Climate Fury: “They don’t need the ravings of some pure, enlightened and woke capital city greenies”

Michael McCormack
Michael McCormack, deputy Prime Minister of Australia. By Bidgee, CC BY-SA 3.0 au, Link

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Australia’s Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack MP, who represents the rural seat of Riverina, is fed up with ignorant inner city greens trying to exploit Australia’s ongoing bushfire catastrophe for political gain.

Deputy PM slams people raising climate change in relation to NSW bushfires

By David Crowe
November 11, 2019 — 8.33am

Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack has slammed the climate change concerns of “raving inner city lunatics” at a time when rural Australians are dealing with catastrophic bushfires, venting his frustration at questions about climate.

“We’ve had fires in Australia since time began, and what people need now is a little bit of sympathy, understanding and real assistance – they need help, they need shelter,” the Nationals leader told ABC Radio National on Monday after a series of questions about climate change.

They don’t need the ravings of some pure, enlightened and woke capital city greenies at this time, when they’re trying to save their homes, when in fact they’re going out in many cases saving other peoples’ homes and leaving their own homes at risk.”

Mr McCormack singled out Greens leader Richard Di Natale and Melbourne MP Adam Bandt for “disgraceful” attempts to score political points by using the bushfires to prosecute their agenda on climate change and shut down the coal industry.

“It is disgraceful, it is disgusting and I’ll call it out every time,” he said.

Asked if he was dismissing concerns about climate change, the Deputy Prime Minister said he was not doing that and the government was addressing climate change.

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There is a lot of hostility towards greens over their opposition to controlled burns to manage fire risk. But there is also significant support from some country politicians for more action on climate change.

There is more than one fire raging in Australia right now.

101 thoughts on “Climate Fury: “They don’t need the ravings of some pure, enlightened and woke capital city greenies”

  1. It’s the green red tape that causes all the problems, successive governments are driven by inner city woke green environmentalists to protect every green thing neglecting making it a nightmare to fire break and backburn even your own property. And National Parks – forget it.
    The fuel load in the NSW parks was more than 30 years accumulated in some places, the fires have been so fierce that is scorched earth and dead trees in many areas, it will take year to recover.

    • all of the above PLUS banning grazing/long paddock useage even in droughts, and we get utter bastards like these…

      firebugs and theft from the firies vehicles etc

      and I see even around fairly cleared homes the saplings infiling adding a nice stepup for flames to get into canopy
      because cutting saplings over a few cm round means a shitload of redtape council or lands mobs approvals etc

      as our locals have worked out
      wait for a really windy period and some cloud…and so many trees magically “fell over” by emselves;-)))

    • Not sure if Australia is like Canada, but here, all you need to win an election is Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. The rest of the country that lives in the real world don’t matter if you get the votes in those three cities. The fact that city dwellers don’t know Jack about reality but think they know best for everyone else tends to result in bad government policy.

      • Jeff, that’s exactly why the US has the Electoral College, and why the urban Democrats are trying to abolish it.

        • True Pat. I didn’t really understand the Electoral College until 2016 and I looked at Counties and States compared to the popular vote. It’s a truly unique and great innovation in the development of the Republic form of government.

    • “Green red tape…”

      No, the red tape is not THE problem. McCormack had the right rhetoric but not the right reasoning for the big picture.

      The activist greenies are lunatics, but they are lunatics because the climate change agenda and reasoning is insane. The temperature data are much too imprecise to know if there’s a trend, let alone how much. The historical record of extreme events shows there is no trend there either. There is zero proof or attribution to humans, let alone to CO2 from humans. The models over-predict future temperature trends, even if you ignore the imprecision in the numbers. Everywhere you look, if you look honestly, there is no evidence that catastrophic man-made climate change is happening.

      Since there is nothing to back up the basic theory, economic scare stories are worse than worthless. Yes, there are many luke-warmers among the skeptics, but even they should not get away without showing proof that the whole thing is not just one big lie.

      And, for the green lunatics, it’s long past time that we start calling them what they are and demand proof before they go shooting off their mouths.

  2. Rapidly spreading wildfires happen during extremely windy conditions. Controlled burns happen during calm periods. It is far easier to manage and control a fire when the wind isn’t a factor.

    • True. We had those recently in NSW, when it was calm, but then people were moaning about air quality being on par with Bejing. Calls for a tax on energy, as that will fix bushfires.

      Can’t win with that mentality!

