Climate Clown Macron Taunts Trump, Demands Green Trade Tariffs

President Emmanuel Macron

President Emmanuel Macron. By, CC BY 4.0, Link

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

French President Climate Clown Emmanuel Macron has demanded green trade tariffs be raised against countries which do no share the EU’s climate goals.

Emmanuel Macron vows to replace every dollar Donald Trump withdraws from climate change efforts

French President says France will step in to maintain funding for major international panel

Ben Kentish Thursday 16 November 2017 14:57 GMT

Emmanuel Macron has vowed to replace every dollar that is withdrawn from the UN’s climate change programme by Donald Trump.

The French President told a UN climate summit in Bonn, Germany, that France would step in to cover the cost of US contributions to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) that Mr Trump has said he will withdraw.

“I can guarantee that, starting in 2018, the IPCC will have all the money it needs and will continue to support our decision-making,” he said. “It will not miss a single euro.”

The US currently contributes around €2 million (£1.8 million) a year to the IPCC.

However, Mr Trump has pledged to pull the US out of the 2015 Paris Agreement and other international climate change initiatives. He also plans to promote coal and other fossil fuel industries.

In his speech, Mr Macron also called for an EU tariff on goods imported from countries or companies that do not share its climate goals, and pledged to work to raise the cost of carbon within the EU to €30 a tonne.

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According to EU documents, in 2016 a total of €610 billion (US $710 billion) worth of goods was traded between the USA and Europe, generating €114 billion (US $134 billion) trade surplus for Europe.

Punitive green trade tariffs would undermine the financial stability of millions of people on both sides of the Atlantic.

314 thoughts on “Climate Clown Macron Taunts Trump, Demands Green Trade Tariffs

  1. How daft can you get? So, supposing the EU puts a tariff on US goods, then the US retaliates and puts a tariff on EU goods, what really is the rest of the EU going to think about our Climate Clown? French (or German?) army does a Mugabe?

    • French army wouldn’t do a Mugabe when it was mainly conscripts, and totally in tune with France people and leaders.
      It is now a professional army, with patriotism deep in core, and hard pressed to fight against Islamism, while political leaders are globalists, Islamist friends, so the hiatus grows.
      Macron sacked the chief of staff, for just having told obvious stuff when asked by MPs.
      New chief basically kept the same line than the previous, only choose not to make fuss about it.
      Last election, young military expressed election was just a bad joke (you of course won’t hear that in mainstream media). Meaning, some of them are seriously thinking they will have to stop this bad joke and dump the leaders their regard as traitors, “manu militari”.
      And the people has more trust in its military than it has in its political class.
      So chances are indeed, next big trouble, they would do a Pinochet, and they could have a very large support. After all, Chilean learned counterinsurgency from French Army, that never really forgot it, and is now practicing again in Africa. This is “extremly likely” according to the IPCC (Informed Person Correctly Connected) but I wouldn’t trust it, too many weasel word “would”, “could”, …
      French Army could as well stay silent, or even align with the leaders, and bomb the few military that dare resist, as in Future remains unknown.

      • I’ll believe that when he divert most part of French Army budget to Bruxelles’ to fund a European Army. Does he? No doesn’t.
        And anyway who would be the one in Europe ready to commit their live to defend Europe? People committed to Western civilization, ready to fight to the death Eastern or Southern invader? Most right-wing political branch of every nation. And i wouldn’t bet they see Macron as a leader, not even as a friend, rather as a foe.
        Europe military already recognize each-other as friend, and don’t expect to fight each other in any foreseeable future, but to fight together against some same enemy. But they don’t see themselves as part of some “European army”, and won’t anytime soon.
        “European Army” is just another left-wing babbling.

      • A European army would be a natural fit with the UN,s scheme for world government and a socialist world via the climate change fraud. The EU after all is communism moved west with a band of unelected kommissars telling the “parliament what to do.

      • As an American I can only say, regarding the threat to make it up with his own peoples’ money…whatever you have to do Manny…we elected the guy that said he was going to end this nonsense.

      • What language would be used in an european army ? German ? French? Spanish ? Not english because they no longer are part of the EU. Most germans don’t speak french and most french haven’t got a clue of german and would reject to use it.
        And remember you normally join the army because you can’t find a better job.

    • What kind of economics concepts would come to a conclusion to start a trade war with a country one has a trade surplus. Left wing economics always escape me.

      • He just showed he is politically naive that is a trade war he can’t win, it’s not even remotely possibly. If countries have to choose between access to USA money markets and military support and trade relationship with France …. Bon Voyage France.

        To even threaten it over such a trivial thing. I can imagine Merkel would not have been able to get to the phone fast enough.

      • It’s simply EU stupidity – they have somehow convinced themselves that the EU is All Powerful and that it can stamp its ‘authority’ on whosoever it pleases and they believe its closed-market protectionist approach must be maintained. (Major import duties on foods from third world countries feather-bed french farmers and prevent third world economies from developing)

        The EU politicians look as if they will end up with the UK leaving the EU without a trade deal (I sincerely hope so) and that will cost the EU nations billions in WTO duties on the trade surplus they have with the UK net result will be shrinking sales and job losses for the EU and for France and Germany in particular.

        Macron doesn’t understand the Real World – although I have a suspicion that he is trying some posturing on the World stage in the light of his popularity in France having fallen through the floor !

        @ Catcracking – is there such a thing as ‘left wing economics’ ?? I’ve always seen this as Spend Other People’s Money Until It Runs Out – and then try and blame someone else and / or capitalism.

      • Yeah I agree with that the UK, France and Germany are at there weakest they have been in decades to start messing around like this. They have Russia frozen to the side, yet need USA for NATO support. China will try to play both side but ultimately all it cares about is USA. All the rest of the money in the world will side with USA.

        UK and France are taking turns at shooting themselves in foot, at the most in opportune time.

      • The word “start” has a link to another website that should not be there, a least on my computer.
        I apologize for that and don’t know how it got there.

      • Generally when you type a word and it is assigned a hyperlink to someplace else it tends to be from your PC containing some kind of virus

    • WTO rules require you to treat all countries the same so they can’t single out certain countries for an additional tariff without ending up in court.

  2. Macron will discover whether Trump is serious about observing strict reciprocity on trade. It looks as if the EU has more to lose in violating current agreements.

    • In particular Macron should talk to the French and German car manufacturers who with a hard Brexit and trade war with the USA could find their markets disappear overnight. The Japanese will have no problems trading with UK or USA

      • Japan will choose USA because it needs the USA military because of North Korea. Have a look at the results of the election they just had

        It was fought on these issues

        “a hard line on North Korea, close ties with Washington, including defence, as well as a super-loose monetary policy and push for nuclear energy”.

        He won in a landslide.

        So you know who Japan is going to choose.

      • The added bonus for Japanese cars is that they are designed as left hand drive, so no need for the extra expense from German and French cars when sourcing spare parts

      • The Japanese do not seem to have much to say about CACA one way or the other, but notice they are not exactly throwing up windmills and solar panels with reckless abandon like some other countries.
        Methinks they are just shutting up but know the truth.

