UN De-platforms the USA at the New York Climate Summit

António Guterres
UN Secretary General António Guterres. By DFID – UK Department for International Development – https://www.flickr.com/photos/dfid/30720847110/, CC BY-SA 2.0, Link

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

The United Nations has allegedly deplatformed countries including the USA, Australia and South Africa from the upcoming climate conference in New York, because those nations support building coal plants, though China and India will still be invited to speak.

Leading countries blocked from speaking at UN climate summit
Secretary-general takes tough line on select coal-supporting nations

Leslie Hook in London

Leading economies such as Japan and Australia will not be invited to speak at next week’s crunch UN climate change summit, as their continued support for coal clashes with the demands of the organisation’s secretary-general as he sounds the alarm on climate change.

Also excluded will be the US, which has said it intends to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement, as well as Brazil and Saudi Arabia, which have criticised the climate pact.

“Only the boldest and most transformative actions [will] make the stage,” said Amina Mohammed, UN deputy secretary-general, on Wednesday. “We will see on Monday who is stepping up.”

However some coal-loving countries such as China and India, the world’s two biggest builders of new coal stations, will still speak at the summit, according to the draft agenda. 

Read more: https://www.ft.com/content/1902158a-d994-11e9-8f9b-77216ebe1f17

How do you think the USA, Australia, South Africa and other nations should respond to this UN snub?

176 thoughts on “UN De-platforms the USA at the New York Climate Summit

  1. Trump should save the US lots of money and wasted effort and pull the US out. Sell the NY properties and pay down some deficits.

    • You pretty much stole my reply. Deplatform the UN. They can rebuild in SYria or the Congo or some other place where everything is a wreck and they insist it is all our fault. i’m sure they will be happy to host the constant US-hate fest there.
      Of course, the delegates are likely to be shot, stabbed, blown to bits, or contract some terrible disease on their way to the UN building in those countries, but US delegates have been disinvited so I guess that isn’t our concern any longer.

      • Perhaps a good old fashioned protest/picketing/sit-in/stand-in/glue-in blocking all access to the buildings preventing the participants from even holding the ClimateFest. It’s difficult to hold a Climate Change Wah Wah session if they can’t get to the doors.

    • Agree! The U.S.A. should send ’em packing. Yellowknife, Government Center and Capital of Northwest Territories, Canada should invite them to relocate to the Great White North!
      They can monitor Global Warming from there…

      • Quite right too! After all, North/Arctic is the fastest warming area of the planet, according to the British Brainwashing Commissariate this morningon tv & radio, so it must be true! Still, all that ice that should have all gone in 2014 still stubbornly resists the demands of the lefties to melt! Why won’t nature listen to the narrative & do what it’s told to do? AtB

      • Sorry. The UN needs to be at point near the center of Africa. About 10°N & 20°E. In Chad. Their speechs denouncing capitalism and imperialism would sound very hollow.

    • Patience Robin.
      Wait till January 2021. The Republicans will control both Houses, and President Trump will sign the bill to get out of the U.N. and kick the U.N. out of N.Y.

      • Nice thought, but it won’t happen even if Trump wins in 2020 and the Republicans win the House. Too many Republicans think that being a world leader means being internationally popular.

        • Paul,
          Then those silly Republicans picked the wrong venue! The US hasn’t been popular in the UN since the West won WW II. And I can’t think of a single thing that would change their minds!

          • No, I disagree a little bit. The US hasn’t been popular in the UN ever since it stood its ground & lead what was left of the free democratic West, in the global battle against Communism/Socialism, the two greatest killers on the planet!

          • If the war on global warming continues at it’s current pace, it won’t be too many years until the death toll from that war challenges the death toll from these other left wing ventures.

        • Leaving the UN would show that we are more of a serious country and thus gain us friends, at least among the countries that matter, that is, countries that aren’t poor dictatorships. (If we’re going to care about poor dictatorships our agenda should be to encourage the masses to free themselves, not to stay friends with the boss.)

    • It would be the single greatest thing any world leader could do, to help remove the UN. It has singularly failed in it’s founding objectives so why keep it around.

    • Absofreakinglutely. De-platform the UN. Kick all the freeloaders out and repurpose the building for low-income housing, or mortgage-free housing for vets, or a psychiatric center for climate-obsessed Scadanavian teenagers. The possibilities are endless. Level the building and create a parking lot, or a dog park, or a skateboard park. Make the useless UN useful.

      • Convert it to a monument to the stupidity of international socialism – aka united nations united over the idea of sucking the US dry – aka communism.

        Random question: Why did we stay in when the UN kicked out Taiwan (at the insistence of communist China)?

        Another random question: Has anyone ever done a cost-benefit analysis of the US’ membership in the UN?

