Activists sail four weeks across Atlantic for climate change summit — then learn it is canceled

From CNN

(CNN)A group of climate activists crossing the Atlantic by sailboat to a UN summit in Chile were shocked to learn the event was canceled — four weeks into their grueling voyage.

The 36 young environmentalists set off from Amsterdam on October 2, using a sailboat in order to highlight the impact of flying on greenhouse gas emissions.

They had completed more than half of their seven-week journey to the UN Climate Conference (COP25) in Santiago, Chile, which was scheduled to take place in early December.

However Chile’s President Sebastián Piñera announced Wednesday that the country would no longer host the summit, amid protests that have left at least 20 people dead and led to the resignation of eight cabinet ministers.

Instead of turning back, the Sail to the COP group, as the activists are known, have now decided to sail on to Belém, Brazil.

“After the initial shock and sadness the news brought, everyone came together determined to continue what we started: putting the climate impact of aviation on the international agenda,” read a statement from the group.

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125 thoughts on “Activists sail four weeks across Atlantic for climate change summit — then learn it is canceled

  1. “A group of climate activists crossing the Atlantic by sailboat to a UN summit in Chile were shocked to learn the event was canceled — four weeks into their grueling voyage.”

    I bet they were even more shocked to learn that this year is 2019, not 1819 !

    D’OH !

    • “They had completed more than half of their seven-week journey to the UN Climate Conference (COP25) in Santiago, Chile, which was scheduled to take place in early December.”

      Just pause and let that sentence sink in for a minute.

      A seven week journery! If they don’t sail on to Brazil and turn around right now they can make the conference in Madrid. Only one problem. They have reached the point of no return and need to proceed on to South America to resupply in order to sail back to Europe. They are definitely going to miss the party. If only they had an aero plane. Ahh the irony of it all.

      • “proceed on to South America to resupply in order to sail back to Europe.”

        Let me guess… They’re all vegans and wouldn’t dream of harming fish?

        • There are probably insufficient water supplies. They probably cannot desalinate because they wont run a boiler and reverse osmosis pumps sans electrical power are pretty useless. Which leaves them with solar desalination (solar still) which are pitifully slow.
          They had better be using wind turbine generators to run their navigation and communication systems.
          BTW how exactly do they “motor” into the marinas or harbors? Typically the best harbors are sheltered which means not much air for maneuvering under sail.

      • “If they don’t sail on to Brazil and turn around right now they can make the conference in Madrid. Only one problem. They have reached the point of no return and need to proceed on to South America to resupply in order to sail”

        They were in port in the Cape Verde Islands and therefore capable of provisioning prior to this announcement… i.e facts were not going to interfere with their holiday…

      • In doing so, they have highlighted (as if it was needed) why people, in 2019, fly in aircraft instead of sailing.

      • Yeah – I kinda’ suspected was that what made their voyage so grueling, was that they were running-out of food and were down to eating gruel.


    • The way the story reads, it seems like the cancellation was an arbitrary edict by the President that resulted in protests and riots which left 20 dead and forced resignations of eight cabinet ministers. Is that right? If so, the mass of Chileans must be really serious about fighting climate change.

      • I do not think that is how it happened.
        My understanding is that rising civil unrest was getting out of hand, and was anticipated to get much worse leading up to and during the two events.
        And the authorities in Chile simply decided it was not worth it, they did not want to have to deal with hordes of protesters, both locals and outsiders invading the country, causing all that mayhem and possibly violence and destruction of property.
        Why any city or country would volunteer to host one of these events when it is so predictably going to result in all sorts of violence and expense, is beyond me.
        At a certain point any increase in revenue is outweighed by costs.
        Several other countries had already turned down a request to host the climate thing…Chile was not the first choice.

    • They might be able to join one of those trans Atlantic rowing teams or swim back. If you want to help, send water wings and a rubber duckie to Greta.

      Just like in the good old days, they’ll have to wait till next season. This is not the best time to be at sea on that transit.

    • I think that they are better off doing some work, like most other people have to do, instead of drifting around the Atlantic.

      Who is sponsoring this debacle anyway?

  2. Putting the climate impact of aviation on the international agenda” if there not careful they will be showing just how good aviation is if they need rescueing in a stormy Atlantic.

        • I built one of those as a kid. Just the reciever not the transmitter but it was a cool thing to do. Ran the antenna from the house to the garage. Thanks for the blast from the past LOL.

