Climate Expert Reminds People To Rely On Reputable Sources After Journo Blames Hurricanes On Global Warming

From The Daily Caller

A climate scientist corrected a liberal reporter on Twitter Tuesday for suggesting a warming climate is causing hurricanes to worsen. The journalist was not happy.

“So Ryan can feel free to attack me and mischaracterize what I’m saying all he wants,” New Republic writer Emily Atkin wrote on Twitter after atmospheric scientist Ryan Maue criticized her for what he considers spreading alarmist messages on climate change.

“The storm hasn’t even been named & already it’s being blamed on climate change?” Maue said in a tweet, referring to a tropical depression that is expected to form in the Gulf of Mexico. The state of Louisiana appears to be in its path. He was responding to a tweet from Atkin, who called the storm a sign of “things to come in our warming world.”

She added: “I have spent my entire career listening to hundreds of actual experts on climate change and hurricanes.” Atkin’s Twitter bio states that she “write[s] and edit[s] on rats, poop, corpses, crystals, food & health, but mostly the climate.”

Screen shot of New Republic writer Emily Atkin’s tweet on journalism

Screen shot of New Republic writer Emily Atkin’s tweet on journalism

Maue replied later in the day with a tweet reminding his followers to consult experts to understand the ebbs and flows of the weather. (RELATED: House Democrats Spread ‘Lies’ About Climate Change And Hurricanes, Scientist Says)

“Now that Louisiana coast is under threat from a developing hurricane (Barry) make sure to get your weather (and climate) news from reputable sources,” he wrote. “Public (gov’t) + private sector meteorologists work in parallel to keep you informed and safe.”

Maue is a frequent critic of media reports insinuating hurricanes are worsening because of climate change.

He excoriated Democratic claims in June that “due to climate change, ‘the number of hurricanes that reach Categories 4 and 5 in strength has roughly doubled’ since the 1970s” — a claim that doesn’t line up with scientific assessments from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and other organizations.

NOAA says the rising trend in Category 4 and 5 hurricanes in the North Atlantic is based on data that’s “not reliable for trend calculations, until they have been further assessed for data homogeneity problems, such as those due to changing observing practices.”

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  1. I can’t count the number of alarmist friends of mine who spout this nonsense. My question to them, as yet unanswered is “Why are modern hurricanes caused by climate change and not whatever natural forces that created the countless hurricanes of the Earth’s past?

    • An even better question is, “what’s not an example of anthropogenic climate change?”. The climate fearmongers need to provide examples of non-climate change so as to make the whole theory at least semi-falsifiable.

    • Well hurricanes never actually happened before 1950, every woke person knows that, beep boop beep.

    • Marxist disinformation campaign. We all must RESIST the LIES … and those LIES are NOT coming from the White House. They’re coming from George Soros, and Tom Steyer.

  2. So, might Ryan Maue be a climate scientist with integrity?

    Sorry, I cannot reconcile the two terms.

    • There are very rare exceptions (Spencer for ex). I think Maue would be categorized as a hurricane expert, tho.

      • “I have spent my entire career listening to hundreds of actual experts.” Therefore I can tell an actual expert from a fake expert. Actual experts don’t get misled by actual data.

        • Like a lot of journalists they are always confused by any thing to do with Science not just Climate science. Often the real reason they still dont get it even after contact with experts is the scientists write in a more precise way for peer review while journos are looking for an angle and to play up and exaggerate one aspect for headlines. Not helped by the journos training process which teaches them how to write a story for a particular demographic the media owners are aiming for , often with incomplete and wrong information, doesnt matter as the deadline is a thing
          Thats exactly what she has done

    • Does Ryan Maue have a hatchet piece about him at DeSmog Blog, yet? That’s a good resource listing all the voices arrayed against they alarmist hysteria.

  3. Emily Atkin is about normal for the legacy media in being something of an ignorant alarmist in any supposedly scientific reporting. I do wonder what she has a degree in, as it is fairly clear that she does not have the attitude of anyone who studied a hard science.

    • They’re much like the fanatic religious people of the Dark Ages. They are absolutely certain of the dogma, but can’t even read the literature.

