Hate mail of the week

I get plenty of hate mail here at WUWT. Marc Morano at Climate Depot gets more than I do, and shared this with me. It’s fairly typical for climate alarmists and leftists to resort to such smearing, because they really don’t have anything else.

Here’s a real gem. Warning – graphic language. Note, the email address is left in because he threatens to “make a new email” if he’s blocked, so I have no privacy concerns about this cowardly jerk as the email address is likely faked to begin with.

From: Anonymous <b.clark.ma@gmail.com>
Date: Sat, Dec 8, 2018, 17:16
Subject: Contact form submission (widget) on Climate Depot
To: <contact form>

** This is a contact submission made from a widget on Climate Depot **From: AnonymousEmail:

Message: Messaging you to let you know how much of a horrible person I believe you to be. The propaganda you spread is horrifying. I cannot wait for the day you die and are sent straight to hell, in fact I pray for it every day. From now on you will receive an email from me once a day until you are dead. Dont try to block me as I will just make a new email. Go fuck your mother

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  1. Hmmmm….. I once knew a sailor that talked like that –when he was being pleasant. He could really turn it on when he was angry.

      • Hi Steve, Thanks for you service to the country.

        Here’s my letter to B. Clark.

        Dear B. Clark
        You seem to be a hateful self loathing Grinch that does not have a happy moment, living in your dream, wishing that the world is going to end, just to prove your right. I suggest you go out and buy a nice Christmas tree and invite some Army and Navy vets over for a nice Turkey feast. Watch YouTube videos of the night Trump became President and ended the Globalist dream of Carbon Tax paradise, they are beautiful binge watching. Be careful your Liberal brain doesn’t explode .

        Messaging you to let you know how much of a horrible person I believe you to be. The warmist propaganda you spread is horrifying. Their is no global warming catastrophe, except in hell. In fact I will pray every day you have a long normal life so you can realize just what a fool you have been. Go kiss your mother, it must be hard on her dealing with a Climate nut and a liberal both conditions can make you certifiably insane.

    • A sure fire stopper to all those idiots,

      Please explain the why and wherefore of “GREENLAND”
      (grass and other greens under 300 meters of ice )

      • I was taught in elementary school that Greenland was so named so as to fool settlers into moving there, whereas Iceland was so named so as to discourage settlers. That was in the ’60s – well before CAGW.

        • Actually, much of coastal Greenland was quite green around the 10th century and for years thereafter. It was sold as green to attract sheepherders and farmers; I can’t remember what plant crops were grown there, but some were; and sheep and goats were raised there for well over a century. It was only when the Medieval Warm Period had run its course, and ice returned to the coasts, that the sheep farms were abandoned and the farmers moved back to warmer climes.

          • “I can’t remember what plant crops were grown there”

            Only barley (on a small scale). Barley can’t be grown there now, but potatoes can.

        • I understood the name “Iceland” when my Icelandic relatives visited. They wanted to go to Vancouver Island and pronounced the normally-silent “s” so that it sounded like “Vancouver Iceland.” The country’s name just means “Island” – and they still pronounce the “s”.

          • No.

            “Island” means “Iceland”, norse “is” = ice

            In Norse (and modern Icelandic) island is “ey” plural “eyar” like in “Vestmannaeyar” =”Westman Islands”.

            Your Icelandic relatives are just a bit shaky on english pronounciation.

          • “The country’s name just means “Island” – and they still pronounce the “s”.”

            That’s incorrect. The name of the country (and island) is certainly “Island” in Scandinavian languages. It would be pronounced approximately like “ease lahnn” in English. However, it means “ice-land”; not “island”. The name certainly alludes to the glaciers that more than a tenth of the island is covered by. In Icelandic the name has an accent on the i (Í). In the Nordic (expect the Finno-Ugric) languages, “island” is spelt ø, ö, øy or ey (similar to English isle).

            Not far from were I live, on the peninsula (“half-island”) (and in the municipality of) Frosta, there’s a farm named Island…

            And “Frosta” doesn’t have anything to with “frost”; it means “ridge”. Other places on Frosta you find the Rygg and Kvamman farms, which happen to also mean “ridge” (although Kvamman is plural).

            Frosta borders the village and former municipality of Åsen to the east. The indeterminate form of “åsen” is “ås”, which means… you guessed it; “ridge”!

            Complictated stuff indeed, and that’s part of what makes it so interesting.

