French Parliamentarians Heavily Critical of Greta Thunberg Invite

From Breitbart

Teen climate activist Greta Thunberg was invited to the French parliament this week but received heavy criticism from some right-wing lawmakers.

MPs Guillaume Larrivé and Julien Aubert of the conservative Republicans called for a boycott of the Swedish activist, labelling her a “prophetess in shorts”, Le Figaro reports.

“To fight climate change intelligently, we do not need apocalyptic gurus, but scientific progress and political courage,” Mr Larrivé said.

“We are invited to a prediction of Saint Greta Thunberg, surrounded by people who see global warming as a religion,” Mr Aubert told Le Figaro and added that Thunberg had no qualifications and used only emotive arguments, saying there was no debate to be had.

Sébastien Chenu, a member of Marine Le Pen’s National Rally, also slammed the invite saying: “She has no legitimacy other than media, I do not see why I would go prostrate before her.”

“She is a committed young woman, but she brings nothing to the debate, and is not enough to mask all the hypocrisy of the government. The members of the National Rally will not take part in this masquerade,” he added.

National Rally MEP Jordan Baredella, who led the party to election victory in the European Parliament elections in May, labelled Thunberg’s movement “a new form of totalitarianism”.

“This dictatorship of permanent emotion, moreover when it is based on children, is a new form of totalitarianism. It is beyond ridiculous,” he said.

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123 thoughts on “French Parliamentarians Heavily Critical of Greta Thunberg Invite

  1. The known symptom of her condition is that sufferers will believe anything they are told. I guess there is epidemic going.

    • malcolm,

      Yes. But Greta, a child, has merely repeated the most dire of the IPCC exhortations, namely that future climate on earth is a direct function of human CO2 emissions and that the current trend will lead to climate disaster unless we “keep it in the ground”.

      Effectively, Greta has been conferred the title of “child prophet”. Her “Bible” is the IPCC Summary for Policymakers. Thus she is a veritable pawn for the Climate Alarmist Movement, for all the Activists posing as Scientists, for all the “CleanTech” entrepreneurs and various hangers-on.

      Congratulations to the French Parliamentarians who have the civil courage to call out this charade for what it is: a shrewd Public Relations Campaign.

      Time to challenge the grotesque misuse of science to achieve the goal of converting modern society to totalitarian slavery.

      • See “Nonqause” the prophetess of the AmaXhosa.

        An essential element of that catastrophe was the adults who claimed everything she said was correct.

        The difference is that these days, the catastrophe will be so all-encompassing that there will be no normal, same people nearby to save least some of the poor wretches left starving in the dark.

      • she’s 16 years old…….they dress her to make her look like some child

        no normal 16 year old looks like some 8 year old

        • She’s 16….dressed like she’s 8.

          ok, I’m gonna go throw up now.

          That’s gross on so many levels–most of which will be moderated if I post them. Social commentary aside….why the heck is a 16 year old not out with friends and questioning her parents senility like most teenagers at that age?

          • Understand she is Autistic with Asperger’s. Her lefty parents are simply idiots..
            Anyone who lives with an Autistic -My wife is a High Functioning Autistic knows
            they can have limitations. Her Parents take advantage of that..Use her.Abuse in the name of Gaia is a crime.. My wife knows her limitations (crowds and unfamiliarity) problems early on, but she can game her own system. so if you didn’t know she is just simply “quiet’. She has a MA in Education and a BA in English, BTW.Greta is only a female “Chauncey Gardener” and her potential is wrecked as her parents are usuig her for “the cause.”
            children’s crusades have a rather poor outcome-for the children..

          • Just do a google search for “sixteen year old girl” and click the images tab.
            You will see people who look like young adults.
            Some look like they could easily be 30 instead of 16.
            Even when I was in high school in the 1970s, the girls who were 16 looked more or less like adults if they were dressed and had a little make up on (I went and looked at some old photos to be sure. I found some of girls who, when they were 14, including two of my sisters, looked like they could be in their 20s)
            My first girlfriend when we were both 11 looked far older than Greta.
            It is sickening, and troubling.
            This is not a mentally well person.

          • And just to be clear…it is not merely the clothing. This girl looks like her development has been arrested at an age before puberty.
            Word on Twitter is that she has all the hallmarks of a child afflicted with fetal alcohol syndrome.
            At the very least, she is emotionally troubled (or a giant faker), and encouraging the emotional trauma of a child ought to be illegal, if it is not already.

