How do you attend a Distant Climate Conference Without Flying?

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

h/t Dr. Willie Soon – Swedish climate messiah Greta Thunberg has a problem. She desperately wants to attend climate conferences in New York (September) and Santiago (December), but unlike most greens she is serious about avoiding air travel.

How do you cross the Atlantic Ocean without flying?

I’ve got a few ideas, but I doubt arriving by luxury transatlantic cruise liner is quite the down to earth minimalist image Greta wants to project.

Some of Greta’s fans have suggested telecommuting, but if this was a solution surely all greens would be telecommuting to climate conferences, instead of scarring their personal consciences with distasteful but ecologically necessary air travel.

I’m sure you are all as keen to help as I am. Perhaps we can all pitch in, help little Greta figure out how to attend those crucial climate conferences in far flung locations, without compromising those heartfelt climate principles which have attracted so much global media attention.

291 thoughts on “How do you attend a Distant Climate Conference Without Flying?

    • Quite the contrary. Does she have a lot to contribute to climate science? Especially on Fridays.

    • They are brain dead. they lie. Tell me how to subvert the masses! Please stop if I’m being bad.Cradle to Grave. Although,fools follow!

    • Catch a ride on a Swedish submarine. Would only cost, oh around a few million dollars. Al poor gore would cover it.

      • Would a Sweidish submarine satisfy her conscience? The submarines of the Swedish Navy use diesel.
        “HSwMS Gotland (Gtd) is a defense submarine of the Swedish Navy. It was the first ship of the Gotland-class, which was the first operational submarine class in the world to use air-independent propulsion in the form of Stirling engines which use liquid oxygen and diesel as the propellant.” (Wikipedia)

        • Diesel is an evil fossil fuel…the worst of the worst because it enables so much other activity like digging up more fossil fuels. Maybe she could purchase an Indulgence from the Pope for her flight offsets. I am sure it would be alright as long as she confesses to her Sin(s).

          • However, diesel submarines were the first hybrids. The enviros should love them!


      • Take the “AOC Train” across the ocean.

        Going to be done in 12 years.

        Greta will have to miss a few conferences.

        The cross-ocean train is a big part of the Green Ordeal.

    • We are witnessing the transition of climate hysteria from the cynical bid for political hegemony it was originally intended to be (the “red-green alliance”) to a jihad led by true-believers who have more faith in their power to tilt the earth on its axis than any religious fanatic ever had in his deity.

      This is how “radical” transforms into FANATICAL. Interestingly the first victims aren’t usually the infidels who don’t believe but the older-generation adherents who DON’T BELIEVE HARD ENOUGH.

      Just wait. The show-trials of people like Al Gore and Leo DiCaprio will be stunning in scope and ferocity. They’ll be forced into public apology and humiliation shortly before their executions as Enemies of the Planet.

      • No, Bill. I think people like *us* will be tried and executed before those fanatical masses leading to the civilizations of the planet plunging into a fierce scientific dark age that will last for generations after totalitarian socialists use climate change as an excuse to seize power. Millions will die. Science as practiced by the likes of Dyson, Feynman, and Popper will be a casualty, and the widespread use of modern databases will be sufficient to keep all people under scrutiny the likes of which would have embarrassed Stalin.

        The battle is over. The eco-facists have won. They are now ratcheting up the rhetoric to discover who among them will be the first to draw blood.

        • I do not think so.
          They are not armed.
          The people they are calling deniers, for the most part, are heavily armed. Here in the US anyway.
          How all the people in those other countries let themselves be disarmed after what happened in the first half of the 20th century, I will never understand.

          • Even here in “ gun free” England the right have military training and own guns and heavy machinery. The Left would be crazy to go violent, Oh…….

    • Sailing, swimming or rowing are the only non fossil fueled alternatives, but only in wooden vessel.
      Or perhaps she could wait for the next ice age and walk across the North Pacific Land Bridge.
      Better yet she could just stay home and perhaps obtain some useful education.

        • Robot Proxy
          Much the same way that ailing students can attand class from the discomfort of a Hospital Bed.
          Similar to the Punishment Sam received on Big Brother.
          Drive a robot around the venue remotely and still be able to interact without leaving home.

        • Wooden sailboat.. ..without tar being used.
          I guess is gonna be all about swimming anyway.

        • Walter Sobchak
          June 19, 2019 at 8:25 am

          Also only lashed together with organically grown hemp. No iron nails made with that dreadful coal allowed. No compass, radio, sat phone or GPS either.

          She could set a new trend and really getting the greenies thinking about just how our world really words.

        • and she should take her parents with her as they sail through the icefree Arctic..please!!

      • But sailing in a wooden ship consumes precious rain forests, and sailcloth today is made of man-made fibers made from .. omigosh, petroleum! Or else she could insist on linen canvass, but omigosh that too consumes petroleum fuel and precious water, thousands of gallons for every square meter of canvas. And of course the canvass must be handwoven, since machines and factories are tools of the capitalist devils … which means the canvas must be produced by poor piece workers in sweatshops all over the third world .. which means … … …

        The only solution therefore is for her to swim across the ocean, and trust that Gaia will protect her all the way from drowning, dying of exposure, or getting eaten by really big fish, perhaps with the help of her very own squadron of earth-loving dolphins to help her along and fight off the sharks.

        I got it – she could announce that she renounces all forms of transport and sustenance, and hopes therefore that Gaia will simply keep her alive to continue her preaching to all those horrible humans who pollute the earth with their .. lives. The implication of that stance, however, is too inhuman to contemplate.

          • haven`t seen the movie either but got the book, and the watch

            maybe she could just send a letter ( all those trees and energy for pulping and drying), with a photograph (oops, big business and lots of nasty chemicals) of her in it so it could be pinned up on the wall in the auditorium (aargh, energy for cement manufacture , and sand extraction, and… . . and,. . . . and . . . . .,

          • Gotta be careful with that Sand Extraction … Sand Extraction leads to Man Camps and such

      • If she swam, she could do double duty and end up in the Guinness Book of Records, or Ripley’s Believe It Or Not.

      • One of my college degrees was economics. For a graduation present after grad school, I imported a new 30′ sailboat. It was made from polyester resin. The keel cast iron. The Dacron Sails Talk about green virtue. Lot of carbon involved in sailing. 70 mile round trip to the yacht club.

      • In winter you can walk across the Bering Strait on the sea ice. But she has missed that opportunity.

