Climate Protest Fury: “they should be doing is getting off their a*** … instead of blaming everybody else”

Extinction Rebellion, ‘swarming roadblocks’. DAVID HOLT [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Extinction Rebellion’s ongoing efforts to ruin ordinary folk’s daily commute, and mock hard working people with their largely government benefit funded hippy fecklessness, might not be having quite the effect they hoped.

Climate protesters warn this is just the beginning
By 9News Staff Kamin Gock
9:51pm Oct 11, 201

Extinction Rebellion have warned their work has just begun as they wrap up a week of demonstrations with a mass gathering in Perth’s CBD.

Workers who were stuck in the commotion had mixed views of the march.

What they should be doing is getting off their a*** and doing something about it instead of blaming everybody else,” a frustrated driver said.

“I understand why they’re doing it, it’s for a good reason and needs to be done, I support them,” a supportive commuter told 9News.

In Brisbane, more than 100 activists sat on the roadway on the William Jolly Bridge, blocking traffic in both directions, police said.

Activists chanted and held posters and waved flags as police watched on.
Police were diverting traffic and warned motorists to expect delays.

Protesters also halted peak-hour traffic in Melbourne, where the Lord Mayor Sally Capp slammed them as “disrespectful” to other residents.

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How long will ordinary people tolerate having their day messed up, before their patience snaps?

Historians will look back on the Extinction Rebellion as the Climate movement’s greatest strategic blunder.

In the midst of an unprecedented green media blitz, rising concern amongst young people about climate change, along comes Extinction Rebellion to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, by stirring hostility against climate activism amongst their strongest inner city supporters.

141 thoughts on “Climate Protest Fury: “they should be doing is getting off their a*** … instead of blaming everybody else”

  1. The young are being hypocrites because they take advantage of the comforts and wealth adults provide. At the same time they demand more with a tantrum. They do nothing constructive to solve their imagined climate change problem except pout and blame others.

        • as “hanoi Jane” proved today supporting exreb and AOC useless deal
          and i will be there every friday meme Greta
          daft bint

          • She doesn’t mind living the lifestyle of the rich and famous which requires a carbon footprint Godzilla would get lost in, as she jet sets between Europe and the USA.

            Celebrities are living under a misguided notion that when totalitarianism is installed they will have a seat at the decisions table.

            They don’t realize that their job going forward will be to entertain the Politburo for which their rulers will throw them a few extra crumbs. While not destitute, they will not like their new life as the state will confiscate their mansions, yachts and private planes.

            As consolation they will get to live in the entertainment dormitories in the same housing complex as the athletes.

        • My version goes, “No fool like a wise fool.” E.g.,, the 97% credentialed & alarmist scientists, and the official alarmist reports flowing from certified expert bodies.

          • The AGU 2009 survey where 75 “climate scientists” out of 77 said humans were causing climate change. Your 97%.

          • Sadly climate scientists are not even bottom end marginally adequate computer modellers.
            Where I worked we had various QA procedures ranging from those for Christmas novelties like whistling key rings to fly by wire components. The data standards for climate science fail those for the whistling key rings so badly that they rate as junk status. Peer review rates this work as beyond question.
            On accuracy requirements they do not even reach half way to the bottom end minimum accuracy standards.

      • Musical youth from the 80’s:

        come back with
        My apple pie!
        Don’t blame the youth
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        Don’t take us for fools
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        You know that it’s true
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        The youth of today has got lots to say
        it’s our life
        it’s our future
        Because we’re living today
        so don’t blame the youth – what do you say?
        My mother went to town to buy a little bike
        And when she see the price she nearly loose her sight.
        Ca dis a judgement time slang bong
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        Slang bong bong bong.
        the youth of today
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        We’re under heavy heavy manners
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        yeah. What did he say?
        I went down-town to buy a set of drums
        but when me see the price
        It have me tumble down”

      • Let’s see if I have this right.
        Some old fart does something stupid and gets arrested.
        Therefor ER has the right to shut down a city because they are upset that the rest of don’t worship as they do.

        • MarkW

          Please don’t confuse Loydo, he’ll leave like griff did and we won’t have anyone to poke fun at.

