Mark Reynolds

Claim: Weather Catastrophes are “Pearl Harbour” Opportunities to Implement a Carbon Tax

Guest essay by Eric Worrall Mark Reynolds, group executive director of the Citizens Climate Lobby, hopes this time Congress will act to implement a carbon tax, instead of letting another politically useful catastrophe slide by without meaningful climate action. It’s time to act on climate change with a tax on carbon By MARK REYNOLDS |…


Weekend Open Thread

Today is a three day weekend for most Americans, including me. Feel free to discuss any topic within the purvue and scope of this website. Guest authors are welcome to post submissions as regular postings will be light. Have a great holiday weekend everyone! -Anthony

Climate Psychology Handbook: Promote Renewables to Cure Debilitating Climate Angst

Guest essay by Eric Worrall h/t JoNova – a psychology handbook produced by the Australian Psychological Society recommends people suffering debilitating distress and helplessness about impending climate doom can recover their ability to function in society by becoming climate activists. … It is common for people to have very strong feelings about climate change. The…