UPenn: The word “Anthropocene” is a Dangerous Generalisation which Ignores White Male Colonial Capitalist Guilt for Global Warming

Hanna Morris. Source University of Pennsylvania

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

According to University of Pennsylvania climate communicator Hanna Morris, use of the word “Anthropocene” facilitates disregard for the disproportionate suffering of indigenous peoples, and encourages the false belief that we are all equally guilty for the current climate crisis.

The language of climate change—and the Anthropocene

Brandon Baker
February 5, 2019

Hanna E. Morris, a doctoral student at the Annenberg School for Communication who researches environmental communication, explains the sudden rise of ‘Anthropocene’ as the latest buzzword in the climate dialogue.

Climate change, global warming, climate crisis—the operative term for the most pressing global issue seems to change by the year.

It’s how we discuss climate change that intrigues Hanna Morris, a doctoral student at the Annenberg School for Communication, who will soon present a new paper that assesses climate news frames at the annual International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR) conference this July in Madrid, Spain. She tackles the rise of the term “Anthropocene” in climate news, which can be summarized as a relatively new word that is meant to mark the beginning of a new epoch defined by human-caused environmental change.

In the paper, Morris argues that the word not only misinterprets the actual share of blame—the oversimplified notion that humans are all equally responsible for climate change—but ties up the problem in a neat, media-friendly bow.

By eliminating differences,” she writes in the paper, “histories of colonial violence, and the disproportionate burden of environmental harm felt by Indigenous people is neutralized and therefore evaded. The idea of the Anthropocene therefore validates ‘planetary scale’ projects designed by white male capitalists working from an unaddressed imperial logic.”

Colonialism and capitalism, she argues, drove climate change, and are now deciding how to frame who is responsible for it, who is most affected, how it will be solved, and how we should collectively feel about it.

“So, by saying that we all are to blame and that we all are equally experiencing climate change in a new epoch is a dangerous generalization that wipes away historical context. I worry that European and North American powers are once again perpetuating imperial violence and harm through the idea of the Anthropocene. And I explore this problem across the United States news media in my most recent paper.”

Read more: https://penntoday.upenn.edu/news/language-climate-change-and-anthropocene

Sadly Hanna’s paper has not yet been released, but Hannah raises an important issue.

When white male climate scientists promote the use of the word “Anthropocene”, are they actually unconsciously assuming the role of an imperialist colonialist capitalist aggressor, and unwittingly facilitating public acceptance of the climate exploitation of indigenous peoples?


UPDATE: Fixed headline to read UPenn rather than Penn State. – Anthony

254 thoughts on “UPenn: The word “Anthropocene” is a Dangerous Generalisation which Ignores White Male Colonial Capitalist Guilt for Global Warming

      • Now guys, ….. ya’ll quickly forgot, to wit: “Hanna E. Morris, a doctoral student at the Annenberg School for Communication …..

        To be awarded her PhD, she has to write and present a thesis …… and the more wild and/or weird its contents are, …… the more likely it will be approved.

        • My email to the young lady:

          On Feb 6, 2019 9:16 AM, Matt D wrote:


          I have a few questions regarding your research. Hopefully, you would be so kind as to respond to me as I’m genuinely interested in understanding how you’ve arrived at your conclusions.

          From what I gather, you have formed the notion that CO² is bad and it’s primarily white men that have proliferated it’s badness. Is that correct?

          Before I continue, I should make it aware that I haven’t arrived at the same conclusions as you. It is my conclusion, after many years of personal research, that the benefits far outweigh the negatives. Also, you should know I was once a firm believer in CAGW when I attended Penn State. I was very reluctant to change my mind on the matter, but it did happen.

          Here are my questions to you:

          What would it take, as far as evidence, statistics, history, (you name it), to change your perspective?
          Is there anything that you would consider reflecting upon that could change the conclusions you have reached?
          If you would consider the possibility that you may be wrong on some matters, then I’d like to engage on specific matters of science. It would be much appreciated if we could engage in an ongoing discussion on the matter, as you are in a position of influence for young minds not yet adept in formulating independent thought.

          I sincerely hope to hear from you, because in an increasing world of intolerance, engaging in genuine, good faith discourse is the preferred method to retain our humanity when interacting with those we might disagree.

          I look forward to your reply.
          I hope you have a great day!


          Matthew Drobnick

          – end transmission.

          I hope to hear from her but won’t hold my breath. I was trying to figure a way to dance around the possibility of her being wrong, since no one likes to hear that, but whatever. I’m not very sophisticated

          • Most interesting would be to find out what suffering the indigenous people have endured. What are her sources and metric for determining suffering?

          • Hum…

            “…as you are in a position of influence for young minds not yet adept in formulating independent thought.”

            Watch it. You’ll be accused of reverse ageism.

          • “…….What would it take, as far as evidence, statistics, history, (you name it), to change your perspective?……”

            Let me try to answer for her:

            “I am not a specialist in the science of Climate Change, which is very complicated. So I rely of the specialists in this field, who have spent many years studying it.

            Their considered view is that Climate Change is happening, that it poses a distinct danger to humanity, and that it is caused by the increase of CO2 in the atmosphere, which was mainly driven by Western industry.

            If all these distinguished scientists say that this is not true, then I will revise my opinion. But until then I will follow all the Governments, Universities and other learned bodies in the world in trying to avert the disaster that white men have caused…..

            Try responding to that!

        • As a doctoral student a thesis is not a requirement, the requirement is a dissertation, which presents original research. A typical dissertation has 5 or 7 chapters. For the 5 chapter version you start with context, what am I doing and why? The 2nd chapter is theory development, how your work fits in with current knowledge, the 3rd chapter would cover method, the 4th would cover results, the 5th would cover conclusions.

          Typically a dissertation is graded in terms of 3 options Pass, Not Pass, Fail. If you pass you are awarded a PhD. A Not Pass means there’s more work to do, under the guidance of your dissertation advisor. A Fail means you are clueless and your done.

          But here’s the rub, how does Ms Morris work fit in with the study of Communication. It really does not. The study of Communication, (capital C), would involve either communication theory, which is often applied psychology, or it would involve the study of communication systems, if they be social, institutional, etc. The fact that Ms Morris has gone off the path means that this is irrelevant to the study of Communication and subsequently, as a person who has sat on a number of doctoral committees I would be inclined to give this a FAIL!!!

          • She’s dealing with the currently hot theme of political correctness which is certainly a component of effective modern-day communication. Many words in the language are fraught with racist, gender-based, imperialist connotations and should be jettisoned from common usage lest they offend someone. That’s about half the English language.

            Just ask the uneducated, poor, under-represented indigenous peoples of rural Africa, New Guinea, Malaysia, etc (in their own language and dialect of course) what they think about calling the current geological epoch the “anthropocene”. Just ask.

            And if they’ve never been made aware that they are supposed to be vaguely ill-at-ease using this new, fraught, politically-repressive, white-colonial-guy expression in casual conversation, that is where Ms. Hanna Morris can employ her newly-minted calling to educate them. That is what doctoral degrees in communication do.

