Doctors cite climate change for rise in animal bites, U.S. health care costs

From NBC News

(Researchers also note that poorer families are at higher risk of animal bites.)

Dec. 12, 2018 / 3:37 PM ‎EST

By Shamard Charles, M.D.

Stanford researchers warn that the number of animal bites is likely to rise amid climate change and developmental pressures.

Rising temperatures are already exposing people in temperate climates to more mosquitoes and ticks, and developmental sprawl is reducing the amount of land available exclusively to animals.

“As available habitat for these animals increasingly overlaps with human development and recreational activities,” the researchers wrote in a BMJ news release, “it is expected encounters with animals may increase and could result in increased animal-related injuries.”

Dr. Joseph Forrester, the lead researcher of a study published Tuesday in the online BMJ journal Trauma Surgery and Acute Care Open, added, “We’ve already seen that with tick populations and mosquito populations. We would anticipate over time more people in traditionally temperate climates will be exposed.”

If this prediction holds, it will add to the enormous health care costs that already exist. Currently, U.S. health care costs for animal-related injuries exceed $1 billion every year, according to the study.

This estimate excludes doctors’ fees, outpatient clinic charges, lost productivity and the costs of rehabilitation, so the actual costs may be higher.

The study also found that the patients most likely to be injured by bites from venomous snakes, spiders and insects were in the lowest 25 percent of household income for their ZIP code.

This poses a major public health problem in children and adults.

Animal bites are most common among people living in rural, resource-poor settings, who subsist on low-cost, non-mechanical farming and other field occupations. Adult victims are often the wage earners or care providers of the family unit, and child victims can suffer lifelong disabilities, intensifying demands on families and communities.

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92 thoughts on “Doctors cite climate change for rise in animal bites, U.S. health care costs

  1. For some reason, this story brings up a song from “The Sound of Music”–when the dog bites, when the bee stings, when you’re feeling sad” Apparently, anything brings up climate change in the mind of the researchers.

    • Don’t despair. Common practice (no pun intended). Did you know Doctors also have become salesmen for the pharmaceutical industry? They’re rewarded for the number of Rx’s they write, vaccine shots they pump into kids by age 6 (49 based on the number recommended by a corrupt CDC that prepays the pharma industry for vaccines that are then peddled through doctors to patients). And 20 more by age 18.

      Did I mention congress indemnified the pharmaceutical industry in 1986 for the number of people their vaccines kill or injure permanently (BigPharma told them they couldn’t afford to produce them if they weren’t indemnified)? That a government claims court (called VAERS) has been set up that, thus far, has compensated only an estimated 10-15% of the injuries and deaths caused by vaccines? That the court has paid out almost $4 billion since it was set up?

      Doctors know nothing other than what they were taught in their medical courses. Greenhouse gases, CO2, global warming, and climate change aren’t among them. And you get one guess who teaches their vaccine courses.

      • The doctor who wrote this is an NBC journalist specializing in medical issues. The article does not say whether or not the Dr. has an active practice.

        His article shines the light on a fearless prediction he’s making. It is based on his opinion. It isn’t proven, it isn’t a real-world observation. It’s a glorified hypothesis, awaiting attempts to falsify it, and nothing more. I expect that now that the Dr. has achieved an alarming headline, he will go no further in testing his hypothesis.

      • and the cdc who control literature to docs also happens to have handy patents on the vaccines
        theyre now banning deleting search results for any sites that supply anything but their viewpoint
        so much for INformed decision making ability
        just like agw devotees lil mates doing the same to WUWT etc
        reckon they stole their hymnbook

    • That is part of their strategy. to wear the rightfully skeptical down.

      They keep searching for that one hobgoblin that will sink the titanic of logic and reason. That straw that will break the camels back like…

      Human aging is (well probably) caused by CO2 induced Global Warming.

      Ohh and more than likely teenage acne. eeeek!

  2. Yes. Here in Australia there are those who claim there has been an increase in shark (As well as any creature that bites, like spiders and snakes etc) attacks (Well lets say an increase in media reports anyway) attributed to climate change, without a shred of evidence to support the claim.

    • Patrick…Our media in Oz…adored by all… Jumping The Shark over shark attacks.
      Our beloved, fair minded and straight as a dye Aussie MSM going over the top on Climate Issues. You could knock me over with a feather…however we are in short supply of feathers as Climate is killing our birds…all of them.
      And people…and sharks too..and our Great Barrier Reef. It kicked the bucket this year or last…its all in the media if you care to read about it!!!

