Women Go On BirthStrike Because Of Climate Change

5:46 PM 03/05/2019 | Politics

Caitlin McFall | Contributor

BirthStrike is the newest movement in the push to advance climate change regulations.

At least 60 women have joined the BirthStrike movement, which encourages women to refuse to have children because they believe the earth is in crisis due to climate change. Members of this newly formed group believe it would be unjust to raise children in a world that could look vastly different than the world they grew up in.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been outspoken on this subject, holding a live Q&A from her kitchen and asking the question, “Is it OK to still have children?” (RELATED: Poll: 1/3 Of Americans Share Ocasio-Cortez’s Worry About Having Kids With Climate Change)

According to a report released by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which is a body in the United Nations focused on assessing the world’s climate trends, having fewer children is the best way people can cut down on CO2 emissions. And this has prompted the formation of BirthStrike.

The report estimates that having one child less per family will save 58.6 tons of CO2 per year, whereas living car-free is estimated to only save about 2.4 tons of CO2 per year.

AOC has not said that people should stop having children. But she has emphasized that “we need a universal sense of urgency” and that the “watered-down proposals” being offered “are frankly going to kill us.”

Tune in to see what exactly is happening with this BirthStrike movement.

170 thoughts on “Women Go On BirthStrike Because Of Climate Change

  1. That is one way to cull those that cant think for themselves from this planet….

    Now all of us who can think for themselves just need to have 4-5 children and eventually we will take over the Earth….haha

    • Or stop indoctrinating the ones allowed to be born (or at least born and allowed to live), in the public school systems.

      • At least 60 women have joined the BirthStrike movement

        Yeah, that’ll do it. LOL Looks like the level of indocrination is not quite fit for purpose yet.

        • Wow! 60 women. We are down to about 158,000,000 females left. Cut out to you, too old and I bet there’s no more than 110,000,000 left. Bet you single guys are distraught that your blind date won’t have your baby.

      • Let them swear off having children. Get themselves neutered and spayed. I am ENTIRELY in favor of that. No need to have feral children dumped on someone’s farm or front lawn in the suburbs in a cardboard box, right?

        Seriously, if they find having offspring offensive to their senses, it means fewer of THEM. And when they die, no one will remember their names.

      • Yes.

        The SJWs aren’t having kids. They utterly rely on being able to take other peoples’ kids and indoctrinate them into SJWs in their government indoctrination camps.

        Homeschool or die.

    • I already did my 5 kids, and don’t feel guilty at all.
      These are probably women that were’t going to have children anyways for other reasons.

      • No, they probably have been so brainwashed from birth that they truely believe what they say.

        I’d like to see a more rapid solution to the problem but if Darwinian selection is all we’ve got it’s a good start. All those who deny that climate changes all the time should be encouraged not to reproduce.

        Intelligence and the ability to asses one’s environment is an essential survival trait. These women clearly fail. The sooner the blood line disappears the better.

        BTW, I don’t give them more than five years before they have a “happy accident”.

        • ‘I don’t give them more than five years before they have a “happy accident”.’

          That’s another constant.

        • Great minds Greg, down below I said something similar: Of the birthstrikers that aren’t too old, too young, or too lesbian to have children through the normal means, I suspect half of them will be pregnant within 5 years.

        • If they believe in climate change they probably shouldn’t be peeing in the gene pool anyway.

      • Right there with you Jeff. My five are in the pipe either in college or working. No guilt at all.

      • How on earth do children survive being born in Miami?

        It is two degrees warmer than in NYC and DC.

        The place should be a ghost town, instead it is full of latinos procreating.

      • True, but the Demonizers are stealing those kids via indoctrination in the public school system.

    • Exactly,
      I have always said that, if the libtards think there are too many people, they should lead the way by volunteering to be gone. Now, they are stepping up and sacrificing their offspring. Wow, a gift that will keep on giving for decades.

