Extinction Rebellion Demands a “Citizens Assembly” to Oversee Climate Policy

Extinction Rebellion, ‘swarming roadblocks’. DAVID HOLT [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Extinction Rebellion has demanded the citizens assembly offered by the British Government be given real authority, the power to override Democratically elected politicians, so Britain can properly address the climate crisis.

It’s Time The Public Had A Say On How We Fight Our Climate Crisis

By failing to act right now, we’re condemning our children to a bleak or even non-existent future. The public has a right to respond to this crisis, writes Extinction Rebellion’s Linda Doyle

30-08-2019 By Linda Doyle

As an event that challenges established politics and offers new ways of doing things, it is the perfect place to highlight our third manifesto demand: that government “must create and be led by the decisions of a citizens’ assembly on climate and ecological justice”

In short, what we want to see is something called a citizens’ assembly which will give a representative sample of the UK population the opportunity to debate and decide how we tackle the climate and ecological emergency.

Decades of inadequate political action have led to a climate and ecological emergency that poses an unprecedented threat to humanity and all life on Earth — “politics as usual” will not meet the challenge we face. 

In June the Select Committees announced plans for a citizens’ assembly aiming to reduce greenhouse gases to net-zero by 2050, but these plans lack the scale and scope that we desperately need. 2050 is way too late; we have 17 monthsnot 31 years. 

The assembly has no teeth, so the select committees are free to ignore their recommendations and the government is free to ignore the select committees. 

Parliamentary democracy cannot solve long-term problems. Politicians focus on getting re-elected, so short-term policies are prioritised. A citizens’ assembly is an upgrade to democracy that fixes its flaws. People in citizens’ assemblies can think long-term about what they want for themselves, their families, and their communities. There’s no tactical voting or influential lobbyists behind the scenes.

Read more: https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/climate-crisis_uk_5d68d836e4b0488c0d127f74

Extinction Rebellion is not the first group to demand a citizens assembly because they are dissatisfied with the representatives voters choose.

President Maduro created a citizens assembly, when Venezuelan elections failed to deliver the elected politicians and policies he wanted.

Venezuela’s President Maduro calls for new constituent body
2 May 2017

Amid continuing anti-government protests, Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro has called for a new constitution.

Speaking at a May Day rally, Mr Maduro said a new constitution was needed “to restore peace” and stop the opposition from carrying out a “coup d’etat”.

He decreed that a citizens’ assembly be convened to write the new document. 

Opposition leaders said the move was aimed at neutralising the opposition-led legislature, the National Assembly.

National Assembly leader Julio Borges called it “a scam to deceive the Venezuelan people with a mechanism that is nothing more than a tightening of the coup in Venezuela”.

“It is Nicolas Maduro dissolving democracy and dissolving the Republic.”

Read more: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-latin-america-39775092

You might think it odd that Britain, the birthplace of modern democracy, would be seriously considering the idea of establishing a Venezuelan style citizens assembly which can dictate to elected politicians what they can and cannot do.

But in my opinion the concept of an undemocratic citizens’ assembly which can override the will of elected politicians fits quite neatly into the political procedural vacuum which will appear when Britain leaves the EU.

For decades elected British politicians have been accused of hiding behind EU rules dictated by the unelected European Commission, when they want to refuse the demands of voters.

If you accept this charge, the creation of a new and powerful unelected citizens climate assembly makes perfect sense. The new assembly, whose claim to legitimacy would be drawn from the perceived urgent need to address the climate “crisis”, which would have the power to dictate policy to elected politicians, would provide ample cover for politicians who want an excuse for not fulfilling voters’ wishes; politicians could use rulings from the new citizens climate assembly as a drop in replacement for the political cover they used to receive from being subject to EU directives.

127 thoughts on “Extinction Rebellion Demands a “Citizens Assembly” to Oversee Climate Policy

    • Trump:
      Manhattan real estate people are “babies” compared to political people.
      It’s the most deceptive, vicious world. It’s vicious. It’s full of lies, deceit and deception. You make a deal you might as well be making a deal with that table.

  1. So they want to basically double the government and override democracy by imposing another layer that basically compels the one elected to do their special bidding 🙂

    If it’s such an issue convince the people to vote for your party and take government. Oh wait these lunatics can’t get enough votes so they want to become dictators. What could possibly go wrong with all this.

    • The reason they want to override democracy, is because they can’t win with their delusion at the ballot box.

      Any politician can declare a meaningless “climate emergency”. Only a foolhardy one will put up taxes, or penalise the economy, or end public spending on necessary projects.