    • Tom,
      Especially since punitive sanctions would be in effect after the violation. The price of a VW, Benz, BMW or Audi just doubles overnight, even for those assembled in the US due to the duties on the parts imported from EU zone. Honda, Toyota and Kia are probably jumping for joy at the suggestion. The price of French wine will suddenly explode. Australia and Chile are probably jumping for joy at that as their wineries would likely make up the shortfall. The EU currently runs a trade surplus with the US. “Climate Duties” would cause their exports to the US to fall off a cliff and the fact the US would find alternate sources for their products could spell permanent damage to the EU economy. (The UK at that point should probably do a hard Brexit and get as far from the EU as possible on trade policy.)

      Macron is really not very bright is he? I thought someone said he was a banker or something…

      • America is all ready making RHD cars for U.K. Market and small cars , so if the French and Germans want to shoot themselves in the foot they can

      • He was bright enough to get elected president, anyway. Never underestimate this kind of person. Hillary and all those believing Trump to be “not very bright” still remember…

      • OweninGA

        Macron may find himself too clever for his own good. He’s threatening a trade war with America whilst dealing with Brexit. No matter what anyone says, Brexit is a big deal for France and Germany. When the UK leaves they will disappear with, very roughly, one third of the EU’s financial, military and contributions.

        Any company having that happen to them overnight is in serious trouble. So Macron taking on the US as well is a really big problem, doubled.

      • Hotscot :”So Macron taking on the US as well is a really big problem, doubled.“.
        The solution is very simple : instead of “green trade tariffs be raised against countries which do no share the EU’s climate goals“, raise green trade tariffs against countries which don’t meet the EU’s climate targets.

  3. Punitive green trade tariffs would not just undermine trade, they would pretty much eliminate it, at least any sense of market drive trade.

    The green lobby has already become much too influential on the corporate world, now imagine having a “green police” watching over every trade decision in every board room. Someone who is NOT from your organisation, does not care about your business future, having a veto on every international sale. This is nearly already the case, having it endorsed and empowered formally by gov’t would make the Green police the defacto CEOs.

    The takeover would be complete.

    • There eventually will be internecine conflict within this new Church of Gaia until an individual proclaims him/her/its (heard we’re up to 57 fabricated pronouns now) self the supreme arbitrator. Then a great schism will occur and new dogma will be nailed on the door….

      hmmm…sounds familiar

  4. Given the immature hostility to Trump that is endemic in the EU (or at least the western bit, they have more sense in the eastern EU) I am staggered that the USA doesn’t promptly cease all funding to the IPCC.

    • Moderately Cross of East Anglia

      Trumps job is relatively simple. Get America back to work. If he can meaningfully reduce unemployment and increase wealth, I’m pretty certain he’ll win his second term by a landslide. The IPCC is pretty meaningless to him as I suspect US contributions are a pittance relative to those enshrined within the Paris Accord. And if the US reduces CO2 emissions without it (which I believe they are doing), there will be more pressure on other countries to abandon it.

      A bit like Brexit. If the UK does well over the ten years following the break, you can be sure more countries will be clamouring to leave and strike out on their own.

      And if observed temperatures continue to discredit IPCC projections, and CO2 keeps rising, you can be certain that some high rollers will be forced to reassess their commitment to the Paris Accord, or any subsequent accords.

  5. What’s he call himself? A “centralist”? Yeh r7ght. He’s just highlighted exactly what the world already knew. Once a socialist always a socialist. As he gets free and easy with other people’s money.
    He can’t be serious about starting a trade war with America…….can he?

    • Macron is a EUROPEAN centralist. And in Europe they have swallowed the lie that National Socialism is ‘Right Wing’. Well, it is to the right of full on Communism.

      So there he sits, in the center between Hitler and Stalin.


  6. This proposal will have legs with the left and the climate change movement. They are looking for ways to raise money, punish Trump and is obscure enough so it is not like a tax or a household charges that voters don’t like.

    • Sure, just loss of employment, increased government social spending, and eventually out of control inflation is nothing like a tax.

      But, the government is counting on people being economically illiterate and blaming external forces for the idiocy they voted for!

  7. “Emmanuel Macron vows to replace every dollar Donald Trump withdraws from climate change efforts”

    Trump can withdraw money?

  8. Dear sirs,

    I am a regular and keen reader of your posts that I find most of the time informative and useful. They definitely have changed my perception of the climate change issue.
    To tell you a bit more about myself, I have not voted for now President Macron at the first round of the French elections and if I appreciate his efforts to unlock France, I remain critical of some of his views on society and certainly on climate change as a whole.
    Several times, I have been surprised and even hurt by the introduction in the posts of political views. These, in the wake of the Brexit in particular, were unilaterally hostile to the European project, as if the USA had not been such a project before, in the sheer ignorance of the price paid by Europe in forgetting its common cultural roots and its kinship. Thanks to the posts, I have been able to develop a more balanced view of President’s Trump policy, not only on climate but also on his urging Europe to take a bigger share of funding its own defense. My American friends, a lot of whom live in Texas, have duly acknowledged this attitude of mine.
    I am therefore shocked when I read the title of your post in which you call President Macron a clown. Passion should be controlled. You should try and accommodate the sensitivities of your foreign readership and assume that they are equally proud of their own countries and not necessarily blind to their deficiencies. The risk is for you to pollute your central message on climate change while appearing as a propagandist of the current, general policies of the US leadership.

    I trust you will take this note as a token of interest in your action and remain,
    Yours sincerely

    • As a resident of France (and a French taxpayer) I am appalled at President Macron’s folly in his endorsement of the Climate Change Religion.

    • I agree, Alain. There;s no need for this sort off headline. Let’s leave the name-calling to the ‘other’ side and judge people by their actions.

    • Yes, but Alain, anybody who steeps themselves in this green foolishness does look rather clownish to the rest of us. Maybe if they were to show a little class and go about their green affairs in a more pragmatic way, then they might begin to curry some respect from the masses. (’til then, a clown by any other name is but a clown… ☺)

    • Alain, it is more of a generally derisive opinion of politicians than any animus towards France or Macron. Various posters have trashed essentially every politician currently active or within memory.

    • “the sheer ignorance of the price paid by Europe in forgetting its common cultural roots and its kinship”

      Where is this Europe? Romans killing Iceni, Vikings killing Gauls, Greeks killing Ottomans hardly denotes common cultural roots and kinship.

      Your assertion is completely made up.

      • I spent ten years living in France. Friends in the UK couldn’t understand why I would move there.

        “They don’t speak English, they eat frogs!”.

        I would ask them which culture was closest to that of the UK, American or French. Almost universally, those that had lived in neither would say American.

        Wrong. In England and Europe the roads have white lines down the middle, and yellow lines on the outside. In the US its the opposite, and things just go downhill from there.

        Language differences apart there is a lot of cultural similarity in Europe/UK. Remember, the EU, the organization is not Europe. It’s just a political parasite that is lodged there.

      • On this side of the pond (Canada & U.S) people used to dine on bull frog legs. They taste like chicken but due to the bull frog population decline it’s now illegal to catch them.

      • Phillip,

        I, and friends, (all in USA) like frogs too. Add that to your grand logic that UK/USA culture is farther apart than UK/France.