      • You can’t cycle from Newfie to the Big Apple without using fossil-fuel-smelted metals, ocean-transported components, and asphalt-paved roads built with diesel-powered equipment.

        I’m sure you knew all this — but I’m posting it for the benefit of any virtue-signalers who might not have thought things through.

        • – and Newfoundland’s an island; you can’t cycle to the mainland from there. She’d be better-off sailing to Labrador, there’s a road from Goose Bay, but if she tries cycling that road she’ll get eaten alive by insects (in Summer) or freeze to death (in Winter).

          Maybe she should sail all the way to New York. In a really big sailing boat, because she’s against the prevailing winds and the Gulf Stream all the way so it’s going to take a long time, and she’s going to need enough space onboard to stow things to eat.

          Still, I respect her actually trying to live-up to her principles – unlike all the “Well I HAVE to fly to all those conferences – how else are we going to SAAAAAVE THE EARTH!!!” types. I consider Greta “honest but misguided”, as opposed to just-about all the rest whom I consider “liars and confidence artists”.

    • Possible with pontoon shoes. They’re normally made from petroleum-derived synthetics, but she could hand carve a pair from a cork log. And a natural fiber rope tied between them as a stabilizer, so you don’t do the splits and hit the water crotch-first. And learn to walk with them (more of a shuffle than a walk).

      Then, provided she doesn’t run into any rough seas or get mistaken for lunch by sharks, she’ll be home free. 😉

  1. The Vikings used to build excellent longboats and sailed and rowed all over the north Atlantic.

    So, Greta should build herself a nice replica and organise a dozen able young men to row her to New York, then take the train onwards to Santiago (she will have to walk the section between Panama and Colombia, but that’s a little detail).

    Somehow I doubt that she can find a single bloke for her virtue voyage. Women perhaps?

    • She will have to walk (or rather go by car) a very great deal more than that. There is no internationally connected railway system in South America. Many countries don’t even have a connected network within the country. Even when she gets to the Chilean border there is no longer any railway service to Santiago. I’m not even sure there are any passenger service from Valparaiso to Santiago if she comes by boat.

    • She should start building her ark now. It will come in handy “when” the icecaps melt and us skeptics all drown in the rising seas .

      “In december the United Nations conference of parties, COP25, will be held in Santiago de Chile. And this is pretty much where our future will be decided. ”

      Yes our future of either bankruptcy from climate policies or incessant whining about CO2 levels with increasing calls of alarm.

    • I grew up in Chicago and remember seeing this ship:

      Viking, the very first Viking ship replica, was built by the Rødsverven shipyard in Sandefjord, Norway. In 1893 it sailed across the Atlantic Ocean to Chicago in the United States for the World’s Columbian Exposition. Formerly located in Lincoln Park, Chicago, Illinois, the Viking is currently undergoing conservation in Geneva, Illinois, United States.

  2. Good lord. Un like the adult greens, the silly little girl might actually believe the garbage she is preaching.

    • She does. Actually does.

      Having said that, most adult ‘greens’ do too.

      the difference, she’s still innocent, the adults a bunch of slackers that could have educated themselves now and developed some life skills like skepticism.

    • She’ll grow out of that soon enough I’m guessing. Some of her “adult” travelers will explain how just SOME “anticlimate” activities are perfectly justifiable when you are saving the entire world.

    • She is far too ignorant to realize how shamefully she is being used (as are most alarmists).
      Eventually her innocence will become an ever weakening excuse for her behavior.

      • She suffers from mental challenges and is suicidal. That makes her words ring true to the leftists.

    • Yes. Three cheers for Greta. We should all have the humility to accept the fact that we are wrong in some of our beliefs. We should respect the fact that others can also be wrong without being evil as a result. So, if Greta is willing to live according to her beliefs, more power to her.

      What is not acceptable is to lie and cook data to bolster whatever case you’re trying to make. People who do that are evil. And then there are the garden variety hypocrites like the government of British Columbia (BC) which tries to block Alberta’s pipeline to tide water but then squeals like a stuck pig when Alberta threatens to turn off the taps on petroleum exports to BC. link Those people are evil, Greta is not. She’s just wrong.

    • Some day she is going to learn the awful truth that the whole climate change agenda is really just a political mechanism to control the behavior of people that Progressives do not like.

      If you think she is depressed now…

    • One of the features of the condition Greta suffers from, is an inability to understand deceit, or that anyone could see things differently . If the sufferer sees the biscuits put in the top drawer, they can’t understand that anyone else would think they were in the bottom drawer, even if the other person had left the room before the biscuits were moved. So yes, she really does believe it.
      Climate change is a much more abstract idea than the location of biscuits, but the people she relies on have told it’s real, and she trusts them, and has no way to independently verify the ideas, partly because of her trust, and partly because of the way her brain works once an idea takes hold.
      The problem lies with the media, and her parents who have thrust her into the public eye.
      She’s being deliberately used, and it’s a disgrace.
      Stick a fit adult bloke up as a spokesman for whatever, and the picking apart of his propositions will start, and the opponents will not be kind.
      Put a mentally disabled girl in front, and you have a shield. Full-house criticism is simply not permitted. ‘How cruel’ , ‘she’s just a child’, how could you attack an autistic girl’ , etc..
      The ploy to use her is utterly cynical and designed to deflect all criticism around the CAGW/CACC hypotheses.
      The people organising this are beneath contempt.

      • The obvious response for skeptics would be to find an autistic child on OUR side and put her or him out front for the pressers. But you don’t see that behavior from skeptics. Telling, no?

      • Toby Young a British journalist has got himself into trouble criticising Greta Thunberg. He has corrected, on social media, a statistical error made by her (or in truth by her minders) and another claim that the West is doing nothing about the supposed climate emergency and further suggested that she is privileged. The usual suspects have of course gone for Toby Young on the grounds that she is beyond criticism as she is only 16 years of age. The green blob seem to be using her as a ‘human shield’ i.e beyond criticism.

  3. Virtual Reality meetings would be the most elegant solution. Virtualization of data is the future. If greenies truly want to display complex systems and keep their footprint minimal, they can go virtual in just about every aspect of life. A virtual rig takes only a few amps to run. There are a lot of Hydrocarbons spent in making HMDs, computers, signal etc. but surely not nearly as much as boondoggles. Besides, these guys love to live in their data, why not truly walk the talk?

  4. We have the appropriate vessel right here in Australia. A barbed wire canoe without a paddle. Most often used for travelling upstream in a certain creek.

