Actual study headline: ‘Petro-masculinity: Fossil Fuels and Authoritarian Desire’

From the “muscle cars make you a petro-masculine misogynist” department comes this inane study that you just have to shake your head at. Published in SAGE Journals, of course it is paywalled. h/t to WUWT readers Robert Koeneke and Robert Balic,

Petro-masculinity: Fossil Fuels and Authoritarian Desire 

Cara Daggett


As the planet warms, new authoritarian movements in the West are embracing a toxic combination of climate denial, racism and misogyny. Rather than consider these resentments separately, this article interrogates their relationship through the concept of petro-masculinity, which appreciates the historic role of fossil fuel systems in buttressing white patriarchal rule. Petro-masculinity is helpful to understanding how the anxieties aroused by the Anthropocene can augment desires for authoritarianism. The concept of petro-masculinity suggests that fossil fuels mean more than profit; fossil fuels also contribute to making identities, which poses risks for post-carbon energy politics. Moreover, through a psycho-political reading of authoritarianism, I show how fossil fuel use can function as a violent compensatory practice in reaction to gender and climate trouble.

UPDATE: Reader “Gnomish” provided a link in comments to a PDF of the paper. Here are some passages that give you a sense of the mindset of this rant given faux legitimacy by being published in a journal:

White power pledges, breakfast cereals and masturbation may at first appear as adolescent pranks, but in the context of Trump’s America, they are all too serious. As initiation rites, they adhere to Theweleit’s analysis of the bodily practices of proto-fascist groups.By staying calm during beatings and limiting masturbation (making the body rigid), Proud Boys aim to enhance their masculinity, and in turn to become more successful with ‘real’women, who nevertheless remain, as among the freikorps, off-screen and imagined figures who threaten humiliation. Lurking behind the tactics of rigidity is a sense of personal failure; a shared frustration among white men who have struggled to find a housewife willing to receive their veneration.

Petro: both hard and soft. Both the solidification of toxic masculinity, and the grimy, deathly flows (oil, gas) let loose as psychological compensation for that self-discipline. Like the freikorps’ cruelty, or the clamour to torture detainees after September 11 analysed by Robin, burning fossil fuels in an age of global warming can offer a compensatory practice of violence. Fossil fuel systems provide a domain for explosive letting go, and all the pleasures that come with it – drilling, digging, fracking, mountaintop removal, diesel trucks. In the words of Sarah Palin, ‘drill, baby, drill!’61

Helpfully, the aesthetics of fossil fuels – most particularly oil – are ripe for recoding as expressions of sexualised power and orgasmic satisfaction. The parallels between rape and extractivism have been well documented.62 Stephanie LeMenager writes of ‘oil’s primal associations with earth’s body, therefore with the permeability, excess, and multiplicity of all bodies’, such that ‘the spectacle of [oil’s] gushing from the earth suggests divine or Satanic origins, a givenness that confers upon it an inherent value disassociated from social relations’.63 In Upton Sinclair’s novel, Oil!, too, LeMenager observes how a gushing well becomes an orgasmic woman (‘There she came!’), while ‘for a thirteenyear-old male narrator, industrial-scale pollution and waste translate into arousal and premature ejaculation’.64

When petro-masculinity is at stake, climate denial is thus best understood through desire, rather than as a failure of scientific communication or reason. In other words, an attachment to the righteousness of fossil fuel lifestyles, and to all the hierarchies that depend upon fossil fuel, produces a desire to not just deny, but to refuse climate change. Refusing climate change is distinct from ignoring climate change, which is effectively what many people who otherwise acknowledge its reality do.76 Ignoring can be dangerous, too, but it is a passive disposition, often connected to emotions of frustration or confusion, or even fear. Refusal is active. Angry. It demands struggle. In the case of climate change, by refusing it, one also subscribes to an accelerated investment in petrocultures. Refusal can no longer rest at defending the status quo but must proceed to intensifying fossil fuel systems to the last moment, which will often require resorting to authoritarian politics.


This is better reading anyways:

This is the muscle car history to own—a richly illustrated chronicle of America’s greatest high-performance cars, told from their 1960s beginning through the present day!