    • Patrick MJD,
      Thanks. I had nearly forgotten the story that Climate Change had made sharks more vicious around Australian beaches.
      Humorist Tim Blair has a great send up of this story when it first broke.
      Those Great Whites are such timid critters …..
      It’s hard to parody this stuff.

    • It’s entirely true, I tell you. Here in the tropics, our cat keeps biting anyone who doesn’t pay her enough attention. In sure this is because it’s so hot here!

    • Patrick we covered that, the Australian swimmers are mentally slowed down by the high levels of CO2 and the right handed sharks get them.

    • well i removed permanently a couple of redbacks and 6 black house spiders in the last days.
      dont see that as at all unusual
      I have a dog in the vets and a 5k bill for snakebite though
      Im rural ,paddocks nearly all round and 3acres of grass/ pasture and assorted woodpiles tanks etc
      of around 15 dogs over 30 years this is a first
      had a few near misses for me and them though

  3. What hasn’t climate change been blamed for? Iron-poor blood? Nerdy, pimply boys being unpopular with girls? Gumdrops getting stuck in your teeth? Those accusations are coming soon.

    This “Round up the usual suspects!” routine has gone too far.

    • I have iron-rich blood (Hemochromatosis) I wonder if I can claim a study grant that my condition was caused by climate change?

      • Hmmm, unfortunately, probably not, although if predictions bear out, you may become the recipient of the first ever documented beneficial aspect of global warmingistaism.

      • Too healthy? Global warming. Too wishy-washy? Global warming. Lost your taste for eggs? Global warming. Like eggs more than ever? Global warming.

        Lost respect for doomsday media? I’ll let you figure that one out.

    • I sure hope so Tom…I am sitting on a mountain of Geritol stock I got several decades ago after binge watching Lawrence Welk reruns by mistake.
      In the drawer with my Kodak, Sears, and Lucent Technologies shares.
      I was beginning to question the buy and hold and forget investment strategy…but now I think I will double down!

  4. The only redeeming idea of all these atrocious claims is that they will ALL be disproven simply by time. Global warming is not a problem. Global cooling is not a problem yet. But humans have nothing to do with the global climate, regardless of such ridiculous claims. Remember the ‘right handed sharks’ article? How long have sharks been with us? Uh, 450 million years. How have reefs lived through the ice ages and interglacials? Well, that’s what they do. They’ve only been around for about 25 million years.
    Why are more bites anticipated? Because humans are intruding on their territory, not because of the climate. Holy crap. How can people sign their signature to these stupid claims??? Don’t they realize that time will NOT bear them out, but show them as crackpots?

    • John,
      I’m sure the Warmunistas’ would explain to you that there are more right-handed shark bites because Globull warming has forced humans to live near the seaside thereby necessitating said humans to enter the sharks’ domain.

    • John Shotsky

      You will of course note this cunning little addition to the report:

      Animal bites are most common among people living in rural, resource-poor settings, who subsist on low-cost, non-mechanical farming and other field occupations.

      In other words, the poverty stricken in places like Africa who have to hand till soil because they don’t have access to modern farm machinery or processing facilities.

      • A good example of how averaging over a world scale makes for stupid non-useful results.

        1. Animal bites are increasing in Africa.
        2. Average the number of animal bites over the entire world.
        3. Now the average number of animal bites in large cities have gone up by a comparable rate.

        But its all just a statistical trick, and once again, the average figure generated is not representative of any particular location.

  5. They must sit around smoking dope talking about what else they can claim is caused by “Climate Change/Global Warming”.

  6. Fortunately, climate change will cause the human brain to increasingly prefer the company of cats over dogs, and so the number of bites will decrease sharply, mirroring the trend in the average IQ of climate scientists over time.

      • Some cats bite, I concur (dogs hate that word…triggers ’em), but their toofeses are much smaller.
        Cat scratchings will likely skyrocket though.

          • “Cat Scratch Fever” ? Ha, that’s just a Fairy Tale made up by that Deplorable Climate Denyer Ted Nugent guy ! /sarc

          • Ive had it, and was lucky to survive.
            still have follow on issues from it too.
            seriously DO watch any cat bites and scratches you or kids get.
            wouldnt say it had climate as a reason
            just a very p’d off cat i was grooming and i dint get bitten i just got embedded fur under skin
            the owner whom the cat DID bite?
            I was too ill for a year to even wonder how he went.

  7. Do these “researchers” honestly believe that an average annual temperature increase of something between 0.01 to 0.03 degrees F has a measurable effect on the number of dog bites? Surely not currently…maybe someday if we don’t scrap “renewables” and go nuclear in the next 50 years.

    • There is a picture of a dog on the post but that isn’t the report is about all animal bites it doesn’t specifically single out dogs.

