Climate Messiah Greta Thunberg Upsets Us “Because we’re not sacrificing”

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Feeling the steely gaze of Saint Greta forcing us to face our failure to show proper climate piety.

Why Greta Thunberg triggers the troglodytes among us

By Lauren Rosewarne
Updated Sat at 10:04am

In spending any time probing the blather of bottom-feeders, there’s a danger of amplifying it.

A risk of implying that it’s common, ubiquitouseven. It isn’t. On the whole, it’s not as though The Internet has it in for Greta Thunberg. 

The teardowns and tirades aren’t everywhere: in my feed they certainly don’t outweigh all the love and praise, the admiration and all the go you good things. 

But there’s an underbelly. A cruel and creepy world where it’s apparently perfectly fine — nay, encouraged — for adults, generally but not exclusively male adults, to shred a 16-year-old to pieces. 

Greta ticks all the boxes — triggers the troglodytes amongst us — in some wholly predictable ways.

In considering the source as less than, we can rationalise not paying proper attention. Afterall, the judgment of our inferiors matters little.

And this is what it’s really about. The pigtails and soft voice takes a backseat to the true problem with Greta Thunberg: she reminds us of the litany of our collective failings. 

Not just about how we don’t care enough, but that we’re not doing enough. That we’re not outspoken enough. That we’re not sacrificing.

That even if we acknowledge that there’s a climate calamity, we’re not forgoing anything for it.

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Compare the climate hypocrisy of today’s urban greens with the life choices of groups like the Amish, who genuinely choose to live low carbon lifestyles according to their religious beliefs.

Even with Saint Greta glaring at them and telling them off, most greens have no genuine intention of giving up anything they truly value, or making significant personal sacrifices.

But listening to Greta’s uncompromising criticism and wallowing in their personal guilt helps green hypocrites feel like they are taking positive steps towards deciding to act.

99 thoughts on “Climate Messiah Greta Thunberg Upsets Us “Because we’re not sacrificing”

    • I would show her more respect if she jumps into an active volcano to fight against climate change, incan style.

      I guess she qualifies.

      But no, she wants other young teenage girls to sacrifice for her. It was never the chief’s daughter the one to be thrown into the volcano, It was always the neighbor’s daugher.

    • A Progressive policy of selective-child or reproductive rites under the planned parenthood protocol for life deemed unworthy of life. Several thousand more improperly sequestered carbon-based babies were unearthed recently. One step forward, two steps backward.

    • Oh well he would : he’s an old white male !!

      the Amish, who genuinely choose to live low carbon lifestyles

      The Amish choose a simple, hard working life style. They have no concept of “low carbon” in their doctrine.

      perfectly fine — nay, encouraged — for adults, generally but not exclusively male adults, to shred a 16-year-old to pieces.

      Well if she went to skool, did her home work and did what 16yo girls do, she would get left alone. If she has the naive arrogance to think she has the right to lecture the rest of the world and decides to take to the stage of world politics, she forfeits the right left alone. Maybe her parents should have considered that before abusing her to further their own political agenda.

      • The point is, they happen to live much closer to the professed belief of the Church of Climatology than anyone in the Church of Climatology. Which clearly shows that the latter are talking the talk, but aren’t even trying to walk the walk.

      • Since nothing bad has happened and even the looniest of climate nuts isn’t predicting bad stuff for another 10 to 20 years. And since she hasn’t been a “child” for several years now.

        How exactly has anyone “stolen” her childhood?

      • Icisil. Lolololol look at the train picture… all that plastic, yet people are saying the truth is mean and unfair… Some people are far to deluded

      • Do you think someone brought her those bananas by rowboat, or sailboat, from the tropics?
        Maybe a team of pony express horses?

    • Brent… I absolutely love Mr Clarkson, as he speaks the truth! Thankfully his voice is heard by many millions….

      How dare you sail to America on a carbon fibre yacht that you didn’t build which cost £15million, that you didn’t earn, and which has a back-up diesel engine that you didn’t mention,” he said in a column for The Sun.