      • One nitpick, but no expert on the history of the “Dark Ages” calls it that anymore. That term more originated during the 19th century but is now known to be at best grossly oversimplified and at worst flat-out wrong. I do understand your overall point though, as climate change is a religion for many who otherwise reject conventional religion, given how hardwired the human brain is for religion.

        • Kyle,

          The term “dark-ages” is reserved by the science for the 4 centuries following the collapse of the Roman empire.

          The following terms from the 4th to 1400 century span the sections

          – Early Middle Ages

          – High Middle Ages

          – and the late Middle Ages give over to the new age with the covering of the “westindias” by Christof Columbus.

          • @Johann Dark Ages is a depreciated term no longer used by Historians. It was coined by Enlightenment writers as a derogatory term to emphasize how “enlightened” mankind had come. The only thing dark about the Dark ages was the decline in writing and literacy and the breakup of the Big State. Things which were invented in the middle ages: the horse collar, hard liquor (I don’t know how great that was), the blast furnace, the hourglass, clocks, the stirrup (which many historians credit with the winning of the battle of Tours), crop rotation, and much, much more. Technologically the Dark Ages was anything but Dark.

    • You don’t need a degree or even any studies, you pull a Mosher and claim you are a scientist or do a Mann and claim that Nobel prize. It’s climate science anything goes just so long as you get the narrative right.

    • Her undergraduate degree is in journalism and political science according to her LinkedIn profile. At least it is in some variety of “science.” 😎

        • I beg to differ… My B.S. is from the Earth Science Department at my alma mater and I have been a professional geophysicist/geologist since 1981. I know my degree was in science, because all of the Earth Science courses I took were sciences: Physical Geology, Historical Geology, Mineralogy, Igneous & Metamorphic Petrology, Stratigraphy & Sedimentation, Engineering Geology, Soil Science, Structural Geology, Meteorology, Astronomy, Marine Science, Geomorphology, Field Geology.

          Dr. Roy Spencer’s B.S. is from the University of Michigan Atmospheric and Oceanic Science Department (now called the the Department of Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering)… Pretty sure Dr. Spencer’s degree was in science.

          Earth and Atmospheric sciences are natural sciences.

          Social sciences are called “sciences” because they are allegedly the systematic studies of subjects like economics, political systems, anthropology, psychology, archaeology, etc. Anthropology and archaeology can be performed scientifically… But they aren’t truly sciences… They are more like forensic history. Psychology, economics and political science are definitely “voodoo sciences”.

          • “Evolutionary Psychology”?
            Does it have a branch that studies the changes from Global Cooling to Global Warming to Climate Change to ….?
            Maybe they sum it up as The Systematizing of Error?

      • Ray, the now common practice of appending “science” to many areas of study, even in high school, reminds me of my wife’s time as a vocational/home economics teacher. Many of us would recall classes from high school in Home Economics department, at least into the early 1980’s. Then the term for that field changed to Home and Family Life, which lasted about ten years before changing again to Family and Consumer Science. I wonder how many parents thought their child was actually taking a science (e.g. biology) course due to the “science” term added to a vocational department offerings?

    • Tom Halla,

      From her Linked in page:


      SUNY New Paltz

      Bachelor of Arts, Journalism, Political Science
      2007 – 2011

    • Tom Halla,

      Worked at ThinkProgress for almost three years.

      November 2013 – July 2016 2 years 9 months

      Washington D.C. Metro Area

      Started as a climate change and environmental reporter in 2013. Promoted to deputy climate editor in February 2015, and again to political reporter in August 2015.

      Two years out of Journalism school and she’s a climate expert. That sounds about right.

    • › e…


      Emily Atkins | The George Institute for Global Health

      Emily’s PhD studies used linked administrative hospital morbidity, deaths, and pharmacy data to investigate the cost- effectiveness of …

  4. Emily Atkin : “I have spent my entire career listening to hundreds of actual experts on climate change and hurricanes.”

    And clearly, she learned absolutely nothing.

  5. Unfortunately, political activism and personal agendas have unalterably ruined the field of journalism. There are very few real journalists who report information objectively and do not editorialize for a “cause.” One of the worst propagandists is the Associated Press’ Seth Borenstein. Every time I see a crazy Chicken Little gloom and doom headline in my newspaper, I immediately check the byline. Nine times out of 10 it was written by Seth Borenstein, the climate “Fabricator” extraordinaire.