    • I highly encourage idiots of all stripes to exclude their DNA from the gene pool.
      The world could certainly get by with fewer fools.
      At least in this case its self limiting.

      • If only the people who drive slow in the left lane could be convinced to go on birth strike.

      • The anti-vaxxers are doing something simlar. They’re still having kids, but many of them will not live long enough to reproduce due to their parents’ stupidity. I hate it for the kids who have to die because their parents are idiots. But at least their ability to pass their views on to their children is hampered.

      • There is an irony that regardless what these morons do India and China will make it insignificant.

      • 100%! We have out of control exponential Third World population growth and these lemming like libtards do the ultimate religious virtue signalling! Bet 50% of them are over 35 and already have kids. The rest of them well look for the happy “accident” in a couple of years time. Pathetic mindless believers. Jonestown resident wannabes?

    • Perhaps they can use the spare time to make uncomfortable rocking chairs like the original Shakers. Would it be too much to call them ‘Fakers’?

    • As wth apparently so many other ways in which they are ignorant, these people don’t know much about what is really going on vis a vis population.

    • Right – the real goal should be to have fewer far-left liberal, socialist and radical green children. Solves most problems. Children with common sense and a belief in facts and science are welcome.

  2. Sounds very good to me. I don’t want them having little alarmist that will grow up to cause my grandchildren grief.

    • There is an irony here. When they grow old, being lonely and childless they will expect other people’s children to befriend them and perhaps even look after them.

      • Or demand for a government program to force other people’s children to spend time with them.

        • And to force other peoples children to care for them in their aged times.
          I wonder if part of AOCs GND will be to force other peoples kids to take these aging martyrs into their homes for end of life care

          • Where do you think the money to pay for all of AOC’s agenda comes from …other peoples kids paying taxes.
            Of course, by then we’ll have the euthanasia panels to ‘retire’ these aged fools.

      • Michael in Dublin: “When they grow old, being lonely and childless they will expect other people’s children to … ”

        – continue paying into Social Security
        – join the military and protect this country
        – drive the economy
        – …

      • And if the temperatures have not increased as the computers predict, they will have every right to be angry.

    • Why would any rational male want to have children with a mentally ill woman suffering from self induced delusions of impending global doom?

      That’s not a ‘plot’. It’s self-respecting sanity.

  3. The world of today looks a lot different from the world of 1960. The fact that I’m typing this on a personal computer is just one, small example of how different it is.

    • To think, back when I had hair being nuked to the stone age by the Soviets was considered a realistic threat and the Sahara was bigger.

      GASP! Good think I never spent my teen years playing with wild oats or I would be having to split my child support between giving money and explaining what nuclear destruction was.

  4. If your are going to radicalize and terrify your offspring with scary stories, you won’t be a good parent. Good parents nurture prepare their children for a future that unfortunately includes the crazy doom-mongering of nut jobs like this group.

  5. If having the tendency to accept ridiculous arguments is heritable, their not having children is a good idea.

  6. AOC’s deepest thoughts just keep on giving and giving to America….we should all be glad we can use her as an example to our neighbors and children….

  7. I am wondering if this could qualify for a Darwin Award.

    Normally someone has to die to receive the award, but the key requirement is to remove one’s self from the gene pool in a stupid manner, which these people plan to do.

    • The only question is will they follow through. These loony-lefties often talk the talk, but its rare to find one that walks the walk. Of the birthstrikers that aren’t too old, too young, or too lesbian to have children through the normal means, I suspect half of them will be pregnant within 5 years.

    • where you planning to have a baby before you heard crazy Cortez speak Good for you I didn’t know men had transitioned into that role. You would have loved it.

    • They have two humane choices: sex strike and conception strike. An abortion binge is a birth strike in progress, which is two strikes/choices too late.

  8. Nah, not religious fanatics at ALL:


    “At its peak in the mid-19th century, there were 6,000 Shaker believers. By 1920, there were only 12 Shaker communities remaining in the United States.