            [The mods note that you must ascen de ridge to cross the frost line of the farm island . .mod]

      • Warmists claim “Greenland” was the name given to that huge, uninhabitable island by the original developers, who were selling time-share condos to suckers there at the time.

        • Yes it is actually told in Grönlaendingasaga that Eirik Raude called Greenland green, because it would be easier to attract settlers to a land with an attractive name.

      • nottoobrite: I don’t think “warmists” will be able to do that. It might be that real arithmetic (2+2=4) is too deep a subject for them, if 2+2= anything they want (results justify the means?). They might also not have a big enough sense of time. To me, a century is only about weather, a millennium is the minimum for discussing climate.

  2. All part of the ‘tolerant’ left. Freedom of speech in the first person, ONLY
    Conservative talk radio host

  3. Anonymous forgot to accuse Marc Moreno of being in the pay of the evil fossil fuel companies, and being stupid. Otherwise, a typical product of the education system.

    • A filter that uses words and phrases in the email might be more certain as email addresses change.

      Use their own word speak against them.

  4. He is going to force you to hit “delete” once a day? The MONSTER! I wonder how they keep coming up with such winning strategies?

  5. By climate alarmist standards, that’s an above average quality of statement.

    Very sad, but there is a lot of this type of high quality comment about, all helping confirm the logic that climate Armageddon is imminent.

      • Reddit subs can of course ban you for “wrong think”. Happened to me about 20 times so far and I wasn’t even trying. The science forums do the same if the questions you ask are leading readers down an unacceptable path. And don’t even try to get me started on wikishitty!
        Global Warming baiting on Reddit can be funny if you have an evening to spare. Takes nearly no effort to get one of the paid operatives engaging with you and repeating word for word the script from last year. Interestingly the massive virtually instant downvotes often reverse if left for a week or so. Their downvoting bots don’t keep track for more than a day or 2 after the thread ends. You can therefore get useful visibility for well made points.

        • So far they don’t have a script (or answers) for this:

          What are the photon absorption bands of CO2?
          What are the photon absorption bands of water vapor?
          What is the overlap?
          What does it mean?

    • Hold Brendan Clark to his promise… if he doesn’t email each and every day, email him back to remind him that he’s slacking. Keep doing so until you drive him into babbling insanity and he’s pleading with you to stop, or until he changes his email address to get away from you.

      The only way to win with these whackos is to be more whacko than they are… the difference being that we can turn it off and resume our sane and happy lives, whereas they are stuck in their sad angry little lives, sucking the CAGW teat to bolster their humanity-hating beliefs.

      Brendan’s a kook and a wanker anyway… if anyone deserves being driven round the bend into Crazy Town, he does.

      Let’s stop mollycoddling these insane kooks.

  6. “Send an email everyday till you die” gee someone has no life. Be interesting to see how long that will last. Perhaps you could email him back asking him if he knows how hypocritical he is. Does his computer run on renewable energy?If he is aware the plastics in his computer or smart phone are petroleum based. That the entire internet he is using to send the email uses huge amounts of electricity and unless its powered by 100% renewables he is just adding to global warming. Perhaps you could suggezt he uses carrier pigeons next time 🙂

    • No carrier pigeons allowed, that would constitute unfair speciesism and animal cruelty….

      • Another one who will proudly tell you they are using solar power, at midnight, I then ask Well if you have battery bank maybe, do you, NO. Well where are you getting your power from to run your house and computer, solar hahahahaha, maybe moonlight. There just seems to be this blank space between their ears about where power comes from at night.

    • That’s actually a really good idea. If Brendan Clark doesn’t email his hate-missives each and every day, email him back and remind him that he’s slacking. Be sure to remind him that he *promised* to email each and every day until he assumed room temperature, and his failure to do so is indicative of someone who is a failure at life because he’s a failure at following through on all the small things that make up life, such as firing off stupidity-filled screedmail each and every day to those who subscribe to reality, as he’d promised.

      At the bottom of each email sent to him, include some inconvenient fact which utterly decimates his religious belief in the CAGW scam.

      He’ll be begging for mercy in no time. If there’s one thing libtards can’t stand, it’s having their insanity impeded upon by reality. Having *invited* same would quickly drive Brendan Clark over the edge.

      It’s time to stop treating these brain-damaged kooks with kid gloves. Target them, force them to face their insanity, and if they fail to rectify their errant thinking, use facts, reality and indefatigable determination to turn their brains to mush.