    • …. or as I’ve seen him referred to on other sites – Seth Goebbelstein, which is beyond ironic.

  6. With the “liberals” I am unable to avoid, there is a pattern of behaviour:
    Fear and anxiety about CO2 and the climate.
    “But there is no connection between CO2 and actual climate change.”
    “Your fears are unfounded,”
    Anger and hostility, when there should be relief and thanks that there is no need to worry.
    They wear anxiety like a badge of honour.
    And then there are the professional anxiety mongers, who have recently hyped the pitch from “Climate Change” to “Climate Emergency”.

    • You have to be with the in crowd to discern the subtle difference between Climate Emergency and Climate Crisis after the Great Warming produced their preceding Climate Change. It’s a bit too nuanced for ordinary folk to get their heads around so leave it to your betters.

    • Yes, that is a most interesting phenomenon – telling someone that a lot of the fear mongering is overblown and giving them explicit reasons why, only to be hit back with hate and vitriol for that. You’d think maybe a “Thanks for the info; now maybe I can sleep a little better at night” would be more forthcoming, wouldn’t you?

      It’s almost like a lot of these folks WANT to hear (and believe) the worst possible news. Maybe they’re cut from the same cloth as all of those “climate scientists” who’ve now gone on record as having deep-seated psychological issues themselves.

  7. So, she has spent her entire career listening to pseudoscientific crap that would bolster her warmunist ideology. And now she plays the victim because she’s catching flak for it? Idiot.

  8. I think the internet is what has ruined the integrity of the media vs science. It used to be print newspapers and books, which had oversight by editors to weed out weaknesses in news stories. Now, there is no oversight at all – anyone can spew anything, and if they have a news credential, it is all the more believable by those with no understanding of the underlying science – in other words, those as clueless as the media wonks…

    • The internet is what is saving science. The MSM acts to filter out Truth while the internet may allow Truth to be presented, er, truthfully.

    • The mainstream media was never impartial. The owner of the medium gets to say what gets printed or broadcast. ie. The freedom of the press belongs to the person who owns the press.

      We have the specter of the BBC deciding it doesn’t have to provide balanced science coverage.

      The BBC has accepted it gets coverage of climate change “wrong too often” and told staff: “You do not need a ‘denier’ to balance the debate.” link

      The guy who has most thoroughly documented media propaganda is our old buddy Noam Chomsky. link

    • The Internet has brought out facts that show the media never did have any integrity. Not even the iconic Walter Cronkite, who witnessed US successes in Nam firsthand, then came back and lied about it to hasten the US pull-out.

      • When I was in college, I read Victor Lasky’s “It Didn’t Start with Watergate” which chronicled the long history of shoddy, biased journalism in the US. It’s one of our more sacred traditions (/sarc) but has become so much more manifest in recent years. Even with the collapse of the old MSM, there is little hope that newer news sources (Internet, direct source, etc) will be any different. The only hope is for liberals to disenthrall themselves from ideology and return to a more fact-based philosophy. Hold your breath until then is NOT recommended.

  9. Emily Atkin is a progressive intersectional moron

    She’s also neurotic and tragic at her job
    It’s just a shame this moron was given more attention. She actually believes Extinction Rebellion garbage, ergo she’s less than average intelligence, perfect for journalism

    • … less than average intelligence, perfect for journalism …

      It could be an occupational hazard.

      Journalists drink too much, are bad at managing emotions, and operate at a lower level than average, according to a new study link

      • The media are like children. Look at his you had journalists saying it was “hard to stay objective” at Obama rallies and breaking down crying when he was elected, fawning all over him, then crying and since acting nuts since Trump was elected. Look at the craziness of the claims made when Bush was president. Look at how immature they were with Sarah Palin, for example how the one publication did not airbrush their picture of her. The media are essentially the equivalent of adult children and should be regarded as such.

  10. She has a degree in journalism, whatever that entails.

    She tweeted that her journalism degree and five and half years of reporting was the equivalent of Ryan Maue’s qualifications and experience.

    She is 25, normally an age by which one has grown out of being an entitled know-it-all. However it is a truth universally recognised that the products of our tertiary education system often mature much later, if at all.

