“Reckless and Selfish”: Aussie Politicians Urge Climate Activists to Cancel Protest

People’s Climate Protest, Melbourne 2014. Takver from Australia [CC BY-SA]

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

The Government of the Australian state of Victoria has urged climate protestors to cancel their planned protest on Friday, to avoid diverting police away from bushfire emergencies.

Victorian ministers urge climate activists to cancel protest on high fire danger day

Emergency services minister says it’s ‘reckless and selfish’ to rally when police are busy in bushfire-affected communities

The demonstration has been set down for Friday night in Melbourne’s CBD in response to the bushfires, which have blackened more than 1.2m hectares of Victoria.

Authorities on Wednesday urged Uni Students for Climate Justice organisers to call off the action, change the date or at least confine it to one spot.

The emergency services minister, Lisa Neville, said she was stunned to hear the protests were going ahead when fire conditions were expected to worsenand urged organisers to reconsider.

“This is a really reckless and selfish thing people are doing,” she said.

“I don’t want to see police having to pull people out of [fire-affected] communities to come in and manage a protest.

“There is a time for protests. It’s not this Friday.”

Read more: https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2020/jan/08/victorian-ministers-urge-climate-activists-to-cancel-protest-on-high-fire-danger-day

Police are needed to help people evacuate, to direct traffic, and deter looting in evacuation zones.

Climate protestors shouldn’t have had to be told; forcing police and emergency services to divert resources to managing climate protests in the middle of a bushfire crisis is selfish and irresponsible.

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        • Especially considering:


          A Muslim teen who was accused along with his brother of starting a fire in Australia was seen laughing as he left court in Sydney on Tuesday. . .

          “Scott said at the time that after U.S. Navy SEALs killed al-Qaida chief Osama bin Laden, they “captured a treasure trove of material that provided some unprecedented insight into the al-Qaida plans. And one of those was a detailed campaign for starting fires throughout the [American] West.”

          end excerpts

        • You’d be wrong. I wrote it to highlight how cranks read absurd bs on certain blogs then credulously repeat it, and with the expectation that sooner or later some rascist nutbar would actually make that claim.

          It was sooner.

          Stan Sexton January 9, 2020 at 9:11 am over on ‘Are Australia Bushfires Worsening from Human-Caused Climate Change?’ thread:
          “Pyroterrorism is a big factor in both the California and Austraulian fires. Arabic magazines encourage Jihadists…”, beating Tom out by 90 minutes.

    • Maybe they wouldn’t be so frustrated And thus liable to protest if Murcoch wasn’t lying so much?

          • why should I believe the NYT , they attempt to rebut “Murdock” outlets without quoting or citing anything, just their own probably faked misrepresentation of what was actually said. Typical lying strawman stuff.

            I have no more faith that NYT is not lying than any other MSN outlet. In fact I’m pretty sure they are lying, they usually do, especially about climate. Just like the Guardian. There comes a point when there is not credibility left, and we’re long past that point.

            Neither is being “frustrated” about Murdoch any kind of a reason to cynically try to use the current fire emergency to advance you climate politics. It just shows the totally distorted values of the idiots who think all ends justify their holy crusade to “save the planet”.

          • why don’t you just look at the graphs posted on this website about Australia – the hockey stick graph is hugely on the the up. It’s hotter. Couple that with murdoch and the NYT. There is only one conclusion.

          • Yeah and the diametric opposite is true.

            It’s like that on this website. I mean seriously the whole of Australia could be razed to the ground and some people would still say “greenies”. Similarly if it froze over next week then some greens would not agreethat climate change a busted flush.

            It’s the biggest fire ever. You can’t tell too much from individual events but on the other hand I don’t think you can ignore it either.

          • “why don’t you just look at the graphs posted on this website about Australia – the hockey stick graph is hugely on the the up. It’s hotter. Couple that with murdoch and the NYT. There is only one conclusion.”

            Really? What kind of conclusion go you get out of this Australian temperature chart?:


            I don’t see anything unprecedented. Do you?

          • Actually Greg the NYT is exactly where the leftist media, including the TV “news” more often than not gets their lies and “talking points” from.