      • How can you blame the young people when it is near impossible to even raise the most obvious questions about the methods and quality of climate scientists work since the BBC for example scream about man made climate change but no program I have seen to date gives any idea about how this was arrived at to question it?
        It is our generation of the”elite” managers and politicians to blame not them.

    • Plenty of oldies in those protests too, stupidity isn’t limited to the young. My daughter figured out for herself it was rubbish, despite teachers and university lecturers trying to brain wash her.
      She even had to change courses and university to get away from the climate zealots. I feel sorry for the young, at least we could question and debate with our lecturers.

      • Stupidity inherited? I always figured insanity was inherited. You get it from your children. Life is sexually transmitted.

      • I laughed at a girl wearing two badges one saying ban fur use faux fur and the other saying something on the line of ban evil plastic. She actually could not understand why and when I explained she told me her teacher had dished them out. She looked it up on her mobile there and then bless her she went bright red with embarrassment and took off the plastics one when I also pointed out no electricity, water or gas as all use plastic so totally as to be irreplaceable.

    • Spare us your generational bigotry and foolishness.

      Sure, there are young people who are hypocrites and who do foolish things. Just as there are people of all ages who do so. At least the young can learn better .. the old fools are impervious to learning.

      Just don’t forget it is the young who give their lives to save your lifestyle in wars, and are prepared to do so in between the wars.

      No generation has a monopoly on wisdom or virtue. All live on the backs of those who came before.

      • “Just don’t forget it is the young who give their lives to save your lifestyle in wars, and are prepared to do so in between the wars.”

        Hence the phrases: “Youth is wasted on the young.”

        and: “Old age and treachery always overcomes youth and skill”.

      • And just who is going to be happy living on the backs of what Extinction Rebellion is going to be leaving for them?

      • Yes, Duane, it is always “the young who give their lives to save your lifestyle in wars, and are prepared to do so in between the wars.”

        And then “the young” get old and become full of, in your eyes, “generational bigotry and foolishness.”

        All because we want to preserve what it was we fought for in our youth.

        Do you know what ‘irony” is?

    • I agree with you and the real scientists who’ve proved CO2 isn’t the cause of climate change … that’s been going on since the beginning of time. I studied ecology and conservation, live a simple eco life… care about nature …. we should be putting the money towards saving pristine environments, getting rid of plastic not freaking out about this hype! Hopefully more people will see sense!

      • I wouldn’t say get ride of plastic… but try reduce… return to glass, natural materials… and we should respect all the things our elders have done! Fought against fascism, given us freedom healthcare education…. amongst much much more…. I praise the younger generation as well such as the 18 yr old who started ocean clean up…, he didn’t shout abuse at anyone.. he did something. The lefts are just spewing hatred and negativity and causing divisions on every thing! Please have common sense and do research before all this creates more damage , the world needs CO2, it’s not a pollutant…. plants will not grow without enough CO2 etc etc… coral reefs need it to make their homes…. any less and they will suffer. Al Gore lives in a 10 million dollar ocean front mansion and has the biggest eco footprint of them all….. he made 200 000 million since his propaganda began….. please don’t listen to the hysterical misinformed media … research it as I did !

  2. In addition to damaging the ‘Global Warming/Climate Change’ cause by annoying the general public pointlessly, the Extinction movement is damaging the credibility of the cause by proposing CO2 emission reductions that exceed the ability of the economy to pay for them, and the technical limitations of civilisation to implement them. However, the real barrier in their way is the fact that average people do not wish to pay more than $10 a year to pay for it all and will become incandescent with rage when they learn the true cost.

    • “incandescent with rage”! Maybe that’s how the Ex-rebels intend to light their communities.


    • I still remember how one group of ER’ers used a portable generator to power their stage because solar panels were too expensive and inconvenient.

    • This is what happens when they are brought up with participation trophies and nobody telling them their ideas are actually rather ill-conceived.

      • Where nobody is wrong, only different ideas. This could be the unintended consequence of that stupid inclusive policy.

      • Ah, this has been going on for a long time. to quote Lee Harris’s Al Qaeda’s Fantasy Ideology. Harris was describing a friend who was participating in a traffic blocking protest (anti-war):
        “What I saw as a political act was not, for my friend, any such thing. It was not aimed at altering the minds of other people or persuading them to act differently. Its whole point was what it did for him.