      “Pause for a moment to consider how soundly you sleep at night, knowing that adults are building and servicing and flying Sweden’s fighter planes. To keep you safe. We gave you mobile phones and laptops and the internet. We created the social media you use every day and we run the banks that pay for it all, so how dare you stand there and lecture us, you spoilt brat

  1. ?? Not sacrificing? We’re all sacrificing time and energy as we’re being forced to listen to that baseless hysteria. We’d rather save all our time and energy for science and real data.

    • I’m gonna guess that most of the readers of this post sacrifice the best part of our lives every day designing, managing, building and repairing all the stuff that makes Greta’s and Griff’s lives possible. I’m gonna futher guess that most of those who are not so engaged were previously active in this manner but have worn them selves out and are now “enjoying” a few years of focus on their actual passions before they depart these fair shores. Sacrifice, my ass, go make something useful you little twit.

  2. The deluded and essentially ignorant Greta deserves whatever derision and pushback she gets. Those of use who don’t worship at The First Church of the Weather Cult, rightly, don’t care what she’s ranting about. Why? Because Global Cooling…no wait, Global Warming…rats…Climate Change has always been a scam where normal people are supposed to sacrifice their liberty and property to leftist control freaks.

    • I don’t think anything should be directed at Greta, she is just reading scripts given to her by her handlers, she is essentially just a brilliant marketing icon for Big Green.

  3. A quick search for ‘sacrifice’ brings very entertaining information on the ways it was understood by ancient civilizations.

    Is that the inspiration of the population control Greenocrates have in mind?

  4. Troglodytes Unite! That’s not a “steely gaze” from Greta, that’s derangement writ large. I wish she would get some help, otherwise this is not going to end well.

    • It’s theatre, nothing but theatre. She’s been practicing in front of the mirror all week. She’s not bad, she could get a future as an actress.

      • No, she’s does not qualify as an actress, even with long tresses. Her performance in New York was miserable, the way she paused before every outbreak, totally unconvincing, a sham. No matter how much she hersef is a believer, she only affronts people by such a charade.

        No Greta, change to dating cute boys, now’s the time for it! And let us hope it is not the raging Greta they will have in mind on a date. I’m sure she can be a perfectly sweet girl.

  5. Most of the criticism of Greta Thunberg is that, as a sixteen year old, she doesn’t know anything about the science. Instead she speaks with the confidence of ignorance.

    That would obviously be offensive to others who don’t know what they are taking about either. It means they are being challenged to doubt their faith. Being asked to look at the evidence.

    That’s hard work.
    And it’s heresy.

  6. Pot, Kettle, black comes to mind.

    When she starts living a pre-industrialized lifestyle then she can preach…

    A modern high technology yacht is not having a reduced carbon footprint. Traveling all over the planet is not a small carbon footprint.

    • It would be really interesting to watch her get though a Scandinavian winter relying on solar panels and wind turbines. I for one will not be changing my lifestyle based on the ramblings of a 16 year old ret ard 😉

    • I agree: put her to work on a Mennonite or Amish farmstead, where she has to churn the butter by hand, make the cheese she wants from scratch like all the other things she usually just buys (e.g., bread), has to iron her clothing with an old-fashioned iron that has to be heated by coals in the fireplace or on the stove, has to cook on a wood-fired stove (that is a REAL skill!), has to use oil lamps and/or candles made from tallow (stinky!) to read stuff after dark, and no telephones or electronic communications equipment of any kind.
      I know, I know – many of the Amish communities have adopted some modern ways, but there are still those which prefer the older ways and stick to them.
      However, her uninformed view of the world speaks volumes about the fact that she is basing her scolding on ignorance of what the real world is like. I have some sympathy for her, because I have seen other kids to young and uninformed to protest it, being treated this way, like puppets, by their parents. It is an abomination that should not be allowed.

