Quote of the Week, timing is everything.

President Trump trolls the warmist crowd again…

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    • Not really sure, but seems to do more with Elon than Gore.
      Elon’s flight to AUS or NZ, or somewhere in South Americas, was delayed,
      for some hours…

      Still Gore might also have has something to do with it too!

      An AGW speech by a snow women is not to be considered as a norm.
      Especially under the AGW strict rules and AGW certainty.

      Oh well it happens some times… 🙂


    • Yet another science-challenged Communist (D) claims the end of sea level rise and the return of extinct snowfall on the eve of their candidacy … I missed it … did she recycle Obama’s Greek Columns too? It would only be right to ‘repurpose’ his entire schtick

    • They better find another platform to run on, real quick, because I’m here to tell you Americans are not givin’ up their F-150’s, their bacon cheeseburgers, or their guns any time soon. No matter what the word of the week is for “global warming,” almost no one outside of Brooklyn hipsters having a “sensitive” day thinks it’s a “crisis.” The idea of riding in an electric, driverless pod-car while eating tasteless, nutrition-free vegan swill just to feel “righteous” appeals to about one-tenth of one percent of the country.

      I keep asking Dems. I know what they’re so damn angry about–what their “problem” is exactly with peace and prosperity approaching an actual boom-time. “But, FAIRNESS!!!” is the cry. They seem to have the same mentality as a kindergartener who just got whaled at dodge-ball.

  1. Remember when a certain climate activist opened the hearing windows on a scorching day in DC?

    Ah, we can always have our memories!

  2. Gotta hand it to The Donald. He can twist the knife ten times better than any ecochondriac that ever lived. And THEY CAN’T STAND IT!

  3. Hoping that Trumps supporters [SNIP. Intentional trolling and baiting is unwelcome. You can make your point without resorting to these tactics. -mod] they should welcome such persons on the Democrats side of politics.


      • John, consensus is that she’s number 97. Watching her in the falling snow took me back to the fifth grade in Saint Paul. There are reasons my dad (and the Lakers) moved to California.
        We aren’t noted for our lakes, though, and the Lakers should change their name to something more appropriate to our terrain. Something like The Los Angeles Drygulchers.

        Say hi to Nancy from us. :>)

      • LMAO, I’m an Engineer in the Radiochemistry/Biomarker industry. Handle everything from building the automated chemistry modules to maintaining a particle accelerator…

        And a Trump supporter. Did a bit of Cryptography in the Army as well. I am fairly certain I raise the IQ of most rooms I enter.

        • JE..thanks for your comment. I’m retired Bell Labs and also a Trump supporter. The overwhelming majority of my friends who are well above average intelligence are conservatives and support Trump, some very enthusiastically but most just keep their politics to private conversations. Comments like the one from Hunter are completely unfounded and without merit.

        • In theory, perhaps. But the effective IQ of a group of people is not necessarily the mean or even the median. It may be the IQ of the stupidest person in the room. Early man hunted in packs, and to encircle game, everyone had to move at the same speed, that of the slowest person in the pack. That’s why mobs are extremely stupid, and it may apply in some degree to other assemblies as well.

          • Was using “IQ” as a shorthand not it’s technical statistical meaning. I’m on a tiny keyboard here. The old joke, I had a friend, who moved from Alabama to Georgia and, lowered the IQ of both states.

            However to your point yes I agree. In large group there can be seemingly lower level of intellect of some but not all groups, but from my reading on the subject it is more to lowered state of inhibition and less perceived danger to the individual members due to “there is protection in numbers” conditional. Which is why we hunted in family or several family groups.

            Nothing like being stared down a by big mountain lion to realize you are NOT an apex predator….

            If a group is looking to cause trouble they only need a catalyst.

            But larges groups can build the Hoover Dams, Manhattan Projects, Rockets to the Moon.

      • Com’on Hunter, you know that your Dem managers have programmed things so their followers don’t need to be encumbered with intelligence, diversity of opinion, thinking things through. Feelings and talking points have been crafted into the “core curriculum” and universities have circumscribed what can be said about a subject or issue. Safe places and playdough are available to protect you from controversial ideas.

  4. Economic security for all who are unable or unwilling to work….

    But not for those that do work…work slave…work…

  5. Why is there this mad rush the declare? Why not wait till 12 months out? This makes zero sense, people will be tuning these braying a$$es out long before the Presidential campaigns even actually begin. Every 2 years this horseshyte starts, give it a rest.

    • Complicit MSM.

      Now these democrats will receive frequent access to the news and near unlimited support news while Trump will receive the opposite.

      They need this in order to hypnotize and convince the gullible.

      • And he will still win. Think Democrat Party ‘tards are screeching and wailing now? Just wait. Keithy here will have an aneurysm. It will be highly entertaining.

      • Oh, My, Gawd!!!!! Its almost like I said the same thing then! Oh, yea, I did, moron. So, to help you along, bu’bye, Felicia. Go pedal your Democrat Party crap elsewhere. Oh, and thanks again for proving there is vote and election fraud happening all over America.

        • 2hotel9 says: “Why not wait till 12 months out?”
          Donald couldn’t wait, he’s years ahead of the people declaring today.

          • As I pointed out at the time, [SNIP. Personal pejoratives are unwelcome and unnecessary. -mod] and as I pointed out the cycle before, and the one before that and before that, ad nauseam. You really can’t help pointing out how clueless you are. The never ending Presidential Campaign cycle is one of the major problems and has been for several decades. This is not how the system was set up, it has been perverted by modern media and turned into a never ending circus which extremely detrimental to America as a whole.

        • I’m waiting for YOU to prove there was any widespread election fraud.

          I guess I’ll be waiting for a while.