        • No analysis needed; there are no benefits to the US, only costs. Throw the entire stupid, whimpering bunch of socialist, freeloading thugs out. I say to put it in Germany, where they’d probably welcome the infestation. I think we should get out of NATO, too, and let the Germans run the resulting combined dog and pony show. Let them be the major financial support for the whole useless, stinking mess, with the costs matching their inflated egos.

    • Plus 1,000,000. What in the world are we still doing having them meet here when we get no respect at all. How about Gaza. Better still Iran.

  2. To answer the question posed at the end of the story: keep doing what you’re doing. Reminds me of my daughter being invited to join the “cool girls club” at her new school and being ejected shortly thereafter for calling out the girls’ snooty and mean behaviour. She was just fine with it; “they can have their mean girls club!” And that from a ten year old, no less.

  3. The deplatformed countries should follow the USA lead and withdraw from the Paris accord and seriously consider withdrawing from the UN altogether as they are a threat to the sovereignty of every capitalist country on the planet.
    This is a mind war and it works very well on kids.
    It won’t be long before kids are calling on China to invade Australia to remove it’s nasty capitalist supporting conservative government. We know the UN wants to conquer capitalism. It’s a good reason for their continued support of China, even though they’re the world’s largest emitter. The difference is China is not a capitalist country. Clearly this is not about CO2 emissions.
    Conquering Australia would be a good first step to destroying capitalism. Who would be next?

      • If the Australia kids really wanted to do something for the cause they could stop using the air conditioning and only use internet and phones when absolutely necessary. Put that to them and see if you come out in piece 🙂

      • ‘Teachers understand the democratic right that students have to take part’,
        Since when was a school a democracy? Since when was a family(with children) a democracy?
        You can take time off school but it’s not a ‘right’. You don’t have a ‘democratic right’ to do what you want when you’re working for someone. You don’t have a ‘democratic right ‘ to disrupt other peoples lives.

        • And employers do not have a right to put their employees under unconsented surveillance, including in their own homes. But they do it.

          Stop making out employers are enlightened. They are the exact opposite.

      • Self-fulfilling prophecy: Harm your future by neglecting education because you fear a prophesied harmful future.

      • Such an “honors” student so woefully ignorant of actual science. If she is as bright as claimed she will only feel deep embarrassment at this utterly foolish and juvenile stunt in her future years.

        We should tell children today that we will remind then of their stupidity tomorrow. Perhaps the brighter ones might wisen up before they tarnish themselves.

        • I suggest googling capitalism. A further googling will probably tell you that there are more millionaires and billionaires in China than in any other country. I’m also wondering why I am having this conversation with an illiterate.

          • Most companies in China are run by military generals. There might be millionaires and billionaires, but nearly everything is controlled by the government. Have you not heard of China’s social score system? Capitalist. HAHAHAHAHA

          • Jeremiah,
            I guess, your in depth knowledge about China comes from living there for 14 years and having acquaintances there who were involved in businesses large and small.
            I bow to your expertise.
            China is not perfect by any means, I’m not sure what country is. Perhaps you can tell me.
            I’m just getting sick to death of misinformation.

          • And I suggest removing google as your default search engine.

            Eastasia… sorry, China is a controlled country. It is not remotely free and not remotely capitalist.

            Soviet Russia used money. Soviets brought and sold. Soviet Russia was not capitalist.

            The core point of capitalism is not the buying and selling, it is the buying and selling without regulation. You know the phrase “Let the free market decide”? If you don’t know what that means, or worse, have never heard of it then you might be in honest trouble. Not saying you have to agree with it’s merits, just understand the principle. Personally I you not only don’t agree, but also fail to understand, but feel free to clarify your position.

            While your blind obedience to the homeland might give you a warm fuzzy and/or social score, it might not win you any friends in the rest of the world.

            Let me make it simple – China is not your friend. China is, at best, your neighbour.

          • Craig
            Keep up with the times. I thought that everyone knew that the term ‘googling’ was a euphemism for searching, like ‘hoovering’ is for vacuuming.
            As it happens, I use DuckDuckGo.
            Your blind obedience to Chinaphobia is laughable. You have a ‘reds under the bed’ attitude. There is no chance of having a reasonable discussion with your attitude. I might point out that I am not Chinese, I’m not sure where your ‘blind obedience to the homeland’ comment comes from. You are either drunk or insane.

          • There is no chance of having a reasonable discussion with your attitude

            Pfff HA HA HA HA HA

            Every post by you includes some random insult. You come across like some low paid propagandist for the ministry of culture, make ridiculously assertions about things you clearly don’t understand, and when someone points out how obviously wrong you are (or worst, explains in detail) you declare the discussion over.

            If you were really trying to convince anyone that China is a capitalist country, I’m afraid you failed.


