Former UN Climate Action Leader on Covid-19: “Moments of crisis are always moments of opportunity”

Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary of the UNFCCC, at the COP17 in Durban, South Africa, author UNClimateChange, source Wikimedia

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

More evidence greens are only thinking of themselves, and the opportunity the Chinese Coronavirus lockdown presents for a permanent power grab.

Our approach to covid-19 can also help tackle climate change

We can’t lose sight of the climate emergency when dealing with the covid-19 pandemic, say Christiana Figueres and Tom Rivett-CarnacHEALTH | COMMENT 1 April 2020

By  Christiana Figueres and  Tom Rivett-Carnac

WE HAVE known for some time that 2020 was going to be a milestone year for the climate change crisis, requiring a radical reversal of the current trajectory in global greenhouse gas emissions. But what we didn’t know was that we would also face a global health crisis this year. The decisions we make now to tackle this imminent threat will affect us for generations to come, including our ability to halt global warming.

There is no established link between covid-19 and climate change. However, the way we are altering the planet will make the spread of some diseases more likely.

With covid-19, governments are now agreeing economic stimulus packages to help people and corporations survive the likely recession. It is no exaggeration to say that the decisions they are taking will shape the world for generations.

Moments of crisis are always moments of opportunity. Many crucial decisions will be made over the next few months. As options are considered, we should ask ourselves what is the most effective way to overcome the immediate threat and how to dovetail those decisions into the making of a future where we not only survive, but actually thrive together with nature.

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Climate activists see the Covid-19 crisis as an opportunity to enslave the world with green communism. They are hoping frightened people, reeling from the shock of the Covid-19 outbreak, will be more willing to do what they are told.

But moments of crisis can also bring liberty, as anyone who knows the history of the USA will understand. People who have experienced a real crisis first hand may be less willing to continue to accept the lies of fake crisis climate elitists, and the UN enablers whose incompetence helped create the global Covid-19 crisis.

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    • Yes, they are.
      “However, the way we are altering the planet will make the spread of some diseases more likely.”
      Utter BS. Absolutely no evidence for this statement.

      • This is the old lie about malaria spreading “as the world warms” which was based on the total false assumption that malarial mosquitoes only exist in hot countries.

        This lie was propagated in AR4 and caused a major polemic at the time when experts’ advice that this was not the case was ignored, yet the IPCC refused to remove their name from the list of authors.

        The real change that will come out of this ( and that is their real fear here ) is that we will suddenly realise that we need to deal with REAL problems now rather than worry about fake problems inside computer models in 100y.

        • Pile on to that …

          Al Gore flatly claimed that the cause of malaria persistence in Nairobi, Kenya, was due to “location” and global warming, that the city had been deliberately created at an elevation where the parasite-carrying mosquito did not thrive, and that there had been no malaria there … until AGW opened Nairobi for the insect.

          Not only is this a complete and utter lie, there is a double crime here … the persistence of malaria in Africa is due to the Greens. After the eradication of the disease in the USA, Europe, and other places by DDT, European greens coerced their governments into edicts that said “if your country does not ban DDT, we will not allow imports of any of your products.”

          At the time, a thriving agricultural export trade from Africa to Europe, both edible items and flowers, existed and was flourishing. Well, African nations caved into the Green-driven edict, and banned DDT in their nations.

          The rest is a nightmare.

          • There was malaria in the early settlement of colonial N America. It was eventually mostly eradicated by draining swamps, and bolstered later by using DDT.

      • And note the “…there is no established link …”. There’s no damn’ link at all!

    • Yes . The rhetoric is tiresome.
      Tell me if Focusing on eliminating the ‘Endangerment Finding’ would aid the effort to correct this crap?
      Asking for some guidance here

      • This paper destroys the endangerment finding, shows the IPCC doesn’t know what it’s talking about, and implicates climate modelers as scientific incompetents.

        You’re right, Checker, Repealing the endangerment finding is the first critical step. Removing all US financial support from the IPCC is step #2. The IPCC has been converted into a hothouse of lies and misdirection; a blood parasite on good people.

