Not Enough Dems Showed Up At This Climate Hearing So Republicans Pulled This Power Move

From The Daily Caller

Chris White | Energy Reporter

House Republicans scuttled a climate change hearing Tuesday before it began after too few Democrats showed up to contest adjournment.

The House Committee on Natural Resources Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations adjourned the hearing after Republicans secured a majority of votes. Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas excused the members after determining the subject matter of the hearing was outside of committee jurisdiction.

“Based on the title of today’s hearings, it seems the majority is focused on science and public health issues, which are great. We just don’t have that jurisdiction,” Gohmert said, noting the hearing was the seventh the Oversight Committee held on climate change in February. (RELATED: House Democrats Held The First Climate Change Hearings In Six Years. It Was A Mess)

He added: “It can be inferred from the hearing’s title that there is industry denial about climate change. It appears today’s tittle is well within our committee’s jurisdiction. I move that we adjourn.”

Democrats were outvoted 4-2, with several members of the majority party missing from the House Committee. Those who were present bickered briefly over whether the hearing could be adjourned.


Reps. TJ Cox of California and Debbie Dingell of Michigan were the only two Democrats to vote against dismissal. The hearing was titled “The Denial Playbook: How Industries Manipulate Science and Policy from Climate Change to Public Health” and included an eclectic variety of witnesses.

One witness was retired NFL player Chris Borland, who retired from the San Francisco 49ers after sustaining several concussions. He was there to discuss the dangers of chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a neurological condition football players sometimes experience after repeated blows to the head.

People hold placards as they attend a protest asking for urgent measures to combat climate change in Paris, France, February 22, 2019. REUTERS/Philippe Wojazer

Conservatives were surprised at the lack of Democratic attendance.

“This is classic Democrat behavior,” Rachel Bovard, a policy director at the Conservative Policy Institute, told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

“They introduce sweeping resolutions and then don’t want to vote on them,” she said. “They shame everyone for using fossil fuels while jetting around in Suburbans and private planes. And now, when faced with an opportunity to actually engage in a substantive policy discussion on the issue, they can’t be bothered to even show up.”

Democrats have been pushing the climate change narrative hard leading up to the 2020 election. Three Democratic 2020 presidential candidates gave a preview of how aggressively they will push global warming policies on the campaign trail during Andrew Wheeler’s confirmation hearing to be President Donald Trump’s EPA administrator.

Sens. Cory Booker of New Jersey, Jeff Merkley of Oregon and Bernie Sanders of Vermont sparred with Wheeler over the urgency of global warming and rolling back Obama-era regulations.

“You are the nominee to be head of the Environmental Protection Agency and you just in your opening statement did not mention the word climate change,”  Sanders said during the hearing.

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68 thoughts on “Not Enough Dems Showed Up At This Climate Hearing So Republicans Pulled This Power Move

      • It tells me that Congressional Democrats are so full of Schiff that the few functioning cognitive processes that they have are afflicted with mental constipation.

        • It’s not Schiff-for-brains District … but this video pretty well sums up what happens in a State with a SUPERmajority leftist Democrat Legislature and Gov. Not to mention every single City Council, County Supervisors, School board, and dog-catcher a leftist identity-elect/hire

          • “that hearing is turning out to be a fiasco”

            That’s what it looked like to me. The Democrats are trying to hurt Trump with this hearing but it looks like the Democrats are the ones who are going to be see as the bad guys. The Republican representatives actually stood up and fought back against the lies in a very effective manner.

            I don’t think Cohen laid a glove on Trump. Cohen said he knew of no collusion between Trump and the Russians.

            Meanwhile, Trump is possibly saving the world from a nuclear war.

  1. It tells everyone that even the Democrats do not believe that ‘climate change’ is the urgent matter that they make it out to be.

  2. “The Denial Playbook: How Industries Manipulate Science and Policy from Climate Change to Public Health”

    How about “The Activist Playbook: How Activists Manipulate Science and Policy from Climate Change to Public Health to accumulate Power and Wealth”?

    As in constantly manipulate raw data to force it to fit their agenda?

    • With a title for the meeting starting with “The Denial Playbook”, it is pretty clear that they have a heavily biased attitude and are not interested in “hearing” at all.

      That is the kind of language you’d expect on FarceBook or some internet forum, not from legal representatives out to seek information to inform their oversight role.

