1000 Amazon Employees Threaten Strike over Lack of Climate Action

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Amazon Employees for Climate Justice have threatened to strike because Amazon is not doing enough to promote climate action.

Nearly 1,000 Amazon employees plan a walkout to protest climate change

By Jordan ValinskyCNN Business
Updated 1934 GMT (0334 HKT) September 9, 2019

New York (CNN Business)
Nearly 1,000 Amazon employees have pledged to walk out in protest of what they say is their company’s inaction on climate change. 

The collective known as “Amazon Employees for Climate Justice” posted a letter online Monday declaring that Amazon should lead on the issue because it’s “one of the largest and most powerful companies in the world.” 

For example, the group wants Amazon to stop donating to politicians and lobbyists who deny climate change. It also wants Amazon to stop awarding contracts to fossil fuel companies. And the group wants the company to test electric vehicles in cities that are most affected by the company’s environmental impact. The group said it was “critical” for Amazon to emit zero emissions by 2030.

Read more: https://edition.cnn.com/2019/09/09/business/amazon-employee-climate-change-walkout/index.html

I just have one question.

Given Amazon’s alleged reputation for working employees to the limit of their endurance, how did 1000 employees ever manage to find the personal time and energy to develop outside interests? For shame Bezos, your shareholders expect more from you.

135 thoughts on “1000 Amazon Employees Threaten Strike over Lack of Climate Action

  1. I bet they prefer shipping overseas sales by sail ship, and domestic delivery by horse and carriage.

    Electric vehicles are not climate neutral by any stretch of the imagination. – As if it even mattered.

    • Now let me guess this is not your average rank and file Amazon guy sweathing it out in a warehouse.

      No, this is liberal management and technical staff with nice A/C offices and a fat salary, who can afford to 45% more for their domestic electricity.

      Let’s start by cutting the office A/C to “save the planet” and making them cycle to work.

      This sort of liberal whining is always about changing someone else’s lifestyle in areas which don’t hit them personally.

      • Greg, dead nuts right on!!! If they dump their air conditioning, I might believe they are serious, but otherwise they are self-serving panderers.

        • Union or Management…
          Unions have a right to strike (during contract negotiations) but not for Climate Issues
          Climate is no right to strike.
          Management should be docked an equal amount of pay to 125% of the highest paid union position per day

        • Also ban all employees from eating meat. Vegetable and insect protein only.

          And set a strict maximum allowable BMI to get rid of all employees who clearly eat too much. Saving the planet takes some serious sacrifices.

      • “this is liberal management and technical staff with nice A/C offices and a fat salary,”

        Or they were recruited via an unofficial eat employees gripe site.

      • Exactly Greg, the fruit loop middle management and low level exec’s that have been through the greenwash education system in the last 15 years. You could pick them out of a line up no trouble.

      • “No, this is liberal management and technical staff with nice A/C offices and a fat salary, who can afford to 45% more for their domestic electricity. ”

        Um, no. mid level management and IT professionals (as decision support for management), are actually excluded from being able to unionize. Management negotiating with a union representing management employees would be considered a conflict of interest.

        And since they can’t unionize, they have no legal protections against being fired for going on strike.

        In the US, in the corporate environment, personal contracts are extremely rare below the CXO/President/Vice President executive level. Everyone between the senior executives and the hourly employees is working at will, so no contract protects them from being fired for striking either.

        • I don’t know about you, but every job I’ve ever worked on, I’ve signed a contract.
          The closest I’ve ever been to the CEO’s office was on the first day tour.

          There is no law that protects anyone from being fired if they strike. What usually happens is that as part of the negotiations, the union insists that everyone who struck be re-hired.

        • This is not a union action. Amazon is not unionized. These are some nutcases who want to make a political statement. If they walk out, there will be 1000 spots open for new employees at Amazon.

      • Yeah, a letter to all office employees saying that because of this petition you are setting A/C thermostats to 82 degrees in all office buildings for a trial period of 1 month. The fellow employees will make the lives of petition-signers living hell until they quit.

  2. The first thing that they can do is take matters in to their own hands and stop using fossil fuels. It will have a large impact (on their lives).

  3. Maybe they need to walk out, and guided right into a classroom where they get educated on real climate science instead of propaganda and fake climate news.

  4. A few simple questions for them….. How do they all get to work? Are they all vegans? How will all the delivering be done?

    • Interesting question embedded in your question – can you find any food that does not have the taint of fossil fuel?

  5. Give ole Jeff another reason to automate your job and put you in the unemployment line.

    I wonder if Bernie is behind this?