    • Oops.

      I just remembered barbed wire is made from iron, and nasty, black, dirty, carbonaceous, coal stuff is used in its manufacture. I guess she could use a substitute like blackberry vines.

  5. I would suggest booking a low-cost ticket on a sea going oil tanker……in the Gulf of Oman. Don’t forget to pack a veil.

    • She could also find a “repositioning” cruise. Cruise lines seasonally move ships from one locale to another to maximize revenue and reduce weather-related risks. These ships usually reposition half-empty so her footprint would be minimized… at least one way.

      Do the “greenies” schedule conferences to take advantage of such underutilized resources? What do they look like, farmers?

  6. I doubt whether WUWT regulars will need reminding of the exploits of Dr Alain Bombard – they are a well-educated bunch!

    But for the benefit of occasional viewers, Dr Bombard, in the course of research into survivability at sea for shipwrecked sailors, drifted across the Atlantic in a liferaft, surviving on what food and drink he could obtain on the way. Netted plankton and juices from squeezed fish figured large in his diet. I think it took him about 3 months….

    Surely this would be a good introduction to nature as it actually is for environmentalists?

  7. Is swimming out of the question…

    I read about somebody crossing the Atlantic in a barrel.

    I guess steerage class on a liner is out of the question.

    Could she work her way across on a freighter, not sure what cargo she would be okay with, maybe solar cells from China.

  8. Whatever she chooses she is unlikely to find anything causing less CO2 per passenger and mile than a economy class seat on a B747 or A380 unless she can hitch-hike on a tanker or a container-ship, but I am uncertain whether they are allowed to carry passengers. There are plenty of transatlantic cruises, but they use more fuel per passenger mile than aircraft. Possibly she can find somebody taking a sailing-yacht across that is willing to take her along.

    Getting from NY to Santiago by land won’t be that easy either. There is the Darien Gap and a few of the intervening countries can also be rather dicey to travel in, particularly for a teenage girl who doesn’t speak spanish. Though undoubtedly some billionaire can sponsor a couple of interpeters/bodyguards and 4WD’s as needed.

    • The Darien Gap remains dangerous. A Swedish backpacker was killed in it by FARC narco-Marxists in 2013. The narcotraficantes mistook him for a spy. Despite the supposed Colombia-wide surrender of the narcos, they remain in the Gap, still backed by Venezuela, as FARC has been since Hugo.

      Little Greta could perhaps survive the Gap by avoiding it by sea in a sailboat or canoe from Panama to Colombia. There used to be a ferry from the Caribbean coast of Panama to Colombia.

      Environmentalists have kept the highway from being extended across the Gap, but also concerns over the spread of hoof and mouth disease from South America to North. The indigenous Indian tribes also oppose a road. African would-be illegal immigrants to the US fly to Ecuador, which has liberal visa laws, enter Colombia, then use the gap to sneak into Panama. Apparently FARC knows they couldn’t pay kidnap ransoms.

      Trains are powered by diesel, so after sailing or rowing across the Atlantic, she’ll have to walk or bicycle to Panama from NYC, then again from Colombia to Chile. I guess maybe she could hitchhike without violating the tenets of her religion.

      Of course her food and clothing are also due to fossil fuels. Plus shelter and heating and cooling.

      • John Tillman
        “… she’ll have to walk or bicycle …”
        Bicycles are made with the consumption of a lot of fossil fuels!

        • It would be a balsa wood bicycle, with tires of natural rubber, vulcanized with wood fire (I know, more CO2!) and transported by clipper ship.

    • People have bicycled from California and points North to Chile. She can sail from the UK (in a wooden boat as mentioned above), travel on foot or horseback to California and bicycle from there on. She must make sure that there are no carbon fiber components on her bike, nor plastic in the saddle and handle bar grips or cushioning. Actually, the sail boat must use canvas sails, not mylar or dacron, no ferrous metals in the fastenings, etc, etc. In this way she might gain an appreciation for the benefits of a modern society that exists because of affordable and reliable energy.

      She must dispose of her smart or cell phone, too.

    • tty,
      But to be fair, the tanker or container-ship is going to make the trip whether she is present or not. So, the CO2 per passenger isn’t a fair metric.

      • On the other hand that is true for an aircraft as well. Losing Greta as a passenger is hardly likely to lead to cancelling a 747 flight.

  9. I have just found two UK pennies in my trouser pockets, she’s welcome to them, although she’d have to collect them herself or perhaps one of her helpers could hop on to a Business Class flight & collect them for her! 😉

    • Old or new pennies? I would doubt that the helpers could accept old pennies because of the waste of resources due to their size.

  10. Why does she need to go in person?
    Why does she want to go in person?
    The more important question is why is it necessary for these conferences to be held in different countries? They should be teleconferencing but then they couldn’t pat themselves on the back.
    She could catch the train as far north as possible, canoe or walk across the Arctic circle (or flag down a friendly, cuddly polar bear or walrus if there are any left of course) to Canada, walk to a suitable city to catch a train to New York. Catch bus or train south to Mexico, bus or train across Mexico and other South American countries to Chile. Of course she would have to miss 3 months school to do this.

    • “… why is it necessary for these conferences to be held in different countries.” It is the United Nations, and they have to spread the wealth.

      • Perhaps she could ask Boris to give her a ride on our aircraft-carrier-without-aircraft, as it has already been on diplomatic manoeuvres off New York once?

        Then there were some Scots who cycled from USA to Argentina for the 1978 World Cup, which was a bit of a let down after all the effort they made to get there, so they will probably now be wizened old grandads who can advise on cycling from NYC to Santiago, if there is enough time for her to do that….

        I guess if there are any sailors in training for the Vendee Globe, they could get her to New York, but sailing round Cape Horn might be a bit rough way of reaching Santiago and rather a detour compared to being a stowaway on some commercial ship using the Panama canal.

        Any balloonists prepared to give her a ride? Branson is always up for a bit of publicity, after all….

        • Even hot air balloons require propane, unless she can find a wood-burning one. But even that would release a lot of CO2.

    • It’s a carreer move by herself or the people who manage her. She found an unlikely niche to make money on, and the only way to keep that model afloat is by remaining in the media focus. She’s done Europe, and given that she says the same things over and over the interest here is waning. America is still unchartered, so that’s where she’s headed.

