Teen Climate Activist Speaks To Congress

From The Daily Caller

Mary Margaret Olohan Social Issues Reporter

September 19, 2019 9:44 AM ET

A teen climate activist spoke to Congress Wednesday and urged members of the House of Representatives to “listen to the scientists.”

Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg, 16, said to Congress she was not there to deliver prepared remarks but to present a special report on global warming. (RELATED: Swedish Student Tells People Not To Be Hopeful About Climate Change, But To ‘Panic’ Instead)

“I am submitting this report because I don’t want you to listen to me,” Thunberg said. “I want you to listen to the scientists, and I want you to unite behind the science, and then I want you to take real action, thank you.”


131 thoughts on “Teen Climate Activist Speaks To Congress

  1. She wants us to panic 😡! What utter bullshit, How many people, children will suffer with anxiety and depression due to a CO2 seeing child! This is utterly disgusting and shameful.

    • A lot of those same kids still believe that Santa Claus won’t leave them any presents if they don’t go to bed early on Christmas Eve. Kids will by and latrge believe anything that adults with an agenda tell them. Greta Thunderpants is only a few years removed of believing in one unprovable religious creation, now replaced by anorther.

    • Anyone heard of Aimee Semple McPherson, here we go again!
      I am not religious in the least but how many more false profits…
      Nah, these charlatans have always existed since somebody rounded up the flocks of willing fools.
      They are parasites upon the ignorant and dimwitted.
      Unfortunately parasites sometimes cause plagues.

    • This has now gone so far over the top it’s now firmly in the column of “camp.” Like a Monty Python skit done to self-parody whomever this week is taking themselves too seriously. Guess what? These little pawns are going to wake up 10 years from now in even greater comfort and prosperity than they now enjoy, and lo and behold, “Climate Armageddon” is now as quaint as past “existential threats” like “acid rain” and the “ozone hole” brought to you by the sunscreen industry. And the world will still turn . . .

      Meanwhile, normal people everywhere don’t waste a moment on this nonsense; it’s one reason why any decent YouTuber now has more views than CNN, and NPR has to panhandle to stay on the air. Ditto for “mass extinction,” “plastic phobia” and “toxins in everything.” Starts looking like Charlie Brown’s “pantophobia,” as Lucy explained, “the fear of EVERYTHING!” Not enough problems? Make some up!
      Sounds like “first-world” BS to everyone without a gross excess of time and money on their hands.
      Kindly offer your children a second opinion on the Marxist crap they learn in school, OK?

  2. Now many are saying she is Jesus retuning! Proving once and for all that Climate Change IS a religious cult! The media giving credence to a kid with major mental issues is embarrassing and dangerous. Her parents should be charged with child abuse!

    Her “umm and ahh” answer with no actual evidence, when asked by a senator about whether she knew anyone affected by CC, was even more painful than this video.

  3. I saw a clip on the News the other night of one of the Congresswomen asking a simple , courteous question about the people Greta had said she had seen suffering because of CChange. The Congressman ask for a couple of examples. She was flustered, could not answer it, she looked left and right as if looking for support.
    So it just shows us most of what she says is scripted or prepackaged. She is being manipulated .

    • She saw them in the same way & place that she sees CO2.

      Mebbe when she looked left and right she was looking at the invisible suffering people …

    • I’m not a fan of Greta, but I didn’t think it was quite that bad. Here is the transcript from C-SPAN. Sorry for the all-caps. That’s how it is in the original:



      • I have doubts about the level of her ‘issues’ as well as the ‘spontaneity’ and origin of her protest:
        Rebecca Weidmo Uvell, an independent journalist,
        has obtained an email that reveals Bo Thoren, the leader
        of a group called Fossil Free Dalsland, was searching
        for fresh green faces.
        In February last year, he invited a group of environmental
        activists, academics and politicians to plan “how we can involve
        and get help from young people to increase the pace of the
        transition to a sustainable society”
        (Translation: The Adults of the West are increasingly aware this
        is a false crisis, so we should get the kids involved)
        The family’s story is that Greta launched a one-girl “School Strike’
        at the Swedish Parliament on the morning of August 20th last year.
        Head of the media platform ‘We Don’t Have Time’ happened to be
        passing.Inspired, Rentzhog posted Greta’s Photograph on his own
        facebook page. By late afternoon, the newspaper Dagens Nyheter had
        Greta’s story and face on it’s website, The rest is viral
        But this isn’t the full story. In emails, Rentzhog told me he
        “met Greta for the first time” at the Parliament and “did not know
        Greta or her parents” before then. Yet in the same emails, the
        media entrepreneur admitted to having met Greta’s mother
        “3-4 months before everything started” – in early May last year,
        when he and Malena shared a stage at a Stockholm Conference
        called the Climate Parliament.
        Nor did Rentzhog stumble on Greta’s ‘protest’ by accident. He
        now admits to having been informed “the week before via a
        mailing list from a climate activist” named Bo Thoren.