          • No, I do not think she has Asperger’s, or any sort of autism.
            AFAIK, those conditions are characterized by an inability to emote with other people, and often those w/ the condition cannot even look another person in the eyes.
            I have seen photos of her laughing and smiling happily.
            Her demeanor is not due to Asperger’s.
            It is carefully contrived, although clearly something is very wrong with her and her abusive parents.

          • This Autistic/Asbergers teen is being portrayed as a climate savant … as a “science genius”. Her … unique … psychological defect is being portrayed as Ben Affleck portrayed a defective savant in The Accountant. A superhero with superpowers greater than any “ordinary” human.

            We live in an odd era of celebrating anyone outside the bell curve of “normality”. Seems as though anyone who wants to be anybody, needs to discover a psychological, or physiological defect. Weird.

        • Latitude, she is not normal; her parents have been manipulating her mental condition for some time. They are the activists. They have programmed her. They put her forward on the world stage.

          It is scary to look at her pictures. My first reaction on WUWT was to say she has the look of someone who would burn me at the stake. The look in her eyes and the set of her jaws are those of a zealot; beware.

          • I understand that Greta and her family are vegan. There is now growing evidence that this diet can affect higher level thinking and can cause mal-nourishment in growing children (hence the under development)

          • Burn you at the stake, Dave?

            Saint Greta?

            I think your knee jerk reaction is completely without any basis in fact. Why would a climate warrior burn you at the stake and risk releasing all that evil carbon when they can simply recycle you by throwing you into a wind turbine?

          • Ha Craig! And just like tossing virgins into a volcano … you have to wait for an eruption for maximum effect. The wind turbines have to be spinning to be an effective executioner. So the climate heretic executions may be … uh … delayed.

          • “The look in her eyes and the set of her jaws are those of a zealot”

            I was reminded of the banjo player in Deliverance.

    • You may have thought you were being funny but, actually, you are right. There is an epidemic.

      Western society is currently dominated by left brain thinking.

      The left hemisphere is where language and logic are processed. The right hemisphere is where the musings of the left are evaluated against preexisting knowledge and experience. It is the brain’s BS filter.

      If your right brain is damaged, by accident or too much education, you are likely to believe anything you are told, as long as it isn’t actually self-contradictory. The Master and His Emissary

      Postmodern neo-Marxist SJW liberals apparently tend toward left brain thinking. They will believe crazy stuff. They, literally, are not in their right minds.

      If you argue with a madman, it is extremely probable that you will get the worst of it; for in many ways his mind moves all the quicker for not being delayed by the things that go with good judgment. He is not hampered by a sense of humor or by charity, or by the dumb certainties of experience. He is the more logical for losing sane affections. Indeed, the common phrase for insanity is in this respect a misleading one. The madman is not the man who has lost his reason. The madman is the man who has lost everything except his reason. link

      Why do I blame the education system for this. Educators like to think they are teaching at the top of Bloom’s Taxonomy. They valorize analysis and devalue the acquisition of mere facts as something like rote learning. That’s why you can spin out a Literature PhD on almost no evidence at all. It’s also why MBAs are the most useless managers on the planet. It is an epidemic.

      • Brain damage? Why do you think they’e pushing us all onto a “plant-based” diet so hard? Did you know our brain is largely composed of saturated fat, and it needs lots of same for the integrity of brain cells? They WANT us stupid, infertile, fat, and compliant which is what soy in place of beef is going to get us.

      • Bob, I fought the mental masturbators my whole career. I used facts and logic, but those meant little to those with a political bent. Understanding the basics of tactics, I usually won out.

        I’m not sure whether they are evil or not; they just exist. Some sort of righteousness drives them. They take the smallest of things and blow them all out of proportion. Self validation? Little people looking to appear significant? Never trust them. You can’t convince them nor beat them; just go around them.

      • Our universities have absolutely failed. They have become institutionalized in a failure mode which explains why there are civilization breakthroughs in every field.

        The Left uses emotion as a weapon and to rally their troops. They do however use right brain strategy to push their agendas which is silly stuff such as spend as much money on green stuff until your country fails.

        There is now an outbreak of Little Hitler tactics.

        The justification for using Little Hitler tactics is CAGW is so very important based on the fake science. The fake science and fake news amplifies the power of the idea CAGW.

