German Green Leader Apologises for Blaming Merkel’s Trembling on Global Warming

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, top candidate of the Christian Democratic Union Party (CDU) for the upcoming general elections, gestures as she speaks during an election rally in Regensburg, Germany, September 18, 2017. REUTERS/Michael Dalder

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

German Green Leader Annalena Baerbock has apologised for suggesting German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s apparent ill health was caused by global warming.

Germany’s Green leader sorry for linking Angela Merkel’s shaking to climate crisis

German Green party leader Annalena Baerbock has tweeted her apologies after suggesting that the chancellor’s trembling may have been caused by climate disruption. Germany is currently in the middle of a heat wave.

Germany’s Green party co-leader Annalena Baerbock has apologized after suggesting that Chancellor Angela Merkel’s trembling episodes were connected to climate change.

During a press conference in Berlin on Friday, at which the German Greens were presenting their climate protection plan, Baerbock said, “regarding the hot temperatures, we can see from the chancellor it is clear that this summer climate has health consequences.”

The Green party leader then mentioned her recent trip to Iraq, where temperatures have reached 48 degrees Celsius (118 degrees Fahrenheit). If such heat ever hit Germany, she said, “anyone who stands in the sun for an hour would get shaky.” “The heat doesn’t stop for chancellors either,” she added later.

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Maybe someone in Germany can explain; was this a misjudged attempt at humour, or was the German green leader serious?

74 thoughts on “German Green Leader Apologises for Blaming Merkel’s Trembling on Global Warming

    • Let me see: she flies to some place that has daytime temps in an aircraft that is air-conditioned and comfy, and she comes from a northern area which does not have normal daily temps of +/- 100F in the shade.

      Does anyone besides me see the idiocy here? You do? Good. I was getting a smidge concerned.

      Anyone who is this desperate to get attention would do herself a world of good if she got some professional help with her problem 🙂

      Just sayin’.

  1. Annalena Baerbock has no need to apologise; she was absolutely right. EVERY THING is caused by Global Warming – whoops, I mean Climate Change. (Do I need to write “sarc”?

    • I swear, if you go back and look at the video of Merkel shaking, it looks to me like something is trying to bust out.

    • Such tremors have natural neurological explanations. There are numerous medical diagnoses for these conditions. My elderly mother suffers from one such condition known as familial tremors. In essence they are proprioceptive feed back to the brain regarding muscular activation. Fine motor control keeps dithering regarding positional location and muscle forcing to maintain dynamic positional stability. Lack of damping in the feed back signal causes continuous misapplication of muscle force and subsequent positional overshoot/undershoot.
      Of course maybe she was just shivering?

      Could we simply have missed the ‘sarcasm’ tag from the Green leader?

      • Agreed, she clearly has some serious health problems but will not admit it before leaving office.

        Maybe someone in German can explain; was this a misjudged attempt at humour, or was the German green leader serious?

        Germans to not have a sense of humour. She meant it.

        Since Merkel attempted to cover up her obviously serious health condition by claiming it was the heat and that she was “thirsty”, she did rather bring it on herself.

        Nevertheless, it is clear that 0.7 deg C is not going to make anyone shake, and the recent hot spell , far in excess of 0.7 deg, was caused by an anti-cyclone in the Atlantic and blocking high over Europe, drawing unusually hot air directly up from the Sahara.

        Baerbock’s comment was obviously opportunistic BS as well as it was a despicable exploitation of Merkel’s health situation. Once again the Greens show their true colours.

        • …that and the thermometer was surrounded by miles of asphalt…dead wind…and not a cloud in the sky

          • Q) How many Germans does it take to change a light bulb?

            A) One! Because we are an Efficient People and we have no sense of humor!

          • Humorous Q. How many Germans does it take to change a light bulb?
            German A. What kind of light bulb?

        • Germans to not have a sense of humour. She meant it.

          Of course they have.

          During the ’70’s the Germans sold Liebfraumilch to the British. Ok, that could of been revenge for 1966.

      • “Could we simply have missed the ‘sarcasm’ tag from the Green leader?”

        Really? you are saying a Green can lighten up and try to say something funny?

  2. Yes, it would be terrifying if Germany experienced the same temperature as Iraq does in the summer. I remember working for four years in Saudi Arabia when temperatures reached 50ºC and thinking ‘gosh this would a real problem if it reached these temperatures in Iceland’. And here’s another scary thought – think of the chaos if tomorrow all the people in the Middle East woke up speaking Serbo-Croat!

