emergency in the fight to preserve our climate, it is now”

Tim Flannery, who once famously once predicted the dams would never fill again, and who held a very well paid position as Aussie climate commissioner for a few years, now…

Beyond Petroleum Part Deux: “BP sees ‘peak oil’ in 2020s”

Guest “Looney Toons” by David Middleton OPEC cuts oil demand forecasts, BP sees ‘peak oil’ in 2020sSeptember 14, 2020 LONDON (AP) — Developing countries’ difficulty in containing the spread of…

The “Escalator to Extinction” Myth

The “escalator to extinction” theory argues organisms must migrate to higher elevations where a cooler altitude will offset global warming temperatures. But there is scant evidence that is happening.

Irrefutable NASA data: global fires down by 25 percent

Using satellite technology, NASA determined that between 2003 and 2019, global fires have dropped by roughly 25 percent. This makes the “climate change is worsening wildfires” argument completely moot. From…

Scientific American Goes Full Anti-Science

If you look at that 2017 Scientific American piece, or the other articles that I cited in my post, you will see that those commenters are conceiving of “science” not…

Republican Led Government Commission Recommends a Carbon Tax

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission, a government body led by Republican appointee Heath Tarbert, has just recommended imposition of a carbon tax.

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