German parliament approves climate protection plan

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Germany’s parliament voted on Friday to formally accept most of a climate protection packet. The legislation aims to cut Germany’s greenhouse gas emissions to 55% of the 1990 levels by 2030.

Angela Merkel and Olaf Scholz portrayed at Fridays for Future protest (Reuters/M. Tantussi)

German lawmakers voted to enshrine climate protection in law on Friday.

The new legislation will target sectors like energy, transport and housing. It aims to cut Germany’s greenhouse gas emissions to 55% of the 1990 levels by 2030. Parts of the so-called “climate packet” still need approval.

“Every minister who doesn’t stick to the goals will have to explain themselves to this chamber,” said SPD lawmaker Matthias Miersch in parliament. The law will set goals in each government department to reduce CO2 emissions.

Incentives will also be introduced for businesses and agencies who operate in an environmentally friendly way.

This could mean that flying will become more expensive, while trains will become cheaper in Germany. A CO2 traffic charge will be introduced as well as charges on businesses that produce a large amount of CO2.

The legislation will cost around €54 billion ($59.5 billion) by 2023, in part financed by these charges.

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161 thoughts on “German parliament approves climate protection plan

    • 54 billion more in taxes, no we get to see why govts are keen to get on board. Plus they can pretend it is all virtuous “save the planet” BS, so everyone will accept it.

      I really thought Krauts had more sense.

      • Greg:

        Germany’s “Renewable Energy Law” costs about €25B annually, without doing anything for the climate. This is just another vehicle for expropriating large sums of money from the taxpayer to “sustainable” energy concerns.

        The Germans are proud that they are leading the way in matters concerning climate. They also led the way in welcoming millions of immigrants to Europe, setting the stage for insolvency a la Greece, followed by societal implosion. Perhaps they are still suffering from the trauma of their grandfathers enabling the Holocaust/WWII.

        Who knows?

        But eventually, ordinary citizens will rebel. Just as in France, the Yellow Vests will protest.

          • It will be inevitable.
            You can’t cut everything associated with CO2 to 55% of 1990 levels and not destroy the country. Truly amazing.

          • The Dictatorship of the politized “Climate”?
            “If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.
            George Orwell”
            Now its here, Neo-Marxism, disguised as taking care of the Climate??

          • Was it not the “bread lines” that propelled Hitler and the Nazi Party to the forefront of Germany’s government?

        • Maybe killing off two successive generations of their best young men has left the German gene pool bereft of strong-mindedness. That certainly would explain their insane re-election of Angel Merkel.

          Germany is increasingly parasitizing its productive economy. They can not do other than crash.

          • The rebels are still here. Just look at the AFD party,getting about 25 % of the votes in Eastern Germany and 15 % to 20 % in Western Germany. But they ard branded as Nazis or Racists from the other Parties and the MSM. Interstingly, the AFD is the most Israel friendly psrty in Germany. Antifa is doing 80 % of the radical crimes in Germany, but everybody pretends to fight agsinst the Right. Any conservative is now called a Nazi or Racist. Cracy new World…

          • Johannes, some years ago, I met Gerd Puin at a conference on religion. He is a renowned Islamic expert in Germany.

            I asked him if the problems coming from Muslim immigration into Germany would be solved. His answer was pretty much, ‘not without a civil war.’

            I hope Germany sees its way successfully through whatever is coming, and that a recognizable Germany emerges from it.

        • The more this Weimar like idiocy goes on, the more likely that Germany will rebel and end up voting in another nasty party to clean things up.

        • A German friend of mine says Germans are quite obedient. This may mean that unlike the French, they will suffer quietly whatever government extremes are imposed. The ‘governors’ know this, too. Indeed theirs is also a form of extreme obedience. Germans have already suffered more than French citizens, which at least have a large nuclear energy dominance.

          Americans? Fugettabodit. They won’t put up with a tenth of what the EU folk will. This is precisely why the UN and other extra-government organizations are patently anti American. The Eurocentric Néomarxiste global plan won’t work without America in the bag.

          Canada, Australia, New Zealand- they just had to send these eager-to-please folk a postcard. UK is getting out of EU but they are doubling down on their CO2 economic suicide pact and this is the nation that invented freedom, go figure!

      • The legislation will cost around €54 billion ($59.5 billion) by 2023, in part financed by these charges.

        But if the CO2 produced actually got lowered, they wouldn’t be collecting as much.

        This has nothing to do with lowering CO2. They know it isn’t possible to do so and still have a functional economy. It’s all about collecting more Taxes.


        • Schitzree, right on – when in history did we have the masses clamoring to have taxes levied on themselves.
          “Climate Change” has been remarkably successful in scaring people into wanting to pay expiative taxes to absolve them of their ecological sins and unsurprisingly this bogus science has been embraced wholesale by politicians for purely exploitative purposes
          It’s just too wonderful an opportunity to be passed up by the apparatchiks who are unquestionably on board with this lunacy (whether they believe it or not is immaterial) and are only too happy to keep stoking the alarmist furnaces.
          Sooner or later the masses will realize they have bee played for suckers, I’m guessing the backlash will not be pretty.
          jillette jaunes is just the beginning.