        “And what it did for him was to provide him with a fantasy — a fantasy, namely, of taking part in the revolutionary struggle of the oppressed against their oppressors. By participating in a violent anti-war demonstration, he was in no sense aiming at coercing conformity with his view — for that would still have been a political objective. Instead, he took his part in order to confirm his ideological fantasy of marching on the right side of history, of feeling himself among the elect few who stood with the angels of historical inevitability. Thus, when he lay down in front of hapless commuters on the bridges over the Potomac, he had no interest in changing the minds of these commuters, no concern over whether they became angry at the protesters or not. They were there merely as props, as so many supernumeraries in his private psychodrama. The protest for him was not politics, but theater; and the significance of his role lay not in the political ends his actions might achieve, but rather in their symbolic value as ritual. In short, he was acting out a fantasy.

        “It was not your garden-variety fantasy of life as a sexual athlete or a racecar driver, but in it, he nonetheless made himself out as a hero — a hero of the revolutionary struggle. The components of his fantasy — and that of many young intellectuals at that time — were compounded purely of ideological ingredients, smatterings of Marx and Mao, a little Fanon and perhaps a dash of Herbert Marcuse.”

  3. GLAAD learned the hard way that interrupting morning commutes by unfurling Rainbow banners on the Golden Gate and Oakland Bay Bridges just made everyone HATE them and HATE their “cause” … whatever the hell it was?

    When was the last time you heard of GLAAD? Yeah … they disappeared themselves by popular opinion.

    Extinction Rebellion might want to Google GLAAD.

  4. Just let them carry on as long as they want!!! They are doing a great job in self-extinction. I can see them trying this out in Moscow, or in a small town, anywhere. Normal people will just ignore and laugh at them. They are actually demonstrating what is wrong with most western cities.

    • yes Ive said similar
      they only use major cities where they have police protection…
      if they tried it out in smaller areas theyd be pushed off the rds with 4x4bullbars at best doused with some nice pink paddock marker etc
      theres little support in the REAL world for their tantrums and idiocy

  5. I have great news for WUWT readers and any budding Greta’s living under their roof.

    Without waiting for Govt. legislation they can voluntarily achieve the ‘No Co2 emissions by 2025’ demanded by Extinction Rebellion, by re-evaluating their own modern lifestyles, as with energy consumption set to soar by 50% by 2050, renewables can not take up the fossil fuel energy gap for decades.

    Simply follow these cut out and keep guidelines for a low emissions lifestyle;

    Get rid of your car. Assuming journeys are necessary in the first place, travel only by bus, cycling, walking or train. For students, no parents taxi service. No flying except in an emergency so obviously no foreign holidays and forget ski-ing. No spring water in plastic bottles, No imported food or food out of season when there is a local alternative. No Burgers and little other meat, dairy or fish, no hot daily showers, an embargo on throw away fashion clothes and shoes, no cotton. Infrequent washing of clothes in tepid water and no artificial drying. Drastic reductions of energy guzzling internet and social media, with environmentally damaging smart phones and computers rationed to one a household and kept for years, and curtailment of consumer good purchases. Accept carbon rationing.

    Curtail consumption of habitat destroying coffee and forego endless home deliveries, whether fast food or shoes. Cease attendance at festivals or sporting events, especially overseas or with floodlights. Get rid of your gas cookers and gas heating. Minimal home heating. Boycott new content on tv or film especially when made overseas, expect regular power cuts. Curtail vegan foods which have achieved mythical planet saving status, despite many vegan ingredients being imported –often by air-bearing huge carbon footprints.

    No doubt young local activists believing in this ‘climate emergency’ have taken their own drastic steps to try to prevent it by selflessly regressing to the 18th century and might like to inform the rest of us which measures they have personally implemented? Contributions from publicity seeking but hypocritical celebs and Royals especially welcome.

    Perhaps we ought to leave climate change to nature which has provided extremes of one sort or another throughout the 12000 year long Holocene and instead concentrate on the environment? In many countries this is undoubtedly facing a ‘crisis’


  6. Historians will look back on Ghandi’s civil disobedience as the anti-colonial movement’s greatest strategic blunder.

    Historians will look back on the protest marches as the Anti-Vietnam war movement’s greatest strategic blunder.

