Edmonton city council declares climate emergency

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The City of Edmonton has declared a climate emergency. Vinesh Pratap takes a look at what that means.

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      • I think he’s hoping the Site C dam goes ahead, and now they have a way to force through new spending on infrastructure, no matter how dubious or pitifully small the energy savings might be.

        And now there’s a blanket excuse ‘climate change’ for past undersizing of storm sewers, rotting power poles, inadequate building codes and inspections, allowing development on flood plains, etc., other than government incompetence.

  1. A casual cost-benefit analysis would have revealed that anything Edmonton could do, including immediate cessation of all CO2 generation and mass suicide, would accomplish nothing. So, the only reasonable conclusion is: virtue signaling at their constituents’ expense.

      • Got any hot ideas on how to get China and India in line so their emissions increases do not swamp out everything everybody else does? Without that, the whole thing seems like useless and expensive virtue signaling.
        From the video:

        The city will now be able to sell itself better to outside investors because of it’s green credentials.

        Virtue signaling writ large.

          • “Got any hot ideas on how to get China and India in line…”
            “No, when for a long time we in the west have developed by using so much fossil fuel per capita for deades and continue to do so.”

            1. Up until 1980 there wasn’t a consensus that the West’s emissions might be harmful—indeed they were thought to be beneficial. (So far they have been, when global greening is included.) Those emissions weren’t our fault, because they were innocently emitted.
            2. Those emissions were an unavoidable part of the industrial revolution and its continuation. Waterwheels and windmills weren’t going to do it. The industrial revolution (along with global greening) and its sequels (digital revolution) is what is leading the non-West out of poverty and misery: China is an example. The Rest Of the World owes us; we don’t owe them.

            “How weak is our argument when we, emitting 16t pa each say to Indians emitting 1.5t – no you have to cut back.”

            We aren’t asking them to “cut back” (reduce their current emissions), just to avoid big increases in coal consumption, and to use nuclear (probably not fundable though by the World Bank) or renewables instead. After all, the latter are the cheapest form of power, according to green propaganda. For some reason the ROW isn’t convinced, even though they’ve surely been incessantly lectured about it by numerous international organizations and visiting speakers from A to Z. Why don’t you give them a piece of your mind too? Tell it to Xi.

            There is no benefit to the West or to the ROW for it to unilaterally go green alone. If CO2 reduction is a common effort, it’s futile and worse, like bailing out a boat while others are drilling holes in it.

          • “… when we in the west have developed by using so much fossil fuel per capita for decades…”

            DEVELOPED. Fossil fuel.

            By George, I think you’ve finally got it!

      • Your logic is correct, of course, but I will remind you that the left engage in the very same flawed logic every time they use this argument against development: “We shouldn’t develop this oil field or build this pipeline because it can only supply the world for a few days.”

        What Shoki Kaneda says is also true. Which of your two truths is of more benefit in the short or long term? Since I suspect you will get the answer wrong the first time I will tell you it is not yours.

      • Come on Loydo. At least since Kyoto, it was clear that nothing was going to be accomplished without developed-nation restrictions on developing nations. Forget about individual cities.

        These “climate emergency” declarations are little more than lowest common denominator politicians succumbing to lobbyists. They aren’t addressing emergencies like drug addiction, homelessness, poverty, aging infrastructure, education, etc., but are going to try to act to address an “emergency” that isn’t. It’s shameful.

    • But the mighty Machynlleth, here in Wales, has already declared a climate emergency. Without the idiot politicos having any idea of cost benefit analysis.
      We must do something,
      This is something.
      Therefore we must do it!
      Politico logic……

    • Just turn off the natural gas pipelines to Edmonton, say in November, and the definition of “crisis” will be more apparent to city council.

  2. As a couple folks have already pointed out, what about the city’s hockey team, the Edmonton Oilers?!
    Now to be renamed: Edmonton Boilers, Edmonton Broilers?
    This is a city council so hopelessly out of touch with the economics of Alberta and the city/area itself: refining, petrochemicals, oil and related pipelines and storage, energy services, etc. Moral posturing at its finest.