In the 1960s, three incendiary ingredients–developing V-8 engine technology, a culture consumed by the need for speed, and 75 million baby boomers entering the auto market—exploded in the form of the factory muscle car. The resulting vehicles, brutal machines unlike any the world had seen before or will ever see again, defined the sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll generation.

American Muscle Cars chronicles this tumultuous period of American history through the primary tool Americans use to define themselves: their automobiles. From the street-racing hot rod culture that emerged following World War II through the new breed of muscle cars still emerging from Detroit today, this book brings to life the history of the American muscle car.

More here

Apparently the author of the study wouldn’t like this book either.


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“new authoritarian movements in the West are embracing a toxic combination of climate denial, racism and misogyny”

These twits don’t miss a trick.

1) As for authoritarian, nobody takes a back seat to the left.
BTW, how does wanting to be left alone, make one an authoritarian?
2) Climate denial: The only people denying the climate are those who are trying to pretend that absent the influence of man, the climate would never change.
3) racism and misogyny: Haven’t they heard, the race card is over drawn.


the libs never seem to know when they have over played their hand…


comment image


…it won’t let me give you a +10

Gunga Din

I wonder why so many of us “misogynist” marry women?

Control, my friend. We men NEED to have control by keeping women barefoot and pregnant.


damn I must be the worst.. After owning a Valiant Charger in the wayback I now own two Plymouth Furys, a 383 and a 440. oh but my wife also owned a Charger too..

And then there’s the whole issue of my car filling with friends who are girls-who-prefer-girls when we take the monster along to Pride Day fairs – they adore the big beast and it’s hard to pry them out of it .. all squished in the back beaming with delight.


I wonder why so many of us “misogynists” ARE women!


Um…there’s an obvious (comedic) response…along the lines of, “Of course women are misogynists. As is anyone who truly knows women.” But I’m going to refrain from saying it so as to avoid offending anyone with my absurdity.



J Mac

I’m fairly sure that petromasculinity is a sure fire inoculation against soy-boy gynecomastia!

When I was 19, I had a 1969 Firebird, with 325 HP/350 CI engine, close ratio 4 speed, limited slip differential, full dash gauge pack and a speedometer incremented 0 – 160 MPH. I bought it in the spring of 1974 for $1,400.00 with money I had earned working the graveyard shift at a grey iron foundry in Waukesha WI during the ‘oil embargo’ winter of 73/74. Everyone was dumping their muscle cars then for high mpg econo boxes. It had 39,000 miles on it and was in excellent condition. It was a schweeeeeeet ride for many years of personal transportation mixed with drag racing and road racing. I had to sell it (for $900.00, with 180,000 miles of very hard driving on it!) in 1980, to keep myself in college.

We probably crossed paths with my sweet 1968 Chevelle SS. Oconomowoc.

Patrick MJD

“J Mac

I’m fairly sure that petromasculinity is a sure fire inoculation against soy-boy gynecomastia!

When I was 19, I had a 1969 Firebird, with 325 HP/350 CI…”

350 HP from a 350 CI engine? That’s not even trying.

Isn’t this another one of them journal stings?


Low quality research filler material for the pub mill has actually been around for a long time. I recall the one from the 70s or 80s that tied stick shifts to male sexual libido. The climate change manifesto just “supercharged” the trend in recent years.




Sorry folks. I had to go for a lie down.

I can’t understand, first, how anyone could conceive of this hypothesis and, second, how anyone could authorise funding for it.

Greg Cavanagh

Worse; it got through peer review, and it got published.


We are d-o-o-o-m-e-d and it an’t because of runaway global warming.


The “Age of Reason” is breaking down into Sagan’s demon-haunted world.

Alan Tomalty

I found more explanation on the site above but otherwise completely paywalled.

“Fossil-fuelled life has always been violent,” she says, later adding that “fossil violence” should “also be appreciated as a misogynist tactic, if we follow Kate Manne to think of misogyny not as an individual belief—the hatred of women—but instead as a set of practices.”

So she is effectively saying that wind and solar are not violent. Wind turbines which kill millions of birds and bats. She has no way to prove her statement and this study is just another example of just how useless the social sciences are.

[The mods must ask if female T. rex, sabre-toothed tigers, African lions, or sperm whales, or killer whales are feminine vegetarians. .mod]


Make it stoppppppp!

