Hump Day Hilarity: ‘grief ritual for the state of the planet’

Oh boy, just when you think leftists can can’t any more whiny about climate, you see this video taken in London today.

“Grief – it’s what’s for dinner.”

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  1. Unhinged! Wait until they realize that no one cares about their constant and shrill cries of “WOLF! WOLF!”

    • Not quite ‘no one’ JB. The msm cares and the microworlds of socialist media care cos, like that’s their real world, dude.

      In the spirit of that classic line in the movie Cool Hand Luke ‘what we have here is a failure to communicate’, what we have here is a failure to effing well grow up. The msm and other parts of the woke world including much of the education system have effectively formed a philosophical Galapagos archipeligo where the predators of open discussion and contrarian views including those that completely disagree with some thesis are missing from the environment. The result is some very stangely evolved species more suited to a zoo like or ‘caged’ environment and kept for the amusement of others or study of their psycho-biology.

      For the msm they are like performing monkeys or those cats and dogs you see doing weird things filmed on phones and posted on line, i.e. free content.

      • I am convinced these people (including Joaquin Phoenix) never got the “Facts of Life” talk from their dysfunctional parents. Hence their perpetual state of being cross-fired with reality. If they weren’t so damn entertaining, they’d be dismissed and ignored as the kooks they are.

        I also suspect that all those Hollywood “activists” making wildly inappropriate and absurd rants at awards ceremonies etc. are actually on the payroll of groups like PETA, or Open Society and their “activism” is ASTROTURF bought and paid for. They’re actors, after all–as in SOCK PUPPETS.

        Nothing today is as it seems.

  2. The one barking like a yappy little dog….. OMG, I’m belly laughing out loud.
    Thanks for that Anthony!!

    PJW’s tweet already has almost 300K views on Twitter.
    That’ll go viral to millions shortly.

    • The one yapping like a dog , IS as dog.

      If it looks like a dog, sounds like a dog , the chances are : it is a dog !!

      This video is almost as powerful as the “grief” in the forest sketch where they are all wailing “we love you !!” at the trees.

      If you did this kind of sketch to take the mickey out of greenies it would be too stupid and crass to be funny. But when they do it, it somehow works. Pure genius.

      Now please excuse me while go in search of dry underwear to change into.

  3. They don’t even look like legal citizens. More like those being paid to play the “climate change” game.

  4. Wow, a video of climate hypocrites wearing fossil fuel based nylon and other synthetic clothing materials.

  5. Good grief, that’s bad grief.

    It sounds like one of them needs to get a room and do whatever they are doing in private

    • precocious 4yo, you’re not supposed to be able to do that properly until you have a least 2years as an undergraduate in ecological feminism and trans-gender studies !

  6. There is a medical term for this condition: progressive cerebellar ataxia. A lot of progressives suffer from this severe degenerative condition.

  7. That is not London.
    It is Rittenhouse Square in Center City, Philadelphia.
    I grew up a few blocks from there.
    Zero doubt.

  8. Actually feel sorry for them. They are obviously quite emotionally disturbed – and they do need to seek some help, and I mean that with all sincerity.

  9. They should get a life!!

    Wasting time howling at the moon when nothing anyone does will make the climate stop changing.

    We have just had the whole of last year’s rainfall in the past 10 days. All is green!

  10. Hey! It’s better than trying to drive a minivan into Trump supporters or trying blow away elected representatives at a baseball game.

  11. 80 years ago, young men lied about their age so they could fight and witness the horrors of war in World War 2. Today, young men need counseling if someone says that they do not agree with.

    I blame the parents for letting this happen. They coddled their children, told them were special, never let them fail, never disciplined them. My mom and dad spanked and slapped me; the last one I got was when I was 16. Now, 24 years later I am glad they did. That discipline made me a better person. I was bullied in school, but I never needed therapy. People mocked me, made fun of me. I once had someone try to get me to fight him, but I never did because I knew it was wrong, thanks to my parents discipline. Actually, even a teacher mocked me, albeit slightly. It was a thought experiment where you had to choose who would live or die. I was the only one who chose myself because I could not ask someone else to do what I would be unwilling to do. That was my parents training.

    My parents thought me to think, thought me to reason, and corrected me. Parents are in a position to stop this nonsense such as barking like a dog over climate grief. My parents sacrificed money for time with me. It was the right decision. Children need to be trained, not coddled and bought. There are many problems with this world; barking like a dog over the climate ain’t going to fix one thing. And I know the sad thing is there are probably thousands others who will gladly do the same thing because of eco-anxiety. What will they do when the lie finally unravels?

  12. So every aspect of human society that we care about is improving. The environment is humming along happily adjusting to every change that comes along the way it has always done. And these bereaved idiots can only find it within themselves to sob and self flagellate in public over “the horror” of it all. Clearly a real and truly final Armageddon is the only thing that would make them happy. Douglas Adams would have ensured they all departed on the second ark along with the phone sanitizers and marketing executives.

  13. The Left has literally gone barking mad….

    I feel sorry for these lost souls…

    The Left needs to be held responsible for driving so many people literally insane over the crazy CAGW religious cult they’ve created.

  14. This is what you get when you kill religion. You may not need it, but I do and so do these poor souls…good luck world.

  15. Meanwhile, in Bismarck North Dakota the planned mural using the Swede teen wearing some First Nation jewelry in a sepia hue a la 19th century old photograph -here, notice that no one cries about cultural appropriation despite a clear reference, shows the woke double standards- has received the thumb down for the community, legitimately angry at this foreign interference.

    • Trees have lost their ears,
      huggers have sawdust for brains,
      cry for Earth so loud,
      it will make Greta proud,
      climate keeps on changing,
      what a wonderful thing.

    • JFC !

      See those guys in the video, and wonder how they can be trained to stick with Bunny Boilers.

      Truly we live in interesting times 🙂

  16. Anthony

    “Oh boy, just when you think leftists can can’t get? any more whiny about climate, you see this video taken in London today.”

    Great post…

  17. Clearly they don’t need to work or having anything better to do other than make complete fools of themselves. They will grow up regretting this.

  18. You can mock all you like, but their ritual was actually extremely powerful and effective. It reversed the entire effect of greenhouse gases, cooled the planet to its correct temperature, and took all the plastic out of the ocean. Just goes to show what you can accomplish when you group together with like-minded people and do something batshit crazy together.

    • Because women tend towards empathy and collectivism, probably something that dates from the days when the guys would be out for days at a stretch convincing Mammoths to jump over cliffs.

      Makes em ideal recipients for the post modern message, and also bags their partners who may have issues, or simply will do anything for a quiet life. 🙂

  19. If I close my eyes and listen it feel like I’m at the zoo…..perhaps they’d have less grief living among real animals…

  20. Was the one on left (the barker) auditioning for the “girl-tuns-into-a-dog-statue” part in a “Ghostbusters” remake?

  21. Irrational. To the eyes.

    The self-made signs are there. The theatricality is there. It’s not raining. The place is busy.

    Maybe a shell outside the camera angle.

    Anyway attention, donate, fund our nature our friends!

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