      Extinction rebellion are the anti-democratic wolf huffing and puffing outside the concrete constructed, earthquake hurricane tsunami proof building of democracy.

    • Another layer above the elected Parliament, that can compel the government to do as told……….. that’s the EU.

      • One should believe everything what the newspapers write. That goes for the whole spectrum from left to right.

        • But in this case RLu is correct. The EU Commission is the supreme government of all member nations. The Directives that they issue must be taken into national law by all the members. If not the ECJ will take action being that it is the supreme court for all member nations.

      • So whoever is the current majority appoints an assembly who demands they do what the politicians want but need political cover for.

        What could go horribly wrong?

  2. Citizens Assembly is so Marxist.

    A Marxist Manifesto, by Joseph Loconte
    | September 30, 2016 01:15 AM

    “The 1957 Treaty of Rome, creating the European Economic Community (EEC), was a major step in that direction. But Spinelli was unsatisfied: An adviser to federalist leaders such as Alcide De Gasperi, Paul-Henri Spaak, and Jean Monnet, he pushed hard for the creation of a parliamentary assembly, a European constitution, and a common economic policy. Nearly every proposal for European integration bore his fingerprints. ”

    Let’s just call the Climate Change scam what it is — a push for full-blown Marxist-Communism on the Western democracies.

  3. But there is no evidence that anything that mankind has done in the past has had any effect on global climate. Based on the paleoclimate record and the work done with models, the climate change that we have been experiencing is caused by the sun and the oceans over which mankind has no control. Despite the hype, there is no real evidence that CO2 has any effect on climate and there is plenty of scientific rationale to support the idea that the climate sensitivity of CO2 is zero. So the bottom line is that governments and citizen’s groups should stop wasting time ant money trying to fight climate change and instead work of problems that they have the power to solve. We would all be better off if governments instead concentrated on improving the global economy.

    • governments and citizen’s groups want power and control over the masses William. The power elite need to wield policy as a way to control the worlds resources, populations, and distribution between the two.

      That distribution system is socialism and it has never failed those with the power and control. Those in power will never want for available resources. So they will tell everyone it is for the good of all and the way to be sure it is good is to make it equal. And the failure and sufferings of the past are because distribution of goods and services wasn’t done right in other systems.

      But the two sure bets of socialism, wherever and however it is tried, are that: 1) economies never improve and 2) the higher you go on the bureaucratic power and control ladder the less you suffer. And the higher you sit on this Ponzi pyramid scheme life can be very good comrade.

      Now if you doubt that everything is equal, people in long black coats wearing sunglasses will come to hear your complaints. These people have gone by different names under different governments down though world history. Iin 21st Century Britain we might call them the “Citizens Assembly.”

    • What William Haas said.

      So why don’t we start ignoring a vanishingly small pack of misguided freaks?

      When they stop getting attention, they’ll have to go home and maybe find honest work.

  4. Now the truth is starting to come out.

    Extinction Rebellion are not just another concerned ‘green’ group.

    They are a ‘green group’ with a overt political desire for power.

    What they are hoping we won’t realise is that there is already a ‘citizen’s assembly’ in place within the UK – it is called ELECTIONS.

    This sort of thing is standard ‘Progressive’ play. If they can’t win at the game, change the rules until you get the result you want, then change the rules one more time until no body can do the same to you. This is why such things as Trump and Brexit were ‘clearly’ failures of democracy and clear requirements for re-counts, second referendums and impeachments, but ‘correct’ results are the ‘will of the people’ and must always be respected.

    You know what they say – Scratch a Green and wash your hands afterwards… I mean Scratch a Green, discover a totalitarian under the surface.

    • There’s no tactical voting or influential lobbyists behind the scenes.

      took me a while to stop laughing at that
      what an utter load of rubbish
      XR IS tactical lobbyists to the nth degree
      and NOT representing any citizens Id like having a say in govt..anywhere on the planet

  5. The ‘Extinction Rebellion’ crowd are the same upper-middle-class pack that refuse to accept the Brexit 2016 referendum result.

    • Agreed Chris.
      As to”Extinction Rebellion, ‘swarming roadblocks’” I note that the “swarm” in the photograph numbers 12.

    • And to think that I keep hoping a meteor the size of a 2001 Ford Escape will whack down right in the midst of them…. Oh, that was SO MEAN of me!!!! Well, it happens in cartoons, doesn’t it?

      It’s just as well that they are as loud, obnoxious and intrusive in the media as they are. If they were more secretive about what they want, we’d have no warning, would we?

      I wonder how they’ll do in a blizzard coming off the Atlantic this winter…?

  6. Also, they ‘demand’.

    Because of course they do.