      I used to be a Usenet troll… and I miss making Klimate Katastrophe Kooks so perturbed that they mash their keyboards randomly before hitting the ‘Send’ button because they don’t have a cogent reply, so flustered that they compose song lyrics as tribute to their intellectual superior, so driven insane that they find themselves utterly unable to write complete sentences, so impotently angry that they spend literally days straight awake and raping Google for some hint of the identity of the person shoving reality down their slack-jawed pieholes. We need to start doing that to these kooks.

      You haven’t lived until you’ve driven a Klimate Katastrophe Kook into involuntary psychiatric treatment.

      • Sending an e-mail every day is using electricity wastefully and generating CO2 which is causing global warming. I suggest the sender transmit his message in a more environmentally friendly and sustainable way like writing it on recycled paper and walking it over.

  7. The author of this email prays!
    The general emotive tone suggests a female writer.
    Some very interesting psychology going on.
    A monstrous example of moral licensing, for starters.
    Both a church-goer and a CAGW disciple.
    Thus a gold-mine of moral license to spend on hate-mail.

      • What are his Amazon Prime login credentials then? (just kidding)

        There are search services available to reverse lookup email addresses, etc. Is this what you used?

      • They don’t know how the interweb works because Al Gore never told them – and if HE didn’t tell them it doesn’t exist!

        • I think everyone knows where I live…

          I find this sort of time wasting (on his end) helpful in that one can help create a timewasting distraction for him. The point of a mail-answering robot is to entertain them with canned responses and keep them writing explanations several hours a day. It keeps them off other people’s backs.

          There are a limited number of these e-freaks so getting them to communicate profusely with a computer chip is a useful thing for society. In the computer security arena there are things called sandboxes and honeypots where the children are ring-fenced and play to their hearts content.

          If they wind up to making threats, its the clanger for them. Not that complicated.

          • I remember once implementing a conversational bot , some people got real angry with it/me. The bot was simple, it did a semantic analysis then negated the meaning and sent back a manufactured argumentative response, with a little tweaking you could check for keywords then select an argument from a database of answers. it would be wonderful to divert these emails to such a bot and just sit on the sidelines and watch.

      • Anthony, I am sorry to see honest Christian scientists persecuted by the Godless practitioners of the religion of climate change
        I pray you are able to endure and overcome all the hate directed towards you. I can only imagine the hatemail you receive everyday. If it’s like what our president gets, I pray for you.
        I am a long viewer and reading thst awful letter,it made me angry and had to reply

      • My friend Dr. Tim Ball has received many death threats, probably because he lives on Canada’s loony Left Coast. It seems that the climate lemmings run West, and build up in Vancouver before dropping into the Pacific.

        I only ever received one threat, in 2002, after I wrote the first article in the National Post that slammed the imbecilic Kyoto Accord. I concluded that our Prime Minister Jean Chretien (aka Jean Poutine) should scrap this expensive folly and instead buy every Canadian a Honda Accord – that would be much cheaper and more sensible.

        I received an angry, threatening email from a guy who held me personally responsible for the flooding of the Prague. Little old me! Flooded Prague! Who knew?

        I replied: “Dear Sir, you are entirely correct. I am The One fully responsible for the flooding of Prague. Now “frack off” or I’ll do it again.”

        But I only ever received one threat. That bothered me for a time. I mean, had I not spoken out enough against global warming idiocy? Had I not published enough articles slamming this nonsense?

        I mean, y’know, like, I mean, um, totally, y’know… Was I not worthy?


    • I don’t know any “church-goers” who behave in this way.

      Not saying none of them do, but to connect this email writer with “church-goers” as a group is utterly absurd, and nearly as marginally less hateful than the email itself.

    • Nope, not a church-goer. Not even a Gaia worshiper

      Climate pseudoscience is becoming a new religious order. I fully expect to see a few seminaries start to open, and retreats to discuss how to convert the World of Unbelievers to their cause. It’s more likely to be someone who sacrifices detergent pods to people who work in climate science, hoping that they will be his salvation.

      Probably about 15 years old.

      • Probably just 15 years old mentally. An actual 15 year old interested in reading Climate Depot would probably be more scientifically astute.


      • They aren’t the seminary type. More the pounding-heads-with-picket-signs and mace-in-your-face kind, cf. Berkeley when Milo Yiannopoulous came to speak on the subject of suppression of free speech on campuses.

        Conversion through violence is more their style; expect more of the same as we heretics continue in our benighted failure to see the light.