    Historians will look back on Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream speech” as the civil rights movement’s greatest strategic blunder.

    If you’re worried about them Eric, it probably means they’re on the right track.

    • No, Loydo, those episodes were based on solid foundations and genuine grievances. These acts on civil disobedience are based on unscientific nonsense. There is not now and never will an existential crisis from CO2 in the atmosphere, unless the world runs low on it.

      • Graham Balderson

        OMG! OMG!

        We are only 250 ppm atmospheric CO2 away from certain mammalian extinction at 150 ppm!!!!!!

        START BURNING STUFF………QUICK!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Yep! Hanoi Jane has not gained one bit of wisdom in all these years. How many times have I urinated on urinal targets with her image? Probably about a thousand. They were still found in latrines at various Army posts in the late 80’s. She has to have the record for being the subject of the most urinal targets in history.

      • Graham B

        You have a point. We are told the end will come when the sun grows into a red giant and swallows the earth. That is not how it will end. The CO2 concentration has been sliding inexorably down for millions of years to the point of near-starvation for all photosynthetic organisms.

        The end will come billions of years before the sun swells. The only option is for humans to develop the skills and technologies to turn limestone into gas on a sustainable scale, meaning life-sustaining CO2.

        In those days of advanced interplanetary travel they will look upon our collective foolishness and know that it was our lack of commitment to true consultation that prevented a quick resolution of the climate change question. In its place we find most people clinging to their vain imaginings and arguing instead. Contention replaces consultation. Wow. We really are not doing well as a species, is that the gist?

        The whole earth nearly died of starvation and we have a chance to save it from that inexorable fate. Good on us.

        • Crispin – As you probably know throughout Earth’s 4-1/2 billion year history episodes of volcanism have been erratic.

          Right now (as you so well wrote) we are at an exceptionally low level of carbon dioxide by historic standards. But massive geological events like the eruption of a few super volcanos or the formation of the Siberian traps could dramatically increase the atmosphere’s carbon dioxide. (The release of massive amounts of carbon dioxide from the Siberian traps may have triggered the end Permian extinction. At least that’s what I’m told. I wasn’t there to see it. ) It’s a natural process, it is an erratic process and of course we have no control over it. It has sustained life for billions of years which suggests it ain’t about to end anytime soon.

          Unless the Earth’s interior cooled down to the point where plate tectonics came to an end and where volcanic hot spots (like Hawaii) disappeared the likeliest scenario is that at some point in the future volcanic activity will again kick into a higher gear And when volcanic activity increases it will naturally increase atmospheric carbon dioxide levels. My understanding is that the earth’s interior will not cool down sufficiently over the next five billion years to cut off plate tectonics. So the final destruction of life on earth will probably not come from a carbon dioxide death but will probably come when the sun becomes a red giant.

          Remarkable how well balanced the earth is.

          • Again, CO2 levels have been dropping for a couple of hundred million years. They dropped as low as 180ppm in the last Ice Age. At that rate they would drop below 150ppm in a couple of million years, and life would start to die off.

            If your Magic Volcano theory was true, we wouldn’t see the constant decline of CO2 in the historical record.

            “Remarkable how well balanced the earth is.”

            Gaia was just another stupid Boomer myth. We’re very lucky to have got this far, and we’re very, very lucky we appeared when we did, because in a couple of million years there’d have been little chance for us.

          • MarkG October 12, 2019 at 5:55 pm

            Again, CO2 levels have been dropping for a couple of hundred million years. They dropped as low as 180ppm in the last Ice Age. At that rate they would drop below 150ppm in a couple of million years, and life would start to die off. –> during ice ages CO2 NEVER dropped below 150 ppm:

            “Carbon dioxide did not cause the end of the last ice age, a new study in Science suggests, contrary to past inferences from ice core records.”


            MarkW, defend your utter drivel –

            What mechanisms have a clue / the means to feed on CO2 until all CO2’s “mass extinction”.

    • Historians are already beginning to question Ghandi’s movement. The country needed a leader – what they got was a spiritual guru and fakir.
      The result – a physically divided country and ongoing enmity and warfare.
      Can’t chalk it up as a success.