          • And Murdoch the moron is the other side of the coin.
            And while we are arguing, Australia is gone.

            By gone i mean exactly that.

            Who on this site or anywhere is going to invest their life savings in a place where there is a current suspicion that they may go up in smoke?

            I bet loads of people thinking of moving to Australia are having serious second thoughts….

          • Very amusing … this ‘half-cove’ has referenced every single fake source in support of his proclamation! The crowning glory of intellectual bankruptcy being “skepticalscience” … you have a very long road to tread junior.

          • Oh, Drat those pesky torrential rains, they spoil the best permadroughts!

            Why do you think the English used Oz as a penal colony? It’s never been paradise, only in the minds of the entitled youth was there ever a paradise in Australia. They totally ignore what it took for their ancestors to survive and prosper.

      • “There is currently no intelligence to indicate that the fires in East Gippsland and the North East have been caused by arson or any other suspicious behaviour,” a Victoria police spokeswoman

        • Correct, most of those fires were started by dry-lightning just before Christmas when a cold front went through right behind a major fire day.

        • A twitter comment from NSW Police Force 5 Jan 2020 reads:
          “Police have taken legal action against 183 people for more than 200 bushfire-related offences since November last year.”

          Therefore I doubt we can take the Victoria police spokeswoman’s comment as:
          currently no intelligence = there is no arson

    • Could be interesting with feelings running high, some may get attention from the public but probably not in the way they hope. Mind you they may not be any safer with the police as the mounted units have a habit of running over them.

  1. Why would the activists listen? The bushfires are the best thing to happen for them. Diverting resources away from fire duties may not rank up there with setting fires, but it runs a close second place.

  2. Melbourne is a dystopia and Andrews is now reaping what he sowed.

    He gleefully took the state full Marxist and now is upset when his once useful tools are threatening to make him look bad.

    Everyone but the Greens themselves and the MSM now fully accept that it was the lack of fuel reduction that has caused the intensity of the fires and everyone but the Greens and the MSM are now – correctly – pointing fingers of blame.

    Have a look through social media. The phrase ‘Now would be a great time to chain yourself to a tree’ has been getting a lot of traction. Greens are not very popular at the moment and are even considered by many to be a non insignificant percentage of the 100 plus people currently arrested on fire lighting related charges.

    If these Climate Change ninnies go ahead with their bushfire themed protest they will be lucky not to get lynched.

    • “Everyone but the Greens themselves and the MSM now fully accept that it was the lack of fuel reduction that has caused the intensity of the fires”

      From the CFA:
      “The Country Fire Authority’s chief officer Steve Warrington said there was a “fair amount of emotion” around the issue.

      “We’ve had fire down the landscape here that has had burns go right through it [during colder months] and it hasn’t slowed it at all,” he said.

      The emotive argument is not supported that fuel reduction burning will fix all our problems.

      Some of the hysteria that this will be the solution to all our problems is really just quite an emotional load of rubbish, to be honest.”

      • If the brush really has been adequately burned off, what’s left to burn? I’ve seen burned over areas in the Southern California mountains. The main thing that’s left is scorched dirt, and that doesn’t burn.

        • This is not brush, but undergrowth in a forest. The aim of a cool burn is to keep fire out of the crown. If it gets into the crown, it won’t be a cool burn any more.

          • Nick Stokes – January 9, 2020 at 12:17 am

            This is not brush, but undergrowth in a forest.

            “BRILLIANT” statement, …… Nick, ……. simply intelligently “BRILLIANT”.

            You are right, Nick, ….. the outergrowth brush in the field is not the same as the undergrowth brush in the forest.

        • our bush regenerates and new plants sprout after fires
          so they need to burn and then allow grazing to remove the newgrowth and what in little time becomes dense stands of impenetrable saplings

          burning encourages some of the very worst woody weeds like prickly acacia
          its protected cos ‘the birdies live in it” actaully few birds do
          because bloody feral cats foxes and rabbits inhabit it!!
          you burn it it comes back and thousands of seedling appear as well, the ONLY way to remove that plant is cut it off and poison the stumps
          and this is from someone who hates poisons use
          it took me 4 yrs repeated cutting back bashing with an axe the old stump to try n dry/damage the root system of just 4 of them that grew on my land, and then digging it outnot easy) one winter.
          it couldnt be done in the many millions we need to get rid of all over Vic
          they blaze hard n fast and super hot and light canopies than would NOT be at risk from other debris burning under trees.