        In the old days, there were thoughtful courageous reporters and university professors who would dig into issues to get the concepts correct (is there or is there not a problem, how big is the problem, do the solutions work, are there more important problems) and who would speak up for the good of the country.

        CAGW is the most dangerous idea in the world, because it is scientifically 100% incorrect and it impossible to solve and because it is now acceptable to cheat, lie, and to use little Hitler tactics to push it.

        Hitler tactics is a dangerous symptom and grows in power.

        Little Hitler Green Tactics:
        Change the legal system so judges can make political decisions.
        Force politicians to follow the CAGW line
        Replace scientific discussion on mainstream news and public channels with propaganda
        Get science editors that publish scientific papers that disprove CAGW fired.
        Fire scientist who showed the Great Barrier reef is not in danger.
        Fire scientist who showed humans did not cause the majority of the CO2 rise.
        Create hockey stick graphs.
        Distribute fake economic and engineering studies that support green stuff spending.
        Force spending on green stuff ignoring cost vs benefit analysis and engineering reality.
        … and so on.

        • William Astley July 28, 2019 at 11:32 am
          Our universities have absolutely failed. They have become institutionalized in a failure mode which explains why there are civilization breakthroughs in every field.

          The Left uses emotion as a weapon and to rally their troops. They do however use right brain strategy to push their agendas which is silly stuff such as spend as much money on green stuff until your country fails.

          There is now an outbreak of Little Hitler tactics.

          No kidding, and you’ve only hit the ‘tip of the iceberg’.

          To see how bad it’s gotten across a wider field, I submit the video below, but, I caution, suitable for stable, mature individuals only, b/c it may trigger reactions among the lesser-disciplined among us even … BTW, I’m not a fan of T-f00t, but find his material rich fodder for further examination of a subject …

          “Feminists deplatform Richard Dawkins from science conference” (!! NSFW !!)

          • Right up there with Hugh Mungus’ nemesis in Seattle. I enjoy Thunderfoot’s sci-scam takedowns.

    • Let’s cut to the chase.

      The child is retarded. So are her parents. Anyone who gives her or her parents, or what she/they espouse credence or airtime is retarded.

  2. It is easy to understand that the French might be spooked by the reappeance of such an aryan poster child.

    • Now iffen Portugal can have their Miracle of Fátima that was prophesized by three shepherd children, …….. then France has a right to have a Swedish teen climate activist named Greta Thunberg to prophesize their Global Warming demise, …… iffen they want to.

      • The difference being that the vision of Mary was never invited to help formulate public policy.

      • Grassroots children calling for people to pray more, war less, and love each other better vs. a severely handicapped child being monetized by her parents to parrot lines about a fabricated apocalypse.
        If I had to choose my myths, I’ll go for Fatima, thanks.

  3. This really dumb kid claims that she can “SEE” C02.
    This calim was supported by her mother.
    I suppose with an IQ in single figures, she will match the intelligence of the lefty/commie politicians.

    • That was a dumb thing to say. She’s much mislead by adults. Don’t attack children like that. Remember Nick Sandman who was ridiculed by adults for basically standing still wearing a campaign cap.

      I don’t know why they brought her to the parliament, place of debate to tell there’s nothing to debate, not that she could – she really adds nothing to the debate.

      Calling her a saint of a religion is much better approach. But an ‘abused child’ is even better. She will see year 2060 very probably, and she will see how her parents were misguiding her.

      • And BTW…Nick Sandman was not ridiculed by adults.
        He was viciously attacked by leftists.
        And not for anything he did or did not do, but for the hat he wore, which was precisely the only thing anyone had to go on when they attacked him.

        • Actually he was attacked for made-up reasons, like supposedly mocking a Native American while his classmates were making racist chants.

          • Exactly.
            Nothing he did.
            Nothing that the attackers saw.
            Nothing that was on the videos presented.
            The videos showed an old man standing in a kid’s face and beating a drum in his ear, but the people attacking Sandman imagined, and ascribed to him, all sorts of heinous behaviors that were nowhere apparent, but widely described in detail.
            The leftists similarly hear everyone they hate saying all sorts of things they never said, and doing all sorts of things they never did.
            The longer videos of the entire incident were very clear: That kid did not do one single thing except stand where he was standing while he was, IMO, singled out and assaulted by a vicious old man who has a history of lying. Lying about incidents he initiated, lying about who he is, and things he had done…
            A despicable old man.
            A kid who does nothing.
            Did we ever hear anyone on the left admit what really happened?
            Or admit the old man was a psychopath who attacked a kid and then went on national television and literally cried about a pack of lies he had himself invented?
            Fat chance.
            They do not care about truth.
            Only what lies and BS they can get away with.