Phillip Bratby

Is it an April Fools Day publication?

Lucius von Steinkaninchen

Sadly, we’re in July…

Randy Stubbings

This is either the output of a random-phrase generator with feminist/alarmist leanings or the stupidest thing ever written by a human being. It surpasses even the feminist glaciology paper. I wonder what she’d think of going for a drive in my GT-R?

Greg Cavanagh

She must have a heart attack when she sees a woman driving a mustang, or hear the song T-bird.

And she’ll have fun fun fun
‘Til her daddy takes the T-bird away
(Fun fun fun ’til her daddy takes the T-bird away)


I am also thinking this must be a random word generated fake.

The resulting vehicles, brutal machines unlike any the world had seen before or will ever see again,

the new breed of muscle cars still emerging from Detroit today,

Ummm…. They just contradicted themselves…

Robert B

Modern ones go around corners.

Patrick MJD

Correction. European ones go around corners.


Some American ones do as well.

But, we have thousands of miles of relatively straight and easy roads here in the U.S. Not everyone wants a darty little car.

Me, I’m in love with motorcycles, so all y’all in your cages are simply straining out gnats as far as I’m concerned.



She’d make someone a lovely spouse.

Mumbles McGuirck

May I suggest Pajama Boy?

D. J. Hawkins

Now that’s just cruel. To whom, I’m not sure, but it is cruel.

Ed Zuiderwijk

Dairy-femininity: essential oils and wishful thinking.

Mumbles McGuirck

By this reasoning, women are in favor of windmills. That explains this…


I’ve been watching Elvira since my formative years… hard to believe but Cassandra Peterson is 66 or 67 years old… she has a great sense of humor and remains very attractive, even without the ghoul getup.


she is lovely woman sans getup…saw her once, total different persona of course, pretty much the shy librarian ‘acting out’ onstage. think she’s from my hometown. anyway adored her farcical romps over the years.


Bring back Mad Max and the acclaimed Death Race 2000. Put snowflakes in the wheelchairs and save the aging boomers! (Search on YouTube if you’re under 30 and didn’t see the movie in the drive in agterbmidnight)


See if you can all name the actors who later became famous despite appearing in this.


”Petro-masculinity is helpful to understanding how the anxieties aroused by the Anthropocene can augment desires for authoritarianism.

WTF are “anxieties aroused by the Anthropocene?”

Does Cara Daggett simply hate humanity?

And obviously she has repressed sexual anxieties with vocabulary like “aroused” and “augment desires.”

Cara has a sickened mind, a mental disorder.


cara is a chimp in a dog suit.
oops- wrong daggit…



She seems to be suffering from a severe case of “projection”. Her writing parallels a porn story of sorts in her distorted mind. But maybe she just needs a new set of batteries. Maybe a large pack.


More proof that inserting “Climate Change” into anything will get it published.


Mix the climate phantom with the masculinity boogie-man and we have a winner!

Rud Istvan

Thought this was another spoof article. Sadly, nope. Is as real as Feminine Glaciology.

Dr. Cara Daggett is an assistant professor at Virginia Tech’s College of Liberal Arts. Per her official VT bio page, her research interests include the Anthropocene, Climate Security, and Feminism and Gender. Her new paper is a trifecta. One award in 2015 from the Int’l Feminist Journal of Politics. Beginning her next research project: interrogating the relationship between energy and gender. Not much there to interrogate, but we already know her eventual conclusion. Male energy bad. Feminine energy good. Dunno about transgender energy, requires further interrogation.

Or, maybe her bio page is a further more elaborate spoof.
Who knew Virginia Tech could be so techie—NOT?

Greg Cavanagh

Does that mean we now have 63 types of energy?

Robert B

Climate Security? ‘The Science’ really is just that the world will warm 4 degrees and that is mostly minimum temperatures at high latitudes. I know that this gets painted as all sorts of calamities, including even rare extreme cold events, but surely, if true, it will reduce extreme weather?


Rud Istvan

Well, you know what they say (well, me actually).

Wimmen multitask.

But men prioritise.

That’s why guys’ are better drivers, and that’s clearly what got up her arse!


Probably also why women spend about four times as long in the bathroom in the morning.



I reckon this bird can’t pass her driving test, that’s why she’s so pissed.