    Not, ‘we are taking a platform of a citizen’s assembly to the next election, please like share and subscribe’.

    Democracy is something that is tolerated as a necessary evil by those on the right, who tend to resent minorities being able to vote on how they should live their lives, and used by those on the left, who believe in ‘free elections’ right up until the moment they get enough power to ‘legally’ declare themselves Committee for Life and outlaw elections forever.

    The only people who actually believe in the fair and just nature of voting are the centre.

    • Once again, someone who has never met a conservative, assumes that all conservatives are racists, because that’s what the media told him to believe.

    • Mass media, et al, frequently state that the average American is to the right of center (shouldn’t that be the very definition of center?).
      So are you really saying the average American is racist? Seriously?

    • All of those people “on the right” tend to be racist?

      What a bigot you appear to be. By your statement above that “The only people who actually believe in the fair and just nature of voting are the centre” shows YOU to be of the CENTRE and therefore of the only CLASS that is of the CORRECT opinions. All other opinions are obviously wrong.

      BTW, in the US and most democracies that elect one, those in the center usually decide the outcome of the election of the chief executive so whatever actually comes to pass is largely decided by those in the center. Recently in the US, when they have a choice between a leftist and a centrist, the “center” usually votes for the leftist. Ex. Obama vs Romney. Trump broke that cycle.

      Finally, the right believes in constitutional republican democracy in the US. It does not believe that JUDGES should decide that abortion or non heterosexual marriage should be legal in all states. Multiple states had VOTES on these issues, and passed state constitutional amendments prohibiting the same, often by very large margins, but state supreme courts, then the SCOTUS mandated that the votes of the people meant nothing. Leftist judges changed the whole nature of the country. Thus it is easy to understand the leftist outrage over Trumps appointment of conservative originalist judges to all levels of the federal courts. The left knows they cannot get their policies in place nationally through the democratic process so have for a hundred years used the courts as their dictatorship. Remember that the Republicans have not held the 60 votes in the US senate needed to appoint the judges they wanted without democrat approval for well over 60 years. Thanks to Harry Reid’s desire to circumvent the 60 votes to place extremist leftist Obama appointees on the DC and other circuit benches as a last gasp effort to maintain that judicial dictatorship, that threshold has been eliminated. This new battle for the judicial dictatorship started with the nomination of Judge Bork in 1987 and continues to this day.

      4 more years of Trump with traditional conservative judicial appointments could allow the US to become a Republic again where individual states have different laws regarding marriage, abortion, welfare, medical care, etc. Then people will be able to vote with their feet by moving to states where their views are respected. As it is today, nationwide judicial dictates make all states essentially the same on the major issues of disagreement between the left and the right.

      END RANT

    • My first thought was of Robespierre. Somehow folks who espouse lofty ideals think they have a license to kill many many people. We have the terror of the French Revolution and then we have Marxism everywhere it has been tried.

      • The guillotine is so eco-friendly! And it is only for removing enemies of the People! I have read enough about the Terror for this sort thing to make me distinctly twitchy.

    • Let us not forget the Russian Revolution. There the “Soviets” were the citizen’s assemblies. We all know how that one turned out.

  7. Britain is in such a political mess right now I don’t think another bunch of idiots would make the slightest bit of difference.

    • I thought the whole point of Brexit was to get Great Britain out from under the crushing, unelected EU bureaucracy? Why on God’s green earth would the Brits want to immediately replace the smothering stupidity of unelected EU bureaucrats with an unelected citizens committee of ‘extinction rebellion’ idiot bureaucrats?

  8. Isn’t that what the house of commons is? These people talk about democracy all the time, yet don’t seem to understand what it means.

    • For these lefties democracy is all well and fine until you get a decision you don’t like, then it quickly slides to a totalitarian state.

      • To a leftist, it’s only democracy when they win.
        They have convinced themselves that the people actually support them.
        Therefore when they don’t win, it has to be because nefarious powers have interfered with democracy.
        Therefore they need all kinds of special rules to make sure that those who disagree with them are prevented from interfering with the “true” democratic process.

  9. These Commies think they can impose their deranged extremism on the silent majority. They’re wrong, and their lawbreaking will be punished with the full force of laws made by lawmakers elected in the time-honoured way.

    • Brent Hargreaves

      By the looks of things, Boris is in no mood to take prisoners, and with his past history of support for the police this mob might just get more than they bargained for.