  6. So, from all of the Charm Schools/Management classes I was sent to there is a simple formula for this threat to Amazon: 1. analyze the claimed problem and decide if it is in the shareholders interest/impact to engage in any mitigating activity, and 2. if there is no shareholder interest/impact, nip this revolution in the bud (see Gordon Weir above). Where does all of this global warming/climate change/climate crisis/Trump Derangement Syndrome/Brexit/Green New Deal end?

  7. I strongly support these raging Leftists, in there desire to force Left leaning companies to practice what they preach. Because they will either go under trying to ride the Unicorn, or they will admit it doesn’t exist.

    For far to long the hypocritical Left has gotten a free pass. It’s time they lead from the front, or get out of everyone else’s way.


  8. Sack ’em and advertise their jobs- no way can you have people dictating stuff like this. I’d shut the company before I gave in, then ask them how they felt about being responsible for thousands of job losses. If they feel this strongly, why not leave and set up their own carbon free company? Probably because they wouldn’t have a bloody clue what to do and would faint at the thought of risking their own money. Out of interest, Amazon must save loads of carbon emissions indirectly because we all used to have to drive around buying the stuff they deliver…..

    • Or maybe advertise their jobs first . . . and see it any withdraw their support for the strike, climate action, or whatever they call it . . . then sack ’em.

      Note: Our K-12 schools and universities may not be teaching the 3 R’s, but they certainly have effectively taught students how to protest, bitch, moan, and physically attack teachers, police, firefighters, EMT’s, ICE, and anyone who disagrees with them about anything. ‘Glad I retired nearly 25 years ago!

  9. Chairman Mao would be proud of all this ‘climate revolution’ hogwash. The climate crisis they want so bad is starting to really look like China’s Cultural Revolution from 1966 to 1976 when 3 million or more died. This was to attack the Four Olds– old ideas, old culture, old customs, and old habits–in order to bring the areas of education, art and literature in line with Communist ideology. The climate emergency crisis revolution has similar ends, firstly to get rid of evil fossil fuels and cripple society, and then to impose their political will over all aspects of western life and the redistribution of wealth from those who create it. Once that is in place, we would truly be back in a type of dark age. Literally… in a dark age.

    • “The climate crisis they want so bad is starting to really look like China’s Cultural Revolution from 1966 to 1976 when 3 million or more died.”
      And let’s not ever forget China’s “Great Leap Forward” of 1958-1960, which killed 45 million people.

  10. How about a protest outside the $15 million beach side estate of the Obamas and the Head in the Sand Promoter in Chief.

  11. The entire basis of Amazon is to replace local stores where someone might travel and make multiple purchases with a system where someone drives to your house and drops off a single package. I just bought some replacement razor blades. They came in a box about 6 times the size it needed to be with 6 feet of packing paper to prevent damage and movement. If Amazon employees are concerned about climate change they should demand the company close down and lose their jobs.

    • You’d think the largest business in the world would have more appropriately sized shipping boxes right? I’ve often wondered if it’s employees that DGAF or if it’s some weird corporate policy.

      • The smaller the shipping box, the more likely it is to get lost in transit.

        They probably did a study to pick the minimum size box based on probability of loss and average value of contents, to minimize profit loss.


      • More box sizes mean your storage and handling costs increase.
        At the volumes that they buy, the difference in cost between a box that is an 8 inch cube and one that is a 10 inch cube comes down to the price per square inch of cardboard, which is dirt cheap.

        More box sizes also makes the packing of shipping crates more complex, which means the chances of an individual crate not being fully packed increases.

    • “The entire basis of Amazon is to replace local stores where someone might travel and make multiple purchases with a system where someone drives to your house and drops off a single package.”

      But an Amazon driver covers a compact area and delivers, conservatively, 12 packages in an hour (one every five minutes), or 96 a day. The distance between each of those stops is on average, say, four blocks, or 388 blocks—round up to 400. Add to that 1000 blocks (30 miles) to get to and from the warehouse. Total milage = 1400 blocks.

      The average customer would drive, say, five miles, or 100 blocks, to get to and from a local store. So 96 customers would drive 9600 blocks, much more than an Amazon driver (1400). And they’d spend an hour doing so, or 960 labor hours, vs. 8 for the Amazon driver.

      I’m sure some economists have published far better estimates and assumptions than this crude work-up. But I think I’m in the ballpark.

    • Single packages? You’re doing it wrong, then. Fed Ex/UPS drop by our house with 1) multiple boxes, 2) each loaded with several different items. He then rolls to the next house, and repeats the procedure.