John MacDonald

I’d like to hear Jordan Peterson respond to Cara and her silliness.


Whether intentionally or not, it is a spoof article. Self-spoofing.

Chalk one up for Affirmative Action. Is there any other reason, merit based, that she made it to Assistant Prof?

Gary Pearse

This is all they got out of a self loathing, dare I still say ‘education?


I just bought a ’97 F150 to replace my ’99 F150 that was totaled last fall while parked on the street. I would prefer newer models but these both have standard transmissions, and these are getting hard to find (8′ bed, standard cab, 4×4). Alas, this may be my last F150 (maybe I’ll cut it up for off-road someday); I see a Ram in my future. Manual = driving, automatic = golf cart driving (I’m kidding… Hellcats = driving too).


Manuals are for people that can drive.

Automatics are for children

Patrick MJD

Absolutely NOT! An off-roading buddy of mine said that and I proved him wrong with my Land Rover converted to V8 4 speed auto. But yes, I prefer manual, but auto is so good!

Hugh Mannity

I’ve just bought a 2001 Land Rover Discovery II as a (mostly) off-road vehicle to complement my 2006 Land Rover LR3.

Both are auto, but the LR3 has a clutchless manual option. The LR3 has been great off-road, but it’s pricey to fix. The Disco II comes pre-dented and with part of what it needs to be a SRS off-road vehicle.

Michael 2

As I get older and gimpy, stepping on the clutch 49 times just to get to work can be unpleasant at times. So, add “people with lower back pain” as happy operators of automatic transmission. I prefer manual; once drove out of a river using just the starter motor in first gear.


The article is daft,of course but the screams of outrage on this site makes me think there may be something in it. Don’t be so predictable guys!


You need to learn the difference between “screams of outrage” and ridicule and subdued laughter (PC requires us to be discrete). Anyway, once you’ve felt the power of that raw muscle that laid you back in the seat and left you gasping and your heart racing you’ll come back for more.


Interesting how valid criticism as well as bit of ridicule qualifies as “screams of outrage”.

I guess people see what they are taught to see.

Roger Knights

“I guess people see what they are taught to see.”

The ears have walls. (A quote from someone.)



I have a 1200 Suzuki Bandit motorbike.

0 – 60 in 3.5 seconds.

Big, broad comfortable saddle, so you have to straddle my phallic symbol to enjoy the ride.

We can go shopping on it together.

No…..seriously, I use it for groceries frequently.

My wife loves Fast Food.

God I love being a man doing a woman’s bidding.



Mostly I see laughter.


Yeah, but sometimes not. It’s hard to hear the laughter over the internet, but easy to see the scathing response.

Jake J

Baby doll, those would be peals of laughter, not screams of outrage. 🙂

Tom Abbott

There was a lot of hottrodding going on in the 1950’s, too. Ford Flatheads and Chyrsler Hemis and Chevy V-8’s. Fun stuff!

Greg Cavanagh

The Corvette was invented in 54, I think that started a trend.
The 56, 67 Chevys were very popular with the younger crowed.
And the Fords were ramping up their engine size dramatically by the end of the 50’s.

Meanwhile, England had Volvos and MG’s, and heaps of small sports cars.


Greg Cavanagh

And corners.


The first year Corvette was 1953, but they only made 300 that year. All were convertibles, white with red interiors and were outfitted with a 6 cylinder in-line “Blue-Flame” engine that produced 150 hp mated to a two-speed Powerglide automatic transmission. They all had the same (non-deletable) options which was an AM radio and a heater. They also did not have outside door handles. To get in the car you must reach inside to open the door.

Patrick MJD

It was these “power slide”, or “tourque flite” gearboxes with 2 may be 3 forward gears and all the fluid required (16 ltrs on ZF 4HP22) that killed auto until recently. The auto gearbox is a Hungarian invention, like the biro, Prof Biro, pen and the Rubic’s cube, and has been improved to the point I will take an auto option on a car over manual. It is in part to laziness, and having only two foot pedals.


In the Land of Manual Transmissions and One-legged Men, the Two-legged Man is King.


The real problem with the ‘stick shift’ is holding your beer while shifting. It was a bit less of a problem with “3 on the tree”.