      • if they had booked a flight ( well they would not even have had to book yet ) they could have cancelled and even reclaimed their “carbon offsets” and saved 100% of the “carbon” they are virtue signalling about.

        presumably their families are still heating their homes back in Sweden whilst they are playing climate politics out on the ocean waves.

        so now let’s ask them how they are going to get back from this futile venture and who will crew the boat for the return journey. Maybe they can fly a crew out from Europe like St Greta did. What a pathetic delusioned bunch of posers.

      • OWG:

        They probably couldn’t get marine transmitter microphones to work… Something about not learning how the button thingy works.

        “Hold the button in to speak”
        “Release the button to hear”

    • It’s about time for air-travel companies to show carbon commitment by putting all eco activists on their discretionary non-flight lists giving them the opportunity to comply with what they preach.

      A perfectly legal move since companies can freely refuse to embark individuals or cargo without further explanation.

      Lastly, captains have full authority on who’s allowed to board and can refuse anyone they’re not comfortable with. It happens quite often BTW, mainly to intoxicated pax. Moderately complex paperwork ensues.

      The industry needs to defend itself. Time of Mr. Nice&Smiling is over.

      Let them discover how ground travel will impact their junkets.

      • In the land were green slime eco terrorist philosophy was born (UK branch west wales) they drive beaten up old land rovers and daihatsus around the place ,fetching there supplies of wood and coal to burn in ex farmhouses that mummy and daddy bought for them to get rid of them because there useless to man and beast alike,if they bang on my door for wood supplies they get told to F___ right off. Some fly to India each winter ,the one thing they all have in common is there relatively wealthy, preaching exactly the opposite of what they do,there philosophy would see a end to there utopia life style that in 99% of cases is funded by some one else.they are obnoxious hypocrites grasping to the new religion of green slime.

      • Very good suggestion. The airlines and pilots would be well within their rights if they refused to allow vocal, anti-air-travel advocates onboard. It is reasonable to fear they present a danger, especially since some have tried to glue themselves to planes.

        Indeed, if airlines don’t do this, they could be facing additional liability should one board and cause problems.

      • In the US it’s not even slightly complex, you just open the passenger name record (PNR) and add a note (usually surrounded by **** to make it really obvious) along the lines of “pax appeared intoxicated and was denied boarding, rescheduled to next flight.” You might comment on the captains involvement, but gate agents can do it themselves.

    • But Mother Gaia has been kind to them – how many hurricanes happened during their transit? How many tropical depressions in their path?

      • It be a brave captain dodging storms for 36 climate activists, the captain no doubt has received a hefty bundle of notes for his trouble, with two hefty diesels on board and at least one motor powered life boat I can see .

        • Oh!
          That explains why they must stop in brazil for more supplies…

          They need more bananas and peanut butter.

    • Delusions of grandeur if they think their stupidity is driving agendas anywhere. Why on earth would they not turn around if COP was the objective? Sounds like a few had further holiday plans in South America.

  3. When the intrepid Climateers eventually reach Belem, they will be able to tour the Alunorte aluminium smelter works, the world’s largest alumina refinery outside China.
    When they need to leave, they can sail back for 5 weeks or to save time, they can use one of the two airports that serve Belem: Val de Cans International Airport, which connects the city with the rest of Brazil and other cities in South America, North America (USA) and Europe (Lisbon) and Brig. Protásio de Oliveira Airport (formerly called Júlio César Airport) dedicated to general aviation.
    Their weather in Belem will be entirely predictable and unchanging as every day’s maximum is always between 30 and 32 degrees centigrade.

  4. I would appreciate not using CNN as a source. Recently, CNN held a town hall for LGBTQ Rights. I am fine with that format on a news channel, but I was abhorrent to learn that CNN took a question from a 9 (I think) year old transitioning person. This person was definitely well under the age of 18. The audience, I am assuming with CNN’s help, cheered with the question.

    That is flat out child abuse 😡

    • Accepting a question from a child and cheering for a child are acts of child abuse now? The medieval thinking of conservatives is always good for a laugh.

      • Derg is 100% correct, Trevor. If you understood the science and the drugs and medical procedures involved as well as the enormous damage they do to a child’s body along with rendering them sterile like “medieval thinking of conservatives” do, you might understand the tremendous harm being done to a pre-pubescent child who is neither old enough to make such decisions nor to understand the consequences.,

        • When the hormones hit that little boy is likely to stop playing with dolls and start noticing real dolls.
          But they can’t let that happen so they screw up his natural hormones before they hit.

        • Because its parents told it so.

          For the parents, a ‘transitioning’ child is Munchausen by proxy. For the children, it’s a way to get attention and applause, and they’re far too young to understand the long-term consequences.

          To us medieval conservatives, it’s child abuse.