        • It would be good if the violent types stayed out of Arizona. Neither the police nor the citizens are apt to be patient about that. There are probably many states with similar policies. If you confront and threaten someone, he/she doesn’t need to wait until you attack them physically. Just being aware and afraid that an attack is imminent is enough to use deadly force.

          • That’s theoretically true in pretty much every state. The problem is when biased police frisk and disarm the likely victims of violence — but not their opponents — and then stand down. This has already happened twice in Berkeley and once in Portland, all three times ordered by the mayors; and courts have refused to hold the mayor or police liable. So in effect, both cities are now no-go zones until and unless the people rise up en masse and fight and defeat the police (fat chance).

          • And the Police union (normally considered Democratic leaning) has loudly denounced Mayor Wheeler’s stand down orders. The city is so wimpy that they claim that they can’t require permits or even notification for demonstrations. (of course the fascists, who lie and claim that they are antifascist-would not ever tell the truth that their purpose is to beat the snot out of those they disagree with and destroy property)

    • I think it was Michael Crichton who posited that humans have a long history of religious belief, and with the decreasing popularity of mainstream religions people still need some kind of religion to fill the gap. Enter climate catastrophism, the idea of an Eden before the industrial revolution and/or farming, etc. to fill the gap. Of course, this is a pseudo-religion, lacking the fulfillment of a more legitimate religion. Note how the kid who wrote the email is “praying” for death and eternal damnation, instead of anything positive.

      • “Those who don’t believe in God will believe in anything” is the “proverb” which seems to apply. Climate Alarmism seems to be the greatest example to date. I believe that if you were to poll those who claim we are on the verge of disaster because of climate change believe that the Bible is just man-made literature or that there is no God. If a person, either Jew or Christian, believes that God wrote the Scriptures he will know that CAGW is a lie, that the Owner of this universe won’t let insignificant little snots like us ruin this beautiful planet.

          • Well, I’m a theist and though I find alternative explanations for the existence of an uncreated universe irrational, I’m mature enough to not be offended by one believes otherwise.

          • Ozonebust
            December 9, 2018 at 6:14 am
            I am an atheist and I find this type of drivel offensive

            As a life-long atheist (I am now in my 70s) and believer in science and the primacy of evidence, for me religion, ozone ‘hole’ caused by CFCs, alien visitation, faith healing (other than psychological) and, of course, cAGW/ACC are without any scientific evidence. Until such evidence is produced I will remain sceptical.

            I’m not offended by religious rants – almost all religions do that. It’s when they try to foist it on others that they act like cAGW believers and can cause untold horror. Believe quietly and get on with life and let others do the same….. because all believers are atheists as far as all religions, than their chosen one, are concerned.

    • Saying that one prays is not proof that one is a church-goer, it’s not even proof that he’s a believer.
      Saying that you pray for something is so embedded into the culture that I’ve known avowed atheists who say it from time to time.

      • Prayer is not necessarily proof that the one who prays is either religious or moral or spiritual. In ancient Etruria*, most prayers consisted of exhortations for a god* to do nasty things to one’s enemies. These imprecations were often sung (fr. Latin canto/cantare, hence the word incantation.

        * and other places
        ** or demon. The Etruscans weren’t fussy.

  8. Strange that the sender wishes to be anonymous. This person isn’t proud of their sentiments?


  9. I think he is a little confused. He would have no way to know even if you did block him, so he wouldn’t know to create a new email address! If he can’t understand that, it’s no surprise he can’t figure out CO2.

    He also doesn’t seem to understand the difference between an ‘email’ and an ‘email address’.

    Why is this so typical?

    • Greg
      It may be typical because the stereotypical hard-core climate zealot is challenged by critical thinking and may be IQ challenged as well. They are coping as best as they know how.

  10. You can tell by the language that this person has been programmed.

    That’s what dumbing down education is all about. Compliance and no questions asked.

    • It’s not only education, it’s child entertainment too. Sitting here reading WUWT while my daughter is watching one of her usual cartoon programs, called Teen Titans, and one character called Cybord is underneath a car on a hoist being serviced. The character talks about having fitted “…low-emissions muffler…” I kid you not.

  11. I cannot wait for the day you die and are sent straight to hell, in fact I pray for it every day.

    Let’s see … how could that backfire?

    • commieBob December 8, 2018 at 4:10 pm
      Ah, be careful what you pray for, God may answer. But not in the way you expect.

      p.s. don’t tempt God, ever.