    • One would like to think so,Brent, but unfortunately you are too optimistic , in the case of England anyway.
      The ER mob seem to have carte blanche to inflict chaos wherever , whenever and to whomever they want.
      Having disrupted London for days they have moved to Manchester and blocked a central road for days . The police said publicly that “we will facilitate this demonstration in any way we can” . Appeals to established democratic processes are useless if the streets and cities are being handed over to any undemocratic mob with an agenda.
      From time to time readers of this site who are of Germanic origin and of a generation far from that of the Nazi era complain of how that era is so often quoted as being relevant to the ecofascism – as if being German is a sin for evermore. Understandable , but inevitable because the rise of the Nazis and the defeat of democracy is so well documented , not only by the perpetrators and their victims but by foreign observers and writers , that it is a textbook example of how an established democracy can be destroyed . The freedom to cause mayhem being granted to ER by the inactivity of the police and judiciary in England mirrors exactly the way in which , day by day, month by month , year by year the Brownshirts took control of the streets in Germany , and then the parliamentary chambers themselves.

  10. Eric Worrall – You say “an undemocratic citizens’ assembly which can override the will of elected politicians fits quite neatly into the political procedural vacuum which will appear when Britain leaves the EU“. It may fit neatly, but the whole point of Brexit is to replace the autocratic EU bureaucracy with the democratically elected British parliament. When Britons voted for Brexit, they most certainly were not voting to be ruled by a ragtag collection of unelected activists.

    And BTW, I don’t think there will be a political “vacuum” after Brexit. Some EU rules will be explicitly replaced with new rules (possibly in some cases the same rules) and other rules will simply disappear, leaving the populace freer to work and play as they wish. The British people will emphatically not need any new layers of rulers.

    • Mike, I don’t think replacing one anti-democratic political prop with another anti-democratic political prop is a good thing, except for the politicians who profit from such subterfuge. Sorry if I didn’t make that clear.

  11. …Parliamentary democracy cannot solve long-term problems…

    The dictatorial movement should make an improved version of “An Inconvenient Truth”, maybe a modern version of Leni Riefenstahl’s 1938 film “Triumph des Willes”/”Triumph of the Will”, which to date is considered one of the greatest propaganda films of all times. This film worked well for the National Socialists back then, so a similar one would most likely also work well for the Green Socialists today.
    Why do we forget history so easily?

    • An almost equally disgusting bit of propaganda was Hollywood’s “The Birth of a Nation”, a particularly nasty bit of revisionist history extolling the Ku Klux Klan as the Saviors of Civilization in the South. A bit of agitprop as well done as “Gone With the Wind”, and less subtle in distorting the history of Reconstruction. Those movies were total Southern Agrarian political advertisements, as much as Riefenstahl was pitching for the Ariosophy of the NSDAP.

  12. Oh thank goodness. Finally a proposal on Climate Change hysteria that guarantees nothing will happen. ER and cohorts will be so busy eating their young and bickering, that the rest of us can get on with life as normal. The danger of any politician handing over anything resembling power is so remote as to resemble zero.

  13. I remember reading a post on this site about somebody hacking ER’s computers, and that George soros name came up in the “funds” department…. If george soros is giving ER money, then its save to say that ER does not care about the environment, and its just a case of mass economic upset, same as the ipcc. Imagine is the whole of the uk stopped using fossil fuels and all coal/nuclear power planets were closed?! England would shut down in a few days and people would either starve/freeze to death or leave on the first boat/plane out of the country..

    • “….. Imagine is the whole of the uk stopped using fossil fuels and all coal/nuclear power planets were closed?! England would shut down in a few days and people would either starve/freeze to death or leave on the first boat/plane out of the country……”

      Under those circumstances it would be very hard to operate any boats or planes in the country, and anyone fleeing it would be doing so by sail, on foot or by horse….

  14. When is someone in authority in the elected government going to stand up and say enough is enough. Stop these people from causing havoc and re-educate them on the real state of the planet. There is plenty of info out there that says they have it all wrong. Most of the info has been swamped, just drain the swamp.

  15. Extinction Rebellion is a terrorist organization, and should be treated as the terrorists they are. Along with every politician that has kow-towed to them and their demands.

  16. “……You might think it odd that Britain, the birthplace of modern democracy, would be seriously considering the idea of establishing a Venezuelan style citizens assembly ……..”

    I think it odd that a serious blog like WUWT is giving any consideration to the ravings of some mindless protest group. Britain certainly isn’t….

    • The British Government appears to have conceded Extinction Rebellion’s demand for a people’s assembly, a say in climate policy. Extinction Rebellion wants more authority than they have been offered. Their ravings might end up on the British statute books.

    • I was scrolling down to find if anyone had said that before I did!

