Aussie Federal Senator Resigns, States Climate Policy Influenced His Decision

Cory Bernardi

Cory Bernardi. By Office of Senator Cory Bernardi (Crop of File:Cory_Bernardi.jpg) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Australian federal senator Cory Bernardi has resigned from the Australian Liberal Party, citing differences with the party leadership, including climate policy (Bernardi is a skeptic). This resignation will increase the discomfort of the beleaguered Turnbull government.

Cory Bernardi quits the Liberal Party to establish Australian Conservatives

South Australian senator Cory Bernardi has officially quit the Liberal Party to establish his own party, using a scathing speech to criticise colleagues for “failing the people of Australia”.

Key points:

Senator Bernardi says he was reluctant and relieved to the leave the party

He says it’s time for a “better way, for a conservative way”

The senator informed Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull of his decision to defect shortly before a church service this morning, which marked the start of the parliamentary year.

In a speech to colleagues, Senator Bernardi said he was reluctant and relieved to leave the party, saying the decision had “weighed heavily on his heart”.

“The level of public disenchantment with the major parties, the lack of confidence in our political process, and the concern about the direction of our nation is very, very strong,” he said.

Senator Bernardi said his calls to restore faith in the political system had been ignored by some of his Liberal Party colleagues.

“It really is time for a better way — for a conservative way,” he said.

Senator Bernardi said his new party, the Australian Conservatives, would focus on limiting the size of government and provide hope to “those who despair at the current state of Australian politics”.

The 47-year-old senator has been a controversial figure in the Liberal Party and is known for his inflammatory remarks on gay rights, Islam and climate change.

He said the Government’s position on energy and climate change was one reason behind his decision to leave the party.

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Bernardi’s resignation is the latest rumble of discontent over Aussie Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s efforts to soften the Australian Liberal Party’s opposition to carbon pricing, immigration, and other conservative party policies.

Malcolm Turnbull toppled popular conservative Tony Abbott in a party room putsch in 2015, over Abbott’s poor poll numbers, but Turnbull himself is now facing discontent from colleagues who are worried about Turnbull’s poor poll numbers, and the gushing haemorrhage of Liberal Party voter defections to the staunchly climate skeptic One Nation party.

Update (EW): Removed quote marks from the word “influenced” in the title.

101 thoughts on “Aussie Federal Senator Resigns, States Climate Policy Influenced His Decision

  1. Now that we enter a period of low sunspot activity, all talk about ‘global warming’ will freeze up as things get much colder again.

    • Don’t bet on it.
      The only proven technique for predicting future climate is that the changes that have been happening will keep on happening.
      And even that goes wrong two or three times a century.

      • Amen brother. The best predictor of tomorrow’s weather is today’s weather.
        Weather variables like temperature, humidity, winds, etc. are non-stationary and non-stochastic, completely intercorrelated with prior states and future states, and thus do not meet the requirements for the use of Fisherian statistics.

      • M Courtney:
        You wrote “The only proven technique for predicting future climate change is that the changes that have been happening will keep on happening”
        Actually, it is possible to predict future climate change with a high degree of accuracy, based upon the correct understanding of its cause. Google “Climate Change Deciphered”.for details.

      • Burl Henry, I’ll need a better reference than that.
        Nothing particular is coming up on my search. There are so many differnt things that could be deciphered. that Google isn’t clear.
        Mind you, Google is simpler than the climate so I may have my answer.

      • GlenDC: You say ‘non-stochastic’. But if climate is random, don’t you mean, ‘stochastic’?

      • In the mid-1990s, solar physicists, Penn and Livingston, and based upon internal dynamics of the sun determined a major decline in solar activity. This is happening with the lowest activity in over a hundred years, Hitherto, the Solar Maximum was the highest in thousands of years.
        The other part of this is that major temperature declines have been associated with solar minimums.
        Over the past few months the satellite record which is honest has been in a rapid decline. El Nino is over, which is a weather event. Lower solar activity will be the main driving force on temps.
        Very interesting stuff, for this old geophysicist.

      • Griff, Tell that to the people who endured the Little Ice Age which the warmists have tried desperately to eliminate via ‘graphs’ and ‘charts’. Naturally, these same liars will claim this looming cold cycle event will be nothing much.

      • So you think that a not at all unlikely potential climatic event which, if yet another model is at all wrong, will have serious consequences for hundreds of millions of people is something not to be considered? A couple of degrees of warming isn’t going to do anything to anyone but you want to destroy the capability for effective energy generation in the the most affected population centres if cooling does occur You don’t want to prepare at all for this because a model – after all of the endless model failures with zero successes to date – says it isn’t going to happen.
        You and all of your ilk are dangerously insane. Too long have the hipster sociology graduates held held sway and now it’s time to put the engineers back in charge.

      • Griff February 7, 2017 at 4:51 am
        I have been reading reports that there are veggy rationing going on in some of London UK markets.
        It hasn’t even started. Right now it ls just weather.