  11. …so when a ‘actual expert’ corrects her…he’s some dude

    she doesn’t even know who he is

  12. Emily Atkin’s petulant assertions are the equivalence of a grave digger of no further aptitude claiming they are equally qualified to command an aircraft carrier. She embraces the fallacy that all opinions are of equal relative merit, regardless of disparities in training, experience, and demonstrated successful application to complex real world problems. We used to refer to such pretenders as ‘poseurs’.

  13. Keep in mind:

    “She added: “I have spent my entire career listening to hundreds of actual experts on climate change and hurricanes.” Atkin’s Twitter bio states that she “write[s] and edit[s] on rats, poop, corpses, crystals, food & health, but mostly the climate.”

    A) Atkin, clearly, does not know what a real expert is.
    * a) It is astonishing to watch narcissists appeal to vague inspecific authorities, “Argumentum Ad Verecundiam”, when communicating with genuine experts.

    B) N.B.; Atkin’s claims to knowledge:
    food & health,
    but mostly the climate…
    * a) Atkin depends upon superstition, rumor, old wives tales, internet gossip and who knows what else. It does appear that Atkin only listens to opinions she already has formed.

    As Petit_Barde accurately points out regarding Atkin, “clearly, she learned absolutely nothing.”.
    Atkin’s trafficking in fear and fright regarding ordinary weather is an echo of aoc’s empty headed cries for attention through the same manipulation of people’s fears.

  14. ““I have spent my entire career listening to hundreds of actual experts on climate change and hurricanes.”

    Isa.6 [9] And he said, “Go, and say to this people: `Hear and hear, but do not understand; see and see, but do not perceive.’

    • Also reminded of the scene in Jeremiah where a crowd of Israelites openly demands to be lied to.

  15. It’s really disappointing that objective journalism is so hard to find. Most of the time now the experience or opinion of the reporter is woven in the story making it difficult to separate the facts from opinion. Also very annoying is the format where a single piece of anecdotal evidence is the centerpiece of the story.

    • Like the chivalrous knight and the impartial judge, the hard-nosed reporter is much more an ideal than a real person.

  16. “I have spent my entire career listening to hundreds of actual experts on climate change and hurricanes.”

    From her LinkedIn profile…


    Staff Writer
    Company Name The New Republic
    Dates Employed Feb 2017 – Present
    Employment Duration 2 yrs 6 mos
    Location Washington D.C. Metro Area
    Staff writer covering science and environmental politics.

    2 yrs 6 mos

    Senior Multimedia Journalist
    Company Name
    Dates Employed Jul 2016 – Feb 2017
    Employment Duration 8 mos
    Location Washington D.C. Metro Area
    Covered the 2016 presidential election and national policy. Reported, wrote, produced, and appeared in news segments for Sinclair Broadcast Group’s local TV stations.

    0 yrs 8 mos

    Various Positions
    Company Name Law360
    Dates Employed Feb 2012 – Oct 2013
    Employment Duration 1 yr 9 mos
    Location Greater New York City Area
    Started as a news assistant in February 2012, promoted to news apprentice in January 2013, and again in May 2013 to reporter.

    1 yr 9 mos

    Research Assistant
    Company Name Wayne Barrett
    Dates Employed Aug 2011 – Jan 2012
    Employment Duration 6 mos
    Location Greater New York City Area
    Assisted investigative reporter Wayne Barrett with his pieces on the 2012 presidential election for Newsweek, The Daily Beast, and The Nation.

    0 yr 6 mos

    Editorial Intern
    Company Name New York Observer
    Dates Employed Jan 2011 – Jul 2011
    Employment Duration 7 mos
    Location Greater New York City Area

    0 yr 7 mos

    Staff Reporter
    Company Name The Legislative Gazette
    Dates Employed Jan 2010 – Jun 2010
    Employment Duration 6 mos
    Location Albany, New York Area
    Generated more than 70 stories covering New York state politics.

    0 yr 6 mos

    WAMC Northeast Public Radio
    Contributing Reporter
    Company Name WAMC Northeast Public Radio
    Dates Employed Nov 2009 – Jun 2010
    Employment Duration 8 mos
    Location Albany, New York Area
    Freelance reporter and producer covering New York state politics.