  11. This is the least of her problems. There is the “Meadow” problems she needs to address.

    Without fossil fuels It takes 10 men to mow a meadow and probably half a meadow to feed them. A wind turbine needs a meadow or two to produce the energy required.
    Maybe she should think about that with the song ringing in her ears.
    Sorry don’t have accurate figures here.

    • Rowing is in no way carbon free. Humans are inefficient engines, putting out 15 times rest CO2 under heavy load.

  12. There are a few tall ships in working order still out there.

    Or she could look for someone with a sailing yacht to take her to New York.

    • Would work to get back. To get from Sweden to/i> NY by balloon you must cross the Pacific. Doable, but not simple.

        • Graf Zeppelin/Hindenburg needed 4800 hp to move 72 passengers (and 40 crew) at a cruise speed of 125 kph (78 mph).

          Airships were less efficient than even 1930’s aircraft. Their only point of superiority was range.

          As a comparison the Boeing 314 flying boat “Yankee Clipper” needed 6400 hp to move 74 passengers (and 11 crew) at a cruise speed of 302 kph (188 mph)

    • Yes – plenty of hot air to keep it in the air. Might have to go the wrong way round, though…

  13. The focus on the “emission curve” is all part of the shell game, which can be disrupted by focusing on the atmospheric CO2 curve (such as the Mauna Loa data), it is obvious why the actual CO2 data is neglected, because it shows the futility of chasing emission targets, which is what controls the health of the Green Blob.

  14. I am actually confused by this. She is not adding anything to the debate. She is not a scientist with new research, an economist with a new model, she has no original ideas about how to solve the problems. She simply parrots what she has been told by those who know (or think they do) far more than her.

    So why does she need to go anywhere?

    • Because … because …. CLIMATE!

      How dare you question her right to virtue signal so the whole world can see! You lack vision, certainly you lack the vision to see CO2.

    • She is desperately needed so she can use her special powers to spot the CO2 clouds and allow other conference goers to avoid exposure.

    • Same reason as the other non scientists and politicians. To tell us dummies what to do.

    • Exodus13:21
      And the LORD went before Greta by day in a pillar of a cloud, to lead them in the way; and by night in a pillar of fire, to give them light; to go by day and night.

    • You call that a smile? That looks to me like someone who knows precisely what she is doing and finds our reaction to her just one big joke. Possibly not but whatever way that expression — even at 16 — would have got me a good smacking. If not from my mother then from my peers!

    • That is a smirk not a smile.
      A smirk is a smile evoking insolence, scorn, or offensive smugness.

  15. The first (and half-way realistic) idea that comes to mind would be by sailboat. Preferably one without any type of FF backup.
    By why not think outside the box for a minute? Here’s a few less conventional ideas…
    Helium balloon
    Paddle boat powered by squirrels
    Hot air balloon using Al Gore’s infinite hot air supply

    Any other ideas?

    • Sailing to New York before September is quite feasible. Getting to Santiago by November will be more difficult, but not impossible. The record from NY to San Francisco is about 7 weeks.

      Of course it will require chartering an oceangoing yacht with a largish crew for several months to do it, but I guess Steyer or Bloomberg can afford it.

      • She would get the opportunity to experience both the North Atlantic hurricane and South Atlantic cyclone seasons.

      • Going around the Horn into the Drake Passage is a fairly safe method to experience (non-tropical) hurricane winds any time of the year, though more than Cat 1 is unusual. I’ve succeded twice.

        • The Furious Fifties’ westerlies make it a lot easier to sail in one direction than the other.

  16. I have the perfect solution: Visualize a magic carpet, using the same powers you use to “see” CO2. Then, hop on. Simples!

  17. Dirigibles filled with hydrogen will be what is used in the future. They will have giant solar arrays on their roofs to power the propellers.

  18. Well, let’s say she braves the North and South Atlantic (and Cape Horn) in a sailboat, she’s still attending conferences populated by hypocrites who have arrived by plane, commercial and, even worse, private (Al Gore, Leo, Prince Charles, etc.).

  19. Greta Thunberg is, by her mother’s own declaration, an emotionally fragile child. It doesn’t explain her parents using her as she is being used, or allowing it. A remote analogy may be found in Joan of Arc, save that she did end up at the head of the armies of France. Later things went less well for her, but we do not wish that fate for Greta, only that she might be allowed to grow up.
    As to getting her to these theatrical conferences, there is no solution witty or practical. This, in an adult, should be compelling: a problem without a solution suggests that the problem has been misunderstood.

    • Dammit. You took my idea. Before anyone poo-poo’s this idea, think about it. Astral projection is just as real as the climate emergency.

  20. Buy some ruby red slippers and tap your heels together 3 times, Greta. The big advantage in this is you don’t smell CO2 while you’re traveling.

    Okay, enough silliness. Just find the nearest wormholes that connect to the conferences and hop in. Simples.

  21. Turning this sad girl into a modern-day Joan of Arc is child abuse. Her growth is stunted by lifelong anorexia. She parrots doomsday scenarios and the media echo chamber parrots them back to bolster their Luddite agenda. The real scandal here is not carbon dioxide, but say-anything, do-anything fanaticism in service to a crackpot cause.

      • I fear a grisly fate for Greta. What if she says someday, “Uh, I grew up. Now I realize the crackpot schemes of my youth were a lot of hooey. Got my driver’s license, swell hubby, moved to the burbs; am much happier now.”

        “Heresy” might be a mild term compared to what the climate True Believers use against her.

  22. Having set aside the eminently sensible idea of Skyping or teleconferencing, Greta Thunberg might be able to cross from Europe to America in winter via the ice packs around the Arctic. Extra warm clothing would be advised.

  23. Greta might as well fly. The airplane is going that way anyway whether she is onboard or not.

    • Well, interestingly adding payload onto a airplane actually increases its fuel consumption. Oddly it takes energy to keep mass aloft and fight gravity.

      • No, keeping mass aloft takes no energy at all, otherwhise your cupboard would require a mains plug to keep your vases on its shelves. Planes need energy for ghree purposes: 1 To lift the mass of itself, passengers and cargo up to its flight level, 2 to overcome friction with the surrounding air, 3 For heating the inflight meals. 1. Is actually regained during descent, but currently it’s not put to any use, just heating up the plane’s hull.

      • “No, keeping mass aloft takes no energy at all”

        It does for heavier-than-air aircraft which do it by deflecting the airstream downward. This is known as “induced drag”, and there is no way to avoid it or getting it back.

  24. Just hop onto Leonardo DiCaprio’s private jet or yacht. Those are going to make the trip either way, so no net gain in emissions.