A few years ago, after RIGHT shoulder surgery, I found I was able to drive manual entirely with my left hand. This showed that while driving performance did suffer a bit, the right hand can be freed up to be used for more important tasks.


General Motors’ Cadillac and Oldsmobile divisions, in 1939 -for the 1940 model year invented and introduced, the 2-speed “Hydramatic”. It was the first fully automatic mass-produced transmission developed for passenger automobile use…
The 3-speed “Turbo-350” automatic in my 70 Camaro used 13 quarts of fluid.


My first car was a 1954 Ford, 4 door, 2 speed automatic, with Ford’s first OHV 6 cyl, and an oil air filter . What a tank! Faded green paint, worn out seats, an AM radio with in-dash speaker, and a steering wheel you had to look under. But it had wheels and was older than me and enough previous experience that I never wrecked it. Called it the ‘green hornet’.

Tom Abbott

A 1954 Ford sedan is a pretty good looking car. 🙂

My dad had a 1955 Ford two-door Victoria with a 292 V-8 in it. Gasoline was about 25 cents a gallon back then, and could go a lot lower if we had local “gas war” among service stations.


Not use how i can be misogynist, I do love muscle cars and i am definitely female!!!!

John the Econ

Translation: We’re pajama-boy-beta-males, and everyone we hate are suffering from social pathologies.

Greg Cavanagh

Anthony, I didn’t know you had such a great sense of humour and was a petrol-head. Love this article.

Moderately Cross of East Anglia

There is a simple explanation for this nonsense. You may remember the assertion that if you got enough monkeys working on typewriters/word processors then one of them would eventually produce the works of William Shakespeare. Well, the other monkeys are busy knocking out climate alarmist papers and this latest drivel.


Moderately Cross of East Anglia

Comment of the day!

Richard Patton

You may have heard of ROFL🤣, This is the first comment that I have ever read that had me close to ROFL. Congratulations my man.

Daggett’s article deserves respectful consideration. There is a positive correlation between patriarchal gender ideology and ecological abuse. Patriarchy exacerbates the product of population and consumption. I believe in my heart that patriarchal gender ideology is the root cause of the ecological crisis.

D. J. Hawkins

I’m sorry Luis, your /sarc tag got lost in posting.

Gunga Din

Did this thing pass “peer-review”?
This is an example of “causes” latching onto “The Cause” to promote their own cause.
It is not science.
If this particular paper passed “peer-review” then the reviewers may not be certain just which bathroom they should pass in.


Is this the same Luis Gutierrez closely associated with La Raza?


So are they telling us we need gender neutral cars? Maybe we could call it the Thing? Oh, wait!

comment image

Greg Cavanagh

Love the basket weave seats.

Patrick MJD

Under the “skirts” that is a, circa WW2, VW.


I had one for several years.
Don’t let appearances deceive you.
It was a blast.
Chicks loved riding in it with me.


In the 1st pic looks like a ’69 Chevelle, ’69 Mustang Cobra, and a ’69 ‘Cuda. In the 2nd pic I don’t think a 69 stands but could be 42.


Those are all 1970’s…A Ford 429 Cobra Mustang, a Plymouth 426 Hemi Cuda, and a Chevrolet 454 Chevelle Super Sport.


Wow! I used to be just a “car guy” but now I’m Petro-masculine! Sounds like an upgrade to me!

They just don’t get it.
Turning highly refined hydrocarbons into noise and speed is a beautiful thing. To both driver and spectator.
I never had a “muscle car”, but beginning in 1965 had a number of Alfa Romeos as Daily Drivers.
Then, in 2005 I bought three as “collectors”. A 1962 Spider, a 63 Coupe and a 68 Giulia (sports sedan).
Because of age, sold them last year. (sad, my age)
But at 7,000 rpm they sounded great!
Bob Hoye


According to Pixar, it’s fun for the car too.



I had a 62 or 63 Giulia sprint in the early 80’s. My old man bought it as a rusting shell, restored it and gave it to me as a wedding present. Within a year or so it was so rusty again I had to scrap it.

Very sad.

Scrapped the bitch as well, so not all bad.