    • Alain,

      Thanks for your comment. But…

      Please understand that it is a grand American tradition to mock and ridicule our leaders (our 1st Amendment was drafted to protect this). We understand that our elected leaders are not the heart or soul of country. And if they behave as clowns and buffoons, or tyrants and despots, we will proclaim it loudly and quickly. Consider, if you will, the invectives directed towards our current president. Heck, I agree with much of what he does, and I’ve openly criticized (to my friends and family) his buffoonish and clownish acts. So, relax. You’re in good company (as we say in English). Disrespect of your elected leader is not disrespect to you or your country. THAT is the profound truth of American speech.


    • I’m French and I have no problem with calling Macron a clown, au contraire. A costly clown at that.
      Ok, I admit calling him a clown is a bit unfair, at least, clowns are funny and have some utility.

    • What ! Now we can’t call a clown a clown….because it might hurt your feelings ?
      Someone needs to grow a pair.

  9. trump should withdraw 20 trillion dollars from the climate fund and use this to pay off the US debt completely. France would then be left to pay back the 20 trillion to the fund.

    forget about Mexico paying for the wall. have France pay for it.

    and green tariffs not a problem. withdraw the same amount from the climate fund and France will have to pay for these as well.

    macron. smart as a bag of hammers.

    • How do you get $20trillion dollars out of a Green Fund with last I looked $18 Billion. That leaves aside USA I don’t think even has a board member on it last I looked but probably need to check that.

      Macron may not be smart but I think he may be a little smarter than that comment.

  10. “— And, Sold to YOU!!!” and Bigger-Fool Syndrome claims another victim. Wonder how long it’ll take Macron to run-out of everyone else’s money; assuming he hasn’t already?

  11. This is an excellent move by Macron and will punish the Trump administration for its complete lack of effort to rein back CO2 emissions.

    Trump can follow his own path on ckimate change but it will cone at a financial cost. US companies will also be shelling out more in climate change lawsuits if they decide to follow Trump’s example:

    • “The US currently contributes around €2 million (£1.8 million) a year to the IPCC.”

      This is pennies….and our emissions have dropped more than the others

    • trump needs to pledge 100 trillion dollars to the climate fund. he would get huge press. then the next day withdraw the $100 trillion and thank Micron for picking up the tab.

      • If they put in in you can’t get it back. USA ha no control of the fund whatsoever. Please feel free to put $100 Trillion in bank account and try and get it back again the next day.

      • I guess the GFC bank is in South Korea USA could pretend it was going to invade NK but make a sneak attack on the bank.

      • how do you withdraw the funds.
        Trump administration today announced ambitious $100 trillion joint project between elon musk and NASA to ferry earth’s excess CO2 to the moon using an advanced hyper-space-loop. said musk ” not only will this save the planet, it will terra-form the moon.
        the project will pay for itself on real estate sales alone.

        financing to be provided by the EU thru the climate change fund led by Le Micron. the project is expected to generate upwards of $20 trillion in tax revenues. the base of the hyper-space-loop will run along the US Mexican border.

        in a related story, Trump enterprise announced the soon to be opened Trump Lunar Towers with a 5 mile par 3 first hole on the golf course.

      • ivankinsman : ” You’re a real joker like Trump himself, who is the buffoon-in-chief.”
        Build first a skyscrapper in NYC and some world class golf courses then get back to tell us who is the buffoon, pyjama boy.

    • Sure, sure, just keep telling yourself that. The climate ideologues are sure getting desperate now, attempting these frivolous lawsuits which will go nowhere and accomplish nothing except give the climate numpties such as yourself a false hope that somehow, your CAGW ideology will magically triumph. Pathetic.

      • ivankinsman, the ultimate court (as far as the US goes) is the Supreme Court. And which way does the court currently lean? And who gets to replace any justices who leave over the next 3 years, not to mention Federal judges?

        I agree, let’s see how the courts think.

      • “ddpalmer November 17, 2017 at 5:08 am
        ivankinsman, the ultimate court (as far as the US goes) is the Supreme Court. And which way does the court currently lean? And who gets to replace any justices who leave over the next 3 years, not to mention Federal judges?
        I agree, let’s see how the courts think.”

        And THAT is a key that every person needs to remember. Those who voted for Trump that are getting weak knees because of how he acts and blaming Trump for the failure of Congress to support his agenda or are upset because the bans on immigration are meeting the expectations based on what he declared during the campaign need to remember something.

        Trump is filling the record number of empty seats in the Appellate Court with conservatives that are Constitutional Constructionists as fast as the Senate will confirm the appointments. This administration had made the choice to concentrate on filling the Supreme and Appellate levels over the Circuit court and it makes good sense. This effort is one we don’t hear much about but it is on going and working. So all you conservatives need to remember why you voted for Trump and what would have happened if he had not won. I remember that judicial appointments was right at the top of my list of why I voted for the man and he is coming through on that front. And the actions of certain circuit courts and justices to try and delay or thwart the Executive from implementing his agenda even when it is clear that he has the Constitutional authority to do so, should make it clear just how important this aspect of this administration is for the long run. And remember, if this POTUS gets two terms it is almost certain that he will make at least two more appointments to the SCOTUS but those nor many of the other judicial appointments won’t go through unless the Republicans hold the Senate.

    • ivanski, i certainly hope that somebody does something to rein in the u.s. economy. The unemployment rate here stands at 4.1%, the lowest it has been since clinton was president! So we are nearly at full employment already which inevitably means that our next recession can’t be too far off. The last thing we need to be doing is ramping up our economy when we have so little room to grow. (it’s as though we are headed for a brick wall and trump is stepping on the accelerator) Slower growth would suit us just fine. That’s the one thing that i think obama did right (without even realizing it), it’s been 9 years since our last recession and that’s quite a long spell. Economic stability trumps economic growth every time…

      • afonzarelli,

        What is the workforce participation rate. The unemployment rate is a very bad (politically motivated) measure of the availability of labor.

        (To answer the question as of October 2017 labor force participation rate stood at 62.9% – more than 1 in 3 adults are not employed -from the 80’s to early 2000’s it averaged about 67% a difference of about 8,000,000
        people. That means that a real recovery will likely see an uptick of unemployment as some of those 8 million re-enter the market. Low unemployment rates with such a sluggish recovery usually mean people gave up and are working under the table or worse found some quack to certify a disability and get them on Social Security Disability payments over minor issues.)

      • Owen, that is true. However, it is the unemployment rate that the federal reserve historically has looked at when gauging the economy. At 4.1%, the unemployment rate is the lowest it has been since nixon was president outside of those last few clinton years. So the fed is not likely to let the rate go down much further. Thus all we have are those people returning to the work place that you’ve rightly pointed out. And once that is done, it’s over! The economy will stall and some drag or another will tilt us into a recession. All that i am saying is that it doesn’t make sense to rush the job. Those folks returning to the work force will eventually get jobs, yes. But, it is much better to go slow and string it out over a greater period of time than it is to rush headlong into what would be our next recession. Now is boomtime! Let’s let it last for another half of a decade instead of just a year or two…

    • “its complete lack of effort to rein back CO2 emissions.”

      Except in Perry’s trying to keep nuclear plants from closing.

    • So your expectation if the EU does indeed place tariffs on goods imported from the US is that the US will do nothing in return? You need to consider not only 1st order, but also 2nd and 3rd order effects.