          Frankly, the more I see of Clown World, the more obvious it is to me that our medieval ancestors were right about many things.

      • The Daily Mail just recently had a fluff piece concerning what children wanted to be when they grew up. A six year old said he wanted to be a fire hydrant.

        Do you really think young children (and as far as sexual preference, nine is very young) really understand such things?

        Cheering the words of a nine year old on such things may push him into a psychological corner where he can’t change his mind later, despite how his body feels, and destroy his life. Doing that to further your own agenda is indeed child abuse.

        • My son, when he was 5 years old, wanted to be a rubbish truck. Fortunately, we did not start hydraulic system transitioning and by the age of 8 he had changed his mind.

    • Actually, there is a story one better than that. A Dr., a pediatrician believe it or not, who brought up “her” son as a girl. At 3 he is shown, at his mother’s request, to be putting on girls clothes and pretending to have long hair. At 7 she went to court to secure her rights to impose gender augmentation on him. Of course, her, now divorced, husband is fighting in court about it claiming child abuse. IIRC, the courts ruled in favour of the wife/mother.

      This is the kind of crap we are dealing with and the law complicit.

      • Kids do a lot of what is now called role-playing before they grow up. I used to pretend that I was a cowgirl chasing bad guys trying to steal the sheep in our 20 acre pasture. It was quite confusing to the sheep, too. I would also pretend I was riding my horse along with Zorro, and used a willow switch as an epee, so that I could fight off the Bad Guys. I was NINE years old at that time. Never dawned on me or my parents that role-playing (the modern term) was anything other than sorting out the real world and the imaginary world of kid stuff.

        That is NOT the same thing as forcing a small child into a corner and deciding for him/her what s/he will be when s/he is an adult. This child is not being given a voice or a choice in the matter. What the mother wants is all that matters.

        • Mods! If you delete this, I understand.

          There was once a saying, “Homosexuals don’t reproduce. They recruit.”
          It would seem that now they don’t recruit. They adopt and/or “adapt”.

          There is absolutely NOTHING “natural” about doing this kind of stuff to a kid.
          (It reminds me of how the Chinese used to bind the feet of baby girls.)

      • Do the Yanks have an equivalent of the General Medical Council ?

        A paediatrician that suggests full transition for a 7 year old must be a candidate for being struck off ? 🙂

  5. The revised location is now Madrid in Spain.
    Good luck with that IPCC disciples. Word on the street in Spain is, a group from the Catalonia separatist movement are determined to make their demands clear for all the world to see. When the opportunity presents itself in Madrid they will take full advantage.
    Chile had Spanish speaking rioters who stopped the show. Madrid has Spanish speaking protesters waiting in the wings.
    What could possibly go wrong?

    • Actually, Catalan is a separate romance (latin-derived) language from Spanish, as unique as Portuguese, Italian, and Romanian.

      There is a great discussion of this early in the book, Master and Commander by Patrick O’Brian, given by the character Dr. Maturin, Captain Aubrey’s particular friend. Maturin is half-Irish, half-Catalan, and a thoughtful revolutionary (non-violent) for both, providing a great sub-plot throughout the series…quite apropos to today in both Barcelona (independence movement) and Dublin (effects of Brexit).

      But, Rod Evans, your point is still well taken.

  6. I think the object being stepped in in the image should be something else other than bubblegum. Bubblegum is very annoying but no way near as nasty as BS.

  7. environmentalists you say? .. prove it.
    they pretend to be aginst fosil feul but use it.
    they assert fossile fuel is damaging”environnement” ( biosphere? wild ecosysems?)”..that is dubious all other things equal.
    they are authoritarians , the only thing we know for sure.

  8. I roared laughing when i found this as well not on CNN I add;-)
    amazing how many usa newspages wont load downunder?
    so 36 on that boat and it might be all sail?
    golly gosh Greta could WORK a proper sailboat passage back home(ish) then
    maybe she can take her new pal decaprio with her
    of course he might also have to WORK a bit so I doubt he will.

    musing on spain for the event
    theyd also maybe have some “interesting times” with illegal migrating chaps from africa in those sea lanes
    could be amusing as an outside viewer;-)

    • Sailing east from Brazil this time of year isn’t easy. You have to go far north to find westerly winds. Unfortunately the North Atlantic in winter isn’t nice at all, so I guess they will have to stay around in South America for a while.

  9. Intrepid climateers? More like brainwashed morons. Simply put, none of them would be where they are without fossil fuels. The sailboat would not exist. The clothes they’re wearing wouldn’t exist. The food they eat wouldn’t exist. None of the electronic equipment they’re using would exist. Without fossil fuels, none of them would even exist. How can people in this day and age be so stupid? It boggles the mind.