  4. …urged members of the House of Representatives to “listen to the scientists.”

    This carefully-programmed juvenile message-bringer could well tell the wise solons to start their listening with one Dr. Judith A. Curry.

    • Listen to the scientists…what about Judith Curry and Roy Spencer…NO! Not those scientists!

      Our Congress is about as thoughtful a deliberative body as your average short bus kindergarten.

  5. Ja. Ja. I told you. There is your next and probably last anti christ. She will come to great power once the bread basket in NA has been wiped out due to the drought times that can last for a decade. Mind you, it will be due to natural climate change, but by that time: who cares. And then she will make an alliance with the false prophet…no wonder they know more in Dubai about AI then anywhere else. …

  6. It requires a mind blowing amount of carbon to build a sailboat. I have owned 16 new cruising sloops.
    Dacron,nylon, mylar and kevlar sails can’t be recycled. Epoxy/fibre hulls can’t be recycled. The coatings are toxin. The anti-fouling bottom paint is a toxin. Boat transit runs 5 mpg delivering a yacht on a lowboy trailer.

    Anodizing and hardening the spars is a toxic procedure. Having said that sailing is a sport, competitive deemed as superior to any kind of Psych counseling known to man, You just can’t go to work Monday angry.

    I suspect most boats are not being sailed but are not hauled to the dump. Sailing is done away from the city and light pollution. It lacks noise and sound pollution.

    I know nobody that sails for virtue signaling.
    Hiking messing around in a cabin, anything off the grid is healthy.

  7. This is child abuse. They keep comparing this to WWII. I remember it well, and if our ancestors had done to us, even if we only had a few years, and actually at the beginning there was concern in that direction, what they are doing now, they would have been in serious trouble. I knew someone who was in the German Youth Corps, he didn’t want to talk about it.

  8. And in another story posted today, the Senate (purportedly senior to the House) is listening to third-graders.

  9. So I wrote a letter to our members of parliament in Canada.
    Why do they not ask me to speak?
    She knows nothing about climate and weather, I have decades of it.
    Shows how gullible the media and politicians are.

  10. A sixteen year old who does not attend school. Third graders who can’t spell climate or find ice on the globe. We are in deep trouble. These are not prophets and they have nothing to offer. They are pawns being used. Their parents should be ashamed of the brain washing they are getting.

    • However, the parents are NOT ashamed of the brain washing given to their children, in fact they adamantly support it.
      How many of these parents are aware of the Royal Society’s 1660 motto “Nullius in verba”?
      Sorry, stupid question, I apologize.

  11. Why is Congress listening to the whims of a mentally ill child? Why are her parents not giving her the treatment she desperately needs?

    • Asperger’s is NOT considered a mental illness. DH.
      wiki – In 2013, the diagnosis of Asperger’s was removed from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5), and people with these symptoms are now included within the autism spectrum disorder along with autism and pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified (PDD-NOS)

      • weird isnt it?
        cos not speaking not eating and not talking without aspergers IS considered mentally aberrrant..
        hell of a lot of american kids are on ssri meds from 4 upwards for similar issues
        and since the Idiot NOT savant Greta came along?
        a sh*tload more will be whacked on meds for stress over a pile of garbage and lies like this daft bint is ramping up

        • ozspeaksup September 21, 2019 at 6:33 am
          cos not speaking not eating and not talking without aspergers IS considered mentally aberrrant..
          hell of a lot of american kids are on ssri meds from 4 upwards for similar issues

          says a lot about the USA – SSRI stands for Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor. SSRI antidepressants are a type of antidepressant that work by increasing levels of serotonin within the brain. FROM 4 YEARS!!!!! Yikes. thankfully we have the NHS where profit is not a motive.