    • “Every minister who doesn’t stick to the goals will have to explain themselves to this chamber,”
      But, every minister who drives his region into penury will have to explain themselves to their constituents.

      • Not if those ministers transfer their “loot” and themselves to a friendly SA country before the “feces hit the fans”.

    • If all politicians were limited to an annual number of words spoken – say 1500 max – the CO2 levels in the air would quickly drop.

  1. Commercial Suicide.
    I am amazed that the pragmatic Germans are falling for the Climate CHange/Emergency hype.

      • Historically the area of Europe we know of today as Germany was the center of the ‘Witch’ panics. Then of course there where the various Pogroms against the Jews, Hitler’s only being the most famous.

        Frankly, the German people have a long history of getting it into their heads that all their problems are caused by the secret nefarious acts of others the hardly know.

        Kind of makes it easier to understand the whole ‘Exxon Knew’ and ‘Well Funded Denier’ memes, doesn’t it.


    • That’s the point actually, the German’s at a national level are fantasists, not pragmatists. They are up themselves with their sense of cultural/moral/intellectual superiority and have been since they gave the Romans are hard time. This will be just another reason for them to bludge off NATO and stick with about 1% GDP on defence, try to keep the US at the front line, buy off the Russians with huge gas purchases and transfer their ownership of CO2 emitting industries to China. Just a moral accounting trick.

      All heil the fourth reich!

    • Is there a way to go short on the entire German stock market in the long term?

      I could really use a “sure thing” to improve our family finances.

          • BC Bill, it is indeed a myth. Besides the disaster of their new warships, they have their airport and railway disasters, too.

            Jan. 12, 2018
            German Engineering Yields New Warship That Isn’t Fit for Sea
            Navy refuses to commission frigate after it failed sea trials; critics cite fiasco in conception and execution
            Jan. 12, 2018
            Defense experts cite the warship’s buggy software and ill-considered arsenal—as well as what was until recently its noticeable list to starboard—as symptoms of deeper, more intractable problems: Shrinking military expertise and growing confusion among German leaders about what the country’s armed forces are for.

            A litany of bungled infrastructure projects has tarred Germany’s reputation for engineering prowess. There is still no opening date for Berlin’s new €6 billion ($7.2 billion) airport, which is already 10 years behind schedule, and the redesign of Stuttgart’s railway station remains stalled more than a decade after work on the project started. Observers have blamed these mishaps on poor planning and project management, which also figured in major setbacks for several big military projects.

            German military procurement is “one hell of a complete disaster,” said Christian Mölling, a defense-industry expert at the German Council on Foreign Relations in Berlin. “It will take years to sort this problem out.”
            The naval fiasco, on a project with a €3 billion price tag, is particularly startling since Europe’s largest exporter relies on open and secure shipping lanes to transport its goods…

    • No, commercial interests will be climate legislation refugees. Expect to see expansion of German chemical companies on the Gulf coast to feed the German automotive plants in Alabama, South Carolina and Tennessee.

      • Sean

        “Expect to see expansion of German chemical companies on the Gulf coast to feed the German automotive plants…”

        If they can find qualified engineers. Not happening!

    • ”Commercial Suicide”

      Not really, one could even argue that it invigorates German industry. Think about it this way, for many years now driving in any German city has been impossible unless your chariot conforms to the latest Euro category of Umwelt friendly emissions standards. And we’re not talking about just the inner city here, they have set the boundaries practically at the ‘Now Entering’ signs. Any thinking of trying to get round it, and take a chance get hit with very hefty fines. I’d imagine this has had a very positive effect on Otto Normalverbraucher’s car buying habits, and indeed the bottom line of Benz, Audi, et al ?

      Same with renewables, you’re going to find that the likes of Siemens, and other notable German producers of electrical gear, are hip deep in the manufacture of much of the gubbins associated with windmills and such. Its been a tremendous success for them judging by the sheer amount of renewable crap dotted around Europe. They’ve not even had to cope with the peaks and troughs of renewable production, being in the centre of Europe they’ve simply adopted the practice of using the grids of their neighbours as either sinks or reservoirs.

      Germany at the heart of Europe will always have a huge effect on the economy and mores of Europe as a whole. And just like Japan, having tried the armoured fist and failed big style, they have discovered that commerce is a far more effective way to exert influence. The Germans probably thanks to Hitlers shadow which still seems to be hanging around, have opted to add a Scheinheilig colour to their coat, in making a commercial gain appear to be a penance 🙂

      • Read about Broken Window Fallacy.

        So if you are living in Germany, just burn your car to invigorate German industry. And your home too, to boost growth even more.

  2. But there will follow a very controverse discussion about the proposed distance of 1.000 m distance between residentials and windmills.
    Germany’s Altmaier defends wind distance rule as opposition grows

    German energy minister Peter Altmaier defended plans Friday to extend restrictions on the building of wind turbines near housing.

