The reprehensible politics of @MichaelEMann

Dr. Roger Pielke Jr. once famously said:

If Michael Mann didn’t exist, the skeptics would have to invent him!

Today, Dr. Pielke had this to say about Mann’s recent views in light of recent political developments in Washington D.C.

The source of that Mann Tweet is here (assuming you can read it, Mann has about half of the Internet blocked). Then later, Mann backpedals, saying :

Of course, I was simply quoting and mocking the press secretary in what anyone with half a brain (maybe that’s the problem?) would easily recognize as satire/sarcasm. But I suppose as one of the Republican Party’s official antiscience purveyors, Roger feels a bit threatened here.

h/t to ctm

But, given his historical Twitter behavior in regards to Trump, Mann’s backpedaling seems to be only for self defense.

Yesterday, I also posted something about Dr. Mann’s prior viewpoints:

Yes, “award winning” science communications from Dr. Mann. The question is, what award should he earn?

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    • Also known for his exraordinary ability to cherry pick. Just throw out and ignore facts that contradict your preconceived conclusion, like Sarah Sanders pointing out in the same interview that Mann tweeted about:

      “and now, frankly, the rest of America knows. They know there was no collusion. They know there was no obstruction and it’s a complete and total exoneration of the President.”

      In small words, adapted to the lay mind: no collusion means no crime which means no treason and no death penalty. But keeping wishing on that star, Mann, waiting for the Blue Fairy to turn you into a real scientist.

      • My favorite of late is the invitation for a skeptic who questioned the danger of CO2 at .04% of the atmosphere to go sit in a room with .04% Hydrogen Cyanide for half an hour: “And then we’ll talk about it”.

        The man is a master of non-sequitur comparison.

  1. If Dr. Michael Mann is ever tried under the Data Quality Act, he will be doing the perp walk in an orange jumpsuit. Mickey should be contemplating that in his future.

    • Yep, Mike’s Nature Trick ™ was scientific fraud. No two ways about it. Serupticiously hiding inconvenient parts of a data set for no better reason than it prooved that tree rings are not a reliable proxy for temperature.

      He has got off scot free with that for far too long.

    • That sort of thing is probably why Mann does not want to testify under oath. Just how long has discovery gone on in the Steyn case?

    • Mann’s garbage science makes him an enemy of mankind as far as I’m concerned. He is one of those rare human beings who makes me sick to my stomach. A liar is one thing, a liar who claims sainthood while using his lies to advance himself personally is another level of scum altogether
      Reminds me of a line from the Larry Sanders show.
      “He hit bottom and broke right through to another level that I’m not familiar with”.

  2. Following some of the Twitter links found this: Duke refunding grants based on faked data:

    The Thomas v. Duke suit was filed by a former Duke employee under the False Claims Act, a federal law that allows people not affiliated with the government to file actions on behalf of the government against persons and companies that defraud the government. Persons filing under the act can receive a portion of damages.

    Sounds like a worthwhile venture !

    Mann cropping Briffa’s data seems like a good candidate.

  3. I can see that predictions, especially about the future, don’t seem to be Mann’s best “asset”!

  4. Mann is an imbecile..

    Mann in science and the MSM in news reporting got everything so wrong because they both fail to evaluate reality objectively, and incorrectly evaluate things through the SUBJECTIVE lens of political ideology, political agendas and political power.

    There is ZERO objective evidence for the disconfirmed CAGW hypothesis, and there was ZERO evidence that Trump was traitor who conspired with the Russians to steal the presidency…

    There was only: supposition, concocted FAKE data (like the Hillary/DNC financed Russia Dossier), conspiracy theories, lies, obfuscation and deceit.

    Eventually, lies are exposed when objective evaluation reveals objective truth.

    • Michael Mann is simply the Bernie Madoff of science, before Madoff was openly exposed and arrested, IMO.

      On Madoff, there were complaints, hints and evidence what he was doing wasn’t credible for many years before he was finally fully exposed. The investment method he used was marketed as “too complicated for outsiders to understand”. Outsider technical analysts raised many red-flags about Madoff’s operations for years. Which were dismissed by his believers. Madoff was extremely secretive about the firm’s business, and kept his financial statements closely guarded.

      The Madoff parallels with Mann are uncanny.

      • Madeoff was investigated at least 4 times by the SEC for what was a blatant ponzi scheme. I guess at some stage he ran out of funds to keep paying the kickbacks. Plus being one of God’s chosen people obviously helped.