    0 yr 8 mos

    My first thought is that her “entire career” would fit in a thimble, with room to spare.

    My second thought is that she can’t hold down a steady job.  Her average employment duration has been 1 year and 9 days with each employer.

    My third thought it that the vast majority of that thimble-sized career was not spent talking to scientists of any variety… And it’s doubtful she could have understood anything they told her.


    SUNY New Paltz
    Degree Name Bachelor of Arts Field Of Study Journalism, Political Science
    Dates attended or expected graduation 2007 – 2011

    Activities and Societies: Lambda Pi Eta


    • Totals to just over 7 years. Quite the lengthy career
      So she has heard the last 7 years of Fear Mongering and was schooled during the Indocterination period of Climate Hysteria

          • My Pom survived being dumped into a trash dumpster, along with her brother and sister, when they were a few weeks old. The sister, Faith, didn’t survive the first night after being rescued. Her brother, Chance, battled continuous bouts of pneumonia and other ailments during his brief 4-year life, but he never stopped smiling…

            Hope is 6 years old, healthy as a horse and can handle anything but Corgis.

  17. There is no weather alarm idea which is too stupid to gain immediate traction amongst the ranks of the Climate Alarmists and Global Warmists. The bottom of their Barrel is not yet in Sight.

  18. Some years ago I watched a National Geographic documentary with an expert, a Princeton professor. He quoted from his most important source – in his area of specialization – and spoke nonsense because he was misquoting and basing his reasoning on this error. Anyone who could read the book and comprehend what he was reading – even without a university qualification – would have been able to refute the professor. Do not trust “the experts” but look carefully at the original sources and see if the reasoning is careful and logical. A journalist who has not learnt this will highly likely be gullible and misled.

  19. Fathead even joined the discussion…

    And poor Emily couldn’t take the heat…

    • And “fathead” thought Judith Coury’s Congressional testimony was biased…:^)

    • Mikey knows all about toxic brews since he concocts them continually, composed of lies, strawmen, mischaracterizations, and ad hominems, along with liberal dollops of his own super-inflated ego, and fact-and-science-free proclamations.

    • The irony is that by joining the discussion, “Fathead” (LOL !) destroys his own argument against misogyny, since he has been itself exposed as an actual climate apocalypse huckster for almost two decades now.

    • “… the fact that male scientists are often super demeaning to female journalists.” When such female journalists don’t understand the basic science. But, today, all opinions are of equal weight. Indigenous knowledge trumps everyone, though.

      • Just as Indigenous knowledge beliefs of Australian History trumps actual facts of Aboriginal migration
        Why teach the truth in Schools when someone’s feelings might be hurt because of it?
        Same for Climate Change, why teach the truth when Climate Hysteriots will get their feelings hurt??

    • And AOC called Pelosi a racist because Nancy told her not air criticism of her fellow democrats on Twitter first.

      These days calling your opponents racists or misogynists is simply a confession that you have no substantive reply but you cannot accept that you are wrong.

      • My wife was banned from Facebook and Twitter because her criticism of AOC was deemed “racist hate speech.” My wife is 100% Hispanic.

        • He’s either being sarcastic or he’s a moron… Benefit of the doubt goes to sarcasm.

    • Shouldn’t he change his name to Michael Person to fit in with not being misogynistic?

  20. Besides… Little Emily should be thrilled with this storm, which may briefly be named Barry before it makes landfall…

    Operators evacuating personnel ahead of developing GoM storm
    Jul 10th, 2019

    Offshore staff

    NEW ORLEANS – Offshore oil and gas operators in the Gulf of Mexico have started evacuating platforms and rigs in response to tropical weather activity, according to the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE).

    Based on data from offshore operator reports submitted as of 11:30 CDT today, personnel have been evacuated from 15 production platforms, 2.24% of the 669 manned platforms in the Gulf of Mexico.

    Personnel have been evacuated from four non-dynamically positioned rigs, equivalent to 19.05% of the 21 rigs of this type operating in the Gulf.

    Three DP rigs have moved off location out of the storm’s path as a precaution. This number represents 15% of the 20 DP rigs currently operating in the Gulf.