    • ivankinsman – November 17, 2017 at 3:32 am

      This is an excellent move by Macron and will punish the Trump administration for its complete lack of effort to rein back CO2 emissions.

      HUUUUMMMM, …….. a Griff by another name, …….. HUH?

      “YUP”, shur nuff, …….. and Macron of France and Boy Toy of North Korea can join forces and really put a “hurtin” on the US and POTUS Trump and his Administration.

      Would that be before or after President Trump signed an Executive Order restricting business and/or tourism travel to or from France?

    • France, and the rest of the remaining EU, are not in a good trade position relative to the US. Macron will hurt the EU more than the US, but adherence to the green blob is rather masochistic, so he might do it anyway.

      • Not the way it is viewed over here Tom. We take the issue of AGW much more seriously. By dismissing it asca ‘hoax’ the US is already being leap frogged by the EU and China in areas like electric vehicle technology. One of the many negatives that will be remembered about the Trump ers presidency.

        • Ivan, here it is more like my older relatives discussing Europe during the 1930’s. The analogy I remember was “like watching a car skidding on glare ice”.

      • “the US is already being leap frogged by the EU and China in areas like electric vehicle technology. ”

        (Excepting Musk.)

    • I hope you don’t live in France because if France gets in a trade war with USA, France loses. To be honest I suspect France couldn’t even refinance it’s debt in that situation unless Germany or China got involved.

      USA has nothing to lose France is a minor trading partner it’s $69Billion of trade, Tiny Australian trade with USA is $15B to put in perspective. USA trade deficit per year to China is $347 billion that is the deficit not the trade value because it’s such a big number I don’t know it off the top of my head.

      France goes into a trade war with USA it loses.

      • France is at the heart of the EU and is probably pushing EU policy on this matter. I can see the EU acting as a unified body on this issue. If the US wants to take on the EU I can see who will be the loser ,,, and it won’t be the EU. The IPCC meeting in Bonn is taking a very dim view of the US pull out which will add 0.5 degree C to global warming.

      • ivankinsman

        “I can see the EU acting as a unified body on this issue.”

        HaHaHa…….what a joke. 27 countries, many of which don’t want to be in the EU any longer, uniting to do anything about the US is simply idiotic. Germany won’t help as they have huge BMW (every X Class in the world is built in the US) VW, Audi and Mercedes factories there. Not to mention pharmaceuticals and chemicals, the US is, I believe BASF’s biggest market by far.

        And when Brexit is complete, the EU loses one of it’s 3 biggest participants, and it’s then going to take the US on in a trade war?

        What planet are you from?

        It’s all sabre rattling, France and the EU is in no position to wage economic war on anyone right now, nor is that the way international trade is conducted. Politicians are renowned for making grand gestures only to be reigned in by the practicalities of real issues, like conducting business and making money.

      • The Trump effect to make all raving socialists want to scream and rant. Their only choice. 🙂

        Just like you are doing 🙂

        1600 new coal plants around the world, petal.

        40% increase in CO2 emissions, Ivan

        TheANTI-CO2 part of the AGW Agenda is FAILING BADLY !!!

      • And yes, Obama did one heck of a lot of damage to the USA brand.

        Trump has only just started to repair it.

        He will get a lot done in 7 more years. 🙂

      • And seriously. Another meaningless JUNK survey…

        Canada 1st in governance…… roflmao someone has been deep at the turps.

        Your blinkered little leftist mind really doesn’t relate to any actual reality, does it..

        Just do what you are told….. and think what you are told to think. Good little socialist.

    • The ones who will be punished by this move will be French citizens who will have to pay even more for the stuff they buy.

    • poor Ivan, you can see the green scàm crashing down around you.

      A MASSIVE failure when it comes to reducing CO2 emissions,

      Now with actions like Macaroon’s it will also fail politically 🙂

      Chin up, little socialist. ! 🙂

      • Being in agreement with climate change has nothing to do with socialism you fool. Every single country on this planet bar the US acknowledges it. So every other country is socialist? Christ I get tired of these moronic arguments put forward by US sceptics

        • ivan, if you cannot find the primarily political motivation of most of the green blob, you are deliberately ignoring it.

      • You poor socialist nutter.

        You are so far left , even Genghis would stand on our right.

        ZERO proof of CO2 warming ANYWHERE, little socialist.

        We get pretty sick of your mindless socialist anti-life yapping as well, ivan.

    • So Hansen has brought up Earthjustice (San Francisco) which has a direct connection to Ecojustice (Vancouver). Put the pressure on by increasing the number of lawsuits?

      Hansen has been involved in bashing Alberta, Canada for a number years.

    • By switching from coal to gas, the US has made an impressive reduction in its CO2 emissions, to the extent that the reductions dwarf those of many, if not all other, signatories of the Paris accord. I do not have the data to back this up, but I am confident that others can correct your misconceptions.

        • “Extremely hazardous” Ivan? The Obama administration sponsored at least two major studies looking for the dread health effects of fracking, They didn’t find any.
          This is analogous to searches for Ivory Billed Woodpeckers or Sasquatch. The number found thus far gives an estimate of the abundance of the beasties, or of the magnitude of the effect.

          • Cock and bull Tom and you know it. If there was no environmental dangers then fracking would be all over Europe … but it isn’t. Don’t make fake comments that cannot be substantiated.

          • Ivan, you are confusing “people claiming dire risk” with “risk”. Some of them are sockpuppets for Gazprom as well as the usual Arcadian Socialist simple life nihilists who hate industrial society.

  12. Doesn’t France get most of its energy from nuclear power? Wondering how U.S. Greens would react if the U.S. followed France’s lead in that regard.

    • France is almost totally nucleur. Nucleur energy is very clean and beats fossil fuels hands down. The more nucleur the better.Climate change is happening and nucleur a good option to reduce it in my opinion.

      • ivankinsman

        Agreed, nuclear is the way to go, but it’s horrendously expensive and Hinckly C has taken around 20 years not to begin construction because of numerous objections, many of them from environmental nutters. Where does the money come from to replace coal and gas with nuclear in a small country like the UK? Never mind the US or France. The French Nuclear fleet is approaching it’s ‘use by’ date.

        And you are also correct stating that the climate is changing, well done. But there’s not a thing nuclear or any other energy type can do about it, because it’s almost entirely natural and it’s as likely to begin cooling tomorrow, as it is warming.

        In 1942 measured CO2 was 430ppm, well above the current level, and nothing untoward happened. So stop wringing your little handsies and fretting like an anxious old lady.

        • Disagree on the latter part of the statement. It is the rapid rare of increase in CO2 levels that is causing concern and ppm is going to go off the charts if the planet keeps up its current rate of man-made carbon emissions

      • Yep, the AGW Agenda has been a MASSIVE FAILURE when it comes to reducing CO2 emissions.

        1600 new coal fired power stations.

        Estimated increase in world CO2 emissions by 40% +

        This FAILURE is wonderful for the planet, because CO2 is the fundamental building block of all life on Earth and has been in short supply for a long, long time. More still needed.

        Yes, ivan, comrade…… even someone as grate as you is totally reliant on atmospheric CO2 🙂

      • CO2 = Fundamental building block of ALL LIFE, Ivan

        Do without it, any time you want. ! 🙂

        Only thing regressing here is your mind… The barely functional mind of a gullible socialist ideologist.