      • Pamela,
        You have that right! The sad truth is that we don’t understand the climate well enough, and don’t have enough good data, to predict future climate changes with an accuracy good enough to place bets either way. In these cases it’s best to hedge your bets and prepare for all possible outcomes as well as possible. And to do that we will need technology driven by abundant, cheap energy, which is what we have always done in the face of an ever changing, unpredictable world.

      • Arstechnica is where high schoolers and jr college kung fu nerds talk about climate mystery. About the simplest phase of matter known to man.
        Tell me the answer to this question: Griff – what is the name of the law of thermodynamics to check the temperature of air?
        Why does air/gas/vapor phase matter have it’s own law of thermodynamics for solving temperature? What feature do air mix, gases, vapors all have, that require them to have their temperature established by the law above, and not another law?
        If you can’t answer that
        you probably read a lot about climate sin at Arstechnica.
        Till you can
        you’re a posing

      • Considering how heavily Great Britain’s temperatures are influenced by the AO which in turn appears to b coupled with the ADO, that’s hardly surprising.

  2. Cory is one of the very few politicians we have with some honesty and integrity.
    he wont go along to get along, if its wrong
    the turnbull govt is on very thin ice.
    deservedly so.

    • Since I am not familiar (enough) with Australian politics, Bernardi’s positions as described in this article make no sense to me. I am NOT saying that I disagree with those positions. I AM saying that I cannot tell where he stands after reading this article.

      • Bernardi is a self important tosser IMO. This clown contributed to the same sex marriage debate by speculating it might lead to legalised bestiality. As you might appreciate, it did his party no good whatsoever and they had to distance themselves pretty quickly. The poor polling by the Turnbull government, who have a majority of 1 in the house and a minority in the senate, has been in significant part to Bernardi’s shooting from the lip on his ultra conservative and sometimes quite loony views that few others share.
        He is no doubt a true conservative and will call his new party that but he has been involved with the LIBERAL party as an elected member and in the party administration for a couple of decades. Which bit about ‘liberal’ did he not understand? Oh, and 6 months ago he got re-elected to a 6 year Senate term as a LIberal, using Liberal Party funds, Liberal Party volunteer support and using the party ticket ( ‘above the line voting’).
        As has been pointed out by his colleagues, nothing has changed on the party platform they took to the election so WTF brings this on now, on the day the parliament resumes? A phone call to the PM and not even the guts to turn up to the party room meeting in the morning before the parliamentary session. So what had changed? Well he was just back from his 3 month stint at the UN in NY (nominated for by the Liberal Party of course) would seem to be the game changer.
        I am a AGW skeptic, if fact all but a denier after the Karl ‘Pause Buster’ thing but this guy is nothing to admire. IMO he is a self promoting, arrogant wanker who just cannot work with other people. I don’t particularly like Turnbull, too lefty for me, an older, wealthier Trudeau type IMO but not quite as piss weak.
        Not a rant, just informing you all. His reception by other senators on the ‘cross bench’ was scathing in general.

  3. He said the Government’s position on energy and climate change was one reason behind his decision to leave the party.
    ! v’ ! Eric !

  4. Those very same Turnbul supporters that had a knife in hand when stabbing the very skeptical prime minister Abbott in the back. Are now using them in an attempt to discredit another skeptic in Bernardi.
    We in Australia have a serious problem with our duopoly of would be and wannabe governments. Both are so close on global warming, you’d have difficulty getting a cigarette paper between them.
    To remove Turnbuls government (whos already stealthily introduced an emissions trading scheme last July against the will of the people) would see it replaced with another “Gillard/Rudd”like government of CO/2 tax infamy.
    (I might add, removed by Abbott upon election)
    Which would be led by a very corrupt Shorten of the royal commission into the unions infamy.
    We are stuffed in this country bigtime unless some of these minor partys band together in a serious attempt to break this duopoly that refuses to carry out the will of the people.
    And let us not pussyfoot around it anymore, the fraud that is global warming has killed industry all over the developed world. It is reducing living standards in those very same countrys by creating an energy poverty epidemic!
    Our biggest industry is coal exporting. To countrys so they can burn it to supply cheap power to their industrys. Yet this fraud denies us this right to burn it here……….so we can “save the planet”!

  5. He was away for 2 years, on secondment, and came back to discover an ETS was on the discussion table. That is the main reason he is splitting. Good on him!

    • Not quite correct Patrick. His secondment to the UN was for all of three (3) months. Starting in September of 2016 and finishing in December of 2016.
      An emissions trading scheme was stealthily levied on all our “big polluters” by the Turnbul government on the 1/7/2016. (read power stations) Again, against the will of the people.Bernardi being one of many who cried foul.
      It was just one of many reasons why he left the party he has served for over thirty odd years. A party that has been skewed left by a very rich socialist bent prime minister. A prime minister I might add who has worked for Goldman/Sachs. The “inventor” of trading in the invisible “commodity” that is CO/2.
      His fortune being made in his own investment bank. It’s start up being funded by a very rich media “baron” by the name of Kerry Packer..James Packers father.