        • He was attacked by grown-up leftists because he’s

          * Catholic
          * White
          * Pro-life

          and was standing still wearing a MAGA cap

          but most because he happened to be targeted by a twitter (the Native man maybe) and then a series of leftist amplifiers like CNN.

          Now that was a mean thing to do.

    • I don’t think she should be called a “dumb kid”. She is just one more climate alarmist of the millions.

      She is an intelligent and well-meaning teenager. She has every right to tell the world her opinions about all this. She is not to blame for the absurd attention she is receiving. It is up to the rest of us to counter her arguments – and that certainly is not difficult!! It is idiotic of the French government to invite her.

      • The Left never learns; they push everything to the absurd. Its why they always ultimately fail in America.

      • Well then, I’d better not say she has the meanest looking eyes I have ever seen.
        I doubt that Jack the Ripper would have looked that sinister.
        She and her family are happy to have her in the international spotlight so she will just have to tolerate every bit of abuse that is thrown at her = justified or otherwise.

        • Her parents thrust her into the political limelight. Its sad, but she will have to suffer the consequences. Her parents? Its all upside; fame, money, etc.

      • She is neither intelligent nor well meaning.
        I do not know why you would say this, unless by shear ignorance of what she says or the particulars of the cause she vocally espouses.
        She is a committed communist, although it is fashionable for her ilk to call themselves “socialists”.
        She is from a place already heavily infused with socialist policies.
        And her position is that people have no right to be in control of their own lives, because she has something that concerns her.
        Something she knows exactly zero about, regarding particulars.
        She was told something, and she has no way to know or judge how true it may be, but she is not concerned about uncertainties…she proclaims no uncertainty can be permitted.
        She is convinced by nothing more than emotive language, and this is what she repeats.

        • Thank you. Enough of apologizing for the behaviour and motives of these people because of their “tender years.”

    • I can “see” CO2 too….every time I look out the window or debate if I’ve over/under watered my slowly dying houseplant.

      She is nothing but a messenger–thrust into the spotlight, unknowingly misguided and worse abused by those with a political agenda.

      The mere fact that her parents have not protected her from those that wish harm is honestly disgusting. Allowing her to be used this way is akin to pimping her into social prostitution. Praising her nonexistant abilities into demigoddess in order to fuel their own bank accounts. Absolutely disgusting. Not unheard of by any means….lord knows there are enough of them on YouTube–parents that let their kids drop out of school to seek fame and fortune and then show up in the videos themselves. But it never lasts in society–historically that is, it’s a flash in the pan.

      • That is a more interesting topic than discussing a sad abused child that is a tool of her parents and elite progressives.

        What houseplant?
        What are it’s obvious symptoms?
        Why did you move it outside?
        What steps have you taken?

        Or, is your slowly dying houseplant a desired result? Or perhaps a result of forgetfulness?

      • It is not a matter of not being protected by her parents: They are the one’s who have contrived her entire charade.

      • Just Jenn, “Praising her nonexistent abilities into demigoddess … ” You are right. That is what is happening. That is not how to treat a youngster.

    • I am far more inclined to agree with David. She is dumb.
      Smart kids do not let themselves be led around by the nose and used for the ulterior motives of someone else.
      Being called unintelligent may be insulting, but if it is true, it is true.
      She is not very smart.
      When I was 9 I had long since mastered the basics of subjects from geometry and algebra to nuclear physics and astrophysics.
      A 16 year old that spends all day thinking about one thing could have easily long since become an expert and well versed on particulars.
      17 year-olds commonly go off to college and begin an education that quickly leads to having a science or engineering degree.
      She is abused, but that does not preclude being unsmart.

  4. Oh dear! Are there some politicians who are denying the prophetess of the climate cult?

    What can Greta do? Change her name to Greta d’arc and start seeing visions of the archangel Michael (Mann) and Saints instructing her to support the climate religion?