          I hope the police do NOT protect the protestors
          let the pissed off public sort em out!!

          • I have had success with spraying round up on top of the stump then on a paper towel that covers the top of the stump, and covering the towel with aluminum foil to keep the towel from drying too quickly. I leave it on for a week or too.

          • @ Ozspeaksup

            ONLY way to remove that plant is cut it off and poison the stumps
            and this is from someone who hates poisons use

            Sounds exactly just like the problem with Multiflora Rose here in the eastern US.

            Try cutting a few off at ground level …… and then spray a little diesel fuel on top of the stump.

            A gallon of diesel fuel is cheap, not poisonous and will cover a lot of stumps.

      • Royal Commission Report into Ash Wednesday: (published 2010)

        Land and Fuel Management

        Prescribed burning is one of the main tools for fire management on public land. it cannot prevent bushfire, but it decreases fuel loads and so reduces the spread and intensity of bushfires. By reducing the spread and intensity of bushfires, it also helps protect flora and fauna. ironically, maintaining pristine forests untouched by fuel reduction can predispose those forests to greater destruction in the event of a bushfire. About 7.7 million hectares of public land in Victoria is managed by DSE. This area includes national parks, state forests and reserves, of which a large portion is forested and prone to bushfire. DSE burns only 1.7 per cent
        (or 130,000 hectares) of this public land each year. This is well below the amount experts and previous inquiries have suggested is needed to reduce bushfire and environmental risks in the long term.

        The Commission recognises that prescribed burning is risky, resource intensive, available only in limited time frames, and can temporarily have adverse effects on local communities (for example, reduced air quality). Nonetheless, it considers that the amount of prescribed burning occurring in Victoria is inadequate. it is concerned that the State has maintained a minimalist approach to prescribed burning despite recent official or independent reports and inquiries, all of which have recommended increasing the prescribed-burning program. The State has allowed the forests to continue accumulating excessive fuel loads, adding to the likelihood of more intense bushfires and thereby placing firefighters and communities at greater risk.

        Gee I wonder what they will say this time around?

        The build up of fuel load in Australian forests makes fire inevitable, either you burn it in a controlled burn or it builds up until you have a catastrophe, which is what we are seeing now.

        • That was a judge ten years ago. This is the chief firefighter in Vic, speaking about the situation he faces.
          “really just quite an emotional load of rubbish, to be honest”

          • You are talking through your arse Nick.

            Remember the fire triangle?

            The ONLY thing you can control is the fuel load. Its simple science and what the hell is this chief firefighters alternative? Thank God i’m in NSW.

          • No, Nick, not a judge, but a Queens Counsel (or Special Counsel in state that don’t like the Queen). A very different beast, and a much larger amount of evidence. Royal Commission reports go for four to eight volumes, a thousand pages each. They aren’t ignorant people, like you.

          • “Thank God i’m in NSW.”
            OK. From news.com.au (!):
            “A frustrated firefighter has hit out at misinformation circulating on social media surrounding the current bushfires crisis.

            Drew took to his Facebook yesterday and, in a post that’s since gone viral, busted some widely spread myths about the fires, their causes and apparent barriers to mitigation.

            “First of all, does being a firey give me all the insight to this complex issue? Not even close and I need to make that clear,” the decorated firey began.

            “However I’ve felt a strong need to say something here because I just can’t stomach some of the false science and outright lies being peddled on social media as news or facts.

            “No, the Greens haven’t been stopping hazard reduction burns from taking place. We still do them and yes we should absolutely do more of them.”

            That’s a sentiment echoed this morning by New South Wales Rural Fire Service Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons, who shot down the common misconception that “green tape” is making hazard reduction harder.

            “Our biggest challenge with hazard reduction is the weather and the windows available to do it safely and effectively,” Mr Fitzsimmons said in an interview on Sunrise.

            “Sure, there’s environmental and other checks to go through but we streamline those. There’s special legislation to give us clearance and to cut through what would otherwise be a very complex environment.””