        I don’t see Mann has either of these advantages. Academia are protecting their own interests, not those of Mann by whitewashing his fraudulent behaviour.

      • like the Enron…to hard to explains?
        I see one of theirs walks free of prison and is straight into a business plan with old buddies? asap…
        story was on ZeroHedge the other day

    • I am not sure I agree with the imbecile tag.

      Yes I think there are a lot of public figures that are imbeciles. I wont name any in this post, but Mann in his own way has a certain level of smarts.

      What I will accuse Mann of being is a horrible person with a deep rooted self importance and preservation. He clearly believes less about ‘debate’ and more ‘ruthlessly crush your enemies’.

      Imbeciles do without knowing. He knows what he is doing.

    • IIRC the award of his doctorate was very close in time to the publication of Mann, Bradley, Hughes 1998 (IIRC the original “hockey stick” paper). I want to say that his doctorate and the hockey stick were a package, but I would have to double and triple document it – hence the caveat.

    • He performed some fantastic doctoring of data and process to make his hockey stick. Few medical experiments have ever created such a monstrosity or had the nerve to call it science. Makes Dr. Frankenstein look like Albert Schweitzer.

  5. Mann’s comment, “Of course, I was simply quoting and mocking the press secretary in what anyone with half a brain (maybe that’s the problem?) would easily recognize as satire/sarcasm”, is the equivalent of “just joking”.

    Linguist Suzette Hayden Elgin spent a lot of time studying verbal violence and coined a term – the verbal violence two-step.
    Step One: Verbal Abusers begin by insisting that their victims are touchy, sensitive or neurotic.
    Step two follows with statements such as “I didn’t mean any harm” and “I was only kidding”.


    Elgin goes on to say:
    “The only practical meaning an utterance has in the real world is the meaning the listener understands it to have.
    If what you say to someone is understood to be an insult or an attack – or a compliment, for that matter – what you intended it to mean makes little difference. The other person’s response and subsequent behavior will be based not on your intended meaning but on his or her understanding of that
    Whenever you hear the response, I was “just kidding” or “just joking”, an alarm bell should go off in your head warning you that this is a verbal attack.

    Success with the Gentle Art of Verbal Self-Defense, Suzette Haden Elgin, 1989

    • Mickie may consider himself successful at “Verbal Self-Defense”, however it is my opinion that he is quite successful at “Verbal Self-Abuse”.

      Should Mickie find an extended long life before him, he will eventually have to deal with the reality of his ignorance.

    • “If what you say to someone is understood to be an insult or an attack – or a compliment, for that matter – what you intended it to mean makes little difference.”

      With respect, I disagree. Intention is very important as otherwise hearers can imagine anything they wish and impute those motives to you perhaps with adverse legal consequences.

      • True Micheal 2–that is why Snowflakes have so much trouble–they believe intent doesn’t everyone is at the mercy of someone’s elses “feelings”– or insanity.

      • Michael,
        I agree with you in an abstract/legal sense, however in an immediate real-world sense, it can matter more what the listener understood you to say. For example, if someone thinks you insulted them, even if that was not your intention, you could still end being punched in the face. In the end, you may be judged to be the aggrieved party, however in the meantime it won’t make your face feel any better. So as a practical matter, it’s best to be precise and clear in what you say as well as thoughtful about who you are talking to.

      • Agree, Michael 2. There are two (or more) parties to any communication. The sender of the message may aid the receiver in understanding, but cannot, finally, control what the receiver hears. The sender is responsible for good faith, reasonable effort, and using language & other communication tools as best he can. The receiver is responsible for the same good faith, and a reasonable effort at understanding not what he wishes was meant, but what was actually meant.

        To declare the receiver the sole arbiter of the sender’s message would immediately shut down all attempts at dialog except those where the parties were already in complete agreement.

      • Beat me to a similar response to:

        Elgin goes on to say:
        “The only practical meaning an utterance has in the real world is the meaning the listener understands it to have.
        If what you say to someone is understood to be an insult or an attack – or a compliment, for that matter – what you intended it to mean makes little difference. The other person’s response and subsequent behavior will be based not on your intended meaning but on his or her understanding of that

        That thinking is the foundation of the whole meme of “to offend is indefensible”, if someone is (or just claims to) be offended then you are guilty with no defense.
        How many people in our past and present have been condemned or attempted to be condemned because because of something as innocuous as an “OK” sign? Just who in the “H” decided that was offensive?