  7. Remember here in Minnesota we set all time, meaning 200 year record lows in a number of cities for a number of years. I think climate change means colder weather. JOHN ROSA

  8. Eric

    Perhaps its time to do a survey of the virtue signalling family of posters here who are getting over excited over a non existent climate crisis. The IPCC never said ‘We have 12 years to save the planet.”

    The question remains, who would want to emulate Greta’s donning of hair shirts?

    Would they be prepared to give up their comfortable lifestyles for a vague promise that temperatures might be a tenth of a degree lower in 100 years if they revert to a medieval life style?

    Students determined to follow the no emissions path will need to forego many modern day comforts and journey only by bus, cycling, walking or train. No parents taxi service. No flying except in an emergency. No spring water in plastic bottles, No imported food or food out of season when there is a local alternative. Little meat, dairy or fish, no hot daily showers, an embargo on throw away fashion clothes, no cotton. Infrequent washing of clothes in tepid water and no artificial drying. Drastic reductions of energy guzzling internet and social media, with smart phones and computers rationed to one a household and kept for years, and a reduction in purchases of consumer goods.

    Only weekly cups of habitat destroying coffee and foregoing endless home deliveries of everything from fast food to shoes. No attendance at festivals or sporting events, especially overseas or with floodlights. Minimal home heating. Expect regular power cuts. Curtail vegan foods which have achieved mythical status on their ability to save the planet. Many vegan ingredients come from all over the world, often by air and have huge carbon footprints.

    In short, students (and adults) believing in the ‘climate emergency’ will need to make considerable sacrifices and adopt more frugal lifestyles, not just during school years when passions and certainties burn brightest. .

    Now which sacrifices will you be signing up to? More importantly, as we know the answer, which of the sacrifices will the virtue signalling friends and family of posters here sign up to, bearing in mind renewable energy will not bail out their often profligate lifestyle?


    • Tonyb, I would love to have even a small woodburning stove in my house for cold weather emergencies. Would you like to fund the purchase and installation for me?????

        • stuff the particulate faff..
          a decent wood fire warms the entire home and can be used to cook and heat water
          so it serves 3 purposes and if you operate it well the emissions should be rather low
          I am out of redgum and am using scrap pallets and offcuts that would otherwise be burnt BY our council into the open air, 3 large armfulls used sparingly is keeping mu home at bearablelevels while the temps are dropping outside down to about 6c now and zero to 2c is expected.

          Sara if rooms limited but you have some ventilation ie a flue/ look up the rocket stove principles for INhome use on youtube.

      • sara

        that’s not a sacrifice, that’s a comfort. you need to forget the idea of a wood burning stove because of the particulates, but we will allow you a very thick woollen blanket, provided its second hand.


    • “to follow the no emissions path will need to forego many modern day comforts and journey only by bus, cycling, walking or train.”

      There’s no such thing as a no emission lifestyle; even after dying you are still “emissioning”.

  9. “By Lauren Rosewarne
    Updated Sat at 10:04am

    Greta ticks all the boxes — triggers the troglodytes amongst us — in some wholly predictable ways.

    From the posterior backwards psychology of Lewserandowsky.

    What triggers us rational folks is the shameless child abuse of that 16 year old. From the false environmental propaganda fed to her to putting that poor child in front of any crowd, audience or camera possible to bleat out the falsehoods taught to her.

    Greta’s hard stare and emotional upset is just further evidence of ignorant abuse she has received from religious advocates demonizing CO₂.

  10. “Children should be seen and not heard!”
    However, I would make an exception in sweet, happy Greta’s case.
    I don’t want to see her either!

  11. To be fair, these days, merely stating that one thinks the media hype around this 16-year old (who has, naturally, absolutely no expertise in the field of climate science or any other relevant field of study) is ridiculous seems to qualify as “shredding her to pieces”. People who are in their right mind will immediately recognize the absurdity of the situation; putting a 16-year-old on the frontline is just wrong, no matter how you look at it. It’s not like anyone could not have foreseen the amount of hate and unpleasantness she would receive from this. She’s the one being sacrificed, allright.

