UPDATE2: Another "Pay it forward" moment for WUWT

UPDATE: 930AM PST Sat, March 31

Readers may have noticed that this post was offline for awhile and that the GoFundMe site was taken down. Some readers are rightfully wondering what happened, and worried that there was some scam going on.

The GoFundMe company reported that somebody tried to spoof the credentials of the campaign owner, and take control of the funds. This caused a lot of confusion and speculation. And so by request, I took the post down until it was resolved.

I’ve had prior obligations in the last two days (in preparation for Easter at my Church – (I’m setting up a live broadcast) and I was overwhelmed and could not dedicate any more time to it. I apologize to any WUWT readers that might have been concerned.

Some lessons were learned in this, and I’ll write a follow up post to explain in more detail.

Thanks for your concern. But more importantly, thanks to those who supported it.


61 thoughts on “UPDATE2: Another "Pay it forward" moment for WUWT

  1. Done deal. Although “…she needs about $7500, that will get her four kayaks,..” may not be enough with the Cal’s tax and business laws.

  2. Anthony, as the gentlemen at the RSL would say, “your blood is worth bottling”. I am pleased to contribute. $20 Aussie dollars.

      • Just a heads up about donating from a country outside the USA.
        I’m am happy to donate and can afford it but I did not check that my donation would be in US $ and that there may be a currency exchange fee by my bank. I expected $20 Australian to be debited + tip to Go Fund Me but find it’s almost $30.00.
        It’s not a big deal and I learnt something new.
        Thanks for the opportunity to help your friend.

  3. Eleven years!? I could have sworn to reading and commenting on here before 2007 (with a different pseudonym). I recall Chris Booker of Daily Telegraph (UK) plugging the site in the early 2000s. Whatever, well done all. Still a great site.

  4. I’m happy to help! Thanks to you and the regular contributors on this site for a daily dose of great discussion on a wide diversity of topics….as well as climate stuff!

  5. I’m in. I think kayaking/canoeing is a great pastime. The canoe trips organised by Camp Wanapitie in Canada were great chacter building experiences for my kids up to and including the 52 day expedition to the uninhabited Canadian near-Artic. Good luck for Olivia’s venture

    • My card company paid the donation then blocked the card until talking to me. If you are outwith N. America it might be an idea to tell your card issuer about the payment.

  6. $20 donated or whaterver the equivalent is in Pounds Sterling. As an ex UK veteran, I’m happy to help US Veterans across the pond

  7. At almost 70, I can’t tell you how much I enjoy flat water kayaking, and what it’s done for my spirit, if nothing else. There’s nothing quite as serene and calming as early morning glassy water on a lake like Tahoe to make you happy to be alive. I have two Neckys and have often taken someone along.
    I applaud her efforts. Great idea!!

  8. I’m in. I’ve done some flat water kayaking and have enjoyed it though I’m not very good at it. Too bad its in California…if she ever expands to Ohio, I could use some lessons. Good luck to Ms Sandretto.

  9. I just got back from a kayak trip in Mexico. From my window, I have to endure watching some of the worst paddling technique imaginable. Not climate related, but how can I refuse? sent.

  10. Done (including the tip for GoFundMe).
    I generally don’t do this kind of “blind” donating (I funnel my donations through my local Rotary foundation to abused kids & children with health issues, etc) However, Anthony & WUWT have more than earned my respect & trust. This is an eminently reasonable thing to do.
    I’m betting her numbers change pretty substantially and pretty quickly.

    • Humble observation & modest proposal:
      Observation: I have now donated, but I have also already received multiple unwanted emails from GoFundMe (in truth, one was a receipt). “Unsubscribe” is not a simple click, but a menu of “unsubscribes”. I did not realize a my donation earned me this unwanted attention.
      Proposal: I support the idea of an annual “giving forward”, but my personal desire would be to donate to a purpose-specific WUWT fund which is then terminated & disbursed to the selected cause.

      • I had no idea about that either, since when I donated to kick off, I didn’t get a bunch of email solicitations. Maybe there was a “don’t email me” checkbox that I clicked.

      • I got a receipt and a “Welcome back to GoFundMe” Email with a URL to “finish setting up your giving profile” URL. I had dropped my account because I was get more suggestions on who I should help than I wanted. I’ll just ignore the request and see what happens.

  11. Anthony’s “once a year” decree is (with the greatest of respect) restrictive and may exclude one-of-our-own in great need.
    Once a year for a non-core matter and once for a core matter would be good.
    If Anthony won’t change his mind then surely 2019 should be reserved for Monckton & Co.

  12. I’ll support any fellow paddler. I’m not yet 50 and I Stand up Paddle more than kayak. I think her idea is fantastic. Happy to help. Paddle on!

  13. Small donation made – best of luck from a lapsed open water swimmer!
    Hope you make a great success of it 🙂

  14. As Mr. Toad said:
    “There’s nothing––absolutely nothing––half so much worth doing as messing about in boats.”
    And kayaks certainly qualify!

  15. Please, please, arrange for accepting PayPal – I don’t feel comfortable leaving my credit card details…

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