    • I must say, this blows my mind. This will improve the turnout at the next civic election. I also predict that the city’s environmental consultant will become unemployed shortly thereafter.

      • Deadmonton regularly votes NDP so don’t hold your breath mon ami. It is a “gov town” like others have pointed out. That means they don’t care about a place called “reality” because they think they can make their own.

        In the end the good ship “Wishful Thinking” hits the rude rocks of reality.

        • There are lots of civil servants in Edmonton but that isn’t the main part of the local economy. link Edmonton’s labor force is around 800,000. Alberta’s public service employees number around 180,000. Even if they all worked in Edmonton, they would still be way outnumbered by everyone else. link link

          What happens in an election is often determined by who manages to get out their supporters to vote. I would say that city council just gave a whole bunch of people a reason to get out and vote.

    • “Now to be renamed: Edmonton Boilers, Edmonton Broilers?”

      Come on. Isn’t it obvious? They’ll be the Edmonton Unicorn Farts.

      • This. Note to E-town city council: I have several good reasons to visit, but…maybe I’ll just spend my money elsewhere. Yeah, that sounds right.

    • It’s calleed Redmonton because it is the provincial seat of government and there full of socialist government sinecure holders.

  3. the ‘climate emergency’ is that it’s so fking cold in canada, they lost their entire wheat & corn crop this year because its so cold & wet the past 2 years..

  4. The Edmonton Oilers not making it to the Stanley Cup is an emergency! Conversely, a 2C warmer climate in Edmonton would be a small improvement!

    • The Chicago Blackhawks have to get there, too! Maybe if they had outdoor hockey practice instead of using an indoor rink…..?

      • Sara,
        Hockey is always better played outdoors, with a bracing 20F breeze in your face! Three decades ago, I lived in St. Louis for 10 years. Was an engineer at McDonnell Douglas Astronautics and a fan of the St. Louis Blues. I was tickled pink to see the St. Louis Blues make their improbable but successful run to the Stanley Cup championship this spring. “Let’s Go Blues!”

  5. The Edmonton climate has been classified as Koppen-Geiger Dfb since the late nineteenth century.
    Yet the idiots on the council insist that it is “changing”!
    What metric are they using to imagine that it is changing?

    • Karabar: “What metric are they using to imagine that it is changing?”

      None whatsoever.

      The only thing that has changed is the political wind and which way the politicians are blowing in it.

      You hit on something I bang on about from time to time. I suppose a few locales have had their climate classification change, but I’m not aware of any regional changes. I wouldn’t mind if someone could point out if there is a region whose classification has changed.

    • If you start your argument with a blatantly false premise, especially one that goes unchallenged, you can justify anything to your constituents.

      Whether they do this out of ignorance or they are disingenuous, someone needs to stand up and refute the gross misinformation.

      A copy of Dr Spencer’s recent article to the local newspaper and to the 3 dissenting council members would be a start.

  6. “….amplify the message that rising greenhouse gas emissions severely impact cities”.
    I think I understand what the Mayor is saying, it’s getting too warm in Edmonton. If it gets 1 degree (C or F, take your pick) warmer in the next 100 years, instead of 1/2 degree, it will be way too warm…not as warm as Calgary by any means, but too warm.” Brings to mind what Einstein said out the universe and human stupidity.

    • Silly. Edmonton and the rest of Canada should embrace global warming. Instead, they cast their lot, and money, on a fool
      s errand.

      • There are Albertans and then there are Edmontonians. They don’t seem to value that all their wealth is originally derived from being an access and supply point to northern resources. From the fur trade to oil and gas they happily take their share of the plunder while pretending a moral superiority to those that do the actual work.

    • 4C warming means Edmonton will still be cooler than Denver.

      Are there people in Denver? Edmonton city council needs to know.

  7. ”what that means”

    It means that the climate emergency brain-rotting virus is at epidemic levels and more of these poor miserable pathetic souls need to visit the WUWT clinic for their vaccine.