        • In a world where natural justice rules, nobody has the right not to be offended by the truth. We are so far removed from natural justice now in the UK and some other European countries that the crime of discrimination is absolutely defined in terms of the perception of the “offended ” party. The obvious difficulty arises when the “offender” and “offended” are from different cultures – how am I meant to know that you worship unicorns?

      • For years, leftists have pushed the notion that if a woman believes she was sexually harassed, then she was. The intentions of the speaker don’t matter.

    • “The only practical meaning an utterance has in the real world is the meaning the listener understands it to have.”

      1) There are numerous listeners (in the real world).

      2) Therefore there would be the possibility of numerous “(un)practical meanings”.

      3) Therefore there is no possibility of “practical” group communication.

      4) And, truly “touchy, sensitive or neurotic” people are not responsible for their own neurosis … so stop being so conservative all the time, it hurts them.

        • “Think yourself lucky you didn’t grow up with my (adoptive) mother…”

          Can i frame that?

      • Verbal violence is often the cruelest of them all.
        Physical violence can break your body, but verbal violence can kill the soul.

  6. Very disappointed to learn that Roger can’t wait to see Trump out of office. Who would he like to replace him. Hilary or Bernie Saunders perhaps? Personally, as a Brit, I think Trump is doing a magnificent job for the good old U.S.of A.

    • Can’t agree with everything DT says (or does), but Paris w/d was a blinder. I hope he carries out his threat to drastically reduce UN funding as well. It’s a shame that on this side of the pond the entire political establishment put together hasn’t got half his nous. (Brit slang word, sorry.) Also noticed were the tears running down the faces of the BBC newsreaders (all curtsey) as they announced Mueller’s findings.

      • My favorite Brit slang phrase … “lost the plot”. The Republicans, Democrats (aka Socialists, and Leftists) had completely “lost the plot” As a result, we the people of the US elected an outsider, a businessman, to the Presidency. And thus far, our VOTES have been the most effective ever in my lifetime for … restoring the plot … of American Freedom … and Freedom for ALL nations to seek their best interests separate from centralized authoritarian bureaucracies … such as the UN and EU.

        Thank you, President Trump for … finding the plot. Rediscovering the plot! Bang on Great job!

        • Love that Brit slang; two of my favorites at the moment are “having a row” and “getting grassed”.

    • Who does he think has his back – more than any possible alternative in the last twenty-years?Talk about looking a gift-horse in the mouth.

      Although, I will point out, it does illustrate how skeptics are from ALL political stripes – as opposed to the way warmists portray them. WARMISTS on the other hand (with the exception of a few scheming exploitation artists) are almost universally Progressives.

    • I can understand someone detesting Trumps mouth; however that does not overrule his successful deeds, all both honest and true. Only someone with socialist leanings would want him replaced. His actions are not unusual for a never Drugs, Tobacco, or Tea-Totaler.

    • A cost/benefit analysis, by those wanting his terms to be over, of President Trump’s time in office so far would be interesting to see.

      The significant costs to the USA as a country, and its form of government, associated with concepts made by hand and arm waving of whole cloth out of thin air, have not been imposed by President Trump.

      • The rational Democrats understand a President Pence would be a far more formidable opponent in 2020 than President Trump. But rational Democrats are about as rare as unicorns.

        • Donald Trump overcame EVERY republican challenger, the entire media and their ” its her turn” chosen statist candidate. He overcame the deep state alphabet agencies attempt to find – create a crime. ( The ones that can screw you six ways from Sunday) He overcame the globalist shills in his own party. Two attorneys that attacked him, one that also betrayed him, are both going to loose their law license and likely go to jail.
          The alphabet agencies are under legal investigation. Over two million people are off of food stamps, record low unemployment for minorities, wages rising. Massive regulations cut.
          The US is a net energy producer. Plus 600 k manufacturing jobs created. The CAGW religion is about to be debated.
          The wall, despite all resistance, is being built. Better trade deals with several nations, more to follow. Record modern approval of a Republican president by blacks.

          And you think Pence is a more formidable candidate then President Trump??

          • Trump was the right tool for the needed job at the right time. He spoke to the People honestly and quite openly about what most knew in silence, that Hillary was/is crooked.

