Alaska is getting wetter. That’s bad news for permafrost and the climate

Alaska is getting wetter. A new study spells out what that means for the permafrost that underlies about 85% of the state, and the consequences for Earth’s global climate.

FT: Big Fund Managers are Demanding Climate Action. But the USA is Leading a Pushback

Big fund managers like Blackrock and BNP Paribas are supporting shareholder climate resolutions, demanding big companies demonstrate their commitment to Paris Climate Agreement goals. But President Trump is supporting a…

Is the demise of polar bears being exaggerated to keep extinction panic alive?

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could debate climate change for five minutes without hearing about polar bears or being subjected to footage of them perched precariously on a melting…

UK Journo Embarrasses Green Transport Minister

The future of Heathrow expansion is uncertain after leading judges ruled that the Government must reconsider its support for a third runway because of the environmental impact.

Mystery Mislabeled Seed Packets from China Being Received in Utah and Virginia

A very odd story, people in Utah and Virginia have reported receiving packets of seeds from China, mislabelled as Jewellery. Utah and Virginia Agriculture departments are investigating.

Greta Takes a Side

In the brewing Green Civil War, Ms. Thunberg has decided to jump in and fight. Here is Greta’s Facebook post Background from RealClear Energy Like many contemporary social movements—#metoo, Black…

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