        And honestly, I’d like to see the US remove all funding from the UN. The UN has become utterly corrupt and an ethical cesspool, a facilitator of totalitarian programs, and power mad in its pursuit of global control.

    • Yeah, but he’s comparing the virus problem with the supposed climate problem in terms of innovation, in other words using science and technology to manage any problem, not to “change the economic development model that has been reigning for at least 150 years, since the Industrial Revolution”.
      I’m pretty sure that is not what Gates has in mind.

    • Little Billy Boy Gates father is a eugenicist, Billy Boy is just like his daddy. Globalism according to their agenda.

    • I’ve smelled the WHO’s prints on this pandemic from the get-go. Opportunistic use of China’s bug to spook the sheep and use force to impose Agenda 21 on the world. Seems to be working right now. AOC should be delighted; at least until she runs out of TP.

    • Truly a scary person. Cold-blooded self-serving opportunistic tyrant. Or am I being too dramatically redundant?

      • I love that photo. In it M. Figueres looks like the Romulan ambassador in an unseen episode of Star Trek (original series). Something about the sharp shoulders on the suit, its colour, and her eyebrows.

  1. So the very real economic pain and suffering that hundreds of millions of middle class are suffering now because of lost jobs, shut down restaurants, closed schools, closed sporting events, cancelled concerts, cancelled graduation events, severely decimated hotel and travel industry, decimated airlines and furloughed employees…. the Greens want to make permanent.

    That is the message that needs to sink in.

    • They are a bit late the money has been spent and it’s going to be humorous watching them ask for multi trillion dollars for climate change now. Talk about try to jump on the wagon just a little bit after it has bolted.

    • Thankyou, Joel. I shall use that quote (with appropriate acknowledgment, of course!) It’s aboit the best summing-up I’ve seen.

  2. It is unfortunate that the origin of the article in “NewScientist” occurs so far along, or I could have quit reading sooner.

  3. Well she is right,moments of crisis do make people much less tolerant of malicious freeloaders.
    So this crisis does run the risk,for Gang Green of being exposed in the eyes of their gullible enablers.
    Not the result they desire.

    The days of big government are numbered,other peoples money is in real short supply and will be even more hard to come by in the coming months .
    The Cult of Calamitous Climate has exposed governments as useless and full of fools,the Wuhan Flu has hammered that point home.
    Those bureaus we have invested huge amounts of money and time into being prepared for emergencies,especially pandemics, have turned out to be damn near useless.
    We have a choice to make,economic survival or nobody moves,but we still get this flu?
    We tried passing that choice over to government but now we see they are unable to make any decisions on their own.
    And the secondary job of the “Government Experts” that of keeping us informed,thus able to make informed choices..??
    How is that working out?

  4. In a 1930s-like depression we might soon find ourselves in, let’s see how much money is still available to “fight” non-existent “emergencies”.

  5. Frommy file of quote factoids and smart remarks:

    “This is the first time in the history of mankind that we are setting ourselves the task of intentionally, within a defined period of time to change the economic development model that has been reigning for at least 150 years, since the industrial revolution.” – Christiana Figueres, UN Climate Change Executive Secretary

    Yes that is what these people are all about.

    • The other quote is something like : even if we are wrong about CO2 it does not matter, we will be doing the right thing: redistribution of global wealth.

      • Here it is:

        “We’ve got to ride this global warming issue. Even if the theory of global warming is wrong, we will be doing the right thing in terms of economic and environmental policy.” – Timothy Wirth, President of the UN Foundation

      • “We’ve got to ride the global-warming issue. Even if the theory of global warming is wrong, we will be doing the right thing in terms of economic policy and environmental policy.” (Timothy Worth)

  6. This just in, well, yesterday, the public announcement in the NY Post of the study:

    Title: “Hydroxychloroquine rated ‘most effective’ coronavirus treatment, poll of doctors finds
    By Natalie O’Neill April 2, 2020

    Of the 6,227 physicians surveyed in 30 countries, 37 percent rated hydroxychloroquine the “most effective therapy” for combating the potentially deadly illness, according to the results released Thursday.