      • I have the opinion that he’ll is the place where you are given everything you have asked for. So be careful.

  12. As a health care worker we get plenty of profanity especially from inebriated patients. Since I previously spent nine years in the Canadian Armed Forces my response is always the same, “I spent nine years in the army, so until you can put it to the tune of “The North Atlantic Squadron” I’m unimpressed. Anyone doubting the profanity of that song is advised to look it up.

    • Yes, I read it several times searching for the conclusive evidence that would make me change my mind. Didn’t find any. How strange.

  13. This writers IQ is too low to make a debatable argument in favor of you re-evaluating your actions, that they find offensive. They find those actions “offensive”, because of a “belief” structure that they cannot effectively describe because they don’t fully understand it. They just trust others who generate “fear”, more than they trust someone that outputs “logic”. And as many have pointed out “logic”, seems to be beyond the scope of their thought process. Rage has become the highest priority thread, in their system, and it is blocking the “rationality thread” from executing.
    I have pity for people like this. They derive temporary satisfaction from venting on others. It is a lonely life, that ends sooner than most, in a place not of their choosing. And are not missed when they are gone.

  14. I just prayed for your good health and peace for your immortal soul.

    NOW what is God supposed to do?

    • God answered the nasty sender of Mark’s e-mail by creating a major winter storm across the southern USA.
      Best that people pray to be decent.
      We await to see what God sends your way.

      • Including the child who prays for his father to stop raping him at night?
        Funny how that prayer never gets answered. If God exists, he must be a heartless bastard.

        • He goes to prison, the inmates have no mercy for child abusers, most of them have been abused.
          The guards turn a blind eye, because he deservers what he is going to get.

  15. Translated: “I can’t refute what you say so instead I’ll wish for your speedy death”. A very scientific comeback…..

  16. At least you know he won’t be able to send any more emails until the next time he escapes the asylum.

  17. I used to teach high school in Sydney’s west, and could mix it with the worst of them if needed. 😉

    That email seems pretty tame to me, written by a pathetic, lite-weight, non-entity !

  18. Lost me at … “propaganda”. Hint: I’ve yet to see “propaganda” done with math equations.

    Related: where are Dr. Mann’s maths?

  19. I worked as a cop in Glasgow. Our everyday dialogue was unrepeatable on here.

    This moron has no imagination whatsoever. As Einstein said (I believe) “I have been dead for millions of years and it has done me no harm whatsoever.”

    Humanity exists in the blink of a celestial eye. To imagine we could do any meaningful damage, or good, to this planet is just hedonistic narcissism.

    We will all be gone before the planets eyelid is lifted; believing we make a difference during it’s blink is simply clinging onto the desire for life in the face of certain death, which is humanities normal state.

    Death is nothing more than a state of change and change brings with it, opportunity.

    I have no fear of climate change, population growth or alien invasions. It’s simply change, and we have no control.

    The idiot who wrote that email is frightened of death and seeks to project his fear.

    Sad little Noollaberob*.

    *We got so bored with profane language when I was a cop we were forced to concoct insults for a giggle. This is one of the few repeatable ones. ~hint~ read it backwards, the first word has 4 letters.

    PS. A relative of mine was a Commander in the Royal Navy. They were so fed up with profanity (as were their wives following a deployment) they substituted ‘Harry’ for the eff word. Makes everyday expressions interesting. One wife was alleged to have squealed excitedly one evening “For Harry’s sake Harry me darling” ~Ahem~

    The sailor understood and din’t divorce her.

    • Hot Scot, I like the way you think. When I was young, still in High school, we had professor for an environmental class. He taught us about homeostasis and how the earth adjusts itself and compensates for whatever happens to it. He then told us about the wagon trails and the paths that we create in the woods and then told us in 18 months, if no one uses them, they are back to normal.

      Later he went on a rant about mankind’s footprint all over the place and how “evil” we were–with our developments and such–I raised my hand and said something like, “Well, you told us a out homeostatic and in 18 months it isn’t going to matter, so why are you upset?” I never understood why he got so angry with me. It’s like he didn’t understand his own lessons.

      • lol … you were a bit too rational you usurped the teacher role and revealed his lack of enough rationality. Its a cred thing.

  20. The face of fascism in the 21st century. If these people didn’t have their resentments they wouldn’t have any life at all.

  21. Obviously they don’t teach “love your enemies” in his religion!

    There is wonderful climate allegory in that Christian admonition to love your enemies and to pray for those who persecute you:

    “He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous*.