    From operator reports, BSEE estimates that about 31.89% of the current oil production in the GoM has been shut-in, which equates to 602,715 b/d. It is also estimated that about 17.85% of the natural gas production, or 496.2 MMcf/d has been shut-in.




  21. Freedom of the press … to do what? The First Amendment gave freedom of the press (from government interference). SCOTUS affirmed the press was to serve the people. Most press these days has (until Trump came along) been serving lefty, NWO governments for a couple of generations.

    The founding fathers clearly were referring to freedom of opinion not freedom to lie, put out seditious material, slander, incitement to do harm, support for terrorism…. Indeed the press can be sued and jailed in a free society.

    Trump’s disgust for the MSM causes conniptions and charges from the press that he is trampling the First. Not at all! He is right to call them out on their fake news and egregious, over the top bias. How does fake news serve the people. Fortunately, the fake news virus seems to be killing its hosts. They had better join the real woke before it’s too late.

    • Good post, Gary. Right on the money.

      When Trump attacks the Fake News he isn’t attacking the Press, he is attacking members of the press who are creating the Fake News.

      Lies should be called out for what they are. And you are right, the lies/Fake News do seem to be harming the perpetrators of the lies more than anyone. Unfortunately, the lies also do a lot of damage to others even though they are lies.

      Some people don’t know they are lies and take them as the truth, like the completely delusional view some members of the U.S.Womens Soccer team have about President Trump. They got that view from the Fake News. It’s not a true picture of Trump, but they obviously don’t know that. Trump is not Hitler, but they think he is, based on the lies they have been told by the MSM.

      It’s a crying shame really. People ought to be able to be proud of their president but the MSM does everything in its power to destroy him. it’s war. Conservatives should take it seriously.

  22. ” Atkin’s Twitter bio states that she “write[s] and edit[s] on rats, poop, corpses, crystals, food & health, but mostly the climate.”

    “crystals” ????
    crystal healing …maybe.
    apparently she likes reporting pseudoscience new age junk. that with her climate change junk writing.

    • She can’t tell the difference between science, mysticism, and cargo cult science, which is normal for a journalism major. She probably thinks the “experts” used by liability lawyers are reliable.

  23. “…Atkin’s Twitter bio states that she “write[s] and edit[s] on rats, poop…”

    That would explain Mann’s interest in her twittering.

  24. The CBC is always among the first off the gates to publish alarmist articles on climate change. The very serious looking Mark Harrison has even created the “In Our Backyard” series in order to keep the climate alarm front and center during this year long election campaign, a theme pushed by the Trudeau Liberals.
    Yet, after two weeks, not a word in the CBC about this June 29, 2019 Cornell University paper!
    I wonder why?

    No experimental evidence for the significant anthropogenic climate change
    Jyrki Kauppinen, Pekka Malmi
    (Submitted on 29 Jun 2019)
    In this paper we will prove that GCM-models used in IPCC report AR5 fail to calculate the influences of the low cloud cover changes on the global temperature. That is why those models give a very small natural temperature change leaving a very large change for the contribution of the green house gases in the observed temperature. This is the reason why IPCC has to use a very large sensitivity to compensate a too small natural component. Further they have to leave out the strong negative feedback due to the clouds in order to magnify the sensitivity. In addition, this paper proves that the changes in the low cloud cover fraction practically control the global temperature.
    And it is open access…
    Why this western media silence? However it was mentioned here:

  25. A warmer world will have a decreased equatorial/polar temperature gradient and thus decreased storminess. So she is 180 degrees wrong. Didn’t any of her hundreds of experts tell her that? Don’t bother to answer, cuz I know.

  26. According to the political left, an expert is defined as anyone who says what I want to hear.

  27. We get the same ‘worsening cyclones’ (that’s hurricanes to others) story in Australia. Particularly stories published explaining how worsening cyclones are contributing to the destruction of the Great Barrier Reef.
    Yet, official BOM data shows both the number and severity of cyclones has probably declined in the last 50 years.

  28. Keith, I conclude you are a dirty little f…er. Please post any racist comments by the lady in question. I’ve seen none.

    It is evil, evil motivation that pushes one to mindlessly pile on with nothing other than ideological purity backing it up.

    (Lets drop this) SUNMOD

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