    The survey, conducted by the global health care polling company Sermo, also found that 23 percent of medical professionals had prescribed the drug in the US — far less than other countries.

    “Outside the US, hydroxychloroquine was equally used for diagnosed patients with mild to severe symptoms whereas in the US it was most commonly used for high risk diagnosed patients,” the survey found.


    And here is a public link to the survey:

    Title: “Largest Statistically Significant Study by 6,200 Multi-Country Physicians
    on COVID-19 Uncovers Treatment Patterns and Puts Pandemic in Context

    • I think most expected it was going to work to some degree it had history but it isn’t a cure. US lost over 1300 in a single day, it will be higher once all the death certificates are in from deaths who never got testing.

      There is also new testing approvals using plasma transfusion from patients who have had the virus and thus have antibodies.

      These may help reduce the ultimate death toll but they are no substitute for a vaccine.

      • re: “These may help reduce the ultimate death toll but …”

        If you drill down in that report, you will find that the numpties here in the US won’t use hcq until a patient ‘looks bad’ – this does NOT seem to be the road to success either. The few “anecdotal” reports (~30 and 80 patient groups) by Dr. Raoult and his associates indicate better results starting when the first signs occur, not when the patient is about to take their last dying breaths … the need for so many “ventilators” would be reduced if the numpties in the US applied hcq earlier on too, it would appear …

        • I am not a doctor above my pay grade to make evaluations of that sort, so if you are health professional I will defer to you.

        • The few “anecdotal” reports (~30 and 80 patient groups) by Dr. Raoult

          They have recently put their raw data on line, they have treated 1500 patients. Only one death so far. This again is not proper medical study, they treating patients, though it is now of a scale which can not be dismissed as anecdotal.

          It is important to note that they are using a specific protocol with includes concurrent does of the antibiotic azithromycine .

          The EU is currently conducting medical studies in which they have included ONLY hydroxychloroquine and ONLY at an advanced stage. IOW they have rigged the study at the outset to ensure this treatment “fails” the test and only the patented anti-virals of their mentors in big pharma get the golden goose approval.

          My understanding is the US rules only allows the “compassion ” exemption once the patient is in a critical state.

          • Cynic!

            I can’t see the immediate benefits of including azithromycine. Corona is a virus not a bacterium. Unless it is weakening the immune system to the point where patients are contracting bacterial pneumonia as distinct from viral pneumonia.

            I have had my own criticisms of the EU but I have not yet accused it of a continent-wide conspiracy to kill off the old so that its “mentors” (however you are defining the word in this context) can have a monopoly of “anti-virals”. There are more than enough “free lunches” to go round and killing off its own citizens seems an unlikely course to say the least.

          • re: “They have recently put their raw data on line, they have treated 1500 patients. Only one death so far.”

            OLD data now; Full Disclosure: they are up to 5 deceased now, having treated 1808 with the hcq regimen, but, we don’t know at what ‘state’ the patients were in (how far ‘gone’) before treatment was started.

            Higher success rates are obtained by starting the treatment regimen earlier (DO I have to state this?); fewer healthy cells in the patient are invaded and subsequently ‘killed’ by the virus by starting treatment as soon as possible …this is also borne out in the study … duh!

            WHERE are those millions of hcq tabs that were promised by several companies and countries?

            Daily stats from Prof./Dr. Raoul’s crew et al:

          • “My understanding is the US rules only allows the “compassion ” exemption once the patient is in a critical state.”

            The latest ruling by the FDA allows any U.S. doctor to prescribe hydroxychloroquine if they think it will help their patient with the Wuhan virus. An article in the New York Post yesterday said that only abut 23 pecent of U.S. doctors are prescribing the drug at the present time, while 75 percent of doctors in Spain are prescribing it, with similar percentages in Italy and France.

            Governor Cuomo of New York placed a restriction on New York doctors prescribing the drug unless the patient was in the hospital. He may have done this thinking legitimate users of the drugs like lupus patients might have their supply run short.