    • funny you should say that
      I said to a friend recently shes the newest “joan of Arc” figurehead
      for the climate religion cult
      and now she goes to france
      really good to hear some speak out against the idiocy that the poms showed..gove the gormless in particular

      • I just hope she remembers they ‘carbon released’ Joan of Arc in the end after she stopped being useful to the people really in power.

  5. A mentally and emotionally damaged child is the poster child of the climate movement. Fitting.

  6. When politicians, notable liars, support a 16 yr old school girl and not a 60 yr old PhD you know you are being scammed.

    • Where’s an upvote when you need it?
      You are right, there is something fundamentally wrong with this.

  7. The whole Greta affair is sad and unfortunate. She is not a well person. Her disabilities have been exploited by others who seem to have low moral compass.
    Those in a position to intervene (patently, I am not) ought analyse the circumstances to better treat any similar cases that might arise. There should be an examination to reveal any criminality that might be present.
    Clearly, there is no scientific progress about climate to be made by a study of Greta’s utterances, though there might be some minor value from a sociology or psychiatric study, more for peculiarity than for future benefit.
    It is just so sad to read of exploitation of a sick child. Geoff S

    • Her disabilities have been exploited by others who seem to have low moral compass.

      Shirley Temple was a really great actor/movie star at a much younger age.

      Maybe Greta Thunberg is getting started a little late on her acting career.

      • Just look at what normal 16 year old girls are doing, talking about, wearing, feeling…
        She is not acting, at least not completely.
        It is possible much or her persona is carefully contrived, but I suspect it is more along the lines of telling her what to say and what not to say.
        She is very aware that she is a child pulling on the emotions of saps and suckers.
        Here she is, and her awareness of how she is using her childish appearance as leverage is the first thing she mentions.
        Also, note her smiles and language right at the outset. People with Asperger’s or autism are unable to immediately understand and respond appropriately what is actually very subtle sarcastic humor:

  8. What will happen if we remove all the co2 from the air? What about all the methane? Wasn’t it methane that killed the dinosaurs or was it a asteroid lol. Everybody keep on going on about co2, yet methane is never spoken of, according to cow conspiracy, on their website, (facts section) methane is a bigger polluter and killler of this planet then co2, Yet nothing is being done about it…

    • Sunny – there is no point in doing anything about methane because the atmosphere will do it for you.

      The atmosphere is 21% oxygen. and methane reacts with oxygen. Methane has an estimated atmospheric residence time of less than 10 years, and is less than 2ppm of the atmosphere.

  9. Her emotional viewpoint is not so unusual in Sweden, which is mostly a socialistic country, where you are indoctrinated from childhood that paying 35 to 60% tax is all for the good and the state is mostly always right. Few people dare to express critical views due to the risk of being excluded as evil conservative antisocial racist monster, who do not understand the true values of the Swedish beautiful society. So it is no coincident that a Swedish teen is brought to the limelight.
    On the other hand this is also strange. Energy wise Sweden used to have some of the cleanest electricity production facilities in the world, with mostly hydro and nuclear; elg and woodland, beautiful lakes and awesome coastline and a fairly well going industry. So why would they spoil that with industrial wind power plants?
    About six ears ago, I graphed many of the long living weather station here in Sweden and found that virtually all of the were flat liners, so Greta has never experienced global warming, only changing weather. (I will see if I have the graphs and data sources and post it later).

    • Carl…..

      Please do……we need the kind of sensible information you gathered to counter the ridiculous evangelism of Saint Greta & her acolytes.

      • It will take a bit of time to go through some old hard disks, but for now have a look at “Temperaturen sidste 50år i Ljungby”/”Temperature last 50 years in Ljungby (Southern Sweden”

    • “Her emotional viewpoint is not so unusual in Sweden…”
      Just google Swedish 16 year old girl, and look at the images of others her age from where she is from.
      16 year old girls are young women, and mostly act like it.

      • 16, the usual age of consent in females. I was a man at 16 and took on a man’s duties.

        • Not too long ago, it was the age a young woman was considered, in polite society, to be marriageable.
          In other social strata, and in prior eras, no one really cared much about age.
          In the 19th century in the US, age of consent varied between 10 and 16.
          How old was Juliet in Shakespeare’s play? 13!
          In the years immediately prior to WWI, the average age of a woman to first be married (and this is the average only) was 22.
          My grandfather wrote one of the first scholarly works on the subject of child welfare back in 1923, and about the age factor in marriage in 1931.
          I know from my reading on papers that have referenced his work that there was almost no attention paid to the subject prior to this time., and even then the issue was not considered one of morality, but of necessity and practicality.