          • The greenies stopped people from cutting up fallen logs in the bush to save the animals that live in them, you will get fined if caught.
            Have a look at the overgrown fire trail and logs in this video. Says it all.

          • But the Chief Fire officer is a political appointment as we have seen in London they say what their script tells them to say.

            Of course in big fire the areas where the undergrowth has been cleared will still burn but if you clear the undergrowth your chances of having a big fire are greatly reduced.

            Same with fire breaks around houses it can still jump the breaks but the bigger the gap the less likely it is

          • So I claim that everyone except the Greens and the MSM accept that lack of fuel reduction has driven the intensity of the bushfires and Nick attempts to counter by quoting from the ABC and news.com.au

            Greens and the MSM…

            Thanks for supporting me there, Nick 🙂

          • “No, Nick, not a judge”
            “Bernard Teague, AO, was a Judge of the Supreme Court of Victoria, in Australia, between 13 October 1987 and 15 February 2008.”

            Wouldn’t that make Bernard Teague a Former Judge?

          • Sadly Nick you have never be responsible for managing environmental lands that are fire driven ecosystem that are subject to catastrophic fire if fire is continually excluded. I have and you are just babbling. You haven’t got a clue. It dramatically reduces your credibility.

          • “Nick attempts to counter by quoting from the ABC”
            I quoted the head of the CFA, Victoria’s chief firefighter. At the ABC link, you can see the man himself saying it.

          • Firebugs are the elephant in the room here. Most of the fires I see on the “fire map” seem to have been started alongside roads.

        • We really need another Royal Commission for this fire. Somebody to tell the greenies what to do with their protests.

      • -“Some of the hysteria that this will be the solution to all our problems is really just quite an emotional load of rubbish, to be honest.”-
        Did it not occur to you Nick that the same could be said of the Melbourne protest- indeed far more appropriately.
        Because whilst clearing dry scrub will certainly have some effect on future fire hazard, the protesters “solution” is not only totally unspecified, but if it means dismantling the Australian economy to reduce CO2 emission it will not only have next to zero effect on the global climate , but will reduce the ability to afford effective physical methods to reduce the damage from future bushfires.

      • The CFA are a branch of the government & will tell reporters what the government tells them. Doesn’t make it true.

        • Steve Warrington is on a $390,000 contract to the government, he is going to say whatever they want. In this case deflecting criticism because of the high fuel loads.

          The VFFA who aren’t paid have already released a statement

          Most of the firefighters are calling for a Royal Commission and lobbying hard to both sides of politics. I don’t see any of the public and especially landowners being convinced by some government appointed paid lacky.

      • ”“We’ve had fire down the landscape here that has had burns go right through it [during colder months] and it hasn’t slowed it at all,” he said.”

        Yes I’ve heard this argument before. It’s garbage. Either it does slow the fire – less fuel-less fire, or the fire behind the burned areas are just so high in energy due to high fuel load + strong wind, it just keeps right on going until it finds more fuel again.

        • In high winds, like we’ve had recently, they push the embers over any reasonable sized firebreak & start new fires as much as 20 kilometers away.

    • I don’t know a lot about Andrews but I had some dealings with the current Police Minister when she was in another portfolio. I was disgusted by her performance then and I have seen no improvement since. There have been great politicians from both sides in the past but the current crop of leaders leave a lot to be desired.

    • “He gleefully took the state full Marxist”

      i must have missed that one
      it still looks like neo-liberal capitalism last time i looked

      workers owning the means of production?
      the gig economy shut down overnight?

      what’s with all those uber eats bicycles, didnt Andrews just go full Marxist?

    • No, we never will according to Einstein:

      Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.

  3. “Melbourne wants climate action”

    Yes indeed, the TCRE and climate budgets made from the TCRE do indeed show that climate action will attenuate the rate of warming – but –
    But the TCRE contains a statistics error. When that error is fixed the relationship between climate action and the rate of warming disappears.

    So now what? A protest against statistics? Statistics Rebellion?
    Go for it Melbourne!