      I am not about to take lessons in democracy or what I should believe from a bunch of hypocrites and liars. Which these days means virtually any organisation campaigning for anything to do with environment.

      My long experience of enviro-activists is that they hanker for the 17th century — for everyone but themselves — and that they could have given Mendacity Lessons to Nixon!

  17. I am an American in Britain these next three months with a front row seat for Brexit. It is a thorny issue, but the British people spoke in a referendum that was declared legitimate, after it was completed, by a large majority of each of the major political parties. Brexit must happen or British democracy loses its legitimacy.

    My report to the states is: Brexit will happen. Johnson is the leader for this moment as Churchill was as the Nazi’s started war on the continent and Chamberlain was shown to be feckless.

    This last weekend, because of the move to prorogue Parliament, the left in all its vehement glory called for massive civil disobedience and demonstrations Saturday across this “scepter’d isle” as Shakespeare once called it. I am in Liverpool…spent much of the day in Center City on Saturday. People went about their day shopping and drinking in pubs, focused on the local football club. Nary a word or sign seen referring to Brexit, though in the papers, the most recent poll showed Johnson gained substantially post-proroguing.

    Johnson is playing the support green energy on a precautionary basis as his political stance. He has a much bigger fish to fry in the next months that worrying about the climate. But he is a very clever fellow. Read up on him. It is heartening that the British political process has ended up with him at this time. He will be Hobbes’s Leviathan, in the good sense.

  18. A randomly drawn citizen’s assembly couldn’t possibly endorse more alarmist measures than the UK Parliament. It might well endorse less, as it would give climate contrarians time to debate with alarmists, and to present skeptical material that the general public is not now exposed to, especially about the hidden cost of Undependables, and about the failed predctions of alarmists.

    Citizen’s assemblies have been growing in interest among political cientists for a decade, and not just leftists. Keith Sutherland is a conservative who favors them. The Center for Deliberative Democracy, run by James Fishkin at Stanford, has been doing trial runs of informing large random bodies of citizens juries on weekends on political topics, with both sides presented fairly. The change in jurors’ views over the course of the session reflects greater rationality.

    I wrote:
    “Demarchy—small, sample electorates electing officials”
    From Cornucopia of Ideas, the Social Inventions Journal for 2001, pages 237–44
    Online at:
    To Download click:

    • You’re right, obviously, that “a randomly drawn citizen’s assembly couldn’t possibly endorse more alarmist measures than the UK Parliament”. So why are they suggesting it? What’s the plan? They do think strategically, so that’s a relevant question.

      • I suspect they will decide the list from whom citizens are randomly drawn. Believing drastic measures must be taken to ‘save the climate’ would be a requirement to be on the list.

        • So like elections in the Soviet Union, where the vote was restricted to Party members, and the central committee approves all candidates.

    • What makes you think they have any intention of selecting people randomly.
      Each and every person on that committee will be handpicked by the current politicians.

  19. Climate fascists. How insane-a bunch of useful idiots demanding to override Democracy. This is effectively demanding a usurping of the government without any rational debate.
    What would happen if their was a Labour , Green or Labour/Green government? Would they just roll over and cave in to the insane demand?
    Make no mistake, Democracy and human freedom are in peril.

    • High Treason,

      You say, “Democracy and human freedom are in peril”.

      Your comment ignores that Parliament has been prorogued; i.e. UK democracy has been suspended.


      • Suspended? This is the longest sitting since the civil war. it is high time it was brought to an end so the new govt can present their programme. As done by Dominic Grieve in 2014 and John Major in 1997.

        Parliament will have 3 days less sitting. it has taken them 3 years to get this far so I don’t think another 3 days is going to make any difference. If things were so urgent Parliament would not just be returning after a 5 week holiday.

        • tonyb,

          Your comment is disingenuous.

          Prorogation IS suspension of Parliament and Parliament IS how the UK fulfils democracy.

          The Tory Party promised to provide a Brexit with a trade deal between the UK and EU in the election campaign prior to its election. Recently, the Tory Party has swapped Prime Minister (PM) and government members. The newly appointed PM intends to implement Brexit without a trade deal between the UK and EU (the EU is by far the UK’s largest trading partner).

          Parliament usually is prorogued during the time of Political Party Conferences. This time the newly appointed Prime Minister (PM) has extended prorogation such as to prevent Parliament from fulfilling its duty of scrutinising a government policy which the newly appointed PM intends to impose on 31 October. This policy is to implement a no-deal Brexit which is NOT what the Tory government was elected to do.