      • Gees Ivan, you really have caught the “griff” disease.

        Everything you say is diametrically opposed to reality. !!

      • ivankinsman

        “It is the rapid rare of increase in CO2”

        Sorry? The rapid rare increase of CO2? Run that by me again please?

        Increasing CO2 has frequently been rapid, it has also frequently been high, with no detrimental effect on the planet whatsoever.

        Please stop wringing your fretful little handies, once again.

        Without atmospheric CO2 there would be no life. And until it reaches over ten times the atmospheric concentration it is now, it is not a threat.

        The planet has been warmer than it is now, for millions of years, with ‘low’ atmospheric concentrations. It has been colder than it is now, with high atmospheric CO2 concentrations. So how can you possibly perceive atmospheric CO2 as a threat?

      • “It has been proven that higher atmospheric CO2 pushes up higher atmospheric temperatures”

        You really do live in an alternate empty-minded space, don’t you.

        One which only baseless propaganda and non-truths can enter.

        Show us this proof, little socialist number xxyz……. and bbc ultra-left pap is not any sort of proof.

        NO CO2 warming in the whole of the satellite temperature record. NONE.

  13. Macron also called for an EU tariff on goods imported from countries or companies that do not share its climate goals,

    Should do wonders for the French wine industry when reciprocal tariffs are imposed.

    • Not just reciprocal, but punitive for violating existing trade deals. French wine will go up by 1000% in price and their export volume to the US would drop to not significantly different from zero. Chile and Australia grow some good wine grapes and I am sure they would both be more than happy to make up the difference in market share.

      • But I’m afraid you are falling for a one of the common fallacies about world trade. Most trade is in balance between demand an supply. There are some areas of oversupply, but where markets are allowed to work, they don’t last long. That means that Chile and Australia would have to shift their supply from somewhere else to supply the US, and then France can supply the demand that Chile and Australia used to meet.

        It is the same fallacy that people in the UK keep using to describe what will happen if the UK leaves the EU without a trade deal – essentially nothing at all, as most of the what the UK exports cannot simply be substituted without that substitution leaving unsatisfied demand somewhere that the UK can then fulfill..

      • Trade is not quite as fungible as you would suggest. It takes years to develop a market and only seconds to lose it. It is true that France will sell wine elsewhere, but they will need to develop those markets and the costs are a problem. Chile and Australia both have the potential to make a very large amount of wine if the markets are available to them. They only really hit the US market big in the last 15 years and they have been ramping up production to meet growing demand. If their French competitors are artificially removed, their profit margins will increase. The point is they won’t be losing any of their current markets and can expand to account for the vacancies in the US. The French would have to cut their prices to compete with the Aussie and Chilean product in their current markets and I don’t see them doing that very well.

        France has been running on reputation in the wine market. Once that reputation is replaced in the public’s mind with the realization that the product really isn’t the bee’s knees and many others are as good, that never comes back.

      • MsrkW
        If there is no demand there is no need for the supply. If it has been supplied, but there is no demand, it sits on the shelves

        French wines are not the best in the world these days, New Zealand wins often beat them at competition. Plus the Euro is strong. The wine market is flooded with wine.

      • Phoenix44

        Very succinct description, especially of the UK following Brexit. Thank you.

        It’s also imagined that UK exporters and government are sitting on their hands waiting for the EU to call the shots. Nothing could be further from the truth, both are working hard to ensure trade to hitherto unexploited markets are explored.

  14. I am indebted to “pat” on the Jonova site , discussing the green Climate Fund, for the information that whilst
    the silly and unbelievably expensive (for we taxpayers ) nonsense was going on at Bonn the President of the United States was hard at work obtaining trade deals in the Far East. To quote from the WH
    announcemen , via “Pat”

    -15 Nov: White House: Remarks by President Trump on His Trip to Asia
    Last week, 42 South Korean companies announced their intent to invest in projects worth more than $17 billion dollars in the United States, and 24 companies announced plans to purchase $58 billion dollars in American goods and services…
    In China, we also announced $250 billion worth in trade-investment deals that will create jobs in the United States…
    I announced that the United States is ready to make bilateral trade deals with any nation in the region that wants to be our partner in fair and reciprocal trade…
    I am particularly pleased that the United States and Vietnam recently announced $12 billion in commercial agreements, which will include $10 billion in U.S. content…
    Everywhere we went, I reaffirmed our vision for cooperation between proud, independent and sovereign countries — and I made clear that the United States will be a reliable friend, a strong partner, and a powerful advocate for its own citizens…
    We have established a new framework for trade that will ensure reciprocity through enforcement actions, reform of international organizations, and new fair trade deals that benefit the United States and our partners.

    Now what sort of leader do you want : one who gets up and about creating jobs and business or one who sits and threatens a trade war that will impoverish the very people from whom he gets his , no doubt generous, salary.

    link to the Jonova discussion :

      • Good for Trump . My slightly malicious comment was aimed at people like Macron , and many like him in the UK and EU bureaucracy and Govt who are happy to heap financial misery on their fellow citizens whilst being well cushioned from any hardships themselves.

    • Yes the fund operations are horrific, $71M in Admin costs to give out $49M and loan $65M.

      I was horrified by it but yet Green econutts like Griff doesn’t even seem to think there is a problem. In fact his only comment was to link some $9M project which was fixing up some drainage.

    • Mike Waite
      Yes Trump also went to Saudi Arabia to sign a big arms deal with that countries new expansionist leader. He tweeted last week that he supported everything that the Saudis were doing.

      The Saudis have put a blockade on Yemen, stopping all imports and exports including humanitarian. Many millions are starving to death. Sorry to be a party pooper.

      • ozonebust

        “The Saudis have put a blockade on Yemen”

        With the best will in the world to the Yemeni’s, that’s a local issue. historic as well. Much of the problem in the middle east is with too much ‘policing’ intervention by western nations, which leads to terrorism in our countries. Assuming Trump would sell arms to Yemen as well, I don’t see a problem.

  15. Tariff war? Cheap French wine: $40.00 per bottle. China and Japan wine: $5.00 per bottle. Drink saki

    • Given that California (and to some extent Washington) wines are generally better than their French counterparts, I suspect that the US wineries in those areas are also cheering for Marcon.

    • Ordinary French wine is significantly cheaper than North American wine at my local wine shop.

      If I can no longer get cheap French stuff, I will go back to making my own and save about five hundred bucks per year.

      • If the local supplier has it, Chilean or Argentinian wine is rather better than French at a given price, but Canada may have a different supply chain on wine.

    • Forty dollar French wines are priced at 40 bucks because people don’t know any better, a tariff war might benefit them by driving the price up to $52. But dollar fro dollar U.S. wines are vastly better than anything from Europe.

      FYI: the Four Seasons in Geneva has about 30 U.S. wines in their cellar, and features a Riesling from Old Mission.