      • I’m going to wager, with very strong confidence, that she was abused as a child. The type of mental health disease she’s expressing is typically accompanied by early childhood trauma, usually inflicted by relatives.

        • She’s being abused right now by academia in ways large and small. A small: Good writers avoid adverbs. “Actually unconsciously assuming” is a no-no.

          A large: The morass of falsehoods, pseudoscience, and white guilt making up the bulk of her thesis. This reveals her to be a lifelong victim of propaganda. One wonders if facts and critical thinking will ever penetrate her fog.

          In the meantime Hanna Morris is the moral equivalent of a virgin tossed on a bonfire by a barbaric priesthood in order to appease angry gods.

      • She sounds more like a complete waste of carbon.

        If there is one area of so called ‘academia’ that leaves ‘climate science’ looking actually science based, it is science communication and ‘environmental communication’ would have to be an exemplar.

      • She’s the kind of “expert” who I have always considered to be a waste of an ejaculation, & subsequently a waste of a sperm! She must be a great dissappointment to her parents! MOD, happy for you to delete as necessary, but until we skeptics really start to fight back hard, freedom & democracy will always be under threat from the totalitarianism of the Left!!!! AtB (PS, the Nazis were never a party of the Far Right, as they have brilliantly claimed in their propaganda over the last 70/80 years, but were the National “Socialist” Workers Party of Germany! Plenty of Hollywood movies where the “German” Gestapo comments upon how good a “National Socialist” a person/group/effort was/were!!!! )

        • Indeed it was Josef Goebbels, Hitler’s minister for propaganda who said “A lie, often repeated, becomes reality.” This cynical, but astute and oft-confirmed observation, underpins the catastrophist view of human induced climate change

          • And look at all that ‘reality’ out there in today’s press.

            By comparison, Goebbels was a piker.

          • If the mainstream media were presented with close up footage of ants together with an authoritative sounding voice over to the effect that the creatures in focus were spiders from Mars then by now CAGW would be passe and the deadly threat from Mars would be the fear mongering theme du jour and the white, male astronauts who returned from Mars the evil culprits.

        • National Socialist Workers Party of Germany´s boss, Adolf Hitler was the most famous Green of his time.

          And his disciples, alarmist greenwackos are following his sermons, as a new pure religion. The results are going to be same. Only the scale is much much bigger.

          Answer for that little girl and her accusations. Guilty as charged. I have given my share for those poor natures childs by pushing CO2 to atmosphere so they can enjoy greener world and what it is provideing to them.

    • The younger generations are being taught to identify all individuals as victims or villains, and as far as the environment goes it is entirely victim and humans entirely villains. This latest article suggests an attempt to close the gap and suggest white males are the cause of all harm. The problem is that we live in the best of times with most major human/social problems solved or improving. Even environmental issues are largely sorted or understood well enough that we know how to resolve them. Much of the improvement is a natural outcome of development, urbanization (reduces human impact on land and makes a good quality of life much less energy/resource intensive per capita), and family planning by choice (not coercion).

      The younger generation lack the experience of dealing with real issues of hunger, war, contagion that defined most of human history. They have no perspective and so it is easy to casually fall into a belief that everyone but a select “privileged” class is a victim and thus, remove any responsibility for their own actions or the outcomes in their lives. If this trend continues the outcome is written in stone. It has happened over and over again in human history and it is happening now on the collective front page of the media with respect to Venezuela. Remove individual responsibility, remove reward for effort and achievement, remove self determination and you will quickly have failed states. Failed states mean everyone’s lives degrade and we return to hunger, contagion and conflict.

      It would be nice to think that recognizing this fact and stating it will make a difference, but I feel this trend in human ignorance will only reverse once people en mass feel the tragic consequences of their own ideology.

      • Heinlein put it well:
        Throughout history, poverty is the normal condition of man. Advances which permit this norm to be exceeded — here and there, now and then — are the work of an extremely small minority, frequently despised, often condemned, and almost always opposed by all right-thinking people. Whenever this tiny minority is kept from creating, or (as sometimes happens) is driven out of a society, the people then slip back into abject poverty.
        This is known as “bad luck.”

        • Ayn Rand was also noticed the trend with “Atlas Shrugged”.
          Where’s John Galt when you need him?

          • 100% agree. She lived in the socialist USSR and when she came to America she was shocked to see political activists trying so hard to make the US into the USSR. Her stories and her political movement were designed to warn us against this regressive trend. But people seem to need to learn from their own stumbles and are perpetually reluctant to believe the stories of others with deeper experience no matter how often repeated.

    • According to University of Pennsylvania climate communicator

      Look how affluent American colleges have become. Funding for nonsensical, useless, propagandists. Stop giving ANY $$$ to ANY college.

    • It’s a lot more than a ‘waste of time’.

      It’s a call to arms based on open bigotry.
      Funny how this sort of thing always seems to start in academia.

    • Funny,
      I don’t feel the least bit guilty. Having done my bit to enable mankind to feed 7 billion people I feel nothing but accomplishment. Those, however, who will deny power and heat to the third world, (brown people) should feel the red hot heat. This young lady set an agenda and made sure to make stuff fit. She will have contributed to poverty and starvation.

    • Finally, here is something we CAN blame on fossil fuels. Because of the extraordinary ability of fossil-fueled machines to perform work, like sowing and harvesting crops, Hanna has time to produce a “report” such as this. In a world without fossil fuels, her labour would far more likely have been directed at picking rocks out of a field or doing some of the thousands of other hard-labour tasks that mechanization has relieved her of. And her mind would far more likely have been occupied with, “Where is my next meal coming from and how do I stay warm this winter,” as opposed to being occupied with this drivel (which was almost surely written with the help of fossil-fuel-provided electricity for her computer). Perhaps she would like to return to simpler times?

    • Hanna, all the people of the planet are indigenous. All of them, or their ancestors, have moved location on the planet.

      The two biggest socialist economies, USSR and China were the biggest polluters on the planet.

      Since you (Hanna) have learned very little I suggest you move to Venezuela where you can experience the joys of true socialism.

        • fair productive socialism will only work when Hanna (and her sisters) are in charge of the program. Until then, such talk of venezeula, china & russia as the necessary or likely end result of the program will be ignored.

          Hanna and her sisters will be able to make it work.

    • Well … Yes … but this is the post-modernist / feminist claptrap masquerading as science that currently infests academia.

    • She isn’t mad in the least. She knows perfectly well that, to succeed in Academia today, she must spout the usual PC drivel.

      • And then get a job spouting more progressive drivel all paid for by the tax payer. Am I allowed to be offended by the shear nonesence she has written? Who is the nut job adult who is guiding her? Dear God, we’re doomed!

  1. My BS detector just exploded.

    Seriously, who planted these obvious marxist notions in her belief system? Oh wait, educators.

  2. Pish, “Anthropocene” is a geological concept, probably a valid one because Homo sapiens caused mass extinctions as we spread across the world tens of thousands of years ago, hence there is a change in the fossil record, which proves that it was us that did it.

