The Extinction Rebellion leaders: Jet-setter Robin Boardman, a Buddhist teacher and a yoga instructor

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Leading Extinction Rebellion activist Robin Boardman-Pattinson says that air travel should only be used in emergencies, but has enjoyed multiple skiing holidays in recent years Leading Extinction Rebellion activist Robin Boardman-Pattinson says that air travel should only be used in emergencies, but has enjoyed multiple skiing holidays in recent years

By Jamie Johnson  and Jack Hardy

18 April 2019 • 7:45 AM

A leading Extinction Rebellion activist who said that “air travel should only be used in emergencies” lives a jet-set lifestyle, taking skiing holidays, visiting global landmarks and enjoying walks along palm-tree lined paths.

Robin Boardman-Pattinson walked out of a television interview after being branded “incompetent, middle-class and self indulgent” by Sky’s Adam Boulton, but The Telegraph can reveal that climate change is not the only cause which he fights for.

The 21-year-old is a serial protestor, who has railed against Dominos Pizza, Bristol Magistrates court, Toby Young and Bromley Council.

He’s also campaigned against the expansion of Heathrow airport, supported Muslim women wearing Hijabs and Niqabs and asked for retail space in Bristol turned into a slave trade museum.

Worryingly, he also shared a post which calls the allegations of anti-semitism in the Labour party “a massive smear campaign against Jeremy Corbyn by the Netanyahuite supporters in the party and wider media/society.”

Mr Boardman-Pattinson, far right, has been arrested for protesting before. Mr Boardman-Pattinson, far right, has been arrested for protesting before. Credit: Facebook

But while Mr Boardman-Pattinson rallies against climate change, he has taken at least three skiing holidays in recent years, and has posed for photographs in front of the leaning tower of Pisa. He was unavailable for comment.

But Mr Boardman-Pattinson is not the only protestor to have a coulourful campaign history.

Roger Hallam, who organised the Extinction Rebellion demonstrations has previously hosted at sit-down protest outside the London School of Economics demanding that they pay their cleaning staff a higher wage.

The 52-year-old is apparently researching a PhD in effective radical campaigning and once went on a two-week hunger strike in protest at King’s College London’s investments in fossil fuels, which they then agreed to phase out by the end of 2022.

Mr Hallam was keen to show his support of a spraypaint protest at the offices of The Sun in London Bridge, while he has also urged friends to sign a petition to lower rental costs for students at University College London.

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68 thoughts on “The Extinction Rebellion leaders: Jet-setter Robin Boardman, a Buddhist teacher and a yoga instructor

    • It seems all these spoiled brats know how to do is throw a tantrum. Their parents failed to raise useful adults, probably by caving in to every childhood tantrum. Unfortunately it appears as the only coping strategy they’ve ever learned.

    • The only ‘climate emergency’ is the one being created by these (mainly privileged) activists which will destroy our economy and force us back to the stone age. They in turn have been wound up and misled by so called ‘scientists’ who are no more scientific than the high priest or priestess of any ‘end is nigh’ religious cult.

  1. “Leading Extinction Rebellion activist Robin Boardman-Pattinson says that air travel should only be used in emergencies, but has enjoyed multiple skiing holidays in recent years.”

    That’s a legitimate emergency. He has to get his skiing in before all the snow is gone.

    • Reminds me of two Greens politicians in Australia driving a large SUV hundreds of kilometers to join a protest.

      • and bob the brown is starting a plan for everyone to trek to qld to protest Adani…thinks he can do another franklin up there
        the locals wont be supportive at all and they may well regret the idea…as well as the fuel accomodation and airfares being so UNgreen
        and the recent flooding effects might(with luck) give them some nasty fungal infections if they sleep rough

  2. A movement of idiots that want to force their ideas on others, but do as they wish personally.

  3. Every airline should assist all identified protestors to reduce their personal carbon footprint by banning them from using their planes. Governments should also provide similar assistance to those individuals through the use of no-fly lists, or even the removal of passports, and driving licences. Power companies should assist them by disconnecting them from their services, and retailers should automatically remove any non-local produce from their shopping basket. Only through such assistance and encouragement will these protestors resist temptation, and lead the lives they aspire to.

    • Paul C, if that ever appears in a UK political party manifesto i will vote for them regardless of what the rest of their policies are.I would give every single one of these people exactly what they want immediately.