            Trump would have a hard time going against a Joe Biden, that is if the Old White Guy Creepy Uncle Joe can get the Dem nom in a party taken over by Progressive Socialists. Trump would fare well against probably any of the other candidates the Dems could probably get through the nomination process. He’d shellack any other democratic senators (Pocahantas, Booker, Kammi, et al) running for Prez for sure.

            Pence would likely beat any Democrat in General Election including Biden. He has always been loyal to Trump without the “meanness baggage” the Dems plan to use against Trump to swing independents.

          • Shelly,
            Understanding “what is true” and “what voters believe” is the essence of politics.
            And when the vote counting is done, what always mattered was the latter.

    • “Very disappointed to learn that Roger can’t wait to see Trump out of office.”

      Yes, my respect for Roger just dropped quite a bit. If he can’t see how good Trump is for the United States and the world, then what else can’t he see?

    • Jolan, nice of Roger to speak up but he should’ve called Mann’s Hockey Stick and Russia Gate a great fit.

  7. Looks to me like Mann’s hockey stick graph is about as close to scientific treason one can get.
    Mann is such an uninterestingly obnoxious twerp. Not to mention extraordinarily ignorant.\CAn’t forget his overwhemingly predominant characteristicc – pure, disgusting ignorance that matching his purely disgusting unattractive (bald headed) physical appearance. Trump is physically and mentally attractive with ethics as well, all of the things Mann lacks. His inferiority complex is motivating his professed hatred for Trump. I’d love tosee a comparo photo of his wife (if it’s actually a she) and Trump’s. Trump has been successful beyond Mann’s wildest dreams and has honest scientific beliefs.

  8. The real traitors, of course, are Mann and his cohorts, for jeapardizing our country’s economy, and undermining national security with his lying campaign. I would never suggest he be executed for what he’s done, but if the shoe fits. At the very least, he should be locked up for a long time.

  9. I suppose that the hockey stick was also just a joke.

    Very funny indeed but almost twenty years later … brevity is the soul of wit.

    This guy shouldn’t even earn the Climate Clownery award.


    Quoting the above:

    “..(a) Whoever transmits in interstate or foreign commerce any communication containing any demand or request for a ransom or reward for the release of any kidnapped person, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both.
    (b) Whoever, with intent to extort from any person, firm, association, or corporation, any money or other thing of value, transmits in interstate or foreign commerce any communication containing any threat to kidnap any person or any threat to injure the person of another, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both.
    (c) Whoever transmits in interstate or foreign commerce any communication containing any threat to kidnap any person or any threat to injure the person of another, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than five years, or both.
    (d) Whoever, with intent to extort from any person, firm, association, or corporation, any money or other thing of value, transmits in interstate or foreign commerce any communication containing any threat to injure the property or reputation of the addressee or of another or the reputation of a deceased person or any threat to accuse the addressee or any other person of a crime, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than two years, or both…”

    I do not see the above statute enforced much, if at all. An act that MAY have violated the statute is probably difficult to prove in court. It is certainly not surprising however to see Michael Mann pushing the envelope of this law given his level of hate, arrogance and overblown ego.

    If he eventually gets nailed for anything, it will probably related to bad science. Seeing Duke University hit for the Data Quality Act (referenced by Greg above) SHOULD give Mann some food for thought….but it probably doesn’t.

  11. Anybody that shows that much upper-eye white when they speaks ought to be looked at with a degree of suspicion.

  12. Don’t knock the piggy eyes and the baldy head, they are the most interesting things about him.

  13. Trump’s title is President.
    I wonder how much of a hissy fit Mickey would throw if people started referring to him as Mr. Mann, instead of Dr. Mann?

    • The proper prefix for Mann is … The Honerable Climista

      So, every time you mention him, … out of proper DISrespect …, you should address him as … The Honerable Climista Mann

      I know that’s a lot of words, but he seems to have earned it, and so the number of letters is well spent.

      • Is Honerable even a word ?

        I guess in US English you are allowed to make up any spelling you like.

        • If the only thing you have to add is a whine about spelling, then you are better off not saying anything at all.

      • Honerable. Very noticeable spelling. Totally appropriate for a Mann whose integrity is as fake as his “science.”

  14. Award ? How about a long , slender , flexible one ?
    No , silly , not the one with hemp …the one with hiss !
    They would have so much in common …

  15. After the Russia collusion narrative collapse this weekend, Mann is triggered and having another TDS episode as he contemplates another 6 years of President Trump. Pathological liars often display a spectrum of pathological mental disorders.