    These mass exterminators became the “Indigenous” people of each region, nothing to do with “Climate Change” or the evil white capitalist male of the species.

    • It’s not valid, since it’s a proposed and rejected alternative to the Holocene, ie the past ~11,400 years, after most of the late Pleistocene extinctions had already occurred, which weren’t mass.

      But, yes, humans were largely responsible for wiping out Eurasian, Australian and American megafauna from c. 50 to 10 Ka, and some species since then, mainly on islands. This process however doesn’t merit its own geologic epoch.

    • There’s no strict definition of mass extinction event, but in the smallest of the big five recognized for the Phanerozoic Eon, the Ordovician (with few land plants and animals), 60 to 70% of multicellular species disappeared. In the worst, the Permian MEE, 96% of marine species were wiped out, and ~70% of land animals, to include insects.

      So the Pleistocene extinctions were far from a major mass event.

  3. If you go to http://climatecommunication.yale.edu/topic/ you will see what they describe as a Climate Communicator.

    When you read through and finally get to Policy & Politics you will see it is nothing more than spreading their propaganda:
    “Stopping global warming will require coordinated policies by national, state, and local governments. Our research measures, tracks and explains the drivers of public support for climate and energy policies and the larger politics of global warming, including elections, political parties and political ideology.”

    • My first thought was what the heck is a climate communicator. But that makes sense every great socialist movement requires Propagandists.

      Specialization has become such a thing that our politicos need to have propagandists in every field Climate Propagandist, Economic Propagandist like Krugman, Propaganda Generalists like Bill Maher…Thanks to Colin Kaepernick we now have Sports Propagandists.

      • https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/scientists-consider-quick-response-plan-to-counter-climate-misinformation/


        “When climate science is being mischaracterized or ignored, particularly by highly influential individuals or groups, even in cases when the National Academies have not provided a public response in the past.” “The group acknowledges that a quick response team, proposed by a committee overseeing the Climate Communications Initiative Strategic Plan, could appear partisan. So the academies will not respond to disputes over policy or budget, just on science, engineering or the health aspects of climate change” “Its (Academies) work is considered a gold standard of scientific review.” NOT ANY MORE! Communication is a now a science like physics.

        • Sociologists also want to be seen as scientists these days.
          Physics, chemistry, biology, astrophysics – these are sciences, as are the disciplines that derive from them.

          Sociology, psychology, economics, are NOT sciences. Not even “soft” sciences.

          • You only need to look at the spread of backgrounds ( I am prevented from using the term disciplines) associating them selves with and being promoted by the climate industrial complex as scientists or climate scientists or climate experts. Anything to do with the 2 trillion US a year Being sucked out of the life blood of Western society? No of course not!

  4. Yo get the Penn State out of there, I am an alum and its says the University of Pennsylvania , That is NOT PENN STATE


    • Yes, please. mods, please fix the headline to read University of Pennsylvania, not Penn State.
      Unfortunately, at my alma mater UPenn, you can apparently get a PhD for this dreck.

    • Mods?
      My comment about whites being good didn’t post. I think given the article, it was on point. Additionally, I didn’t say anything that was untrue. If you would please post that is appreciate it and then delete this?

      P.S. it’s more than just OK to be white

    • Joe, with the nonsense this article mentions as passing for a doctoral thesis at that institution, I’d think you’d welcome the distance such confusion causes. I know if I was an alum of U of Penn, I’d be glad that people think this nonsense was coming from Penn State instead of my alma mater as I’d be downright embarrassed to admit I went to the same university as the one that accepts such junk.

  5. As an old (sigh) white (slightly tanned) male (definitely) capitalist (the soft hearted kind) colonialist, I love the ridiculous term ‘Anthropocene’ because it so perfectly captures the self centred arrogance of those who use it.

  6. At least she seems to recognize that under socialism, all of this nifty modern technology would not exist.

    • Yup! She could actually ask all those indigenous people if they would rather have modern medicine or slightly colder winters. That’s the choice!

  7. a communications doctorate is setting the stage for future genocide. Her own. You can’t make this stuff up.

    • . . . and every asswhole on the planet doesn’t need a larger megaphone. Just sayin’. If this was left to die in the moldy halls of Pen Wherever, would anybody even notice?

  8. I agree with her 100%. All white male climate nutters should resign from their sweet tenured university posts in shame today. You tell em Hanna.

    Run the lot of them off. Sustainability freaks, social justice ally weasels, micro-aggression flinging sis-straight white males, and every other flaccid white douche holding down the job you want.

    Once you’ve achieved this it will be much easier for people like me to convince the maybe sane people to cut your funding and send you packing back to your true calling at the coffee shop.

  9. Hey, Penn State, get a clue . . . it was woman that gave birth to me (as well as all other humans) . . . you’re blaming the wrong gender.

    • Not true, Arnold Schwarzenegger has been giving birth too, and he is a kind of male, I guess. /SciFi

    • Or maybe it’s University of Pennsylvania that needs the clue . . . one of you two “educational” institutions allowed Hanna E. Morris to reach “doctoral student” status.

      And now, with her allotted 15 minutes of fame, she is certain to become Hanna E. Morris, PhD for her breakthrough theory.

      • I’d say both institutions need a clue, which U or Penn is giving us Hanna’s nonsense, Penn State gave us Michael Mann and his nonsesnse

  10. Someone is actually giving her money to do this nonsense? What we need is communication of facts on CO2.

  11. I bet her daddy is proud. I am very much afraid to send my son to college. I might get an educated daughter back.

    • she wont be educated – maybe indoctrinated , but not educated – unless the degree is in the hard sciences

    • Hahahaha oh David that was excellent! Thank God I’m not quite to work yet otherwise my keyboard may be soaked

    • David, While I understand what you said, the thing is your “daughter” won’t be educated just indoctrinated, and won’t really be a daughter, just ignorant of biology.

  12. What do people like her do when they have to go out in the real world and get a job? They seem to be unfit for life outside academia. That is why they push socialism, so they can be unaccountable bureaucrats protected from reality.

      • Oh snap. Benjamin Franklin ultimate colonialist or worse colonist white male is the founder of the University of Pennsylvania. Better get that statue down quick. Hey Hey Ho Ho lightning boy has got to go.

        Hanna will be running for President in 2020 on the Silly Party slate.

      • shed be a shoo in at abc radio national in aus
        i just bet shes read lewpapers works and loved it too.

    • They apply to government agencies, which apparently have unlimited budgets to hire people who can’t actually do anything.

      • I believe that was titled: Americans with No Abilities Act (ANA)
        How do you think they staff the DMV?

  13. Penn State is the Pennsylvania State University. UPenn or Penn is the University of Pennsylvania. They are different. Often just as crazy. But different. Please correct your headline.

  14. Who invented the washing machine and the dish washer again and the vacuum cleaner and the electric grid?
    Just checking.

    • From google:

      “Josephine Garis Cochran invented the first useful dishwasher in Shelbyville, Ill., and received patent # 355,139 on December 28, 1886. Cochrane, a wealthy woman who entertained often, wanted a machine that could wash dishes faster than her servants, and without breaking them.”

