Mercury Metal

Claim: Climate Will Increase Toxic Mercury Levels in Seawater

Guest essay by Eric Worrall A new study claims global warming will increase biological production and bio-accumulation of methylmercury, a hideously toxic organic mercury compound. But the attempt by the study authors to attach their conclusions to future climate projections seems questionable. The abstract of the study; Terrestrial discharges mediate trophic shifts and enhance methylmercury…


Four Key Charts for a Climate Change Skeptic

Skeptics often get asked to show why they thinks climate change isn’t a crisis, and why we should not be alarmed about it. These four graphs from Michael David White are handy to use for such a purpose. By Michael David White Note: the top chart of 10,000 years of climate change has been updated…

The formation of sulfur dioxide from the oxidation of dimethyl sulfide (DMS) and, thus, of cooling clouds over the oceans seems to be overvalued in current climate models.
CREDIT Photo: Tilo Arnhold, TROPOS

This is How Climate Works – Part 1

Guest essay by Mike Jonas This is how climate works. It’s all about seeing the ocean and atmosphere separately: The sun directly warms the ocean. Cloud cover changes naturally, affecting the sun’s warming of the ocean. Cloud cover changes have only minor effect on the atmosphere. Ocean oscillations warm the atmosphere. Greenhouse gases (GHGs), including…