    And as for the “evil clown show”, Mann is projecting. The clown buffoonery doesn’t get anymore evil buffoonish than Mann and his pseudo-science.
    -A Putin-level of evil and Russia Psyops manipulation that Mann embodies is exposed by his calls for economic destruction of Western capitalism via energy suicide with no effect on climate.
    – Putin needs the US to wither economically, Mann obliges with similar calls.
    – Putin needs US to not export LNG to Europe to ensure his NordStream subjugation of Germany comes to effect, Mann genuflects in response.
    – Putin needs the US to stop its energy dominance drive, Mann obliges with his fake cli-science.

    So if there was ever any world-leading climate scientist that could labeled a Putin-Russia stooge, it’s Michael Mann, IMO. Hands down.

    • Watch out – Brennan’s TDS is contagious – Westminster is in a raging fever. Looks like you may have been exposed – its worse than Novichok!

      Chatham House wanted to stop one thing with this coup, hoax – Russia-USA cooperation – it breaks their entire jolly little Great Game of 280 years to smithereens. Now with Torquemada Mueller off the case Trump has a free hand to bury that Great Game for once and for all – IMHO a quarantine wall seems in order.

      Antidote for early symptoms – look at the only game in town , the BRI. Not even EU’ers are kowtowing to that worn old Cold War rhetoric from Bolton, Pence, Kristol.

        • You would have understood if you were not just a shallow yank.
          Have a nice day, the US is not the centre of the universe, try looking at the rest of the world to fathom the globalist game.

          Fastyr Mei.
          Trump 2020

          • I have no idea what context of Chatham House means.
            Westminster is a Anglican cathedral as far as I know.
            A Great Game of 280 years means nothing to a Yank, born in 1776.
            And I have no idea what BRI is, means, or stands for.

            Communication of intended ideas to an audience is the duty of the writer/speaker, not the reader/listener.

            and Gary, I award you bonus-round Billy Madison for “Fastyr Mei.”????

  16. Re: Michael Mann
    Every time I see this butterball turkey, I wonder where the pop-up thermometer has been inserted.

  17. I want to thank Mr. Mann for his consistent and predictable professional demeanor and language. He provides a role model that all scientists should respect and endeavor to emulate. It is scientists like him that advance the frontiers of science with his penetrating questions and insight into complex problems. /sarc

    On another note, I’m disappointed the Pielke felt it necessary to share his personal dislike of Trump. It should have been sufficient to just note that calling for the execution of a sitting president is unwarrented and unprecedented — perhaps even treasonous. /no sarc

    • Pielke works in a University environment. I suspect his reference to Trump was for self preservation. This problem needs to be solved.

      We don’t need universities any more. We have another mechanism for educating young adults. It is called the Internet. We have AI coming online that is probably better for teaching than the current crop of substandard PhDs.

      Universities have become political indoctrination institutes and need to be eliminated.

      Trump should defund universities of teaching money. Funding for research should continue under a business model with maybe a small amount of pure research funding. Red states should follow suit.

      • Richard M
        I’m no stranger to education pedagogy. I spent more than a decade teaching traditional-lecture science classes at the college and university level. I also developed Computer Assisted Instruction modules for the geology labs I taught in the ’70s. More recently, in the early-2000s, I developed an online (web-based) Geographic Information Systems course for UC Berkeley Extension.

        It is my considered opinion that it would be a mistake to do away with interactive, lecture-style classes. Each mode of teaching has advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, one should consider supplementing or complementing the traditional lectures with technology, not replacing the university. The problem with universities is largely political.

        Assuming that we did away with universities and relied on the internet, who would decide what content was valid? It is commonly acknowledged that Wikipedia is unreliable for politically tainted topics. Who would decide on what a crucial core curriculum of study is? How would the student get feedback on whether they are learning, or if they are misunderstanding a complex subject? I don’t think that you have thought this through.

        • I taught a class of French students for a year in a UK college.
          At the end of the year I asked them how they had liked the UK method of teaching compared to the French. They said they preferred the UK method.
          When asked why, they said that they could ask questions instead of being just lectured to which was the French method.

          • StephenP
            “… they said that they could ask questions instead of being just lectured to …”

            That is one of the problems with the computer approach to learning. One can immediately ask for clarification in a live class, while it is still fresh in one’s mind, by just raising a hand, or in a less formal setting, by just speaking up.