  15. “…encourages the false belief that we are all equally guilty for the current climate crisis.”

    Contributions to civilization:

    Christianity: “All are forgiven their transgressions against divine law. Therefore, do not judge; love your neighbor as yourself.”

    Postmodernism: “All except those who embrace sanctified identities are forever guilty. Therefore, criticize and condemn them perpetually.”

  16. Joe, I unfortunately attended that “University” as well, but you know as well as I do that U Penn is IVY league and in a whole other class than that random blip of rabid football fans congregating at a supposed higher education institution. Michael Mann… Hello? Real credibility there 🙄

    Penn State is a pathetic joke, just like almost every other University these days. They’ve all been overthrown by neo-Marxist, post-modernists.

    These people are extremely resentful and feel entitled to much they don’t deserve. They are trained to hate whites and if they are white, to self loathe (gee, I wonder from whom they learned that behavior). This is all part of the destruction of whites worldwide. This isn’t a one off, this isn’t an accident, this is planned genocide and it’s so far been very effective. I’ve grown tired of being attacked because my skin, which is sad when you talk to non whites… Many foam at the mouth over it, even though they have themselves never been actually discriminated against like this.

    Look at migration, it’s all non-whites flooding traditionally white, safe, successful nations. It’s the UN migration pact. Again, the UN is at the core of another foul agenda, but is anyone surprised?


    Oh BTW, red ice radio has fantastic coverage of this war against whites. Many folks initial response may be to say “they are racists” but I would urge folks to look through the information before snapping to judgement. Whites have been trained that it is unacceptable to be proud to be white. That is a very dangerous precedent that’s been set, considering the current affairs and how the United States is transforming into a socialist hell hole right before our eyes.

    It’s not only OK to be white! It’s a blessing and I’m proud.

    • Matthew, considering the nonsense that passes for a PhD thesis mention in this article, I don’t think UPenn is in much position to bash the credibility of Penn State. from the outside, it looks like they’re just two crazy birds of a feather.

  17. In the age of AOC and PC on steroids, I am using this phrase more frequently, “There are no words .”

    Where did we go wrong?

    • “Where did we go wrong?”

      We slept while the socialists took over our society’s institutions of thought control.

    • My wife says we should never have given women the right to vote. Nor to eighteen year olds. She says she would gladly give up her vote to get rid of the plainly brainless women running for office and making headlines as if they are intelligent humans.

      This lady is a perfect example.

  18. If white male capitalists should take all the blame for the (net beneficial) mild increase in temperature since the 19th century, should they also get all the credit for the (massively beneficial) change in standard of living since then?

    Give credit where credit is due. Capitalism and free markets benefit people of any color and any gender, as has been well demonstrated all over the world whenever it’s been tried. It’s bigotry and racism to pretend only white males can do it, and rank and cruel stupidity to believe that no one should do it.

    • Woke thinkers (lol) don’t roll that way. They destroy. They don’t build. They parasites, vampires, thieves.
      This woman is detestable.
      Those who have enabled her are worse.

  19. Hannah Morris and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez should consider running for President and VP of Dumbf**kistan.

  20. Ok, so let’s try “white-o-cene”? “Palemaleguiltocene”? “Capi-colon-imp-o-cene”?

    Hm, this “imperialist colonialist capitalist aggressor” thingy looks rather attractive, has the ring of ancient Rome, IMO.

    • Ancient Romans were more culturally advanced than today’s identity-culture (which is just a version of primitive tribal or gang-culture).

    • Ancient people, on whole, were smarter than modern humans. In ancient times, most stupid or imprudent people were sorted early and probably didn’t make puberty. Today, not so much.

  21. The SJWs current hobbyhorse is intersectionality, where one is ranked by a scale of oppressor to oppressed. So, if she was being consistent, she should leave the PHD program to make space for a woman of color, preferably gay and an illegal alien.

  22. If you go to a modern Native American reservation, you will find … well, it’s not pretty.
    For instance, tribes in the area of Monument Valley can put a trailer home anywhere. There was one in the middle of scenic Monument Valley.
    Also, coal is mined and burned on the reservations to make electricity that is sent to California where they would never think of doing such.

  23. So, this young woman stands proudly as both a racist and sexist idiot. She is clearly a Democrat.

  24. In July 2018, the International Union of Geological Sciences split the Holocene epoch into three distinct subsections, Greenlandian (11,700 years ago to 8,326 years ago), Northgrippian (8,326 years ago to 4,200 years ago) and Meghalayan (4,200 years ago to the present), as proposed by International Commission on Stratigraphy. There is no stratigraphic or geological evidence for a fourth Anthropocene.

  25. I don’t know. Is it helpful to attend to outrageous and foolish statements made by students? I prefer more focus on the science.

  26. Those awful capitalists have diminished world hunger so that fewer than 10% of people are food insecure world-wide for the first time in world history.

    Better agricultural practices in India, the Middle East and South Asia could eliminate the remaining 10% if greenies would not interfere. Colonialists did many horrendous things, but were not nearly so blood thirsty as the Hegelians and their socialist descendants. I don’t care if one is brown, black, red, yellow or white, choice, personal freedom and free markets are the real path to justice.

  27. The University, not just Penn or Penn State, but the generic institution, gives credentials to people like Hannah to enhance their already substantial self-image, but fails to truly educate them. Hey, no worries, she will find a job at the University.

    As Herb Stein once quipped, things will continue until they can’t.

  28. There must not have a history program in the Climate Communication curriculum; otherwise how could Ms Morris have overlooked that evil, Imperialist and capitalist Queen Isabella who financed and encouraged the mendacious Christopher Columbus? /sarc

  29. Last time I checked…all the communists living in State College, Pa were cozy warm all winter and were driving around all over town. (and it’s the only way to get outa town)

    Communists everywhere pollute on a scale seldom seen in evil capitalist domains.

  30. This is why I no longer use the term Equi-anthropocene. At least, as a white man, I should be able to take full credit for the way we white men have provided for women and minorities…?

    Being a woke liberal is like living in a bodybuilding pose-down. Those who are offended by the tiniest, most ridiculous things are obviously the most sensitive. All others must bow to their superiority. So there’s a lot of competition to find the most inconsequential thing and be offended by it.

  31. My youngest daughter calling from Seattle to let me know where to post the money “come on Dad you know you’ve benefited from white male privilege”

    Must have been those years I worked 12 hour third shifts in hellishly hot factories when she was a little girl. I would have felt better about it if I had known it was a privilege.

  32. When science starts focusing on feelings rather than facts, we are entering into a post-scientific world.

    • Bart,
      For the people, or for the whales, who, so selflessly contributed the oil?

      Did I say voluntarily selflessly contributed the oil . . . . ?
      Ahhhhh – ohhh.

      Auto – Shave the Whales!!