          • Congratulations! You knocked “Some people did some things” off its pedestal as the most obnoxious and obtuse understatement of all time! Good for you, man!

            I have two words for anyone carrying water for the tyrants in Beijing: Falun Gong. The same murderous mafia that perpetrated Tiananmen Square brutalized thousands of people… for exercising in the park.

            Now we see, with their social scores, that they’ve made tyranny more intrusive, invasive and pervasive than anywhere ever in the sad history of our species

            It’s been the Year of the Pig in COMMUNIST China every year since 1948.

          • Are you actually claiming there are no rich people in socialist countries?

            And to think, you call others illiterate.

          • “I guess, your in depth knowledge about China comes from living there for 14 years and having acquaintances there who were involved in businesses large and small”

            Yeah, and there’s lots of people who have lived in NYC for more than 14 years that have never been to the Empire State Building. It seems you spent 14 years in COMMUNIST China as a real life Forrest Gump – there but unaware.

            I’m going to make a WAG and say you didn’t spend much time among the million Uighurs in virtual concentration camps and you were never arrested for exercising in the park and then tortured in jail for it. So much for your 14 years…

            Conversely, we know a lot about distant stars to which no human will ever travel – because we study it carefully with our eyes wide open. It’s amazing what we’ve learned from their light. Similarly, many of us are enlightened from afar about the systemic crime against humanity that is COMMUNIST China.

          • “I guess, your in depth knowledge about China comes from living there for 14 years and having acquaintances there who were involved in businesses large and small.”
            I’ll translate that: “I lived in China for 14 yrs and STILL don’t know the difference between capitalism and absolute control forced upon people from the top down.”.
            You should have bought a clue while over there.

        • China is a perfect Fascist state.

          Single party, the state is all, crony capitalism, the people are slaves, xenophobic, racially hegemonist, colonialistic, imperialistic, militarily aggressive. Looking for lebensraum. It’s all there.

          We now know the end-state of communism: fascism.

          • Alex,
            Calling China “capitalist”is like calling the Democrat Party a bunch of Classical Liberals!
            Nothing could be further from the truth!
            And you realize google has a huge vested interest in painting a rosy, even distorted picture of China because of their business dealings there! Google literally kowtows to China even to the point of blatantly lying, but that seems to be the new norm, or should we say post norm?
            True, I don’t use google for that reason but I lived in Hong Kong for two years, which is probably two years longer than you lived there! And that gives me introspection you are compketely lacking for I’ve seen the situation up close and personal!
            China was failing big time until the communist leadership realized the only way they could compete with the West was to borrow capitalism and steal their technology! They learned they could blackmail practically every company they allowed in and sent out more industrial espionage agents than the rest of the world combined, especially to the US!
            The best term for what China is doing is Crony Capitalism– the marriage of communism and capitalism! The problem is, capitalism has simply become another weapon China uses to advance world domination for their iron-fisted ruling party!

          • RockyRoad
            Sorry to disappoint, I lived in mainland China for 14 years.
            Peoples comprehension skills are atrocious these days. Perhaps people only see what they want to see and not what was actually said.
            My comment said to google the word ‘capitalism’. I did not suggest googling about the economy or the political system of China. Capitalism is about increasing personal wealth.
            I will not discuss the Hong Kong situation because I haven’t experienced it. Unlike others, I don’t discuss things I don’t know about. I do have opinions about the Hong Kong situation based on my understanding of Chinese people and Chinese culture. If you ask for my opinion, then I will respond.

          • Pat, with all due respect one needs to apply your very own uncertainty propogation to resolve the question, as Steve Bannon’s China Model is wildly unusable for any real world prediction.
            China elevated 800 million out of poverty in 10 years, has less poor than the US for a population 4 times larger. It has a Glass-Steagall Banking system – guess where they got that? And as the previous premier already said they use FDR’s methods, China style.

            As regards the potties in the US and EU, see how they fall, and ogle the HK anarchists in DC and Berlin.

            Trump dumped Bannon for this kind of China modeling soon after dumping Paris. The US must get onboard with the Belt and Road Initiative, join with Russia, India, the big 4, and put the doomed finance casino, right now about to blow sky high, out of its misery. Dumping the G7 for a G4 and a New Bretton Woods is the best way.

          • Pat is exactly right. COMMUNIST China is a tyrannical, fascist state.

            They browbeat not only their subjects, but anyone anywhere they can that dares stand up to them. Their economy is totally dominated and manipulated by the brazen mafia.

            It’s just awful that anyone with an IQ over room temperature would carry water for them.

          • The number of poor in the US is defined as a fraction of the median income. No matter how wealthy the US gets, the fraction of people who are officially defined as poor will never change.

            If you think that poverty is worse in the US than it is in China then you are hopelessly blinded by ideology.
            Not that this wasn’t obvious already.