    Now rearrange these four words into a well-known phrase or saying: burns stupid it the.

  3. was this a misjudged attempt at humour, or was the German green leader serious?

    A Green leader can’t be seroius
    A Green leader have no attempt at humour, at least for general understanding.
    What stays ?
    Silliness, dazzlement 😀

  4. Of course she was serious, anything bad happens, anything at all, climate change is to blame. Don’t keep your waterways dredged, blame the resulting floods on climate change. Mismanage your Woodlands, blame the resulting wildfires on climate change. Hurricanes are apparently caused by climate change, they are proof that climate change is a dangerous reality and is happening now. Yes there are millions of people who think that hurricanes are something new.

    • In the US, that is true. Those only 11 years old in Florida had never heard of powerful hurricanes making landfall since none had during their lifetime until last year.

      Just remember, to liberals, history started when they were born, they are so self centered they cannot understand what they have not experienced. The funny thing though, is that what they “learn” from the MSM is considered “experience!

    • In other news, Baerbock corrected herself stating that Merkel’s trembling episodes were, in fact, caused by United States President Donald J. Trump.

      • . . . trembling episodes were, in fact, caused by United States President Donald J. Trump.

        There seems to be a lot of that going around.

    • Yesterday, it felt like I came very close to not making it to the bathroom in time … damn climate change.

      I’m terribly afraid that, if we can’t all come together in the next 11.5 years, I’m gonna have some seriously embarrassing moments.

    • Sorry, Greg, the Germans do have a sense of humor. I just spent 21/2 weeks in Germany listening to some of the most un-PC jokes I’ve heard in years! Americans are starting to get the reputation for not having a sense of humor.

      • I am half German and lived there for more than 3 years working for the old Brown Bovari in Mannheim. No humor. BBC sold out to the Swedes. I am 1/4 Swede. Do I have a sense of irony, or what?

      • They have humour I got told this one by a German a while ago you will get that by the VISA which is no longer needed … anyhow goes like this.

        German tourist approaches the French border and goes up to border guard at the check point with his Visa card filled in.
        The guard reading the Visa notices he missed an item and so asks occupation?
        The German answers no, just here for a holiday.

        • Well, as they say: a German joke is no laughing matter.

          BTW, I’m not anti-german , tutono-phobic or whatever the PC terms is.

          I have a lot of respect for German rigour and thoroughness. Most of them speak better English than the English do. Whatever they do , there’s no halfway measures. German girls are the best in the world.

  5. She was serious. Hence the rapid apology. The matermelons are so keen to jump onto the first catastrophic weather/climate opportunity that they do not think before leaping.

    Or as my odl Master’s lecturer used to say. Opening mouth before engageing brain. Mind you, a brain is the essential ingredient missing in most watermelons.

    • Au contraire mon ami! The watermelons have not lost their minds.

      The madman is not the man who has lost his reason. The madman is the man who has lost everything except his reason. link

      When G.K Chesterton said the above I think he was sniping at Marxists and their disconnect from reality.

      • Utter genius, that Chesterton. Another one who understood the venal idiocy and ulterior motives of the far left was Malcolm Muggeridge.

  6. I’m not a medical person but I wonder about Parkinson’s. Her shaking in public happened not once but twice. Crossing your arms to stop the shaking is pretty classic.

    • The official reason for the first attack was a water deficit and cured with three glass of water.
      Believe it or not, I don’t.

      • That must be rubbish. Being thirsty doesn’t cause the shakes and it happened twice. If they are lying, then they are covering up. Parkinson’s it is then. There must be some kind of privacy rule in Germany that stops the press talking about it.

      • That was clearly a BS cover up. It is clearly a serious nervous/neurological disorder. Parkingson’s often starts with a head shake and is less episodic. More like mad cow’s disease , I’d say.

        This was very reminiscent of HRC’s stumbling incident ( also brushed off as a lack of water IIRC ) and coughing fits. Never does to admit a weakness, just lie obviously and hope no one notices.

    • yeah shes looked crook for some time I also suspect Parkinsons or another neuro issue may be behind it.

  7. I guess this qualifies as real time climate scare strategy that now counts twitching, blinking, and itching.

    Watch out for REM sleep next.