    At the present time, there is only one active Shaker village, Sabbathday Lake Shaker Village, which is located in Maine. Their celibacy combined with external and internal societal changes resulted in the thinning of the Shaker community, and consequently many of the other Shaker settlements are now village museums.”

    Darwinism in action.

  9. This is good news in many respects.
    1- shorter waiting times for doctor appointments of other couples, especially in health service rationing countries
    2- less stressed delivery room services and staff
    3- better choices for day care services and grammar schools
    4- less financial pressure in health service budgets
    5- fewer Green divorces and broken homes
    6- more space for migrants with other (traditional) values

    The only downside is more free time for paid protesters and over-represented policy advocates.

    • Another downside is that the crushing burden of $21 trillion in national debt and $100 trillion in unfunded liabilities will fall on fewer shoulders. This will not end well.

  10. It could be worse. It could be “Planned”, and that is CAGCC or catastrophic anthropogenic global child culling, a wicked solution.

  11. I hope that great idea catches on. We have boatloads waiting at the borders to take up the slack. By the way, even in the best of all possible worlds, your children eventually die. Did that thought occur to them?

    • Why wait, when a carbon-free humanity, less humanity, is technically and socially within their reach. Sequester now. Sequester often.

  12. An Open Letter to the Women of the Birthstrike Movement:

    I hope you are extraordinarily successful in recruiting other women to your movement, especially female bureaucrats and politicians.

    Thank you for helping to improve the gene pool for all humans.

    An Uncaring Male

  13. The birth rate/population is falling sharply in many countries… Korea and Japan, for example.

    In neither of those is anyone doing it for reason of climate change…

    • So you personally interviewed them all? Amazing that you have that kind of time, and yet still have time to pollute threads with your idiocy.

    • How many Koreans and Japanese did your poll for your survey?

      Was it a statistically valid sample?

    • The birth rate/population is falling sharply in many countries…

      And every single one of those countries has something in common. I know you know what it is, even if you can’t bring yourself to admit it. every single one of those countries is a prosperous first world nation that got to be a prosperous first world nation through the use of cheap plentiful fossil fueled energy

      • To find out how wrong you are, just view the very interesting and entertaining video I posted above.
        The UEL (without the quotes) is

  14. I support Birthstrike and highly encourage all climate alarmists to join. Increasing the collective intelligence of humans through self-attrition is called winning.

  15. So, they’ll have sexual relations, conceive, but not birth. Sorry, baby, my pleasure, you’re abortion. Wicked.

  16. This is a bit like schoolkids going on strike. No one will suffer or give a monkeys other than the schoolkids and childless parents.

    Next it’ll be “I’m going to start amputating my own limbs, join me” (sorry, couldn’t resist).

    Seriously, what are these people smoking?

  17. The article, and probably most members of this movement are missing a point:
    The women joining this movement never intended to have children in the first place.
    It’s not a sacrifice, it’s an excuse for something THEY see as a shortcoming, that can instead be dressed up as a virtue.

    The other component is a moral argument: “if you came across a person about to jump off, and you could save their life buy giving them $500, would you?”

    The answer is of course yes.
    But not IF:
    a) I know they are definitely going to jump anyway or
    b) I know they don’t intend to jump in the first place at all.

    Then i get annoyed.

  18. Every now and again, solutions to non existent problems come along. This latest example from the AOC school of flawed logic, can be filed with the throwing virgins into volcanoes to please the gods, the witching stool justice principle and signs warning drivers of falling rocks!!!

    • To be fair, those signs should be explained as “landslides may have occurred here” and look a lot better than a sign while must visually depict a really badly built road.

      But no, we see them as “rocks might fall on our heads” which our monkey brain interprets badly.

      • Err… Where I grew up, those signs mean exactly what they say.

        I pried a 30+ pounder out of my camper shell once (hit right on the seam down the middle). Replaced two windshields from smaller ones.