    The draft rule, to be included in the government’s coal exit law, stipulates wind turbines cannot be built within 1 km of existing housing, or planned housing of at least five houses.

    All 16 German state environmental ministers as well as federal environmental minister, Svenja Schulze, rejectedthe draft rule Friday.

  3. Germany is technically in a recession with a car industry heading for Detroit status according to the head of VW. With one of the highest electricity prices in the world this is having a heavy impact on its industry – and then they sign up to this!

    Personally I don’t care as it allows other countries a chance to shine and speeds up the collapse of the EU. The only thing that propped up the EU during the last financial crisis was Germany. This will not happen again.

    • You seem to have forgotten the UK, it’s financial contribution was also very large.
      Plus it provided a large Market for their goods.

    • If so, it is looking very well on it… in Berlin 2 weeks ago there was building everywhere, new U-bahn line going in… I was last there 2 years ago and still seems to be as much activity.

      The public transport is cheap, streets are safe, people pleasant.

    • The car industry has a big problem with the forthcoming new EU emissions levels which they are hoping can be offset by battery cars were it not for the fact that even when given taxpayer cash nobody bar a few virtue signallers wants them. When singing the praises of increased battery car sales it is always about a percentage not an actual number. In the UK sales of hybrids and battery cars still falls below the top selling model.

  4. Wow! What has happened to our German friends? First unrestricted mass immigration and now putting green wienie dreams into law. I wonder if Mercedes and BMW will go all in or continue to produce their wonderful cars? I previously told people to buy French wines and German cars, now I don’t know what to say.

  5. The UK National Grid currently shows 60% Fossil Fuels 14.6% Nuclear, 8% interconnectors.
    The rest is from “Renewables” that include Wood Chip Burning DRAX.
    Wind 3.8%
    Solar 1.9%

    • A C Osborn

      I’m in england right now, and its been a windy year, even so, wind power couldn’t power a small english town let alone the cities. London is expanding every day with new flats popping up everywhere… How will wind and solar power anything lol Also the eco wood chips come from america I believe?

      • The wood pellets are coming from America and Canada and the whole thing is a big joke and pure fraud.

        The Obvious Biomass Emissions Error
        Anthony Watts

        …In the name of cutting CO2 emissions, four of the six Drax generating stations were converted to burn wood chips over the last seven years, at a cost of £700 million ($1 billion). Hailed as “the biggest decarbonization project in Europe,” this facility now consumes about 9 million tons of wood pellets per year, shipped 3,000 miles from the US and Canada.
        An estimated 4,600 square miles of forest are needed to feed the voracious Drax plant, with acres of forest felled each day. Replanted trees will take half a century to regrow. Despite the decarbonization claims, the CO2 emitted from the Drax plant is far greater today than when coal fuel was burned…

        • Guess what, at least in the USA southeast, these trees are from tree farms and get cropped roughly every 20 years for pulping. 4600 square miles is not even a tenth of the area of one small SE USA state. Tree farming is now some 70 years old, locally.

      • A C Osborn

        “Also the eco wood chips come from america I believe?”

        They do! Right up the road from me on HWY 69 North, Southeast Texas. But, I have seen a slowdown of late. Seems they couldn’t keep the chips from self-egniting in Port Arthur Texas. Locals weren’t amused lol

  6. All of this over the presence of only a 4/100 of one percent level of CO2 in the atmosphere. This level of CO2 in a CO2 fire extinguisher would render that extinguisher utterly ineffective so why is that atmospheric level anything but ineffective in changing the air temperature of the Earth?

  7. This is going to negatively impact the German economy. That will undermine the European economy, which is already in trouble, so much so that the European Central Bank has effected a negative interest rate policy.

    Yes, some German smokestack industries will move to countries in Eastern Europe, thus stimulating local economies, but in general this is highly destructive.

    • Hydrogen Power Storage & Solutions East Germany (HYPOS) is developing the largest hydrogen storage unit in Europe.

      Based on an existing salt cavern in Bad Lauchstädt, Saxony-Anhalt, the project (H2 Research Cavern) is being developed by a consortium of DBI – Gastechnologisches Institut gGmbH, VNG Gasspeicher GmbH, ONTRAS Gastransport GmbH, Fraunhofer IWMS and the Institute of Mountain Mechanics GmbH.

      “After the leach out, the [salt] cavern has a potential capacity of more than 50 million Nm3 working gas. When the plant is completed, it will be the largest green hydrogen storage facility in the world.”


      They intend to distribute using natural gas pipelines.
      What could go wrong /sarc

        • Trying to lead the world with windmills is pretty harmless though expensive.

          Trying to lead by storing massive amounts of Hydrogen in a single location and then piping it all over the countryside is beyond dangerous.

          Let’s hope they catalize the H2 into a less volatile fuel.

          They intend to use wind and solar for the cracking process which could resolve the energy storage issue.

          If it works, it would be a first.

