Peter Gleick Sticks Up for Malthusianism

2018 Sagan Prize winner, Peter Gleick, has written a review of Michael Shellenberger’s new book, Apocalypse Never and it’s been getting a lot of links from Shellenberger’s critics.

Food Security in a Post-Covid World

US-EU trade talks are already stalled over agriculture issues. And yet the European Union’s new “Farm to Fork” strategy doesn’t just double down on the EU’s contentious agricultural regulations. It…

Guardian: Funding Artists Could Save Us from Covid-19

According to The Guardian, the lack of support for the creative community is harming the development of our most effective weapon against unexpected situations like Covid-19 – the arts.

BBC Climate Documentary: “How they Made Us Doubt Everything”

I’ve just listened to the entire BBC radio series “How They Made Us Doubt Everything”. This is not the BBC I grew up listening to and watching.

Dr Stella Immanuel V Dr. Fauci-TKO. HCQ Championed.

America’s Frontline Doctors traveled to Washington and gave a press conference.

Court Decision: Interim Social Cost of Greenhouse Gas Metric

Recently a federal district judge found that the Bureau of Land Management (BLM, sorry it was their acronym first) arbitrarily relied on an aggressively scaled-back social cost of greenhouse gases…