I peeked at her VT page and it seems to clarify things a bit. I didn’t have to go any further to understand what we were dealing with….. Watch out for the Drones! LOL


I ended up on the same page. I thought this posting had to be a joke. I’m still having a hard time believing it’s legit. I would not have thought that someone as nutz as Cara Daggett would even be allowed on the streets, much less as an assistant professor at any university and less so at Va Tech. I guess Va Tech is going the route of Univ Missouri.


Cara Daggett embodies all that is pathological and malign in modern Academia.

Peter Morris

Most of what I know about muscle cars I learned from my very feminine Southern mother. But I’m sure she just has internalized misogyny or something.


This looks like one of those fake (joke) papers that researchers get published in journals to prove how inept the peer review process is. It’s so pathetically stupid it’s unbelievable.

Greg Cavanagh

That’s the thing, if it was a joke paper it would have been rejected. I can’t imagine the conversations the editors had with this woman.


The more I look at it the more I think that you are correct. The subject is explosive and ripe for a spoof. It has the right confusing big dictionary words. It does not make easy reading or common sense.

Roger Knights

Today’s muscle cars are BEVs, which out-accelerate everything (except a Stanley Steamer). Tesla boasts of its Ferrari-beating zero-to-60 time, and many Tesla owners love their cars because of their acceleration and passing ability. So, are they Electro-masculine or what? (They celebrate their cars’ quietness, which is unlike the celebration of noise by metro-fans, so they’re hard to fit into the author’s set of boxes.)


Did you hear about the Tesla-based Electric GT Championship race car that made it around the a track 1 and 1/2 times (about 4.5 miles) at full power before the batteries overheated and it had to go back into the pits to cool off. They had to shove leaf blowers into the car to cool the batteries down. the entire race is only 37 miles long. I guess that’s better than Formula-E races which switches cars in the middle of their 63 mile race (I guess the pits stops might be a little boring if they had to wait for a Tesla Super-Charges to charge the batteries for the second half of the race).

Richard Patton

Uhhhh. What’s a BEV? Billion Electron Volts?

Roger Knights

An EV is an Electric Vehicle; The B stands for Battery-only. Other EVs are hybrids of various flavors; for instance, an EREV is an Extended-Range EV, whose battery may or may not be charged partially by being plugged in, but which is mainly refreshed by a small Internal Combustion Engine. running at a constant speed. Nissan’s e-power EREV is selling strongly in Japan; see Toyota plans to produce an EREV using a rotary engine from Mazda.

Another way to think of them is as Battery-Buffered “Bangers” (ICEs). Unlike a hybrid, the ICE doesn’t connect to the drive train, so there’s no transmission or differential.

Craig from Oz

Actually you might have a point with your claim that Tesla is the new muscle.

After all, from what I have heard, they often shoot flames out the sides… 😀


Girls want their muscles cars. Boys, too. Somewhere therein lies prophecy, diversity, and misogyny.

John F. Hultquist

climate trouble ” What? The “climate” is fine.

Following WWII and the Korean Police Action, many folks were leaving the military (with extra pay; don’t recall the name for that). Some went to college, some married and bought houses, some bought the car of the moment.
A friend’s older brother bought a Ford and promptly rolled it on our local “Dead Man’s Curve.” In his case, he walked away.
Another friend’s sister (3 years older than I) was the best driver in the county.
We all had a lot of fun, and would write a different story.

Cara Daggett needs help. Perhaps friends and relatives can see that she gets some.


John F. Hultquist

“Perhaps friends and relatives can see that she gets some.”

With her attitude, I doubt she has any.

Must be the heart and soul of the party.

(I can’t find the sark key…, someone?)


Judging from her paper, she isn’t getting any. You know the joke, “if I grow up ugly, I can always be a feminist.”

Smart Rock

It’s a spoof. It’s a satire. Nobody can possibly write this stuff and be serious. Can they? Can they? Somebody tell me it’s a satire, please……..

Andrew Kerber

This has to be parody.


I wish I had a muscle car. ’68 Super Bee? ’69 Chevelle? ’72 GTO? My older brother’s “68 Buick GS400? Oh well, back to the ’13 Silverado crew cab 4X4, okay, my wife’s truck.


for me, a 1972 Firebird Formula 400.

Every symbol of strength or cultural independence must be associated with shame.

Only then can full servility be achieved.


“American Muscle Cars”, 29% off from

I’m pretty sure the author of this study had trouble getting a date for prom.