          • “Trying to lead the world with windmills is pretty harmless though expensive.”

            Is it harmless or and ecological disaster in the making?

            German study, wind farms in Germany alone kill 1500 tons yearly, of insects, disrupting food chain, pollination
            Institute of Engineering and Thermodynamics

            46 Reasons why wind power can not replace fossil fuels

            …Dead bugs and salt reduce wind power generation by 20 to 30%
            * Date: 23/04/19

            The Clean Power Plan Will Collide With The Incredibly Weird Physics Of The Electric Grid
            Jun 26, 2019
            Why Wind Turbines Threaten Endangered Species With Extinction

  8. Who says Trump has no influence over German policy? Germany is voluntarily gutting their economy in order to cut the US trade deficit and reduce GDP so that their current NATO contribution will exceed 2% of GDP. (Allowing for further military spending cuts).

    All this talk about climate is just an elaborate cover story to save face. They don’t want to admit that they are caving to the orange man’s demands.

      • Who’s to say what happened twenty years ago, Foghorn? Does anybody, I say does anybody really know, son? It’s almost as crazy as people who say it was hotter in the 1930s, when nobody can possibly remember that.

  9. Are the MORONS (CEOs) that run German companies taking money under the table? It used to be that the talented German engineers made operational decisions and had significant influence on energy policy. I guess they feel their jobs might be in jeopardy if they object.
    Stupidity is rampant worldwide as is virtue signaling.
    We need not impose tariffs on German ( European-built ) cars–German Industry is in self-destruct mode.

  10. Test this conspiracy theory with few searches….World economy is controlled by Malthusian elitists….they finance the climate extremist agenda but actually want it to fail….so that population control is implemented….developed countries will be OK because they are already below 2 child families….but the third world will take it for the team….and Malthusians don’t want to appear to be racist….Is it as far “out there” as it seems ?

  11. All of this will do NOTHING to change the climate, what a crock.

    Where do they think the energy is going to come from. They don’t want nukes, won’t get there with wind and solar. The Germans usually are very down to Earth and demand everything be backed up. No wishy washy opinions are allowed in German culture.

    I can always remember Germans will always demand : Was is deiner Meinung dafur? and “oh , I don’t know really” is NOT an acceptable answer.

      • In griff’s world, if the legislature passed a law repealing the law of gravity, we’d all start floating.

        • Actually, I think he’s right in this case. My problem is that I can’t remember the history properly but I have a hunch this isn’t the first time they’ve set a date to end coal.

          Anyway, the fact that they have set a date, in no way guarantees success.

          Griff notes that they are trying. I agree. 🙂

          Sailor: Captain, Captain, the men are revolting!
          Captain: Yes, aren’t they.

  12. Hold up a minute, did the 1990s have perfect weather? Constant sunny days with a slight cool breeze? Were their no hurricanes? Storms? Snow? Wind? Rain? In the 1990s?

    Why must every be taxed, the hard worker is taxed so these hippies can have a dream of mass wind farms come true! What the hell is going on with these pathetic governments who are willing to destroy their economies just because al gore and vile greta says the world is going to 😐

  13. ….they don’t know China, India, and the rest of the ‘developing’ world even exist

    but their going to find out, when the rest of the industry moves there

  14. LOL. Always, ALWAYS look at the details.

    They are picking a point where their “carbon footprint” was artificially sky-high due to the absorption of East Germany’s soviet-style coal powered generators. Anyone could cut back the carbon foot print by 25% by just waiting for all of these facilities to rot. So their “aggressive” goals are not really very aggressive, but the ill-informed greens will love it.

    How they accomplish their goals without nuclear power is just beyond me. They either have to remove manufacturing from their economy, or import a lot of their power, or just make something up like “we’ll burn wood pellets which are carbon neutral”.

    My guess is at the end of the day there will be some creative accounting practices and very little real change.

  15. Economic suicide. Important to us because the trade between us is important to our economy. Too bad. I just hope that the backslash when it does collapse doesn’t lead to what happened last time. (National Socialism and WW2)

  16. German here. Problems is we’re arrogant. Which means:

    1) It’s our fault. What is? Everything. Two World Wars were our fault. Brexit is probably our fault. Poverty in Africa is our fault, so we have to send them money via NGOs and invite Africans to come live with us. Climate change is our fault, so we have to fix it.

    2) We can fix it. What? Everything. Gimme a screwdriver and I can fix your radio, your toaster and your stove. My brother can fix your heating and your car, and my cousin can fix your computer. All of us together can fix the weather, the climate and whatever else needs fixing.

    3) Our companies are the best. Our education is the best. Our engineers are the best. We must be the first to get the green technology up and running so you peasants can copy it later.

    We’re also romantics. We love our sunday walks along fields and forests. We love our tales of good old times. You can guilt trip us any day with “It was Paradise until you came and ruined it.” Couple this with our mindset of “Got a problem? Go solve it.” and you get protesters in the street who demand that our automobile firms manufacture electric cars, that our engineers make solar panels that work with moonlight, and whatever else it takes.