  19. The American Democrat controlled Congress just endorsed the idea by passing post-birth abortion as a woman’s “right”. Have a pang of climate change guilt? Sacrifice your newborn on the altar of FAKE climate models.

  20. From my perspective, the single greatest thing ever created within the universe is my son’s smile.

  21. 49 years ago we got married. Today we are us + 2, grown up, children (plus wives) and 3 grandsons.

    My wife’s female cousin ,who lived next door to her in their childhood years, had been indoctrinated by her father, who fought in WW2, that there would be a third world war with atom bomb usage and resultant massive destruction. For those of us living at that time that was a logical extrapolation of the “Cold War”.

    We carried on as normal, procreation wise, whilst the cousin and her husband, who chose not to have children, are now regretting their decision. Maybe in 50 years these “climate change” females may also regret their decision not to have children.

    Situations change so my advice is just carry on as normal.

    • Another symptom of the harm that fear-ideology does to harm minds and lives, creating errors that can’t be undone. The current misguided virtue-signalers are encouraging others to harm their lives and futures, because of a mass delusion spread by despicable NGOs, parasites and spineless deceitful politicians.

      18 months after I left Uni I decided I needed to start a business to become independent of employers so that I could be my own boss and not be reliant on opportunism or whim. I did not want a ‘job’ I just wanted to be my own employer and make money doing what I wanted to do. A self-appointed ‘best-friend’ told me that I should not bother as in two years I would be back where I’d started, having failed and needing to go work for someone else anyway. He quoted TV level ‘stats’ on how 50% of businesses failed in the first 18 months. I pointed out to him that this also meant that if I persisted the chances of my success became 75% within three years or 87.5% within 4.5 years. The longer I persist the better are my chances of succeeding in business. He insisted I was ‘missing the point’, and proceeded to show me what a terrible attitude he has.

      I totally ignored his remarks and proceeded the same as I’d intended regardless and my business progressively succeeded more each quarter. Meanwhile, my now disassociated ‘friend’ was living under his mom’s house in a smelly room as an unemployed ‘proto’-bum, who graduated into a fully-fledged bum about 10 years later and no one who had known him ever heard from him again.

      I learned from this to ignore people who are negative, or stoking imaginary fears and their Stats-‘O-Doom as taking their advice invited missed opportunity, personal failure and misery. I just wish I’d been told this earlier, and not had to figure it out by trial and error.

      Ignoring the prophets-of-fake-doom and carrying on regardless is the path to success.

  22. This line of thought taken to the extreme leads to suicide, with last will not to incinerate the remains.

  23. I’ve become very tired of all the attention AOC is getting. She’s a clown, elected by the foolish.

    The news media give her a platform because it gets them attention and on-line clicks.

    She responds to the continuing attention with ever more stupid ideas (a natural progression). Every new stupid idea brings another bout of media attention.

    It’s a cycle of stupid and exploitation; our only working example of a perpetual motion machine.

    People respond because: a) they’re clownettes who think AOC is a deep-thinker who speaks for them, or; b) they see that AOC is an idiot whose publicity needs some push-back.

    In either case, the media wins and the civil structure deteriorates further.

    • The Leftwing Media spent zero minutes reporting on AOC’s campaign finance problems. Not one mention from ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC or CNN.

  24. Gone from

    It’s nobody’s business what a woman does with her body,


    We DEMAND that you make what we do with our bodies your business.

    Have a brat, don’t have a brat, no skin off my nose.

  25. At least 60 women have joined the BirthStrike movement, which encourages women to refuse to have children because they believe the earth is in crisis due to climate change.

    Good. That means they won’t be infecting offspring with their insanity. Let the sane rational people have the babies. This is a good thing for the human race. And any guy married to one of these Birthstikers, there’s you clue that you need to seek a divorce ASAP for your own safety and piece of mind.