      Do you really get just one package? Then you ARE a problem.

  12. I work in this industry. It’s dominated by petulant children. They thrive on group think. They can’t go to the bathroom without someone holding it for them.

    If they walk out of work without clearing the day off with their bosses, they should all be fired.

    • I am guessing if you fire them you have to pay them out entitlements, if they don’t turn up for work in most countries they are considered delinquent and forgo there entitlements. It’s hence probably cheaper to do nothing.

      • If an employee is fired fired for cause, he is not eligible for benefits like unemployment. An employer has no right to be absent from his work to participate in a protest not union-related. Protesting how management spends management money is a fireable offense. That is a matter between management and shareholders, not the workers.

        • They have no right to attend union-related protests either, unless such a right is spelled out in their employment contract.

    • Yep- because it means they won’t have to answer for anything and they don’t have to actually DO anything- they just walk around with bloody silly placards demanding other people do something. I do think we’ve pampered our kids to the point where they think that everything will be done for them- myself included!

  13. They are planning to abuse the whole purpose of what Strikes are for, normally it is for wages, pensions, better work conditions and so on.

    This “strike” will only have them get fired, since they have no cause for work stoppage. Not being at the office or the warehouse can be used as grounds for dismissal, not doing what being hired for.

    • And to be clear, that’s fired ‘for cause’, not because of layoffs, downsizing, or that the job is no longer needed. No unemployment benefits.

  14. For a meaningful reduction in CO2 emissions, these 1000 employees should demand that Amazon stop delivering goods produced within coal-powered factories in China. That would turn their business model upside down.

    • From the net …

      “Nearly 950 Amazon employees who work at its Seattle headquarters and other locations plan to strike on Sept. 20 to convince the company to demonstrate ‘real climate leadership,’ they announced Monday morning.”

  15. In a related story, 100 million workers remained at their workstations to protest not getting their packages on time.

  16. Amazon is investing seriously in full automation of their warehouses. One of the key reasons they want to do that is so they don’t need to keep those huge buildings climate controlled for human workers. This will save huge amounts of money, and “save the planet” as well.

    These people should be careful what they wish for.

  17. They don’t don’t understand Labor Law. Amazon will be totally within their right to fire them if they don’t show up for work, with no redress available to the “strikers,” as it would not be a recognized labor action under labor law.

    • Just so, Joel! And they will be replaced quickly with people that appreciate their jobs more than idiotic virtue signalling.

    • Res,

      that is from GISS, the worst data set of them all. It has been changed so many times, cooling the past and warming the future.

      They have nearly erased a well know cooling period from the 1940’s to the 1970’s.

      Here is a website that covers it well, starting with THIS article:

      Corruption Of The US Temperature Record


      • @Sunsettommy :Thank you, I do my best to understand the viewpoint of people who are misinformed especially on this topic and my first question should always be am I wrong here? So I appreciate you addressing this.

        For people in the topic, they BELIEVE because they find things *everywhere* to reinforce their beliefs, and they are past the point where they can question on their own.

        Each time I see one of these deceptions, we need someone like you to explain, and validate/invalidate it.

        Then we need to address the propagation of this information via our government websites and the media, and Hollywood etc.and address them on a case by case basis as trying to use temporal judgement on those driven by it will not work.

        Otherwise I can’t expect people that I know are wrong and misguided via a mass psychosis that is driven by politics/money/etc to not act out.

        In proportion to their ill advised and ill informed actions, an equal measure of dissemination of accurate data and validation of accurate date, while correcting false/incorrect data needs to occur.

        Sadly, the more we address their methods without addressing the root cause of their actions, the more they are going to ignore us.

    • “I wish someone could explain this, if I saw this and only this I would be afraid too”

      Everyone should be afraid looking at the rising temperatures of the Hockey Stick chart, if it were a true representation of reality. Thankfully, it is not a true representation of reality.

      The Climategate emails demonstrate that the people in charge of the surface temperature data at the time conspired together to create a surface temperature chart that showed the temperatures getting hotter and hotter, in concert with the rise of CO2 in the atmosphere. They cooled periods in the past that were as warm as today in order to fool people into thinking the world was getting hotter decade after decade.

      But the data manipulators didn’t erase all the historic temperature charts, so we have evidence of what the climate looked like before they made all the changes, and what it looked like after all the changes.