    • Paul C, you must have read my mind. I absolutely agree with your proposals to punish these eco demonstrators. As far as I’m concerned they are criminals and should be treated accordingly. Our country is in a pretty bad state at the moment with other things without these idiots

      • hand em a bill for the time and costs to unstick em off train roofs and windows for a start
        Id have been tempted to leave em there and let the train do its journey

  4. The archetype of the hypocritical leftist poseur with wealth and privilege, i bet his money comes from family capitalism.

    • The eco-politbureau elites will be exempted from any and all travel restrictions. And the diesel generators will be fired up for THEIR chair lift rides … not yours. Enjoy your decline. All for a little less of the 0.4 component of our atmosphere.

  5. One of my favorite local ski areas has an event for an organization called “Protect our Winters”, which wants people to take action against “Climate Change” so that winter won’t go away.

    So basically, they expect me to drive nearly 100 miles each way to a mountain in a remote location where nobody could exist if it were not for the ample supply of inexpensive fossil fuels, suit up in my high-tech ski gear which are products of high-tech manufacturing from all over the globe, and then be transported up said mountain over and over again on a coal-powered lift for no better purpose than my personal recreation, except that this time I’ll be doing it in the name of fighting “climate change”, which if taken the least bit seriously would ultimately mean eliminating 100 mile drives, high-tech manufacturing, and self-indulgent personal recreation.

    To add to the irony of it all, for the last two seasons I’ve been doing a bit less skiing than usual, because of the excessive cold we’ve been having in the region.

    • It just goes to show: ya can not do any activity without using fossil fuels. The delicious irony: fossil fuel protests require the use of fossil fuels, which makes the protesters hypocrites.

      • Without fossil fuels, they would be working 16 hours a day, 7 days a week, probably for someone else as an indentured servant anyway, just to survive.

        The only reason anyone had the time to protest the user of fossil fuels is because of the widespread use of fossil fuels themselves. The ultimate irony.

  6. This is the fun, imaginative anarchy stuff the group does.

    “More than 500 people have been arrested since Monday, including three charged with gluing themselves to a train.”

    And the cult of CAGW supporters have made a film ‘Woman at War” to push anarchy and eco terrorism. Next they will have there own super hero.

    Extinction Rebellion: Climate protests ‘diverting’ London police

    Since the group was set up last year, members have shut bridges, poured buckets of fake blood outside Downing Street, blockaded the BBC and stripped semi-naked in Parliament.

    It has three core demands: for the government to “tell the truth about climate change”; to reduce carbon emissions to zero by 2025; and to create a citizens’ assembly to oversee progress. …

    …. But critics say they cause unnecessary disruption and waste police time when forces are already overstretched.

    • Because nothing encourages people to use public transportation more than inconveniencing the people who already use public transportation. How many people stuck waiting because of these idiots were thinking “This wouldn’t have happened if I had taken my car”?

  7. There are many jet setting ‘religious’ teachers who travel around the globe regularly.
    In UK they’ve just been subject to BBC Attenborough propaganda BS on prime time a day before extinction rebellion protests at airport(s) – gross error of judgement by the BBC, who should really have pulled it and broadcast another time of a less catalytic time.

    • CCB, if you think the timing of the documentary going out and these protests taking place are coincidental on the part of either party i have a bridge to sell you.

  8. Rules for me; Rules for thee

    This is the governing principle of people. I adroitly noticed that people are always in favor of a new regulation to save the earth, new tax to help the poor, et cetera until they realize it affects them personally. They always want someone else to be affected, never themselves. Politicians and eco-warriors are no different, which is why it is okay if they are excluded from the regulations/tax/austerity that they promote. It is always you you you, never me.

    But I always say that never ask me to do something you won’t do yourself and I won’t ask you to do something I wouldn’t do myself. When I was in high school, a teacher gave us a hypothetical situation where you were on a life raft and you had to decide who was to die to save the majority. Each person had a different occupation. Of everyone in the class, I was the only way to say myself. How could I tell other people to make the ultimate sacrifice if I wasn’t willing to myself? I was mocked for my decision, even by the teacher.

  9. Once again, ‘green’ protesters are given an easy ride by the authorities. No other campaigners get to cause the same amount of disruption and economic loss for so little punishment.