  10. (bold mine)

    To fight climate change intelligently, we do not need apocalyptic gurus, but scientific progress and political courage,” Mr Larrivé said.

    How do you fight climate change? Is a sword best? Maybe it’s a knife fight. 20mm cannons from aircraft? Will the Climate accede to Marquis of Queensberry rules? I doubt it.

    How do we know if we’ve won?

    • War on drugs, war on poverty, war on terrorism…the list goes on and on…the wars never end and are never won, so, just pay your taxes to support the wars…if you happen to be of the tax payer class…otherwise call for more wars that you don’t have to pay for…war on weather…

  11. “We are invited to a prediction of Saint Greta Thunberg, surrounded by people who see global warming as a religion,” Mr Aubert told Le Figaro and added that Thunberg had no qualifications and used only emotive arguments, saying there was no debate to be had. – Article.

    What Aubert and others are saying is that bringing this impaired teenager to a meeting and listening to her is the equivalent of another Children’s Crusade – a RELIGIOUS event, and NOTHING TO DO WITH SCIENCE.

    Those who object to this monstrous abuse are right to do so. Those who propose doing it, and support it as if it is some kind of medieval crusade, are nothing but con artists at the very least, and opportunistic scum at the worst.

  12. “We are invited to a prediction of Saint Greta Thunberg, surrounded by people who see global warming as a religion,”

    It is a religion. It has a hierarchy of priests, a list of sins and penances and its belief system is impervious to reality.

  13. For me, the phrase that captured the essence of the article was “…dictatorship of permanent emotion…”. This seemed to have accurately reflect the movement.

    • No.
      She is not autistic.
      I believed it too when I had heard ten thousand people repeat it.
      But then I saw something far more compelling…her unusual appearance is classic FAS.
      And then I researched autism and Asperger’s, and looked at interviews and speeches and photos and saw that she has none of the signs or symptoms of these conditions.
      She is perfectly well able to emote quickly and appropriately.
      She suffers from fetal alcohol syndrome, plus has a severe case of arrested development.
      I linked to an interview of her w/ Arnold Schwarzenegger, and this and many others demonstrates clearly she has none of the hallmark symptoms of that condition.
      For a real eye-opener, google an image search for 16 year old girls, either plain or with qualifiers like Swedish ones.
      You will see page after page of young women, and also one small young child.

  14. How does she intend to get from Sweden to Paris? Walk? Row, Row, Row her boat?
    If she uses any mode of transportation that requires the use of fossil fuels, she’s just as much a hypocrite as any of the others of the climate catastrophists who fly around the world in order to tell me that I can’t.

    • Her favorite mode is train. Apparently someone must be filtering the fossil-fuel element out of the grid when Greta is traveling overland.

      Word has it she’s been invited to the next COP, which I think is in Chile. And I believe she has tentatively accepted.

      That would probably mean boat travel for Miss Thunberg (since airplanes are apparently out of the question). Not sure if they’re planning on putting up sails, however. Perhaps they can muster up some barrels of “bio-diesel”.

      • How much you want to bet she will fly?
        A boat to Chile would take a very long time.
        And my guess is it would not be any more efficient in term of gallons per passenger mile (different if calculated by the tonnage of freight) than flying. Which may be how it is justified.
        Although let’s be honest: These people need no justification for themselves…it is merely a question of optics and how to appear less hypocritical than some others. But it is impossible for her (and when I say her I refer to her handlers, mainly) or any of her ilk to not be in fact rankly hypocritical: They use as much resources as anyone else, and then some. She wears polymer fiber clothing, lives in a warm comfy house, eats food packaged in plastic and/or shipped from around the world (she often has a banana, even in Winter)…
        IOW…she is just like every warmista. My guess is she has not been exposed to the criticisms of those who would point it out to her.
        How do I know all of this, and why would I care enough to have found out?
        Well, as someone who is dedicated to exposing the galling and damaging fraud of doomsday catastrophists and those along for the ride, I have been assailed by this story for over a year on multiple forums and media.
        It was very easy to find long pages of pictures and videos of her…she is by now quite a media darling.
        It is hard to not be transparent when one is photographed all day every day.
        I do not think there are many people engaging on long ocean voyages for travel, outside of the cruise ship industry. Is there a cruise ship that travels from Europe to the West coast of South America?
        I wonder if any could fit through the canal?
        Of course, she could just take the direct route north across the north pole and the Bering Straits, now that the ice has all melted.