    • Research has found that doubling the fuel in the forest will double the rate of spread and quadruple the fire intensity.

      Extreme bushfires happened without global warming. link Whether or not global warming is a factor, it is criminally insane to ignore the fuel load.

      We had the case of the Australian farmer who was convicted of clearing too much land around his buildings. The next big bushfire, his farm survived and other, more law abiding farms didn’t. There is some good news. There has to be push back against the capital city greenies. They’re clueless and dangerous.

      • Indeed you are correct. I do understand he actually had the case drawn against him squashed for obvious reasons.

        Idiots in Victoria!

  3. The greens thought they were on a winner and initially the media thought it was a good idea to air it. It quickly became apparent the majority of people were unhappy with idiot politicians playing politics while everyone else was trying to deal with the situation. I notice most except the extreme left media have dropped the issue because of complaints.

    Even for the climate believers the hard reality using there own figures has been stated. Under the Paris agreement CO2 emissions rise until 2030 and drop off at some unset rate after that supposedly towards net zero. The moment you reach net zero according to IPCC it then takes 70 years for levels to drop back to “normal”. So basically if we take a leap of faith and 100% connect fires to CO2 emissions it still means it is at least a 100 year problem.

    That is how the public are seeing the argument and being pragmatic we just need to deal with the problem as we likely will have to going forward. The politicians need to come up with proposals and ideally ones that are inside Australian own control not relying on the “great emission fairy”.

    I suspect in the cold light of day the greens will come to realize the political damage they have done to themselves. The only group there message is playing to is the hard core ones that already vote for them and they have really alienated people who may vote for them.

    • ” … That is how the public are seeing the argument and being pragmatic we just need to deal with the problem as we likely will have to going forward. The politicians need to come up with proposals and ideally ones that are inside Australian own control not relying on the “great emission fairy”. …”

      LdB, you can’t really believe that.

      The Australian people know that bushfires are with us forever, no matter what idiot’s international ‘agreement’ gets followed by whatever useless clown-show is stealing our ‘money-for-nothing’ within Canberra, or State Capitals.

      People who think we’re going to get less bushfires due to govt policy are certifiable loons.

      (wish I had a Tardis to prove it, but I’d be willing to wager Federal and State govt policies will produce 2 to 3 times as many bushfires in the year 2150 as now)

      • I don’t think anyone is thinking there will be less fires … what they are looking for is a new plan to deal with them.

        Sort of examples:
        Currently there is a heavy reliance on volunteer fire fight staff, there is talk about having a paid professional force. Well over half the current fires were arson so studies into that and perhaps road cameras on remote roads in areas of concern.

        There is a lot that could be done all of which is miles away from climate change.

        • There’s a problem with the focus on firefighting – the California situation has demonstrated that aggressive firefighting, combined with a lack of brush clearing and controlled burns, leads to huge increases in fuel loads, which means that once fires start they become so hot and huge that they are impossible to stop by any means. That’s how the town of Paradise, California burned down last year with so much loss of life.

          • wws. We have an inquiry into these fires every time they happen and the result is always the same. The “Green” policies are wrong and cause the wildfires. Lack of tree clearing near roads and buildings, allowing the canopy to touch over the road, (Looks great in a picture but a tunnel of fire when it burns), the list goes on and on.

            A point made by the Royal Commission into the Victorian fires was that environmental laws should have the preservation of human life as their primary concern. How insane is the situation when he actually has to say that?

  4. Woke and sleepy. Diversity (i.e. color judgment) and exclusion. Politically congruent (i.e. profitable) sociopolitical constructs. Conflation of logical domains, brown matter, and prophecies. A religion of selective, opportunistic principles. Also, Green and green. The revolution is monotonically divergent.

    • I’ve been informed by FB that I can’t share this article as some snowflakes consider it ‘abusive’.
      The level of censorship now is quite frightening.

  5. I’ve never grasped how come The Greens are most prevalent in inner-city, cheek by jowl apartments, nary a blade of grass to seen ghettos.

    Surely their name would suggest they would prefer natural landscapes.

    Or are they full of it?

      • Living in a city gives you a deep understanding of Nature, unavailable to rural deplorables. As a city elitist, you impose wolves and bears on ranchers, to live with. And keep wolves away from cities.

    • Actual contact with nature tends to kill some of the romance.

