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  1. Who doesn’t have *ahem* … enthusiasm … for a giggling crazed sex poodle? A rather paunchy, old, giggling crazed sex poodle (a standard poodle) … not a purse-sized poodle. Apologies to Standard Poodles.

    • More like a bit climate reality when you have to extend you dead line.

      Wondering why you’d need a bunch of social justice experts to lead on “climate”. That’s pretty telling indication about what is really going on here. Of course the “scientists” present will also doubtless be social justice experts, too.

  2. Deadline extended??? Usually that means there is no interest. They need more time to fill up the spots.

    • Next question is how much does it cost to attend. You can’t expect to get all this “expert” training free of charge now can you. Please get your organisation to pay for your weekend with the attractive, drippy looking, liberal lady.

      Big Al didn’t get that big by giving his money away , now did he?

  3. Al’s “Leadership Corps” call-to-arms reminds me of a recent article on robo-calls:

    The Feds (or whoever tracks/makes-up these numbers) report that during a recent month, there were 350,000,000 robo-calls, of which exactly 29 (twenty-nine, or XXIX) people actually fell for the scam. Doing the math, 350,000,000/29 = that’s 1 out of every 12,100,000 robo-calls.

    Looks like Al’s response rate is a little higher than the roboo-calls. This is just a wild guess, but I’m betting it’s probably the same people.

  4. what a stupid place for al gore to hold a conference. it was so cold there this past winter Xcel energy couldn’t keep up with natural gas demand. had to beg people to use electric space heaters. an anticipatory gore effect?

    • Gores fake followers are just par for the course in our society today.
      I don’t know why Trump is bothering with any rallies since all the US media is making it clear that all their polls show that which ever democrat gets the nomination will win hands down in 2020. Got a kick out of Joe Scarborough today. He is calling for civility after calling people like me and every other Trump voter racists, misogynist, homophobic morons for the better part of the last two years. I sometimes wonder if there is a competition between political pollsters and alarmists climate “scientists” and statisticians to see who can produce the most outrageous BS claims!

      What I KNOW is that these people are all so disconnected from reality they have no clue of the political sledgehammer that is falling towards their heads. This trucker has already decided to take vacation days Nov. 3rd and 4th of 2020 to be home to watch that sledgehammer make contact and their reaction to it.

      • Joe is probably calling for civility because of what happened to a black FOX news reporter. At an anti Trump rally he was told to go back to FOX and pick cotton and also told to go back to Nigeria. My response is it likely happened because, as you said “calling people like me and every other Trump voter racists, misogynist, homophobic morons for the better part of the last two years”. Debasing your opponents in this way tends to make people believe it’s true and superior so they feel they have the right to dish out nasty comments which will turn to violence at some point.

      • Watch them turn coats faster than Benedict Arnold as Trump’s popularity increases and his policies result in positive changes for ordinary Americans. These dinks on TV act like the election’s tomorrow; we’ve got a YEAR AND A HALF! to go. Any minute now they’re going to realize the reason their ratings increasingly suck is because they’re now preaching to an ever-smaller choir. It takes a lot of mental energy to maintain the “resistance” and it’s lost a great deal of steam. TV and Hollyweird have only ever been hacks and whores to public opinion; watch it change like your weathervane!

  5. How many of these ‘followers’ are merely interested in seeing the inanities that Al comes out with?

    He should not assume that followers agree with him

  6. I am sure those “social justice warriors,,,,,,,,er, experts” will have a lot of scinetific incite (sic) to share.

  7. The main reason I quit Twitter was the unverified accounts following me that were most likely half bots. I had almost 200 followers when I quit in 2016. So much stuff on twitter including re-tweets is fake and or just people trolling with no serious interest in the subject at point.

    And when you do try to ask someone like M Mann a serious question he Blocks you. Utterly useless tool… both of them. Gavin was the only one I didn’t have block me to his credit, I will admit he is a decent twitter user, far better than most.

    Twitter is a useless platform and will likely die soon after President Trump leaves office IMO.

    • Joel,

      Gavin most certainly reads WUWT more closely than most of us. He knows your name and credibility. He probably sees you as his nemesis. Maybe he needs you to ‘niggle’ his version of the truth. 😉

      May he niggle into obscurity.

  8. CNN BUZZFEED NYT NBC and journos from all the major corporate media all have millions of fake followers.

    Twitter is more than likely 40% bots and fake followers but shhhh shareholders must be misled, investors must be misled

    Silver lining, the Democrats think Twitter is the real world, and so they are all woke as hell. Obviously the truth is most people actually dont use twitter and are not into woke politics

    Trump 2020 nailed on

  9. Hey, all of you haters just back off right now! Al the Gorabull has to make money somehow. He’s got an expensive house to keep. He’s entitled to have the lights on any time he wants them. He’s also entitled to all those exotic foods that you pass up in the grocery stores and those expensive wines he’s got tucked away by the carton in his butler’s pantry.

    Just back off and let him bloat to Hindenburg size, you puny twigs!!!!

    And anyway, none of you should expect to be allowed to have cheaper utilities. So THERE!!!!

  10. The fake follower syndrome across all social media is YUGE. Inflating numbers is nothing new to the left, and yet they try to claim “crowd size” is irrelevant in political races.

    • Numbers are always the first thing lefties manipulate. You can’t trust ANY number in the media or most of modern “science” either.

  11. “Climate Scientists and Social Justice experts” in the same sentence…I thought both career paths were without distinction?

  12. According to the website the training is free, but you have to pay for your own transportation and lodging. Oh, and breakfast and lunch are also provided. Would be interesting to know just who is footing the bill for this training seminar.

  13. I wonder if people clicked on a “follow” button for Al Gore at some point out of a sense of duty, and don’t want to unfollow him because that will make them feel poorly of themselves, but they don’t pay attention to anything he says or does.

  14. Politics is the art of dividing people. If you can set those divisions off on each other, more fun for you.

  15. Could there be some explanation added to this post what the red circled numbers mean? I don’t know enough about twitter statistics to make this a meaningful post.

    • Followers: number of people who supposedly see his posts. 3.1 million.
      Retweets: number of people who have forwarded the message to their followers. 44
      The tweet was up for 3 hours when I took the screen shot.

      The joke is the low percentage of “engagement” and discussion. Ridiculously low.

  16. Al’s algorithm:

    Models indicate 3.1 million followers by 2100.
    Models are always more accurate than observations.
    If the numbers aren’t adding up in a couple years, it will surely happen by 2115.

    Rinse. Repeat.

  17. You might also underline or red-circle the fact that the application deadline has been extended, likely due to lack of interest and as an attempt at getting more suckers to sign up.

    CAGW is dying a slow and most entertaining death. The only way it could possibly get more entertaining is if the shills for CAGW ruined their reputations *and* their fortunes in trying to push the scam… but that’s a lot to hope for. Ah, well… the ruination of their reputations is keeping me long on popcorn futures, at least.

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