      • “Leigh February 7, 2017 at 12:25 pm
        Not quite correct Patrick. His secondment to the UN was for all of three (3) months. Starting in September of 2016 and finishing in December of 2016.
        An emissions trading scheme was stealthily levied on all our “big polluters” by the Turnbul government on the 1/7/2016.”
        Thanks for the correction in the term of the secondment, I am sure I heard it was 2 years on 7 news, but you know how inaccurate Aussie MSM is. And I was aware of Turncoats implementation of an ETS 1/07/16, trouble most Aussies aren’t and he and the Liberals will get a hammering in a couple of years. More bad news for Australia, but at least we’ll have housing to save the economy.

    • Nothing should be vetoed from discussion, including a carbon tax or some derivative of. I was one of the staunchest opponents of Gillard’s carbon tax and still am. However under some conditions an ets, or some form of, may be the correct policy. But when you veto discussion within a government/political that is not a good way to go.
      The current Australian Government’s is based on energy security. We in Australia have faced a huge increase in electricity prices over the past few years, partly caused by a so called RET policy, where renewables are effectively mandated. This is a very expensive way to reduce emissions. The current LNP government culled the mandate when they achieved office in 2013, but the Labor opposition has an unbelievable renewables target in their policy (off the top of my head it’s 50% renewables by 2030). They are in a state of denial about the “wind” causes of the problems experienced by the South Australian grid over the past few months.
      Josh Frydenberg, The Federal Minister for Environment and Energy, introduced a new policy this year to promote the building of a high efficiency coal fired power station in Northern Queensland, which may be partly financed by monies from the Clean Energy Finance Corporation. You couldn’t have a starker difference in energy policies between the 2 major Federal Parties here in Australia.
      Climate/energy policy is not the reason Benardi defected, that’s a furfy.

  6. Sometimes the ingredients of a conservative stew rankles me, but only sometimes and with certain gratuitous ingredients.

  7. Coalition ministers turn on Senator Bernardi, describing his actions as “a betrayal”
    The senator informed Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull of his decision to defect shortly before a church service on Tuesday morning, which marked the start of the parliamentary year.
    In a speech to colleagues, Senator Bernardi said he was reluctant and relieved to leave the party, saying the decision had “weighed heavily on his heart”.
    “The level of public disenchantment with the major parties, the lack of confidence in our political process, and the concern about the direction of our nation is very, very strong,” he said.
    “This is a direct product of … the political class being out of touch with the hopes and aspirations of the Australian people.”
    What’s more to say.

    • Why not a Brexit effect?
      Surely this is neither.
      It is predominately about the changes in Australia itself. As their economy becomes increasingly dependent on trade with China they can’t afford to be too strict on visas for Chinese immigrants / students. But they also have an island mentality that is concerned about the changes to their culture.
      This has formed a( far) right party beyond the traditional right-wing. So does that traditional; right-wing party check to the centre to find space or move economically right while ignoring the immigration question?
      That is the split here.

      • With respect M Courtney, you have no idea what you are talking about. Australia has maintained a very high immigration rate regardless of which major party was in power. We do not have an “island mentality” as you derisively phrase it. In fact we have one of the most highly integrated, multi-ethnic societies on the planet.
        Forgive us if we don’t want to emulate western Europe and become a pus-hole of ghettos that are breeding grounds for future disaffected youth and terrorism. We do not have an open door policy for every so-called ‘refugee’ to rock up on our shores and be welcomed with open arms, however we have recently welcomed some nationalities from lawless parts of the world to our great regret. Gangs of these particular nationals continue to create a violent crime wave in Victoria as we speak.
        The traditional right wing party (the Liberals) has moved substantially to the left over recent years, and lurched violently left under the present prime minister. There is NO right wing major party in Oz at the moment. That’s what Bernardi is on about. It was only the presence of Bernardi and a handful of others that stopped it from going even further left. If it were in the US, the current Australian Liberal Party would be classified as being to the left of the Democrats.
        It is only in the last couple of weeks that the PM has promoted views of a centre-right party where power generation is concerned by grudgingly stating that we could do with a coal-fired power station. His hand was forced by the wind-powered shambles in South Australia (now up to its 4th major outage since Sept 29), otherwise I doubt he would ever have uttered the words. He is still fixated on the idea of cutting CO2 emissions and maintaining the destructive RET renewable energy target (a hidden tax) that strangles the electricity generation industry. He also surrounded himself with lefty yes-men and one lefty yes-woman.

  8. Will this have the effect of splitting the climate skeptic vote between the new Australian Conservatives party and the One Nation party?

      • No, it really isn’t.
        Climate change is bottom of the list of concerns for all electorates, everywhere.
        It never determines the outcome of any vote.

      • @ M Courtney
        Aussie politics baffles me, so I can’t say too much.
        You are right that “climate change” is at the bottom of all the lists. But, on the other hand, my understanding is that the Carbon Tax got everybody’s attention. And disastrous outcomes with electricity costs and reliability in both Tasmania and South Australia have served to focus the mind, as it were.