    • If you are referring to AOC, it seems to be a thing when people go by 3-part names. The other examples from years gone by (political and entertainment) so not a new thing

      FDR = Franklin D. Roosevelt (President of US 1930s-1940s)
      JFK = John F Kennedy (President of US 1960s)
      JNT = John Nathan Turner (Producer of Doctor Who back in the 1980s)
      JDF = Jason David Frank (Actor who played the Green/White/Red/Black ranger in the Power Rangers franchise in the 1990s)

      • The other examples , I can think of,

        Not sure why I missed typing part of that sentence.

      • Married people who take their spouse’s last name have an advantage on this then. (^_^)

        I think AOC should be equated to OOG (i.e., what a caveman/caveperson without higher mental development would utter).

  26. I’m all for it. Such people should never reproduce. Think of it as voluntary natural selection.

  27. I approve of any of these unthinking women going on permanent birthstrike. They will not pass their genes on to future generations. Hopefully this will help clean the genepool, leaving more people capable of rational thought.

  28. Worlds population now = 7,700,000,000
    BirthStrike movement = 0,000,000,060
    Projected world population = 7,699,999,940 (based on models)

    It certainly looks like they might make a difference.
    We could look at it another way though:

    Worlds population now = 7,700,000,060
    BirthStrike movement = 0,000,000,060
    Projected world population = 7,700,000,000 (based on models)

    • Much like the difference that the Shaker Movement made.
      Population wise the difference is little more than a Bowel Movement

  29. That’s good – they most likely wouldn’t vaccinate their kids anyway, adding to the resurgence of childhood diseases problem.

  30. Thank you. Your progeny would have lowered the World’s IQ, and consumed too many resources for their lives.
    On the other hand, why not abort just after birth for parts????

  31. It’s too easy to just say “Good, go for it. Don’t have any kids.” But I can’t help wondering how many of these women have pets. Talk about a carbon footprint.

  32. Thre should be some sub set of the Darwin Awards for these people. They are clearly improving the gene pool. At least in their own countries if not overall.

  33. This is a phenomenon of fake-news psychosis.

    The participating women are programmed zombies of irresponsible news reporting.

    I think there could be future class-action-lawsuit material here for these women, IF they were to wake up and realize how they were duped out of a family by an epic scam.

  34. It’s a pity their grandparents did not have the same idea.

    Perhaps they can retrospectively sue them for damage to Gaia.

  35. Yes please. Strike, please do so ! Natural extinction of a potentially unwanted species. More room for the mentally fit.

    • ???

      You are saying their babies are of another species? I admit progressives are a strange breed, but I am pretty sure they are the same species as us.

      This could lead to wiping out some genes that are responsible for irrational Progressive behaviors.

  36. As GK Chesterton put it:
    ‘Why should we falter, ours shall be the mirth,
    Yours the amaze when you have thinned away
    Your starveling clerks to fit their starveling pay,
    And seen the meek inheriting the earth.’

  37. These people are such hypocrites, what’s the chances they will actually stick with their pledge? Unfortunately, most of these women will end up having children. It’s a very strong biological drive.

    • Indeed. It’s mainly virtue signaling. the ones among them who are capable of having children (IE of child bearing age and not opposed to having sex with men), sadly, are all too likely to have kids at some point in the not too distant future – children that they’ll infect with their loony ideas.

  38. Since they are not abstaining from sex, which means they are still at risk for conception (a.k.a. “burden”), and it is their wicked purpose to carry out a birth strike (a.k.a. planned parenthood), is it the women’s intent to hold their babies’ lives hostage on pain of abortion, decapitation, dismemberment, and sequestration, unless their demands for, ironically, anthropogenic, perhaps catastrophic, climate change are not met to their satisfaction?

  39. YES! Let this be true… Progressives no longer breeding. There is some hope after all.

  40. 60 Women decide not to have children? How is this news? Come back to me when it’s 60,000. And then let’s track how many of those 60,000 women follow through.

  41. Crazy!

    “Members of this newly formed group believe it would be unjust to raise children in a world that could look vastly different than the world they grew up in.”