            I think there has been a lot of pressure on Gov. Cuomo to rescind this rule, and the supply of hydroxychloroquine is really ramping up so maybe he will in the near future. It would seem to be a benefit to New York to be giving every infected person in New York this drug as soon as possible. This drug may cause unacceptable side effects in some people who have abnormal heart rhythms but seems to be fairly harmless otherwise, so far, anyway. Cuomo ought to give New Yorkers the “Right to Try”.

      • I am not convinced it is not a “cure”. What constitutes a cure then, if giving some a medical treatment results in their complete recovery? How is that not a cure?

        I’ll take any non-cure that is as effective as that one.

        Because I kept up with the science, I bought my family a supply before Trump got to the podium. I was surprised he mentioned it because politicos are rarely well-informed on such matters.

    • What is amazing as opposed to broadcasting a treatment plan we focus on locking people out of work. It has been weeks since Anthony posted a possible treatment. Yet the establishment has focused on how important they are. Throw people off the beaches as opposed to communicating to the people what is the progress on treatment plans.

  7. The UN has always wanted to be a global government.

    So, at the very time this disease is telling us globalism was a huge mistake, they demand more globalism. Because why not? What else are they going to do?

    The UN is evil to the core. Shut the whole thing down.

    • There is also an issue for Climate Change going forward by general principle:
      If a country can be held to account for it’s CO2 emissions on the world and be asked to pay reparations then it must follow a country who allows a virus out into the world community must pay reparations.

      Expect some very interesting discussions at COP26

      • I somehow doubt that that topic will be raised! Nevertheless China SHOULD be forced to make massive reparations – whilst CO2 has been shown to significantly raise crop yields, so CO2 bulk producing nations should be paid for their good work!

    • re: “The UN has always wanted to be a global government.”

      Heh. More “Dreams from my father” type stuff …

  8. Yes, moments of crisis are always moments of opportunity…..unfortunately for shysters like her, that works both ways. Climate change is a dead duck. After this virus settles down and the smouldering ruins of the economy are obvious, any politician who tries to pick taxpayers pockets for this fraud will end up like Mussolini….hanging by their ankles in a public square.

    • “Dead duck” sounds about right for those resuming their quacking when the scope of our new socio-economic dislocation becomes understood.

  9. Is it possible?

    Say: global fossil fuel consumption drops for ~ 30 % from now till (say) 3 yrs time

    Then: according to the to the alarmist theory:

    There should be a measurable reduction in the rate of increase of atmospheric CO2

    And: if there isn’t?

    Then: their theory is dead in the water i.e. CO2 increase is driven by natural warming

    • The problem is the seasonal decline (end-April thru September) in NH CO2 is about to start anyway. That’s like trying to measure a single day’s sub-millimeter changes in SLR against the background of a meter’s worth of daily tidal swings.

    • “And: if there isn’t? ”

      Well even if there is , so what ? It will not lead to a reduction in temperatures but they will say inertia in the system means we won’t see it for 100 years anyway. A short term blip with do nothing to falsify their faked models.

    • The odds of the decrease in in global fossil fuel consumption being anywhere close to 30% are virtually nil.

      Even if it did drop by that much, the fact of thermal lag will still make finding any signal difficult.

  10. The situation in Ecuador is ‘interesting’.

    1 – Apparently, it is easy to overwhelm the medical system there.

    2 – There is little risk from malaria in the major cities. link

    • your faith in vaccines may be misplaced
      the SARS one they did develop?
      got canned I heard due to “some nasty adverse events”
      if they could make corona vax for humans then theyd have done so to sell it for the common cold part of which are corona and others rhinoviruses, but they havent managed to..hmm?

      the latest from Aus is Murdoch labs found IVERMECTIN a commonly used wormer/other use ie scabies in aboriginals and for human worming too
      killed covid in 48hrs and greatly reduced in 24 in Vitro
      claims testing etc need be done and trials before human use
      its ALREADY used in humans, they know the dose rates and its got less nasty side effects than plaquenil
      only caveat is NOT for anyone on warfarin due to liver etc issues warfarin can cause withit.
      on a scale of probably works well/few side effects/can slowly up the dose if youre worried anyway
      very cheap*though usa version for scabies as pills is a stupid 50 to 70 a pack!! ripped off again

    • I was reading an article a few days ago about how Italy’s death toll may be under counted.
      With the entire medical system creaking and groaning, people who die in remote villages sometimes get buried before the medical examiner has a chance to check them.
      I would imagine that poor countries such as Ecuador would have similar problems.