      I love the Australian bush, but when bushwalking I still drench myself in high strength DEET, to minimise the risk of being bitten by mosquitoes (Ross River Fever), or paralysis ticks (deadly poison + risk of tick typhus). Of course you still have to watch out for some of the most deadly venomous snakes in the world, most of which you can’t see until you actually step on them and other assorted hazards.

      • DEET Never worked for me here in Aus or in NZ (Damn those nasty CO2 seeking sand flies). Johnsons OFF! Skintastic is the only thing that does. Either way, I will be sure to be legging it away from a funnel web spider or king brown snake.

        • You’ve got to use the nasty sticky oily stuff, like 40% bushmans. Even then the protection is not 100%.

          • unless you have allergies?
            the $4 a litre citronella lamp oil at the cheap shops works well for man and beast;-)
            also deters horseflies n botflies
            dilute with a couple of drops of TT oil or dishdteregent to allow water mixing and whack it in a spray bottle, I use about 50 ml max to a litre

          • I read/heard somewhere, at some time ago, that the native American Indians used “bear grease” to protect themselves from “biting insects”.

            I do know that “biting insects” won’t bother one as much if one takes a bath or shower and DOESN’T …… put any hair cream, perfume, deodorant, etc., etc., back on themselves before venturing into the bush.

          • Strange. I love the Australian bush too, and have probably spent more time in it than many Aussies, and I’ve never been much troubled by mosquitoes except in mangrove swamps. Possibly I have rather high standards, having grown up in the Eurasian taiga, where we really have lots of mosqutoes. I think the leeches are if anything more irritating.

    • oh theyve spread to rural areas too
      but usually selected spots with Cafes handy for the Latte etc, theyre the yuppier richer treechangers who suck govvy fund on greencredit regenerate bushland( ie provide masses of tinder for fires!!)

      then the Nimbin older hippies who have done very well(with hard work) building the huge stone or mudbrick places now selling to the newbies for millions

      they dont last long in “normal” farm areas..they tend to get told exactly where to go back to when they bitch about headers making noise when a harvest rush is on and theyre running 24/7 to beat the weather etc
      or when they interfere with stock mangement, try n have a go at shearers/mulesing etc

  6. The sole cause of these fires is carbon. Anyone who disagrees with this statement should be imprisoned for the future murder of children. Anyone who disagrees with this policy should also be imprisoned. /sarc off

  7. 3301 comments at an article at the SMH about climate, I think that is a record. But the SMH, and pretty much *ALL* media in Australia are hyping this beyond reason. Read the comments at the SMH. These people really do believe a tax on energy, banning coal exports, renewable energy will stop climate change and prevent bushfires. It really is beyond delusion.

    • At the SMH…?

      For those not playing in Oz, the Sydney Morning Herald (aka The Silly) is the sort of paper who likes to keep a careful eye on those imperialist capitalism loving scum at the New York Times.

      Now to be honest I don’t really care. Free market. If the Silly honestly believes they have a business model revolving around 100% woke readership then good for them. Their money. No one forces me to paid for or read it.

      (paying for the ABC on the other hand is a different and massive rant. The ABC is tax payer funded. I AM forced to pay for it.)

      The Silly do not even pretend to offer discussion. It is by Woke, for Woke. Observing that it has 3000+ comments all calling for low carbon lattes only reinforces what the Left think, not what the overall public believe.

  8. This post is dishonest from beginning to end. McCormack’s comments have been roundly criticized by fire victims, fire-fighters, the mayors of affected areas and corrected by his own deputy Bridget McKenzie:
    “We know that climate change is causing heatwaves, fire weather and drought, and for [those] to become more frequent and intense,”.

    Further, not only is this a lie: Greens oppose controlled burns, the Greens aren’t in power Eric. The only reason there is not more controlled burning is, ironically because the same moronic coalition dinosaurs have cut funding for it;

    “It is the Nationals who hold the purse string. Rather than funding the NPWS properly so that they can undertake strategic reductions they have crippled them with massive budget cuts and devastating restructures.” Troy Wright, Public Service Association.

    Instead of dishonestly dog-whistling, how about reporting the truth for a change.

    • Many councils are heavily represented by Greens. It’s local and state Govn’t that controls forest and parks, NOT federal Govn’t!


      Keep digging though!

        • I think you are guilty of thinking if you are “green” you must belong to the Green Party.
          That’s hardly the case. In the US, many Democrats are proving you can be a Socialist without belonging to the Socialist Party.