    The world I live in now is vastly different to the world I was born in to. Everything is different now than it was then. For example, fewer open fires which lead to cleaner air. Proper waste water treatment, refuse collection an disposal. Better food availability. Better health. Better transport and better technology. Have I missed any of the basics? I refuse to say better education but certainly vastly better access to information without having to leave the house to get to a library.

    • She got religion.
      Is now a Saint.
      All is forgiven.
      “We’re on a mission from gawd!”

  42. Isn’t this similar logic as in the scene in “The Life of Brian” where men now have the right to bear children?

    Secondly, can I join as an associate member being a 60+ male with a vasectomy? Pretty certain I won’t adding to the gene pool.

    • As usual, Monty Python were decades ahead of their time. Too bad some of them, while lamenting how PC culture has destroyed satire, still mock those they believe aren’t “progressive” enough:


      STAN: Women have a perfect right to play a part in our movement, Reg.
      FRANCIS: Why are you always on about women, Stan?
      STAN: I want to be one.
      REG: What?
      STAN: I want to be a woman. From now on, I want you all to call me ‘Loretta’.
      REG: What?!
      LORETTA: It’s my right as a man.
      JUDITH: Well, why do you want to be Loretta, Stan?
      LORETTA: I want to have babies.
      REG: You want to have babies?!
      LORETTA: It’s every man’s right to have babies if he wants them.
      REG: But… you can’t have babies.
      LORETTA: Don’t you oppress me.
      REG: I’m not oppressing you, Stan. You haven’t got a womb! — Where’s the fetus going to gestate?! You going to keep it in a box?!
      LORETTA: [crying]
      JUDITH: Here! I– I’ve got an idea. Suppose you agree that he can’t actually have babies, not having a womb, which is nobody’s fault, not even the Romans’, but that he can have the right to have babies.
      FRANCIS: Good idea, Judith. We shall fight the oppressors for your right to have babies, brother. Sister. Sorry.
      REG: What’s the point?
      FRANCIS: What?
      REG: What’s the point of fighting for his right to have babies when he can’t have babies?!
      FRANCIS: It is symbolic of our struggle against oppression.
      REG: Symbolic of his struggle against reality.

  43. Look on the bright side. The more idiots that sign up to this mistitled birth strike the less idiots will be born.
    That is a positive for the human gene pool.

  44. This sort of lunacy is reminiscent of religions. Adherents get nuttier and nuttier as they look for new ways to show their devotion. The parallels with the various apocalyptic cults are striking.

    • Yes, see my comment above, re: the Shakers.

      Religious fundamentalists are crazed, whether their religion is an old book, or climate science.

  45. Larry Niven & Jerry Pournelle summed it up in Oath of Fealty

    Think Of It As Evolution In Action

  46. I absolutely support their efforts – remove your defective genes from the pool.
    Take away whatever genetic disposition there is to blindly believe, and believe hard, any form of bullshit the media presents to you.

  47. I am currently designing a sales and marketing campaign for a BirthStrike! product.
    It is a Red Pill, with the BirthStrike! logo imprinted in white.

    The directions say that in the onset of child making, remove the wrapper (they are individually hygienically wrapped) then place between knees and grasp tightly until the event passes.

    Volume pre-orders are currently being taken. 0.04% of all sales will be donated to further research and parties.