    What do they think will happen after fossil fuels are banned? Where will the electricity come from to power their air conditioners, refrigerators, lights, TVs, microwave ovens, smartphones, tablets, laptops, garage door openers, dishwashers, washing machines, water heaters, etc.? How will food be planted, harvested, transported? How will raw materials be mined? How will steel, aluminum, and other metals be made? How will clothes be made? How will drugs be made?

    It’s baffling that any of this needs to be mentioned. It’s as obvious as the nose on your face. Fossil fuels make modernity possible. Life without fossil fuels would be short, brutish, and miserable. Billions of people would die. Billions.

    I’m no genius, but even I can predict a future without fossil fuels. I don’t need a magic crystal ball. I don’t need a supercomputer endowed with AI. If I can see what’s coming, why can’t the climateers? Why can’t the average millennial?

    • “Brutish!” The full quote is even more predictive of the kind of world the Warmists would like.
      In 1651, Thomas Hobbes described a “condition” where “there is no place for industry, because the fruit thereof is uncertain, and consequently no culture of the earth, no navigation nor the use of commodities that may be imported by sea, no commodious building, no instruments of moving and removing such things as require much force, no knowledge of the face of the earth, no account of time, no arts, no letters, no society, and which is worst of all, continual fear and danger of violent death, and the life of man, solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short.”
      Sound familiar?

  10. Wasn’t the Great Thunderbird booked to travel to Chile for COP 25? Looks like reality reigns.

    Hell’s teeth, but I loathe & detest the hand wringing Guardian. On Friday GT made a plea for help getting back to Europe in time for the conference. “It turns out I’ve travelled half around the world, the wrong way,” she tweeted. “Now I need to find a way to cross the Atlantic in November … If anyone could help me find transport I would be so grateful.” START SWIMMING.

    • You know a Great Thunderbird cannot swim that far, not even a polar bear.
      I suggest she and her father tries to book a cabin on a container ship. There are usually less than thirty crew members, maybe a few truck drivers and other passengers like GT.
      Onboard she could get private lessons from hard working people, enjoy the 30,000HP heavy fuel diesel engine, go on a real toilet with shower and eat a lot of nice food with lots of meat.

    • Poor Greta! She is learning some hard lessons and teaching a lot of people in the process.

      The bottom line, Greta, is you should give it up and get on an airplane and go home or to Madrid. Your sailing example will not convince people to give up airplanes, you are wasting your time. A lot of time, out on that ocean.

  11. The new meeting site is now in Madrid so they need to change course for Spain. These organizations would do a lot better if they held their meetings over the Internet. The technology is already in place. The Internet is the lowest CO2 emissions alternative so if they believe that burning fossil fuels is bad then the Internet is the way to go.

  12. One more reason to start using Skype for these climate conferences.
    No travel time and costs and if it’s cancelled: no problem.
    After all, it’s not that they en masse come to these places for the good food and nice hotels. Or are they?

  13. ‘They had completed more than half of their seven-week journey to the UN Climate Conference (COP25) in Santiago, Chile, which was scheduled to take place in early December.’

    unfortunately few of us have the time or resources to spend 7 weeks getting somewhere and another 7 weeks back. who is funding this indulgence?


    • They may have been lucky that the conference was cancelled. Going around Cape Horn or through Magellan strait in a sailing yacht isn’t easy even in summer, particularly westwards. I wouldn’t care to try it with a boatload of climateers.

    • The boat costs 10,000 euros a week to charter more or less…. and that’s for local tours from Amsterdam

      So at least 140,000 Euros to pay for this trip…..

  14. 😂😂 Was the sail boat made of wood? The aailr made of pure cotton? I assume they have no electronics? No plastic wrapped food? No back up generator? If it takes seven weeks to get there, how will they get back? So many questions, yet we all know that they used many fossil fuel products, and will stay in a hotel/guest house which uses fossil fuels, from the gas cookers, electricity and sanitation…. Hypocrites!!

  15. One of the chief reasons we abandoned sailing was the uncertain and long journey times, and the cost of running a sailing ship in terms of manpower.

    How apt that they were well on their way before it became pointless.

    Like renewable energy, sailing ships are virtue signalling nonsense.

  16. What a bunch of virtue-signaling morons. They’re the modern-day equivalent of Luddites, only much more stupid and self-obsessed. But of course, the whole COP25 enterprise itself is a mind-numbing display of stupidity. I hope they have nothing but trouble in Madrid, from Day one to the end.

  17. And sailing across the Atlantic on a sailing ship highlights the sin of air travel, how exactly? After much soul searching they decided to carry on with their adventure of a lifetime.