    • Loydo

      Gandhi subjected India to half a century of poverty. He is despised by many Indians.

      Your credibility would also be helped if you could spell his name.

      US Soldiers will (and do) reflect on the Anti Vietnam protesters as treasonous activists condemning and vilifying the soldiers who sought to resist communism whilst, in reality, it was an excuse to dodge the draft.

      Martin Luther King’s speech was fine. It was black panther terrorists that were the problem.

      • 1 broadcast by Cronkite did more to end the war than all the anti-war protests ever did.
        It could be argued that the protests actually prolonged the war. Many people who would have come out against the war didn’t, because they did not want to be associated with the protesters.

      • “Martin Luther King’s speech was fine.”

        The truth about Martin Luther King is also starting to come out. There’ll be a lot of streets getting renamed in a decade or two.

    • @Loydo—Those three historic protests weren’t primarily aimed at inconveniencing ordinary citizens, so there’s no parallel with XR.

    • The difference Loydo is people could choose tomorrow of their own free will to stop using fossil fuel, but they don’t make that choice.

      Even extinction rebellion members choose of their own free will to wear synthetic clothes, use nylon tents and use plastic acrylic paint on their signs.

      There is no great societal wrong which needs to be righted, other than perhaps ER’s gross hypocrisy.

    • OK Loydo, time for you to ‘fess up. Please let us have a detailed account of your lifestyle.

    • India is a mess with no relief in sight, Viet Nam is an impoverished, socialist country, and the government’s response to the MLK, Jr movement destroyed the black community (thanks mainly to LBJ and the Democrats).

      You will be proved right, Loydo (a first), even though your comment was suppose to be sarcastic.

    • Once again Loydo demonstrates that her only mental ability is the ability to form logical fallacies and non sequitors.
      According to Loydo, the fact that some protests were successful proves that her protests will be as well.

    • With regard to Gandhi, despite appearing as a simple holy man in minimal dress, he was actually a pretty clever cookie. He knew full well that his non violent civil disobedience would be beaten off the streets by Indian policemen wielding long springy sticks, thus giving his followers the extra kudos of the victim.

      Mercifully, our western police seem wise to the ploy and have not reacted in a way that would swell the ranks of the cult.

      Its also amusing to note, that Gandhi with his manufactured aura of saintliness was something of a magnet for impressionable young girls, and that he may well not have been immune to their charms 🙂

    • Ghandi’s efforts resulted in the Hindu-Muslim split of India and Pakistan, hardly a win.

      The anti-war effort in the US (with media complicity) led to the abject abandonment of our South Vietnamese allies, and the creation of a power vacuum in the region into which Pol Pot moved. ‘Nuff said there.

      MLK Jr. gave a speech. Little bit different there.

  7. “Historians will look back on Ghandi’s civil disobedience as the anti-colonial movement’s greatest strategic blunder.

    Historians will look back on the protest marches as the Anti-Vietnam war movement’s greatest strategic blunder.

    Historians will look back on Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream speech” as the civil rights movement’s greatest strategic blunder.”

    Actually, give historians 200 or so years, and they will come to these conclusions. It may seem impossible or ludicrous to you now… but that’s only now, and only to you.

  8. Global warming would make Earth more habitable because large areas in Siberia, Canada and Greenland would not be so frozen. 0,5 C warming is not existential problem for tropical species like humans. Our existence is a proof that 5 C warming and cooling is life as usual. History is sound here. Distribution of human population around the world tells that we can easily adapt to large variety of temperatures.

    Adaptation is the strategy for coping complex adaptive problems. Giving more money and power to the ruling class is not.

    If winters become milder, you invest in managing rainwater instead of heating bill. If days get warmer you install a cooler to your house. You add more shadow to your balcony and wear a large hat when you are walking outside.

    In warmer climates you start to work at nights and have siesta at noon. You migrate like birds for your vacations and adjust your yearly work life accordingly. You pump water near you to houses and towns like the ancient Romans did. You start to live underground like the cave men did. You grow food in greenhouses with irrigation.