          It is important to note that the PM, Boris Johnson, has been appointed by the Tory Party and not elected by the public. Only weeks ago when promoting his appointment as PM he said he thought it would be wrong to prorogue Parliament, but now he is appointed as PM he has prorogued Parliament to prevent democratic accountability of his intention to impose a no-deal Brexit.

          In the past Boris Johnson has been sacked from two different jobs for telling lies. It is a shame he cannot be sacked as PM for the same reason.

          Even the Speaker of the Commons objects to the extended prorogation because the extension makes it very difficult for Parliament to do its duty of holding the government to account.


          • “The Tory Party promised to provide a Brexit with a trade deal between the UK and EU in the election campaign prior to its election. ”

            And? They’ll leave the EU, then negotiate a deal. The EU clearly aren’t willing to negotiate before that.

            The simple fact is this: the British people democratically voted to leave the EU. The ‘democratic’ Parliament have been doing everything possible to prevent it, and the country needs an adult to step up and get the children back into line.

          • MarkG,

            You say,
            “The simple fact is this: the British people democratically voted to leave the EU. The ‘democratic’ Parliament have been doing everything possible to prevent it, and the country needs an adult to step up and get the children back into line.”

            OK. This response is me ‘stepping up’ to put you and other “children back into line”.

            The British people did vote (by small majority) to leave the EU following a referendum campaign in which proposers of leaving all claimed it would be easy to get a trade deal with the EU. And they shouted down all who tried to explain that it would be very difficult to get such a deal.

            It has proven difficult to get an acceptable deal that would not wreck the UK economy and not damage the agreement which ended the Irish ‘troubles’ (the New IRA has already started atrocities on assumption of ‘no deal’).

            Some things take time. For example, a referendum vote to build a city on the Moon does not mean such a city can be built in three years.

            Only three years has passed and the Tory government has attempted to get a deal which is acceptable to Parliament. Now, the Tory Party is so afraid of the nutty extremists of the Brexit Party (which has repeatedly failed to get any – n.b. not even one – of their number elected as an MP) that the Tories have panicked. They have appointed Johnson as PM and he has prorogued Parliament to force through a ‘no-deal’ Brexit which was NOT what the Tories campaigned for in the General Election which followed the referendum.

            In attempt to get the ‘no deal’ Brexit Johnson has prorogued Parliament. Simply, the Tories have done what the above article reports ‘Extinction Rebellion’ wants to do; i.e. having failed to obtain what they want in the timescale they want they have replaced Parliament with their own ‘placemen’ who are forcing their small minority desires on the UK.


          • Richard S Courtney

            “The British people did vote (by small majority) to leave the EU following a referendum campaign in which proposers of leaving all claimed it would be easy to get a trade deal with the EU.”

            One million two hundred and sixty-eight thousand seven hundred and fifty-nine voters is not a small majority.

            “…proposers of leaving all claimed it would be easy to get a trade deal with the EU.”

            It will be easy when the UK eventually manages to extract itself from the EU. Sadly the Conservatives chose a Prime Minister who had voted to remain in the EU, who stuffed her cabinet with a majority of remain-supporting ministers and who permitted civil servants, whose connections to the Brussels politburo were well-known, to carry out the “negotiations” on her behalf while sidelining the cabinet ministers who she had appointed specifically for that purpose. Aided by her fellow remain-voting cabinet allies she wasted three years and strengthened the EU’s resolve to attempt to stop the UK from leaving.

            The current Prime Minister about our “friends” in Europe. But the German, French, Dutch and Irish governments are not “friends”.

            The first three are trade rivals who have worked for years to undermine the UK’s dominant position in finance, pharmaceutical, fishing, agriculture and other sectors.

            The current Irish government cannot forgive the UK for bailing out their country when its banking system failed in the 2008 crash. Ireland still owes the UK some $17 billion (£14 billion) and will do anything it can to undermine Britain in the hope of annexing the six counties of Northern Ireland.

            Hence, so long as we treat them as “friends” there will continue to be difficulties exiting the EU but when we recognise that friendship plays no part in our negotiations we should secure the trade deal that, as promised, will be advantageous to all parties.

            If anyone still has doubts about the EU’s dishonest negotiating tactics they should read “Adults in the Room” by Yanis Varoufakis.

  20. OT: A few days ago my defense of the use of “contrarian” was criticized in a comment (which I can’t now locate). It said that “contrarian” implied a congenital “gainer”—one who opposes for the sake of opposing. A good resonse has now occurred to me: the term “climate contrarian” does not suggest a congenital carping critic, or not very strongly, because it’s limited to a single topic, rather than being a general personality trait.