    • That’s the new version. The previous version was more like this…
      1) It’s their fault (and you know who ‘they’ are)
      2) We can fix it (you won’t like it, but we have a solution)
      3) We are the best (and we are not inclusive)

      Romantic? I don’t know, I’m still reading the “Heinrich Heine, Religion and Philosophy in Germany” link (see below). From that it appears that Germans like their ideas and then take them to extremes, starting with Luther. It’s heavy on philosophy, and German philosophy is heavy, but it has consequences. Marx was German.

      Here is a sample quote from that document:
      for the Germans are
      more vindictive than the peoples of Latin origin. The
      reason is, they are idealists even in their hatred. We
      do not hate each other as you French do about outward
      things, because of wounded vanity, on account of an
      epigram, or of an unreturned visiting-card ; no, we hate
      in our enemies the deepest, most vital possession they
      have, their thought. As in your love so in your hatred,
      you French are hasty, superficial. We Germans hate
      thoroughly, lastingly. Too honest, perhaps too unskilful,
      to revenge ourselves by speedy perfidy, we hate till our
      last breath.

      (Note, I doubt Germans are racially different; if there is a difference it is cultural.)

      • That’s the Prussians you’re describing. They took everything too seriously, including themselves. They spread this mindset across all the north of Germany before they finally disappeared from the map. Us Bavarians have been trying to keep things level and teach the Prussians to sit down with a good beer now and then, but it’s hopeless.

      • Heine’s exposure of Emmanuel Kant, the “omni-pulverizer”, of the Romantic Movement is profound.
        See page 159 of that book for the keenest insight into greenies, that only a poet, as Shelley said are the unacknowledged legislators of the world, can convey.
        See the harrowing warning on page 160, written 100 years before 1934.

        Now look around at XR, F4F, and those freezing “scientists for future” in Berlin yesterday.

        Interesting how Kant, that omni-pulverizer, is lauded world-wide in Uni campuses?

  17. Let’s see. Wind energy is most productive in the plains and solar most productive in the dessert. Germany has neither. I know- let’s throw up a lot of wind and solar in Germany. Oh- and let’s shut down the nukes over a tsunami in Japan even though that risk doesn’t exist in Germany. German power prices run about 33-34 cents a KWH. Last time I looked that was the second highest of all the worlds countries. And its headed higher. Heavy industry that uses a lot of power produces uncompetitively priced products at those prices. So Germany subsidizes its industries with cheaper power while the masses struggle. Several WTO complaints have already been filed over these subsidies because they are clear WTO violations. I remember when the Germans were smart.

  18. My guess is at the end of the day there will be some creative accounting practices and very little real change.

    The emissons from pellets are not calculated as “carbon neutral” but they “reduce” the German CO2 footprint by a given factor.

  19. Whew! Just in time for the COP25 Sham-wow climapalooza virtue signaling -fest in ten days. That was close. Now when they get called to account on what they have done, they can trot this shiny new legislation out and say “See? We’re doing our part!”

    • Is it? I don’t know about that.

      I can tell you they are absolutely, totally honest about their history: I visited Berlin’s Deutches Historisches Museum 2 weeks ago and not a single fact about the Nazi era – or the East German – was missing from the displays. Upsetting: accurate.

      (On a lighter note, they also hav eNapoleon’s hat from Waterloo in there and some of his hankerchiefs!)

      • We’re honest about our history because we’re asking for forgiveness. The least we can do is admit it all. Several concentration camps are now museums. Every schoolchild visits one at age 14/15.
        On the other hand, my generation (milennials and younger) are kind of fed up with Nazi history and with our politicians constantly apologizing for what happened when our grandparents were children. Two years of history class dedicated to the Third Reich.

      • I can tell you they are absolutely, totally honest about their history: >/blockquote>
        Are they ? 😀
        And what’s the connection to pochas94 post ?
        He is still lurking, by his followers just in East Gemany, and, more hidden, in West Germany.
        The AfD leader in Thuringen can be named Fascist without legal consequences.

          • I answered griff too. Only a blockquote-typo

            I can tell you they are absolutely, totally honest about their history:

            Are they ? 😀
            And what’s the connection to pochas94 post ?
            He is still lurking, by his followers just in East Gemany, and, more hidden, in West Germany.
            The AfD leader in Thuringen can be named Fascist without legal consequences.

        • But look at Bolivia, with a Nazi coup underway exactly like the Ukraine Maidan a couple of years on. Notice the exact same profile.

          The connection, one may ask?

          Hitler was a bankers boy, his finance and economy minister Schacht , founder of the Bank of International Settlements, set up the labor camps, now portrayed as museums. As Keynesian economist Abba Lerner blurted out in 1971 in NY, ” if Germany had accepted austerity, Hitler would not have been necessary.”

          You will not hear that in German classrooms, I think.

          Follow the money trail. Regime Change , a term today openly used in polite company, did not start with Iraq, Syria, Libya, Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Venezuela, Hong Kong, …..