    But for once, the BBC did actually manage to interview a reluctant police officer who said his normal job was violent crimes and he was not happy about suddenly being switched to traffic duties in Central London. Maybe the BBC interviewers had their commute lengthened so much such that they thought maybe somebody ought to start asking some real questions about these disruptive wastrels outside their offices.

  10. I’ve said it a thousand time – elitism – pure and simple.

    Rules for thee, not for me.

  11. Robin Boardman-Pattinson has been forced to take multiple skiing holidays because he was suffering from an exercise deprivation emergency. Many other well-known Celebrities suffer from the same affliction and go on skiing holidays by air in the interest of Mankind.

  12. This reminds me of the film way back,”” Rebel without a cause””.

    Its like the expression used by important people, “Something must bedone””. .But they never come up with the something.

    The Media loves demonstrations, it sells the papers or TV times, and as usual the politicians always thinking about their re-election, will latch on whatever they think will help them.

    We will have to wait until Pres. Trump with the money available tohis office, tells the truth about the good gas CO2, and the nonsense of Climate Change, then of course we will see the next protest, “”Save the world from Plastic.””.


  13. I was half way through the post, before wondering who might have posted it.
    Upon checking (shoulda known), it was CTM.
    Keep ’em comin’

  14. Direct Action is a very effective tool for raising awareness. PETA has been doing it for decades, and it is nearly mainstreamed including our “schools” with their “meatless Monday’s” offerings. Don’t ever put anything past a Millennial… their dream car is a Tesla.

  15. In what he called “taking back our future”, Mr Hallam hosted a huge picnic in Green Park shortly after the referendum, to work out how to “stop Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson hijacking our democracy.”

    No comment required

  16. The thing is that these kids have been carefully taught to believe in the faith of Activism and its religious observance of Peaceful Protest.

    Kids usually accept the faith they have been taught in seminary.

  17. Funny these protests taking place during school and Uni Easter holidays. Time off from brainwashing the kids being used to inconvenience everybody. Will we have six weeks of this from end of July through to end of August I wonder?

  18. They are threatening to bring Heathrow to a standstill over the Easter weekend while saying they don’t really want to inconvenience families but to hold airlines to account. Perhaps they could target routine business flights or stage sit-ins at airline HQs? The publicity would not be the same of course.

  19. 21? Still a few years of brain development to go might explain. But going skiing in Europe is VERY VERY expensive. I certainly could not afford it at 21 and I was working fulltime and earning more than my step-father (With shift and overtime).

  20. “Roger Hallam, who organised the Extinction Rebellion demonstrations has previously hosted at sit-down protest outside the London School of Economics demanding that they pay their cleaning staff a higher wage.

    The 52-year-old is apparently researching a PhD in effective radical campaigning…”

    Clearly a productive member of the community.

  21. Hypocritical, pampered, Marxist, eco-terrorist mush-for-brains. I’d advise them to get a job, but really, who would hire them?

  22. So the usual collection of Bankrupts, and sociopath younger men who have figured that ‘Caring’ gets gratification with skads of not too shabby girls, not to mention the usual crop of guys in their late 50’s who still dress like teens 🙂

    These people have always been about, but luckily progress kept them as noises off. The difference today is the number of potential recruits from what one could categorise as the part of the middle class who could expect to be pulled through the comfort hoop on the slipstream of others. Clearly things have changed since 08, and consequently we have the emergence and growth of this group who are unable to adapt ?

    Absent any action by our politicians to return to a situation where capitalism once again starts to pull these people along with it, we can expect this group of the impoverished middle class to grow, and be easy meat for the demagogues and hucksters. There’s little doubt that the coming decade or so will see many more ears becoming receptive to the whole ‘Capitalism has Failed’ mantra that is being put about at this time.

    Looking on the bright side, it may be the very emergence of this group, drawn as they seem to be from the group that have tended to be the mainstay of western political stability, that will prompt government to re assess the usefulness of the ‘Green’ agenda. Its instructive to say the least that its the Daily Mail that has led with exposing the organisers and backers of the ER lunacy.

  23. Actress Emma Thompson has sparked fury after she flew 5,400 miles to join the climate change protests disrupting central London. The 60-year-old star touched down in Heathrow Airport on Thursday night and today was pictured joining the Extinction …

  24. As usual with leftists, there’s one set of rules for the elite, and a very different set for the rest of us. This is obvious in each and every Socialist Utopia that has been created.

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