A rebuttal to the ‘climate change timeline’ meme

You may remember that bit of climate ugliness from yesterday, a “timeline” covered at WUWT here.

Not to be outdone, Dr. Roy W. Spencer writes on Facebook:

I saw a global warming meme on the interwebs, and decided to answer it with my own.

…and mine is a little more family-friendly.

Indeed, it is, and just as compelling without the need to resort to four letter words.

UPDATE: CFACT did a “correction” of the original.

94 thoughts on “A rebuttal to the ‘climate change timeline’ meme

    • @TW2018, agree completely. Dr Spenser brings sanity to the fantasy by which I mean climate fiction of using insufficient models tune to carbon and overemphasizing climate sensitivity esp. in the recent US national assessment focusing on the extreme case RCP8.5 which is way over the top, and projecting out hundreds of years. It is hard to understand how supposed “scientists” can willingly even gladly sign on to this except that this religion has developed many followers because if they truly expressed their independent opinions they would get booted out of the club and would be forced to work at Arby’s or KFC.

      • Love is a four letter word. So is wife. Ex-wife, though, is 6 and that is evil. And that leads to another four letter word. Poor. Funny how those follow each other around…

    • As are “even” and “will”. But none of them are offensive to families four letter words like the original meme’s use of the F-word.

      • There should be some better tribute to Thomas Crapper, an Englishman who has made daily life better for billions of people.

        • “Crap” is a Middle-English word, so predates Thomas by centuries! It originally meant “waste”. Before his invention of the bell valve, flushing toilets did exist, but the flush (and the deposits!) had to be done manually. Older, much older people may remember the big cast iron water containers hovering menacingly overhead as you did your business. They contained a very large bell valve which was activated by a chain ending in a fancy ceramic handle. This all lead to a series of Victorian jokes about getting flushed, having your chain pulled etc.
          In some ways, the flush toilet lessened recycling as middens and under floor accumulations used to be exploited for useful material such as gun powder and fertilisers. House leases often required the lessees maintain middens, usually immediately outside a window! Soil under Southern slaves’ huts was collected for gun powder material etc in the Civil War.

        • Gunga Din

          So what do they say instead?
          “I have to take a Lew”?
          “……..It’s spelled ‘Loo’.

          And in answer to your question, one excuses oneself politely e.g. “An urgent matter requires my attention”. Or, in the case of a lady, “I simply must powder my nose”.

          One not so gentle might say “Please excuse me, but I’m going to wave goodbye to a friend who’s destined for an ocean trip”.

          If a gentleman’s trouser ‘buttons’ or more commonly his zipper is undone in public, one gently it points out, very quietly, by saying “you have egg on your chin old chap”.

          Skinning cats is a quaint British pastime.

          • “So what do they say instead?
            “I have to take a Lew”?“……..It’s spelled ‘Loo’.

            Thank you for the correction.
            (Guess I was thinking of a different kind of “crap”.)

          • “HotScot November 29, 2018 at 3:36 pm
            If a gentleman’s trouser ‘buttons’ or more commonly his zipper is undone in public, one gently it points out, very quietly, by saying “you have egg on your chin old chap”

            Here it is often a simple “Your fly/zipper is showing/down”, or “Your barn door is open or not closed”
            Others may simply say, “Do you troll here often?” or “Do you catch much trolling this street/building?”

            Usually, all is lighthearted. The cruel ones ensure you are standing in view of everyone, before they inform a person.

      • wow crop is a bad word there?
        man that must have sucked during horse and buggy days at the shops that sold riding accessories.

        • dmacleo

          Crop is a foodstuff generally grown in fields.

          One doesn’t usually buy foodstuff in a ‘tack’ shop, which is where we British usually buy our riding accessories.

          Tally Ho!

          • I’ll give you a riding crop, if your mount is that spirited. Mine is a gelding who enjoys youngsters riding and grooming him. Trained in reigning but very laid back.
            Registered as “Leanin’ On My Angel”.

  1. Sometimes I view new you tube videos about CC and leave a comment to the effect that the climate faithful need to lead humble, low carbon lifestyles so as not to be hypocrites, I bet they hate to hear that.

    • Interestingly enough, Youtube requires vast amounts of energy to host, post, and View content that a green making use of it to disseminate information will actually cause far more energy to be required…Not very green and even more hypocritical.

    • Brother Manard “Perhaps he died while carving it.”
      King Arthur “If he was dying, he wouldn’t have bothered to carve out ‘Aarauugh’.”
      Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975)

    • “The wind stops blowing. The lights go out. It is dark. You are likely to be eaten by a grue, and your wallet by a Green.”

  2. Honestly, I appreciate the effort to maintain the high road – but it’s like when you smash your finger.

    There’s a reason certain words exist, and ‘Oops,’ and ‘crap’ just don’t do a smashed finger any good.

    • Very true, but I like the way WUWT commenters will usually run down the list of exclamations, till they get to the one that is printable.

    • Joel Snider

      The term “Bother” is an admirable response to tapping oneself on ones finger with a hammer in Britain.

      Assuming a British gentleman would ever wield such an implement.

      • Or as my grandma used to say to grandpa (a circuit court judge), “Put down that screwdriver. What do you know about complicated machinery.”