          • What is your definition of widespread election fraud? Here’s one state, but Democrats controlling major cities refuse to release similar data:
            Texas Secretary of State David Whitley said a year-long evaluation found about “95,000 people described as “non-U.S. citizens” who are registered to vote in Texas. About 58,000 of them voted in Texas elections between 1996 and 2018, Whitley said.”

            Read more here: https://www.star-telegram.com/news/state/texas/article225094315.html#storylink=cpy

          • Every where they look, they’ve found it.
            The big problem is that as you already know, it’s almost impossible to prove after the fact, unless one of the idiots brags about it.

            There is no other reason to oppose things like voter ID and inspecting voter roles.

          • You are quoting snopes? LMAO.

            Here is something for you: blackboxvoting.org and it is run by a nice lady named Bev Harris who is a Democrat but what I call “a true Democrat” as in someone who really believes in democracy and wants valid elections.

          • You already proved it, [SNIP] each time you post an article. Simply scroll to the bottom, look at “related articles” and BOOM, there it is. Please keep doing my work for me. Each one showing an instance of voter fraud, voter registration fraud, vote tampering, etc etc lists even more examples. Widespread. Look the word up, you clearly do not understand it. And yes, for each “republican” example there are 3 “democrat/progressive/liberal” examples. This is a pattern which has been going on for decades.

    • You can thank “campaign finance reform”. With limits on personal donations, campaigners cannot rely on a few wealthy benefactors. As a result they have to spend more time campaigning for funds.

    • 12 months out is just before the start of the primary season. You need to have your team hired, trained and on the ground long before that point.
      You also need to start trolling the donors so that you can build up a war chest to scare off as many potential competitors as you can.

    • Why the mad rush, …… well because ……

      It is also lucrative via political donations, ……. also gives them “free” publicity for their current job ……. and also permits them to takes weeks n‘ weeks off from the job they were hired/elected to do and still be paid their salary and entitlements as they “trot” around the country being “wined n’ dined” by their admirers/opportunists.

      Even if they lose out, …… they really haven’t lost anything and are richer for it.

  6. It was a pretty gentle snow. Only about 4″ and not too much wind like the 30-40 mph blizzard we had a couple of days ago. On Tuesday we are supposed to get another 6-10″, Thursday is another 2-4″ and then back below 0 F next weekend.

    This is the Minnesota I remember from the 1970s. One can only chuckle when these fools tell us warming is a problem.

  7. The Trollmaster in Chief trolls on. Brilliant.
    And now Minnesota’s Abominable Snowwoman also has an indelible campaign moniker.
    Kind of like Fauxcahontas and Sparticus and Horizontal Harris.

    • Yes indeed. The monikers are truly indelible.
      It must take a special type of intelligence to rant on about Global Warming while giving a speech outdoors in a snowstorm.

      Optics, anybody?

      • My partner is definitely not a Trump fan, thinks Obama was/is the saviour. However she thinks that “low energy Jeb” is the funniest thing since comedy was invented.

        • “My partner is definitely not a Trump fan, thinks Obama was/is the saviour.”

          You have my sympathy. 🙂

          I have a good lefty friend who is very much like that. We get along by not discussing politics. Which is kind of sad since he gets so emotional about the topic that we can’t have a logical discussion.

          I think that is a trait of lefties. Their emotions are right on top of everything else. And they don’t like their worldview challenged. Not at all. They are right and those who don’t agree with them are wrong. That’s their attitude. They have no inclination to question themselves.

          It’s hard to argue with a person like that, so I don’t. I allow them to wallow in their own ignorance. I can’t help them. I can’t make them feel good about their situation and about the world because they automatically reject in their mind anything that doesn’t fit their worldview. Things are out of control as far as they are concerned and someone like Obama needs to reign it in.

          Anyway, as long as we don’t discuss politics, my lefty friend and I get along great! Dogs and cats can live together.

  8. God darn it, I love that man!
    The last two years of Trump has been pure entertainment!
    Can’t wait for the next 6!!!

    Even though I sometimes don’t like the man’s crudeness and lack of bedside-manner, still I gotta love him for trolling the Liberals and their pseudoscience climate change and their “Hate America to get votes” agenda.

    • Joel: And, of course the economy is booming. I never understood why so many people want their leaders to be cuddly and nice. We have a real doll of a Prime Minister up north of you who’s all-in with wiping out civilization and Dark Ages economics.

  9. I am loving it!

    In Other News:
    Prices on the Popcorn spot market hit record highs for the third week running.
    Investors who went long on popcorn futures realize fabulous profits.

    • From oil country in Saskatchewan I am wishing you a prairie winter. We are slowly climbing back up from -35 last week.

  10. Anybody who votes for a politician that claims they can control the weather/climate is a fool.

  11. People in the US Pacific Northwest don’t have a clue about winter driving. Who can forget Portland, Oregon?

    • When it’s that slippery you either use studded tires or stay put. They are the only thing that works on solid ice.

    • That reminds me of sitting in a restaurant in Lansing, Michigan during a winter storm in the 70s. The street next to the window was a hill. I watched car after car come down that hill into the cars at the bottom. Even saw two police cars join them. It was hilarious. Fortunately no injuries to people.

  12. There are very few “Honest” Politicians , so all that one can do is to find one, who’s interests are similar to your own.

    Perhaps we need a “School” for budding politicians, where such old fashion
    ideas as honesty and a desire to actually improve tings for those who voted for them.
    Come to think of it the nearest we have is Miltary Service, about 3 years of it. I.

    Sounds a bit like ” Starship Troopers”.


  13. She claims “the science” is behind her. LOL. She wouldn’t know science if it bit her in her snow-covered frozen patootie.

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