      • Fair point. I’m British, not Aussie. It may be that Australia is the one place where climate matters matter.
        They do produce a lot of coal, after all.
        Still, it seems to me that starting a whole new party for anything but the economy, national identity or an immediate threat to life… Well, it’s a step too far.
        But I will change my answer to, “No, it probably isn’t.

      • “Could it be that “splitting the climate skeptic vote” is the goal?”
        Not in Australia, with its ranked-choice voting system.

    • In one respect, yes, it will split the vote. The leader of the One Nation Party has already stated that she believes Bernardi will erode her voter base. Bernardi’s party and One Nation will undoubtedly give each other preferences. The effect may be to replace some One Nation senators with Bernardi’s senators, so overall the sceptic vote should in theory be maintained, but splitting votes is always fraught. The Liberal Party has been bleeding disaffected voters to One Nation. Now they’ll have 2 similar choices on the right.

    • Sustainability provides an excuse for employing demand side management and demand side management is a tool for controlling people. Demand side management is a very old tactic.

  9. WAY — TO — GO, BERNARDI!!!
    Truth will triumph — because good people ARE doing SOMETHING! 🙂

  10. Unexplained long duration significant cooling will change the paradigm/conversations/politics.
    Sunspots have disappeared. There are now multiple days where there are no sunspots on the surface of the sun which is anomalous as we are two to three years from the solar minimum.
    What is holding back an in your face drop in planetary temperature is solar wind bursts from coronal holes.
    We should see some more cooling this year, if the solar coronal holes continue to dissipate and/or move to the solar polar regions where the wind bursts from the coronal holes no longer affect the earth.
    There is observational evidence the solar coronal holes are dissipating and moving to the solar poles which is not surprising based on past solar observations. (Coronal holes come and go cyclically. What causes solar coronal holes is not known.)
    Solar wind bursts cause significant warming of the planet independent of the number of sunspots on the sun. i.e. For cooling to occur there needs to be few or no sunspots on the sun for a few years and no coronal holes in low solar latitude regions where the wind bursts from the solar coronal holes affect the earth.
    Solar wind bursts create a space charge differential in the earth’s ionosphere which causes a potential difference between high latitude regions and equatorial regions. The potential difference in the ionosphere caused by solar wind bursts, in turn causes an electric current to flow from the poles of the planet to the equator which changes cloud amounts and cloud properties which causes warming in both locations. The solar wind burst cloud modulation mechanism is called electroscavenging.
    This is a paper that provides observational evidence that supports the assertion that a change in planetary albedo (7.5 watts/m^2 based on observations, note the warming comes and goes depending on coronal holes and the number of sunspots on the sun, sunspots also cause solar wind bursts) is the cause of the warming in the last 150 years as opposed to the increase in atmospheric CO2 (the CO2 forcing was incorrectly estimated for a doubling of atmospheric CO2 as 2.5 watts/m^2, it is lower by a factor of at least five).

    The major change in albedo occurred between the early measurements and those that are the most recent. For the 1994/1995 period, we obtain a mean albedo of 0.310 +/- 0.004, while for the more recent period, 1999/2001, the albedo is 0.295 -/+ 0.002. The combined difference in the mean A between the former and latter periods is of 0.015 +/- 0.005, assuming the 1994/1995 and 1999/2001 uncertainties are independent. This corresponds to a 2% decrease in the albedo between the two periods.
    Our simulations suggest a surface average forcing at the top of the atmosphere, coming only from changes in the albedo from 1994/1995 to 1999/2001, of 2.7n +/- 1.4 W/m2 (Palle et al., 2003), while observations give 7.5 +/- 2.4 W/m2. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC, 1995) argues for a comparably sized 2.4 W/m2 increase in forcing, which is attributed to greenhouse gas forcing since 1850.

    This is a review paper that explains the key mechanisms by which solar cycle changes modulate planetary cloud cover and cloud properties, which in turn modulates planetary temperature.,GlobalElectricCircuit.pdf

    Atmospheric Ionization and Clouds as Links Between Solar Activity and Climate
    5. The Global Electric Circuit and Electroscavenging
    5a. Modulation of Jz in the global circuit.
    The global electric circuit was illustrated pictorially in Figure 3.1, and a schematic circuit diagram is given in Figure 5.1. General properties of the circuit have been reviewed by Bering et al. [1998[. Earlier comprehensive reviews have been given by NAS [1986] and Israël [1973]. The polar potential pattern is superimposed on the thunderstorm-generated potentials. In a given high latitude region the overhead ionospheric potential, Vi is the sum of the thunderstorm-generated potential and the superimposed magnetosphere-ionosphere generated potential for that geomagnetic latitude and geomagnetic local time. During magnetic storms the changes in Vi from the mean can be as high as 30% within regions extending up to 30ーof latitude out from the geomagnetic poles [Tinsley et al.1998]. As indicated in Figure 5.1, horizontal potential differences of order 100 kV are generated, high on the dawn side and low on the dusk side, producing corresponding changes in Vi and Jz. The dawn-dusk potential difference has a strong dependency on the product of the solar wind velocity, vsw, and the Bz(GSM) north-south solar wind magnetic field component [Boyle et al., 1997].