  15. Next up Al Gore with a megaphone, Mike Mann with bully tactics, and James Hansen in cuffs.

  16. Greta is not relevant because of anything that Greta thinks, knows, or says. Greta is only relevant because Greta mirrors what the AGW Progressives already think, know, and say. If Greta was a visionary sage of free markets and anti-poverty growth, these people wouldn’t give her the time of day.

  17. The last time society chose to believe the emotions of young girls, rather than evidence, people were hanged for being witches.

    You would think we (a very broad use of ‘we’) would have learned something over the past three hundred plus years, but this reinforces what I have warned others: a child born today has no more knowledge than a child born a millenial ago. Whether the child grows up believing in witchcraft and human sacrifices, or science and human rights, is extremely dependent on what the child is taught.

    It seems as though today, the only ones trying to teach children are those who know the least and understand nothing.

    • A bad humor society had reduced itself to not telling jokes, but just telling the URLs of the jokes they all knew by heart.

      bible://bible/1romans:1-32 for nerds of the kind.

      All right, but apart from the sanitation, the medicine, education, wine, public order, irrigation, roads, a fresh water system, and public health, what have the Romans ever done for us?

  18. At over 16 1/2 years of age, Greta is old enough to make her own choices, and take responsibility for them regardless of how foolish they are. She doesn’t get a free pass due to her age, or some medical (real or imagined) condition. Yes, her parents and “educators” also bear responsibility, but in the end, it is up to her what she chooses to believe, and how she chooses to act on those beliefs. No doubt, she is enjoying her celebrity status amongst those of the Greenie Faith. So don’t cry for poor confused, and horribly brainwashed Greta. She has made her bed.

    • I think she may be in for some real misery when she learns how many millions of people are perceiving her.

  19. On the brighter side, if she lives a good life, Greta will have to live a lot longer than the IPCC authors knowing she was wrong and completely deluded.

    Or to turn it around – given it may be several decades before even the most deluded are convinced they were barking up the wrong tree, many IPCC authors may die still believing they are right, Greta won’t.

  20. Her expression in the photo wearing the blue hoodie – that’s how it feels when Karl Marx’s fist is up your fundament. Another sock puppet, another wasted youth. Actually rather sad.

  21. I expect to read soon in the MSM that Greta has had visions of the Virgen Mary telling her to double her efforts.

  22. 18 months before the satellites show no warming anomaly. Get busy now before the graphs turn against you.

  23. “…Mr Aubert told Le Figaro and added that Thunberg had no qualifications and used only emotive arguments…”
    No grounds for us American’s to criticize the French Parliament. Most of my fellow American’s made Obama our President having the same qualifications and arguments as Thunberg.

  24. Some wonderful quotes from the online essay by Michel Onfray:

    “Our time sees child kings coming to the fore. This reign of child kings is that of…contempt of adults… This cyborg speaks for a revolution initiated by green capitalism.

    Certainly, as always, the real motives – immeasurable profits – cannot be admitted as such. We need a moral expedient for this revolution to maintain the worship of the Golden Calf. And what better than the project to save a planet in danger of death?

    This girl of sixteen who plans to go to school, since she speaks in the name of science, ignores that a philosopher named Hans Jonas wrote long ago the software which informs this artificial intelligence.

    In The Responsibility Principle (1979), Jonas makes it appear that in terms of the survival of the planet, it is a question of putting an end to the reason of the Enlightenment, which produced nothing except catastrophes, and that it is necessary to now opt for ‘a heuristic of fear.’ In other words we must dramatize, worry, amplify, exaggerate, frighten, that is to say the very opposite of thinking, examining, thinking, debating. We no longer think, we recite; we no longer examine, we attack; we no longer reflect, we chant; we no longer debate, we insult, we excommunicate, we anathematise…

    “We children,” she says when she speaks! What civilization could ever be built with children? It’s the world upside down!… What are the adults who have made this generation of kings who decree adults criminals, irresponsible, despicable, detestable? The worst is not at home, she does what all her kind do, but it is in these adults who enjoy being humiliated by one of their creatures…”

    Preach it, brother Onfray! 🙂

    • Even an absolute idiot like Onfray gets some thing close to being right. Although I’m an atheist, he doesn’t speak for me. Most of religiosity helps our culture.