  4. Not hard to see why the residents of Vivionne Bay on Kangaroo Island in South Australia are being told to evacuate with bushfire approaching-
    We mostly have dry sclerophyll forest in the hills areas and low scrub to saltbush and desert in the driest State in the driest continent but given the right conditions and ignition it can rage with bushfires as early folk noticed even in wetter Tasmania-

  5. It’s ironic that the protesters are protesting about a problem that they caused in the first place. Had they not previously protested about cool burning and allowed it to happen the intensity of the fires would have been far less than they turned out to be and the management of them a lot easier.

    • They allow some just not enough to make a difference the Ash wednesday report said minimum 5% but target 10-15% of forest area last year they increased the burned area to just under 2% which obviously ain’t enough.

    • something people have missed.

      we have huge areas of parks in Vic nad nsw
      many homes around then due to it being cheaper land(for good reason native animals ruin crops /orchards etc) and the fire risk..
      to add to that mess the greens and enviro mobs pushed for “wildlife corridors” all through farmlands and around towns
      those corridors are a funnel for fires.
      the rush to get BIG$ to lock up segments of farmland for 99yr leases got many takers
      not for the enviro part but simply for the money
      NO grazing trimming etc was allowed and land to be fenced to ensure nothing but native species in it.
      owners did well
      when its sold the new owners cop the caveat but no money;-) and all the required laws re use or NOT use.

  6. The phrase “you can’t fix stupid” has never been more appropriate.
    Melbourne is a beautiful city in a wonderful country, but it is becoming home to an increasing number of Green Zombies.
    For those wanting to know what the Green New Deal would deliver, just venture into the burning bush for a full on “woke” experience. That black devastating picture is coming to all, if these destroyers of civilisation are allowed to continue there advancement of anarchy.

  7. There is an easy option to give them the action they crave, turn the electrical supply off and leave it off. It will not take all that long for these rather foolish people to find out that life quickly becomes very difficult without reliable power.

  8. I not a IT guru but am aware that one NSW council Ku ring Gai has purchased the latest bushfire software simtable for $48,000.

    It is my understanding that this software is far superior than the one (phoenix)the state governments use.
    The country fire Authority CFA of Victoria has only been given enough budget for one copy of
    It will soon become clear the lack of action is not just from the greens but also from budget reductions to fire agencies

  9. Sadly this is a simple logical choice for the greens. Take away the emergency services from helping the country fight the problem and it means that the problem can be even bigger and might even increase the photo opportunity of charred animals for future posters that they will plastered over the different capital cities for years to come. It is a win/win for the greens. If the emergency services are spread very thin they can create greater trouble at the protests and have bigger fires.

    Do not doubt that this is part of the planning!!!

  10. Um. They ARE reckless and selfish, and diverting resources from dealing with fires is exactly what they would want.

    All the authorities have done is confirm that their attacks on Australian society are having the desired impact…

  11. The best way to protest against the fire, is to fight it, if they want, as the folliw-up of AGW.

  12. The answer may be a return to aboriginal fire-stick farming. It decreases the danger of hot season bush fires. It increases biodiversity. It is politically correct and will be hard for the Social Justice Warriors to oppose. 🙂

  13. Simples. Let the protests be ‘attended’ to by the army. Those protesters misbehaving to be whisked away and assigned to fire-fighting duties.

    • yeah, I notice in that pic above one of the crowd holding up a tony abbott bashing sign, Abbott has recently been volunteering for the NSW rural fire service fighting fires as he has been for the last 15 or so years.

      I think the concern of this crowd is not the people affected by the fires, but the visual impact it will have in the world media, and the media would cover it as a large event even if it is just a handful of people.

      • What do you think is the most effective thing for Tony Abbott to have done in his life.

        1) sorted CO2 and backburning policies and fund the bush Management Whilst he was prime minister….


        2) get his hosepipe pit when the country is burning

        This answer the simple question. Tony Abbott – hero or villain?

        Obviously villain overall within his career and regard to the last 10 years bushfire management.

        • Is/was Tony Abbott responsible for bushfire management at the state level?

          That would be a NO! However, he does volunteer in his state, NSW.

          • Well if the prime minister isn’t reponsible for fires that don’t necessarily obey state lines then I’d suggest the system is somewhat flawed. If he was prime minister and didn’t do anything about this then (like the other prime ministers) he is partly to blame. At least to a small degree. It’s not like there haven’t been country wide bushfires before.