        • you are confusing greens with the Green Party. one does not necessitate being a member of the other.

          some example from the US of the difference between holding a position and the particular party a politician belongs to:
          1) Bernie Sanders is an admitted socialist. He’s not running on the Socialist party’s ticket, he’s running on the Democrat party’s ticket.
          2) The Green New Deal was proposed by AOC. AOC is not a member of the Green party, she’s a member of the Democrat party.
          3) Rand Paul is fairly libertarian on many positions, but he’s not a member of the libertarian party, he’s a member of the Republican party.
          4) Ron Paul is even more of a libertarian than son Rand, and while he was a member of the Libertarian party for a few years (and even once ran for president as a member of that party), he only ever held political office as a member of the Republican party.

        • SPM. You forget that the ALP relies heavily on Green preferences. Greens are the tail that wags the ALP dog.

    • Only a left wing true believer would believe any of your response. The only criticism has come from the greens and left wing politicians. If you want the real answer go to any pub and ask the question if you want how the real majority feel. Actually don’t you might not come out in one piece, it would not be safe.

        • Naysaying convinces no one. You think that statement is wrong, well then prove it. Should be simple to do, just one verified and reliable sourced news article (so nothing from your favorite biases sources like the guardian) of criticism coming for a non-green* right-winger would do.

          * must be non-green policy/politically speaking. Just not being part of the green party doesn’t cut it.

        • Wow I was convinced.

          Loydo you probably need to remember your view is 10% of Australian voters because that is basically the green vote, the other 90% are likely going to be against your views.

          Michael McCormack knew exactly which 90% he was playing to when he made the statement and any criticism actually worked for him.

      • Loydo’s trying to pretend that only those who actually belong to the Green Party, can be considered greens.
        It’s a lie, but it’s all he’s got.

    • Bridget McKenzie:
      “We know that climate change is causing heatwaves, fire weather and drought, and for [those] to become more frequent and intense,”.
      Well Loydo, you doing really well with your first sentence untill you came out with this quote above.
      The falseness of what Bridget knows, repeated by you and some uneducated others is the problem with climate change as discussed at the moment.
      Visit Tony Heller’s site and see real data, going back 150 years. There as here on WUWT you will see our climate is more benign today with less extreme heat, less wild fires, and less life loss due to weather events, and greener than at any time in modern recorded history.
      Restating a false premise, particularly one from a politician, does not help the debate and simply destroys your credibility.

      • Having just come through the coldest October on record for our town, I was browsing fall records for the area and about 80% of the record highs and lows come from the 1920s to 1940s. Not only was that period as warm as the present, it also seems to have been more extreme.

    • “Loydo November 13, 2019 at 12:17 am

      The only reason there is not more controlled burning is, ironically because the same moronic coalition dinosaurs have cut funding for it;”

      So you are Australian? Surprise surprise! Federal Govn’t does not fund controlled burns in council regions or states/territories.

      Oh the uninformed! It burns!

    • The Greens quite often control the Shires here in Australia. At the grass roots so to speak.
      But someone did point out that scientists say the fire frequency and intensity will increase due to climate change. My response was along the lines “so climate change will increase fuel loads, will make ground that has been burned regrow quicker so it can burn, again quicker.”

    • They KNOW that climate change is going to increase the frequency and intensity of drought, heat waves and fire weather, how do they know, where’s the empirical evidence?
      Some species of plants have evolved such that they cannot germinate and grow unless there has been fire.
      Forest or bush fires cannot start spontaneously there has to be an ignition source, eg lightning, accidental or deliberate.

      • He doesn’t need evidence.
        Anything that is different from last year, so long as it is bad, was caused by CO2. That’s all she wants to know.

    • ”Greens aren’t in power Eric.”….LOL, you obviously have no idea how politics have worked in Australia for the last decade or so. The greens have held balance of power several times in both Federal and State parliaments. In the process they have strangled the process of prescribed burn plans with green tape preventing burning where special values such as fauna and flora are protected. Which end up fried in a wild fire anyway.
      Not only that, they have been responsible for decimating the native forest industry which has resulted in what used to be production forests to be now national parks where once fire trails and roads were regularly maintained but now overgrown due to the ideology of letting mans influence revert to nature.
      Yes maybe it is tit for tat politics, but the greens have to be condoned for telling the big lies to start with. Shutting down coal mines is not going to prevent bushfires that have occurred here since time began. Especially when 85% of fires have started from human influence, accidental or deliberate.