    There is probably a lesson in those old words for all of us in the strange chaos of this post-modern world.

    And so from Luke: (I did have to look these up!)

    “But love your enemies, do good to them, and lend to them without expecting to get anything back. Then your reward will be great, and you will be children of the Most High, because he is kind to the ungrateful and wicked. Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful.**”

    I’m not religious, I just like Comparative Mythology if anybody wondered! The Upanishads are a great read too! 😉

    *Matthew 5:43-48 New International Version (NIV)
    **Luke 6:27-36 NIV

  22. Hot Scot, I like the way you think. When I was young, still in High school, we had professor for an environmental class. He taught us about homeostasis and how the earth adjusts itself and compensates for whatever happens to it. He then told us about the wagon trails and the paths that we create in the woods and then told us in 18 months, if no one uses them, they are back to normal.

    Later he went on a rant about mankind’s footprint all over the place and how “evil” we were–with our developments and such–I raised my hand and said something like, “Well, you told us a out homeostatic and in 18 months it isn’t going to matter, so why are you upset?” I never understood why he got so angry with me. It’s like he didn’t understand his own lessons.

  23. Many solutions comes to mind
    1) track IPs from the form and give the info to the FBI
    2) apply a filter on the form to block those messages
    3) you can ask the location, through the browser and if not given, refuse the entry.
    4) ask to answer a fairly hard math question on the form before accepting it. This will block low IQ like this ☺

    Keep up the fight!

  24. Thunderbird’s Bayesian algorithms do very well at learning and detecting spam like this. The giveaways are probably tiny things that we wouldn’t consciously notice, but a computer sees it.

  25. I lay odds he lives in his mother’s basement AND she likes wattsupwiththat.

    Just track his IP and report him

    • “Please, Miss, he’s doing it too”, doesn’t cut it as an excuse for boorish behaviour any more.

    • Nick,
      Do you know if someone tried to examine those, at the time?
      Some seem a lot alike, and not just the nasty words.
      Also, I wonder if English is a 2nd language of one of the writers.
      Because the 2nd Amendment is mentioned, that one is likely a USA person.
      The education level seems to be very low.

      It is a shame people write this sort of thing.

    • A lot of people do, and it doesn’t come from just one side.

      Of course you’re right, Nick, however, it’s just that one of the much touted premises of the modern Progressive Left about themselves is that they are the tolerant One’s, i.e., that they are ensconsed (or at least, they ensconse the Ilks of They) upon the Captain’s Chair of inclusion and what-not, when as we see with this example and others that such a belief is just another boatload of mephitic hypocrisy.

    • Which of course should not decrease the repudiation you would stress regarding this present email that Anthony received.

      • “Which of course should not decrease the repudiation…”
        Of course. Actually, this email went to Marc Morano. In the earlier WUWT article I linked, speaking of emails to PJ that were similar or worse than the one cited here, AW said:
        “From my perspective, having been in television and radio newsrooms for 25 years, this is pretty run of the mill stuff. I’ve also gotten emails like this in my work on TV and radio, as well as during my publication of WUWT.”

    • Stokes
      I won’t claim that some skeptics aren’t seduced by the ‘Dark Side.’ It takes great restraint not to respond in kind. When I leave detailed, factual comments to Yahoo ‘news’ articles, I have come to expect to receive insulting, emotional responses that are not responsive to my facts. They are simply the kind of name calling that was typical in elementary school, most commonly, “denier.” They behave as though they believe that they have a license to insult based on their moral and intellectual superiority. In a word, they are insufferable.

      Incidentally, one of the things that I respect about you, is that even though often criticized by me and others, you respond civilly and, generally, factually. Although, we may disagree on the ‘facts.’

      • I disagree – I think he’s like Mosher – coming here to play the victim, claiming a phony high ground, while acting as an apologist for the real reprobates, who dominate his side of the fence, and to blur the fact that this is what WE are actually responding to.

        It’s not equal – not even close – and it’s not the same thing at all. Left to our devices, WE wouldn’t be bothering anybody.