      • Sara, the Burgundy that you buy is probably made from the Pinot Noir grape. Especially if you’re using it for cooking, you should have no trouble finding a really good American substitute for French wine. link

      • Dollar for dollar here in the US, maybe; but when I lived in France (albeit briefly as the lead project engineer getting control of a project that had gone off the rails) I learned very quickly that you didn’t need to spend more than 5 – 7 euros to get a bottle of wine that was superior to anything in the US in $10 – $15 range. The French are masters of this craft…producing wines with nuance and subtlety that most American wines lack. And that’s fine. Apparently, in general, Americans prefer a bolder, more straightforward, wine. (Why else would we insist on wines made from a single grape?)

        But the comparison of value is strongly skewed due the pricing of French wines here. They are expensive because a) people will generally pay the higher price for something of higher perceived value, and b) the economics of shipping bulky, heavy, fragile items thousands of miles away. But take a tour through your average Auchan or Carrefour (French Walmart/Target) and you’ll be amazed at the incredible selection and variety of wine, all the way from 3 euros to 50 euros. We’re talking huge aisles here. (Not that this is really relevant to much.)


      • It its Pinot Noir you seek, The Carneras region of California (just north of the Bay, at the South end of the Napa and Sonoma valleys) is a great place to find it. Its the PN source for all the major varietals which contain it.

      • Sorry, but I have drunk fine wines, and rotgut.

        There isn’t really that much difference. Which may brand me as a philistine, but then I say the same about Whisky (the proper Scottish stuff). I have had the finest you can imagine, direct from the distillery, and I have had illegal ‘hooch’, distilled in a croft in the remote highlands and confiscated by our CID colleagues when I was in the Police (there wasn’t much left for evidence, of 20 gallon barrels!). In this case, the hooch beat the commercial variety hands down. I have also drunk illegal Poitín (potcheen), an Irish varient, with similar outcomes.

      • Well, thank you all! I could try the Toscana red that I found at Aldi. Not too bad by itself, and certainly not as heavy and pronounced as a cabernet sauvignon. And there is always a Chilean red from the Rapel Valley. I’ll have to see what I can find. Binny’s gets their wines from everywhere. Also, since I have to go there anyway, I will see if they have any Calvados apple brandy so that I can make une pomme a tartes a la Normande, with the frangipane filling (which requires the brandy), and see if it bumps up the flavor in my grandmother’s chopped apple cake recipe. And then there is baked apple en croute with a sauce that won’t be fractured by a nip of Calvados, right? Might even do well in hot apple cider with a slice of lemon on the top.
        Seriously, if I’m going to spend $40 on a bottle of booze (and Calvados does cost that much), I’m not going to sit at my dinner table nursing a shot glass of it or just using it in one dish.

      • ripshin wrote:
        (Why else would we insist on wines made from a single grape?)

        Could I have a case of Château Petrus, please?

        If you need a good wine, try Washington State.
        Cooking with wine? Use grape juice, drink the wine, live long, healthy, and happy.

  16. Macron is just waxing nostalgic for the good ol’ days when France had a monarchy. (you know, that “roman god” sort of thing) Louis XVII?

    • I think Quartorze was the boy – Louis XIV.
      Although some successors tried the same game, they didn’t have the same secret service – or ruthlessness.


  17. “According to EU documents, in 2016 a total of €610 billion (US $710 billion) worth of goods was traded between the USA and Europe, generating €114 billion (US $134 billion) trade surplus for Europe.”

    Europe has a large trade imbalance with the U.S., in their favor. Trump has said he is going to address this disparity.

    I hear Macron is having problems with his own political party. Some of the members are not too happy with him and have resigned.

    The socialists have come up with a new method of funding: A carbon tax. And now Macron wants to use it as a weapon. I think it is good for us to focus on this issue.

    A carbon tax is just another money-making scheme that will accomplish nothing as far as CAGW is concerned, and the public should be made aware of just how detrimental and futile a carbon tax really is. Yeah, let’s have a public fight over carbon taxes. That’s the ticket.

    • I am sure his ministers and the EU commission will spell it out to him over the coming days. Getting into a trade war with USA is a very serious thing and if you want to really end the EU keep going that path. What he has really shown is he is politically stupid. That is a war he can not win.

  18. The US currently contributes around €2 million (£1.8 million) a year to the IPCC.

    In terms of a national budget, that’s less than a rounding error.

  19. So let’s see, Macron wants to “punish” Trump by starting a trade war between “his” EU (I have to wonder what the other members think of this), and he also wants to also raise the cost of EU goods by implementing a “carbon tax”. Good plan. They can just trade with themselves. Hahahahaha!

  20. The US currently contributes around €2 million (£1.8 million) a year to the IPCC.

    A trivial sum by climate fraud standards. French taxpayers must be relieved that Macron’s grandstanding virtue signalling at the Bonn comes in at a small price.

    • +1
      €2 M is actually pretty cheap for the noise he makes and the applauds he gets. Much cheaper and much more efficient in attracting green support that if he pledged to close all nuclear plants (while he actually delays such closing… for “climate change fight” of course, but still, this closing is still highest in greens agenda)

    • Charlie,
      My point exactly.The 2 million euros that Macron talks about replacing appears to be only administrative costs for the IPCC. Who cares?
      This is chump change.
      Is France going to replace the billions of Euros that expects from the USA and which Trump has now terminated?
      The expected 100 billion dollars per annum from 2020 (plus up to a further $350 billion p.a.sought earlier this year at Bonn) is cactus.
      Go to

  21. Well, gee whiz, what did les crapeaux do before the USA was invented???

    So I guess I should go to Binny’s Beverage Depot or Sam’s Club to see if they have any Beaujolais Villages in stock now, before it runs out? May not be necessary. I found a reasonably priced Tuscan red that goes with a lot of things (including moi-meme), so I may just stick with the Italians.
    There’s also Wisconsin wine country. Yes, there is.

  22. Big fuss about tiny money. Now if he’ volunteered to replace the USA’s Green Climate Fund contributions, eh? Crowdcatcher.

  23. He is going to tax $710 Billion dollars of trade to recoup 2 Million Euros? Go for it.

    What kind of tariffs is he going to place on China and India for their increasing CO2 production? The US is declining CO2 emissions toward the target while China and India are overwhelming everyone else’s efficiency. If he cares about results over scoring cheap political points, he will punish the emerging economies.

    • Cold in Wisconsin
      “If he cares about results over scoring cheap political points, he will punish the emerging economies.”

      Well, that hits the nail on the head.
      No interest in results – only about scoring [he thinks] political points.
      Not sure if Frau Merkel will admonish too quickly. Last time I looked she was having some difficulties stitching up a coalition . . . . . .


    • don’t stop there! boycott stuff from any country which signed up to the Paris agreement – or from any of the US states and cities which support Paris…

      sure hope you’ve got the space to grow all your own food.

      • You have got it totally the wrong way round Griff.
        The proposal on the table is for France and its “allies” to boycott those countries that DO NOT sign the Paris accord , not for the US to boycott those that DO sign up.
        Given the importance of the US compared to other EU nations it would be very risky for , say , Poland or Spain to refuse to sell their agricultural and industrial products to the population that has one of the biggest disposable incomes on the planet .
        However we have learnt over the years that reason and commonsense do not figure highly in EU politics.

      • Please please try that Griff. Fastest way to end the Eurozone ever and Russia and China would love it.

        Lets give you the sad fact everyone outside the Eurozone would side with USA almost to a nation and probably a few from within the Eurozone. They need access to it’s money market and they need it’s military protection.