      • Cute dog, too. I’ll bet it would rather lick a person than bite a person.

        Of all the ridiculous claims about the effects of CAGW, this one has to be one of the worst.

        Do Medical Doctors get climate cash, too, if they mention climate change in their study? They must. What else would explain such an absurd study?

        Here’s what they say in the article:

        “Stanford researchers warn that the number of animal bites is likely to rise amid climate change and developmental pressures.”

        “Is likely”. Can’t get more definitive than that, can we? Here’s some other definitive terms they could have used: Maybe. Might. Possibly.

        Pure speculation. As is all of climate science. Huge assumptions. No evidence.

        What a fiasco!

    • No, they don’t. If you actually go to the linked study, it makes absolutely no mention of climate change. Dr. Forrester is doing a bait and switch on you.

  8. Quick tip:
    If an animal clamps onto you, especially if it is a cat, you just need to wait a second or two, it will either get bored with the “kill” or change its grip….. (then you run for your life).

        • While that advise works for sharks, it doesn’t work for crocodiles. They can outrun a human over short distances, and they launch themselves out of the water at you getting the element of surprise. Oh, and they’ll be found in fresh water just as much as salt water. So don’t get complacent.

    • Probably best to call the clamped limb a goner…cut your losses: Gnaw it off pronto and get runnin’!

  9. Here in wacko Marin County, I haven’t seen or been bitten by a mosquito seen I moved here 35 years ago. I got eaten alive in NY when the 1974 Ice Age was starting.

    • Lucky for you.
      Here in Florida, the mosquitos have tattoos and face piercings and wear leather jackets.

  10. So animals will bite us more, but because of CAGW extinctions there will be fewer animals to bite us. Eventually the scary stories start canceling each other out.

  11. Sigh. And no significant global temperature rise in 20 years yet all these symptoms are associated with it.

  12. ‘Rising temperatures are already exposing people in temperate climates to more mosquitoes and ticks’

    An empty assertion.

    • What is exposing people to more ticks in the eastern US is the increased quantity and proximity of wildlife to human habitat, especially deer. I learned about this back in the 1980’s while an SF medic learning about tick borne diseases. Here in Indiana these days there are far more deer than were recorded during the first “deer census” in the 1890s. A few years ago the deer overpopulation situation got so severe the state sponsored hunts that included the State Parks because the starving deer were taking such a toll on the flora. Of course PETA and other loons protested the hunts.

      • In the areas around most major cities the numbers of deer are way up due to less hunting in those areas. At the same time deer into vehicle accidents are rising steadily, not to mention over browsing of foliage and increases of people exposed to deer, and other animal, borne insects and their diseases. And none of this has anything to do with climate, just lack of population control. Add Wasting Disease to the mix, it is becoming more prevalent across much of America, and it just gets sadder. People are focused on non-existent climate change disaster and not addressing real, solvable problems.

  13. “it is expected encounters with animals may increase and could result in increased animal-related injuries.”
    That may happen and could happen. Results like this are sure worthy of being published in the online BMJ journal Trauma Surgery and Acute Care Open. I am sure it makes for interesting reading by trauma surgeons.

  14. If it’s bad, it must be global warming or Trump.

    And if it’s good, then it must be…well, there is no good, because of global warming and Trump.

  15. This is way off topic. But I need a answer and I don’t know where else to go.
    I asked for actual data regarding the claims that stuff like hurricanes, forest fires, and droughts were increasing. Somebody directed me to a site which stated that the data for forest fires prior to the 1960’s should not be considered due to its inaccuracies as a result of more than one person reporting the same fire. Now this seems like BS to me because other historical data has been adjusted and used so why could not forrest fire data be adjusted and used.

    • Every government agency that tracks these shows that there are no more extreme weather events than there ever were. Just type WUWT EXTREME EVENTS and you will be taken to a page that shows you everything you need to know.

  16. Notice that the article did not say that they had accumulated data to say that there were more animal bites per capita than before. THAT IS BECAUSE THERE HAVEN’T BEEN. It sickens me to think that these scientists got funding for this.

  17. Everyone seems to be able to put a piece of cloth on their animal and, voila, they have a service animal, suitable to go into places where untrained animals have no business.

    Dogs and so forth are now everywhere, and many are zero trained and some quite hostile. Yet these people suggest the incidents of untrained dogs reacting to humans they see as a threat are because of a slight rise (probably predominantly natural) in temperature?

    • My dogs get super heated when they come in from the freezing weather outside into my 70 degree house and they have never bitten me because of the temperature change. In fact, they seem to like staying in a warm, cozy place when it is cold outside. I think these doctors are wrong. Dogs like a little warmth. It doesn’t make them aggressive.