      • The greens have held balance of power several times in both Federal and State parliaments.

        So many ignorant claims, rubbish.

          • We should add they have had an almost static vote of 10% for decades and could not even make ground in the last election when both major parties were on the nose. We can probably expect them to really be a power in politics in Australia at about the same time sea levels reach a couple of meters.

        • Lets not overlook the significance of preference deals. Labor needs green preferences to win elections, so quietly agrees to push certain issues. Vegetation management laws, winding back the native timber industry, removing ever more area available to commercial fishers, ridiculous laws on reef catchments, changing zoning rules for subdivision to slow development, environmental lawfare against mining, boosting environmental and conservation groups. The tail wags the dog.

          Do the deals, find the right scientists with the right direction, and have a faux consultation of the public before doing what they have already agreed anyway.

          The Greens policy itself pays lip service to hazard reduction and cool burning, but leaves themselves wriggle room by using the “right science”.

    • Loydo, if only you had meant that your post was ‘dishonest from beginning to end’…

      Compare and contrast:
      Loydo: “We know that climate change is causing heatwaves, fire weather and drought, and for [those] to become more frequent and intense,”

      Peer reviewed literature: “…many consider wildfire as an accelerating problem, with widely held perceptions both in the media and scientific papers of increasing fire occurrence, severity and resulting losses. However, important exceptions aside, the quantitative evidence available does not support these perceived overall trends. Instead, global area burned appears to have overall declined over past decades, and there is increasing evidence that there is less fire in the global landscape today than centuries ago…” ( )

    • “We know that climate change is causing heatwaves, fire weather and drought, and for [those] to become more frequent and intense,”.

      Actually we don’t know any of those things.
      Beyond that, nothing we are experiencing today hasn’t been experienced before.

    • “We know that climate change is causing heatwaves, fire weather and drought, and for [those] to become more frequent and intense,”.

      that politician only thinks they know that (or they don’t believe it at all and thus knowingly lied). that actual fact of the matter is, according to the observed evidence, none of those things are more frequent or intense. Only the reporting of them are, thanks to the 24/7 modern news coverage.

    • Bridget McKenzie:
      “We know that climate change is causing heatwaves, fire weather and drought, and for [those] to become more frequent and intense,”.

      We hear this every – single – bloody – day and it’s still garbage. We DO NOT KNOW that ”climate change” is causing ANY of those things. We do not know that the climate is changing. We DO KNOW that climate does this very thing from time to time. Regardless of who says it or who quotes it, it’s still verbal vomit. If you want to believe it then you will need to explain the cause of the 1851 fire. Well? what was it? Climate ”change” back then too? ….. or just climate.
      While you’re at it, see if you can find the modern ”climate change signal” here too…(hint : The little red patch in NSW on the 2018 map is the current drought. Good luck!

  9. Being almost 93 I note with amusement the Greens saying that they
    are worried about the World in about 100 years time.

    In the meantime they are happy to destroy our economy for what, a warm
    inner glow perhaps.


      • ah yes, griff. Nothing says concern for the kiddies’ future better than food riots and freezing to death without heat. As your mate Loydo says, “Rubbish”

      • Kids? what kids. They’re saying we shouldn’t have kids due to climate change. Oh wait, I forget, that’s only for the peons, that’s not for the elites.

    • That and they want everyone else to wear the financial burden of there folly while they sip there latte and discuss saving the planet. I suggest we put a massive land tax on inner city suburbs and a massive latte tax with all revenue going towards emission control and see how many of them complain. That is the sort of impact there proposals have on the poor so it seems only fair we start with them.

      • LdB: “[…] a massive latte tax […]”

        Aha! Now there’s a tax that would probably solve all of the problems of ‘Climate Change’ and CAGW.

        “If we tax lattes at $20 per cup, we will have the funds to tackle Climate Change.”

        If taxes lower global temperatures, then everyone should do their part, eh? I’m just surprised there hasn’t been a massive upwelling of support by latte drinkers for such a tax.

  10. You won’t find the Greens volunteering and fighting the fires, that ‘s for sure.

    They don’t leave their upper middle class enclaves in the inner suburbs from where they drive a short distance into the city to park in taxpayer paid car parking to attend the over paid public service jobs that produce nothing but economy stifling red tape.

    That’s who they are.