        We won’t have to grow our own food the rest of the world will trade perfectly well just not so much those in that group. I guess you could join Russia and trade with them 🙂

        The whole thought of the UK trying to raise the Billions of Pounds it needs to pay the EU (AKA Germany/France) with no access to USA money markets … oh how to shoot yourself in head.

        Get your politicians to do it Griff this is a great idea.

      • As always, Griff demonstrates a total inability to understand the subject being discussed.
        The discussion is not about whether or not France is a member of the Paris charade, it’s about Macron’s talk of tariffs.

      • I don’t think I have: Resourceguy wants to do his own boycott in reply, so I’m just helping him out with the scope of that

      • A lot of people have go at Griff about his posts . But has anyone thought that he might be part of a ” Cunning Plan “, [ yes , I used to watch BLACK ADDER on TV ], to discredit all of the CAGW believers .
        His posts are often so stupid , [ like on the Electric Car thread where he said about putting a car charger on each street lighting post ] , that they make it blatantly obvious how ridiculous some of the Global Warming propaganda is .

      • “sure hope you’ve got the space to grow all your own food.”

        You are from the UK, griff. [snip] !!

        [Let’s keep it civil, Andy. And by that, we mean dispense with the insults. Thanks. -mod]

        • i actually think Griff is high-class for a troll. Of course, that is like discussing skinny sumo wrestlers, but . . .

      • Griff, we already grow all our own food, and a good bit of the rest of the world’s food too. And we’re not boycotting Parasite signatories, it is Marcroon who wants to boycott us. Pull your head out, man. The CO2 levels in there are affecting your brain.

  24. Guys, Macron is a fabulier. He should make first order in his own house, in france. The European total liability of the EU states, as wanted by Macron, is an absolute no-go in the supposedly new coalition in Germany. Even if the coalition negotiations should fail (which is very likely) with any other coalition imaginable.
    The debt and deficit watch of France:

    Macron stands on shaky ground, so maybe he has to trumpet so much into the world that he can do anything. Many weak leader do that. By only a few, like Trump, there is substance behind it. That’s why Trump is so unpopular with the new world government in spe. One likes there fabuliers and bankrupties. They are easier to steer.

  25. Hey how come you Yanks get all the cheese-eater slushfunding guarantees? Talk about being flogged with a feather and what about some of this punishment for us Aussies?

    • Due to your own self-flagellating energy policies, you Aussies might get knocked down by one more feather.

  26. Is Eric not an Aussie?

    France used up their coal a long time ago. It has been the position of France for a long time that the world should not use coal but buy French nuclear reactors (rebranded US reactors).

    This policy is in the self interest of France. Who are the clowns? I would have to say the leaders of coal producing countries that buy into not using coal.

    Is Eric even more critical of Aussie leaders?

      • Yeah but German Greens just caved in with Merkel talks they will be still alive and working until 2030-2032.
        They need that to close the Nukes.
        They talks are still on edge and may yet fail and the Germans head back to the Poll’s.

    • “France used up their coal a long time ago.”
      Euh no, not that Malthusian peak-coal nonsense again.
      France still has plenty of coal, so much that many open field mines could have been opened and exploited to produce cheapest electricity, like e.g. the project in Nievres.
      It’s just that the stupid politicians and the almighty French nuclear lobby have killed it. Just look at how the French climate “scientists” are stooges of the nuclear lobby and you’ll see how this climate-change bandwagon stinks (just an example, Jouzel, an IPCC propagandist spreading climate fear on all French media, is originally “ingenieur du commissariat à l’énergie atomique”).

  27. “….In his speech, Mr Macron also called for an EU tariff on goods imported from countries or companies that do not share its climate goals, and pledged to work to raise the cost of carbon within the EU to €30 a tonne….”.

    Those who talk of tariffs and trade wars between the U.S. and Europe (or France at least) should take into consideration one of the causes of the Great Depression starting in 1929—the Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act.

    “…As the Great Depression tightened its grip on the nation, the government was forced to act. Vowing to protect U.S. industry from overseas competitors, Congress passed the Tariff Act of 1930, better known as the Smoot-Hawley Tariff. The measure imposed near-record tax rates on a wide range of imported goods. A number of American trading partners retaliated by imposing tariffs on U.S.-made goods. As a result, world trade fell by two-thirds between 1929 and 1934. By then, Franklin Roosevelt and a Democrat-controlled Congress passed new legislation allowing the president to negotiate significantly lower tariff rates with other nations….”.

    Ignore history, and world politicians will repeat its mistakes every time.

  28. French wine is actually American wine. In the 1800’s French vines were virtually wiped out and the French wine industry was saved by grafting in American vine rootstocks which were disease resistant. Mind you the phylloxera which killed the French wine probably originated in the new world. Without the USA there would be no France, no Macron and no French wine . Still, not to worry, the French Unions will take care of Macron long before anyone else needs to be concerned. Ask Hollande.

    • Well tit for tat because there would not be a United States if not for France. When one counts the blockading French fleet there were more French combatants at Yorktown than Americans.

  29. We should never forget that the last two World Wars started in Europe. If not for the USA and NATO they would most probably been killing each other again. Remember the media and Democrats claimed Trump was going to get us in a trade war. Well I guess they can claim that since he bailed on Paris he forced Macron into putting tariffs on US goods. Even though India and China are now the big emitters they signed up for Paris so Macron, I guess, wouldn’t punish them.

      • And in the former Yugoslavia.
        It’s 22 years since the Srebenica massacre.
        About 8000 men and boys were massacred, in Europe, not far from the borders of the EU, with an EU Force in town.
        And nothing was done.
        There were other massacres – some by other players – including one where a hospital was emptied, and the patients executed. Vukovar?
        No, the record of the EU is not pristine.
        Stopping some of the massacres there may have been hard – and it may have come at some risk to the forces on the ground – but ‘hard’ is not utterly impossible.


    • Griff would have the UK outside the EU with no trade agreement and then not trading with USA or any of it’s partners. However it’s ok, Russia, North Korea and Iran will be big trading partners.

    • “If not for the USA and NATO they would most probably been killing each other again.”

      They are killing each other again. It’s just that they now prefer to import third worlders to do the killing for them.

  30. The closing speeches underway at COP23, the usual see you at COP24 for the next free drinks.

    However there was a workgroup discussion that hasn’t been on the Western Media radar that is causing some heat in some parts of the world. This little gem … Boosting Gender-Responsive Action.

    I can’t read much of the discussion as it isn’t in English but obviously in a certain sector that is obviously causing some issue.

    The econutts not satisfied with fighting on a pile of fronts already decided to add another. They really really don’t want this agreement to succeed. You couldn’t do this much stupidity by accident it must be clearly being sabotaged from within.

    • I guess they could add support for LGBTI rights into the agreement next, think that should really hit the mark in that sector.

    • Ldb
      It is about time that gender use of resources is discussed. Females consume more than males of the words resources, services and retail space. I conservatively estimate at least 25% more than males. As examples, cosmetics, clothing, shoes, hair dye,

      If females purchased the same volume of clothing as males Asian garment production would drop by at least 10%.

      Keep smiling.