  18. Global warming is the monster of big lies, so they’ll repeat it again and again and again until people begin to believe it or just give in! And since the global warming fraud is the entire foundation of the globalist world government They WIll Not Stop until something or someone finally undeniably exposes the fraud.

  19. “Rising temperatures are already exposing people in temperate climates to more mosquitoes and ticks”

    Actually it’s the other way around. There are no places in the world that are worse for mosquitos than the boreal forests and moorlands. The same for ticks, much worse in the north than the south. And the worst malaria epidemic ever was in Siberia.

    Chiggers only occur down south though.

    • As far as ticks getting worse if the weather gets hotter, we had a heatwave and drought in the central U.S. in about 2010 that was one of the hottest summers I have ever expienced, and I would go walking through the woods around my house, a prime location for ticks in summer, and I spent several weeks walking the woods and watering the trees (the reason I was walking in the woods) and never got one tick on me.

      I found out later that high temperatures like that (100F+ for weeks on end) devastate the tick population.

  20. Softening folks up for an assault of fee, cost and price increases.
    Oldest trick in the book

    I know what, suggest folks take up tobacco smoking.
    Remember Doc? As you suggested people do to help with their asthma 80 & 90 years ago?
    That worked well, AND via Eisenhower’s heart-attack, resulted in The Most Nutritious Food known to Man, Women and Children (tiny babies especially) becoming regarded as a Deadly Poison. Saturated fat.
    Then the real actual plant-derived and actual poison replaced it. Glucose sugar
    End tangent

    Not least as any active (and retired) modern day smoker knows, and doctors *would* know if they weren’t all decamped to Planet Moneygrub, nicotine is an epic insect repellent and poison.
    Hence why the tobacco plant invented it. Not a difficult concept unless you’re drunk or chronically depressed.

    Oh wait, nicotine is used in insecticides in modern farming. Systemic though.
    Bingo, light comes on!
    Get these ‘poor’ farmers to drink the nicotine pesticide, less cancer risk than smoking it.
    That’ll surely protect them from insect bites.

    Wait some more. Farmers in India are doing that already.
    Wonder how its working out for them?

    Penny drops. Cannabis.
    Is *that* why it is being legalised?
    Mixed with baccy and smoked that must be one truly epic insect repellent.

    Yes. Good result.
    Doctors *really* do care about their patients, they’re not just saying it as a ruse to increase the (financial) care every one else has to lavish upon them.

    But accidents *will* happen and that eventuality is already covered – twice over.
    If the recommended alcohol don’t numb the pain, One Phat Handful of Opium surely will.

    Thrice over: I forgot about ‘lawyers’

    Oh what a wonderful world….

    • straight normal nicotine for pest control would be fine
      the neonics are a synthetic bastardised variant.
      and funny thing re tobacco plants?
      i grew some and the damned earwigs lived in the cured leaves and thrived!
      so nat tobacco mightnt be the go to option
      i prefer derris dust(rotenone)
      short life and not overly nasty, yet effective in sparing use

  21. So, climate change makes people so stupid they can’t properly handle pets or use pesticides to eliminate biting/stinging insects? Got it! It clearly makes some people stupid, or they simply were born stupid in order to believe humans are causing climate to change.

  22. Based on actual experience, I get bit by mosquitoes more frequently when the sun starts to, or is already gone and the temperature has dropped a few degrees compared to earlier in the day. I swear they also prefer my blood when it has some percentage of beer or wine in it as well.

    • It is my undestanding that mosquitoes are attracted to the CO2 given off by humans. Perhaps a larger increase of CO2 in the atmosphere will better hide us.

    • That has been my experience on 3 continents. Do get some mosquito activity through day, it really picks up as the day winds down and sweat really tends to bring them on. Well, Central America is not actually a continent, so, 2 continents and a region. And between south Louisiana and Alaska, hands down, Alaska. They be multi engine model up there!

  23. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at the stupidity of these never ending claims …”likely caused by climate change”.
    The good news is the credibility of the movement goes down with every single failed, and/ or stupid claim.
    You don’t need to be a scientist to smell B.S. in these desperate and ridiculous statements. I don’t know how far below zero their credibility can go, but they keep trying.

  24. I would say 4 G and increased number of vaccines pets get play a bigger role. Wait till 5 G rolls out, you any seen nothing like it yet except on walking dead or kings “the cell”.

  25. Doctors cite climate change for rise in animal bites, U.S. health care costs

    1 week ago December 16, 2018

    From NBC News

    Doctors don’t cite african people claiming moscito nets don’t do it in the long run.

    DDT went forbidden by the morally superior.

    So be it.

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