  18. Just @michaelemann – world’s leading climate scientist – calling for the US president to be put to death.

    Don’t laugh, it’s actually award-winning #scicomm

    I’d love to see Trump out of office (can’t wait) but a scientist calling for his execution should not be acceptable
    — Roger Pielke Jr. (@RogerPielkeJr) March 26, 2019

    Everything you know about our President Trump, you learned from the same people who told me that you are a fraud, that I should fear and hate you, and that you should be shunned by rational people. I didn’t believe them. How about you?

  19. Mann fades beside Brennan, ex CIA chief, saying today he was misled about Trump “collusion”!

    Whatever has taken over their brain-stems infects CO2’ers ,CIA, FBI, and not to forget the Steele Dossier, MI6.
    And there’s the key – Ms May of the Skripal case, now Westminster has raging Brexit fever.

    Is this disease curable? A Hogwash just won’t do it.

    Maybe the Royal Institute for International Affairs at Chatham House should be quarantined – a wall anyone?

    • And it looks like quite a few otherwise sane climate scientists are showing early signs of TDS.

      I’d watch that – it can develop into a full Brexititis, affecting higher brain functions, a severing of lobes. Weird facial expressions parodying disbelief, sudden outbursts, are sure signs.

      The Lancet will write all this up later…

    • “Mann fades beside Brennan, ex CIA chief, saying today he was misled about Trump “collusion”!”

      The look on Joe Scarborough’s and Mika’s faces (morning anchors for MSNBC) during that interview were priceless. They both looked like their best friend had just died.

      The entire Leftwing Media is in mourning. Rachel Maddow could barely hold back the tears when the Mueller exoneration came out. It’s like a replay of right after Trump got elected when the Democrats were going nuts. And they are still going nuts, especially now.

      You would think that these people would be relieved to know their president is not a crook, but they couldn’t care less about that. All they want is to get Trump and his socialist-busting policies out of their hair. Now, it looks like that won’t happen for about six more years.

      Ole Trump is even lighting a fire under the normally very reserved Vice President Pence! Pence gave a fiery speech at the APAC meeting yesterday. It might be 14 more years of good government instead of just six more. Let’s hope, for the sake of our country and future.

      The socialists have nothing to offer us but suffering and death. We don’t want that.

  20. Another illustration of the moral and intellectual poverty of the leading climate panic merchants. Not one of them is admirable. Yet they seem to see themselves as heroes. Quite strange, when those who would lead us to salvation are so lacking in virtue.

  21. FWIW, you can see and read anyone’s twitter account simply by not signing in and going there if they have you blocked. I don’t even have twitter, just links to twitterers. I am unblockable! 🙂

  22. Mann, obviously, is working on professional infamy
    Trumps’ appointment of Happer is a very good step.
    What’s Pielke’s objective in recording his desire to have Trump out of office?
    After more than a hundred years of a great experiment in authoritarian government, in the early 1600s history began a renaissance in physics and a great reformation of murderous government.
    What is now a popular uprising, that in the US has Trump as its executive, could become another great reformation.
    With the cosmic ray hypothesis, physics is on another renaissance out of authoritarian government “science”.
    And President Trump seems to be helping.

  23. Roger Pielke Jr.

    Just @michaelemann – world’s leading climate scientist – calling for the US president to be put to death

    Don’t laugh, it’s actually award-winning #scicomm
    I’d love to see Trump out of office (can’t wait) but ………..

    Now why would Roger Pielke Jr want Donald Trump out of the White House ….. when Trump has been the “best friend” that actual, factual science has had in the Oval Office in the past 20+ years?

    Does anyone really think that the Bush’s, … Bill Clinton, … Obummer …. or Hillary, …. McCain, …. Romney, … was or would have been a “friend of/to science”?

    • Of those names, McCain and Romney are the worst. We all knew what the others were, they made no secret of it. But the other two were, and romney still is, just masquerading as Republicans, just waiting for chances to betray the Party faithful.
      Until Trump won the nomination, I was ready to vote for a Democrat over a RINO. Knowing your enemy is better than suffering betrayal from within. I decided it would be better for a Democrat to destroy the country than a RINO. We would learn our lesson and eventually rebuild without the Party of destruction.
      With Trump’s election I am more confident that the country will survive longer than I will.