  25. I’m guessing that she will fly like any sane person, but then arrange for ‘carbon credits’ to be used to ‘offset’ the ‘carbon costs’.

    In other words, she will fly, and then use some mystic green excuse to increase taxes in her homeland to ensure that she, and those like her, can continue to sponge off the state…

    • Finally…somebody gets the right answer. She will agonize about it endlessly and send out a billion virtue signals. Then she will just board the airplane.

      • Apparently Greta and her mother suffer from aviophobia, so it’s unlikely she’ll board a plane any time soon. The fact that both of their psychological conditions coincide with their ideology comes in very handy …or maybe it’s not a coincidence after all.

    • That’s what I came up with too, Dodgy. She will fly. She will rationalize that CO2 produced by flying doesn’t cause warming if someone pays the appropriate indulgences to expiate the sin.

    • There are different kinds of carbon credits. There are the ‘standard’ kind which you and I have to pay through the nose for, and then there are the ‘saving the world’ kind which come at a substantial discount to the tireless, unheralded benefactors of humanity.

  26. Interestingly, the evil oil and gas business, has whole heartedly adopted teleconferencing due to the inconvenience of travelling from the field to their head office.

    • That was being funding as far back as the 1980s with microwave networks to control the wells. A lot of EEs were hired for that back then.

  27. Oceanvolt is a Finnish company that makes electric motors for boats with various accessories. She should approach them. There is symbolic synergy at play. Wind and solar at sea. Greta on the bow with the wind in her hair.

    Scandinavia is perhaps the center of “green ideology”. It’s a perfect pairing. Get Nat Geo to sponsor and let the Propaganda set sail.

  28. She should fly by private jet and on the way stop at big cities and preach the climate cause and take her hypocrisy to a new level – unhinged.

  29. …and if the Gaians can’t solve a simple problem like Greta’s dilemma, how will they ever solve the much bigger and more complex problems they’ve imagined? Physician, heal thyself!

  30. This could turn into an interesting exercise. How many millions and how many tons of CO2 will it take to move Greta to NY and Santiago and then back to Sweden without using aircraft?

    And how many years would it take to do it without using fossil fuel?

  31. The Marjoe Goitner of climate will grow up, and probably be of little interest.
    Actually, the green’s need for a woke child evangelist is amusing in it’s own right….
    as she is clearly a preacher & note s scientist. Of course, I could be wrong, in which case there
    needs to be a place beside Joan of Arc in the history books.

    Are we really worried about how a popularized woke teen will get to a climate conference?

    Is there any chance the meeting will be more significant than the next iteration of the flat earth society?

  32. Makes you feel a little sorry for Greta, who doesn’t have the full mental capacity to figure this all out. With Greta being such a good example by expressing her disapproval for flying, you would think Al Gore would really feel like a heel for arriving in his private jet. Maybe he could give her a lift since his plane is going anyway, and another 40-50 Kg won’t add hardly anymore CO2. What a mess they have made out of all this stupidity. They all look like clueless morons.

    • She has the full mental capacity for Hollywood and also the book circuit like Bernie. Her only mistake will be in not jumping on the opportunities while the free advertising lasts.

  33. Ooh! Ooh! Me! Me! Waving both arms wildly. Here’s what she should do: Have a lifesize (or bigger) picture of her done, and a cardboard cutout made. Then, do some recordings of her “thoughts” on the “climate emergency”, what needs to be done immediately etc., and have those items shipped to the conferences. Her likeness, along with those recordings would be a hit, I guarantee it, probably moving many to tears. She’d be like a godess.

    • Great idea, except – one has to make the likeness, and the recording, without generating any CO2 (or carbon). And then ship them to the venues without using any CO2 (or carbon). And then dispose of them, or return them and dispose of them, without using any CO2.

      It really is an insidious problem.

  34. Cognisant no doubt of the laugh fest created by Ms Thompsons aeronautically enabled brief visit to the London ‘Protests’, this would be an attempt to head such criticism off at the pass ? But they do seem to be unbothered by the potential argument, when this girl does fly to the events, that the Greentopia will be one in which travel to foreign parts becomes essentially impossible. Its likely however that supporters of little Greta will take comfort from the fact that Greentopia is not likely to become a reality in the near future, or indeed their remaining time on the planet, so limited travel opportunities are not something that will affect them 🙂

  35. Plant 12 acres of new forest to “offset” her flight. Then enjoy a first class passage with a clear “conscience”. Isn’t THAT what all the climate elites do?

    • I expect some do-gooder environmentalist with deep pockets will purchase the offsets for her. Suzuki, Neil Young, whoever. Rest assured, she’ll be there.

      There’s a whole lot of Munchausen-by-proxy going on in this poor young woman’s life.

  36. Noten für Klimaaktivistin18.06.19 10:18

    DAS steht in Greta Thunbergs Zeugnis:

    Greta Thunberg wurde für ihr Fernbleiben vom Unterricht stark kritisiert. DAS steht in ihrem Zeugnis.

    Erst vor Kurzem verkündete die schwedische Klimaaktivistin Greta Thunberg, dass sie nach diesem Sommer ein Jahr lang nicht zur Schule gehen wird. Dafür hagelte es vor allem online in den sozialen Netzwerken harsche Kritik. Sie würde ihre Ausbildung nicht ernst genug nehmen, wenn sie jeden Freitag für “Fridays for Future” dem Unterricht fernbleibt.

    Schwere Entscheidung Thunbergs

    Der Entschluss sei ihr zwar schwer gefallen, es sei aber klar, dass im Kampf für das Klima gerade jetzt etwas passieren müsse: “Im Jahr 2020 müssen wir die Emissionskurve steil nach unten gewendet haben, wenn wir eine Chance haben wollen, unter 1,5 oder 2 Grad Erwärmung zu bleiben.”

    Zeugnis mit Bestnoten

    Jetzt nimmt die Klimaaktivistin ihren Kritikern den Wind aus den Segeln, denn ihr Zeugnis verrät: Sie hat den Unterricht niemals vernachlässigt und beendet das Schuljahr mit ausgezeichneten Noten. Die schwedische Zeitung “Dagens Nyheter” berichtete, dass Thunberg in 14 von 17 Fächern die Bestnote “A” erhielt. Zu den Fächern mit ausgezeichneter Leistung gehören unter anderem Mathematik, Englisch, Französisch und Physik. Nur in den Fächern Schwedisch, Sport und Verbraucherkunde schloss die 16-Jährige mit einem “B” ab.