  8. What really impressed me about the coverage was the way in which the news team asked the council for the data that shows that severe weather is happening much more often than in the past. …oh…er….hang on…..

  9. I went Montessori school there in the mid 60’s. Mother was in a Masters program at UAlberta, and my dad was working for a company putting 4 wire telephone service to all far north Alberta towns under contract with Alberta Telecom.

    Sad that the University “educated” libtards have apparently taken over the local government there. Local working folks just don’t understand the organized liberal conspiracy that is working to infiltrate political positions and royally screw them up the wazoo for political power.

  10. It’s one thing for small pacific atoll nations to be duped/bribed to believe in this nonsense, but when cities in the tundra start making stupid pronouncements like this, we can say without doubt that western civilization has lost their collective minds, and our future does not look good. China and Russia I’m sure are loving that our people are more concerned about the boogie man than their transgressions, I’m sure.

    • “It’s one thing for small pacific atoll nations to be duped/bribed to believe in this nonsense, but when cities in the tundra start making stupid pronouncements like this, we can say without doubt that western civilization has lost their collective minds”

      Well said! These people have obviously been fooled into believing something that is not true, or at the least, has not been proven to be true, otherwise, they wouldn’t be doing such stupid things.

      We certainly don’t want that tundra overheating! 🙂

  11. So if it’s an emergency, let them lead by example with urgent actions. No cars in the city, no flights, no heating or cooling. There, feel better?

      • And their windmills to be made from wood, with lubrication by tax-payer-rendered grease [no other use for tax-payers. . . ].
        Although that might not be a major win at the next election, I suggest.

        Auto – waiting for the curtain to come down on the UK – unless Brexit is delivered in the teeth of the Euro-trots. And then I am not sure about Scotland – it may look for a bigger teat to suck dry.

  12. When is someone going to educate the politicians, sorry forget that they only send and do not receive.

  13. Back in the 1980’s many UK cities declared themselves “nuclear free zones” when they had zero power to make any decisions about anything nuclear at all. This seems similar. The main thing is what does Edmonton city legally have the power to do beyond local taxes and spending decisions? Not much, I would guess.

  14. I live in Edmonton. I agree that there is a climate emergency here. It’s simply too fecking cold in Edmonton. Winter in 2018 in Edmonton began in September and spring arrived in May 2019. The summer of 2019 has been one of the wettest and coldest in recent memory. The Edmonton city council is dominated by socialists so I’m not surprised to read this declaration, but I am ashamed to be associated with such blatant climate pandering and stupidity. For a city that endures in excess of 6 months of winter with temperatures dipping as low as -40c, I can only think that this is nothing but more climate propaganda. I’m embarrassed to admit that I live here.

    • We may have the Edmonton city council effect, same as the Al Gore effect, except bigger.

      I would bet on cooling in the Northern hemisphere which of course includes Edmonton. We will see ….

      It is fun to look at the other things (big physical things) that changed during the warming period.

      Most of the post 1997 warming was in the Northern hemisphere, particularly north of 60 which does not support the AGW theory.

      The AGW theory warms the entire planet, with most of the warming occurring in the tropics, as the tropics is the region with the most amount of long wave radiation emitted to space.

      The fact that the observed warming is not global, it has been high latitude (almost no tropical warming and no tropical ocean warming), is one of a dozen observations that shows there is no CAGW and AGW is almost not measurable.

      Based on the sudden change in mid-ocean earthquake frequency and the past correlation of mid-ocean earthquake frequency and planetary temperature, and the sudden drop in mid-ocean earthquake frequency, we should experience noticeable cooling towards the end of 2019.

      There is a very interesting correlation of planetary temperature and mid ocean ridge earthquake frequency (mag 4 to 6) and it is interesting that mid-ocean ridge earthquake frequency (no change in magnitude, just more frequent earthquakes as the ridge is pushed and moved more) increased 20 years ago by 300% correlating with the 1997 temperature rise.

