Bystander Tackles Extinction Rebellion Climate Protestor Fleeing Arrest

Extinction Rebellion, ‘swarming roadblocks’. DAVID HOLT [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

The ABC reports a member of the public intervened at a protest in Brisbane to prevent an Extinction Rebellion protester from escaping arrest.

Extinction Rebellion protesters charged after blocking roads and creating chaos in Brisbane

More than 70 people have been charged over climate change protests that caused major traffic disruptions in Brisbane’s CBD.

Superintendent Chris Stream said some protesters were arrested for offences including public nuisance, disobeying lawful direction and also disrupting police.

“It is some time in the Brisbane city area since we’ve seen this amount of arrests,” he said.

‘We will do everything we possibly can to clear intersections and to enable at least limited traffic flow.”

He said police had been “generally happy” with the behaviour of protesters. 

“What we are pleased to see is that the larger amount of police interactions today have not involved violence,” he said.

“The only information I have in relation to a person being tackled to the ground was where a police officer was attempting to affect an arrest at the intersection of George and Elizabeth Street.

A member of the public intervened as one of the protesters fled that area and tackled the protester to the ground.

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I guess we can safely conclude at least one member of the public is less than enthused about having their commute ruined by a bunch of trouble makers illegally blocking the streets.

Let us hope the diversion of police resources to rounding up law breaking hippies did not cause harm to someone who really needed police assistance.

If anyone has a video of the Extinction Rebellion protestor being arrested please post the link.

82 thoughts on “Bystander Tackles Extinction Rebellion Climate Protestor Fleeing Arrest

  1. Did you hear about the gang of thieves who stole a shipment of Viagra? The police are still looking for the bunch of hardened criminals.

    • Dan,
      This joke has whiskers and was used by the Two Ronnies on British TV years ago-
      “ Breaking News just in. A cement mixer has collided with a prison van on the highway. Motorists are asked to be on the lookout for 16 hardened criminals.”
      But it still works for Viagra. Its parentage as a gag probably stretches back to Vaudeville.
      I do like the Irish Queer joke!

      • thanks. Did you hear about the guy who was choking on a Viagra pill? He ended up with a stiff neck.

      • What do you call an Irish queer? a Gaylic.

        what’s an Irish seven course meal? A six pack and a potato.

        • Being of Irish heritage, I had heard the seven course meal joke a long time ago, and was never offended and shared it with lots of people. Also like your other ones. Amazing what it takes NOT to be triggered and have a sense of humor.

          Then again, nowadays, maybe not.

          • It is unfair to the Irish to have such jokes.
            I prefer the jokes that start with:

            “There were two Zulu warriors talking in the pub,
            Paddy and Mick ………..…………”

          • Saw a T-shirt the other day of a guy holding 2 beers. The caption said “Irish handcuffs”.

  2. Did you hear about the criminal who stole a bunch of toilet seats at police headquarters? The police are looking for the thief,but so far,they have nothing to go on.

    • Dan, comments like your last two are almost enough to convince me that extinction is a good idea. But I’m stealing them for my “Bad Jokes” archive anyway.

      • Perhaps is the best one broadcast on the Irish radio some years ago:

        “Horrific air crash. A Cessna dived last night into a Dunkill cemetery. Police say they have retrieved 342 dead and suspect there are more to come.”

  3. In the end, will it be ordinary citizens who bring the ‘Climate Change/Global Warming’ nonsense to an end as they see the damage that these lunatics are doing to civilisation and the citizens’ lives, and take matters into their own hands?

    • If the damage creeps in slowly enough, then the young ones will expect a lesser norm, not realizing what normal used to be.

      Maybe the ‘rebellion’ types are doing us a favour after all.

  4. Look for who is funding XR. Hedge fund billionaire Sir Chris Hohn has given them $200,000 this year through his charity CIFF – check out the website

  5. I hope the brave bystander has his immunizations up to date. There’s no telling what varieties of germs or multi-legged creatures inhabit these XR folks.

  6. Reginald, I don’t have my glasses on. It looks like that banner we are approaching in our Land Rover reads, “FREE HOOD ORNAMENTS…CHOOSE ONE AS YOU DRIVE THROUGH.”

    • Is that how the Texan’s got those horns on the front of their trucks?

      or perhaps it’s why….

  7. It sounds like the cops are doing it right and the revolutionaries are doing it wrong. The secret to a successful revolution is to turn the public against the police. When the public actually starts helping the police it’s time for a thoughtful revolutionary to re-evaluate what she’s doing.

    • With respect, and not a scholar of revolutionary history (but understanding some), I’m not sure there is any such thing as a “thoughtful” revolutionary.

    • Well as long as you are not a Christian you can probably walk into the Wallabies at the moment.

  8. Let’s be honest about this at least have the guts to stand up and say it is an anti-democracy protest. Cowards, climate protest my arse.

  9. My line is that the left is a Great Reaction to the modern era, a lurch back to the past, as in:
    socialism is neo-slavery, identity politics is neo-tribalism, activism is neo-knight-errantry.

    And so on.

    • Excellent observation Mr. Chantrill,.. Simply excellent!
      I would relish having dialogue with you on this subject, because I have been assembling observations for years and what you’ve written fits beautifully. Thank you.

  10. What would the legal consequences be if the front line of cars just inched (centimetered?) forward at 1 or 2 miles/hour?
    That’s slow enough for them to move out of the way yet not fast enough to harm them if they didn’t.