  26. All these haters with their hate emails and threats. I keep thinking of an old joke about 2 ladies in a maternity ward about to give birth. The first if very talkative and can’t take a hint that the second doesn’t want to talk:

    1st: This will be my third baby. How many will this be for you?
    2cd: 2.
    1st: When I had my first my hubby bought me a 2 carat diamond ring, see (holds hand out).
    2cd: That’s nice.
    1st: When I had my second my hubby bought me a fur coat, ankle length.
    2cd: That’s nice.
    1st: When I have this one my hubby is buying me a red sports car.
    2cd: That’s nice.
    1st: What did your husband get you for your first baby?
    2cd: A book on etiquette and manners.
    1st: Whatever for?
    2cd: That way when someone annoys me instead of telling them to go F* themselves I just look at them and say “That’s nice”.

    Maybe Mr Moranno and Watts could have an auto reply of “That’s nice” to all their hate mail?


    • In Texas, the phrase is “well, bless your heart”!

      So much more culturally refined than the British “bugger off”.

  27. “From now on you will receive an email from me once a day until you are dead. Dont try to block me as I will just make a new email. Go fuck your mother.”

    If he does follow through on his threat to be a chronic harasser, then he can be referred to the police. Stalking is a crime in America, which this loser doesn’t seem to realize can be used against him.

  28. For a guy with a major in nonlinear intersectional transgender-bathroom power dynamics in a cis-normative patriarchal paradigm, he’s pretty articulate.

  29. I can’t begin to understand the stress that emails like this put on Bloggers such as Anthony , but as the vile rants and threats increase , know you are making a difference and getting to them .
    Try not to be forced into capitulation and forced from the work you do because for every one whacko you have won the respect of thousands more .

  30. I get this is aweful. It is. But come on both sides do this stuff. And when they do it’s not the side that’s aweful it’s the person.

  31. Sir Anthony, esq:
    You have the respect and affection of those
    who think and care. It is sad that those who
    don’t, or can’t, are condemned to be who
    they are.

    • i opened a gmail acct to do a mail transfer to a new pc
      within 7 days it was hacked password changed and I and i assume others now cop mail from that acct
      gmail ignored my requests for assistance or to shut the acct
      such a caring mob/s

  32. I’ve contended before that the non-science-literate believers in warming worries who vehemently attack sceptics, suffer from a mass neurosis of some kind. Some of the galloping warmer proponents are also sufferers – recall an epidemic of the “Climate Blues” among climate scientists occasioned by the “Dreaded Pause ^тм” that terminated their careers (Oh they rationalized a different reason, of course – a symptom of really being in D*nile).

    I wonder if indoctrination in education that the left instituted starting about 40 yrs ago to make people easier to control and direct toward neo -marxyness, including making them feel guilty and self loathing as a virus ruining the planet might have been the cause.

    Of course on the sceptical side , we too have nonthinking contrarians that neutralize our side of the debate and these are red herring served up by our opponents who brand all of us this way.

    • “I’ve contended before that the non-science-literate believers in warming worries who vehemently attack sceptics, suffer from a mass neurosis of some kind”
      And the skeptics who do it…. are they suffering from the same neurosis?

  33. I don’t think this should be of any concern . We have more important and urgent things to be getting worried about. Don’t forget, the World is about to end from Climate change… and it’s all our fault.People like this guy only cause a distraction. (sarc. just in case)

    Look, as soon as he finds his smarties, he’ll be ok again.

    Hope you all have a great Christmas, what ever way you endure it.


  34. What’s that about Karma?
    Well this guy’s/women’s/child’s thoughts and intentions are out there for all to see. This is also useful evidence of the alarming and malevolent self righteousness that underpins CAGW orthodoxy.

  35. It seems the irony of this trolls own words is lost on him/her/it. The reality is that they represent the real horrible lunatics is clear. Be brave, stay safe but no need on this side of the femce for safe spaces.

  36. Sticks and stones etc Anthony. You and your team do a great job here in what is obstensibly a very depressing state of affairs.

    More power to your collective elbows.

  37. I’m slightly surprised that March Morano gets more hate mail than Anthony. I would have expected it to be the other way round (no offense intended). Perhaps he has less efficient spam/obscenity filtration?

    • Morano’s site is more political, which is enough to cause more buttons to be pushed. He attacks the Washington and world elites in the climate arena. That is bound to get you more obscene emails.

  38. Now that’s a great example of a hater, thanks for sharing, Anthony. I bet he’s a fun guy to be around when he’s drunk, sarc.

    In other news, it’s been darn cold here in the PNW where I live, 5-10 degrees below normal. Looking forward to average temperatures coming my way next week.

  39. Over EU we get more than often expletives on the emergency frequency sounding like idiots high on drugs with handhelds.

    Mild form “Emergency, emergency, save the earth stop polluting !”