      Anyway, the mid-ocean frequency dropped in 2017 back to 1995 levels and as in the data there is a two year lag, from when the earthquake frequency changes and there is observed change in temperature, all else being equal in the Edmonton region, if the correlation is due to physical cause there should be Northern hemisphere cooling.


      It is reasonable to conclude that this recent “gapping down” may be a tipping point towards cooler global temperatures. Using HGFA seismic frequencies as the sole predictor of global temperatures going forward, there is a 95% probability that global temperatures in 2019 will decline by 0.47° C ± 0.21° C from their 2016 peak. In other words, there is a 95% probability that 2019 temperatures will drop to levels not seen since the mid-1990s.

      It follows that the seismic frequencies for these high geothermal flux areas (HGFA) serve as the independent variable in the analysis. Specifically, this includes the 4 to 6 moment-magnitude events from the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, the ridge complexes of the Indian and Southern Oceans, the East Pacific Rise, the submarine triple junction areas, the Carlsberg Ridge, the Reykjanes Ridge, and the West Chile Rise (Figure 2) [11].

      A striking development for this experiment is that 2017 marks the first three-year decline in HGFA seismic activity since 1979 (Figure 2). Furthermore, the 2017 HGFA seismic count is 49% lower than the study period’s peak frequency in 2014, the year of the last “Super El Niño”. When viewed within the context of the entire time series, the 2017 dropoff mirrors the jump in HGFA seismic activity experienced in 1995, albeit in the opposite direction. The 1995 “tipping point” was significant as global temperatures spiked in lockstep two years later, followed by a 21-year “plateau” in both global temperatures and HGFA seismicity, a.k.a. “The Pause”.

  15. Climate emergency crisis is spreading. These sorts of crises don’t end well, history shows. This one will be a big one.

  16. If I was to buy a electric vehicle, and buy solar panels (all would be bought using loans) plus I am already a vegetarian from birth (bonus points) what sort of impact would I be having on saving the planet from CO2? Would the massive loan interest rates that I would be paying help save anything? I agree that plastic needs to be stopped as it is everywhere, it is nasty, also diesel fumes around schools and largely populated areas would need to be cut, as I live on a busy road and we have to keep our front windows shut, as it Stinks of fumes during late afternoon and evenings…

    • There are a group of people who are very good at predicting the latest social fad …. usually because they’re actively creating them (like Al gore and the climate cult). They do very well for themselves, both financially and evolutionary.

      So why are there sceptics? Because every so often one of the former group decide to take everyone off the evolutionary cliff leaving only the sceptics behind.

      The climate cult is filled with people who say one thing and do another, like Obama sea level rise and his coast resort. All they do is regurgitate what others say without ever processing the meaning of what they’re saying and working out what it actually means in practical terms.

      You would do better geting on a bus where driver is high on crack cocaine, than following the climate cult, because the driver will sober up, but the delusional politicians won’t.

    • Actually, that should be the main talking point against this lunacy. We have countless books and examples throughout history where this type of ideological driven lunacy has lead to very bad things. What does the cult have, docudramas and prophetic doomsday predictions – no wonder the cult has run from every public debate in the last decade.

  17. If I were a voter in the Edmonton City Council area I would be asking for a copy of the council minutes when this was discussed and agreed, and which councillors voted for and against it. It would be interesting reading…maybe. Any references to the UN’s 2030 ‘sustainable development agenda’ in there? Ask whether the council has its first allegiance to Canada or the UN?

  18. All these “climate emergencies” indicate rampant dingbatitus.

    Dingbatitus is usually associated with drug addled thinking.

    My suggestion to correct the malady is to undertake wastewater drug analysis to assess the level of drug taking in the offices of bodies declaring such emergencies. If the analysis proves positive then undertake mandatory drug testing on all office staff on a daily basis. Any level of drug taking gives cause for immediate dismissal. Imagine the impact on rates and taxes if all these dingbats were removed from payrolls.

  19. I’ve been living in the Edmonton area for 30 years and this is the coldest, most miserable summer I can remember. This coming off a brutally cold winter and last summer, which was only marginally warmer than this year. Basically two years of miserable weather.