          • Alex: “I lived in mainland China for 14 years.”

            Again, many people have lived in NYC for more than 14 years who have never been to the Empire State Building. Similarly, while in COMMUNIST China, you didn’t spend any time among the million Uighurs in concentration camps. Nor did you get arrested and beaten for exercising in a park.

            BTW what’s your social score in COMMUNIST China? Asking for a friend!

          • +1,000,000 to what Pat said.

            China, like Russia, only allows (some of) its citizens to accumulate wealth in order to keep the masses toeing the party line under threat of taking it away.

        • Thanks Schitzree ,
          I have been duly chastened. I shall remember not to pee into the wind because it will only blow back on me. I’m rather disappointed that you think my ‘insults’ are random, I did put some thought into crafting them. I felt that I was responding appropriately.
          ‘low paid propagandist’? I would have you know that I am being paid zillions of dollars for my propaganda. The money comes from Big Oil.

      • China is a Crapitalist Country, have you seen the cr@p they produce and sell the the rest of the world? Toxics in almost everything from jewelry to toys and solar panels that last 5 years.

      • It’s capatilistic in some ways, but it is run by the communist party. All decisions are made by the government. It is not a free country.

          • ghalfrunt,
            California should never have been given that special status. It caused problems for every other state. He followed the law when he had that status revoked.

          • Not a constitutional lawyer perhaps one of them can chime in here…

            This either falls under Article 1 section 9 or 10 or the 14th Amendment. Equal application of the law seem to me to be the one. I am not resident of California so thier laws should not effect me.

            For too long the country has allowed California’s stupidity and hubris to do get harm to rest of the country.

          • John Dilks: California should never have been given that special status. It caused problems for every other state.

            It caused problems for Californians, too. Some years ago my late mother thought to help us by giving us a new car. Unfortunately she lived in Arizona and bought the car from an AZ dealership. Trouble came when we tried to register it in California. As I remember, we had to drive it hundreds of miles out of state before we could then bring it back in and register it as a new car. My fellow Californians should support President Trump on this issue, whatever they think about other issues.

          • John Dilks September 20, 2019 at 5:24 am
            California should never have been given that special status. It caused problems for every other state. He followed the law when he had that status revoked.
            rather like AGW and pollution
            the stupidity that allows polluters a free pass affects the globe not just the stupid

          • ghalfrunt: The Constitution enumerates powers of the Federal government as being supreme. The states take the rest. The tension between them can be settled by the Judicial branch. It’s not perfect, but tell me what form of government is better?

          • You have it backwards. A “free democracy” allows the car manufacturers go beyond the Fed’s standards. California’s mandate for stricter rules is the dictatorship, because that forces the manufacturers to go beyond the Fed’s standards, which affects the markets across the other 49 states

      • All businesses are own by the government. Every board of directors no matter the country of origin has a government official on the board. There no private ownership.

        That is not capitalism. Hell the western countries in a very technical sense do not have capitalism either. If a country has a central bank then it is government controlled economy.

      • State Sponsored Capitalism isn’t Free Enterprise Capitalism! They may be exporting “capitalism” to Africa, but for no other reason than to exert influence, manipulation, & control over individual states! As I was growing up, I used to listen to so many people going on about how awful America was because it wouldn’t “redistribute” (they didn’t call it that back then) it’s wealth to African countries, simply because they were run on primitive tribal principles whose leaders spent vast amounts of time running America down one way or the other!

        • I met some. They are complete a-holes. I was extremely cautious with my communication with them. If I had my way I would string them up beside lawyers, bankers and priests.

          • So you would have lawyers, bankers, and priests executed?
            Just for jollies or because you’re some extreme sado-masochistic freak that has absolutely no tolerance for jurisprudence, financial institutions, and religion??
            Alex, I think that disqualifies every comment you’ve made or ever will make, and I’m gald you’re not my neighbor!

          • You are obviously not well read. There is an old saying: ‘Come the revolution, we will hang the lawyers , bankers and priests’. I think it was Lenin or some commie of that ilk. The implication being that they were the root cause of evil in the world.
            I thought it was particularly funny to add the CCP members to that list.
            Lighten up Rocky.

      • NOT EVEN CLOSE. Its economy is run on the mercantilist system. Still highly centrally controlled with some independent companies that are required to do what they are told. The fact that many companies can run under the radar doesn’t mean they won’t be redirected once they draw the attention of the wrong minister.

        Of course the US isn’t strictly a capitalist society either. We tend toward a bureaucratic capture system where first we regulate an industry to death, then the industry fights back by sending insiders to work in the bureaucracy and design the regulations to keep competitors out of the marketplace.