  9. Yes, the same here in Ireland. It looks like the stunt has backfired. It has received very little support and even though it actually hasn’t caused the major disruption of other protests, it has highlighted the lunacy and hypocrisy of the ER movement. With poor numbers too, (in 100s) and dwindling, I think the only ones getting a wake up call, is themselves.


  10. They say that their attack is on the Establishment…to do something and so far undefined. Just generalisation about meat, transport and weeping kids. All of course ill conceived and without practical attainment. Literally the end of the world as we knew it up until yesterday….Douglas Murray.

    The funding primarily defines what they are about and thats an outright attack on ordinary people. A lot to do with the stupid sh*t spewed out in Universities for years. Commies again!

  11. Also many of their claims are so ludicrous that no sane person will believe them. Hopefully once a person realises that some alarmists are lying they will start to question all alarmist claims.

    I note that even parts of the media that support climate alarmism are critical of the Extinction Rebellion, so they realise the harm that is being done to their cause.

  12. ““I understand why they’re doing it, it’s for a good reason and needs to be done, I support them,” a supportive commuter told 9News.”

    It’s not a good reason. There is no climate or extinction emergency. If they would just look at the observed DATA, they would realize that this is a non problem.

    – JPP

  13. It’s worth reminding ourselves of this interview by Andrew Neil of an Extinction Rebellion spokesperson Zion Lights. Andrew Neil pointed out that shrill ER predictions of billions dying within a few decades have no scientific basis. “How will they die??” he asks. Zion Lights pointed out that no answer is needed to questions like that. Inflammatory statements of warming disaster don’t need to be remotely true, they only need to be politically effective. In her own words: “Alarmist language works. That’s why we’re discussing it right now.”

  14. Never interrupt your enemy while he/she/it/them/whatever are busy making a mistake…

    Incidentally, good choice for Nobel Peace Prize, poor Greta – oh wait, HOW DARE YOU !

  15. When it is possible I would leave protesters who have glued themselves to some thing where they are.

  16. If these people believe that the burning of fossil fuels is bad then the least they can do is to stop making use of all goods and services that make use of fossil fuels but they are not doing that. For example, they are wearing clothes that were at one point transported by fossil fuel burning trucks. They should all refrain eating food purchased in stores or raised on farms that make use of equipment that makes use of fossil fuels. After all it is their money that is keeping the fossil fuel companies in business. They should all try sitting very still and taking fewer breaths and hence exhaling less CO2 and H2O into the air and refrain from eating. I am sorry that I cannot help but I am addicted to O2 which my body uses to turn hydrocarbons into CO2 and H2O for energy. I feel that I have to eat every day. I am sorry but I was born that way.

    • Robert Heinlein said it very well in “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress”:

      Must be a yearning deep in human heart to stop other people from doing as they please. Rules, laws — always for other fellow. A murky part of us, something we had before we came down out of trees, and failed to shuck when we stood up. Because not one of those people said: “Please pass this so that I won’t be able to do something I know I should stop.” Nyet, tovarishchee, was always something they hated to see neighbors doing. Stop them “for their own good” — not because speaker claimed to be harmed by it.”
      ― Robert A. Heinlein, The Moon is a Harsh Mistress

  17. Anthony.

    It would be interesting to understand if there is any difference in traffic on your site over this period of XR protests. Particularly new users, if that’s possible.

    My theory is that XR will encourage many of the more objective onlookers to seek reliable information on the subject.

    I’ll also pose the question to Paul Homewood over at notalotofpeopleknowthat.

    • The inimitable Paul Joseph Watson has done a wonderful Youtube video on the XR clowns. The comments are almost entirely supportive! Perhaps the truth is finally starting to emerge.

  18. “Extinction Rebellion’s ongoing efforts to ruin ordinary folk’s daily commute, and mock hard working people with their largely government benefit funded hippy fecklessness, might not be having quite the effect they hoped”

    How do you know they are mostly on benefits?
    Can i see the peer reviewed study on that?
    Too much Breitbart i think.

  19. Anyone else remember Critical Mass’ commute disruptions – favorably? Bicyclists are traffic.

  20. it appears (if correct) that singons to exreb are being paid(at least in the uk) and apparently made 40k in donations
    I posted the info in
    but here it is from the page

    peter mac said:
    The people taking part are being paid £400 per WEEK. From 1 December a formal Payroll system is being set up. Universal Credit is currently £317.82 per MONTH payable 5 weeks after the application, if you are lucky and manage to jump through all the hoops. Work it out, folks.