    • I’m somewhat sad that daylight is growing shorter here, yet I love winter sports and much about winter.

      However, I’ve been to Edmonton in the winter several times and never found much of a desire to be outdoors then. I’m wondering if people in Edmonton dread the coming of winter or at least feel some sadness from the shorter days.

    • See Notley’s Carbon tax worked! It’s colder! 🙂

      I hope the mayor and Edmonton council stop driving and tax public transit! Ha ha.

      Well maybe they’ll stop taking winter trips to warmer places! Ha ha

  20. Does it not just come back to you get the government you deserve by voting them in?
    Is there not enough clear thinking voters out there to throw these Councillors out?

  21. There’s an old saying: when in a hole stop digging. The climate cult is now so deep it cannot climb out of its delusion – and reality and the bananas cult adopted by all the western elite are now so at odds with reality that I think it will literally bring down the elites in the in one huge cultural and political revolution.

    For those idiots who were out protesting that “Trump is not our president” …. please understand this: Trump is just the warm up act of what is to follow.

  22. The first issue the city of Edmonton should address is the NAME OF THEIR HOCKEY !! What a travesty !!

    The biggest Climate threat to Edmonton is the possible useless destruction of their oil industry. There’s nothing to support a nice city “way up there” without the vast amount of oil related economic activity…there’s no other reason for that city to be “up there”.

    A warmer Edmonton would be nothing but better and less expensive BY FAR. There’s no hint of more extreme weather in North America (outside of some bad years for agriculture from cold). Though if the funds can be siphoned off from oil profits, some flood control projects would be a good idea for protection against frequent North Saskatchewan River flooding (not new).


    So I guess a Climate Emergency of sorts does exist for Edmonton…their very existence might hinge on how far the virtue signaling can corrupt reality and needlessly devastate a fairly nice and very improbable (without oil) city.

  23. Wow. They really brainwashed, aren’t they? How much MONEY is this going to cost the people of Edmonton?

    Follow the money, people. Always, always, always follow the money. Look how much loot IPCC is raking in to line its own pockets. Follow the money. It’s the biggest scam/con job on the planet.

    Hey, Edmonton! Could you reroute that Alberta clipper come this winter and send it down to California instead of inflicting it on the Midwest?

  24. They simply misread the directive. It is a Connor Emergency. His knee injury has set the Oiler fans into a panic
    as they do not know when he will be fully recovered.

  25. The sky is falling, the sky is falling and -40C (or was it F) is only a few months away. You’d better find your woolies and make sure they’re clean.

    The sky is falling, the sky is falling.

  26. Yhese peope are not even required to prove anything about there dire predictions, which actually are vague , except to reference extreme weather events, which every honest climatologist (even the IPCC) knows have no relationship tp global warming.

  27. The first priority has to be limiting heat in all public buidings to 5C. Private residences 10C. A total conversion to composting toilets would allow heating to be eliminated entirely as plumbing could be drained. Locally produced hemp based thermal clothing should be mandated for comfort. The entire city should be disconnected from natgas.
    All city equipment should be solar powered and gasoline and diesel sales rationed with the goal of a total ban.
    Let’s get serious here!

    • Self evidently all sports events will only be played during daylight hours as floodlights need to be banned. Also no away games as that will entail pointless travel, expending co2.

      obviously any ice hockey needs to be curtailed as generating that ice needs vast amounts of energy.

      I am sure that Edmonton council and its people will be very glad to forgo these trivial things for the sake of the planet


  28. Edmonton, AB, Canada
    Weather Averages
    MonthHigh / Low
    September17° / 6°
    October11° / 0°3
    November1° / -8°
    December-5° / -14°
    January-7° / -16°
    February-3° / -13°
    March2° / -8°
    April11° / -1°
    May18° / 5°
    June21° / 10°
    July23° / 12°
    August22° / 11°
    September17° / 6°
    October11° / 0°
    November1° / -8°
    December-5° / -14°

    At least the new measures will keep down the incidents of heatstrokes.