      • I work with children (not indoctrinated in CAGW), and I take care of some austitic ones, and it certainly is a mental dis-ease, except in rare cases. Let’s not be blinded by words, a mental disorder is essentlially the same thing as a disease or an illness.

  12. I used to think medieval Europeans were incredibly stupid for believing that the Children’s Crusade was a sensible act. I now realize that modern people are no more intelligent than they.

      • If one was accused of being a witch then the test was to weight them down and throw them in the water.
        If they floated, then they were a witch and burned at the stake.
        If they didn’t float, then they were not a witch and were not burned at the stake.
        Of course, they were dead. But at least everybody knew the accusation was false.
        (Sort of reminds me of all the, sometimes 30+ year old, sexual harassment claims made against certain people. All for an “asterisk”.)

        • Author Terry Pratchett’s ‘witch finder’ (she sought out potential witches for training) had practiced underwater knot untying and underwater swimming!

  13. “present a special report on global warming.”

    The link above was to a USAToday story. USAToday is negative information. It sucks information out of your head.

    does anybody have a link to the real report?

  14. Well, boys and girls, right in keeping with the US Congress listening to a 16-year-old being exploited by her parental units, I found a forecast from 2018 by an astrologer (oh, shush!) who says the following about what will happen to the climate.

    Here’s astrologer Theodore White’s forecast from 2018 regarding geophysical events for Earth. Date is 10/20/2018, almost a year ago.

    In January 2020, Saturn and Pluto will meet in a new global conjunction, ending the influence of their previous conjunction of 1982.

    During 2020, that will be followed by three (3) Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions in tropical Capricorn before mid-December 2020, when Jupiter and Saturn conjoin to complete the inauguration of the new era of the decade of the 2020s.

    These transits call on the historic era I have forecasted for years as the ‘cardinal crisis decade’ of the Twenty-Tens and the ‘cardinal climax years’ of 2019 and 2020 highlighting major cultural, economic, demographic, generational, political, geophysical and religious changes just ahead (of 2018).

    The Sun’s Grand Minimum will soon get underway and in this new climate of global cooling we are entering a mini-ice age as the Earth becomes cloudier, wetter and cooler. (Note: Sun is in a solar minimum now.)

    The weather of global cooling will last into the early 2050s, and so it is incumbent upon anyone reading this to think long and hard before moving to coastlines which will suffer great damage from frequent storms.

    My major concern is also torrential rains and floods under which is going to mark the years and decades ahead in the climate of global cooling.

    Most regions worldwide at mid-latitudes will be powerfully affected by the extreme weather – both rural and urban.

    Now, since White made that forecast in October 2018 and we can look back on the last 12 months to compile a list of REAL events that occurred, weather-wise, would you rather listen to this guy (who seems to have a modicum of sense)? Or would you run to a 16-year-old who is being exploited by her adult parents as some sort of Messianic interpreter of invisible gases?

    Seriously, I’ll take the astrologer ahead of the kid, and I do not mean any offense toward Greta by that. She is a victim of parental exploitation and greed. They are despicable. She may mean well, and she was quite polite when she read her message to Congress, but her usefulness will fade over time, and we all know it.

    Any questions?

    • Astrology ? Wow, I’ll talk our weather guy into considering it as a viable alternative to costlier methods.

      • Astrology is not much different than the scientific study of the sun, planets and their relative positions. It is well studied and documented today and was likely studied by those before us.
        Take a peek at this

        There is an alignment expected in the next ten years that is very similar to a planet alignment during the Maunder Minimum. With our current solar minimum and coming Grand Solar Minimum, I believe it is hardly a coincidence.

        • It may be fun to dabble in Astrology, but at least do it as an informed participant.

          Subjective Validation
          The Forer Effect (also called the Barnum Effect or Subjective Validation Effect) refers to the tendency to accept vague or general statements as being very personal and accurate. The Forer Effect is a serious consideration in hand analysis, for both the professional and client.

          Psychologist Bertram R. Forer ran a series of tests in which he gave people a personality profile and asked them to rate its accuracy. Forer actually gave each person the exact same profile, with statements like:

          You have a need for other people to like and admire you
          You tend to be critical of yourself.
          At times you have serious doubts as to whether you have made the right decision.
          You become dissatisfied when hemmed in by restrictions and limitations.
          At times you are extroverted, affable, and sociable, while at other times you are introverted, wary, and reserved.
          Some of your aspirations tend to be rather unrealistic.