          • Care to describe or suggest what a Federal PM, post or present, can do to a fire in a state or territory or anywhere in fact? And can tell us how a PM can be blamed for a fire?

          • Yep. Use the science. Globally fires on the decrease due to human activity decreasing grassland savanna fires (which are an important part of the ecosystem). Arboreal fires hugely on the increase so….

            1) don’t ever bring coal into parliament. It’s gets your trousers dirty and makes you look stupid when the country burns down.
            2) have meetings with regarded scientists instead of your mates down the golf club and no reading of dumb blogs.
            3) develop policy from (2) that is Australia wide. States to implement guidance

            Sources of info Examples

            1) economic analysis of coal export vs catastrophic fire situation in addition to analysis nof the current health cost. The health cost is going to be large.
            All the nuclear disasters had huge psychological health costs And I think this will also. In addition, reviewed prediction of how long coal will be viable ref infrastructure investment. Review other options solar and nuclear and wind. Australia likely has peal electricity use summer daytime so solar is actually likely a decent fit (at least in part) partic next gen perovskovite panels if they work . In short… LONG-TERM energy policy

            2) housing regs radical overhaul. The union of concerned architects I think they are going to work for free? This will decrease housing stock energy use as well as withstand fire attack. Bursaries to rebuild to include this. Tighter regs ref building in fire risk areas. In the U.K. we build we build
            On flood plains (which is bloody stupid).

            3) reciew the arson and all the rest of it. There is a lot of rubbish info out there. For example an Australian scientist said today in the guardian that thinning does not decrease bushfires but everyone on this site says it does. Somebody is correct and somebody isn’t. If more bush needs thinning then so be it. Obviously bio-diversity needs to be respected. If you want the genetic resources eg to develop new antibiotics then you need all the natural genetics you can retain.

            4) Radical new ideas development. Eg desalination plants pref solar based, cities bunded by concrete, subterranean emergency a la air shelters. Some blue sky thinking about what if this is the new normal. A plan.

  14. The sign says it all really, small group of arrogant regressives thinking they speak for 4 million + people.

    Its far more likely that Melbourne just want them to go away.

    • They will all be Adam Bandt supporters and no-one will care as it will be a lineup of the usual types.

  15. This dumb protest was bought to you by Global-Infinity-Crisis™, the letter H, and by the number 2.

  16. “Protesters are not to blame for the lack of emergency services – state and federal governments are the ones who have cut millions in funding to fire departments, while they give billions in tax subsidies to the fossil fuel industries,” said spokesperson Anneke Demanuele.

    “We’ll stop the protest if the Liberal and Labor governments stop supporting the fossil fuel industry.”

    The Melbourne protest is one of a number planned on Friday and Saturday around the country.

    this is Anneke as reported here:

  17. Rewilding is simply leaving nature to get on with it.

    In the UK stopping dredging of rivers and clearing embankments meant very bad flooding in the North and South West.

    I believe California had a heavy fuel loaded fire or several as a result of ‘rewilding’.

    Australia confirms that management is [a] necessary [evil]…

    For over 50,000 years, Australia’s Indigenous community cared for country by using land management that worked with the environment. Using traditional burning

    Restoring Aboriginal fire management to sustain wildlife and plants is sometimes a goal in conservation reserves. But this is challenging, because beyond some broad generalisations, the specific details of how Aboriginal people burned particular vegetation types are typically unknown.

    Surely by today’s standards the Aborigines were guilty of…

    Spring burns kill baby birds alive

    Stop burning nesting birds

    Those Aboriginal tribes who lived inland in the bush and the desert lived by hunting and gathering, burning the undergrowth to encourage the growth of plants favoured by the game they hunted. They were experts in seeking out water.

    • The Aborigines need to be expert at finding water. It’s dry as bone on northern Australia – in fact the wells have dried up and charities are (in African levels of poverty) sending in bottled of water in places

      • Simon, you truly are an hysterical reactive hype-pushing dope.