    • Absolutely correct. The purpose of the U.N. from it’s inseption was to have a forum for international discourse to try to prevent wars and other disasters. That was the premise for it’s founding. The true purpose was to set the ground works for establishing a one world government. Former U.N. officials have stated that the climate change hysteria is simply a vehicle to create a new more fair econnomic model i.e. redistribute the worlds wealth. Nothing the U.N. passes as a resolution is binding on any country that doesn’t sign on to it, and they cant actually enforce anything except sanctions.

  4. Perhaps the US should ‘De-platform’ the UN and tell them to hold their Climate Summit somewhere else – Bejing??. It really is too dangerous in NY with all the crime etc.

      • I vote for East St Louis… No, make that Gary Indiana.
        Wait, if California wants to follow the climate accord, let them host the conference there.
        They can get a feel for how the homeless will live due to their policy.

        • I recommend that U.N. headquarters and most U.N. agencies be moved to Nairobi, Benghazi, Lagos, Luanda and Kinshasa. Retired senior U.N. personnel should be required to live in these cities in order to receive their pension payments and said payments must be in the local currency. After all, we wouldn’t want to contaminate their moral principles by paying them in U.S. dollars.

    • Yep those who really matter and you are expecting to hand over the buckets of cash they exclude … they really are that stupid.

  5. Maybe just reduce UN funding to reflect our percentage of global GDP … It’s about time Europe, China, and India paid their share. .

    • Why would you pay any dues to belong to a club that maligns you and has no interest in your principles and continually works to subvert everything you do?

      • Because if you don’t, they will call you names in their national newspapers. For some reason, a lot of people care about that. For the life of me, I can’t figure out why.

  6. Tell those damn rent-seeking parasites they can go to hell.

    For how many genocides did this stinking organization stand by and do absolutely nothing? Ask Guterres if his “climate” nonsense saved anybody’s life in the Congo, Nigeria, Rowanda, Uganda, Serbia …

  7. Should do? Or will do?

    Should do? Pull out of the Paris Agreement, renounce the RET, sell the ABC, make Tony Abbott chief adviser and tell the UN that WE will control where the ‘UN Approved’ foreign aid gets directed.

    Also have Marise Payne stage a 24/7/52 sit in protest outside the UN and hold her breath until she is blue in the face until our demands are met. Not because we actually have demands, but it keeps Payne in a place where she can’t do any damaged for a nice long period of time.

    What we will do? Beg forgiveness, say 20 Hail Gretas and black out large parts of Victoria. Also retain Payne as Foreign Minister.

    Seriously, grow a pair, Scott!

    • Yep … should do and do are two different things ….. buuuuuuuttttttt …..

      There is this Orange Guy that all of them love to hate … because he has a habit of “doing”. Don’t be surprised.

    • The old cry of no taxation without representation comes to mind, with just a little change.

      No contribution without representation, although I can’t imagine why we would want to be part of such a disgusting organisation.

    • When you say “black out” large parts of Victoria, you don’t mean in a Candadian Prime Minister sort of way, do you?

  8. My guess is that President Trump doesn’t give two hoots. On the other hand, he can be vengeful and devious. Let’s see … was Jeffrey Epstein prosecuted so that Prince Andrew would be exposed as a pervert? Did the Queen put out a hit on Epstein? OMG, it reminds me of Tito and Stalin putting out hits on each other. BTW, Tito won. 😉

    • Start by turning off the electricity to the U.N. next week. They shouldn’t complain as we are leasing by example. They wanted bold items on the platform.

  9. Whenever a person of high self-importance and irrelevance makes a public utterance espousing some deep and transformative notion, my tendency is to ignore it and go onto something else.

    “How do you think the USA, Australia, South Africa and other nations should respond to this UN snub?”

    This question asks for a response to an irrelevant question, made by some clueless bureaucrat employed by one of a myriad of acronym environmental groups whose issues are as scattered as the wind.

    The is no response when one is left out of a conference agenda whose main topics is: why do you behave so badly? Value ladened. The response such disparate groups are looking for: “I stopped beating my wife yesterday.” Child-like behavior of an otherwise immature group of people possessed by their sense of self-importance; when, in fact, they are irrelevant; ie, meaningless. Their lives are utterly meaningless and glomps onto some cause out of desperation and loneliness. A sad situation. They need to go out camping together and commune with nature. Bring bug spray.

    • I’d like to know what authority members of the UN are prevented from participating in their events, by the decision of one person. Ideological possession can drive people to do bizarre things. Enforcement of ideology by “othering”, shunning, de-platforming and other undemocratic actions cannot be tolerated.

      Can international body representing all of humanity accepts the exclusion of entire countries from a meeting or meetings of that body on the basis of a disagreement over some plan of action by the members? Such a decision can only be made by the General Assembly after debate and a vote.