    More on the wild side, “I wish you all crash and burn in your fuel !”

  40. Interesting. ‘F*** your mother’ is a common Russian swear phrase and ‘make’ an email instead of ‘create’ an email is also suggestive of a non-english speaker. You may have just been trolled by Moscow.

  41. What a thoughtful and well-reasoned argument. I think I’m beginning to come around to his point of view.

    • I do have one question. Has he emailed you every day and has he in fact f-d yourmother? If not let it go. Hes nuts.

  42. A thought from ‘way back when’ – “Keep your words soft and sweet – you never know when you’ll have to eat them'”

  43. In the last 6 years of being quite active in several online areas (yes, I am retired, got to have a hobby!) I have “collected” nearly 100 personally directed death threats. It used to be that the biggest number came from the cryptocurrency shillers and scammers but in the last 2 years this switched and now the global warming ones are winning by a mile.
    My current tactic is to invite them round for tea, cakes and a chat. None appear to have taken up my offfer to date. Do you think they are scared? My wife’s cakes are actually quite nice.
    When I told our gardener about the death threats he immediately said that when people react like that it is confirmation you are right and they are wrong and they know it. He knew nothing about the arguments for/against when he said it.
    I have recently joined a couple of new clubs (IRL not online). Only last week one of the guys started talking about his fantastic investment in solar panels and the evils of CO2. I’m keeping quiet for a bit and letting him run with the line before reeling him in. Should be quite amusing as my first yank on the rod will be at the Xmas lunch party. WooHoo!

  44. I wonder if this anonymous emailer sent nasty emails to the leaders of China and India lambasting them for increasing their CO2 production year over year?

    If he hasn’t, then he doesn’t understand the problem. It’s not skeptics who are producing more CO2, it is China and India. They should be your focus if you believe CO2 is going to destroy our world.

    • “I wonder if this anonymous emailer sent nasty emails to the leaders of China and India lambasting them for increasing their CO2 production year over year?”

      Not much to wonder about. Seeing as they aren’t “white”, they can presumably do whatever they want.

  45. Standard practice among climate activists is to make ad hom remarks. Seems likely they have been briefed on how to do this by the NGOs, because they are all very similar. Plus, they usually don’t understand the subject anyway, their heads are full of meaningless propaganda soundbites.

    • Part of this is no doubt due to the fact that the bulk of them are… how to put it delicately… bottom-feeding pig-ignorant alcoholic drug-abusing swine. To them, that effword is no big deal and used as liberally as we might use “the” or “and”. Their neglected unloved kids learn it at their mother’s breast while she blows tobacco and other smokes in their faces and jabbers to her imbecilic friends on the cel phone. You probably have at least a few families like them nearby, and if you don’t, you’ve won life’s lottery.

  46. I try to report the facts, to the best of my ability. We have published the following conclusions since 2002.

    Allan MacRae, P.Eng.



    When the West finally wakes up, there will be an enormous backlash against the Greens, who are not only sabotaging our economies but are causing enormous harm to the world’s poor through deliberate energy starvation – and their past crimes such as the war on DDT that also caused tens of millions of deaths, mostly children under 5 years of age.

    The Greens are the great killers of our age, rivalling the death tolls of the great killers of the 20th Century.



    We knew that the Mann hockey stick (MBH98 etc.) was false when it was published, because it contradicted the historical climate record, eliminating both the Medieval Warm Period and the Little Ice Age, in order to bolster global warming alarmism and promote costly, ineffective and destructive green energy schemes.

    Environmental harm from these green energy schemes included accelerated draining of the vital Ogalalla Aquifer for corn ethanol production in the USA and clear-cutting of the rainforests in South America and Southeast Asia to grow biofuels. These actions continue to cause huge environmental damage.

    Energy costs have been sharply increased, vital electrical grids have been destabilized, and Excess Winter Deaths have increased.

    Based on the evidence, including the Mann hokey stick and the Climategate emails, global warming and green energy are the greatest scams, in dollar terms, in the history of humanity. Many trillions of dollars of scarce global resources have been squandered on global warming/green energy falsehoods.

    A fraction of these wasted trillions could have put safe water and sanitation systems into every village on Earth, and run them forever. About two million kids below the age of five die from contaminated water every year – over sixty million dead kids from bad water alone since the advent of global warming alarmism.

    The remaining squandered funds, properly deployed, could have gone a long way to ending malaria and world hunger.

    Told you so, years ago.

    Regards, Allan

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