      • No argument there, and frankly surprising he’d take this view given the obsessions that have informed his career. That kind of knee-jerk atheism is more common in much younger, generally left-bent people: the Greta-worshiping sort. He may be a good scholar, like e.g. Hitchens, but in the end the stridency and anger always makes it feel like it has its roots in some kind of adolescent resentment.

        Been there myself like many of us, but you know – grew it of it. 🙂

        • Intolerance of others’ beliefs is is ugly, Michael. Spiritualism seems to be a net benefit, however much I don’t believe in something outside of reality.

  25. She is not a scientist with sufficient education to have a significant opinion related to AGW. She does not need to be present but rather could send an email stating her opinion which could be read allowed at a session of parliament for all to hear. Her not traveling would cause less CO2 to enter the Earth’s atmosphere.

    What parliament needs to understand is that the reality is that , based on the paleoclimate record and the work done with models, the climate change that we have been experiencing is caused by the sun and the oceans as it has for eons and over which mankind has no control. Despite the hype, there is no real evidence that CO2 has any effect on climate and there is plenty of scientific rationale to support the idea that the climate sensitivity of CO2 is zero. Parlement should only consider those problems that mankind has the power to solve and climate change is not one of them.

  26. The French? Usually the first to cave. Look (Regarde)! Plenty of weapons, never used, dropped once.

  27. Some lunatic left a comment on a story about Greta being used as a propaganda tool in the Citizen Free Press, stating that Greta was ‘sent by God’ as the ‘savior from climate change’, and that we have to worship her for she speaks the gospel and that she is here to ‘free us from climate catastrophe’; and all those who deny her ‘teachings’ are ‘sinners’.

    Seriously, is this dude sick in the head or something!? Greta is no God. I wouldn’t worship her, I’d slap her parents and get some much needed psychological help. She is autistic like me, and autistic people get taken for a ride because its easy to exploit our minds. Its because of me being autistic that has made me fear all the stuff I read about climate change, be it in the papers, the TV, or online. I had a severe mental breakdown one night after someone thought it would be funny to tell me that there is no hope for mankind and that the glaciers will be gone soon and something else I couldn’t quite fathom (Something about a gun). I made enemies that night trying to push my skepticism; which only made me feel worse.

    Then, in a desperate attempt to find solace and closure I somehow stumbled upon WUWT, which has helped me in a way recover from my ordeal. I still have fear over all the crap I read because my mind won’t let me get over it, but at the same time WUWT has helped remind me that the media is biased and manipulated.

    And this is how Greta got to where she is, her parents exploited her autistic spectrum, and uses it for fame, fortune, and the blue yonder alone knows what else. We are easily exploited, and that is a sad but true situation.

    • “sent by God”?

      The same God that gave us abundant oil, gas, coal, uranium? The God that gave us the ability to make nuclear energy, electricity, etc.?

      I would say no.

      • Yes exactly. Whoever wrote that comment was a lunatic. Greta is no God. In a few years time she will be irrelevant.

  28. Her ignorant parents have caused her to be screamingly stupid.
    She’s young enough to end up embarrassed as she lives the future when she sees none of her dooming crap come true.
    The next 30 years will be no different than previously with the same random variations in localized, regional and global weather.
    At 2030 the entirety of looking back 10 years and projecting 10 years forward will be remarkably similar to 2010.
    Or so.
    Gretta will be older and presumably a bit smarter?
    But I’ll wager she will never have a regular job.

  29. It might be of interest to hear that the french trash satirical magazine ‘Charlie Hebdo’ (yes the one from “we are Charlie”, that you would see as rabid leftists)) has also published a handful of errh…very unkind cartoons of Sankt Greta, the captions criticizing the dictatorial flavour of the phenomenon : “those autists who rule the world : their networks, their finances, their beauty tutorials”, or “heil greta !”

    Just about there being a lot of things in the Heavens and on Earth ;-))

  30. I don’t know if she’s autistic or any of the other descriptions of her.

    What I know is that she has the obvious sociopathic SMIRK.

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