  31. Ah yes, the millions of young unemployed men and women in France (10% of the documented citizens) are probably shaking in their boots knowing that the U.S. is going to cut funding to the IPCC. These young people with bleak futures always worry themselves about the funding of U.N. bureaucrats. And threatening tariffs on a nation that you have a trade surplus with, while you have 10% unemployment, what a geeenius.

  32. That is a great idea. Trump should use the Green Agenda to MAGA by imposing tariffs on foreign nations based upon bogus green claims. Impose tariffs on German because their wind farms kill endangered species.

  33. Maybe Trump should go along with the “Green Trade Credits” and set a Tariff of 1000% on the import of Champagne on the basis of CO2 Cross Border

  34. He’s not so different from Trump in throwing zingers of distraction while also moving ahead on the hard items like labor and tax reforms in France.

  35. In his speech, Mr Macron also called for an EU tariff on goods imported from countries or companies that do not share its climate goals,

    The EU INDC submission to COP21 states

    The EU and its Member States are committed to a binding target of an at
    least 40% domestic reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030
    compared to 1990,

    Most INDC submissions do not state they will reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. As a result, even if the proposals are fully met (and the EU is unlikely to meet its target) then emissions are forecast to be higher in 2030 than they are today. This graphic from the UNEP Emissions Gap Report published at the end of October demonstrates the situation quite nicely.

    So President Macron is wanting sanctions not just against the USA, but most of the World of the world as well? This includes China, India, nearly every African country,  most countries in SE Asia, the Middle East nations and some other countries besides. Or is it just those who stand up to the useless European climate policies, that are benefiting large businesses with subsidies financed disproportionately by the poor? 

    • Who cares for the poor when all the life on the planet is at stake?
      And who decides when all the life on the planet is at stake?

  36. I feel sorry for the French getting stuck with Marcon for 5 full years. Well, actually maybe I don’t. They deserve each other. The French will be the worse off in 5 years for having elected this clown. As has been his pronouncements on CAGW and relocating climate scientists to France. Have at them, better there are all in France than accepting welfare here.

    • Jesus, you are talking about Macron being a clown when you have the buffoon in chief running your country? Macron is highly educated, speaks English almost perfectly and wants to reform the EU. Blabbermouth Donald – can swing a gold club and strut around at some state banquets thinking he is God almighty. I know which one I would choose to be my President…

  37. Meh, who cares about French wine tariffs. Petty soon they’ll be growing wine grapes all the way up to Alaska as the blistering heat of ‘klimate change’ takes hold.


  38. The reality is that the climate change we are experiencing is caused by the sun and the oceans over which Mankind has no control. The USA is currently a poor country with a huge federal debt, huge annual federal deficits, and huge annual trade deficits. Before the USA can even considering anything like this the USA must turn things around economically and payoff her debts and at best that will take quite a while. But if France wants to spend more money in this area, be my guest. France can start by providing me with a free electric car and a solar changing system to change it it up with. If France provides it, I will make use of it.

  39. Gee, isn’t this the guy who Trump crushed his hand on camera, after the guy tried to give him a ‘man-shake’?

  40. Ugh the EU, where a French fool who married his pedo and has some twisted mommy issues, says “I will spend Europe into the poor house to make up for the lack of US funds”

    Yep, a very strange definite puppet with some serious closet issues can decide what is spent by EU member states on muh climate change

    • Fortunately the US has never and never will have any influence on what the EU does. It has also been very effective in restricting US firm’s trade monopolies, unfair trading practices and tax evasion on European territory. And long may it continue to do so!

      • Yep, I surely hope that the USA decides to let the EU go on its own.

        No more unwanted monetary support.

        No more USA defense support.

        Wouldn’t you agree , little socialist worm ?

        • Jesus you sceptics are dumb sometimes.

          So now everyone who supports the EU is a ‘socialist worm’. You have no f#####g idea what the EU has done for Europe because you have never even been here.

          US monetary support for the EU? What the f##k are you talking about now? What monetary support?

          And,) the EU is a totally separate organisation from NATO so why are you bringing in NATO? I strongly suggest you stick to banging your climate sceptic drum…

      • Wow, you socialists are totally brain-washed and divorce from REALITY, aren’t you. !

        Its very obvious what the far-left totalitarian socialist are doing and trying to do to the EU.

        Conquest, without war. A mindless united BORG.. as you keep illustrating.

        Good luck once USA decides enough is enough, and the EU has to cope by itself on the defense front.

        You know.. actually fund and look after its own region. !

        That is what all the screeching and yelping is about..


        Well done Mr Trump..

        …you have sounded the alarm that might just wake up some of the EU population to the socialist worms have infested it… yes.. you are one of those, Ivan.

      • Poor ivan, you really are struggling to day, aren’t you.

        Which country are you in ivan? (dare you even answer)

        How will your country cope when the EU takes over completely and you have nothing to offer?

        • What the f@#k are you talking about? I a English living in Poland. Poland has been transformed by EU funding you moron. New roads, infrastructure, towns modernised, schools improved. You have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about…

  41. The EU is fast becoming the soviet union 😉 The EU commission is the Politburo, no one elects these fools, led by a raging alcoholic, Junker.

    They all hide their money in Luxembourg now, a tax dodging scheme set up by Junker for bought and paid for EU politicians to avoid silly austerity and taxes

    All the lesser completely inert MEPs are bought off by an extra pension and expenses, and of course, nice travel and hotels traveling around Europe.

    As for Marcon, this guy is [pruned, .mod]
    See what I mean

  42. On Trump one year in. My initial misgivings mainly on style points have been borne out. It’s a bit of a goat show people. This is what a rock thrown through the consensus establishment world view looks like. I have no regrets. Climate crap is the hallmark of an arrogant corrupt elite at war with the people . Trump has given us a punchers chance. It is not pretty and often painful to see. During the American Civil War it was whispered into Lincolns ear that Grant was a drunk. He is reported to have replied “tell me his brand and I will send him a case” and “I need this man. He fights” Trump says he doesn’t drink alcohol but he does fight. We can take that one year in.

  43. Actually the EU is scared shitless at the idea of the US keeping its domestic energy costs low while the EU’s continues to rse under misguided policies.

    The Green scam on the Western economies only works if everyone plays pretend like climate change is a problem.

    • Bollocks. The EU is not scared shitless by anything that the US does – stop talking tripe. Plus, the US needs the EU economies doing well just as vice versa. It’s f*****g basic economics.

    • roflmao..

      poor little socialist ivan.. DESPERATION suits you … 🙂

      Its how you are destine to live your life.

      If they aren’t scared about US actions..

      why all the manic yelping and screeching and mindless bluster about the US withdrawal from the Paris Toilet Parer Farce

  44. Pajama boy shakes his finger at Trump. OOOOHHHHH. Scary. Not.

    France and the EU may or may not care what the US does. The US DOES NOT care what they do. In spite of Pajama boy’s belief, France and the EU are nothing in the world today— a minor power and an economic drop in the ocean of world trade. Looks like trading elsewhere could save the US $134 million a year. That would be smart shopping.

  45. Emmanuel Macron, Justin Trudeau and Jacinda Adern. The terrible trio of lightweight, ignorant, virtue signalling, idiotic western leaders elected to high office apparently for the sole reason that they are young and agreeable looking.

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