    It’s the best term we can ask the media to use, given that it won’t grant us “skeptic,” and given that “Contrarian” is alliterative with “climate” and a natural antonym of “consensus.” The AP’s suggested “doubter” is too mild—we’re disbelievers or disputants or heretics. (Actually, I’d like any of those terms as well as contrarian, or even better.)

    • Alliteration is a poetic ‘sound’ effect,
      not an effect of spelling.
      It is the ‘head-rhyme’ of strong syllables.
      In “apt alliteration’s artful aid”
      alliteration does not alliterate.
      Hence, contrarian alliterates with train.

      • A flea and a fly in a flue,
        Didn’t know what to do.
        Said the fly, “Let us flee,”
        Said the flea, “Let us fly,”
        So they flew through a flaw in the flue.
        …I’ll be here all week, try the veal…

  21. With the Sultan Boris aided by the grand vizier Cummings on one side and Jerome Trotsky with his band of Bolsheviks on the other, lot a fun to be had in the coming days and possibly weeks.

  22. Who will qualify to be on the citizens’ assembly? Not me, not most of you.
    Only those ER consider sufficiently ‘woke’ will qualify.
    The result, an assembly in ER’s approved image.

  23. Isn’t this basically a call to arms, to overthrow the government? They didn’t word it exactly that why, but it’s effectively what they’re asking for.

  24. ‘”There’s no tactical voting or influential lobbyists behind the scenes…..”
    And the Easter Bunny is not a mythical being?

  25. Read Christopher Caldwell’s Opinion Article in The New York Times, “The Problem with Greta Thunberg’s climate activism”.
    The problem is that the social and economic revolution required to achieve net zero emissions by 2050 will run head on into Democracy.
    Western Democracies are not voting and will not vote for the destruction of their economies and lifestyles, no matter how many “climate emergencies” are declared and how many “citizen’s assemblies” are demanded.
    Politicians who run on explicit climate extravaganzas are headed for the rocks.

    • “Western Democracies are not voting and will not vote for the destruction of their economies and lifestyles, no matter how many “climate emergencies” are declared and how many “citizen’s assemblies” are demanded.
      Politicians who run on explicit climate extravaganzas are headed for the rocks.”

      I think that is exactly right. Voters are not going to vote to destroy the economic system that gives us our present lifestyle. Proposing to take all that away is not going to fly with voters.

  26. When you cannot win the vote you search for ‘other means ‘ , for some that is the bullet or the bomb for revolution and for still others things often labelled as ‘Citizens’ which often result in lots of dead ‘Citizens’

  27. Bizarre … our democracy with an elected representative body isn’t good enough … ? So we now need a directly appointed ‘climate assembly’ to take over as this is the ‘true voice of the people’ . Total BS.

  28. All of this progressive carp demands have already been tried and documented by the Ancient Greeks as failures.

    Read the Peloponnesian Wars and the effects on the government of the combatants. Athens’ various democracies all failed. In the instant case, the assembly of all 6,000 citizens led to failure. Lacedaemonian Sparta constitution the Great Rhetor survived from 900 BCE to 200 BCE as a state of disciplined elites.

    The ravening hordes the bar-bar-bar barbarians will bring down post-modern Western civilization too. Gird for another Dark Ages. It is a good time to be old, be shriven, love your neighbors, be armed.

  29. I walked through the Extinction Rebellion protest which took over the centre of Manchester at the weekend. My overwhelming impression was of the smugness. Also, that it is a cult. Everyone was of a certain type. It was sickening to sense the self-righteousness. Now I get it. These people have no clue but think they are doing God’s work.

    • Indeed.
      Gail Bradbrook

      came up with the idea for Extinction Rebellion after “praying for the codes for social change” while on a retreat with psychedelic medicines

      The religion/cult/tribe aroma was evident during recent XR protests on the streets of Edinburgh. They certainly didn’t like being disagreed with.
      No good writing to my local MP (Labour Party) about this , I’ll have to go straight for Theresa Villiers (Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) .

  30. “You might think it odd that Britain, the birthplace of modern democracy”

    I’m not familiar with this history; can someone enlighten me? As I recall England was a monarchy (still is to a certain degree IMO) in 1789 when America established a democratic form of government.

    • In 1798 The United Kingdom was, as it still is, a constitutional monarchy. The sovereign had very limited powers, in fact far more limited than the powers of the President of The united States. The last King that tried to rule as an absolute monarch literally lost his head. Upon the restoration (1660) the powers of the king were limited to practically nothing of importance, merely the right to (always) approve the will of parliament.

      Parliament was not the universal suffrage institution of today but the voting qualifications were taken over virtually verbatim by the United States.