  18. They’re on a schooner called the “Regina Maris” built as a working vessel in the ’70s

    “Main engine: Caterpillar C12 Dita marine, 460 hp
    Generators: 2 x John Deere 60 Kva, 1 x John Deere 125 Kva”

    From the look of the thing I’d say steel hull as well….

  19. Most people would envy these youngsters who are rich enough able to take a 7+ weeks sailing holiday.

  20. I have to admit I am a bit jealous. As an amateur sailor I have often thought about crossing the Atlantic, especially on a three masted ship. However, working it as a crew member, not as a passenger. I hope they appreciate the adventure, COP25 aside. Maybe in 20 years time when none of the doom and gloom has materialized they can at least look back and appreciate the adventure their parents have afforded them. Or is that too much to hope for?

  21. Apparently they fail to consider the human induced climate change impact from disrupting the natural wind patterns caused by sails slicing through the air. Shame on them! Right up there with C02.

  22. There is an old saying: “Dacron is more expensive than diesel”.

    The wear and tear on sails, be they Dacron or carbon, is fantastic on an ocean crossing. The same goes for your running rigging. None of this is cheap.

  23. Whats that adjective, bored. They must be really bored to go to that extreme to impress the UN. I can’t say for sure but I imagine if Columbus had a trans Atlantic flight available he would have taken it.

  24. 1. Climate impact is the least of the otherwise greatly positive impacts of aviation.
    2. Climate (clear, centuries long temperature trends) is hugely unaffected by both airplanes and sailboats.
    3. Tell me again how fruitcakes in a sailboat put aviation on the international agenda? By getting similarly minded fruitcakes to say so.

  25. I would highly recommend that all climate activists get together and use as many sailing vessels as needed to take a long, long ocean voyage. At least that will keep them quiet for several weeks.

  26. Instead of turning back, the Sail to the COP group, as the activists are known, have now decided to sail on to Belém, Brazil…..

    If they were more than half way that would probably have been compulsory. Their supplies would only have been calculated for the duration of one crossing – not one and a half.

    I suspect that they were going to arrive a few days before the conference. So I expect that they will then get a plane back to Madrid. Worth watching to see if this happens….

  27. The protests in Chile are over things like a hike of 30,000 p ($0.04 US) in public transportation fare by the government. I wonder how they’d groan about paying $2.25 for bus fare in US cities like Chicago, plus an additional charge for a transfer.

    • My thought entirely RockyRoad.
      Only idlers have the time on their hands to make such virtue-signalling gestures. The rest of us, not so much.

  28. I wonder how well those 36 young environmentalists are getting along with each other, while couped up together on that boat. Think about if you and your wife have ever had heated disagreements – and there are only two of you – and you love each other. I used to vanpool from Colo. Springs to NW Denver and back – a 3 to 4 hour commute every workday. We had 6 to 10 people in the van. We did not always see eye-to-eye on our trips. There was one other commuting van I heard about, where two people got into a very heated argument about — one of them, a lady, was chewing gum, and kept popping it, and it was driving the other person, a guy, loony.

  29. Did anyone bother to tell them the fiberglass hull, sails, and lines (rope) are all oil byproducts?

  30. It is extremely doubtful if they would have made it to Santiago in time in any case. They definitely wouldn’t have done so under sail.

    All the way down South America from Belem to Patagonia (about 5000 miles) and then either through Magellan Strait (very treacherous waters, and very difficult to sail through westwards) or around Cape Horn going against the prevailing winds (storms). And then all the way up the Chilean coast (another 2000 miles). No way they could do that in a month by sailing. It would require an average speed of about 8 knots, and much more if they need to tack against the wind, which is 100% guaranteed near the Horn going westward.

  31. That’s two months of your stupid life you’re not getting back.

    Head for Venezuela, call it even. Win Win

  32. \Ha – the cruel irony of it all is that this climate conference was cancelled because of protests stemming from terribly disturbing rises in transport costs of the Santiago Metro – caused directly by carbon dioxide taxes being imposed on the company. This should be a warning to the activists. The yellow vests in France – and now poor Chileans.

    Where next??

    • You don’t get to Ushuaia by going through the Straits of Magellan. Ushuaia is on the Beagle Channel. But I agree there is a very good idea not to try going westwards around the Horn (or through the Straits of Magellan).

      The old clipper ships went to Australia around the Cape of Good Hope and from Australia around Cape Horn. Downwind all the way.

  33. And how did they get the good news half way into their stunt, erm, voyage? A message in a bottle, a carrier pigeon?

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