  11. The world economic implosion demonstrates quite clearly it is time to kick the Climate Change scam to the curb.

    Or maybe a better analogy would be Josh drawing a cartoon of Xi’s Corona throwing the climate change scam under the bus of a collapsing world economy.

  12. “…enslave the world with green communism.”

    Thats the funniest thing I’ve read all day. You must have guffawed into your tea when you wrote that one Eric.
    But can I ask your readers this: if capitalism is so good why does it need socialism to save it every ten years?

    • The bank bailouts had nothing to do with saving the economy. I used to work for merchant banks, everyone knew why the bailouts were happening; my understanding is the bank bailouts were about saving the risky high return investment portfolios of senior politicians. If you look at the handful of countries which didn’t hand money to failed banks, like Iceland, they did just fine.

      • Correct. Loydo hasn’t a clue what is going on behind the scenes in banking, globally. If you have any “wealth” in a bank, don’t leave it there esp with “bail-in” laws past in 2017. Buy gold, or toilet paper.

        • Buy TP at $.75 per roll then scalp sell it on eBay for $3.50 per roll after the stores run out
          Talk about profit margin

      • ANZ and CBA experience here. I was also involved in the recovery of the big July 2012 CBA IT disaster, blamed on NZ’ers (Aaahhhh ha ha ha ha haaaa, typical of Aussie’s can’t wear blame when they should). One person caused that (Among others issues he DIRECTLY caused and I had to fix)! He still lives in South Australia but with a changed name.

      • Loydo is one of those people who actually believe that anything other than pure communism, is a form of capitalism.
        One of our trolls actually refers to the US as being uber capitalist.

    • The GFC of 2008 was primarily initiated in the US by liberals Barney Frank insisting in 2002 that Fannie and Freddie through government coercion begin acquiring loans made to substandard borrowers to buy homes with mortgages they couldn’t afford. These loans wer packaged as CDOs and sold with a government wink and a nod by AIG giving them insurance and an investment grade rating allowing them to spread far and wide. SO at the heart of it was the good intentions of liberals paving that road to Hell.

      Now 2020 Corona Virus we have communist government who hid the extent of the virus epidemic with media suppression and propaganda and a complicit WHO, and then allowed the Chinese New Years festival holiday to disperse people around the world, then shutting down Wuhan city and Hubei province after the proverbial horse had fled. Again, a communist failure we’re paying the price for because we value life over economics in the West.

      • Lesson: Trusting a socialist is like trusting the devil and doing a deal with him. You’re gonna pay for it dearly in someway you don’t expect. The socialist devil is gonna get his due. Ask Venezuela how trusting Chavez turned out.

    • Just to be clear, capitalism = freedom. Every other economic system is the opposite. It’s really that simple.

      Ignore the sophistries of academics who have all kinds of convoluted theories about economics and social theory. They are “ever learning, and never able to come to a knowledge of the truth.”

      Capitalism is ownership of your own property, your own business, and freedom to choose for yourself what to buy, sell, or create. You created that, not the government or “society” or “the people” or “the working class” or the proletariat. You did, with your partners and employees. Government’s proper role is to protect that right, not take it away and redistribute your work and earnings how it sees fit.

      And, as should be expected when people are free to do for themselves and reap the reward of their labor, capitalism happens to also be the most productive and efficient economic system in history, yielding the greatest benefit to the greatest number of people. It doesn’t need “fixing” of any kind. Only people who think otherwise need fixing, Their heads need fixing.

      • Under capitalism, those who work get paid for their work.
        Under socialism, those who vote get paid from those who work.

    • Capitalism has never needed socialism to save it. Ever.