  24. Looking at the Wiki entry for M E Mann , one is amazed , and humbled, by his achievements and awards and the plaudits from fellow scientists.
    Ever since Trump annoyed the Swedish establishments by some comments on their social policies, the world wide condemnation of his Paris Agreement withdrawal and the current total hysteria over climate change in the West I have been expecting the Swedes to retaliate by naming , Mann, Hansen and Schmidt as winners of the Nobel Prize for Physics. Only the rules of the Nobel award prevent them from adding a 4th name , that of their own precocious WunderKind , but perhaps the Norwegians can set that right.
    One slight thing I do not understand though . Most scientists of Mann’s eminence, especially those who have (if I understand the Wiki profile correctly) created a new system of analysis have published a textbook. Like those of Goudy and Salby that I have , with mathematical analysis of propositions and questions where the reader can pit his/her wits and knowledge against that of the author. Yes , Mann has published books , but they seem to be of a polemical nature and it would surely be of great benefit to aspiring climatologists to produce a proper textbook. Perhaps he should copy the famous example of Feynman and turn his lecture notes into a book series.

  25. Mann seems to dedicated to accomplishing professional infamy.
    Pielke’s dislike of President Trump could be another example of academic fashion.

  26. I don’t know why anybody pays attention to Mr. Mann. He should die in obscurity, the way most nutjobs do.

  27. Trump overcame every disadvantage in modern Western society to win The Presidency: He’s an old successful rich white heterosexual alpha male.

  28. We should award M. Mann an honorary degree in Advanced Statistical Fraud, and diservices to science in taking the art of statistical fraud to, up-till-then, unplumbed depths.

  29. In a just society, we would drop Michael Mann off at the Sentinel islands so that he could fully appreciate people living in the state of nature he wants the rest of us to return to.

  30. A thin , skin , massive ego and limited ability is always a toxic mix for a person . Mann is the case study for this problem .
    I do in no way wish him harm , rather I want him to live long enough to see his life’s work held up as the junk it is and for his ideas to be used an example of ‘how not to do science ‘ For given his ‘toxic mix’ he will not be able to help himself from become ‘town drunk ‘ endlessly BSing about past glories , while his audience go from amusement, to announce to total disinterest .

    • I think he sees his life’s work being held up as junk now and is concerned that it may have adverse legal consequences.

  31. “The question is, what award should he earn?

    The right to pay the winner’s lawyer’s fees. Probably several million dollars.

  32. Well President Donald Trump has been completely vindicated and exonerated of all charges of collusion and obstruction. There was no evidence. None. Mueller’s report is clear and Attorney General William Barr has closed the case.

    So Mann looks even more uninformed and stupider.

  33. “What award should he win?”

    A kick up the arse seems appropriate. Isn’t that what happens to clowns?

  34. Mann states:

    “Of course, I was simply quoting and mocking the press secretary in what anyone with half a brain (maybe that’s the problem?) would easily recognize as satire/sarcasm.”

    But when satire/sarcasm comes the other way, he launches a libel lawsuit against the author. Perhaps his forthcoming problem in that respect is due to him having less than half a brain?

  35. I can see Mann’s whiny voice as he is led away in chains … “But, but I did it for the cause ….”

  36. To continue my theme:

    If Mann’s libel suit against Steyn and others ever comes to trial, his counsel will now have some difficulty in arguing that mocking someone with satire and sarcasm is libellous and therefore merits years of lawyers’ time and fees to redress the situation.

    I hope that Steyn and his co-defendants spot this.

  37. Last week BBC news invited Mr. Mann to promote his alarmist poppycock in a live interview. He claimed that the level of CO2 had “nearly doubled” from a pre-industrial figure of 280 ppm to 410 ppm currently and that it was a matter of “simple physics-the more CO2 you add, the hotter it gets”
    I wasn’t going to allow him to get away with that, so I emailed him and pointed out that;
    an increase of 130 ppm was not even close to “double”;
    that his message might be more easily understood if he rephrased it with: “In the last two centuries the nature of the atmosphere has changed by thirteen thousandths of one percent”; and
    all gasses, CO2 included, dissipate heat. Physics don’t get much simpler than that.
    As yet, he has not had the courtesy to reply. Well, I got an automatic reply saying my email had been received, but it was from a different email address and was a new message with “automatic reply” typed in the subject line so I’m pretty sure he read it. I wonder why he doesn’t want to engage with me and defend his theories?

  38. I cannot see how this verbal behavior on Mann’s part could be redeeming in the eyes of any university he is affiliated with. Worse, if this infantile voice is the acceptable science voice of universities everywhere, God help us.

  39. “ The question is, what award should he earn?” A visit from the Secret Service!

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