    Ein Jahr Schul-Auszeit für Kampf gegen Klimakrise

    Die 16-Jährige will sich nach dem Abschluss der neunten Klasse ganz auf ihren Kampf gegen die Klimakrise konzentrieren. Im September wolle sie am Klimagipfel der Vereinten Nationen in New York teilnehmen, im Dezember dann an der Weltklimakonferenz in Santiago de Chile.

    Um ihre Schulzeit mache sie sich keine Sorgen, sagte Thunberg. Sie werde einfach ein Jahr später aufs Gymnasium wechseln. Normalerweise stünde für die junge Schwedin im August der Wechsel auf eine weiterführende Schule an. In den ersten neun Jahren gilt nämlich die Schulpflicht.



    Certificate with top marks

    Now the climate activist takes the wind out of the sails of her critics, as her testimony reveals: She has never neglected the class and finished the school year with excellent grades.

    The Swedish newspaper “Dagens Nyheter” reported that Thunberg received the top grade “A” in 14 out of 17 subjects. The subjects with excellent performance include mathematics, English, French and physics. Only in the subjects Swedish, sports and consumer, the 16-year-old finished with a “B”.

    One year school break for fight against climate crisis:

    The 16-year-old wants to concentrate after the conclusion of the ninth grade entirely on their fight against the climate crisis. In September, she wanted to attend the United Nations Climate Change Summit in New York, and in December, she would attend the World Climate Change Conference in Santiago de Chile.

    She doesn’t worry about her school days, said Thunberg. She’ll just go to high school one year later. Normally, for the young Swede in August would be the change to a secondary school. In the first nine years compulsory education is valid.


    Must be great for a 16 year old to enjoy higher education – and have money for a sabbatical + flying to diverse conferences. Sweet little sixteen.

    Don’t think she’s lying sleepless at night, in sorrow of the year 2013 world catastrophe.

  37. Just use a cardboard prop of Greta at the conferences and charge people for having their picture made next to it. Be sure and charge the oil exec attendee 10x for the virtue signaling exposure–the shareholders won’t mind.

  38. … dolphins and a pair of water skis.

    Oh, but she would need sunscreen, scheduled stops for eating and personal maintenance, and a pair of specially designed sunglasses that also blocked out her ability to see all that CO2 slamming into her face, as she skimmed across the vast and turbulent sea.

    Poor Gretta — now she has become a subject of my ridicule, and it’s NOT her fault. The adults who back her and encourage her should be ashamed of putting her in this position.

  39. There ARE plans in existence for a transatlantic tunnel.

    It would be a tube moored a few hundred feet down and anchored to the bottom. I wonder how long it would take to cycle across…?

  40. Well, as long as no fossil fuels are used for any portion of the following, my suggestion is this:

    Construct some form of wooden long boat, similar to the ancient Viking boats, include a place for shelter from the elements and such. Mind you, the wood must NOT be cut using anything but human elbow grease, or assembled with any materials (nails, screws, … ) which had to be mined, or fabricated in any factory, which used fossil-fuel power to create what is used. Oh, and while we’re at it, we cannot cut down any living tree; we can ONLY use those which have already given up the ghost, as it were.

    Any treatment (waterproofing?) of the wood must use only natural materials available within walking distance of the construction site.

    Equip this boat with sails (only naturally-occurring materials, mind you!) for when wind is available as motive force, AND create a mechanical ‘bicycle’-type pedal system, driving dual counter-rotating propellers in the stern, for those times the wind is minimal or less; the advantage of this system is that it can also drive a generator, connected to a set of batteries (reminder: none of this stuff can come from fossil-fueled fabrication facilities; it either has to be completely hand-made from start to finish, or it cannot be used in Greta’s craft … ) which can run the night-time running lights (we would NOT want to meet a freighter or ice berg at an inconvenient time, would we?), the GPS navigator/autopilot, the electric cooking and fresh-water systems, the weather and collision-avoidance radar systems, sump/bilge systems, and so on.

    Now, once that’s all done, we launch from Scandinavia, sail to and through the Panama Canal, down the west coast of South American, and viola!!!! there we are, attending the conference … … … …

    … … … about thirty years or so AFTER the conference has wrapped up.

    OK, I did NOT say it was a fool-proof plan. I just said it was a way to get there without having a carbon footprint … … … …

    … … … since she’s so concerned about having ‘too much carbon dioxide’ in the atmosphere.

    Disclaimer: no electrons were harmed during the typing and posting of this narrative. All typing was monitored by PETE (People for the Ethical Treatment of Electrons) and is certified that the author is completely certifyable. Donations to your local mental health society will be appreciated (donations directly to my beer fund will be even MORE appreciated … … … )

    • Vlad,

      Cutting down the trees (dead as they already are) and working the wood would require axes and adzes. The axe heads and adze heads are metal made by a blacksmith in a forge, fired with fossil fuels. Any suggested alternatives? (:-))

      • R_E_Jim
        I don’t know if Sweden has flints. Less malleable than metal, obviously, but widely available in Southern England, and much of France. And, doubtless, elsewhere.
        And rather prone to blunting. But flints would do the job, in time.

        A [very] small number of merchant ships do carry passengers in addition to the cargo – mostly containers – they make money from carrying.
        They will go where the boxes are supposed to go – not where the passenger [be she ever so famous] would like to go.
        The addition of one [smallish] human, compared with the multi-ten-thousand-tonne load of ship and cargo, will add a negligible, even incalculable, amount of extra CO2, from extra diesel burnt.
        Further progress could be by bicycle, of course.

        As noted above, her best bet would be to thumb a lift on a private jet – they will be enough SJWs who will travel, needing to be seen . . .


  41. Got me what she thinks is going to be decided at COP25 the rules except article 6 are basically set in stone. Countries are supposed to submit new NDC’s with more meaningful pledges (LOL). Emissions will increase by abut 4% for the year and we should touch 420 ppm by around conference time.

  42. You are all forgetting karmic flying, that should do the job nicely.

    No point swimming as she is unlikely to be able to equal the John Stonehouse world distance swimming record.

    One day the people exploiting this poor child will be known for what they really. Sadly the Nobel Committee look likely to join the circus and diminish the already damaged value of their awards.

  43. Come on, people.. you’re not taking this seriously. If she sprinkles fairy dust on her unicorn it can fly. I thought everybody knew that.