  3. David Middleton:

    As someone once remarked to Mel Brooks – Na$i$m is not funny.

    Neither is Environmentalism. Out of all the Marxist Based “Religions” Environmentalism has killed more people than all other Marxist based “religions” combined (Mao, Stalin, Pot Pol, Hltler).

    If you believe Jordan Peterson, Climate Science is just another form of Marxism with a postmodern flavor.

    • As someone once remarked to Mel Brooks – Na$i$m is not funny.

      Ah, but G-Marxism is. It’s a blueprint for crass struggle and a theory of permanent revelry.

      Guided by the Marxist leader-dogmas of misbehaviourism and hysterical materialism, inevitably the masses will embrace, not only G-Marxism, but also each other.

      So there you have it, Marxism as the dogma of brotherly and sisterly love … down Rover.

  4. The REAL timeline:

    “The Earth has a fever!” – “The arctic is melting!” – “Polar bears are going extinct!” – “Coal is killing the planet!” – “Fossil fuels are evil!” – “Those who don’t believe are Deniers!” – “Deniers hate the planet!” – “Deniers are evil!” – “Democracy and capitalism are keeping us from saving the planet!” – “People must be forced to save the planet!” – “Green Heil! Green Heil! GREEN HEIL!”

    • You need to start your timeline about 10 years earlier.

      Then you can add, “A New Ice Age?” at the top of the list.

  5. It’s not just the cost. So called ‘renewable energy’ consumes more energy over its life-cycle than it produces. Renewable energy (as currently known) is not sustainable.

  6. Remember why this meme has been promoted. It’s a plea to keep the faith.
    No, nothing has happened yet. But they say it will.
    Keep on keeping on – The End Days Be Coming!

    If they weren’t losing they wouldn’t be saying “It will be oops”. They would still be saying “97% of our leaders say it’s already oops”.

    This is a retreat. A circling of the wagons. They think they are losing the argument.
    In fairness, not everything they think is wrong.

    • I am not clicking on any link to the Guardian. Not propping up their socialist dogma by supporting their advertisers.

      So… having not read the article, are they saying China need to be forced to stop building a new coal plant every 27 seconds and divert some of their income into helping Those Most At Risk and Developing Countries?

      Or that the West has failed and China needs to be our new Overlords?

      I am guessing the second.

  7. Meanwhile, in Australia, apparently recommending more learning and less activism in schools is ‘patronising’

    But when asked about the [students’] strike in parliament earlier this week, Prime Minister Scott Morrison urged students not to take part in the event and skip school.

    “What we want is more learning in schools and less activism in schools,” he told federal parliament.

    Fareha said she expected more support for young people who would be Australia’s potential future leaders and politicians.

    “I was really upset at first, then angry and then disappointed.”

    She said she expected that reaction but it was sad because he was Prime Minister and there should be more support for future leaders. “Instead we were just condemned and patronised.”


    • Zig Zag Wanderer

      PEDANT ALERT!!!!

      Does that even make sense, from a Prime Minister?

      Prime Minister Scott Morrison urged students not to take part in the event and skip school.

      Shouldn’t it have been: ‘Prime Minister Scott Morrison urged students not to skip school and take part in the event.’

      Either a crap PM or a crap journalist, or both!

      • The construction is proper as the dependent clause is “not to take part in the event and [not] to skip school” where “not” negates both the action of taking part in the event and skipping school. Had someone dropped a comma between “event” and “and,” then the PM would have clearly been suggesting that the students not take part in the event and that they also skip school.

  8. And then from the alarmist Stuff news web in NZ:

    Wonderful comment on an article in Stuff NZ, “The worst climate change denial myths, debunked by experts” Leith Huffadine (00:01, Nov 28 2018). The Huffadine article (yes indeed it is quite a huffy write!), is symptomatic of the alarmists dramatic debunking of climate circumstances with unsubstantiated conjecture, ie qualitative narrative. It is a silly article. (https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/108576327/the-worst-climate-change-denial-myths-debunked-by-experts?rm=m)

    But then in the comments section to Huffy’s fantasy rant some clown who hides under the moniker NZer20000, characterizes the alarmist lacuna perfectly.

    From NZer20000; “Um, the majority of scientists don’t just “believe” in human-made climate change. They have proved it with theories, models etc. There has been no convincing proof to the contrary. The Stuff comments section is full of lay people, many who do not even know how to spell, thinking they know better than scientists. Truly ridiculous”.

    So there we have it in very clear diction … it is not that scientists just “believe” in man made climate change … they have PROVED it with THEORIES, MODELS and ETC.

    Sadly most alarmist climate scientists will not see the irony and understand the ridiculousness of NZer20000 s qualitative conjecture on the qualitative. Sad but true.

  9. Title: ‘Timeline of the *social* consensus on climate’

    Blue section : World doomed by man-made global warming, unless global action
    Orange section : OK, some natural variability. But world imminently doomed by man-made climate change anyhow, unless drastic global action now!
    Red section : Waits for science to mature; peers beneath social bias. OOPS
    Yellow : Oh crap. Hey presidents, prime ministers, press guys, you know that big doomed thing you were saying, well…

    • Patrick MJD

      No wonder mental health is becoming such a problem amongst our youth.

      Those kids should be playing in puddles not campaigning in them.

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