          The test was repeated many times, with an average of about 85% of people rating the personality profile as very accurate. Remember that each person received exactly the same profile as everyone else.

          The Forer Effect can explain why so many “pseudosciences” continue to flourish, despite having a questionable validity. When a person starts off with hope or expectation that the astrology, biorhythm, rune stones, tarot, (or hands) will reveal “special” details about them, they’re much more ready to believe the words and advice. Something general is mentioned, and the information is taken as specific and personal. This seems to be just another part of human nature, but a tendency we need to be aware of.

    • Now, now, FL, there are more things in heaven and Earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy. And besides, he doesn’t seem perturbed by invisible gases nor does he manifest a need to say he sees invisible gases to get attention. 🙂

    • “Any questions?”

      Yes. Did you run out of meds? You don’t honestly believe that garbage, do you?

      “there are more things in heaven and Earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy”

      That doesn’t mean Astrology has any usefulness besides making gullible people feel amazed.

      • Well, Jeff, what do you prefer? A 16-year-old girl who sees an invisible gas and is being compared to Jesus by some people who are worshiping the very ground she steps on? Or would you prefer someone who made a forecast nearly a year ago – based on “that garbage”, yes, but whose forecast matches what HAS been happening in the “real world”?

        Just askin’, because I’m quite skeptical about a lot of things myself but his forecast matches the forecasts we’ve seen here by science peeps, in addition to the results of those forecasts, so I’d much prefer something that makes sense because IT MATCHES WHAT HAS HAPPENED, over the pronouncements of a teenager who says she sees an invisible gas.

        Think about that for a minute, okay? She sees invisible gases. He makes a forecast nearly a year ago, which turns out to be within reasonable limits of long-range weather forecasting.

        Are you saying you prefer to listen to psychobabble about invisible gases, over a reasonably close long range forecast?

        To be clear, I don’t have much interest in astrology per se, but in this case, which one is worse? The astrologer or Greta?

        • “Well, Jeff, what do you prefer? A 16-year-old girl who sees an invisible gas and is being compared to Jesus by some people who are worshiping the very ground she steps on? Or would you prefer someone who made a forecast nearly a year ago – based on “that garbage”, yes, but whose forecast matches what HAS been happening in the “real world”?”

          I’m not trying to rag on you, Sara, honestly. I have a lot of respect for you and read all of your comments. But you’re offering a false choice. I don’t have to choose either one of those.

          Astrology is like the broken clock…

    • Sara,
      I appreciate your efforts. However I have never seen angels hitch-hiking on a cloud. At most, close calls with non-civilian flying objects or distracted crews, probably busy reading their horoscopes.

      Every day I have two modest wishes. One is not to prove horoscopes being wrong by the facts as it happens when planes go down and all perish regardless of their signs. Because, happens, in my pax & crew, there might be also signs with forecasts for a great day which would be cancelled if we mess things up.

      My second wish is to promote freedom and prosperity for our kids and their descendants. Mainly by proving wrong all zealots, extremists, climate scammers, sold-out scientists and their supporters.

      Freedom and prosperity will triumph, hopefully quickly enough to spare civil wars and other things not so nice where, regardless of their signs & related horoscopes, tyrants get to taste their share of events.

      • Oh, I understand completely, Flight Level. That was the point of my question: which would you prefer, the false messiah or the other guy?

        “My second wish is to promote freedom and prosperity for our kids and their descendants. Mainly by proving wrong all zealots, extremists, climate scammers, sold-out scientists and their supporters.”

        Which one of the two offers anything but a dim, unpleasant future? We can snicker at the astrology guy, but he isn’t threatening us.

        The other one, the false messiah, offers doom and destruction, unless we follow her mindlessly. And when I look at her blank, soulless eyes, I see another Jonestown forming, which is far more threatening than the other person. The only advantage we have nowadays is that thanks to electronic media, we are quickly forewarned and can get out of the way of the mindless throng.

        • Well if we have come to the point of taking orders from an abused and visibly deranged kid, then, the situation is beyond messianic considerations.

          There are 3 options left. One, we get somehow wiser and drop this climate crap down the drain.

          Two, we slowly and painfully destroy all we have and surrender our freedom to those who tricked us into it.