  12. She is right. There are many old teachers and party officials who are scheming to take us back onto the Capitalist-Landlordist road. Children must take the lead in defending the people against these dangerous plotters. Strike against them with Chairman Mao thought.

    Lady Mao

    Folks at this point I am ready to lash myself to Donald Trumps mast as our only hope of stopping the insanity of the Green Cultural Revolution. Time to hit the mental mattresses inevitable collateral damage and all. DJT is a blunt imperfect instrument but he works.

  13. What?! No phone, no lights, no motor car, not a single luxury. Like Robinson Crusoe, it’s as primitive as can be!
    Greens could be living in an Amish Paradise, but no, it is their job to tell others how to live, not to set examples.

  14. Meh. Only a fool would listen to a science ignorant 16 year old for substantive information relating to the false canard known as ‘climate change’.

  15. Little hypocrite Climate Greta sailed a high-profile publicity stunt voyage to the U.S. in a $5Million racing yacht… The crew for the boat is making 2 trips on jets to return to Europe from NY, and a trip back to NY to sail the boat back… The “carbon footprint” of the crew’s jet travel will be “offset” by spending money on carbon reducing projects, which of course do not reverse the carbon released during the jet travel…

    What we saw at the UN was an unhinged and uneducated climate version rant in the style David Hogg.
    Wild assertions with no factual basis.

    • To be frank, I don’t view that as hypocrisy on her part. Yes, I think she is obnoxious and self-absorbed, but I also take into account that she has distinct comprehension problems. I view her parents as the guilty parties in this, not her. She is only doing what they tell her she SHOULD do, and the UN rant was on of them, the expensive yacht was another.

      The worst part of this is that she is used to getting all this attention and adulation and it will die away before long.

  16. Sometimes absurdity is best illustrated with absurdity. In this spirit, and noting that Greta is talking about nothing less than the destruction of the Earth, I would note that dogs are pretty much obligate carnivores. Since we have learned that eating meat is going to hasten the end of life as we know it, hadn’t we better decree that the owning of dogs as pets is impermissible and people with just have to put all their Fido’s and Fifi’s to sleep. Cats, too.

    I mean let’s get serious, if we are talking, as Greta is, about the destruction of the planet.

    Do I need to say something about this being sarcasm?

  17. She’s gotten a taste of fame, adulation and power, which is intoxicating and ensures she will cling to it ever more tightly. Does it p*ss me off that someone who knows nothing about the subject has somehow gotten to the point where she is invited to speak about it at the United Nations? Yes it does. But I’m not p*ssed off at her. I’m p*ssed off at the people who are promoting and funding her, and at the laziness of the politicians who know d*mn well they are going to do absolutely nothing in response to her despair and anger, but nod their heads and pretend to sagely agree rather than dress her down and put her in her place. Not one of them had the guts to stand up and ask Greta if she understood the pain and suffering and death of billions if the world were to do what she is asking. Cowards, the lot of them.

    Grieving Greta will go on to a write a book (by write a book, I mean someone will write a book that she’ll put her name on) that will be widely distributed by her promoters and handlers. She’ll continue to be invited to speak at all manner of events, and it will eventually don on her (by her, I mean her handlers) that she can charge handsomely for speaking fees to large audiences of alarmists who wish to be more alarmed.

    She’s going to wind up rather wealthy by knowing nothing and being wrong. The world isn’t fair, I accept that. But for this brat to stand on a world stage, dragging in both fame and wealth while screaming rhetoric that any layman who bothers to look into the facts could debunk in a few sentences… If she ever has an epiphany and realizes how wrong she is, she’ll wind up speaking and writing a book about too, and raking in even more dough… that’s a level of unfair that just p*sses me off.

    She’s another Paul Erhlich (but with vastly less education) who will have a long and lucrative career of being spectacularly wrong but wealthy from it. Sometimes the world isn’t just unfair, but also absurd in spades at the same time. This is one of them. If some vitriol gets launched her way, it bothers me little. But it is the cowards who refuse to engage with her that deserve our vitriol.