  29. How much will attendance at the Edmonton Photovoltaics hockey team fall when they cannot schedule night games and there isn’t enough power to freeze the ice?

  30. If nearly my entire country was recently buried under mile deep ice, a couple more nice days /year seems like a good thing, and might mean that the mile deep ice might stay away a little longer.

    I’d enjoy those extra nice days while I could, and not waste them yelling at invisible boogiemen.

  31. There are people who care about the environment, and then there are enviro-loons.
    One of the leading lights of Extinction Rebellion in the UK said that she

    came up with the idea for Extinction Rebellion after “praying for the codes for social change” while on a retreat with psychedelic medicines

    That’s from the BBC ‘News’ website.
    Seems like one of the big gripes these people have is that they don’t get listened to.
    Hardly a surprise, we’ve been ignore drug-addled hippies for decades.
    Ironic that one of their number felt a ‘sense of loss’ at the establishment of a new bus route at the expense of some trees. Just how are we proles supposed to travel when we’re forbidden to have cars ?
    I’ve lost parience with these ‘climate emergency’ and associated fools and don’t hesitate to give them a piece of my mind when the opportunity arises.

    • Drug-addled hippies in their 21st-century iteration as Uni profs, their students, greentards, and one HELL of a lot of Larry Lunchbuckets, short hair and blue-collar employment notwithstanding, are sure a major part of the root problem: cognitive dissonance, very possibly induced by craptons of psychoactive substances in their system 24/7/365.

      Psychologists, where are you on this? Can someone kindly explain how hundreds of millions of “normal” people fly, drive, heat with gas and fuel oil, AND weep about AGW at the same time, never mind the actual multimilllionaires with their mansions, private jets and fleets of cars? How can this even be a thing? This is not a facetious question in any way, because if this is normal I’m very grateful to be weird. 🙁

      • The “thing” you describe is Marie Antoinetteism. It goes way back. Sanctimonious scions of privilege are virtuosos at describing how the peasants MUST suffer while the big shots romp in palaces and pay nothing for their hypocrisy.

  32. The reality is that climate change is taking place so slowly that it takes networks of very sophisticated sensors , decades to even detect it. Based on the paleoclimate record and the work done with models, one can conclude that the the climate change we are experiencing is caused by the sun and the oceans over which mankind has no control. Despite the hype, there is no real evidence that CO2 has any effect on climate and there is plenty of scientific rationale to support the idea that the climate sensitivity of CO2 is zero. It is all a matter of science.

    Being that there is a climate emergency in Edmonton and there is nothing that mankind can do to change it then the city should be abandoned as soon as possible. If the city fathers think that the climate in Edmonton is becoming too warm, then there is always the possibility of choosing a spot for a new city further North where there exists a colder climate. Because of the climate crisis, people can chose to just move away. The city government in Edmonton does not need to take any action or their own.

  33. The real emergency in Edmonton is it is a bastion of communist NDP comrades thanks to the recent provincial election.

  34. Here in Sydney, Australia, we have gone more granular. 16 councils have declared a “climate emergency”.

    The world has gone crazy!

  35. The most hilarious thing is that Edmonton had a non-existent summer in 2019. Cold, rainy, didn’t see the sun except for one day in August that everyone talks about. The council is probably reacting to the inevitable climate skepticism resulting from what people are calling the summer that never was.

  36. “If we don’t raise taxes soon, the climate in Edmonton will become balmy, like Minneapolis, Minnesota.”

    (Fake quote, but accurate, except it’s not accurate either.)

    • Also, if sea level rise reaches another 645 meters Edmonton will be in danger of flooding, and the sea is rising at nearly 300 mm per century.

  37. A suck hockey team and now a city council . The fake “emergency ” will embarrass most people in Edmonton but it is a government town .
    Does any town where you have plug in your car engine block from turning to a block of ice
    sound like it’s threatened by the “earth has a fever ” ?
    Get a new council … after all the earth only has 12 years anyway doesn’t it ?
    Yes citizens,…. we the city council are going to control the climate to within 2 degrees .

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