  11. How do you justify even one dollar spent on trying to change the global climate, when that dollar could have been spent on fire, drought and flood resilience? The answer of course is simple, when ignorance, self-interest and vote-seeking are involved.

    • Griff (and Loydo)
      These statements are disingenuous in the extreme.

      I can relate from first hand experience what happens in local councils these days – the bureaucracy, unhindered by the elected councilors, appoints a $200k p.a. “sustainability manager”, whose section draws up by-laws and procedures that fulfill the aims of the original”Agenda 21″ manifesto.

      Want evidence? Try executing your plan to render your (rural) property safe from bushfire destruction, by strategically clearing some trees on YOUR property and roadside verges.
      An application for such work on YOUR property is required to be submitted to the council’s “sustainability” department.
      In Victoria (the most fire-prone state), his involves completion of a BAL (bushfire attack level) assessment for your property. To achieve the safest rating, you need no bushland closer than about 50 metres from your buildings.

      So, what happens when you make your application to the Council’s “sustainability” dept to clear the foliage within 50m of your property? – REFUSED!

      Local councils’ bureaucracies’ GREEN statements of support for bushfire fuel reduction practices are a complete sham.

      • Talking of councils and by-laws, you actually can be threatened with a fine for hanging washing out on a balcony in such a way that it can bee seen from the street. And if you are commit the “offence” often enough, the council can actually take you to court and you can be awarded a term in jail. I don’t think this has ever happened however, the rules are there in council by-laws. This is mostly applied to strata managed blocks of apartments.

    • Fred! What are you suggesting? But what a good idea. That and find out where they park so one can leave messages on their cars. They should be the ones to be disconnected first when power is in short supply because of their actions.

  12. I hereby propose that the total number of government employees (local and central) must not, by statute, exceed one percent (1%) of the population. Also, by statute, not one of them may belong to a union.
    That should keep the buggers at bay.
    Of course, this is just the first draft. Who would like to help me put some meat on the bones of this New Jerusalem?

    • Toss in: “Public employee compensation must not exceed 90% of the private sector average compensation for the equivalent job description.”

  13. Regarding “hostility towards greens over their opposition to controlled burns”: I followed the link, and what I saw there is not citation of opposition to controlled burns, as much as complaints that the season where they can be done safely and effectively (using current methods) has been shorter in the past decade.

    • Um, that’s because most of the country has been in drought in that time. When in drought, the soil dryness index is too high and makes fuel reduction burning too risky due to factors like the fire continuing to burn undetected under ground in dry tree roots for months.
      This from the Greens environmental principles…..”To strengthen and expand the Commonwealth powers to protect and enhance Australia’s environment and heritage including broader oversight of state government decisions with national environmental significance.”….Another words, increase red and green tape to stifle the burn plan process.

  14. After Black Saturday in Victoria there was a culling on Greenies out of Land Victoria who were responsible for regulations and forest burns that control the amount of dead material on the forest floor.

    The loss of 80 people burnt to death and 500 houses was the result of their madness as these farkwits controlled ALL of the regulations.

    Clearly NSW did not “learn” from Victoria’s mistakes which is damning.

    IMO local councils and Greenies that have infiltrated the appropriate Govt departments is where the blame squarely lies.

  15. Apologies if this link is already referenced somewhere.

    A Greens senator has branded major party politicians “arsonists” in an incendiary spray at climate policy as catastrophic fire conditions grip NSW.

    An enraged Senator Jordon Steele-John, who represents Western Australia, let rip in the Senate on Tuesday during debate on the federal government’s proposed laws cracking down on energy companies.

    “How dare any of you suggest that in this moment at this time it is appropriate to be prosecuting a piece of legislation with the aim of propping up coal,” he told the chamber.

    “You are no better than a bunch of arsonists – borderline arsonists – and you should be ashamed.”

  16. Has anyone yet suggested that the fires are started by an organised group of people, highly motivated to influence those deniers left in the population – in particular, a few politicians and editors?

  17. Fires start in a variety of ways – lightening, of which we have had none over the past week, accident, stupidity – using tools that create sparks while in grass, and arson. Back in September with the first warm day the ABC (Tax Payer funded national radio, TV) announcer warned about the high fire danger, but there were no fires announced. By that evening there were 50 fires burning. This happens each time the warning is given. All it seems to be is an alert to arsonists.

  18. My sister lives on what was yesterday the worst place in the world for air quality!

    This time the arsonists really must have got their act together… They were all over the place…

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