      The link below shows two temperature charts, the Hansen 1999 US chart on the left, and the fraudulent “hotter and hotter” Hockey Stick chart on the right. The Climategate Charlatans want everyone to believe the Hockey Stick represents the temperature profile of the Earth, but the Hansen 1999 chart is much more representative of the global temperature.

      The Hansen 1999 US chart shows the 1930’s as being just as warm as today. All the other unmodified temperature charts from around the world resemble the Hansen 1999 chart. None of the unmodified charts from around the world resemble the fraudulent Hockey Stick chart.

      In order to promote their CAGW (Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming) fraud, the Data Manipulators decided to change history and turn a rather benign climate into a hotter and hotter and hotter climate crisis. They changed the global temperature profile from one looking like the Hansen 1999 profile, to one looking like the Hockey Stick profile.

      The Hockey Stick is actually the only thing the alarmists can point to as “evidence” of CAGW and it’s all a Fraud. Without the Hockey Stick, they would have nothing, because if it is not warmer today than in the past, then that means CO2 is having little or no effect in increasing the temperatures because the temperatures are not increasing anymore than they did in the 1930’s when CO2 was not a significant issue. No unprecedented warming means no CAGW crisis. So the Climategate Charlatans decided they needed to create the appearance of unprecedented warming with a Hockey Stick chart.


      Btw, in the text in the link, notice how Hansen tries to explain away the difference between the look of the US chart and the look of the Hockey Stick. Hansen wants us to believe that weather behaves in one way in the United States and another way in the rest of the world. But the historic temperature charts put the lie to that claim, and all show the same profile as the Hansen 1999 US chart, so that is the global temperature profile, not the fraudulent Hockey Stick.

      There is no unprecedented warming today. There is no CO2 crisis, other than in the minds of those fooled by the Climategate Charlatans.

    • Look at this image from NASA GISS:


      It shows where in the southern hemisphere land-based thermometer data have been continuously recorded from 1880-2019. 10 locations! From 1880-1950 there were about 25 more. So about 35 thermometers, mostly concentrated in SE Australia/New Zealand, continuously recorded temperature data for 50% of the planet for 50% of recorded history (70 years). It’s impossible to accurately measure the average temperature of 98 million sq mi with 35 thermometers. So what did NASA do? They simply made up the missing data; it’s fake. It’s almost as bad in the northern hemisphere.


  18. Hey Alexa, how do I get science integrity free of agenda science by advocacy groups and data manipulators accentuating modern warming with fraudulent statistical operations? Also, how do I deal with tech giants that interfere with science process of fact checking and fair policy input in the current climate crusades? Alexa, are you listening to reason?

  19. Employees are, of course, free to adopt any religious beliefs they wish, including the unfounded belief in a climate apocalypse triggered by the success of human society, but they are not free to make up their own work schedules or get paid without showing up.

  20. They have a Constitutional right to define reality according to their beliefs under the Tiwlight (“penumbra”) Amendment. Let us bray.

  21. Amazon’s response should be this: “There’s the door. If you want to walk out, fine. Don’t bother coming back though. My guess is it’s all a bluff anyway, and a chance to virtue signal.

  22. Furthermore, even if these 1,000 decide not to strike, they have now de-valued themselves as employees. No business needs troublemakers, nor do they need morons, and they have now branded themselves as both. Good job.

  23. Were Amazon my company (but, alas, it is not), shortly after these Amazon Employees for Climate Justice go on strike, I would be placing Help Wanted ads for one thousand positions newly opened.

  24. So “almost 1,000” Amazon employees comes to 1/7 time 10 to the fifth power of Amazon employees.


    (Snipped, policy violation) SUNMOD

    • Where are you going with this rant?

      (His rant was a policy violation, which means nipping it in the beginning: Trolls, flame-bait, personal attacks, thread-jacking, sockpuppetry, name-calling such as “denialist,” “denier,” and other detritus that add nothing to further the discussion may get deleted;..) SUNMOD

  25. I would suggest a protest trip to the Amazon basin in a small dingy to investigate real environmental issues and not urban virtue signaling events.

  26. Amazon Employee Memo:
    1. ALL employees who walk off the job during the climate change protest (tantrum) are immediately fired;
    2. ALL employees who DO NOT walk off the job shall receive an immediate 1% raise;
    3. Overtime is available to all until vacancies are filled (see 1. above)
    4. ALL employees, and indeed ALL citizens, are welcome to practice any and all climate neutral life style choices to their hearts content, please leave your employer and the rest of humanity by decree, out of it.

    Thank You

    • 5. Bonuses will be provided for those employees who can get someone to apply for one of the newly opened positions.