  3. Silly tactics on the part of the Democrats. If they fail to attend their own circus, calling adjournment because of that is a good response.
    From now on, the Democrats will actually have to attend committee meetings if they do not want that to happen again.

  4. This article was slightly confusing.
    Does chronic traumatic encephalopathy explain fear of climate change?

    • Does chronic traumatic encephalopathy explain fear of climate change?
      It is absolute proof that way to many politicians were dropped on their heads at an early age.

    • If you read the whole scope of the committee, it seems the encephalopathy issue would fall under the “public health” rubric. It looks like a general “throw everything at the wall and see what sticks” maneuver.

      • Clearly his trauma was worsened by the elevated levels of CO2 he was breathing. Also the stress of knowing the world will end in 12 years would have had a negative impact on his recovery.

        That should be so obvious as to not need pointing out explicitly. 😉

  5. OK Dems how do we stop the next ice age?

    The next ice age will be devastating: ice covers much of Canada, Northern Europe, and parts of the US. All major ports have to be moved cause sea level would be 100 or so metres below present. The Great Barrier Reef would bleach nicely in the sun. etc.

    • The Great Barrier Reef is already dead. No one would notice.

      Unless… It is NOT dead and the media and James Cook Uni have been lying to us all these years to push their social-political views onto us and/or maintain their snout in the trough of public money?


      No, Occam’s Razor. The Reef is dead!


      • They were complaining yesterday the that the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority was going to deposit dredge spoil out at the outer edge of the reef.

        I guess it is deemed alive enough. Just.

  6. Well, duh, the end of the world in 12 yrs isn’t important. Continuing the fabricated attack on Trump w/a convicted liar as the star witness is.

    /sarc for the clueless

      • And apparently has provably done so again today.

        It might be worth remembering this plea-deal he struck for repeating Democrat talking points was not made with the people he’s lying to today.
        See, there’s still a whole other side of the aisle and they’ve got power too.

        He might winding up being a hobby-horse in prison for a lot longer than he bargained for.

  7. I just started reading the Daily caller recently and have found it to be mostly decent. I hope they hang around.

  8. … It appears today’s tittle is well within our committee’s jurisdiction. I move that we adjourn.

    No, that is not what he said. link He said something like:

    … that said, it appears that today’s hearing topic is well outside our jurisdiction. Under House Rule 10, and the reasons I have stated, I would move that we adjourn.

    If you were wondering what football concussions have to do with the Natural Resources Subcommittee, there’s your answer.

    • Thanks. That seems to be an error on the Daily Wire’s part. I thought that was oddly worded as the previous paragraph has him saying ““Based on the title of today’s hearings, it seems the majority is focused on science and public health issues, which are great. We just don’t have that jurisdiction,” “

  9. 伎.
    Most Democrats just want Climate Change Kabuki Theater simply for press coverage leading up to the 2020 elections. This sub-committee fiasco hearing established that as they got caught with their pants down. Democrats realize that to actually impose drastic CO2-emission reduction actions that they talk about on the American public would be political suicide for many Democrats.
    Rachel Bovard, a policy director at the Conservative Policy Institute nailed it precisely with her comments on Democrat’s behavior regarding CC. It is simply a stylized theater, as both she and Roger Pielke, Jr. remarked earlier this Democrat-led theater.

    There are of course a few crazies in the Democrat’s ranks (Markey, AO-C) who actually believe their own Klimate Propaganda, but most just want to use climate change alarmism as a path to more political power by frightening the ignorant masses with climate porn stories, without actually doing anything substantive.

    To be sure, there are RINO’s on Climate Change who are playing along mostly becasue they don’t want econutter crazies picketing their yards and offices in the deep blue nuthouses they live in.

    The onnagata running the House Committee on Natural Resources is Committee Chairman Raul 伎 Grijalva of Arizona. He is just a bellicose ideologue for everything that the Progressives lie about. He comes from a secure hard blue district, so he can be the typical ignorant, propaganda spewing progressive without any risk to his re-election. Fortunately, 伎 Grijalva is a low wattage thinker, a political hack for sure, but not very bright without they help of a staff. So don’t expect anything brilliant to come out Grijalva or these hearings down the road now that Democrats know they have to show up. For them it is stylized theater.