  33. I wonder why she thinks climate change of today began in colonial times? Is she aware that
    colonial ties was long, long before any non-trivial global warming due to humans occurrred?
    She also is ignorant about when capitalism appeared and doesn’t understand the vast improvements
    in the human condition it brought. This is called the ultimate example of tunnel vision and trying to fix blame on those who had nothing to do with global warming, a late,late 20th Century phenomenon.
    Those who lived in the 1970’s thought global cooling the threat. But apparently they have no guilt, while those who lived 300 years before do. I will declare Hanna guilty of exaggerating/misrepresenting the causes and effects of global warming and, in all likelihood, her recommended solution (windmills andsolar panels). Hanna is one dumb PA cookie.

  34. Climate Science is replete with logical fallacies – ad hominem, begging the question, appeal to authority, appeal to consensus.
    However, the most common one these days seems to be,
    If A, then B. The conclusion B says nothing about where A is true.
    Example :
    If a dolphin is a fish, then dolphins have gills, etc.
    The sentence as a whole is logical, but it says nothing as to whether a dolphin is a fish, and the observations are contingent a dolphin being a fish.

    All of the Climate Change articles are implicitly contingent on.
    If anthropogenic CO2 emissions are causing significant increases in temperature, and that significant increases in temperature can produce large changes in Climate or extreme weather events, then ..

    Most climate change writers and speakers take this as given, whereas we have no solid proof.

    AS they say in France – “si ma tante en avait…”

    • Walt, I get what you are saying but have to quibble with they way you said it…..

      If A, then B. The conclusion B says nothing about where A is true.
      Example :
      If a dolphin is a fish, then dolphins have gills, etc.
      The sentence as a whole is logical, but it says nothing as to whether a dolphin is a fish, and the observations are contingent a dolphin being a fish

      True it’s logical, not true that it says nothing (see below), true that it’s contingent on a dolphin being a fish (that’s how if’s work, the B part is contingent upon the conditions of the A part).

      with if statements you test the condition of the IF *before* you reach the then part. the statement as written works and is perfectly fine as long as you have the knowledge as to the fishiness of dolphins needed to test the condition IE you know whether a dolphin is a fish or not. If you don’t have that knowledge than that particular if won’t be of too much help. However, working backwards, you are not entirely left wanting. if your observation is the a dolphin does not have gills, then you know A is not true (because if it was then the dolphin would have gills – so no gills means not a fish) and if your observation is that a dolphin does have gills, then you know that A could be true but can’t know for certain (assuming there might be other conditions out there that lead to the same conclusion vis-à-vis gills. IE if a dolphin is a creature from the black lagoon than dolphins have gills).

      Most climate change writers and speakers take this as given, whereas we have no solid proof

      And that’s the real issue, not the logic of if statements, but that the conditions of the IF are being completely bypassed by taking then as a given rather then checking their validity (IE true/false state). It’s like (going back to your example) taking as a given that dolphin are fish without ever first making the determination if they are or not.

  35. The Left has to have a demon on which they can focus their internal anger and hate, and the demon of the day is the white race. They find a few white bad actors and then lump the whole white race in there with them. It’s pure racism.

    The Left uses racism as a weapon. It’s about their only workable tactic because they have no beneficial ideas to offer, only hate, fear, and division. Their political aim is to demonize the opposition to the point that voters think the Left is the lesser of two evils. And accusing them of racism is their standard method of attack.

    People like Hannah Morris live in a very ugly, scary world. A world that exists only in her mind. Therapy is recommended.

    • Tom
      You say:
      -“People like Hannah Morris live in a very ugly, scary world. A world that exists only in her mind. “-

      However if you examine many of the other posts in WUWT that deal with the socio-political aspects of “climate change ” it is clear that the world this young women inhabits is now the real world. It is a world defined by the media , the financiers and the leftist politicians. It is a world obsessed by a theory which no one is allowed to question . It is the world as perceived by many if not most of the younger people of the Western world or so the BBC , other media and virtually every politician in Europe and USA would have us believe.
      The world where hard work, ingenuity and the patient application of science and maths to solving problems is responsible for the quality of life that we currently enjoy is no longer the real world, but a memory that exists in the minds of just some of us, and in the history books (until the latter are “edited”).

    • “Can anyone tell me what “unaddressed imperial logic” means?”

      Good point. I think she may have meant to say “imperious” which means high handed, snooty etc. i.e. the sort of logic an overbearing person who thinks they are superior to those they address might employ. Which appears to be the sort of logic she is using.

      And the ‘unaddressed’ bit would be something that she feels she has been put on this planet to correct.

      I wish her luck. She is going to need it. (Unless she has the wit to learn fast!)

  36. PhD , Piled higher and Deeper , BS that is in the case of climate communication .

    ‘She tackles the rise of the term “Anthropocene” in climate news, which can be summarized as a relatively new word’ nope, some basic research would have told her back in the days before reality made the ‘warming ‘ claim seems so stupid its was change to ‘climate change’ Anthropocene had long be around as a means to outline if was all down ‘evil human ‘ and the situation was ‘unprecedent ‘ not because it was accurate word to us but because it was a ‘scary ‘ one , see acidification too.

  37. It is the climate consensus extremists like the young bigot whose nonsensical racist writings are being discussed here who are imposing suffering on the world’s poor.

  38. Most importantly the “Anthropocene” is a non-scientist contrived term only used by deceptive ideologues seeking to mislead people.

      • My strengthening belief is that higher education now only exists to keep the unemployable from cluttering up the job market for a few years longer.

  39. “Colonialism and capitalism, she argues, drove climate change”

    I don’t know about that, but they definitely drove the increases in lifespan and quality of life.

  40. I used to be a nonentity…Now I am a white male , the perpetrator of all evil. Sort of badass on steroids. (I am on steroids.)

    However may I point out that the use of the word “white” in this context is racist and the use of the word “male” is sexist. So back to your PC guide book and try again Hanna.

    • Don’t you know, according to the PC guide book it’s impossible to be racist against whites or sexist against males as only whites are racist and only males are sexist. I know, doesn’t make any sense to me either, but there you have it.

  41. Keep it up, kiddies, pushing your chicken-hearted pecking order, schlupping rank velocipedes to nowhere. There’s a reason no-one gives a damn.

  42. Hanna E. Morris, doctoral student at the Annenberg School for Communication, this applies to you…

  43. And this is a product of the higher education some feel should be free to all? A Phd candidate no less.

  44. While I cringe when I read Hanna Morris’ efforts to imply that capitalism is responsible for the ‘slow violence’ of climate change, I found a nugget in her discussion here that makes sense to me:

    Morris says, “Definitely avoiding generalizations is what I think is super important, and not looking for a buzzword that can encapsulate everything.

    “That’s why sometimes climate change is seen as tyrannical because it’s a concept that is too broad and, in that way, limits really specific investigations, understandings, and identifications of problems that are situated.”

    While Morris then shows her efforts to move away from this overly broad concept enter the sillinesses of socialism and ‘universitism,’ her conceptualization that the term ‘climate change’ is too broad to be able to be ‘fought’ is on point.