      Clearly the United Nations Organization needs an overhaul. It cannot prevent war (it’s main original purpose) and it is unrepresentative of humanity. Billions of people are under-represented and tiny nations hold powerful votes far beyond the population they represent.

      De-platforming some rich countries and not others on the basis of the ideology of one person, or one committee is patently unjust. If they go through with this plan, the UN will be confirming the worst fears of the anti-globalism nutters who claim that all international cooperation is evil.

      Modern society demands coordinated political bodies operating at the international level and they have to be representative. The UN isn’t. Let’s turn at least part of the conversation towards describing what should happen, not only what should not. We need UN2.0.

  10. Yeah, the kids are definitely influencing the UN. You can’t come to our party ‘coz you are dirty, so there!

  11. Australia takes it as a Badge of Honour to be de-platformed from the UN’s New York Climate Summit. We have our coal-fired power plants to thank for that and for keeping our lights on during the hours of darkness and wind stillness.

    • Actually the Australian PM is in USA but had already said he wouldn’t be attending the UN meeting indicating how much he cares about it.

      • Unfortunately Marise Payne has been sent instead.

        Payne was a political nobody with no achievements to her career who had long standing ties to pre-political Malcolm Turnbull. Turnbull then managed to convert her from someone who has politically done nothing into someone who has politically done nothing but with more impressive job titles.

        My only guess is that Morrison once let slip where he buried the bodies from his awkward years experimenting with cannibalism (don’t judge, we have all been there) because without blackmail material there is no sound reason why a total under achiever like Payne should have ever been given a position of authority.

        Payne will probably personally thank the UN for pointing out the sins of our nation and say 30 Hail Gretas as penance. I mean she should formally state that Australia no longer recognises that forum as being valid and take the entire Australian delegation out for a Kevin Rudd style strip club bender before announcing spiteful new coal trade deal with India…. but wont.


    • Frederick Michael
      I think that the UN is afraid of what dissenting countries might say and influence the others. Just like The Conversation banning those they disagree with. It’s beginning to look like the alarmists are running scared.

  12. lol
    They exclude the US, Japan, Australia, Brazil and Saudi Arabia?

    So that’s most of the people who matter and pay their wages. And China, India, Russia etc simply don’t give a flying f what they think, say, or do. They can’t even be bothered to get themselves excluded from this club nobody want’s to be a member of.

    Imagine saying something very rude to your supervisor while his boss and the owners of the company were also in the room. Not very smart.

    It’s the sign of a ship which is not only holed below the water line, but is passing below the waves as we watch.

  13. The US needs to step away from the UN. The reasons are obvious but the sentiment is not. Time will take care of this anomaly and it can’t be too soon.

  14. I think Trump will respond to this in a way that wont make the UN happy. He doesnt put up with this sort of thing. This is a magnificent opportunity. Maybe backwater the UN entirely and form a new body for discussing disputes between nations that doesnt have all the other intrusive functions of the UN.

    The UN is an Anti-American organization and has always been one. Defund it and let it fall apart.

  15. Greta Thunberg has the answer.
    Do not allow any of the attendees to arrive on a plane or a fossil fuel powered boat.
    Once here, they should either ride a bicycle or walk.

  16. There would appear to be a big difference between “blocked” as stated in the headline and
    “not invited” as the article claims further down. Blocked means that the US and Australia etc.
    requested to speak and were turned down. Uninvited means that they were never requested
    to speak. I would imagine that not all 193 member countries were invited to speak and no-one
    would be complaining about that. Finally given that the US has a seat on the security council
    and a permanent veto it in all likelihood assert the right to speak whenever it likes.

  17. UN?…United Nonsense! It’s not a snub, it’s a near miss. What an embarrassment it would be, if invited , to have to lecture to discreants that have the mind of a duck. It’s a lucky near miss. We just need to keep the facts in focus.

  18. Germany is still building coal power plants. It had a big one come on line in 2018!

    Has Germany been deplatformed as well?

    • Much of Germany’s energy is from coal, but it appears they now want to get rid of all of it??
      Their population has been stagnent and decreasing slightly since 2004. 5th or 6th largest user of fossil fuels in the world currently.

  19. The US should continue funding and supporting the U.N. otherwise US adversaries like China will gain increased U.N. influence. Instead, the US can ally with countries the U.N. has chosen to block from speaking.

    Snubbed countries should immediately reduce U.N. funding and staff by at least 10%. Those resources will be allocated to scrutinize the IPCC and critique what is scientifically defensible from the purely political U.N. agenda on climate change.

    Their snub of countries with any hint of dissension illustrates quite vividly just how political the U.N. really is. My bet is there will be no shortage of qualified scientists volunteering to help in this joint effort.