          Three, we quickly destroy all, obliterating all conceivable benefits to any future governance.

          Our society is infected by a clever parasite. A fine breed of bolshevism and Nazism.

          A terrifying destructive power that feeds on our own flesh.

          We will either prevail by intelligence or perish by stupidity.

  15. Dear Greta,

    Millions of weather balloons, radio sondes and satellite data tells us that the global warming models of impending catastrophe are wrong.

    Listen to the science!

    Also – ask yourself – Why you have not already been so informed?

  16. Well, Greta the mentally deficient Swedish teenager who was allowed to speak before the U.S. Congress submitted an IPCC report which she said she could not read and did not understand. She wanted everyone to “follow the science.” OK, ……

    Do an Internet search for “Swedish Scientist promotes return to CANNIBALISM!! to fight Climate Change” and verify that it is a true statement.

    Is THIS the “Science” little Greta the GlowBULL Warming Alarmist Oracle wants the world to pursue?

    • TEWS_pilot. Hold on a minute, the co2 seeing child, has not read, neither does she understand the report that she is forcing people to follow 😐. I truly do not know what to say any more

  17. Tell her Santa really exists and she made the bad list using all that fossil fuel traveling around instead of raindeer.

  18. If you want to hype a myth, even in Russia, don’t ask a real scientist especially an astrophysicist who knows how weather/climate works.

    Stick with politicians, media personalities, and educators who teach what to think rather than how to think.

  19. Embarrassing. But the problem is not Greta. It’s the grown adults who somehow think she’s relevant.

    If I had a 16-year-old kid who extolled the virtues of free market capitalism as the answer to poverty and the environment, these people wouldn’t give him or her the time of day.

    In fact, these people would just write my kid off as parroting the right-wing ideology I’ve brainwashed him/her with. And they’d be right!

    They’d never see the irony in that.

  20. Everything about her just sends a chill down my spine.

    Why are we listening to a potentially mentally impaired child? Climate change is a monstrously important and complicated subject. No matter what you believe – this is just hideous to behold.

    I remember when society used to believe in protecting the week and innocent, not exploiting them.

    And do we now find a mentally ill boy who doesn’t believe in climate change, and parade him around? How exactly does this story end?

  21. I can’t help but wonder if Greta is projecting her own mental condition and thereby inflicting uncertainty and anguish on those who are well-balanced. The Media is responsible for giving her notoriety because it serves their leftist agenda. It is a sad state of affairs!

  22. The only other people that I know of that use children up front for cannon fodder is an extremist or terrorist.

  23. “How many people, children will suffer with anxiety and depression due to a CO2 seeing child!”
    She’s still got a ways to go, though; Alexandria Occasional Cortex can see cow (and probably unicorn, as well) farts. These abilities give her certainty and confidence of the sort that I haven’t seen since Karl Wallenda’s last performance.

  24. The Scientific Report she submitted was the UN IPCC Special Report on 1.5 C Warming, according to the Guardian Report.
    She said “ Listen to the scientists”.
    After sledging the USA for not following the Science, she appears to have not been asked any questions of any moment.
    As Markey and other members of the Climate Crisis Task Force support the Green New Deal, one may assume that Ms. Thunberg is an advocate of that course of action when she tells the Congress “do something”.
    The acknowledged cost of the Special Report on 1.5C Warming is $122 trillion this Century from both private and public sources.
    No one appears to even consider asking the pertinent question of the cost to her own country,Sweden, of net zero emissions by 2050.
    Bjorn Lomborg in an article today “A Climate of Burning Money” (The Australian, September 21/22) says
    “It speaks volumes that few governments ever establish the costs of such promises ( net zero emissions). One of the few that has is New Zealand. A government commissioned report found that aiming for net zero emissions by 2050 would cost more than the entire current national budget.”
    I do not wish to attack the bona fides of Ms. Thunberg, but Senator Markey and others need to explain to her the utter impracticality of “ listening to the scientists” in the form of the UN Special Report, where the cost is trillions of dollars.

  25. A thought for personnel employment interviews- casually draw out the candidate as to whether he/she believes in “global warming”.
    If YES – Probably No Hire: Not capable of independent thinking.

  26. The only hope is to panic and turn off the lights. Shut it all down. Listen to these prophets. Take away their cars, trucks, technology. Let them live in the pre-industrial world where they can live by example to show us their wary.

