Weaknesses of solar and wind, Myths and Questions that require an answer

It is claimed that wind and solar are the cheapest sources of electricity and these sources should dominate future electricity supply. This paper focuses on known additional costs and subsidies…

Claim: Alaska Okmok Eruption Volcanic Winter Caused Social Turmoil in Ancient Rome

Just after the time of Julius Caesars death ancient Rome experienced crop failures, disease, social upheaval and extremely cold Summers. Researchers are pointing the finger at Alaska’s Okmok Volcano.

New Paper Demonstrates Strong Efficacy of Hydroxychloroquine. Mortality rate cut in half!

This is absolutely the most conclusive research produced to date by anyone, due mostly to the quality of the approach. No one has published this quality level of work on…

A MUST WATCH: Environmentalist Michael Shellenberger on rejecting climate alarmism

The Heartland Institute’s Donald Kendal, Jim Lakely, and The Center for the American Experiment’s Isaac Orr are joined by Michael Shellenberger in episode 250 of the In The Tank Podcast.…

Hot Summer Epic Fail: New Climate Models Exaggerate Midwest Warming by 6X

Contrary to popular perception, the U.S. Midwest has seen little long-term summer warming. For precipitation, the slight drying predicted by climate models in response to human greenhouse gas emissions has…

UN Warns Electric Automobile Rush is Causing Human Rights Abuses

The United Nations has issued a belated warning that soaring demand for raw materials for the electric vehicle revolution is creating dangerous conditions for children working in toxic mines.

Arctic plants may not provide predicted carbon sequestration potential

The environmental benefits of taller, shrubbier tundra plants in the Arctic may be overstated, according to new research involving the University of Stirling.