  11. “The level of public disenchantment with the major parties, the lack of confidence in our political process, and the concern about the direction of our nation is very, very strong,” he said.

    TPP and the other trade agreements have opened people’s eyes to the fact that major parties in the English speaking countries are committed to a globalist agenda. For example, Paul Ryan, republican speaker of the house, was assisting the fast track approval of TTP and TTIP. He was also involved in greatly expanding the H-1B visa workers program.
    We learned through wikileaks that elimination of borders and free movement of people was Clinton’s “ultimate dream.”
    An example of how that might look is Starbucks recent announcement that it would hire 10,000 “refugees.” This to me means that the banks and the businesses who were crafting TPP were planning on importing migrants to work for them.
    These are not “refugees,” they are migrants.

  12. I don’t know about you but it seems to me that liberals never ever go against the party line. Republicans tend to do this on a regular basis. But not Democrats. And the odd thing about this is that the media reads any dissension as something bad. Quite frankly I am glad that Republicans follow what’s best for their constituency and not necessarily follow the party line blindly.
    Liberals are so driven by their belief that they are morally Superior and that conservatives are actually evil. To this end I find it quite comforting that someone as driven as an Australian senator would be able to overcome almost religious idealism and be able to think objectively. To recognize that there is another side to the story and their ideals may actually be worthy of consideration. I swear to God that many many American Liberals are incapable basic thought. They can only see Trump as evil and they can only see anyone who doesn’t believe that we must stop burning schools immediately needs to be euthanized.
    There is hope my friends. There is hope that liberals will stop their insane vitriol and hatred, recognize that they lost the election, understand and realize that they are Americans first and actually decide they will help. I pray to God that they recognize they lost for a reason, they had a highly flawed candidate in Hillary Clinton and they refused to admit it to themselves. They need to recognize that much of the United States decided they could not vote for someone as corrupt as Hillary Clinton. It is just that simple. Until they can recognize this simple fact they will continue to attack America and no good can possibly come of it!

  13. This Australian in his 70s has been acutely aware of Australian politics for the last 40 years and has done something about it. E.g. he has been manager of govt relations for one of our biggest and best natural resources companies before politicians wrecked it. Has taken a Federal Minister through the Court system to the highest level. Was actively involved in a major lockout of unions at Robe River iron mine. Delayed a UN move for world heritsge listing of a patch of junk park land named Kakadu. And much more activity aimed at better government through participation in the face of death and family threats.
    Putting money where your mouth is, as we say. It is vastly different safe space to that enjoyed by the chattering class in their beige brown cardigans to match the muddy armchair minds.
    Yes, it was a right wing perspective. So is that of Cory Bernadi. That does not make right wing bad. It just raises the options and encourages voters to examine past performance.
    Australian political performance in those 40 years could hardly have been more incompetent. A succession of idealogues has ripped the guts out of this beautiful place where we had through hard work and war created by far the best living standards in the world.
    A couple of examples related to climate and policy. We have no nuclear power generation and no plans to start. My work colleagues found the World class Ranger uranium deposits in 1969 before I joined them in mid management in 1972, so I am educated about nuclear in Aust. This objection is near 100% based on thought propaganda related increasingly to climate change activism not on logic or economicsvor sense.
    Australian domestic electricity prices have for our home increased at 11% PA for the past 10 years, inflation closer to 3%. More price increases are signalled. The whole electricity supply picture is incredibly stupid, expensive, unreliable, inefficient and a risk to national economic well being. Designed mainly by bureaucrats and carpet baggerd. You could not do worse if you tried. Something has to give. It has to be soon. Cory sees this. The disaster is that others do not, or do not want to. Windmills and mirrors will not attract major industry investment. They attract aluminium potline freezes and corporate goodbyes.
    Fundamentally, the diffuse problem has been the ethic loss of the great Aussie principle of a fair days pay for a fair days work. We now have huge numbers of people engaged in telling other people what to do and not do, while they think this is work. No, work involves producing more than you need and sharing the surplus with others who need it. Further, work does not mean Union activism so rampant and corrupt that major new projects thatbwebare deferred or cancelled. Webget useless desal plants instead, complete with Union theft.
    We have left wing dominance of media, including the ABC compulsory State apparatus. We have the copy cat leftie snowflake set sucking on the university teat, with general education policies so snowflake that real people fear for the futures of their indoctrinated young.
    Cory was onto these matters early in his career. We need more with his perception and class to bring about fundamental change that restores our national ability for the freedoms and wishes of the people to be represented accurately in Parliament.
    No major Party comesbeven close. Let us hope that this realisation will allow the new people like Cory to catch on and grow for a better future. Australia has the resources to once again be the best place on God’s little earth.