    • Tornado one way, follow the yellow brick road with the munchkins, tin man, scarecrow and lion to see the wizard, ruby slippers to return

  44. Phileas Fogg was capable of circumnavigating the world in less than 80 days in 1873 without taking a single plane*. Do you mean that super Greta can’t do better than a mere man (although a British one) of the 19th century?

    She would miss some school but that doesn’t appear to be an issue to her. She already knows everything she needs to know.

    (*) Note: Jules Verne researched his books quite well so the feat was possible then. The trip was made in 72 days by Nellie Bly in 1889, and in 54 days by James Willis Sayre in 1903. It was repeated without taking a plane in 1989 by Michael Palin in 72 days, and by bicycle in 2017 in 78 days by Mark Beaumont. Clearly Greta is not as committed as many believe.

  45. She can ask to be towed by a merchant ship in a wooden bathtub of Scandinavian design (like they use in Finnish Saunas), by rope, kindly supplied by the Stockholm Museum. – Easy ! I guess she will leave her iphone at home, and signal the ship by semaphor (signal flags), when she is hungry etc.

  46. Ask Piccard, (SolarImpulse, HB-SIA) to give her a free solar powered airlift ?
    No lavatories on this flight.

    • She has the advantage of not weighing much, and could wear an all natural fiber diaper.

      Two-seat Solar Impulse 2 however is made of evil carbon fiber. And of course making solar cells and batteries entails environmental disasters.

      • Lol, John Tillman, guess she’ll need a pretty performant diaper the moment this contraption meets some wet weather. What was the wing load already ? Like 5kg/m2, not sure, but around there ?

        Therefore the first multi-engine cordless kite.

        So, yes, Mr. Piccard, if you read this, get your walkaround and preflight going, there’s pax for you and by what we hear in the trade, you sure need the business, any business.

        • But is she a paying pax?

          Even in September the North Atlantic can be pretty windy. Outbound, Solar Impulse 2 would face headwinds most of the way. Then flying her down to Santiago would be get hairy at times, too.

          Santiago actually lies over three degrees of longitude east of NYC, but on the most direct heading, ie not quite due south, the flimsy plane would have to deal with the Andes.

          Better to go by solar-powered dirigible helium airship. Although producing the He and building the aircraft require fossil fuels. He comes from rock and natural gas deposits. The world was in danger of running out of it, due to wastefulness and increasing demand, even before the current vogue to He blimps and dirigibles.

  47. It’s worse than we thought:
    “by the year 2020, next year, the emission curve must have been bended steep downwards if we are to have a chance to stay below 1,5 or 2 degrees of warming.”
    What will poor Greta do on 1st January 2021 after she learns that the steep downwards bend did not occur in 2020? Shift the goalposts? At least most of us will be alive to find out.
    You have to feel sorry for the girl. She is going to spend most of her life realising that she was totally duped.

  48. I suggest she reads up on what happened to joan of arc. when her ’cause ‘ sold her out in the end .
    Fanatic devotion and unquestioning faith in your own superiority , hardly ever ends well .

    Me I take a guess it will ‘business class ‘ all the way and plenty of ‘excuses ‘ why she ‘must be there ‘
    One issue with those with Autism can be a total and absolute buy-in to an idea that no logic can change . combined with a focus that means they simply cannot see anything else that is of interest .This person has those classic signs, add in hangers on hopping to enjoy the ride , and plenty who are more than happy to use this new fact to further their own ideology , and you got a rather toxic mix .

  49. Serious question: “What difference does it make if she attends?”

    If all she can bring is emotion-laden, spittle-laced invective, what does it matter?
    What can a 16 yo autistic child contribute to a rational discussion of international proportion?

    It is only her vanity/ego or ego-vanity of her parents that is pushing her.

    Stay home Greta. No one will notice. And the outcome will be unchanged. Or better still, use the money to go to Florida Disney World and just be a kid.

  50. Mike Mann never had such misgivings. He was more interested in those beach-side drinks with the little parasols in them.

  51. Is there anybody on the planet who hasn’t heard what Greta has to say about her religion?

    We’ve had 50 years of video-conferencing

    Perhaps a holographic Greta – using lots of electricity – is more her style?

  52. As fitting her Scandinavian heritage, she should eschew paddling a canoe across the Atlantic, and instead go with a Thor Heyerdahl style approach. She should build a homemade reed raft like Kon-Tiki (the vessel Heyerdahl built and sailed across the Pacific). This would leave Greta well-positioned to offer any number of goofball theories with which to inflame the fears and trigger mechanisms of Progressives everywhere.

  53. Guys. You are really missing the major point here. Remember, Greta can see carbon dioxide. Therefore it is likely that she can just walk to either one. Or in case she is not feeling miraculous, she can time it and walk across the arctic ice from Russia to Canada. At least if there is no ice it would be a short walk or swim.

  54. Simple really, just saddle up a pig and head for the big apple because , as we all know, pigs can fly. However, the emission savings on jet fuel will be largely offset by the the pig belching and farting.

    • “A Greta’s strength flows from the Farce, but beware of the dark side, anger, fear, aggression – the dark side of the Farce are they. Easily they flow, quick to join you in a media scrum. If once you start down the dark path forever will it dominate your destiny, consume you it will!”

  55. The Titanic is boarding now and hopes to set a new speed record with its solar hybrid drive system…..through the ice field.

  56. I think someone should educate her about the life enhancing role CO2 plays in the carbon cycle and how our Earth for most of it’s existence has been warmer and with more CO2 than there is today, and how all these green policies are simply fueling industry in countries that don’t care and giving us extra green house gasses in the process.
    … but mostly I don’t think emotive children should be used as pawns for political propaganda.
    Shame be on the lot of them!

  57. Continue with the virtual signalling! Catch an ‘lectric Uber drone! Got range anxiety?

    • A good friend of mine says, fear can be experienced only by creatures with a serviceable brain.

  58. She could part the waters and walk across the sea floor. It worked for Moses…. Maybe she could lead her followers to the promised land that way.

  59. How do you cross the Atlantic Ocean without flying?

    Greta will need to start early.

    Pre-steam (i.e. sail) Atlantic crossings could take 30 days or more (Columbus took 5 weeks). A modern racing trimiran with favorable winds can make the West to East passage in 4 days and some change (the record is 3 days, 15 hours). Gretta would be going the other way, which is slower. Also racing sailboats have no space for passengers; Gretta would have to work for her passage and at least not get in the way.