    • Yes, this is the correct and sensible way to handle it. The focus should indeed be to put an end to climate hysteria, and for that a proper national approach to the science is necessary along with other sympathetic countries. The free ride for hysteria needs to be ended. That will take a substantial domestic science inquiry.

      It should also be to point out in any case who is doing all the CO2 emitting. The US needs to focus attention on the fact that all the action in emission reduction is being demanded (and not just by the UN, but by US based activists) from the US and the West.

      But the bulk of the emissions are being done and being increased by China, India and so on.

      This needs to be publicly pointed out and denounced. The US needs to be saying, publicly and repeatedly, and with allies, that if you want to reduce global emissions, start with China. If you want to reduce global coal use, start with the country that mines and burns more than the rest of the world put together. Don’t start by turning off standby TV sets in Tuvalu or Salt Lake City.

      But one other thing is needed also.

      The US needs to stop the indiscriminate bombing, and stop the endless pointless wars, and restore the moral authority and financial responsibility that it has lost as a result of them.

      People here will find this very offensive and probably will react very aggressively. But its an inconvenient truth that these wars and bombings have not been either right, in the interests of the US, or in the interests of the West. On the contrary, they are deeply damaging to both, and they are a great and increasing threat to the previously unquestioned leadership of the US in the West.

  20. The Summit will take place on 23 September 2019 at UN Headquarters in New York. It will be held in the General Assembly Hall. I suggest all energy supply lines to the UN building be shut off externally. This will reduce their CO2 ‘carbon’ foot print a bit and educate them on how to operate without fossil fuel support.

    Think of it as a teaching moment…..

  21. I’ve the Green New Deal. I wish I could debate them on it. Without air travel, what will happen to places like The Bahamas, Cancun, and Hawaii without tourism? How many jobs will be destroyed without the air industry, trucking, mining, gas, oil, ranching, etc? How much land will the Feds need to steal from people to put up tens of thousands of wind turbines, which each need a minimum of 50 acres to be somewhat efficient? How much land for solar farms? Are we still okay with trains and ships? If I want to go to Ireland, will it now take several weeks to get there? I guess the government will have to pay us all for months of vacation, since just going overseas and back will take 4 weeks for the roundtrip without even a day of sightseeing. But we won’t have new ships, because we can’t build them without coal and oil based fuels. How about new concrete without oil? Nope. Asphalt is an oil byproduct, so we will have to go back to dirt roads. Plastic is also an oil byproduct so no more plastic products.

    • Jeremiah puckett… They don’t think that far ahead… I am from London, and without tourism england would loose billions, the central london hotels and all the theaters would close as its mostly holiday makers that go to the shows and stay at the hotels… With out fossil fuels the uk would come to a stop, as no products could be shipped here, no foods, no new buildings, and due to weather we have here, the roads wouldn’t last long… The greens have totally lost the plot and are now demanding that humanity comes to a stop, the U.N has been talking about co2 for forty years, yet have done nothing with the billions they get from world governments.

    • Jeremiah Puckett: You’re points are spot on. The debate means nothing to people who argue based on emotion, taking positions based on false idea. They have belief’s with no consideration given to logic or basic understanding of both sides of the argument.

  22. How should the US react? By reconquering the last bit of their country which is occupied by a foreign power.

  23. “How do you think the USA, Australia, South Africa and other nations should respond to this UN snub?”

    ‘No Taxation without representation’ comes to mind.

    But it won’t come to that – unfortunately.

  24. How the UN hijacked climate science for the global socialism agenda:
    The Climate Accord has nothing to do with climate. It’s a transfer of wealth from the “designated” developed/rich countries to the “designated” developing/poor countries.
    Poor countries can emit beneficial CO2 emissions with impunity……..and they are, to stimulate their economies. Rich countries must cut back in order to stifle their economies.

    Supposedly, the rich countries wrecked the climate of the poor countries and are paying reparations and to help the poor countries adapt to the fake climate crisis……….which is actually a climate optimum for life on this greening planet based on authentic science.
    CO2 is well mixed in the global atmosphere, so developing countries huge increase in CO2 is dwarfing cuts from other counties………..but so what?

    1. So what based on the Climate Accord, which is designed for this to happen.
    2. So what based on authentic science which tells us CO2 is a beneficial gas.
    3. Not so what for the world that has been lied to about items #1 and #2, using fake/junk science and broken climate models simulating conditions for the next 100 years based model output that is over estimating temperatures in the real world and have no skill at forecasting weather. While at the same time, we hear ZERO about massive benefits that dwarf the negatives.


  25. When the UN was instituted what they had in mind was to stop nations blowing each other up, using the usual self-serving fantasies. What they didn’t want was for people to then use the platform to spread various socialistic self serving fantasies. The UN has gone backwards.