  18. Any fool that believes that ALL animals on Earth breath out “pollution”” every time they exhale does have serious mental problems…….PERIOD !

    • It’s a long walk, but as I guess the Grauniad thinks Greta can stroll on water, then she should comfortably be home for Christmas [2020].
      Will her worshipers also walk – or sail – everywhere?


  19. “But there’s an underbelly. A cruel and creepy world where it’s apparently perfectly fine — nay, encouraged — for adults, generally but not exclusively male adults, to shred a 16-year-old to pieces. ”

    So when she’s, say, an 18-year-old or a 20-year-old it will be fair game to shred her arguments?

  20. Listening to a liberal whine about how conservatives have no manners has got to be one of the great ironies of the past century.

  21. No sacrifices? I wonder how many people in the third world would be lifted out of crushing poverty if the $1 trillion to $2 trillion spent every year “fighting climate change” were instead directed towards providing safe drinking water, food, shelter and medical assistance. Or maybe that’s the kind of “sacrifice” that satisfies these people?

    • If the money spent on this nonsense were to be redirected, I am certain it would be more than enough to rapidly and completely eliminate a wide variety of problems and causes of suffering in the world.
      Which is only one of the extremely galling aspects of this whole regrettable episode in history.

  22. Greta is correct in criticizing the UN and politicians, but for the wrong reasons. They are hypocritical in the do as I say not as I do.
    However the part that should be discussed is that many of them do not believe that humans cause most warming. They are getting themselves into a real jam if any lawsuits should become successful based on all the misinformation and lying. Will they ever wake up and admit that the ASSUMPTION that CO2 causes mot warming was a mistake. Why should I have to pay for someone else’s greed and errors.
    This is the biggest scam today.
    As a previous comment said, “why should someone who knows little about climate and weather get elevated so high?” I know may scientists who should have been there instead.
    The answer lies in the media who have abdicated their responsibility in accurate broadcasting and put greed up front.

  23. Hey Greta, I have a suggestion.. you should take a walk around around Europe and visit every single war grave site from the two world wars. Look at the gravestones of the dead, check their ages. You will find here 17, 18 , 19 year olds, just a few years older than you.. who really did fight an existential threat and had their hopes and dreams permanently removed.. these young men and women fought and died so that you can stand and speak freely. Now your handlers advocate the kind of control and power in the hands of a few, the very thing those young people faught to prevent.

    You need some perspective and some humility.

    It’s not all about you.. go back to school and learn your history…

  24. Saint Greta Green (possibly with some minor assistance from her handlers /sarc) is putting herself in highly visible public spaces and has to live with the consequences of that. She doesn’t need the protective sympathy of Ms Rosewarne; the torrent of sycophantic adulation that she receives should more than outweigh the negative comments of a small number of skeptics. Most of which she probably never sees anyway, living as she now does in the glare of the spotlights, surrounded by a crowd of admirers, fellow-travellers, hangers-on and (if I’m not mistaken) speechwriters. And most of the comments I’ve seen don’t really seem that offensive to me.

    If she holds up under the pressure of being a media star, Saint Greta may well become a leader (or a figurehead) of the global war on prosperity. And being a world figure, she will get a lot of negative things said about her. It’s part of the job description, and a thick skin is a job requirement.

    • Exactly.
      She is in the realm of politics now, and stands as a member of the hard left fringe.
      Politics aint beanbag, even in times when the fringes are being ignored, and most voices are calmly from rational and centrist positions.
      These people are openly calling for revolution, and acting like opposing a Socialist (translation: Communist) revolution is something no thoughtful person ought do.
      In fact they know they are on the fringe and have no credibility among the majority, which is why the ones organizing this insanity know better then to stand front and center themselves.

      If the people this author is talking about were half as strident as the people calling for this revolution, they would be in the crowd at these events, throwing tomatoes and rocks at the stage.

  25. Berndt Koch, excellent points, and I would add that students should be taught CLIMATE history as well, and not the adulterated and massaged versions either. If the youth were taught what actually happened with regard to climate, including how harsh even LIAs are and how much better the world’s climate is today, and tomorrow, they would be less doom-mongering.