  48. Following in the footsteps of eugenithist Margaret Sanger ideologies, that reducing the population of people she believed lowered the intelligence of a country. As a racist Margaret Sanger believed minorities were less intelligent and that just being poor made you less intelligent. By founding Planned Parenthood and getting Government subsidies to place these “women’s healthcare centers” strategically in economically depressed districts. They have brainwashed women into believing that having children they can’t afford to raise to have abortions. Along came Roe v. Wade that the Supreme Court approved that until the actual birth of a living baby made it a “person” under our Constitution, that it is not a “person” and aborting it is legal. In the USA alone over 60 Million Abortions – and increasing by the minute – have been performed. Statistics show these abortions are by majority minorities and economically by people living below the poverty line that have among the lowest levels of education. By this we can see that what Margaret Sanger believed, has been made a reality by the majority support from the Democratic Party, that refuses to defund Planned Parenthood. The fact that everywhere there are Planned Parenthoods are in districts that have been controlled by the Democratic Party for decades. By their own policies, the Democratic Party has created their own genocide of people that vote for them. While the Republican Party has spent decades trying to end abortions and defunding Planned Parenthood. The only consolation Republicans can take from this, is that less people that vote for Democrats are being born. But it is sad that over 60 Million people have not been born that could have been having children of their own. Our population could have been over 370 Million as mortality rates have declined. And that doesn’t count the new estimates of over 30 Million illegal aliens living in the USA.

    That for decades a fraction of humanity has believed the Earth is overpopulated and yet those same people will not commit suicide or reduce their own family to prove their conviction to their beliefs. They expect that other people should do whatever they preach.

    This New Green Deal is another farce that only the ignorant will find ways to advocate for it. These 60 females are starting a movement that will grow and further reduce the number of future Leftist. The Liberal Mind is a mixture of psychological disorders that by their own ideologies is causing their own genocide.

    Personally…more power to them and keep on doing whatever you’re doing…

  49. First there’s “Strike for Climate”, now “Birthstrike”. What next? “Foodstrike”? “Planestrike”? “Petstrike”? The problem here isn’t that these morons have decided not to do something based on completely wrong information and an asinine ideology; it’s the sickening virtue signaling, along with the hope that their actions along with the ideology will spread, like a virus. They are being “martyrs for the cause”.

  50. I applaud their decision and would like to urge them to expand this technique to other political areas of their concern. In a generation or two they’ll solve the actual problem, their ideas, for our own children.

    It’s a sign of the shallowness of their thinking that they think removing themselves and prospective progeny from humanity is a ‘solution’ to what they think ails them.

  51. And to think a couple weeks ago I was calculating that my wife and I had made up for 16 average women or two suicidalists like these Birthstrikers. Don’t let the door hit you in the butt on the way out.

  52. Attention seeking Extinction Rebellion members from Bristol run the facebook page, they probably didn’t want kids anyway.

  53. Well that’s good . eliminate a gene pool of scaredy cats . Just hope they aren’t planning on doing any late term abortions as part of their righteous plan . Besides, the earth is going to end in under 12 years so they wouldn’t even get to watch the kids graduate .
    Maybe this group of virtue signalers will convince the other 3 billion women on earth and in a hundred years
    there will be no one left . OK maybe insiders, Al Gore and David Suzuki clan .

  54. To show how internationally orchestrated all this depopulation eugenics is, see Germany’s Bild Zeitung 07.03.19. Also Austria’s Die Presse and Kurier .
    38 year old German author Verena Brunschweiger’s new book, Child Free, Instead of Childless, says a 50 year old childless woman should get a 50,000 Euro award, and every child less is 50 tons CO2 saving per year. She is SPD.

    I wonder what taboo the author would like to break?

  55. A great way to remove the genes for gullibility and non-scientific thinking from the human gene pool permanently. I wonder if this would be effective against socialism, of which there seems to be an outbreak in the
    USA. We have tried this in the UK. It aways seem to end in the same way. Other peoples money runs out it always does.

    • “A great way to remove the genes for gullibility and non-scientific thinking from the human gene pool permanently.”

      Sadly, the gullibility and non-scientific people will continue to reproduce even as the sane and educated stop. This is exactly what we see happening right now.

  56. This is excellent news; I hope the movement “catches on.” Humans should have stopped reproducing decades ago, but it is better late than never. Sadly, not enough people care enough about the future to stop reproducing. On the plus side, the USA’s population is decreasing and the USA birth rate is expected to go negative soon— that will help some, but not enough.

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