    We are all subject to the assimilation of all climate and environmental ‘horrors’ under the umbrella of ‘climate change,’ an ‘axis of environmental evils’ that is too big to think about, and can only be fought with nation-splitting ideas.

    Small, focused efforts to address/mitigate aspects of this overwhelming problem will move us in positive directions. Green New Deals will make ‘climate change,’ like health care, another American morass.

    • “Definitely avoiding generalizations is what I think is super important, and not looking for a buzzword that can encapsulate everything.

      So, how about we avoid generalizations like “climate communicator” in this specific instance, referring to Ms. Morris.

      Clearly, such a generalization, in this specific instance, insults many other (male, female, other-identifying, white, black, mixed) individuals, by holding her up as a representative of all these others.

  45. Saying this as a white male: It was capitalism that lifted the global masses, and is still lifting, out of soul-crushing poverty. But prosperity easily gained, remote from and forgetful of it’s source, creates monsters like Ms. Morris

  46. It’s even worse: the coming thermageddon is completely to blame on the emerging economies, if they would stay poor the next 80 years then there would not be a catastrophe in 2100.
    You cannot blame white men on the future emissions in china india or africa.

  47. She will figure out that higher atmospheric CO2 and warmer temperatures increase the carrying capacity of the Earth about the time both start dropping.

  48. Penn State: The word “Anthropocene” is a Dangerous Generalisation which Ignores White Male Colonial Capitalist Guilt for Global Warming.

    Yeah, whatever. More crap to be ignored.

      • Yup, this whole scare has been completely bass ackwards. An amazing instance of mass delusion, a madness of the crowd. Unfortunately it seems that the only cure will be significant cooling, something which is both unlikely and probably very deadly.

        One might wish everyone could be as wise as Judy Curry. See her recent Congressional testimony @ judithcurry.com

        The response to our raising the level of CO2 has been and will continue to be a ‘cure worse than the disease’.

        • Kim wrote:
          “Yup, this whole scare has been completely bass ackwards.”

          That’s by design… the liberals / progressives / socialists / communists take reality, flip it on its head, then emphatically state that their upside-down world is rightside-up.

          For those who have trouble with reality as it is, they have even more trouble discerning upside-down from rightside-up, so they fall for the ruse. That’s why, you’ll notice, the democrat party attracts the dumbest of the dumb.

          For the recently college-indoctrinated, it is nearly impossible for them to steer clear of this socialist trap… kids nowadays come out of college dumber and poorer, not smarter and with a greater potential for wealth. When the socialists run out of people dumb enough to fall for their scam, they simply manufacture them in the colleges.

          Consider any topic on which the liberals / progressives / socialists / communists have taken a stance and you’ll see I’m right.

          My wife’s sister’s husband was recently bragging that he’d paid off his college loan… at age 43. They couldn’t afford kids, nor could they afford a house… but they’re so happy that they now only have two more college loans to pay off… his wife’s. She went to college out of high school, and recently went back to college to get her masters degree… but the extra she’ll earn from having the degree won’t be enough over the rest of her working life to offset the cost of the degree, so they’re working harder and they’re poorer. You just can’t fix stupid. Of course, they’re huge libtards.

          Meanwhile, I didn’t go to college. I got my education in the military and am now a civilian. I own two houses, have a family, have substantial savings, a great pension and no debts, and I’m paid an hourly wage rather than a salary… when the whistle blows, my employer doesn’t own my time, whereas my sister-in-law and her husband always take work home and work extra hours, on salary.

          Because libtards are afraid of hard work, they take the jobs that require a college degree, put themselves deeply in debt for that degree, and end up behind those who aren’t afraid of hard work and who are smart enough to live below their means and save for the future.

          • When I was getting my degree and licenses I knew the benefits of your route; I went my route because I figured I wouldn’t have to work side by side with dirtbags and assholes and annoying idiots … I was wrong.

            The people that I have to deal with are still dirtbags, just more covert and conniving than the “uneducated” dirtbags.

          • {Sorry, Don. We reached the limit of this sub-thread, so no direct reply to you was possible.}

            DonM wrote:
            “When I was getting my degree and licenses I knew the benefits of your route; I went my route because I figured I wouldn’t have to work side by side with dirtbags and assholes and annoying idiots … I was wrong.

            The people that I have to deal with are still dirtbags, just more covert and conniving than the “uneducated” dirtbags.”

            Indeed. In fact, I’d say the ‘educated’ are far bigger dirtbags because they’ve been inculcated by that ‘education’ with the mental gymnastics to justify their dirtbaggishness.

            And of course, assholiness has no direct relation to educational attainment, it’s a personality trait that can’t be educated away. Idiocy, however, has a very high correlation to higher education… so your work compatriots are bigger than average idiots.

            My formal education is nuclear physics from the military… equivalent to a bachelors. I’m autodidactic on particle physics, quantum mechanics, quantum chromodynamics, quantum electrodynamics, stochastic electrodynamics, etc. I can’t quite bring myself to believe string theory, however… the number of variables allows one to arrive at pretty much any outcome one wishes… in my mind it’s nothing more than a very elegant algorithm which allows unfettered ‘curve fitting’ (much like the climate models).

            One needn’t spend oneself into debt slavery to educate oneself. And one shouldn’t identify oneself by what they trade their time for in order to live. That’s the trap the libtards want everyone to fall into, so everyone goes to college, and thus they (usually) fall prey to libtard indoctrination whilst indebting themselves. Not wishing to believe their indebtedness was actually detrimental, they (usually) double-down and buy into all the libtard claptrap hook, line and sinker.

            As I said, you can’t fix stupid. Many colleges would go out of business without it.

        • kim said: “The response to our raising the level of CO2 has been and will continue to be a ‘cure worse than the disease’.” +1

  49. I find it terribly racist not to acknowledge all of the critically important contributions to civilization made by women and people of all other races and religions.

  50. “When we saw Mao Zedong wave his hand, we all went berserk,” recalled Yu Xiangzhen, then a 13-year-old schoolgirl whose bright red armband marked her out as one of millions of loyal Red (Green) Guards. “We shouted and screamed until we had no voices left.” The Guardian (with no self-reflection)

    It’s nothing less than a Cultural Revolution. We won’t be taking the airplane position in a struggle session any time soon.

  51. An elderly radio presenter in Cork used the phrase “horse manure” for something worthless. Perhaps drivel or hogwash would better describe this work. It is sad to see taxpayer money used to support this utterly worthless study.

    • “horse manure”, “drivel”, “Hogwash” are all perfectly fine words for describing this piece of bovine excrement.

  52. Is Hanna her sister’s keeper? That is, does she share responsibility for any and all evil ever done by a woman? If not, why should men be accused of such crimes against humanity? If women in the past have benefited from an increased standard of living resulting from colonies supplying natural resources, does that make them culpable for colonialism unless they explicitly refused the higher standard of living? This is like guilt by association or imprisoning someone for their father’s crimes!

    This certainly seems to reflect a pathology of our modern times!

  53. “…Colonialism and capitalism, she argues, drove climate change, and are now deciding how to frame who is responsible for it, who is most affected, how it will be solved, and how we should collectively feel about it….”