    • Geoff, well said, sir! My thoughts exactly.
      The Liberals have been thoroughly white-anted by leftists such as Prime Minister Turnball. The party is a wreck that should be sunk to become an artificial reef.
      (For northern hemisphere readers, the Liberals and Nationals are Australia’s “conservative” coalition. The Nationals are like the Liberals except they wear cowboy hats outdoors and aren’t carrying a soy mocha latte.)
      Good luck with your Trove project, Geoff. Let’s hope News Corp doesn’t pull any more of their archives off-line.

      • yup today Adelaide 42C so the power co cuts power to selected areas at 630pm
        and is told to restore it shortly after
        now all day theyd been getting masses of solar input from home pv
        but naff all from wind
        someone didnt want to run the excess/extra turbines in a heatwave?
        this is why Corys getting much support
        hes been calling em out.

  14. As I’ve said elsewhere if Bernardi was to align with the ” one nation party” we may just get that Trump effect here in oz .
    Their policy’s / beliefs are almost the same especially on climate change and energy production , individuals trying to lift a heavy load never succeed but a group effort that we the deplorables’s can get behind will have a better chance .
    Personally I will only vote for one nation unless they have no candidate where I live .
    For those who aren’t familiar with oz politics , our prime ministers govern via opinion polls and msm criticism, they also seem to always have the ear of minority left wing groups .
    Both major party’s are trying to out green the greens which is why Cory has split with the so called conservative liberal party .
    One nation party are polling well and as in the case of Trump their true approval rating is likely out by a fair margin and I believe next federal election will be a blood bath for both major parties , but can one nation win enough votes maybe not without Cory .

    • Robert, I totally agree with everything you’ve said there. Even if Hanson or Cory Bernardi lose at the next election, it will at least give them plenty of ‘air time’ to publicly EXPOSE the climate change scare campaign for what it is, resulting in even more scepticism generally. If the left can run effective propaganda campaigns (about imminent climatic catastrophe), I don’t see whey they can’t run something similar that totally debunks it?
      People are not as stupid as the Socialist progressive left like to think they are.
      Climate change or CAGW was admittedly a very clever hoax, however their big mistake was they let it run for too long.
      Ordinary people are finally realising that NONE of their dire predictions of doom and gloom have occurred and know that none of them are ever likely to, but if they do, that the catastrophic events are caused by various natural phenomena, NOT by human influences (on climate). Extreme weather events are a normal part of life on this planet, always have been and always will be.
      The greens have been crying wolf for too long. Nobody’s paying them much attention anymore and the more they do it, the more people will tend to ignore their cries and even start to ridicule them, especially some of the bizarre and so easily rebuked claims they’ve been making lately. (I.e. John Kerry claiming that air conditioners (GHG) pose a bigger threat to humanity than ISIS terrorists) LOL!
      The more noise that people in (very public) positions like Cory’s and Pauline’s make about this misanthropic hidden agenda behind the CAGW scam, whether or not they are in power: the sooner we’ll see more positive changes. We simply cannot sit back like stunned mullets and watch these obsessed fools destroy our civilisation. So I’m sure we won’t!

  15. Screw loose is putting it mildly. He has a load of very strange misconceptions. Like that being gay is one step from bestiality. He was lucky he wasn’t dumped from the party over that one (and others) a couple of years ago.

    • Well then he was wrong about that. It turned out to be one step away from Ecosexuality.
      “On one end, it encompasses people who try to use sustainable sex products, or who enjoy skinny dipping and naked hiking. On the other are “people who roll around in the dirt having an orgasm covered in potting soil,” she said.
      The sexual revolution, the gift that keeps on giving. Thanks Cannabis Generation. This is where after decades of sexually propagandizing kids, eliminating marriage, and covering mo’s four wives with medical insurance, you pretend like you are just trying to keep the middle class out of your bedroom.

    • Comparing Cory with people who masturbate with trees? Yeah, pretty close. Thank god he has his hands on the levers of power.

    • Tony,
      Gee mate really! It was during a debate in Australia about same sex marriage. The relevant part of his speech is below. Yet your take is “that being gay is one step from bestiality”. I suggest you stop reading fake news and do your research.
      “If we are prepared to redefine marriage so that it suits the latest criterion that two people who love each other should be able to get married irrespective of their gender and/or if they are in a sexual relationship, then what is the next step? The next step, quite frankly, is having three people or four people that love each other being able to enter into a permanent union endorsed by society—or any other type of relationship. For those who say that I am being alarmist in this, there is the polyamory community who were very disappointed when the Greens had to distance themselves from their support for numerous people getting together and saying they want to enter into a permanent union. They were disappointed because they were misled that this was about marriage equality and opening up marriage to all people who love each other.
      “There are even some creepy people out there—and I say ‘creepy’ deliberately—who are unfortunately afforded a great deal more respect than I believe they deserve. These creepy people say it is okay to have consensual sexual relations between humans and animals. Will that be a future step? In the future will we say, ‘These two creatures love each other and maybe they should be able to be joined in a union.’ It is extraordinary that these sorts of suggestions are put forward in the public sphere and are not howled down right at the very start. We can talk about people like Professor Peter Singer who was, I think, a founder of the Greens or who wrote a book about the Greens. Professor Singer has appeared on Q&A on the ABC, the national broadcaster. He has endorsed such ideas as these.
      “I reject them. I think that these things are the next step. As we accede to one request we will then have the next one which will be for unions of more than two people. We will have suggestions for unions of three or four people. I notice the Greens are heckling, but the point is that they misled their constituent base and there was an outcry about this. Where do we go then? Do we go down the Peter Singer path? Those that say this is the end of the social revolution have no history of being honourable about that. They continue to push and challenge our social and cultural mores. We simply cannot allow such an important social institution to be redefined, especially when Australians do not see this as a priority issue.”
      All the best