  26. Does anyone here who lived through the Cuban missile crisis think that the climate alarmists today can compare the fears then of the public at large, but especially of young people, with the fears now associated with climate change?

    • Do the “fears now” exist as a mass trend at all?
      This requires one to believe in the Maxwell Demon Apocalypse. Yet, who truly believes (rather than virtue signaling to affirm they are Good And Great, or at least not evil witches)?
      Not the bishops, they are hypocrites — #GreensGoByAir and all that. Abbots? Not seeing “the NGOs themselves in sackcloth and ashes” yet. Preachers don’t appear any more sincere — not so laughably blatant about it, but they don’t wear sackcloth either. Inquisition of the Church of Climatology (10:10) seems to have salivating daydreams about the Reign Of Terror to be, rather than flailing and moaning in nightmares, too.
      So who does believe it? Except (maybe) an autistic child from Sweden?

  27. It is no surprise that there are entire articles written defending, and justifying, and even feigning obliviousness to, the fact that Greta is being used as a human shield by climate alarmists.
    And some may even be in a state of sincere and abject unawareness that this is what is happening.

    Think about this: A hateful political movement bent on seizing power by any means necessary, puts a kid out in front of the whole world to preach about how wicked we are and how scared she is, as a way of trying to shame people to their cause.
    She has no specific knowledge beyond what she has been force fed by other people, and so is merely reading prepared speeches and scripts and perhaps an occasional heartfelt belief.

    But she is presented as some sort of brave and illustrious savant, whom we all must heed lest we cause her angst to fester.

    And yet what she is pleading for amounts to voting for the hard leftist factions of the political spectrum.

    And she is given widespread attention and media coverage, and millions of kids skip out of school to block traffic and tie up our airwaves and cities on her say so…or so we are led to believe.

    And since she is a child, and a female, and scared (or so we are to believe), no one opposed to any of this can speak up, or be labeled by these hateful liars in the media, and by legions of her devoted fans and likeminded lickspittle sycophants, as some sort of degenerate child-attacking misogynist bullies.

    The fact is these people are only talking to themselves.
    No amount of gaslighting will convince anyone with a brain and some gumption that shit is shinola, or that they have no right to voice a contrary opinion.

    Using a little girl as a shied, in order to deflect criticism, silence dissenters, and shame those with another view or opinion…this is not something to be proud of.
    It is in fact as shameless and despicable as any behavior could possibly be.
    And yet I am fairly certain this author was feeling very proud of herself when she wrote this garbage.

    • Nicholas

      In the UK the BBC has banned any opposition to the AGW “consensus” that the science is settled. As for Sky, it seems to be more zealous than the BBC but I am not aware of any official ban on AGW contrarians by Sky. ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5 are much the same.

      The only time you hear an AGW critic is on a live show where it is too late to silence an AGW critic.

      We have CNN, pro AGW, but no Fox News.

      AGW will continue to be the talking point and government policy until it isn’t. It could be some time.

      • Its already dying. The BBC is very much under fire, the Naga episode demonstrates that they have lost the goodwill of the public.

  28. And this is what it’s really about. The pigtails and soft voice takes a backseat to the true problem with Greta Thunberg: she reminds us of the litany of our collective failings.

    Grrrrrreta reminds me of her parents’ collective failings, not mine.
    PS What “soft voice”?
    PPS I like Swedish meatballs but I don’t take their advice.

    • Relax child, and try to become more self-aware.
      What you are doing here is a textbook example of psychological projection.
      Is your cognitive dissonance making it utterly impossible for you to recognize who exactly is being hysterical these days*?

      *Hint: Compare the definitions of “alarmist” and “hysterical”.
      Next, just for laughs, look up the etymology of the word “hysterical”.

      Then learn some facts and come back when you have something substantive to contribute.

  29. ANY 16 year old should be corrected when they justify their incorrect beliefs with false information. I still hear my father’s voice on my shoulder when I am forgetting his advice to me at that age.