    I realize that the Annenberg School for Communication at the UofPenn feels that their output and that of their students has value and meaning to society–although many would probably disagree with that.

    However, this paper by Ms. Morris uses a common theme in leftist academic discourse which is to play on the guilt complex of all of us in today’s human civilization–and especially the white male of European ancestry. Everything that is wrong with the world today–capitalism and inequality, the climate “crisis”, racism and sexism, continuing poverty, etc… — is all the fault of a white male dominated culture and civilization. We owe a debt of penance to the world for what we have done — and God only knows what that penance should be.

    It apparently never occurred to these individuals that today’s generation of people in human civilization (and again, the white male especially) only inherited today’s world rather than create it. Human civilization as it now exists is the product of many, many centuries of social, economic, technological and political evolution and change along with important historical events ( such as wars and European colonialism) over which today’s generation had no control. Creating a guilt complex in our minds (or playing on the existing one) doesn’t change that.

    Suggesting that the current generation bears responsibility for that which we only inherited rather than create represents a lack of critical thinking. Leftist apparently have awarded themselves a license to be that way without fear of criticism. That many of today’s generation have accepted and defend the fossil fueled and capitalist human civilization we live in does not necessarily make us responsible for its existence and its current state. We are all a product of the society, culture and civilization into which we were born and raised. It is only natural that we would defend it.

    Perhaps Ms. Morris and the school believe that what they do will bring about the type of evolutionary changes in human civilization that they are expecting and want. Whether that they will succeed remains to be seen. In my view, cultures and civilizations have a way of evolving and changing in random ways that are very difficult or impossible to predict. There are many things that can affect or trigger that evolutionary change.

    At any rate, having been sold on the climate alarmist narrative (and the cause of climate change) as Ms. Morris has only adds to what may be her cynical view of the world she lives in today. The value of what she and the school puts out remains very much an open question — and I don’t believe I even want to know how much tax money is involved.

  54. What is a “Climate Communicator?”
    If this delusional twit claims to be communicating with me on behalf of the Climate,then she is a miserable useless failure.
    Climate A.K.A weather has no difficulty communicating.With no human interpretation.
    Climate Big,human tiny.In proportion.
    If she claims to study how humans communicate with respect to climate, she is also a useless failure.
    Communication requires common ground, defined terms must be agreed to,or what you communicate is your confusion.
    Which is the history of The Climate Concern Cult.
    Authoritarian Confusology.
    They resist communication by refusing to define their terms,they fight common ground by refusing the Scientific Method and obstruct cooperation by insisting their belief is more “Truthful” than facts and history.
    Then they polish off their assertions by stating all who doubt them are evil.

    Paging Brad Keyes.

    • Another distortion of language by the left. (akin to erasing the difference between “immigration” and “illegal immigration” when referencing data.)

      A logical interpretation would be that a “Climate Communicator” is one who communicates about the climate and its impacts. Accordingly you would expect a grad student to have studied the works of Roger Pielke Jr, John Christie, Roy Spencer, Bjorn Lomborg, et al who are the acknowledged experts on the subject.

      But no, a Climate Communicator is actually a specialist (and this is no exaggeration) in communicating “Catastrophic Climate Change , and the premise of such a program rests on three assumptions (that no one teaching or administering these “studies” are allowed to challenge):
      – That the climate is suddenly changing and that change will not only be harmful, but catastrophic.
      – This is all the fault of humans (and capitalism) and we must immediately reverse hundreds of years of industrialization.

      And most important of all; and why Climate Communicators need to be produced by our elite Universities, is:
      – We plebes are too dumb to understand this, and it is an unfortunate failing of our heroic and dedicated Climate Scientists (TM) that they have not been able to adequately convey this message; and thus PhD communicators are needed to right this wrong.

  55. Hmmm… lets think… two biggest names in British Colonialism, slavery, exploitation, blah blah…. VICTORIA, ELIZABETH… Sad pathetic feminist drivel…

    • Elizabeth I’s 1585 attempt to colonize North America failed, but her successor James I’s succeeded in 1607.

      However, Spanish colonization of the New World began under Queen Isabella I of Castile in 1492, and under her daughter Juana la Loca, nominally Queen of Castile and Aragon until 1555 (although imprisoned by her father than son).

      And let us not forget Marie de’ Medici, regent of France until 1617 (when her son Louis XIII came of age), during whose rule the French first colonized North America in 1605.

      In 1558, Scottish Calvinist preacher John Knox famously denounced Catholic queens Mary of Scots and Mary I of England (Isabella’s granddaughter) as “the monstrous regiment of women”.

      And who was monarch of Britain when the devil’s gas CO2 was let out of its bottle by Thomas Newcomen’s steam-powered “atmospheric engine” c. 1712 than the last Stuart Queen Anne?

      • ‘Imprisoned’ is a little harsh. She was incompetent and cared for. ‘Loca’ is the key word.

    • And of course white women were also colonizers. When Mayflower left England for America, 18 adult women were aboard her. Three of them–Elizabeth Hopkins, Susanna White and Mary Allerton–were in their last trimester of pregnancy. She also carried a few teenage girls nearing marriageable age.

      Only five women survived the terrible winter of 1620-21, one of whom died in May. My ancestress Priscilla Mullins lost every family member in the colony, but aged ~19, wed John Alden at Plymouth in 1621. She had ten kids. Much of America is descended from the Aldens.

  56. Why does the name of an epoch need to address moral judgement? Would it be immoral for a large asteroid to wipe out an entire phylum? Names need to be descriptive and best characterize an era. Not point finger in blame.

  57. Translation: Here’s your justification for hatred and persecution of white males.

    This sort of open bigotry is a feature of progressivism and common thread of all hate-based ideologies.

  58. Without “colonialism and capitalism” the world of today would look like any of the shithole countries Trump called out, only worse. We’d have not developed into modern society and would still be living under a fiefdom with no technology and short, miserable lifespans.

    • I think you’ve identified the greenie agenda.

      Not for THEM of course.

      See that’s the inherent elitism of Progressives – they always see themselves as the upper-class – dictating what’s appropriate for the rest of us.

  59. She’ll be a rising star in climate communications. The inventive merger of gender into the climate policy crusades is a milestone in subliminal thought experiments and mental inserts into the media modus.


  60. The White Male Colonial Capitalist Guiltocene… these kooks need to be taken down several notches. Start using their own tactics against them. Complain to their employers and get them fired, bring nuisance lawsuits against them and bleed their resources, boycott their businesses and shut them down, smear their names so they’re unemployable. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, and if we don’t fight fire with fire, we’re going to lose our freedoms and liberties.

    Weak, broke and running scared should be the natural state of all Klimate Katastrophe Kooks. They’re all broken, they’re all kooks and they’re all dangerous.

  61. And this is why many faculties in colleges and universities should be completely shut down. They aren’t about education or learning….they are political expensive monstrosities. Nothing more.