      • Tanner, thank you for providing the direct quote from Senator Bernardi. The broader context in which he is responding to and addressing the ideas of Peter Singer is all-important.
        This is where everyone gets all sanctimonious and have never heard of Singer or Kinsey. Or if they heard of them, they didn’t inhale.
        Meanwhile the Boomers are busy legalizing prostitution, lowering the age, or a combination of the two; promoting multiple genders and causing teenagers to bring lawsuits against schools, and all of this without the left hand knowing what the right hand is doing.
        I went to a private high school, and several years ago on the official facebook page, it was announced that the school was having representatives from NAMBLA visit and speak. I thought about sending my diploma back to them.

    • When the greens were forming their policy’s mr Mclod and I’m talking Brown and minion just what was there stance on bestiality ? In fact what was their “position” on all sex crimes ?
      And why is it that they have more policy’s than what they announce ( last I checked) ?
      Why keep secret policy’s ?

    • Tanner, he is clearly saying same sex marriage is on a continuum with bestiality. What else can you call that other than a “creepy” homophobia.
      Robert are you suggesting any mainstream party has a pro-bestiality policy? Really?
      Secrecy? Because policies are only published on a website?

    • You’re indulging in a merited impossibility fallacy. “Only *phobes think that will happen, and when it does, the *phobes will deserve whatever they get.”

    • Robert from oz February 8, 2017 at 12:52 pm
      All mainstream party’s ??? I said greens twerp .
      I said any.
      Asking “just what was there stance on bestiality ?” is a bit like asking are you still beating your wife?

  16. Will Mr Turnbull, or anyone else from the major totalitarian Socialist parties (miraculously still at the helm of government), ever wake up and notice that most, if not all of their electorates KNOW what’s going on? I.e. know what a complete scam this CAGW / climate change nonsense is and start representing us, by saying “NO” to the Socialist totalitarians in the UN. I.e. “Australia is a democracy, not a Communist regime for the loony greens to exploit then destroy, along with all of civilisation that they want to destroy in order to rid the world of capitalism”… These psychotically deluded fools have been dangerously indoctrinated, most since early childhood and they seriously believe that human beings are the planet’s (curable) cancer. (except themselves of course, they regard themselves as part of the ‘cure’ even though they do exactly what they tell us NOT to do). First class hypocrites.
    Turnbull (and co), should then tell the UN: “Australia and it’s once thriving industry based economy is not for sale and we are not going to allow a pack of mentally disturbed, bigoted green Socialists to destroy our society, at any price”…
    They won’t say anything of the kind of course, therefore they must be complicit in the plan themselves, I know for sure foreign minister Julie Bishop is.. Why else would they be standing back and almost gleefully watching the greens destroy industry, jobs and the very core of our society?
    Read more:

  17. Will Mr Turnbull, or anyone else from the major totalitarian Socialist parties (miraculously still at the helm of government), ever wake up and notice that most, if not all of their electorates KNOW what’s going on? I.e. know what a complete scam this CAGW / climate change nonsense is and start representing us, by saying “NO” to the Socialist totalitarians in the UN. I.e. “Australia is a democracy, not a Communist regime for the loony greens to exploit then destroy, along with all of civilisation that they want to destroy in order to rid the world of capitalism”… These psychotically deluded fools have been dangerously indoctrinated, most since early childhood and they seriously believe that human beings are the planet’s (curable) cancer. (Except themselves of course, they regard themselves as part of the ‘cure’ even though they do exactly what they tell us NOT to do). First class hypocrites.
    Turnbull (and co), should then tell the UN: “Australia and it’s once thriving industry based economy is not for sale and we are not going to allow a pack of mentally disturbed, bigoted green Socialists to destroy our society, at any price”…
    They won’t say anything of the kind of course, therefore they must be complicit in the plan themselves, I know for sure foreign minister Julie Bishop is.. Why else would they be standing back and almost gleefully watching the greens destroy industry, jobs and the very core of what makes our society so great: Energy?
    Read more:

    • I meant to add that Cory Bernardi (and / or Pauline Hanson and her 3 senators) are about our only hope. Simply because hey are not afraid to publicly question this massive scam and now is the time to start – while more and more people are finally seeing through it, they have no reason to be afraid.
      The tide is turning against this Socialist agenda – their master plan for humanity and it’s about to be washed away for good. The rampant increase (worldwide) of late in alarmism and scaremongering alone tells me the greens are terrified and so they should be. They know the game is over, but being obsessed and mentally deranged they are having a very difficult time accepting their fate – they still can’t accept that Hilary Clinton lost the US election and as a consequence are a huge threat to world peace and our freedom. I will now post this comment (ONCE only)

  18. Bernadi is a dishonest low life – why didn’t he find problems with his party’s climate policy when they backed him for a 6-year Senate position only 6 months ago – and Eric is totally incorrect – there has been no change to Liberal party climate policy since Abbott was Prime Minister – please stop your politics getting in the way of the facts – this website shouldn’t be an alternative fact depot.