    I cant verify but I wouldnt be surprised if its correct.

  21. I wonder how many of them with kids are using cloth nappies?
    breast feeding and only glass bottles and jars etc for feeds if not?
    having been around some young mums recently I am staggered at the volume of plastic disposale /nappies and
    trash/ ephemera a modern baby/child is responsible for via idiot parents looking for fast and lazy options.

  22. The ironic upside to the total economic collapse that these people are agitating for is that economically surplus and useless people like this will themselves become extinct and the gene pool will get an obviously necessary cleaning out.

  23. The term extinction rebellion must relate to the fact that if one could lower CO2 levels low enough, All life becomes extinct. With their apparent hatred of the human race maybe this is an intended rather than an unintended consequence of their demands.

  24. In Brisbane, more than 100 activists sat on the roadway

    Wow, that is certainly a mandate from the people. While complicit “forces of law and order” allow law breaking and aid the disruption instead of removing it.

    when the state is complicit in your “opposition” you know you are being taken for a ride.

  25. Looks to me like they are being mollycoddled. Where are the mass arrests? Where’s the outrage? All I see is some grumbling, but they still agree with “the message”. Sickening.

  26. Sure wish these folks would take their wisdom and intelligence to the Third World to show the poor down-
    trodden masses how to cope with the horrors of CAGW! I’m sure many in Asia, Africa and the Americas would be happy to switch places for a few months to help with this vital movement. Poor people from around the globe could travel to England and Europe and be enlightened about the low-carbon lifestyle and their true value to alarmists everywhere! /snarc
    The modern environmental movement; a Progressive religious cult with a nice big dollop of eugenics added!

  27. …as police watched on. Police were diverting traffic and warned motorists to expect delays

    This does this does nothing to garner respect for the police officers. The police should do everything to prevent traffic blocking instead of accommodating these XR nitwits.

    • PaulH

      The police gauge public opinion. If they go in heavy handed now they will be vilified. If they wait until everyone is thoroughly p*ssed off they can do what they want.

  28. X.R. founder, a drug fuelled antiestablishment extremist who has been looking for a way to bring down a government. Tried other ideas that failed then hit upon the “climate crisis ” bandwagon
    Why would any follow her?

    • J Fisk

      Correct. And the movement has been identified as a subversive terrorist organisation by a former head of the Metropolitan Police anti terrorist unit.

  29. So …. what ER does to achieve “0 carbon emissions” is block traffic forcing commuters to run their fossil fueled cars and trucks for an extra hour or so to get where they were going?

    And that makes sense to them?!?!

    • TomRude

      The most interesting bit of that letter is that the DNA/fingerprint/photographic databse will be searched for prior involvement in crime.

      Now whilst this probably doesn’t affect her, there will be a lot of those arrested poo their pants at the prospect of skeletons crawling out the cupboard.

  30. Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming can only be stopped by liberals. The only place it exists is in their heads.

  31. Getting really sick and tired of the authorities and media giving ER a free ride whilst they ruin ordinary people’s lives. How is it legal to stop law abiding citizens going about their business and forcing them to listen to their ridiculous demands which they know cannot possibly be met without millions of deaths and economic ruin for most folk. Even Private Eye, a once great satire magazine here in the UK, gives them an easy ride and even mocks anyone who criticises them. The lunatics really do appear to have taken over the asylum.

  32. They would serve the earth, and their fellow people greatly, if they would just spend their time, energy, and effort, just by simply, PLANTING TREES.

  33. “The elders, lowering themselves to the young, sate themselves with pleasantries and wit, mimicking the young in order not to look unpleasant and despotic”. Plato describing the origins of anarchy.

  34. I conducted a simple experiment in The School of Environmental Sciences at The University of East Anglia, the result of which demonstrated that Rupert Read and Andrew Watson (a former doctoral student of James Lovelock, now at Exeter University) are unable to acknowledge that the sun rises in the sky above them each day in the morning. … … … Use for the recommended searches.

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