  27. I see that there’s been a number of marches and demos against carbon dioxide amongst the undernourished children of India and sub-saharan Africa. Not.
    But there’s great news elsewhere. “Scientists say” that 13% of global warming is caused by mobile phones and their infrastructure. There’s a bin in New York filling up with phones discarded by Extinction Activists. Not

  28. How many anagrams of Greta Thunberg can you find in this following text?

    “Greta Thunberg was recently overheard arranging a berth for herself on a ship heading to Antarctica, on a great berg hunt, it was claimed. All her belongings she packed in a single rucksack – she called it her “green truth bag”. At the media send-off she trotted out robotically the urgent brag about impending climate disaster and coercing climate obedience from us all. Some were heard muttering the term “green brat thug”, a none too complimentary epithet for the sweet climate crusader. On and on she moralised about saving the world – more than one had clearly heard it all too many times. “Let’s sail already, bugger the rant”, one was heard muttering.

    “A cousin of hers, Gareth Nutberg, was sailing with her, apparently, along with his toddler half-sisters, Grunt Hateberg and Ruth Grebegnat. Once embarked and on the open sea, certain universals of sea faring soon manifested themselves on the ship’s aft deck as alcoholic beverages appeared as if by magic and the beer truth gang sang loudly in out-of-tune Swedish late into the night. Shouting over this inebriated cacophony, the ship’s cook Hatter Eggburn together with the medical orderly, Reg Bungthreat, tried to give a speech about good eating and digestive health on board ship, but no-one paid much attention.”

  29. What about all the energy used to power the satellite communications to enable her to post her selfies on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram????

  30. Something must be done ! The anguished cry of those who don’t know what to do over the ages.

    It might also be considered that sanctimonious children rarely head up sales campaigns, I’d imagine because they get peoples backs up to the extent that sales drop ?

  31. Every time I hear Greta, it is obvious that she doesn’t know “The Science” in anywhere near as in depth as the most casual reader of WUWT.

    St. Greta knows talking points. That much is clear. What also seems clear to me is that she is incapable of answering any elementary questions about climate.

    For example, I doubt she even knows the current ppm of CO2 in the atmosphere. I have seen no evidence that she is aware of that number. I have seen no evidence that she has been following model ‘projections’ vs. actual temperature or any other of the arguable points of ‘climate change.’

    She don’t know nothin’. She’s a prop. Sad.

    Our resident ‘climate change’ naysayers’ (I wanted to write dufusses, but abstained), Lloydo, griff, etc. are far more aware of the arguments for and against CO2-driven Catastrophic Anthropogenic Climate Change than Greta will ever know or comprehend.

  32. People who use children like this are horrible human beings. There is not one thing a 13 year old child has that can inform us on science. Which is to say that this is pure propaganda. The people who put her up to this should be made to answer for their actions.

  33. I just watched Greta’s speech to the United Nations. I’d never seen her speak before so I thought I’d take a gander.

    That’s the funniest thing I’ve seen in years.

    That girl is obviously nutty as a fruitcake. She’s an out-and-out loony.

    I hope the media keeps broadcasting the tape of Greta’s speech.

    The more people who see it, the more people will realize that the girl is an out-and-out nutjob.

  34. Everyone loves a cute puppy . Which she isn’t . The people sitting behind her apparently don’t have the guts to
    try and sell their shit themselves .
    Climate changes, it’s run by natural variables just like always .
    We should celebrate any warming trend while it lasts .
    Co2 levels are rising but are closer to extinguishing plants and trees on the low end than historic averages without any fossil fuel use .
    Sorry sweet chicken face there ain’t no Santa either .
    PS.. The much quoted IPCC is bought and paid for biased science fiction that ignores the effect of natural variables which dwarf any mouse amount of human generated CO2 . . If the earth warms there are more winners than losers . Rising sea levels apparently hasn’t stopped Obama , Suzuki and a host of other hypocrites from buying waterfront .
    What a waste of resources .

  35. How Re-Greta-ble that this child is being used to bamboozle scientifically illiterate people around the globe into taking action in order to mitigate a problem that does not exist.

    According to the church of anthropogenic climate change we only have 12 years left to act or planet Earth will become uninhabitable and we’ll all be dead.

    Amazing! There is no time left for rational thought we all must act immediately.

    This is the sign of a confidence game in action.

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