          • And of course Iran, with the assassination of Mossadegh, to prevent the nationalization of the Anglo-Persian Oil Company, later BP.
            For Mr. Bolton, duly fired by Trump, Iran was top of the list for yet another “regime change”.

      • Modern German rewrite of history is based on blatant lie that National Socialists a.k.a. Nazis were conservative a.k.a. right.
        Correction: all socialists, including national ones, are revolutionaries. They are left wing.
        Just read books by Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn.
        Preemptive Answer: what credentials has Kuehnelt-Leddihn? He’s books were banned and burned by National SOCIALISTS!
        So anyone who disagree today with Kuehnelt-Leddihn is “literally Nazi” 🙂

      • Modern German rewrite of history is based on blatant lie that National Socialists a.k.a. Nazis were conservative.
        Correction: all socialists, including national ones, are revolutionaries. They are left wing.
        Just read books by Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn.
        Preemptive Answer: what credentials has Kuehnelt-Leddihn? He’s books were banned and burned by National SOCIALISTS!
        So anyone who disagree with Kuehnelt-Leddihn is literally Nazi.

  20. Add Germany to the list of crash test dummies for renewable energy. Being the center for the start of the Green movement this doesn’t surprise. Actually it’s a godsend as it will hasten the fall of the EU and send a clear message to the rest of the world.

  21. I would call this parasitic legislation — using the latest call to social/environmental justice as something to hitch taxes to, just to raise more money. Never mind the factual reality. If it raises money, then it’s good.

  22. I guess the German politicians won’t wake up until they crash their economy/country into the Wall of Reality, in their zeal to reduce CO2.

  23. Ha,
    is not bad, no bad at all, in principle at least.

    Engaging the tax system legally and directly to deal with the CO2 footprint of the businesses
    and industry and the economy at large, may end up at some point in legally being forced to depart with useless ventures that do not justly account for the waste caused to the economy.

    Technically, a “large CO2 amount” legally can only be defined in the consideration of input to output in relation to the gain, in all sectors considered.

    In consideration of energy sector, wind and solar actually rein in such as “”large CO2 amount” and useless wastes, where in industry EVs are the same,
    and where in politics policies forced by UN (IPCC and FCCC) will consist as a platform only facilitating a global strict control over the global economy, manufacturing, production, infrastructure and energy sector,
    aka a proper quasi total global control.
    The only expected gain there, the absolute control power over the world.
    Nothing else than that. A huge unjustifiable CO2 amount to consider.

    Oh, yes, it is a heavy handling through the tax system by way of legislation,
    with a lot of chance there to be going silly and
    out of control and with lots of losses,
    especially if applied in a “hail mr. Stalin” fashion. (or “Hail mr. youknowwho”)

    But in the end laws are abiding, regardless of extreme doctrines and stupid propaganda there…. or else a nation goes really bananas.


  24. I don’t know if the CIA still commands respect as an authority , but it has a list of budget surplus or debt as % of GDP by country , estimated, for 2017:

    The country at the top of the list is Tuvalu with a surplus of 25% of GDP , Germany is 24th with a budget surplus of 0.7% . Given the size of the German economy that must be a huge amount of money . Why does it need to raise taxes so much? It seems to me that it is less a money raising venture than a genuine , if misguided in my opinion, attempt to “save the world ” by self denial.
    They are at least in a better position to do so than the UK with a debt % of -3.6, and far better placed than Venezuela, with some of the richest oil deposits in the world, and a debt% of -38, third from the bottom.

    • Save Deutsche Bank, more like it. Even a cursory look at financial sites shows the extreme crisis there.
      Not savable as is, without Glass-Steagall re-structuring.
      Not on that “CIA” list is derivatives, a kind of covert shadow finance, naturally.

  25. Germany is using green think as opposed to normal logical thinking and analysis.

    German Politicians cannot accept reality and it is easy to get ‘green’ government analysts to lie through their teeth producing large purposeless fat documents that hid the lies.

    Germany has installed sufficient sun and wind gathering to meet German’s total current electrical energy needs if the German engineers had or could buy magic batteries, that store energy for months and are free.

    Obviously as there are no magic batteries, Germany cheats by exporting half of their wind based electricity to other countries who then get hydrocarbon or nuclear energy back. i.e. Cheating, scheme fails.

    n 2017 about half of Germany’s wind-based electricity production was exported. Neighboring countries typically do not want this often unexpected power, and the German power companies must therefore pay them to get rid of the excess. German customers have to pick up the bill.

    Germany has installed solar and wind power to such an extent that it should theoretically be able to satisfy the power requirement on any day that provides sufficient sunshine and wind. However, since sun and wind are often lacking – in Germany even more so than in other countries like Italy or Greece – the country only manages to produce around 27% of its annual electric power needs from these sources.

    When batteries are required spending more and more money does not solve the problem.