  19. My comment is quite off topic , but I don’t really know where to post it .
    I enjoy reading articles and comments on this website , I too came to the conclusion that CAGW equates to scientific fraud , but …
    There’s always a but . I consider myself a “leftist” , a “liberal” . All for same sex marriage and “pro choice” . To each his own , true to my european atheïst upbringing .
    Soit – as we say in french – what I wanted to say is that I sometimes feel science is only second to (extreme) right wing ideology here , or at least that is how I percieve it and it seems to me to be often one sided .
    Where are the skeptic lefty liberal atheïst cheese eating surrender monkey liberals in this debate ?
    Regards ,
    Some guy from Belgium

    • Couldn’t agree more. With many of Eric’s posts just being right wing political polemic, and inaccurate to boot, this blog is quickly becoming science free. Anthony, send warning, get rid of Eric, or I will get rid of this blog.

      • There are plenty of websites and blogs with a decidedly left-leaning point of view where you can point out the fatal flaws in the ManMade Climate Change Paradigm.
        Feel free to help in reaching those other blogs, news and websites by commenting.
        Let us know how it goes for you.

      • “or I will get rid of this blog.”
        Who promoted you to blog Reichsfuhrer, trollboy?
        The Guardian is way over there to the Left:
        Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

  20. And as an aside those that yearn for Abott must realise he quashed the inquiry into BOM’s homogenisation and also went along with alternative ways to reduce carbon .

  21. Far North Queensland journalist Julian Tomlinson has written an excellent op-ed on Bernadi here –
    – and managed to get a mention of the NOAA whistleblower scandal into the Murdoch-owned Cairns Post! Its paywalled so google – ‘General Bernadi’ Goes to War Cairns Post – to see the full article.
    Here’s part of the article –
    “Bernardi also represents the growing wave of man-made global warming scepticism, if not complete rejection.
    “Just this week, the Climate Council has repeated the lie that we are going to get more and worse cyclones if we don’t curb emissions.
    “But Bureau of Meteorology graphs show a clear downward trend in the number and severity of cyclones since the 1970s.
    “In recent days, a US climate scientists broke ranks to say his colleagues at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration had doctored climate data to ensure it fit with Barack Obama’s political climate policy.
    “Bernardi, like Donald Trump and a growing number of the general public, are listening less and less to claims of global disaster due to carbon dioxide because previous predictions just haven’t come true.
    “This growing discontent, plus concerns with immigration of people with vastly different values to our own, have combined with anger at an established political class that treats conservative voters like mugs.”

  22. Cory has written books on Conservatism and espouses careful examination of facts. One fact that appears totally ignored is the stability of the atmosphere. Apart from Ozone concentrations discovered and observable in the southern skies, and now much diminished since the ozone has decreased, there is little observable in the clouds or in the skies under CO2 increases, because it does not create obvious light changes. The science of CO2 stability through feedback mechanisms in nature has evidently not been publicised – surely someone must have researched it apart from cursory examination of the % of CO2 in the atmosphere? At 0.04% of the atmosphere (up from a low measured about 100 years ago of 0.02%) the basic concentration at such low levels shows that there has not actually been any degree of modelling of the actual reactions in nature by plants and physical chemistry. The high emissions of CO2 in under ocean volcanoes points to absorption in sea water as well as conversion there by algae to produce oxygen. The satellite pictures have clearly shown noticeable increases in plant cover. I have noticed in the recent decade the rate of growth of trees has increased, especially where there is ample water, that would show in the tree rings too. Algae blooms in rivers has increased too and that I had always attributed to the increased levels of phosphate based fertilisers in the land building up over decades, but that may be totally wrong. Either way, both may be attributable to the minute increased level of CO2 in the atmosphere. Surely there is someone examining growth of plants with increased CO2 and noticing that the manmade CO2 is a small percentage of total CO2 and that the feedback mechanism is fully capable of handling even a doubling of manmade CO2 without any difficulty. Getting back to the article on Cory and the reaction to climate change garbage that the Australian Turnbull Govt recently promoted by signing the Paris Agreement recently, it is a foregone conclusion that the climate change agreements that create extra costs on consumers of electricity, will be strongly rejected by people who can see that man-made climate change is nonsense, and that climate change is a myth, then those people will vote for the party that espouses a conservative way of producing power cheaply. The next debate we will have in Australia will be on the cost of producing nuclear power, because we have abundant uranium and plenty of safe places to store the waste.

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