  27. Well, when they get fired, I am sure they will get some sympathetic words from Bernie (and little else).

    Who knows? Maybe even a guest appearance from Greta! Wow! That’s almost worth it

  28. So long climate changers and more jobs for skeptics. Sounds good to me and the climate changers can vote with their feet and join Green industry where all the sustainability is happening.

  29. Fire them all… for the climate. Think of all that vehicle exhaust that won’t be occurring during their commutes.

  30. Jim: Alexa, what is the global climate emergency?

    Alexa: It depends on who is running Alexa today Jim. Most of our staff is off virtue signaling today but they will get back with you.

  31. These lefties may not think that they are working toward a potentially violent reaction..even civil war…but do they really expect Americans to quietly and voluntarily submit to a Socialist Authoritarian tyranny? One transparently built upon lies and brought to power by propaganda and decades of insidious infltration of all of our civilization’s institutions.

    The leadership of this Socialist cabal is made up of extremely wealthy individuals that are at the top of the hierarchy in media, industry, Entertainment, government, and finance. They wield lots of unelected illegitimate power.

    I hope that these socialist activists are still as repulsive to the average American as they are to me.
    I’m slowly getting to the point where there will be no limit to what I’d be willing to do to fight these evil traitorous wannabe tyrants.

    It’s going to be tough to win elections with 99% Fake News promoting the opposition to freedom (and our Constitution)… and 99% of the internet giants pulling out all the stops in opposition as well.

    On this issue, Besos will “cave” in a politically correct manner. He’s above supporting things like the truth and individual freedoms.

  32. It seems to me that this climate crisis has grown exponentially over the past three or four months, and is actually a stand-in for “impeach Trump”, which collapsed about three or four months ago. It is a replacement tantrum.

  33. Has anybody ever thought about Amazon itself might be the ringleader? The employees do the protesting so Amazon can do the virtue signalling?

  34. “It seems to me that this climate crisis has grown exponentially over the past three or four months,”

    Jumping the shark, I hope.

  35. What does this gang off 1,000 think will happen? Will the fearsome Bezosebub grant them a boon? What affect will this strike have on the climate,even if Bezosebub will promote electric cars in certain cities? Seems like more virtue signaling and self righteous grandstanding to me. Why don’t they organize something which might have more of an impact than a side bar on their local financially strapped news rag, like ….uh…lemmie see….sailing a yacht across the Atlantic to attend a climate conference? Oh…yeah, oh well….

  36. The curved arrow in the Amazon logo is meant to convey the message that it sells all items from A to Z—i.e., that it is “The Everything Store.” (I leanred this from reading a book on the company.) But who here has ever made that connection?

    The arrow’s point, to make that message clearer, should terminate at the left edge of the Z, not under its middle, just as its other end begins at the right edge of the A. I sent this suggestion to Amazon three years ago and got some boilerplate dismissal. Dopes.

  37. I’m having a hard time thinking of a way Amazon could exist without fossil fuels. Their whole business model is to bypass the local store (maybe even in walking/biking distance) and bring stuff directly to you on a truck, which picked up the package from a crossdock facility, which in turn got in from an airport or harbor, where it was unloaded from a ship or plane after traveling thousands of miles from the factory location.

    It is a continual astonishment to me that people could be so clueless about all the things their livelihood depends on. Amazon does not need to fire them; they will select themselves out of the job market and the gene pool soon enough.

  38. give every one of them that goes on strike a DCM in this case not a distinguished conduct medal it will be a don’t come Monday.

  39. The reality is that the climate change we have been experiencing is caused by the sun and the oceans over which mankind has no control, even Amazon.

  40. Please add costs to the business essential which we either pass on to customers meaning lower sales and fewer jobs or we have to take out of the business somewhere, probably through fewer jobs.

    Wonder if these strikers will be putting up their hands?

  41. I would suggest those climate concerned Amazon employees get the ball rolling, by donating 50% of their salary to fighting climate change. That should give us a good idea on their beliefs and commitments.

  42. A Hollywood director should film the walkout event. They could save money on extras for the next zombie movie! > ; }

  43. This has “astroturf fraud” written all over it.

    It’s a PR stunt by Bezos, for an excuse to push another element of his leftist agenda.

  44. They should all glue themselves to the Amazon parking lot. That would be awesome. They could even buy the glue from Amazon, saving money. Win-win!

  45. Well that should end Pizza Friday’s unless of course they were cooked with solar panels .
    Amazons entire business model completely collapses without fossil fuels .

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