Global Warming Tick Scares are Back

According to The Guardian global warming is bringing increased risk of attack from the killer ticks. But like most global warming threats this one is seriously overblown.

The Climate Left Attacks Nobel Laureate William D. Nordhaus

Having received the 2018 Nobel Prize in economics largely in recognition of his economic analysis of climate policy—in particular the development and application of the Dynamic Integrated Climate-Economy (DICE) model—William…

Joe Biden To Shut Down US Offshore Oil Production if Elected?

The most eye-catching of Biden’s proposals for the offshore industry is a promise to ban “new oil and gas permitting on public lands and waters.” He also plans new protections…

COVID-19: Lock-Downs, or Cock-Ups?

The question I aim to answer is: Is there evidence that the “lockdown” reactions to the epidemic of governments around the world have significantly helped to alleviate the effects of…

Claim: Past evidence supports complete loss of Arctic sea-ice by 2035

A new study, published this week in the journal Nature Climate Change, supports predictions that the Arctic could be free of sea ice by 2035.

One Rehearsal Away from Touching Asteroid Bennu

On Aug. 11, the mission will perform its “Matchpoint” rehearsal – the second practice run of the Touch-and-Go (TAG) sample collection event.