        Northern Australia is the wettest part of Australia. Where I am, in North QLD, the wet season ordinarily kicks off in mid to late January once the SST warm sufficiently. We occasionally get some thunderstorms in November. We had the biggest flood ever recorded where I live just 11 months ago.

        On top of this a weak cyclone and heavy rain has been falling over northern Western Australia for three days now (and right on cue).

        The only place where the rain is arriving later is over the northern-most Norther Territory (the ‘top-end’). Its arriving a whole 6 weeks later than normal.

        OMG! Let’s run around screaming hysterically.

        Your confected concern-trroll routine does not make you interesting or correct. Sane people keep things in their proper proportions and maintain an objective mindset, when fools are losing their head, over almost but not quite nothing.

      • Oh, I almost forgot to mention that the top-end and Darwin are forecast to get about 100 to 200 mm of rain today, and 100 km/hr winds due to a monsoonal wet season Low.

        Right on time.

  18. I would have more (some?) respect for these these protesters if they would volunteer to help with the fire-fighting effort. Perhaps not on the front-line of the fires, but they could offer some support services to those actually doing the dangerous work.

    Yeah, I know, who am I kidding? They aren’t wired that way. It’s easier to wave a banner, shout mindless slogans, and then head home to have a soy beverage.

  19. If I do a proscribed burn of the same 1000 acres every year and leave 999,000 acres unburned, I’m simply lying with statistics to make it look like burning doesn’t work.

    You cannot eliminate fires and more than you can eliminate rainfall. But you can install waterproofing and flood control to minimize the damage from rainfall.

    Or should we replace waterproofing and flood control with a carbon tax?

  20. I find when WUWT posts more and more of these stories, they are showing their debasement to the lowest common denominator.
    Sad really this use to be a good site. If this is the quality of the new and improved WUWT –more and more fake news, and I mean news (sic) that is not relevant to the story at hand but simply meant as clickbait or to inspire the kneejerkers– then I’m out.

    What does it help Anthony by throwing gasoline on an already raging fire?

    • Michael, That is a Very interesting observation.
      Anthony needs to keep a close eye on the balance of international/local and scientific/political/human interest – but it is his website.
      I have been following this website for many years, but have only recently started commenting – because I am extremely interested in the bushfires situation ( living and working in extreme bushfire prone area) and I really appreciate these articles.

  21. The time may have arrived for us to remove the cloak of respectability from the Greens and stop calling them Greens. We need to call them what they are, social anarchists. The ambition of the so called Greens, is to destroy stable, safe, evolved and prosperous society.
    They have distilled their bitter hate for all things positive about humanity, into a quasi religion. They have given their destruction/anarchist movement a Green veneer, in an attemptto appeal to as wide an audience as possible. Sadly, well meaning individuals have fallen into their Green Marxist trap, and are finding it hard to disengage. Informed humanity has to win this battle for the minds of normal people, or humanity is destined to fall into the abyss of regressive thinking.
    Dark ages happen.

    • This comment is so absurd and is generated by a kind of blind hatred that shows
      almost no understanding of Australia’s politics, or any kind of history of politics
      or any idea of anything much at all
      The Greens as a political party have a little more than 0% in anarchist tendencies
      They are social progressives, Keynsians in their economics, with marxist tendecies
      towards addressing massive wealth inequalities. They are moderates. Do hear them calling for
      the overthrow of the capitalist state? They are part of the capitalist state, they work for and in it!

  22. The climate protesters should be arrested, then driven out to the nearest burn site, given a hose and told to start spraying water at the fire, and they will be driven back home when the fire is out. This will result in either more people fighting the fires or fewer protesters, or both.

  23. Thanks Nick, I was hoping that was your answer.
    Maybe a little more credence to the science that supports FRB’s perhaps?

  24. I don’t know. Maybe letting a bunch of people carry a giant vinyl banner during a big fire will somehow prove educational.

  25. I live in the state of Victoria in the bush not far from Melbourne,the police should not bother protecting these greenie idiots in their march. It would be a perfect opportunity to teach them a lesson in manners.

  26. Firebugs are the elephant in the room here. Most of the fires I see on the “fire map” seem to have been started alongside roads.

  27. Yet many of these same activists are being charged with arson to “bring heightened awareness” to the climate hoax. SMH

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