      What happens is that the socialist portions of the economy keep collapsing and those who’s only desire is to live off of money taken from others, declare that the only solution is more socialism.

  13. What is the difference between influenza virus and SARS virus? The influenza virus causes bacterial complications, the SARS virus kills on one’s own.

  14. Margaret Thatcher said… “The trouble with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.”
    Which is why Socialism never works.

    • We see how well socialism works. Pick any big city in the USA. High crime, welfare dependence, homeless, rampant drug abuse. high taxes, high cost of living, and no shortage of dictators struggling for power.

  15. If she thinks most of the major countries will be able to afford her Green dreams after this crisis she is off her rocker. Many countries will take a generation to repay the cost of this crisis. If the Governments do not stand up to the demands of the Greens, renewables lobbyists etc. their economies will go off the cliff and hit Venezuela at the bottom.

  16. “Moments of crisis are always moments of opportunity.”
    Wasn’t (isn’t ?) looting and spoiling in war or crisis punished by shooting the perpetrators on the spot?

  17. Remember this headline as your car goes over the cliff. It’s always a fun time to see if you can defeat gravity as you plummet earthward.

  18. If we had switched all the resources we spent on climate change to the mitigation of global pandemic viruses, this crises would have been far more manageable.

  19. And now for a moment of truth: we MUST forget the lies, hypocrisy and waste of mankinds precious resources in order to survive and thrive in a dangerous world and universe. It is only by ditching such serving ignorance as the climate lies that we will make important advances in solving human suffering.

  20. For decent people, a crisis is an opportunity to create something new (a process, a treatment) to help others. You can also help others directly.

    For the power-mad, everything’s an opportunity to seize power.

    The true revolutionary cure is to stop them from doing so.

  21. Here in canada we are not allowed access to hydroxychloroquine until you are “mostly dead”

    Healthy, slightly sick and the actual dead are not permitted access to preserve stocks for an “emergency” as I look around at deserted city and collapsing economy.

    So I guess covid is like the climate emergency, not really an emergency?

    I have been dosing us all daily with tonic, in hopes that the quinine helps, just a less refined version

    I use the soda stream, added benefit that my kids don’t like carbonated drinks so I can use the syrup with plain water for them

    Any one have any idea or info if tonic/quinine gives at least some benefits?

  22. Mr Maurice Newman, adviser of Australia’s ex-former PM said Figueres is “on record saying democracy is a poor political system for fighting global warming. Communist China, she says, is the best model.”
    Mr Figueres is one of many “watermelon” communists infiltrated in the UNO and a lot of other international organizations, the last one being Mr Gebreyesus, chief of the WHO known for complacently parroting the China’s Health athorities regarding the Covid-19 crisis.
    I said “watermelon” communist, green (environmentalist) on the outside, but truly red Inside !

  23. “Never let a crisis (real or imagined) go to waste. ‘The Cause’ at all cost!!'”
    I’m so sick of these people.
    They know the Corona thing will pass.
    They’re trying to cling to the totalitarian beachhead laid now, but, as in the past, in the name of “Climate Change”.
    They don’t want to loose ground. I don’t want t loose Freedoms.
    (After the virus threat passes, will we still have the freedom to to assemble … on election day?)

    • In my opinion, the world’s Economy will be badly damaged by the Covid-19 crisis for years.
      Recovery will be long and harsh.
      The climate change agenda will have to be postponed for a long time, thanks God, unless it will delay the recovery.

  24. I agree with her and we must consider that any group unethical enough to exploit a crisis like this needs to have every aspect of it work examined publicly by anyone who cares to do so and no data whatever allowed to be withheld if it is later to be used directly or indirectly to promote their case.

  25. It is a great opportunity for destroying fake model-based climate change propaganda. We do not need any carbon budget now as we already reduced that significantly. It was really getting difficult day by day to trash CO2 based false climate change agenda and now it seems we have sorted it out. No flight, no vehicle, no fossil fuel burning for more than months. We reached the target of few years! We hope climate alarmist will stop now. The world is now busy dealing with the real problem rather than a created one.

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