  26. Further to on visas. Homeland Security has information that activists may be attending the UN conference. Are you a delegate? Step this way please sir/ madam join long queue to pick up a questionnaire, where born? Police record? Details? Parents names, domicile your address in USA ETC ETC then long queue to overworked and a bit thick HS official who goes thu’ the whole thing ad infinitum and compiles a list of suspects ( ie all) which is made public.

  27. How should they respond? With a resounding Hooray!

    Just think of it, not having to listen to the prophesies of doom by an anointed schoolgirl. Bless!

  28. https://www.sbs.com.au/news/australia-banned-from-speaking-at-un-climate-change-summit-in-unprecedented-rebuke

    ‘Race against climate change’
    UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres earlier this year warned only leaders with a clear climate action plan would be allowed to speak at the summit as the cost of inaction is too high.

    Countries like Australia, Japan and South Africa who support the coal industry have consequently been removed from the summit’s draft speaking schedule, along with countries that have been critical of the Paris climate accord, such as the United States, Brazil and Saudi Arab
    These countries may still attend but will not be asked to speak. What would be the point. They are to talk about actions being taken by their country to reach zero emissions. there are NO olicies in these countries so if invited to speak they would only be able to say “none”!

  29. UN-United Nazis. Deplatforming was a hallmark of Hitler’s Brownshirts. Denying others the right to speak is an abomination and a denial of Human Rights, in contravention of their own Declaration of Human Rights! Hypocrisy is one thing, but this is the ultimate hypocrisy.

  30. Disagree with those who would quit the UN. It’s a forum for whiners and complainers, yes. But if you’re going to lead you have to listen to them and use your influence. And ignore the insults. It goes with the job.

  31. When are we going to “invite” the UN to leave the United States? If they are going to deplatform the USA for its climate views, maybe it’s time for us to defund the UN.

    • Because of the misguided belief that we can actually all get along on every single item.

      The colossal failure of globalization/group think minded humans that see no value in the nation-state and forgot or ignore the how and why of their organic creation and origins. It is all part and parcel of their collective hubris or worse their complete disdain of humanity coupled with their overt nature of being megalomaniacs.

  32. The U.S.A. get together with their closest allies and a better version that sticks to the principles upon which it was created.

  33. Withdraw from the UN entirely .
    The do nothing in the US interest anywhere in the world.
    The organization is nothing but a social club for tyrants and despots seeing a global stage for their own aggrandizement and seeking to create a global government to reduce everyone else’s standard of living while maintaining their personal elite lifestyle.
    lock the doors and kick them all out of our country.

  34. “. . . the demands of the organisation’s secretary-general . . .”

    We have seen this play out before. The UN is now fronting the thought police . . . obviously taking to heart this advice from the past:
    ““If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.” — Joseph Goebbels

  35. I’m all in for sending the UN to Venezuela!
    Sell the land and get on with making humanity’s destiny better- not lining the pockets of a bunch of unelected bureaucrats trying to steal our money and our freedom!

  36. Put a truck with some solar panels out front and wire the UN to it, not the grid. See how long they last without ice for their cocktails

  37. If Australia is going to be deplatformed and ignored, why should we be a member of these United Nazis? Hopefully more of us wake up that the UN was always about slowly strangling the Sovereignty out of Nations, giving them a one world dictatorship.

  38. Remember that the climate consensus openly states democracy is not working and that a new ruling system agreeable with climate extremist demand must be empowered.
    The UN is doing like the EU: seeking more power.
    Climate emergencies, declared one nation at a time, raises the logical question:
    Once a critical mass of “climate emergencies” are raised, what happens?
    What happens whenever emergencies are declared is that rules are suspended, special powers are granted, and people are made to do stuff to deal with the emergency.
    What does the climate consensus demand that we do?
    Nothing less than grant total power to them.
    We are in dangerous, perilous times.
    This coordinated, worldwide, and extremely well funded attack on us all is the real emergency.
    It is long past time to resist and may well be too late.
    They have stolen whole governments, universities, media, our children, our big tech companies.
    How to start resisting?
    I don’t know, but we must.

  39. What’s up?
    I wrote a medium length essay. No curse words, no links, no attacks on anyone.
    And it just disappears.
    I have been reading and posting for over 10 years and have had few if any comments flagged as inappropriate.
    Now my posts just drift away?
    Please advise. Thanks.

  40. How will the USA, Australia, South Africa and other nations respond to this UN snub other than shrugging their shoulders moving on.

    Thinking “none of my business”.

  41. Alan the Brit September 19, 2019 at 11:43 pm

    “No, I disagree a little bit. The US hasn’t been popular in the UN ever since it stood its ground & lead what was left of the free democratic West,” aye –

    African Megacities:


    – anyone here believing UN built them.

    – anyone here believing AU, African Union, built them.

    – anyone here believing African people built them.

    Dream along.

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