    In reality, well before any such stage was reached, energy would become horrifyingly expensive – which means that everything would become horrifyingly expensive … ….everyone would become miserably poor and economic growth …

    Even if one were to electrify all of transport, industry, heating and so on, so much renewable generation and balancing/storage equipment would be needed to power it that astronomical new requirements for steel, concrete, copper, glass, carbon fibre, neodymium, shipping and haulage etc etc would appear. All these things are made using mammoth amounts of energy: far from achieving massive energy savings, which most plans for a renewables future rely on implicitly, we would wind up needing far more energy, which would mean even more vast renewables farms – and even more materials and energy to make and maintain them and so on. The scale of the building would be like nothing ever attempted by the human race.

  26. William Astley

    Your comment shows this typical blah blah written by people who put their subjective thoughts far above reality.

    The reality is that everybody in this country becomes sad about this lot of lignite-based plants which are, apart from their incredible SOx/NOx pollution, since over 70 years the cause for the destruction of several villages and small communities.

    And we are also sad of nuclear energy producing electricity but without telling us what will happen with the waste increasing all the time. We don’t have Nevada deserts here!

    And nobody here wants the aquifers getting polluted over the long term by the inevitable consequences of fracking. NO THANKS!

    The actual strategy is a mix of all available sources (net numbers, i.e. internal consumption subtracted):

    – 20 TWh hydro
    – 50 TWh gas
    – 50 TWh coal
    – 50 TWh solar
    – 50 TWh biomass
    – 70 TWh nuclear
    – 110 TWh lignite-coal
    140 TWh wind

    Das Beste zum Schluss – the best for the end:

    “Germany has installed solar and wind power to such an extent that it should theoretically be able to satisfy the power requirement on any day that provides sufficient sunshine and wind. However, since sun and wind are often lacking – in Germany even more so than in other countries like Italy or Greece – the country only manages to produce around 27% of its annual electric power needs from these sources.”

    Where the heck did you read that???

    I read from a really informed source rather this:

    The share of net public electricity generation, ie. H. the
    Power mix, which actually comes from the outlet, is about 47%. The share of renewable energies in total gross electricity generation is approximately 41%

    Data source:

    You can’t imagine how people in the industry laugh about such statements like yours! Everybody there uses soalr energy they didn’t pay anything for, due to subsidies politics since 1998.

    And… Germany still did not really manage to start using offshore wind energy. We are far from what has been promised ten years ago! Lobbyism is king everywhere.

    • Without researching your numbers (and whether they really produce 47% of their needs via wind/solar when they can actually use it, vs exporting surpluses during low useage times at low prices), just tell us how much electricity costs in Germany, particularly in light of your comment, “Everybody there uses soalr (sic) energy they didn’t pay anything for…”

      Electricity prices should be very cheap. So, please, post a typical electric bill for us to see.

      • jtom

        1. Like Astley, you seem to have difficulties in reading comments.

        I wasn’t talking about
        – electricity costs;
        – private people like… me.

        “You can’t imagine how people in the industry laugh about such statements like yours! ”

        It is as it is: the very first recipients of subsidies were small and medium-sized enterprises, who
        – didn’t pay anything real for their solar infrastructure;
        – were allowed to transfer their surplus energy to the grid at unbelievable prices.

        These are the two main reasons for high electricity prices in Germany.

        Conversely, electricity prices are very low where nuclear power is in heavy use, for example in France.

        Simply because the costs for dismantling were since decades systematically underestimated, if not even ignored.

        In 1978 for example, the dismantling costs for the 4G breeder Superphenix were estimated at incredible 50 million US$!

        Since 2007, the dismantling is in operation, and the costs were estimated at 1 billion.

        Who do you think will pay for that?

        The low costs for today’s electricity will have to be paid by the children and grand-children of today’s lucky consumers…

        • “Everybody there uses soalr energy they didn’t pay anything for, due to subsidies politics…” Everybody = EVERYBODY; Solar energy (in this discussion) = electricity
          Everybody uses electricity they didn’t pay for. The antecedent of the pronoun ‘they’ in your sentence is ‘everybody’. If ‘they’ refers to the people in the industry, referred to in the previous sentence, then you need to learn how to write clearly.

    • Why write so many words when everything you say is made up? More words less ideas.

      Do you and your sources have a problem with reality? What is the German sun and wind utilization rate?

      German sun and wind gathering is name plate total 73,000 MW.

      So, if June 21 was sunny and the all wind turbines were at capacity on June 21, theoretically sun and wind combined could produce 73,000 MW.

      The problem for Germany is the maximum total solar and wind for the best day has less than half of the best possible 38,000 MW and opposed to 73,000MW and the worst day for green energy was 29MW.

      Part of the problem is very poor utilization rates. Utilization rate is the average power the green stuff produces as a percentage of the nameplate rating of the green stuff.

      The idiotic Germans installed wind turbines in locations where there was insufficient wind and regions that are cloud and too far north so the average capacity wind and sun utilization rate is a pathetic 17.4% for wind and 8.3% for solar.