    I did find one company offering passenger Atlantic crossings by sail. They quote a Tenerife (Spain) – Barbados cruise in November that lasts 24 days (roughly 3,200 nautical miles – Stockholm to New York is about 4,100). This is a party cruise, so they’re probably not making optimal speed. And at $3,900 it’s not cheap either.

    In any case, young Greta should allow 4 weeks to get to New York without increasing her carbon footprint.

    Then on to San Diego by bicycle, which according to this guide requires about a month to cover the roughly 2,800 miles from New York to San Diego:

    A strong recreational cyclist might be able to average somewhere between 50 and 100 miles per day. If you can average 100 miles per day and not take days off then it will take about a month.

    So that’s at least 30 days of meals and lodging Greta will need. I wonder how many cross-country cyclists are vegetarians? She can’t eat meat and still be carbon neutral.

    Now reverse the whole process to get Greta back home, probably about 5 months later, but you can never be certain when sailing across the Atlantic.

    Kind of pointless, considering you can fly from Stockholm to San Diego in 15 hours with one stopover, but hey, I’d be really impressed if Gretta did it the pre-industrial way. She would certainly gain an appreciation for exactly why the world likes powered transport so much.

    Before railroads and the Panama Canal, people would spend over a 100 days on a ship to get from New York to San Francisco, but does anybody today want to go to San Francisco badly enough to miss half the major league baseball season? Well probably Willis would, just for the adventure and to have something to write about.

    • And all of those days, she is going to “expect” air conditioning and heating, hot meals and cold beverages, packed and properly sealed food fresh from the trucks carrying it from the fields to the fossil-fueled canning and cooking plants, but all grown from ox-pulled tractors and harvesters, planted behind horse-drawn plows, right?

  60. In many peoples minds this child is a goddess. If true she should be able to walk across providing she takes a lot of packed lunches.

  61. Ha ha ha. youse denialists do not understand basic common sense.

    let me take you through it step by step, nincompoops.

    1. St Greta flys to conference, using one million times her carbon allowance

    2. are you with me so far ? idiots

    3. St Greta converts one million and one sceptics to greenery. making her journey worthwhile. (by one, or whatever the conversion rate actually is)

    4. And there we are. the ultimate carbon offset.

    5. Well obviously the one million converts have to spend a year with zero carbon. which means dying. But you asked whether it was possible. and I have clearly demonstrated that is probably is

  62. I believe the A-Team encountered the same problem -” I Ain’t gettin’ in no plane fool! ” was a stance taking by BA Baracus on several occasions – but he still miraculously arrived at his distant destination, suitably confused of course

  63. “How do you attend a Distant Climate Conference Without Flying?”

    Stop pretending you’re anything but an ignorant little girl, or that you have anything anyone else needs to hear that can’t be spread like the flu on faceplant.

  64. “We will all have to do the impossible.”
    – Greta

    There’s no shortage of impossible things, so at least there will be full employment.

    • Like travelling overseas without an airplane or boat?
      I will give her one thing though, she hasn’t the hypocrisy typical of your average climate stooge.

  65. Rent one of the world’s largest yachts ala DeCrapio?
    Borrow the electric car “driven” from Amsterdam to Adelaide Australia?
    Stay home with the rest of your bat crap crazy family?

  66. In the end she can always fall back on the “greater good” argument. You have to do a little harm to educate the masses type stuff. Been working for decades for Al Gore flitting around the world and being chaffeured around in luxury SUVs . Why should the Gret-ster miss out?

  67. Get Alexandria Ocasio Cortes to carry her.

    She can walk on water.

    And then announce the solution to renewable energy

    A toilet equipped with solar panels for all the greens who think the suns shines out of their…

  68. If these organizations were really concerned about the burning of fossil fuels, they would have their conferences over the internet where the people involved never have to leave home.

  69. I think someone needs to gently explain to Greta that her presence at the conference s is not needed and won’t make any difference to the outcomes.

    • Yes, but she will make a great ‘spiritual’ contribution by being there. All we have to do is,
      “Reach out and touch
      somebody’s hand,
      Let’s make this world a better place,
      If we can.”

      A Sarc Production.

  70. You should not be focussing on a kid here folks. I know most of it is innocent fun but it is the foolish fame-seeking eco-parents here that you should be going after.
    Moderators: you should keep a close reign on posts involving kids – it’s bad form. In this case, you could have a young person with Aspergers who when reading some of the above comments may not understand the sarcasm/humour and could suffer because of it. I would make the decision to not post the names of minors when they are being used for propaganda or promotion on any side of any debate.

  71. She can walk crossing the Bering street in winter. Cold and hungry Polar bears could be a problem.


  73. @Hop – Sorry, but although your mileage clearly differs, I see a bog-standard entitled 21st-century attention whore. Perhaps you have no kids and no experience of kids, but to place a halo over all of them is a very retrograde viewpoint; frankly, the sort of attitude that creates entitled kids in the first place.

    I doubt very much that someone like Saint Greta reads WUWT, but I hope she does, and wakes up, and begins to create a life for herself that doesn’t place her at the imaginary centre of everyone else’s universe. Then at the age of majority she can divorce her parents: win-win.

  74. unlike most greens she is serious about avoiding air travel

    she gets that from her mother – opera singer Malena Ernman – who has committed to not flying to gigs

    • Excellent – then billions of people will never have to listen to the psycho chicken sing. Go stick a Magic Flute up your arse, Malena.

  75. If she is so important to the COP meetings, the COP meetings should all be wherever she is. Almost everybody else is going to travel anyway. Why is she so important? Why not send a cabbage patch doll instead? Or a poster. Or an icon of her to pray to? Is it because any other activist can be ridiculed but children are off limits? Especially challenged children. So that she is like a human shield? What is going on ?

  76. I really hope she makes it to both conferences without flying, and then uses that to preach to all her comrades like AL Gore and Leonardo/Hollywood who just showed up on private jets how hypocritical they are. What we need now is a fracture within the cabal of CAGW/climate change. They have in the past pretty much circled their wagons from any inside criticism, but this could be a game changer. Greta sees things in binary and I bet she would only see the hypocrisy of their actions for what it is, which pure unadulterated hypocrisy.

  77. Indeed, why don’t they all telecommute?

    I’m honestly fed up with seeing richer friends and associates of mine use far more carbon producing resources than me then complain about how people don’t care enough about climate change. Walk the walk or shut up. Not that I believe individual action would make any significant difference if this is all as true as they claim, but at least, some consistency.

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