    • We were actually able to clean house at our primer state university in Tennessee. They put out a piece asking students to address each other as “Zer” Zip” among a 100 other weirdness’s. Our super majority university funding legislature hauled in the guilty and gave them a good thrashing. The top people resigned. A proud moment.

      We also have a knack for song writing and whiskey making

  62. Maybe they can name it Lefkoandracene
    Lefko = White
    Andras = Man

    I’m not a linguist, so if this doesn’t work, please feel free to make corrections.

  63. No news site or even here at WUWT has recognized or acknowledged that President Trump said not one word about Climate Change or carbon dioxide emissions in his State of the Union address last night.

    I did a search of SOTU text at Yahoo!News to make sure of this.
    His one comment on oil and natural gas was:

    “We have unleashed a revolution in American Energy — the United States is now the number one producer of oil and natural gas in the world.
    And now, for the first time in 65 years, we are a net exporter of energy.”

    That’s what WINNING looks like.

    • Trump hit the ball out of the park with his State of the Union speech. I was impressed.

      I wish we had a picture of Rep. Ocasio’s face when Trump bragged that the U.S. was now number one in the world in oil production and was now a net exporter.

      I bet that went over well in the CAGW world. 🙂

  64. Question to Ms Morris.

    Does my gender somehow relate to this? Or my ‘race’ whatever it is — Western racists called my people Mongols until they decided ‘white’ is worse. I’m not quite that ‘white’ thank you. Or my, or my ancestors’, or my ancestors’ fellow citizens’ nationality who as a rule were not quite colonialists than more a target of colonialism?

    And finally my political affiliation? If I were a red hot post communist admiring non-capitalist Stalin government, were I less guilty?

    Who should feel guilt? People of same ‘race’, gender, nationality as the people who Ms Morris finds guilty? What a generalization!

    Or, is it that Ms Morris has about the same carbon footprint as anyone in the Western world or China?

    Ms Morris, you made many readers here feel angry and insulted. I’m just astonished. What is it what you mean, when your words quoted make no sense whatsoever.

  65. I’m shocked no one noticed:

    “who will soon present a new paper that assesses climate news frames at the annual International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR) conference this July in Madrid, Spain. ”

    So, CO2 bad…so lets go fly off to Spain and talk about how those bad, white male colonial capitalists are bad.


  66. Let’s see the ethics rules at U Penn. Do they contain a convenient gap in the Venn Diagrams of hate speech and slander? And what race and gender constructed the ethics rules?

    • “pure political nonsense” describe most (97% shall we say 😉 ) of what passes for climate science these days, so it fits right in.

  67. “Colonialism and capitalism, she argues, drove climate change”

    And yet the combined emissions from all such countries hasn’t risen since 1980 and represents only around 30% of all emissions today and falling. But let’s not allow facts to get in the way of a good left-biased story.

  68. I have a gift for identifying highly neurotic people purely based on “pose” smiles.

    I am never wrong and it is fitting to say Hanna “The Neurotic one” Morris.

    It is also a fact that her neurotic tendencies lead her to write such self hating garbage

  69. She should refuse to use any white male invention or discovery or live in any city or country founded by them. Just to be safe.

  70. She’s positioning for the Climate Hate Speech Award for 2019 from the Climate Communications Association. It’s a tough competition though.

  71. Without colonialism what would America be? Not to mention Australia, New Zealand, India, etc. The Brits took a smallish island and turned it into a powerful global empire that pushed the world into the modern epoch.

    • When they’ve been taught to.

      Just think how much potential has been squashed by ‘education’.

  72. I tuned out at “current climate crisis”

    What is a “current climate crisis”? Can anyone point me to one?

  73. “Hanna E. Morris, a doctoral student at the Annenberg School for Communication who researches environmental communication”

    The 1st world luxury that allows her to focus on such an esoteric topic has been provided by the very capitalism that she so obviously disdains.

  74. Okay, I take it back on all the bad things I said about British research lately. It’s a race to the bottom on both sides of the Atlantic. Aussies will have to work harder to catch up. I think they can do it though.

  75. I walk through the Social Sciences department on my way to and from work every morning and afternoon. It is all I can do to avoid laughing out loud at some of their posters advertising speaker and topics. My work deals with actual problems, maintaining large scale data and security systems. The SS folks seem to have so little real work that they have time to invent problems for which they can devise “solutions”.
    Our campus has safe spaces with soft music, plush toys and “aroma therapy” where anxiety-ridden students and staff can escape reality. What will happen to these benighted people when they are forced to actually earn a living? Ray Stantz said it best in Ghost Busters. “Personally, I liked the university. They gave us money and facilities; we didn’t have to produce anything. You’ve never been out of college. I’ve worked in the private sector. They expect results.”

  76. Haha. She’s going to be chagrined when it dawns on everyone that the only real danger always has been and always will be global cooling. She is giving white men credit in advance for doing a small bit to offset that actual danger. Thank you, thank you, I’ll bow for the group.

    Our small warming effect on the planet is the least of it. More importantly, the capitalism that has been industriously employed by me and my ilk (mostly my ilk) has rapidly advanced our ability to both adapt to and take effective action against the looming threat of global cooling. (Get ready to paint the Great White North black with maximum sooty coal plants! And no, that is not a reference to “blackface.”)

    Thanks to Morris for giving white males all the credit for this capitalist progress but really it is overgenerous. We have to insist that ALL capitalists must get their due, regardless of race.

  77. I think I bought Girl Guide cookies off this girl a couple of years ago. Doling out PhDs like Crackerjack тм prizes is not that funny. Its disgusting and worrying. What has sweet Hannah contributed that isnt contributed every day by several million identitty politico democrat IDologgers

    I also criticised a climate PhD in Australia a few month’s back who got his scroll for showing the Hadcrut temp series had inaccuracies and wasnt fit for purpose. Even though it was supportive of the sceptical side, I was disgusted they awarded what is a highschool science project a PhD. Im an equal opportunity sceptic!

    By these standards, scores of sceptics here on WUWT each day deserve PhDs for their critical comments, maybe even Nobel Prizes of this post intellectual world . All of academia is hopelessly rotted out by designer-brained clones suffering from a mentally abusive education in grade school.

    It is amazing that few, but enough intelligent sceptics go through such a worthless and dangerous system and survive with their independence of thought. On them rests the task of maintaining civilization.

  78. Does anyone have contact with Jordan Peterson ? I would be most interested to see his comments upon reading the outpourings of this troubled child.

  79. Obviously, black female immigrant socialists don’t pollute at all. They s*** rainbows, like all feminists.

    • Now? it’s always been a propaganda game.

      “So we have to offer up scary scenarios, make simplified, dramatic statements, and make little mention of any doubts we might have. Each of us has to decide what the right balance is between being effective and being honest. ” – Stephen Schneider (1989)

  80. This is a very important topic, of course, showing the worst solution. The question is that you must punish collectively the colonial whites and the other side the cannibals. No. Western civilization plays a leading role in the world in every respect, and we must preserve it for the sake of our grandchildren, of course, as much as possible. The most effective help is the anti-concept and not the migration.

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