    • Hi Bindidon,

      Go to page 20 and 21 of the document you linked to which was produced for a German Solar company.

      The best month for solar in Germany produced 5.7 Twh.

      The problem is the worst six months for solar in Germany was average 1.38 Twh which is pathetic. There should have been logically no solar installed in Germany.

      There need to be a load for the solar generated power and note this is month average so the noon time solar peak highest month will be say three times higher?

      Same problem though not as ridiculous for German wind power.

      The best month for wind was 14.7 Twh the average wind for the year was only 8.5 Twh.

      Nuclear (Fission) Breakthrough
      P.S. There has been the rediscovery of unbelievably simple liquid fuel fission reactor design that is six times more fuel efficient than the pressure water reactors, that has no fuel rods, no water, operates at atmospheric pressure, that is sealed, that has no catastrophic failure modes,.

      The new fission reactor (660 Mw) is walk away safe on loss of power, loss of controls, loss of human operators using an integral passive cooling system for backup. The rediscovered fission reactor design is mass produceable, is a tenth the size of a pressure water reactor and its stuff and is hence truckable to site.

      The advanced no water, atmospheric operating temperature, liquid fuel reactor design was built and tested in US 50 years ago.

      The test has a complete success and test data was hidden. A Canadian company, Terrestrial Energy got the test data and have copied the original design with small improvements. Terrestrial Energy have reached stage 2 of the Canadian regulatory approval for Canadian test sites and have received funding for a US test.

    • Just as I said.

      In 2018, January 1 according to trustworthy green sources German energy from renewables covered 100 percent of their electrical use for it is assumed one day.

      German wind farm nameplate capacity is more than five times the average wind farm power 17.8% provided per year.

      The Germans installed wind turbines and solar cell in silly sub-optimum locations as the wind farms are heavily subsides. It is look, not reality, that is important to the Green agenda pushers.

      Just as brainless Communist party officials once did in China.

      So for one all German windy day, wind power provide close to the German electrical total load.

      Germany has crossed a symbolic milestone in its energy transition by briefly covering around 100 percent of electricity use with renewables for the first time ever on 1 January.

  27. “This could mean that flying will become more expensive, while trains will become cheaper in Germany. A CO2 traffic charge will be introduced as well …”
    Take note that the Left’s agenda across the West is to tax and legislate people out of private transport and onto public transport. Or, to be more precise, it is to tax people on low incomes out of private transport and air travel, but not the wealthy, to whom the taxes are just pocket change. It’s always the same, isn’t it? Whether it is mass immigration, the ‘climate’ hoax , economic globalization, or any other aspect of the Left’s agenda, it is ALWAYS the people on the lowest incomes who pay the highest price.

  28. Electric power production in Germany:
    So it’s easyto see, there is no chance to supply the whole country with ‘green’ electric power.

    End of 2019 the next nuclear power lant, Philippsburg2, will be disconected from the grid. Nobody knows how to compensate for 11 TWh this plant delivered last year. Hopfully the French will help us out wit there nuclear power plants.

    • Stefan Parzer

      Who, do you think, will pay for plant dismantling and final processing of nuclear waste?
      You and me will certainly not have to (I’m about 70).

      As long as we lack ability for mass storage of intermittent wind/solar energy, there will be only one solution: natural gas plants.

      Is that not OK for you? For me it is.

  29. You know when a country is doomed when the leader of the nation, in this case Angel Merkel while on stage in front of the world’s media, angrily grabs the nations flag from on of the members on stage with her and throws it away right of stage.

    Seems like all of the major EU states are heading down the same path.

  30. @ Bindidon

    …you and me ( I am 73) we have allready payed for the dismanteling and storage of nuclear waste with our bills for the supply of electricity. About 50 billion $ are handed out to the government for this task by the NPP-operators. Gas power plants would be fine with me but we have only 13 in Germany. A few more are planned but without a deadline scheduled.

    The total energie consumption (not only electricity) in Germany adds up to 3.660 TWh. Only 6,2 % are produced by ‘green’ sources like wind, sun, hydro and biogas.

    • Stefan Parzer

      “The total energie consumption (not only electricity) in Germany adds up to 3.660 TWh. Only 6,2 % are produced by ‘green’ sources like wind, sun, hydro and biogas.”

      Das weiß ich, Herr Parzer.

      But please don’t forget to mention before that electricity consumption accounts for no more than 17% of the total, be it France or in Germany where you and I live…

  31. As a German I assume that about 50 % of the people are against this idiocity. But they aren’t heard. The state’s financed medias are leading the public opinon. The problem is that every citicien has to pay for the official broadcasting companies and media which are 90% leftist or green. Anybody who doesn’t agree is called a Nazi or Racist. Only few are daring to tell their opinon, facing problems getting a job or keeping it. There is even a telephone line where you can accuse anousnimously anybody who you suspect to be a Nazi if they state something against the public opinon. We are in a timeline near to Gestapo or Stasi or Gulag methods. Welcome animal farm and 1984.

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