Cara Daggett’s article, projected misogynist racist piffle under pseudo-science nonsense.

I’m with Anthony, such nonsense deserves rebuttal:
comment image
comment image
comment image
comment image

Cara Doggone could use a few attendances to Monster Truck Rallies.

Greg Cavanagh

A question for Cara. If hot muscle cars are so misogynist, why do the hot cars attract the hot girls?

Dr. Strangelove

Top photo is a Ford GT40. The iconic race car designed by Carroll Shelby that beat the Ferrari’s at Le Mans four times in 1960s. One of my favorites


Not exactly. It’s a Ford GT, circa 2005-2006. Similar appearance, but that’s about it.


The car I always desired when I was young was the Buick Grand National GNX. Sub 6 – 60 with 6 cylinders. Alais, the closest I got was a Pontiac Bonneville SSEi. 18 way power seats and an HU display though.

My target later in life was a GTR (Lamborghini Countach was way outta reach), but I just didn’t have the 175k for the model I desired.

Ultimately with kids, I have now had to settle for a used MKT with Ecoboost (yes looks like an ugly AWD station wagon), mine still does sub 6 – 60 (5.9 @ 365 hp) with 6 cylinders however. If you could only see the faces of some of the hotrodder’s I have taken down 😉 The sacrifices we make to be Petro-Masculin now days!

Greg Cavanagh

I had a 1959 Pontiac with a very old 261cu 6 cylinder (painted army green for some reason). When that wore out I put a 455 in it. That rocked my world.

Then I bought a 1987 Pontiac Fiaro, great driving car, but no power.

Currently saving up for a V10 Lamborghini. I can’t afford new, but I’ll be happy with a 10 year old secondhand.


Was never into muscle cars. Never fully understood the attraction. I guess I understand the reason. I did have an airplane that sucked 32 gallons of 100 octane fuel per hour at 265 mph. Today I just settle for a electric fat bicycle (green, zero emmisions ). It’s heavy at 55 lb (25kg) but it does put out 110 ft lbs of torque (150N-m). Public reaction to the bike is one of assuming I am super macho. Way more than I deserve.


She needs a writing course to focus related subjects.
I’m sure she would love this fact:
Peak oil is dead!


Just for fun, Trump ought to ask if USA can join OPEC. 😀

Don Shaw

Ha that’s funny


I’m turgid from just reading her abstract!!!
I’m gonna go do some donuts in my 70 Camaro….

(It’ll release my Chakra….)

Greg Cavanagh

Post pics 🙂


I drive a muscle truck. What does that make me??!


dunno but i just finished building and mall testing my turbo.electric mobility muscle-scooter.
i’m too sexy for my wheelchair.
i had it on 2 wheels around the corners at 20 mph, by glod!

Geoff Sherrington

The 15-page .pdf makes fascinating, compelling reading through further intimate insight assisting that omnipresent masculine goal of maximized copulation, continuation of the species, that fundamentally strongest of drives. This paper demands a reaction, mine being a series of scenarios of sexual intimacy culminating in a pre-orgasmic fondling of the author’s clitoris with the most controlled, gentle, smoothest little finger, avoiding harm and pain by practised lubrication with light oil — oil, oil, why did you hide the bloody oil, you hopeless woman??? Geoff


She thought Mad Max was a documentary. As the planet warms, the creeps come out.

“failure of scientific communication or reason” — Her reasoning and writing style will certainly improve that. I’ll add a sarc just for her.

Patrick MJD

My response; WTF? Seriously, WTF?

I admire serious engineering, really big stuff and small stuff too.

I worked on and programmed CNC milling machines in the 1980’s to plus/minus 2 MICRONS to machine the actuators, the “arms” the magnetic “heads” were supported by, in the hard disk drives for IBM AS400 series computers.

This was in the day of 3 axis machines.

How the article relates to “…climate denial, racism and misogyny” I have no idea, so WTF again!

We have machines that can make 2500HP engines that are machined to within 8 MICRONS. THAT! That! Is serious engineering.

Now in the day of 5 axis machines, with up to 2 micron tolerances, the level of “what we can make” is remarkable. And with laser “binding”, we can “bind” copper with steel, ordinary steel with stainless…etc etc etc.

Serious engineering stuff!