  10. In a somewhat related matter it was just announced that the coldest polar vortex/outbreak of the year is due the first few days of March, and it will freeze the northern third of the USA 20 to 40 degrees below normal (F) and even make it all the way to the border with Mexico. Good time to hold another Global Warming hearing?

    • I believe it may snow in Florida. I checked the edge of the frost line in the forecast. It may be a good opportunity to make money on orange juice futures.

      Just the slightest southward momentum could bring snow to Miami. That would be very cool to see.

  11. No one is going to believe 99-100% certainty – if only they had chosen a more plausible percentage – say 97…..

  12. Poll after poll shows “climate change” at or near the bottom of normal people’s list of concerns. Maybe the dems are finally starting to understand that.

    • Dems talk the talk, but their actions show that they don’t believe a word of it (with the exception of a few of their crazier members *cough*AOC*cough* that clearly believe it even if they don’t live a “carbon free” lifestyle themselves)

      • She doesn’t actually want to stop the American contribution. She really just wants to institute her deep red socialist agenda on the country.

    • 10+ The climate scare like all other scares before it is a wonder trope for funding local projects through the federal budget.

      • Yes. If a city really needed, say, a better sea wall to prevent climate-related flooding, then the politicians ought to be campaigning for such works.

        However they much prefer to campaign for the money to do so, without actually committing to spend it on what they claimed (unless they also happen to own stock in, or sit on the board of, the local sea-wall building company).

  13. Bernie, “did not mention the word climate change

    “Climate change” is two words, Bernie. And this guy wants to be president.

    Bernie Sanders is apparently a communist — in sympathy and intention if not a formal member of the CPUSA.

    A vote for Bernie is a vote for poverty and misery for you, for social evolution to thought crimes and political prisons for your children, and for arriving at gulags and mass murder for your grandchildren.

    Given the grim and horrid political history of socialism in the 20th century, Bernie Sanders is a moral outrage.

    Anyone supporting him can only be morally blind, or mentally stupid, or consciously malignant.

    • Congressman Raul Grijalva is right there with him. Just Grijalva has kept himself cloaked in the comfort of Democratic Party, but he is every bit a communist sympathizer that Bernie is.

    • My brother had a Bernie interview going on his phone the other day, from 1985. We were all laughing at this bozo. Bernie was going about the wonders of socialism and praising how successful it was in Cuba, and worshiping Castro and Che. He was also saying what a liar Ronald Reagan is. Didn’t have clue then and doesn’t now. Still on the wrong side of history. It’s unbelievable that people give this guy any credence at all.

  14. Whenever I see the letters AOC or AO-C, I think of a computer game named Age of Conquerors or such,
    with a big-eyed, big-b*sted heroine, all in white, leading her followers towards…


  15. Thus, Democrats give “political PARTY” new meaning. These congress people are just there for the parties and perks, in other words. Actually engaging in real-world duties of governing is waaay boring.

  16. Not showing up is equivalent to voting “present”. They’re waiting to see which way the wind blows with CC before committing to support it or not. That should tell everyone something about how both sides feel about CC. They may believe it could be real but they won’t surrender US sovereignty or standard of living to support it unless every country does the same.

    • I actually took the time to read through it and did a search for “sarc”, but it was nowhere to find.
      The sad thing is that I even have family members, who bark up that climate tree.

  17. This is typical of the left, everywhere, not just in the USA, they do not actually believe a word of what they’re saying at the political level. Only the fools who vote for them believe in “glass-ceilings”, and “green energy”, and other Trojan-Horses and Stalking-Horses. Any ideological veneer and any proxy-‘religion’ will do, if it gets them authoritah and powwah.

    It’s all political tactics with a thin veil of mouthed ideology. Just this time the veil fell away when no one could be bothered to show up.

  18. “There is no planet B”. We see this slogan all the time, but it isn’t true. Planet B is that planet where the computer models actually work.

  19. The Green Deal has turned to kryptonite for Democrats . They won’t be anywhere around
    it . A plan hatched over a weekend of binge drinking is one thing but as seems to be a pattern with Pelosi
    she apparently doesn’t read this kind of crap before the eco- anarchists launch it
    . An internal coup by the green operatives . Mirror mirror on the wall AOC just stole the ball .
    Hard to get traction when your own party is determined to self destruct .

  20. I want to see a hearing on:



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