FDA: Deregulating during the pandemic, and beyond

The press has obsessively focused on supposed government shortfalls regarding COVID-19 testing. However, virtually no attention has been given to the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA’s) vigorous and unprecedented efforts…

Climate Scientist: “Anyone who wants to predict the future of the permafrost should be sure to keep the beaver in mind.”

Climate scientists are worried a beaver boom may be helping to melt the Arctic ice.

MET Office: Climate Change will Force the UK to Endure French Holiday Weather

Imagine the horror of being able to swim at Blackpool beach without needing a resuscitation team with a hypothermia kit on standby.

The Climate Model Muddle

In order to convince you of the veracity of that proposition I will first tell you a little story, an allegory if you want, regarding a thought experiment, a completely…

Select House Members push “Climate Crisis” Action Plan

From the Institute for Energy Research and the department of political sheep herding comes this review of a misguided mess done by a few members of the house who have…

Viral Encore: Another Swine Flu Strain In China Reportedly Threatens To Become A Pandemic

As the world continues to fight the coronavirus, scientists have identified a new flu strain that could create another pandemic — and it comes from China.

NASA’s TESS Delivers New Insights Into an Ultrahot World

“The weirdness factor is high with KELT-9 b,” said John Ahlers, an astronomer at Universities Space Research Association in Columbia, Maryland, and NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland.…

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