  8. I wonder what prompted her to apologise?
    Here are some facts about climate change which I defy anyone to disprove.
    1. Climate change causes sea levels to rise.
    2. Climate change causes sea levels to fall.
    3. Climate change causes arctic ice to decrease.
    4. Climate change causes arctic ice to increase.
    5. Climate change causes the atmospheric temperatures to increase.
    6. Climate change causes atmospheric temperatures to decrease.
    The list is almost endless. With that in mind to claim Climate change causes people to shake, is true, particularly if they get hypothermia.
    You have to hand it to the Greens, they know how to cover all bases. That Climate change idea is the ultimate catch all anxiety option.

    • You left out climate change cause volcanoes to erupt and sharks to swim to the right in circles.

  9. What she really meant to say was;” Merkel Trembles before the Great Green Gods Wrath.”
    As the official,elected mouthpiece of German Gang Green,she cannot have a sense of humour.
    Humour,that sense of the ridiculous, has to be absent in a personality that accepts the faith of Greendoom.
    I mean sheesh,if you actually listened to what pronouncements come the “Wisdom of the Alarmed Ones”,you cannot help but be amused…if you have a sense of humour .

    Most of them are beyond satire and would be totally implausible if created as characters in a work of fiction.
    Yet I now regard them as as dangerous to civil technological society as gangrene is to an individual.
    Madness is contagous?

  10. “…Maybe someone in German can explain; was this a misjudged attempt at humour, or was the German green leader serious?…”

    She was serious. In the time beeing she apologized for beeing stupid.But she is known for talking a lot of b…s..t. Recently in a talkshow she insistet that the avarage Co2 emission per capita in Germany are 9 GIGA-metric tons. Asked about the storag problems for renwables she explained, there is no problem at all, the grid can store the current.

  11. A textbook case of chronic Klimate kool-aid intoxication, manifested as neurological problems.
    We saw similar symptoms in Hillary when she was campaigning for President. She too over-indulged in the Klimate kool-aid in order to deliver the change change policy platitudes with a sincere face that her GreenSlime paymasters demanded.

  12. Just shows you that with the Greens nothing is off limits and they can never stoop too low. It’s always the end justifies the means.

  13. Maybe it’s the trembling at the realisation of the strategic failure of her energy strategy, and how she and others will be remembered in the very near future. Reliance on Russian gas and the horrendous costs of energy for the consumer and more importantly, industrial costs of power in general. And as the socialist EU falls apart, bit by bit, the Euro will no longer be of any assistance, but a heavy hindrance.

  14. Merkel is getting old, and getting old is no fun – I’m not going to mock her.

    However, I believe that Merkel has been entirely wrong about green energy and its alleged driving force – fictional catastrophic global warming, falsely attributed to increasing atmospheric CO2.

    I believe that Merkel’s green energy schemes have been a disaster for Germany, driving up energy costs, reducing grid stability and increasing Winter deaths.

    Only scoundrels or imbeciles can still believe in this catastrophic global warming nonsense.

    • I guess your description covers the BBC and the Guardian under both options, scoundrels and imbeciles.

  15. Germans have long been linked to humour of functions of the backside, is the word “scatology” ?
    Merkel, facing retirement with age, might be a case of the well-known Aussie Spoonerism “The Shivering Quits”.
    Sadly, the Spoonerism in general does not survive language translation so her condition is shown in pictures as well, like we did for the children in their early learning years. Geoff S

  16. I’ve got German blood in me and I’ve worked outside in western Oman in 57 degC – I didn’t start shaking. Once you get used to it you just keep working, just a bit slower than normal

    • Wish I hadn’t looked up what that word meant! Thanks!

  17. Its cold that makes me shiver, heat makes me sweat.

    One suggestion, if asked . What are you going to do about Climate Change ?
    reply Do you mean Global warming ?

    They will of course say No, climate change .

    Then you try to explain that if the climate is changing what is doing it, ?
    After all blaming it on a tiny trace element for a major change of air
    movement is so silly as to be laughable.

    So if you can finally get them to admit that it all started with Global
    Warming, then point out that it had stopped way back in 1997, and this
    was why they changed to climate change.

    Just a thought.


  18. I know someone who taught us that electricity can fortunately be stored in the grid and she did the math.
    You guessed it, it was the same Mrs Baerbock a few weeks ago. So you see, we are really humerous in Germany

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