    Is it not the responsibility of adults to teach the young, no matter how strident they are?

    Using Greta this way is the same tactic of using ‘97% of scientists’ – they must not be questioned (lest the man behind the curtain is revealed).

    Perhaps Greta should be replaced by a puppy, as nobody could find fault with their cuteness, could they?

  30. That is a very good point indeed.
    We can be reasonably sure the Amish folk believe in their ways, because they act on their beliefs, even when it’s inconvenient.
    The Progressives, especially the very late versions, consistently fail to act on their professed beliefs. In this and many other things. Thus we can be likewise reasonably sure that they don’t argue in good faith, and whichever great Current Truth is being preached is but convenient mimicry for them.

  31. The left wing media response is so predictable. They deliberately put up a handicapped child to lead their charge knowing that if anyone dare critisise her they can use their standard moral outrage tactic to fire back and hopefully score political points to further their totalitarian cause.

    The sad part is the harm this does to Greta, who being autistic would be under severe mental stress in dealing with the enorous media attention and public speaking. In effect, she is the left’s collateral damage, the scarificial lamb that will eventually break down and be placed in an institution or perhaps even take he own life, allowing the left to score more points by blaming their opponents, whilst all the time ignoring the fact they put her in this position.

    • It is exactly what the so-called Palestinians are up to when they launch attacks into Israel from the roofs of schools and hospitals, and/or buildings adjacent to them.
      It is the moral equivalent of a soldier marching into a battlefield with an infant strapped to their chest.

  32. I have stated this before, elsewhere. Greta Thunberg is being used and abused by the Left. They are putting far too much pressure on a young girl who already has too many mental and emotional challenges to deal with. If something tragic comes out of this it will not surprise me, and the blame should be laid directly at the feet of the climate activists and the Left in general. But they will believe that anything that happens to this child was worth it in the name of saving the Earth.

  33. Well, when she kills a few communists and socialists and mooslime terrorists she can come talk to me. Till then she can (SNIPPED) SUNMOD

  34. Greta tables the IPCC Special Report on 1.5 degrees Warming and says “ follow the scientists”.
    Here is what they say, not what I say, she says.
    Like Al Gore, Greta is unable to debate or answer any reasonable question about the “ science”.
    She refers questions to her “ handlers”.
    The Climate Intelligence Group of 500 need to keep pushing the demand for a debate in 2020.
    The settled science cannot stand any audit or debate.See-
    (1) The Intelligence Squared Debate in 2007 in New York.Winner: Proponents win: Climate change is not a crisis.
    (2) The debate 2016/18. Winner : Professor Will Happer over Dr. David Karoly.
    (3). The Soho Forum Debate 2019. Winner Craig Idso over Jeffrey Bennett. “ No dangerous global warming”.
    The debate is over. The ‘settled science’ has lost.

  35. Hey Greta fans paddle a canoe in the Congo and see who the real people are making sacrifices .
    They would love to have what you have .
    And not to be a dream wrecker but humans don’t set the earths temperature , natural climate variables do .
    I know sad but true .
    On a cheery note, one of the top scientist in the world on polar bears , Susan Crockford says that
    polar bears are doing better than spun in some media . In fact polar bears are “thriving ” despite some loss of sea ice . Seals are good too. Maybe they are adapting like they have always done and as we will to either cooling or warming .
    One thing for sure Mother nature is still the boss and we are fortunately almost entirely irrelevant .
    You want to protect Polar bears and Grizzlies then make sure trophy hunting is banned but if you want to believe the earth has a fever or there is a climate emergency then you will appreciate the word of 500 scientists that in no uncertain terms advised the UN in writing … there is “no climate emergency” .
    Hopefully if you believe the word of scientists that help stop the bad dreams of kids who have been lied to and manipulated for years .

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    Stand der türkischen Militäroffensive in Nord-Syrien

    BVerfG-Entscheidung sieht Anti-IS-Einsatz als rechtmässig:

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