    • They’d just climb over the bonnet and jump on the roof.
      You’d need to go a bit faster to minimize damage to your own vehicle like that.

      • they needed some local “piggers” complete with dogs hanging off the back to clear the path;-))
        no one ‘d be jumping on their vehicles;-)))

  11. I like the photo linked to this article, mainly because not one of these Climate Emergency(tm) luvies are wearing short sleeves.

    A tad cold that day was it?

  12. The next time they glue themselves to streets, sidewalks or doors, perhaps a group of spectators should arm themselves with water balloons and milkshakes and show the Rebels how it is to be on the receiving end. After all, they seems to think that throwing such things at others is not assault.

  13. I am old enough to remember the film, “”Rebel without a cause””.

    Today’s so called rebels don’t have the knowledge to understand what they are protecting about. They are just a bunch of “”Useful Idiots””.

    So what do they do when they are not protesting about something ?
    Do any of them have a job, or do they prefer to live off the rest
    of us taxpayers.


      • I thought that was the definition of a blonde wearing a leather jacket? 😉

        As to the protestors, I was always told that young people are always protesting about something, especially if they have’nt a clue what it’s about! It must be some psychological issue with all that testosterone (male & to some extent female) sloshing around unabated! Probably why most prisons in the “free” west are full of young males between the ages of 18 & 35 (supposedly the age at which it starts to fairly quickly decline)! I think it could be the lack of wars these days as we have mostly found better ways ofsettling our differences! I think it was a quote fron Shakepeare’s Corrialanus that had the line something like,…..”peacetime, the biggest cause of bastardy known!” But you Bards enthusiasts will correct me I’m sure!

  14. “Do any of them have a job, or do they prefer to live off the rest of us taxpayers.”

    No and yes. Or live off the charity of halfwit billionaires, as described in “State of Fear” and obviously happening right now.

  15. Going on past performance the Brisbane coppers will probably charge the bystander with assaulting the fleeing protester.

    • It would not surprise me if the protester actually raised a complaint given he was injured and hospitalised and that complaint upheld.

  16. I haven’t heard of a bystander arrest, but there was a passing motorcycle cop who stopped to chase a protester. Stew Green has posted a twitter link to the clip. It’s also on Youtube at the following address, starting at 0:25.

    It’s part of a 2 minute report from Channel 7 news. At about 1:13 you can see the mayor of Brisbane trying to speak but being shouted down by a swampy. That pretty much sums them up – no argument, just try to shout everyone down.

  17. I reckon that there must be rich pickings for some lawyers here. A class action, financed by crowd funding, taken against individuals involved in this nonsense, would soon damp down enthusiasm to take part.
    I am sure the police would be happy to provide all the evidence needed and pick out suitable individuals for test cases.
    I would be happy to provide a bit of financial support .

    It is an interesting concept: A democratic financial vote through the crowd funding mechanism to achieve an objective. Why leave these sorts of decisions just to the manipulating rich?

  18. WOW a couple of hundred protestors they are on a real winner in the public debate stakes. They are going to get themselves in the awkward situation they will have to do stupid illegal things to stay newsworthy, with the inevitable sequence they will really fall foul of the law.

  19. Its a shame they are not protesting in Darwin with its 3 strikes law, third time these hippies are arrested its twoy years jail LOL

  20. Had one of these things waving a bloody silly piece of cardboard at me in London recently- telling me that I was earning while she was burning. I asked what the downside for me was, since I appeared to be excluded from the burning part. I was informed that it wasn’t a joke, blah blah. I then asked how she and her comrades were getting to and from these protests- same response. The annoying thing is that I was minding my own business and these people think they have the right to disrupt my life. I do hope this rabble are not claiming Jobseekers Allowance or similar whilst saving the world…….

  21. My very local online newspaper in the UK is now lousy with people spouting “extinction”, “crisis” and “emergency” nonsense. I suspect that this has been gestating for around a year, and the nice warm weather, and the school/uni holidays (many are probably staff and students) has caused them to erupt. Can’t wait for cold wet weather to force them to hibernate.

  22. Just envision a pack of motorcycle club bikers coming to a rebellion protestors roadblock.

    • yeah would be good fun
      however Aus has banned any groups of bikers/riders in clusters over 2 or 3.. I think?

      local towns here used to host club runs and it kept pubs and caravan parks in business and theyr behaved and were no trouble at all
      two towns have shut their pubs since the bans and parks etc also struggle.
      they werent massive numbers all that often but it did make a difference to tiny towns survival.
      they ate well and spent well
      grey nomads dont tend to eat out or spend as much

      • No kidding ? Wow. Australia is in trouble deep. Not good when a country is that much in war with it’s own people.

  23. Is there something wrong with a cop with bullhorn telling these gits to disperse or they will be dispersed?
    Then bring in the fire hoses and wash them into the nearby river.

  24. Young and by their appearance, unemployable twenty something’s, and middle aged middle class folk unable to find a hobby ? Meanwhile, and as revealed by the recent leak, the top honchos will be making out like bandits.

  25. Once upon a time we in the Police were proud to be known as a Police Force. It was a Force for good, but over the years it all changed. Today we are a Police Service and the criminals are no longer, they are “Clients”” who are entitled to all of the protections that our civilised society will provide.


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