  31. If this comes to be it is time for all of us to consider armed counter insurrection against DR and any government craven enough to give way to their demands

  32. First a National (Citizen) Assembly, the a Committee of Public Safety to deal with their perceived Rain of Terror.
    Whatever they take to the guillotine, let it not be our necks.

  33. “You might think it odd that Britain, the birthplace of modern democracy, would be seriously considering the idea of establishing a Venezuelan style citizens assembly which can dictate to elected politicians what they can and cannot do”.

    It would be odd, but nobody is seriously considering it. Nobody serious, at least.

    It’s just another bunch of non-representative crackpots demanding something which is not representative of the views of most people in the UK. Every would-be authoritarian dictator throughout history claims that they are acting on behalf of “the people” while doing the exact opposite.

  34. Somehow, i miss the days when London was a cool place to visit, and the Mods and Rockers were the most rebellious twits ever, and the Beatles, Dave Clark Five, Animals, etc., and Mary Quant’s dress designs were more interesting to teenagers than being obnoxious, self-important brats with inflated egos. I know, I know – that dates me a lot.

    You remember that saying “Be careful what you wish for”? That applies to them. They might get it. And they won’t like it. They are classic examples of Useful Idiots.

    • An old friend, he used to sell me nice suits for the city from a shop in the home counties, a gentleman’s gentleman, very much loves the theatre and culture. He doesn’t visit London anymore, too dangerous.

  35. All this insanity has been caused by the Climategate Data Manipulators who conspired to change the historic temperature record to make it look like the Earth has been getting “hotter and hotter” for decade after decade.

    Without this manipulated temperature record, the alarmists would have no “evidence” to prove their case. The bastardized surface temperature chart is the only thing saying the temperatures are getting out of control, and it’s all a Big Lie meant to frighten people into taking action.

    The Climategate conspirators deserve appropriate punishment for putting humanity through this false crisis of climate. They have driven millions of people insane with fear. Insane people do insane things, like proposing to do away with gasoline and cattle and airplanes and elected governments.

  36. 1. Who chooses who is on the Assembly?
    2. What competence must they possess?
    3. How many non-marxists will be on the Assembly?
    4. Will minority reports be a regular feature to ensure SJW PC identity politics is not to be seen as a unifying force?
    5. How will Assembly members be accountable for their decision-making and will they be remunerated?
    6. When the shan hits the fit, what sanctions could Assembly members face for having caused intergenerational harm through ignorance, totalitarian zealotry and generalised immaturity?

  37. Alaska village gives suspected drug dealer the boot with a one-way plane ticket out of town


    A crowd of about 40 protesters fed up with illegal drug use in their Alaska village gathered along the Galena airport runway on Wednesday and presented a choice to a suspected methamphetamine dealer who had just landed, residents said.

    Young and old showed up for the demonstration. A woman held a written sign: “NO DRUG DEALERS ALLOWED.” A man threw on black clothes and led a black dog by a tight leash, to look the part of a drug agent ready to board the small plane.

    A village resident chosen as a spokesperson climbed aboard and discreetly delivered the message: Stay in the village and have every move scrutinized. Or, leave town and we’ll cover your ticket home.

    The woman chose option two, and never left the plane.

  38. Here’s something for the Extinction Rebellion lunatics to chew on:


    Climate Alarmists Foiled: No US Warming Since 2005

    “When American climate alarmists claim to have witnessed the effects of global warming, they must be referring to a time beyond 14 years ago. That is because there has been no warming in the United States since at least 2005, according to updated data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).” . . .

    “There is also good reason to believe U.S. temperatures have not warmed at all since the 1930s. Raw temperature readings at the preexisting stations indicate temperatures are the same now as 80 years ago. All of the asserted U.S. warming since 1930 is the product of the controversial adjustments made to the raw data.”

    end excerpts

    Much ado about nothing.

    Extinction Rebellion ought to be out demonstrating against the lies of the Climategate Data Manipulators, who have inflicted mental stress on all the poor folks who have been fooled into wasting their time marching and demonstrating about CAGW.

  39. This organisation is seriously dangerous and must be challenged in a robust manner. Is there no such thing as an anti-extinction rebellion protest group? There should be.

  40. Where in the hell do the stoned minions of a failed organic farmer get off demanding anything? FOAD, hippies!

  41. “Extinction Rebellion Demands a “Citizens Assembly” to Oversee Climate Policy”
    And if their demands aren’t met, they will throw tantrums, glue themselves to things, and otherwise annoy people. Then we’ll be sorry.

  42. Barking mad and, given that every official body from the UN to your local council is behind them, dangerous as hell. They are attempting a coup.

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